Since it became extremely annoying to deal with all the stupid question leecher fire at me, I decided to address a few matters here.

Q: When will the next chapter be out?
A: I release when it’s done.

Q: Why do you only release project A and nothing of project B?
A: Because I work on what I feel like.

Q: Why do you skip the coloured pages at the beginning of the volume?
A: I don’t. They are on a separate tab, named Illustration.

Q: Will you pick up XY?
A: I choose my projects on my own.

Q: Will you continue translating a project after it has been licensed?
A: No.

Q: I saw you skip the Afterwords at the end of the volumes, will you still do them at some point?
A: No. Too much of a pain. I rather concentrate on the story itself. If you want to respect the author, don’t read fan-translation and wait for official releases.

Q: I saw some misspelling in your translation, should I mail them to you?
A: No. I don’t care. I’m not a native English speaker, so misspellings happen.

Q: Do you need a proofreader?
A: No. I work alone.

Q: Can I post your translation elsewhere?
A: I prefer if you would link to my page.

Q: Will you post your translation on Baka-Tsuki?
A: No. Though I have nothing against them, I just prefer to work alone.

Q: Can I make a PDF file of your translation?
A: Yes, go ahead.

Q: Will you provide PDF/EPUB/etc yourself?
A: No, too lazy.

Q: Do you mind if I translate your translation into another language?
A: Yes, I do. Three-way translations never work, but I can’t stop you anyway, so go ahead.

Q: How come it always seems like you are talking down to people?
A: Well, I’m german, so it’s in my nature, but I also got a Master Degree in Translation to fuel my superiority complex.

Q: I found a side-story/Interview/Drama-CD/PV/whatever, will you translate it?
A: Technically, no. If I find something interesting, I might do it, but I don’t need you to refer me anything.

Q: I saw that you are behind the Japanese release, but I read that ****, can you confirm that?
A: No. No fucking spoilers. And I don’t read ahead.

Q: I believe some sentences are references to other media, but there are no translation notes pointing out to which. Why?
A: Because google.

Q: What are these Teaser?
A: Side-projects that I do in my free time. They have no set release schedule and can be dropped at any moment. If anyone is interested in taking them over, please contact me.

Q: Do you think TsukiTsuki! will get an anime?
A: No.

Q: Who’s your favourite character?
A: I have a glasses fetish, so as long as no glasses character pops up, I like anyone with long hair.

Q: I asked you a question in the comments, but you didn’t answer it. Why?
A: ‘Cause you either failed to read this page or it was a totally stupid question that wasn’t worth my attention.

Q: Do you need donations?
A: No. I work with public raws. Even if I should need to buy something, I pay for it myself.

Q: How can I thank you?
A: Leave a ‘Thank you’ comment.

Q: Are you on IRC?
A: On the channel #[email protected], but not 24/7.

Q: Where do I send you a DMCA takedown notice?
A: [email protected]

Q: My question isn’t listed here, what should I do?
A: …….Jump off a bridge.