Volume 08


Chapter 01: End of Seduction…
Chapter 02: The Maid’s Prank
Chapter 03: Clumsy Expression of Affection
Chapter 04: Merged Dreams


The morning sun leaking through a gap of the curtain illuminated her radiant white skin.
Two breasts so well-formed that it made you believe they were pieces of art. On their peek they were coloured in a light pink and by shifting my gaze downwards, her slim waist and soft tights came into vision.
Amidst the morning light, she— Kaorun was for some reason, laying in my bed, exposing her bewitching naked body. As soon as I woke up, I was in a light panic.
…J- Just what was up with this situation? How did it come to this?
Just as I was perfectly bewildered, Kaorun reddened her cheeks in shame. However, she didn’t cover her seductive body. She straightened up her upper body with her beautiful breasts bouncing and clung to me just like that, whereupon she released a sweet voice near my ear.
“…Please make sure to take responsibility, Shinobu-sama <3” Ehm, could this actually be a dream? While I had such hopeful thoughts, I suddenly could hear the faint sound of footsteps outside my room. The footsteps gradually approached in my direction… and along with a cold sweat, I felt my blood draining out of my head.

Chapter 01: End of Seduction…

The glamorous hair, reaching as far as to the waist, reflected the evening sun coming in from the window of the Dojo and emitted an ebony radiance. Watching me with her dignified eyes, Gogyou Hijiri rested on her knees and then bending over, she closed the distance between us.
Her graceful features slowly came closer, her long hair slipped over her shoulders and her sweet fragrance tickled my nasal cavities. As her training uniform was overlapping at the front, so it gave a sneak peek into her cleavage and Hijiri extended the tips of her supple fingers towards me while opening her wet, pink lips.
“Fufu, Shinobu-kun. You got all stiff.”
“Ah, well, that’s, what can I say… Sorry.”
“You don’t really need to apologize. And don’t make such a worried face. I’ll properly take the lead, so let’s begin. Okay?”
Lightly combing the strands of hair over her ear, Hijiri gently suggested. Even this casual behaviour made me be smitten by her and I replied to her with a somewhat shrill voice.
“W- Wait. I’m not mentally prepared yet. Give me a bit more time.”
“Mhm~ I can relate, but let’s do it already. It’s okay to fail, since it’s the first time. Whatever you do, I won’t get angry. And I won’t laugh if you screw up. I promise. So, let’s both give our best.”
“…Yeah, okay. Thanks.”
I took a deep breath. While I tried to calm down my feelings a bit, Hijiri suddenly moved her fingertip, which she was touching me with. She softly petted the stiff part of my body with the back of her fingers and giggled.
“Shinobu-kun, you got even more stiff.”
“J- Just your imagination. I should be cool as ever.”
“Really? Somehow, you’re quite cute right now. Your mouth denies it, but you’re rock hard here.”
While smiling, Hijiri massaged a part of my body— my stiff shoulders with her warm hands to relax them. However, I felt my cheeks turning hot and averted my gaze from Hijiri wordless.
There, the self-proclaimed Goddess and one of the freeloaders at our house Elni, who had silently watched over us until now, interjected with her snow-white cheeks lightly flushed.
“To hear you two talk, you would think Hijiri is doing something perverted to Shinobu. You sound like an experienced girl, just like you were seducing him.”
“Wh, Wh-Wha-!?”
Instantly, Hijiri got bright red in a flash and raised a flustered voice.
“Y- You got it wrong! By no means did I say it with that in mind! I just, tried to teach Shinobu-kun how to use talismans!”
“…Really? For that, I think you’re looking at Shinobu with a rather sullen-pervert look.”
“You’re mistaken!”
Elni narrowed her big, crimson eyes in doubt, whereupon Hijiri turned even redder and shook her hands.
“S- Sure, I thought that Shinobu-kun is cool! But I wasn’t having any weird ideas! To begin with, I’m not experienced! Nor am I a sullen pervert— wait, why are you getting away, Shinobu-kun? Don’t be so mean!”
No, no, that wasn’t my intention. Even now her sweet fragrance hung in the air, so I only tried to get away as I couldn’t calm down. But, Hijiri got teary eyes as she misunderstood it. Inevitable I quickly returned to my previous position and glanced at the clock on the wall of the Dojo.
…Mh, I was longer here than I had planned.
Today I visited the Gogyou Mansion as to get exorcist training from Sougo-san.
But well, while I knew that the needlessly broad garden of the Mansion had a pond and a storehouse, I never thought that there would be a Dojo as well.
Also, I didn’t expect Elni to tag along.
Sougo-san seemed to be on bad terms with Elni, so his cheeks had lightly twitched when he saw her, but he didn’t say anything in particular and after calling for Hijiri, he guided us to the Dojo, where we started the lessons.
Still, to my regret, Sougo-san apparently got a sudden job and left the Dojo while apologizing to me.
There Hijiri took over and taught me how to use talismans.
But, it wasn’t all too clever of me to casually ask about the price of the talismans.
The talismans in my hand looked just like a roll of banknotes and since I got to know per preceding instructions that the talisman would burn up on a wrong usage, I had become completely nervous.
Amidst that, Hijiri had tried to ease my nervousness, but as Elni had said, someone might misunderstand by just hearing her words.
As such thoughts crossed my mind, Hijiri seemed to have regained her spirit. Her usual dignified expression was back and she opened her mouth with a serious voice.
“Shinobu-kun, as my father already told you, talismans are very important tools for an exorcist. It might turn out that you’ll help out in an exorcist job in the future. To protect yourself at such a time, you must learn how to properly use a talisman. We got a bit distracted, but let’s get back to practice now.”
“Well, sure, but will I really be able to use them?”
I couldn’t image myself using them. I was kind of doubtful, whereupon
“Shinobu-kun, it’s not the technique that counts, but this.”
Along with her gentle words, Hijiri softly placed her hand on her own voluminous chest.
In regards to that, Elni and I looked at each other and then both opened our mouths.
“…Hijiri, what counts are E-cup boobs?”
“I don’t have such wonderful things.”
“Th- That’s not what I meant! You’re totally wrong! Also, how do you know my brassiere size, Elni!?”
This time Hijiri bashful hid her breasts with both her arms and said with red cheeks.
“Ehm, what I tried to tell you was that feelings are important. It certainly will take you a long time to master talismans. But when you don’t give up, anyone can learn it. The will to continue is important.”
“I see…”
Hijiri might be right. It was no use to chicken out before trying.
I slightly increased the strength on my grasp on the talisman, whereupon Elni came and rested her hand on my shoulder.
“Shinobu, I specially will you tell a trick to use talismans better. Listen, it’s important to think in the talisman’s shoes. Even a talisman is happy when praised.”
“…Happy when praised? First time I hear of that. Actually, you can’t even use talismans yourself, so don’t give any weird advices.”
I rebuked so softly, but Elni didn’t seem bothered by it and lightly kissed the talisman for no apparent reason.
In that moment, the talisman glowed and Elni jumped up in accordance with it. Elni’s body was floating in midair and just like walking on the moon, she moved to the Dojo’s entrance with just one step.
While Hijiri and I both blinked on this completely unexpected development, Elni turned around and gave us a small wink with her hand.
“I don’t want to bother you, Shinobu, so I’m going to play with Kaorun. Give your best with the training. And don’t forget my advice.”
Leaving these words behind, Elni left the Dojo. After watching her off, I returned my gaze, whereupon Hijiri was showing a blank expression on a rare occasion.
…Apparently she was even more shocked than I about getting to know that Elni could use talismans.
As I watched her expression, I formed a smile and called out to her softly.
“I gotta say, I didn’t expect that a talisman was capable of that.”
“Eh? Ah, yeah. A talisman certainly can strengthen one’s physical abilities temporarily, but until you can use it like Elni just did, it takes a lot of practice. Even I can’t use the talismans that well yet. To begin with, I think there are only a few amongst the exorcists, who can do that.”
“…For real?”
“Yeah. Maybe I should get Elni to teach me as well…”
I inadvertently widened my eyes, whereupon Hijiri replied with a serious tone.
Well, at any rate, I resumed my practice, but in the end time just passed by without me getting any better. Amidst that, Hijiri suddenly rested her warm hand on my shoulder.
“Good work, Shinobu-kun. Let’s stop for today.”
“…Sorry, but can I continue for a bit longer?”
“Mhm~ I don’t mind, but it’s already pretty late. Is that okay for you?”
Following Hijiri’s glance, I looked at the clock on the wall of the Dojo… Like she had said, it was quite late. It really might be better for me to take my leave now. When I regretfully shrugged my shoulders, Hijiri clapped her hands with “Oh, I know” and a smile.
“Shinobu-kun, why don’t you eat dinner here? Elni as well.”
“Mh? Certainly sounds good, but is it okay?”
“Of course. My father left, so it’s just Kaoru-san and me anyway. And food tastes better with more people. So if you want, please stay.”
“Yeah, then I’ll gladly take up your offer.”
When I lowered my head a bit, Hijiri made a sparkling smile and leaving the words “Then I’ll go tell Kaoru-san and Elni” behind, she left the sunset coloured Dojo with light steps.
I on the other hand, left behind, recalled Hijiri’s appearance in her training uniform from earlier.
Hijiri clad in a white training jacket with a black skirt-like training trousers was quite the sight and emphasized her dignity. However, the flustered state she sometimes showed truly was adorable.
Hijiri was beautiful after all. Popular at school, she even got a fan club, though I didn’t know if that was true. And having this charming Hijiri as my fiancée, albeit only as a formality, was still quite unbelievable.
Having such thoughts, I pulled out my cell phone from my bag with a smile, as I wanted to call the reliable older sister of our household, Luna.
Luna was bad with machines, so she still had a hard struggle with her first cell phone, which she got just recently. But seemingly she mastered how to use it. The occasional mails came to have pictography, smiley or sometimes even a cell phone picture mixed in. Of course calls were perfect as well.
Therefore, I decided to call Luna on her cell phone…

After telling Luna that I would eat dinner at Hijiri’s house over the phone, I continued my training as Hijiri had come back. When I was done, I then started to clean up the Dojo together with Hijiri.
Well, I called it cleaning up, but the Dojo was maintained properly. So I was just wiping the floor with a rag a bit. Either way, I was being taught, so it was only proper to express my gratitude through it.
Still, I actually had intended to clean up by myself, but Hijiri had said “Let me help” with a smile and I couldn’t turn her down.
However, it seemed I was more tired than I thought.
While I wiped the floor rather absent-minded, I suddenly lightly bumped into something soft and a rather bewitching “Ahn” voice raised up.
…What? I couldn’t see anything. What happened?
I tried to move my head to the left and right, rubbing my nose tip onto something plumb, whereupon
“Yah… Uhhn… No…”
A flexibility spread over my whole face and I could hear Hijiri’s sweet voice while smelling a really sweet fragrance. Likewise, there was a warmth.
“Shinobu-kun, you…. are… touching… my… Hahn…”
A gentle sensation with a soft resilience enveloped my face. Ehm, could it be that I plunged into Hijiri’s bottom head on?
As soon as I noticed that, all blood drained from my head and I nervously pulled back my body, whereupon in front of my eyes and nose tip was a well-formed hips. The voluminous bottom was lightly shaking and when I moved my gaze, Hijiri was putting her red cheeks on the floor while on all fours, leaking an erotic breathing.
In that moment, I jumped back right up and hastily lowered my head.
“S- Sorry, Hijiri! I was spacing out!”
“…Ah, ehm, I was just a bit surprised, but I know you didn’t do it on purpose, Shinobu-kun. So don’t worry about. I’m also at fault for stopping there…”
No, no, Hijiri wasn’t at fault at all. It was completely my carelessness, but Hijiri didn’t seem angry and continued the cleaning with her cheeks still red.
On the other hand, I reflexive chased Hijiri’s nice bottom with my eyes and felt a bit of self-hatred. But I reflected on my actions afterwards, cleaning seriously together with Hijiri, when
“Guess who <3” A sweet voice came from behind and my vision turned black once more. Following, two soft swelling pressed onto my back. Most likely my eyes were covered by two hands. But, amongst the girls I knew, there were only two, who could sneak up to me without notice. One of them was my mother. The other one was the perverted maid of the Gogyou Household, Kaorun aka Kaoru. The sensation of juicy breasts with plenty of elasticity pressing onto my back was still there. A sweet aroma of perfume. Her faint breathing near my near threw my heart in turmoil while I opened my mouth as composed as possible. “Who are you? Are you some kind of Angel Maid?” “Yes, as you have guessed correctly, I am your angel, Shinobu-sama.” She blew a hot breath into my ear, whereupon I replied while hiding my agitation once more. “Well, you certainly are an ‘angel’ with a ‘str’ in front and a ‘y’ at the back.” “Grr, who are you calling strangely! That is rude. I am going to bite your ear.” A sulking voice raised near my ear, but I paid it no mind, uncovered my ears and turned around. Thereupon my vision fell on a female clad in maid clothes. Long eyelashes and beautiful eyebrows. Almond eyes and well-formed pink lips. Soft cheeks so white as porcelain. As soon as I confirmed it was the maid Kaorun, I purposefully acted surprised. “Ohh, it was you, Kaorun. It was such a pretty voice, so I thought it was Madonna.” “…Thank you very much for this insincere flattery. I feel embarrassed for getting a bit happy despite that. That said, not so embarrassing as your face is, Shinobu-sama….” “Fufu, you always cut my delicate heart into pieces like that.” “Yes, I am Jack the exclusive cutter of Shinobu-sama’s heart. Cutting soothes my heart. Shall I give you a kiss as an apology for hurting you?” “Yeah, a really passionate one please--- is what I would like to say, but more importantly, you need anything?” Our usual exchange was fun. But Hijiri was looking over us slightly worried, so I better stopped now. When I asked for her objective, Kaorun frowned a bit and answered. “To be honest, I have been preparing for dinner, but… Elni-sama keeps troubling me by snatching away the food. Please say something to her, Shinobu-sama.” …What was that girl doing at someone else’s place. Shrugging my shoulders a bit, I gave Kaorun a piece of advice. “Kaorun, you don’t really need to rely on me. If you just tell her sternly, she’ll honestly obey.” “No, I tried to warn her just in case, but, well, she clung to me with a ‘Please’ and how should I say, she was cute. So I just…” “went with the flow?” “Yes, like the flood in a river.” …This maid was surprisingly soft on. A bit surprised, I readily stood up as to go to Elni. We just finished the cleaning up anyway. I left the locking of the Dojo to Hijiri and decided to head to the kitchen of the Gogyou Household together with Kaorun. However on the way, we found Elni laying in the broad living room and when we approached her, Elni was sleeping soundly. Her finely chiselled features were like from an elaborate doll and her defenceless sleeping face was like the one of an innocent child. Whatever kind of dream she was having, she was happily smiling, which was a rather heart-warming sight. As I feelt my heart calming down, Kaorun talked to me with a small voice. “Shinobu-sama, I will go get a blanket.” “Yeah, please do.” Watching Kaorun quietly leaving the living room, I then watched Elni’s sleeping face for a while, whereupon Elni talked in her sleep. “Fufu, Shinomuncat, wait. Wait for me…” “…What kind of dream is she having?” As I showed a faint wry smile, Kaorun came back. She gently put the blanket in her hands over Elni and then opened her mouth while pulling on my hand. “Shinobu-sama, seeing as Elni-sama is asleep now, please do go enjoy a bath until dinner is ready. Incidentally, does a duck suffice as a bath toy? Or would you prefer rose petals befitting to your image, Shinobu-sama?” “Nah, my existence alone is already like a beautiful flower, so I don’t need roses. I don’t want the duck either. What I want is---” Temporarily stopping my words, I then shouted with a loud voice. “Money! What else but money could it be! Fill up the big bathtub with banknotes! I’ll swim butterfly-style in it!” “Does your crudity know no bounds!?” On my joke, Kaorun purposefully trembled a bit. “Considering it is you, Shinobu-sama, I believed you would say something on the lines of ‘Women! What else but women could it be! Fill up the big bathtub with girls in swimsuits! I’ll literally drown in women!’. What a cruel betrayal. So you were the type to change with money, Shinobu-sama.” “Hey, hey, don’t be stupid. Rich or poor, money will be the only thing for me.” “…S- Seems like you are possessed by money itself. I am certain that if you should get rich, you would flash some banknotes to a high school girl and say pressing things like ‘Hah, Hah. Please, okay? Take this money and--- hit me!’.” “Okay, jokes have their limits as well, you know? I’ll get angry if you treat me like a pervert any more.” I gave her a piece of advice with a low voice while smiling, but Kaorun replied nonchalant. “Shinobu-sama, I merely wanted to tell you that it is not a good thing to be too obsessed over money. Neither is it any good to try to solve everything with money, you know? Well, if you should somehow end up in jail, I will free you with the power of the Gogyou Finances though…” “Somehow, that makes it sound that ‘Money is convenient’ in the end?” “…If you had mistakenly said ‘Women are convenient’, I would have burst into a big laughter.” “Fufu, just shut up.” “Yes. I understand. Well then, Shinobu-sama, please enjoy your bath to the fullest.” “Yeah, I sweated quite a bit, so it‘s just the ticket now.” “…Sweat, it is?” Tilting her head expressionless, Kaorun suddenly brought her graceful face closer. Following, she took a small sniff and then reddened her cheeks for some reason. “Apparently, you are emitting a lady-killer scent, Shinobu-sama.” “Eh? That’s, well, what can I say, thanks…” “It was a joke, yet you become bashful!? Well, it certainly was a nice fragrance, but if you react like that, well, even I end up becoming embarrassed…” Then guided by the furthermore blushing Kaorun, I scratched my cheek and moved into the anteroom. “Shinobu-sama, I will not mind it if you use my body soap and shampoo, but please refrain from saying things like ‘Gehehe, it’s the same scent as Kaorun’s’ while getting exited--- hey, please do not ignore me!” After hearing Kaorun’s voice, which had a bit of bitterness mixed in, from behind, I took off my clothes and entered the bath that was about thrice as big as ours. Upon that, it was still the perfect wooden bath that spread before my eyes. “…Down the road I want a bath like this in my own house as well.” Inadvertently mumbling to myself, I borrowed the shampoo with “Kaoru” written on it, as she had told me, since I doubted that she would get angry about it. Then I washed my hair and body and when I laid back in the bathtub, I suddenly heard a noise from the anteroom. Ahh, surely Kaorun brought a bath towel for me. Was what I thought only for a moment. Suddenly the bath door was opened and a girl with long, black hair came in. That girl--- Hijiri was completely naked. When she took one step inside, her voluminous breasts, opposing gravity by standing up, bounced. Furthermore her slender waist and firm thighs were in plain view, which made my heart skip a beat at once. …Sh- Shit. I had let my guard down. This might be one of the usual seduction plans. Hijiri, an exorcists, wanted to use a yin-yang technique to increase her own power. However that technique gave you power by combing the male’s yang energy with the female’s yin energy, so in other words, it was needed to do perverted things. Therefore Hijiri used every opportunity to make erotic approaches at me…but how should bluff it out this time? With that perfect body in front of me, how long would my reasoning last? Feeling rather anxious, I suddenly met Hijiri’s glance. Instantly, she flushed her cheeks bright red at once, as she didn’t thought I would be here. “Ky- Kyaa!” Leaking a surprisingly small scream, she tried to hid her breasts with both her arms. But, someone pushed her from behind. “Wawah.” Hijiri pitched forward, as if to fall while her voluminous breasts bounced heavily. Instantly after the door was shut. I was confused about the situation. After a somewhat awkward silence, Hijiri shouted a “S- Sorry” and turned around, grabbing the door knob with attitude. However, someone was keeping the door shut from the anteroom and it wouldn’t open even on Hijiri’s desperate attempts. Meanwhile, her sensual hips were lightly trembling, her bewitching bottom flapped and even her precious place was nearly visible. But she was so flustered that she didn’t notice that. Hijiri knocked on the door while still grabbing the knob. “This must be your doing, Kaoru-san! What are you planning! Open up already!” “…My apologies, Hijiri-chan. It seems the door is broken.” “A- As if! To begin with, you didn’t tell me Shinobu-kun was already in here! You tricked me!” On Kaorun’s voice coming from the anteroom, Hijiri replied affected. However Kaorun said to Hijiri persuading. “I cannot run away now, Hijiri-chan. Please give it your best. It makes you happy as well to take a bath together with Shinobu-sama, right?” “I certainly am, but…” “I will not open this door at all costs. Please quickly get into the bath, so that you do not catch a cold.” “Ah…” On Kaorun’s strong words, Hijiri dropped her shoulders resigned. Then with her soft and juicy bottom--- I mean, with her back still to me, she said isolated. “I’m sorry, Shinobu-kun. Kaoru-san is doing something weird again…” “W- Well, that’s no news, so don’t worry about it too much. More importantly, you’re going to catch a cold, like she said. So why don’t you come into the bath as well?” As Hijiri herself hadn’t anticipated this, it couldn’t be helped. Besides, the bath was broad enough. It would be no problem if we sat apart. When I urged her with a casual tone to hide my nervousness, Hijiri leaked a happy voice. “…Thanks, Shinobu-kun. I’ll come in after I washed my body…” “Yes, I’ll be waiting…” To calm the situation, I cracked a usual joke. But it didn’t calm the heartbeat in my chest. As late as it was, I took the towel from my head and wrapped it around my waist. With my back to Hijiri, I heard the foaming sound of the body soap. Then the faint sound of water rinsing the skin. The sound of the shower that gave me risky delusions. All these slowly ate away at my reasoning. Furthermore, after Hijri finished washing her body, “E- Excuse me.” She got into the bath, emitting a sweet fragrance, and sat down besides me, so I turned my position around for 90°, turning my back to her again. There Hijiri talked to me with a faintly excited voice. “Ehm, a nice bath, isn’t it, Shinobu-kun. The water is so warm.” “Y- Yeah, you’re right. Also, the bathtub is wide, making it really pleasant. Makes me want to take a bath every day.” “Then, you can come over every day…” …Not good. I became even more excited than before. It wouldn’t bode well if Hijiri were to seduce me now. After a short silence, I gradually took my distance from Hijiri. “…Shinobu-kun, there’s something I want to tell you.” Starting with that, then Hijiri, with a serious tone, “I won’t do any weird seduction on you anymore.” uttered something completely unexpected. For a moment, my heart was filled with confusion and for just a short moment I was at a loss for words. “…Did I something to offend you?” “No, that’s not it. That’s really not it, so don’t make such a voice.” I thought that she maybe had come to hate me, but apparently I was jumping the gun. Hijiri softly touched my shoulder from behind. “Do you remember what you told me before? That you, well, wouldn’t do it with me just because of the yin-yang technique…” Ahh, I certainly remembered saying that. I also remembered saying some embarrassing stuff like how Hijiri was brilliant and I admired her. When I felt my cheeks getting hot, Hijiri once more opened her mouth with a series tone. “Back then, your words made me really happy and I understood that you treasure your relationship with me… So I noticed.” Temporarily stopping her words, Hijiri then said with a calm voice. “That I got a bit impatient after the incidents with Kaoru-san and the other girls. I’m sure I was outgrowing myself. So I won’t do the unsuited seduction anymore.” …Unsuited seduction, huh. If I had to choose between good or bad, it probably was a good thing. But even though it agitated me so much, I still couldn’t help but feel somewhat regretful, so I inadvertently made a wry smile. Amidst that, Hijiri continued with “But” in a soft, yet passionate tone. “I have no plans to back off. I’ll still give my best in my own way from now on…” There she clung to me from behind. She softly rested her chin on my shoulder and twined around her warm hands around my chest. …Ehm, this was Hijiri own way of giving her best? Ripe fruits with a plump sensation. They comfortable pressed onto my back and the fragrance of the shampoo and Hijiri’s body itself tickled my nasal cavities. Moreover, I felt a faintly hard sensation from the pinnacle of her voluminous and flexible breasts. In no time, I was in a pinch. If this were her usual seduction, she would do some kind of action now… but as she had declared, she stopped doing that. She didn’t do anything further. But, for me that might be even worse. I could forcefully brush away her usual seductions, but I couldn’t do so now. Unable to get away from the softness of her breasts, I felt pathetic for myself, when Hijiri suddenly released a small laughter. “It’s kind of nostalgic. As a kid, I took a bath with my brother like this.” “…I, Is that so?” “Yeah, when I hugged him like this, he would be really happy.” Hijiri embraced me even tighter while smiling. She might just be remembering the old days, but for me it only increased my heartbeat. I, I quickly had to find a way out of here… As I was in panic like that, Hijiri called out to reserved with “There’s also I want to ask you” after a short pause. “Shinobu-kun, you’re not going to take over your grandfather’s dojo?” “…How do you know?” When I asked with a somewhat stiff voice, Hijiri answered, albeit hesitant. “My father told me that it’s a surprised that you came here for exorcist training.” “A surprise?” “Yeah, my father seems to know your father. So he thought that you would take over the dojo for sure.” …My dad and Sougo-san knew each other? Did that mean my father also knew about exorcists? I certainly was surprised, whereupon Hijiri slowly continued. “My father has taken a real liking to you and was scheming to somehow get you to join the exorcist side, but you came over without him having to do anything. He found that surprising.” “I see. That’s how it. But Sougo-san had the wrong idea from the beginning. I’m not taking over the dojo from my gramps.” “…Eh? Why? I think you’re were strong. I’m sure you’re capable of taking over.” Hijiri softly traced over the scar on my right shoulder. “---My dad or gramps barely have any scars on their bodies.” I quietly declared to her. “That’s the difference between a genius and an average person.” And that was also the answer to her question. Unlike me, they didn’t get countless unsightly scars on their bodies. There was someone more suited to take over the dojo. It had always been so since the past and wouldn’t change now. Still, for Hijiri it came as a surprise. She leaked a perplexed voice. “Despite that, you continued to work hard without giving up, right? Didn’t you continue as far as scarring your own body, so that you could take over the dojo?” “That’s not it. I just…” “Just?” Hijiri asked back like a parrot, but “…Sorry. My office forbid me to answer. It’s a secret.” I dared to brush it off with a joke and before she could say anything, I left the bathtub. “I’m getting out now. You properly count until hundred before coming out, okay?” “Ah, wait, Shinobu-kun.” “Mh? What else---” The moment I turned around, I inadvertently was at a loss for words. The timing must have been bad. The hand Hijiri had extended to stop me lightly touched the most sensitive spot for a guy. Instantly, Hijiri turned red in a flash and shouted “S- Sorry!” while pulling back her hand with attitude. But, her fingertips lightly brushed by my towel…and with a flattering sound, the towel wrapped around my waist fell onto the floor of the bath. “Aahh… Ahh… Ah…” First she released a weird voice, then she turned bright red like a boiled octopus and averted her eyes. Moreover, her body bended and sunk into the bathwater with a splash. “Ehm, Hijiri-san?” While feeling my face burning up, I called out to her, but Hijiri didn’t respond at all, as she might have fainted. Th- This was rather bad… Right away I wrapped the towel around my waist again and caring carried Hijiri from the bathtub to the anteroom. On that occasion, a drop of water dripped down from the pink pinnacle of her breast and her small navel and the shade of the joining point of her legs compulsory entered the corner of my vision. Aware of my raising blood pressure, I laid Hijiri down on the floor of the anteroom and covered her body with a nearby bath towel. …However, I was impressive on how I didn’t try anything here. This was even more harsh than any seduction. I sighed wearily, when suddenly the door of the anteroom was opened without warning. In that moment, I jumped up in surprise and timidly turned around. Upon that my gaze fell on Kaorun, who looked at me with a roguish smile. “You took an unexpected long bath, Shinobu-sama.” “Yeah, I waited all the time for you coming in as well.” “I, Is that so. Then I will scrub your back on the next occasion.” I declared to the somewhat bashful acting Kaorun with a smile. “Thanks. That makes me really happy, but it’s embarrassing, so I’m afraid that I’ll pass.” “…You are as shy as ever. But do not worry about it. One of these days, I will secretly sneak into the bath of the Nanjou household, so please look forward to that.” Kaorun, readily saying something outrageous, moved her gaze to the fainted Hijiri and then shrugged her shoulders lightly. “It was such a good chance, but she just is not making use of it.” “…Mh? Don’t tell me, you saw it all?” “No, I took my leave right away, but judging by this situation, I can conclude that the plan ended in a failure. It just will not turn out alright. So troubling.” Uhm, more probably I was the troubled one here. My reasoning had a limit. I wished she understood that I went through a lot of troubles as well. Making a small sigh, I faced Hijiri and opened my mouth. “Kaorun, please take care of Hijiri. As you can see, she’s resting.” “…Her sleeping face makes me want to play some kind of prank, but I will try my best to control myself. Meanwhile, should I also help you out with your change of clothes, Shinobu-sama?” “No! Stay away! I’m going to call for help!” I backed off from Kaorun, who suspiciously moved both her hands, while replying with drivel. ---In the next moment. The knot of the towel must have come undone. With other flattering sound, the towel wrapped around my waist fell onto the floor of the anteroom. Instantly, Kaorun widened her eyes and flushed her cheeks in a flash. “M- Meooow!” Raising a hysteric voice, she hastily ran away. ….Meow, huh. My first time hearing such a voice. Kind of cute. With a distant look, I thought like that as if it didn’t concern me. Without doubt people called that escaping from reality. * * * In the end, Hijiri didn’t wake up and stayed unconscious. And like Hijiri had said, her mother and little brother were going to eat outside, so Elni and I didn’t catch a sight of them, enjoying the meal in a threesome with Kaorun. And on our leave I pulled the half-asleep Elni on her hand to my bicycle, whereupon Kaorun, who came to see us off, pulled out a talisman from her pocket and handed it to me. “The Master entrusted me with this. It is supposed to be a present for you, Shinobu-sama.” “For me? Really? Can I really accept something so expensive…?” “What are you saying, Shinobu-sama? It is just a scrap of paper. Please use it to wipe your nose.” “Well, I won’t use it for that… but yeah, I’ll hand it to a crying girl instead of a handkerchief.” “Oh my, how wonderful. If the girl knew of the value of the talisman, she would feel like you had told her to wipe her tears with banknotes and probably beat you to a pulp. That said, I would beat you up either way…” “Yeah, I also think that’s the right reaction.” While playing along with her joke, I sat Elni on the bicycle, whereupon Kaorun suddenly lowered her head a bit. “Thank you very much for today, Shinobu-sama.” “Mh? I should be saying thanks, no? Not only did I receive training, but you also treated me to dinner.” When I replied so, Kaorun raised her head and smiled softly. “Hijiri-chan was really pleased. You come paying a visit more often now and Minami-sama also started to come by to play, so Hijiri-chan has always been in a good mood.” …Could it be, Hijiri never could invite friends over due to her family’s profession until now? On Kaorun’s warm words, I felt a faint pain running through my chest, though it might have just been my imagination. Amidst that, Kaorun lowered her head once more, saying her thanks. However, when she raised her head, she mumbled somewhat sadly. “…After all… I want… Hijiri-chan… normal….” Unable to hear half of the small mumbling, I titled my head in my heart and left the Gogyou Mansion behind me by waving my hand with a “See you”. And then on the way home, Elni clung onto my back by leaning onto me from the back of the bicycle and still looked rather sleepy. The twinkling stars in the night sky, the warm lights of the surroundings houses and a soft wind stroke my cheeks. Slowly pedalling my bicycle, I turned around my head and softly called out to Elni. “Are you okay? It would be dangerous, so don’t fall asleep until we’re home, okay?” “Mmh~ I will positively reconsider….” She was done for, really. Smitten by her silver hair fluttering in the soft wind, I shifted my vision from Elni with sleepy eyes to the front. Following, I started talking with “Reminds me” to keep her from falling asleep. “You were already sleeping at Hijiri’s house. Did you stay up late?” “Yeah. I helped Nazucat with her homework until late into the night.” Still with a sleepy voice, Elni continued with “But”. “I didn’t get the math questions at all, since they were so difficult. I believe the world doesn’t need math.” “…The world wouldn’t function with just rough guesses.” Replying half-wearily, I returned to the house without stopping the chit-chat, but Elni wouldn’t get off my back and had fallen asleep without time for me to caution her. Left with no other choice, I carried Elni on my back and while getting excited at heart over the soft sensation of her thighs on my hands and her sweet fragrance, I opened the front door. There a beautiful female in maid clothes showed up from the living room right away. Soft, emerald-green eyes. Tender, white skin. Despite her otherwise slender body, a bust with an overwhelming volume that was recognizable even through clothes. The fascinating girl, who emitted an aura of neatness, was Luna. The natural erotic big sister of our house and a devil, despite her looks. Luna must have taken quite the liking to the maid clothes that Kaorun presented her on her earlier birthday. She habitually wore them for the house chores and as soon as she recognized Elni and me, she came rushing over with her waist-long, blonde hair swaying. 08_043
“Welcome home, Shinobu-san, Elni-chan.”
Along with a smile, she tightly clung onto me.
Instantly, her pretty voluminous breasts softly changed shaped on my chest. Moreover, Luna brought her glamorous lips closer and placed a kiss on my cheeks as a greeting.
…F- For some reason, ever since her birthday party, I got the feeling that Luna had become more assertive with her physical contact.
Although this much might only be normal for a foreigner, I felt uneasy.
Soft, well-formed and warm, sweet lips. I perfectly froze up on their sensation, when Elni on my back apparently woke up.
“Oh, Shinobu is as red as a candy apple.”
Seeing my face, she gave this impression and slowly got off my back.
There Luna titled her head puzzled. Still clinging to me, she took a small sniff and smiled softly.
“Somehow, you smell nice, Shinobu-san.”
“Apparently it’s a lady-killer scent. Though it’s faint now, as I borrowed Kaorun’s shampoo.”
“Ehm~ You already took a bath, Shinobu-san?”
Before I could answer this casual question, Elni sleepy nodded a “Yeah”.
“Kaorun told me that he took a bath together with Hijiri.”
On Elni’s words, Luna got away from me and froze up, still smiling.
Wh- What unnecessary things was she spilling! When I resentful glared at Elni, she sleepy opened her eyes.
“Uwah! I carelessly run my mouth! Sorry!”
As her sleepiness was blown away, Elni ran away in an escape, heading for the living room.
On the other hand, Luna sulking puffed up her cheeks a bit and stared at me silently.
That behaviour was kind of cute, but I hastily explained.
“No, you got it wrong. I unluckily fell for Kaorun’s trap. It wasn’t my idea, you hear? And while I certainly took a bath together with Hijiri, I didn’t do anything.”
“…But, Shinobu-san, I take it that you were happy about it?”
“Yes, quite so!”
As I honestly consented, Luna puffed up her cheeks even more and asked with teary eyes.
“Can I take a bath with you as well next time, Shinobu-san? I want to wash your back.”
“…As long as you get the permission from my office.”
“I understand. I will go ask Tomoe-san right away.”
“Ah, wait! Forget that! There are things I can’t do, even with the permission of the office!”
Most likely my mother wouldn’t care for my feelings and readily give the go-sign. Having Luna wash my back would certainly be like having Obon and New Year on the same day. But I didn’t want to do anything that put my reasoning to the test.
I hastily stopped Luna, who had sparkles in her eyes, and distracted her vaguely.
“Luna, I’ll ask you to wash my back when I feel like it…”
“…Is that so. Well then, please ask me whenever you feel like it. I will be waiting.”
I personally considered it a half-assed coverage, but for Luna it might have been sufficient. She smiled happily and hugged me once more. Then she went back to the living room while smiling. Following after her, I also went into the living room, whereupon I saw two females watching TV together with Elni.
The beautiful girl with the long, red hair was Machina Liebelei Orangelo. She was Luna’s little stepsister, a hybrid devil and one of the freeloaders at our house.
Amber almond eyes. A smooth nose bridge and lips that looked like pink petals. Moreover, her perfect body line that would embarrass a gravure idol was dazzling in my eyes.
And the other female— with white skin, fine chiselled features and balanced proportions like a model, was Nanjou Tomoe. My mother.
Following their gazing, the TV showed the ending theme of some kind of drama and Machina cried overcome with emotions.
A bit curious, I called out to her.
“Hey, Machina. Was the drama so good that you would cry?”
“Yes. The last time I cried so deeply moved was when I watched Tit*nic—wait, I’m not crying yet! Don’t say weird things! Also, welcome home, Shinobu.”
“Yeah, I’m home. Here, use my handkerchief.”
Stopping her tough act, Machina obediently took the handkerchief from me.
Seeing that, Elni also held out a handkerchief to my mother, who had teary eyes just like Machina.
“Here, for you as well, Tomoe-san.”
“…How considerate.”
I watched over this situation with Luna next to me, when a short, young girl appeared out of the dining kitchen.
Innocent, big eyes and slender, long arms and legs. This young girl, resembling an adorable kitten, was my little sister Nanjou Nazuna, an 8th grader.
She must have been doing the dishes. She wore a apron with cat illustrations printed on it and smiled when she saw me.
“Welcome home, Brother! Meow!”
“Yeah, I’m home, Nazucat. You’re in a rather good mood. Did something good happen?”
“Yeah, it did. Thanks for asking.”
Nazuna, thanking me with a smile, moved her gaze to everyone and cleared her throat with a cough to get the attention. She opened her mouth with a meek face.
“Actually, I have some big news for you today.”
“Big news? What is it? I already know about Machina getting stilettos from a junior girl with the request ‘Please step on me”.”
When I interjected half-teasingly, Machina turned bright red and raised a voice like expected.
“Hey, Shinobu! I told you to keep it a secret! Why are you telling everyone!”
“…Forgive me, my Queen.”
“Fufu, I won’t let you off so easily. I’ll gently mess you up <3 As if! Who are you calling Queen! And why is everyone at school calling me that as well!?” “A real mystery. Even though you’re so cute.” Well, it was the reason I also ended up teasing her though… Adding that in my heart, I petted Machina’s head apologetic. Upon that, Machina faced sideways with “…I won’t be fooled”, but started to smile while having her head petted and narrowed her eyes pleasant. There I moved my gaze back to Nazuna to get back on topic. “So, Nazuna, what’s this big news?” “Yeah, your school has it’s sports festival soon, right?” “Yeah, now that you mention it, it’s already time for it again:” Sometime around next week, our class would surely discuss the sports festival. I made an agreeable response and listened to Nazuna. “So you see, the seniors sadly are going to retire from the club after the sports festival. So today during club activates, we discussed who would be the next captain of the karate club.” Midway in her sentence, Nazuna threw out her chest with pride and grinned ear to ear. “Everyone recommended me as the next captain. The current captain and our adviser also gave the okay, so I became the captain!” “…That sure is big news. Way to go.” I knew that unlike me, Nazuna was popular at school. However not only was she popular, but also respected… While I opened my eyes wide, Luna smiled so happily as if concerned herself and my mother was also smiling. Machina and Elni gave joyful looks and both praised Nazuna. “You’re amazing, Nazuna. Everyone acknowledged you. So wonderful.” “Yeah, just like Machina said, it’s wonderful. Okay, from this point on, the name Mad Dog will be yours, Nazucat.” “Mhm~ I appreciate the thought, El-chan, but I prefer cats.” “Then how about Super Cat?” …Such a weak alias for the captain of the karate club. As such kind of rude thoughts crossed my mind, Nazuna clung to me spoiled and begged me like that. “Hey Brother, I think I’ll have to become even stronger now that I’m the captain. So I want you to spar with me. Will you help me out right away?” “Well, if that’s how it is, I’ll help you out, but you’re quite energetic, huh. You stayed up late last night doing homework with Elni, right? Aren’t you tired?” When I asked doubtful, Nazuna made a peace-sign and replied. “I slept soundly during class today, so I’m fine!” Nazuna said something negligent so openly. However, she must have noticed her verbal slip right away. Nazuna hastily covered her mouth with both her hands, but it was too late. On Nazuna’s words, my mother made a big sigh. “Geez, your friend Miichan is so capable with studying, but my daughter is still the same, even after getting elected as the captain. So pitiful for my own child.” While saying so, my mother faced me and sighed once more with “Moreover…”. “My eldest son has a sister complex, the face of a Yakuza and is a playboy. It’s the worst. Even though he was so cute it the past when he called himself Shinomun….” “Sorry, Mom. I graduated from Shinomun. I was reborn from cute into dandy. So give up on it.” “…I can’t give up so easily. I thought you would become a lady-killer, but now you’re just a fashion-killer.” The instant my mother passed a rather rude evaluation onto me, Luna, who had stayed quiet so far, frowned and interjected. “Tomoe-san! Please take a closer look! Shinobu-san looks like a wolf, which is cool! Your words make no sense! Please take it back!” “…Y- Yes. I’m sorry. I was stupid. Please forgive me, Luna-sama.” With a faintly trembling voice, my mother curled herself up frightened. I didn’t think that she was acting. Ago, my mother had made Luna drink alcohol for fun and apparently made a frightening experience, so when Luna came on strong ever since then, she became like a scolded puppy just like right now. In other words, the power balance in our household had completely crumbled. My mother, who reigned at the pinnacle of the pyramid until just recently, had given the throne to Luna. That said, I could completely understand it. If Luna were to seriously get angry with me, I might be ready to prostrate myself on the ground before her. While such thoughts crossed my mind, my mother left the living room in a hurry. “B- Brother, spar with me already.” And Nazuna also moved to the garden in an escape. I then slowly followed after her while Elni and Machina looked out into the garden and said both sincere. “But still, Nazuna as the captain, huh.” “Somehow, Nazuna looks so grown up.” “…A human’s life is short after all. Soon Nazucat will be in high school and after that in university.” “Nazuna is cute, so I’m sure she’ll get a boyfriend by that time…” “Then she’ll marry and leave this house.” On Elni’s words, Machina sadly cast her eyes down. Upon that, Elni embraced Machina at the shoulders and made a suggestion with a serious face. “Hey Honey, let’s make a boy tonight.” “Yes, Darling---wait, no! How did it suddenly become like we’re married!? If I’m going to marry, it’s going to be with someone that has an evil look, a bad mouth, only fools around, but is surprisingly kind! I don’t want you as my husband, Elni!” “Say that again! I won’t lose to Shinobu! I might not look like it, but I’m the devoting type!” “N- No one said anything about marrying Shinobu---wait, hey! Don’t cling to me out of the blue! Ahaha, no tickling either!” Hearing the voices of Elni and Machina, who were most likely dallying around, behind my back, I slipped on my sandals and went out into the garden. There, Luna’s flowerbed in the works entered the corner of my vision and I saw Nazuna wearing sport shoes, perfectly prepared. Nazuna made eye-contact with me, pointed her finger at me and declared strongly. “One attack.” “Huh?” “I’ll defeat you with one attack.” “…That’s quite cool. But one attack, you say? Fine, just try if you can, Missy.” The instant I replied with a joking delinquent tone, Nazuna made a leap, closing the distance in no time. She launched a dropkick at me too fast for the eyes. However, she still had a lot of unneeded movements. She made too many unnecessary noises. If I used my sharpened senses, I could dodge an attack of this level with my eyes closed. Therefore, I pulled back my body a bit and dodged the kick. There Nazuna instantly twisted her body in midair and made a backward roundhouse kick with a wind-cutting sound. …I had read that attack from her previous preparation movement, but she sure pulled it off. As always, her athletic ability was impressive. Mentally impressed, I ducked down and dodged the kick. Following, I swiftly reached out my hand for Nazuna’s back, who was full of openings now, and stopped her movements with a cat-grip. Then I look into Nazuna’s face, as she was struggling around, and asked provokingly. “---So? Weren’t you going to defeat me in one attack, Ma’am Captain?” “I’m sorry. I withdraw my previous statement. It was completely impossible.” “Good. Be careful with your choice of words from now on.” Releasing Nazuna after a small lecture, I then took her on again, but she really was no match for me. 08_055
Like my father and grandfather, Nazuna had far a better athletic ability and reflexes than an average person. However she relied on that too much, thus lacking the ability to read feints.
Of course she was pretty capable fighting despite that. No middle schooler was a match for Nazuna. But the kicks or fists Nazuna launched at me were parried, brushed away and pushed off, making all of her attacks ineffective. If there was an opening, I whipped Nazuna off her feet, making her fall on the ground.
As Nazuna absorbed her falls, there shouldn’t be any real damage.
But, when the count of her falling to the ground went into the double digits, Nazuna kept laying on the ground without getting up, as she had given up, and asked doubtful.
“…Could it be you’re also using techniques not from the Nanjou School, Brother?”
“Yeah, that’s right. I’m surprised you noticed.”
“Yeah, somehow, it was different from fighting with Dad. But why do you know such a variety of techniques, Brother? You only went to grandpa’s dojo so far, right?”
“Well, I fought with a lot of different schools. It got some grave injuries in it, but in exchange I had a chance to observe their techniques.”
And if there was a technique I liked, I stole it.
Even if I trained like my father or grandfather, I couldn’t surpass them.
We were born with different faculties. Our starting lines were too far apart. I was unable to catch up, running at the same speed. So I needed other means.
That said, it was unnecessary for Nazuna the genius.
The Nazuna in question straightened up her upper body
“You’re amazing, Brother!”
and sparkled her eyes, but
“…Actually you’re the amazing one.”
I replied so in a small voice.
But Nazuna must have not heard it. She tilted her head and looking into my sister’s pure eyes, I asked casually.
“Hey, don’t you actually want to return to gramps’ dojo?”
Upon entering middle school, my father forbid Nazuna to attend the dojo. Our father decided that Nazuna was unfit to learn dangerous techniques, as she was mentally weak.
But for Nazuna that was without doubt painful. Nazuna had loved going to our grandfather’s dojo. Moreover she rarely skipped on her club activities at school.
So I thought that Nazuna must have wanted to go back to the dojo.
However, much to my surprise, she slightly shook her head on my question and answered.
“…I won’t go back to grandpa’s dojo.”
“Eh? Why? In the future, you—”
“In the future I’ll be a kindergarten teacher!”
Quickly cutting into my words, Nazuna released a bright voice.
“And when I have become one, I’ll play together with the kids. I’m sure it’ll be fun. But my biggest dream is to marry someone like Dad or you…”
“No, someone like me aside for now, you better not marry someone like dad. What would you do if he cheated on you?”
“Mhm~ I think I would be very angry then. I would bite him a lot. But if he properly apologies, I might forgive him with a smile.”
…J- Just like my mother, she would forgive it with a smile on an apology, huh.
A bit surprised, I wanted to get back on topic, but Nazuna hastily went back into the living room to avoid that.
…Why was she running away?
Unable to comprehend it, I also went into the living room and tried to talk to her once more, but
“Brother, when are Dad and Kagari-chan coming back?”
Nazuna obviously tried to change the topic.
Apparently she didn’t want to talk further about it. Asking her against her will would be unreasonable. I was a bit curious, but it couldn’t be helped.
I gave up on it, while Nazuna, drowning in the memories about our father and Kagari— our pet cat, leaked a sigh with a distant look.
“…I hope Dad and Kagari-chan are coming back soon. I haven’t touched a cat for a long time and want to hold Kagari-chan tightly.”
“I can relate, Nazuna, but why don’t you make do with Machina’s breasts whilst?”
When I turned the topic to Machina, who sat besides Elni on the sofa, she blinked her eyes with an “Eh?”. But receiving Nazuna’s hopeful glance, she shrugged her shoulders a bit and replied.
“I don’t really mind if it’s Nazuna… But be gentle, okay?”
Getting the okay from Machina, Nazuna spoiled buried her face in Machina’s voluminous breasts and released an admiring voice just like that.
“Uwah… Feels so good. You’re amazing, Machina-chan.”
“Th- Thanks… But… Uhn, Nazuna, don’t move too… ahh… much…”
When Machina rebuked with rough breathing, Elni also started to poke Machina’s voluminous breasts from the side with her fingertip, as she wanted to join in.
“Ohh, so soft, yet also so elastic. My finger gets pushed back.”
“Hey, Elni, Hyahn, don’t poke… Yahn, you too Nazuna, don’t fondle… Kyahn… Geez, you two, stop it already… Mm…”
Machina started to raise a rather bewitching voice. In regards to that, I turned my back to the three of them, pretended not to hear it and reminisced about Kagari just like Nazuna had.
“…I also want to touch a cat.”
I inadvertently spilled it, whereupon the nearby Luna clung onto my arm without any pretext, pressing her soft breasts against it.
“L- Luna? Ehm, what’s up so suddenly?”
“Shinobu-san, please make do with breasts as well.”
While colouring her cheeks scarlet, Luna pinched my arm between her oversized breasts.
Quite agitated by the unexpected happening, I was completely captured by Luna’s breasts and after I enjoyed that sensation to the fullest, I got away from Luna and left the living room. And on my way back to my own room, I suddenly remembered about the conversation with Nazuna earlier.
…Why didn’t Nazuna say that she wants to return to our grandfather’s dojo?
No matter how much I pondered, I couldn’t find an answer for it…

* * *

Returning to my room, I finished my review of and preparation for classes and sat down on my bed, watching absent-minded the talisman in my hand.
Elni had said something about “It’s important to think in the talisman’s shoes” and “Even a talisman is happy when praised”.
…I wanted to use talismans as well as Elni, so I might as well try it out once.
Therefore, I half-convinced petted the talisman gently.
“Yeah, a nice touch. The sharp design is awesome as well.”
When I did something that looked stupid to a bystander, there suddenly was a knock on the door and I unmeant trembled my shoulder in a shiver.
…I, I wasn’t heard just now, was I?
Feeling my cheeks burning hot, I called a “Come in”, whereupon Luna came into the room with a smile.
—In that moment, the talisman in my hand glowed and a gust of wind blew.
That wind gently flipped up Luna’s skirt and my vision fell on brilliant thighs and wonderful, light-pink panties.
…E- Elni had said the truth. This talisman was quite tasteful. Truly a joyful happening.
While I reflexively was about to smile, Luna widened her eyes and slightly tilted her head.
“Uhm, what was that just now…”
“Wh- Who knows? That was quite the prankish wind. Haha, but I gotta say, the Goddess really does perform miracles.”
Commenting so to fool her, I decided to change the topic quickly.
“So, what’s up?”
“Ah, yes, I wanted to talk to you for a bit…”
Approaching me with a smile, Luna suggested softly.
“But before that, should I give you a massage, as you look rather tired, Shinobu-san?”
“Eh? Gladly, but—D- Don’t do anything weird!”
“I will try my best.”
“No, you don’t need to. Just deny it, you natural erotic big sister!”
“I, I am not erotic!”
…Unfortunately it was called “natural”, because oneself wasn’t aware it.
I made a small, wry smile and apologized to Luna with “Sorry, Sorry”, then lay face down on the bed to take up her offer.
Upon that, Luna got onto the bed with a somewhat happy expression and then reached out her hands for my shoulders and back, starting to massage them.
The massage by Luna’s soft, slender and warm fingers was really pleasant…and before I noticed it, my eyelids had gradually gotten heavier.
Amidst that, Luna called out to me in a gentle tone.
“Shinobu-san, please listen to me like this. What I wanted to talk about is… eh, huh? Shinobu-san, did you fall asleep?”
“Snore, snore. Mumble, mumble. I don’t need a dreaming girl.”
I pretended to sleep as a joke, whereupon Luna suddenly brought her face closer and with a single “Fuh”, she blew her hot breath into my ear.
Instantly, a shiver ran unmeant down my spine and a small voice escaped my mouth. When I turned around my head in surprise, Luna smiled prankish.
“Shinobu-san, please do not feign to sleep and listen properly. Actually, I am thinking of starting a part-time job.”
“P- Part-time job? What, you’re going to become a S&M Domina? I think you’re suited for it.”
I cracked a joke half-teasingly, but this time my ear was bitten playful.
The melting sensation of pink lips. Due to it, I once again raised a small voice while Luna gave me a soft warning.
“Please take this serious, Shinobu-san. I do not want you to fool around. Next time, I will pull on your ear, okay?”
“…Just for reference, what will you do if I don’t stop to fool around, even after you pulled my ear?”
I had turned my head again, whereas Luna bewitching licked over her own lips with the tip of her pink tongue and replied.
“At that time, I will lick you all over.”
…N- Now I had no other choice but to fool around.
For a moment, such stupid thoughts crossed my mind, but I certainly restrained myself and got back on topic.
“But why do you suddenly want to start a part-time job?”
“I want to learn about society. Compared to Machina, I know too less about this world and I want to save up money to go to university.”
“To university?”
“Yes, for high school it might be impossible, but I might be able to attend university together with you. Of course that is not my only reason. I believe that it is better to attend university and do a part-time job to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to live in this world.”
Midway in her sentence, Luna suddenly clung onto my back and declared in a warm tone.
“—Because I want to stay by your side forever.”
This affectionate voice echoed in my heart, making it tremble.
Luna surely had made her decision.
To once more live in the human world.
In the past she had been betrayed by a lot of people and went to the demon realm, but now she wanted to stay here.
So in order to live in the human world, she started to think and act for the future.
—But what about me in that regard?
In the past and even now, there was an unforgettable feeling in my heart. I had a goal. A dream. But, in the end that was all just in my heart.
A few hours ago, when Hijiri asked me “Aren’t you trying so hard to take over the dojo?”, I could only vague brush it away, hiding my true feelings.
Of course I was working hard for my dream.
Still, I never truly talked with someone about my dream. I had a dream I wanted to fulfil, yet I couldn’t speak it out.
The reason for that surely was….
“…Shinobu-san? Did you fell asleep?”
While I was thinking, my eyelids had become heavy again and Luna’s voice sounded rather distant in my ears, as my conscious was slowly fading away.
“Good night, Shinobu-san.”
With the last sensation of having my head gently petted, I fell sound asleep…

* * *

I felt the soft light on the back of my eyelids. The sparrow’s chirping reached my ears. Ahh, yesterday I feel asleep just like that…
I remembered how I half-asleep got a massage from Luna, when I suddenly heard a faint breathing besides me.
…Mh? Did Nazuna sneak in again? Or was it Elni?
I wondered who it was today. With my eyes still closed, I dozing opened my mouth.
“Mhm~ who’s there? Nazuna?”
“Meow~ I am Nazucat, who loves her dear brother very much.”
“Oh, good. I love you too. Let me sleep a little longer.”
I still wanted to sleep, so I gave a suited reply and tried to go back to sleep, but I felt something amiss and wondered.
“…Are you really Nazuna? Did you really give off such a mature scent?”
“Fufu, nothing to be done, if you find it out. Hello, Saz*e-san sure is good at rock-paper-scissor, Goddess here. Morning, Shinobu-sama.”
“Oh, Elni, huh. Morning. And good night… Mh? Wait a sec. Shinobu-sama?”
It felt even more amiss, so I suppressed my sleepiness and straightened up my upper body. Following, I yawned while pulling off the blanket.
Instantly, both my eyes beheld a bewitching naked body.
…What the? What was going on? Why was Kaorun naked on my bed?
My sleepiness was blown away in an instant and while I was confused, Kaorun sweetly clung to me without hiding the seductive joining point of her legs, her well-formed breasts or their pinnacle. And then she declared near my ear.
“…Please make sure to take responsibility, Shinobu-sama <3” “R- Re- Re- Responsibility? F- For what? I remember about Luna’s part-time job, the S&M Domina, the massage and then, ehm…” I desperately tried to wake my memories of last night, whereupon Kaorun, still clinging to me, giggled and smiled roguish. Following, her glamorous lips pressed onto my neck and she said softly. “You do seem a bit perplexed, Shinobu-sama.” “No, you’re wrong. I’m gravely perplexed.” After all, I didn’t remember at all. However, Kaorun flushed her cheeks and started to gently pet my head like a love without covering her body. Why…? My brain didn’t function properly after just waking up. I started to take deep breaths to get it to work fully, when I suddenly heard footsteps from outside my room, which threw my already confused mind even more out of order. These footsteps slowly approached in my direction, the door was knocked ruthless and as she had come to wake me up, Luna came into the room with a smile. “Shinobu-san, breakfast is ready. Today I made your favourite… Kaoru-san?” As Luna couldn’t comprehend the situation in front of her eyes, she closed the door still smiling after witnessing the naked Kaorun clinging to me. SLIP, a cold sweat ran down my cheek and Machina’s bewildered voice raised from beyond the door, breaking this awkward silence. “Huh? What are you doing here in front of the door, Sister? What about Shinobu? Didn’t you wake him up?” “No, before that, I have to wake up myself. I am sure that I am still dreaming, but… I wonder when I will wake up from this nightmare?” “Eh? Wh- What’s wrong, Sister? You look like you’re about to cry. Did Shinobu do something weird?” Along with this doubtful voice, the door was opened again and Machina showed up in the room. She widened her eyes upon seeing me and Kaorun, then twitched her cheeks. “A- Apparently, I’m also dreaming. And quite the nightmare at that.” “Well, I could not care less about that, so could you please hurry up and leave Shinobu-sama and my love nest? Please do not disturb my sweet time with Shinobu-sama.” “Ah, sorry. Take your time…” Urged by Kaorun, who puffed her cheeks, Machina left the room grinning. But, after a few seconds, the door was swung open and Machina shouted with a raised voice. “Hey! Now that I think about it, it’s not a dream! Kaoru! Just what are you doing there!” “As you can see, affirming the love of two people in love. It certainly is a bit embarrassing, so please do not stare too much.” “E- Excuse me--- is what I’ll never say! What’s going on, Shinobu! Even though you didn’t do anything to me yet! Why with Kaoru! Do you love maids that much!?” Machina drew closer to me with teary eyes, whereas Luna followed after her in the room and raised a voice, crying. “Shinobu-san! What does she mean with two people in love! I am envious that you are affirming your love---no, wait! I am super envious! H- Huh? Ehm, well, anyway, I am envious!” “No, no! Calm down for now, you two! Settle down! I have no clue either why she is here!” I fell into a slight panic and pointed at Kaorun, whereas she frowned and pointed her index finger at me. “Shinobu-sama, it is rude to point your finger at people.” “…Then what are you doing right now?” Settling down a bit, I retorted, whereupon Kaorun reddened her cheeks for some reason. “Oh please, Shinobu-sama, you thrusted me so fiercely last night, so what is the problem with a little pointer now?” Instantly, the atmosphere froze up in a flash and Machina powerful grabbed both my arms. Following, she faced the clock on the wall and leaked a low voice. “Caught red-handed at 8:15.” “…I still didn’t do anything.” I was scared, so I appealed to my innocence, whereupon Machina showed a strangely gentle smile and replied. “It’s okay, Shinobu. You have the right for a proper trial. Let’s go to the living room. You’ll get a random stray-dog for an attorney.” …This wouldn’t end with me waking up from a dream, would it? While I hoped for such a convenient development, now Nazuna came into the room, as she heard the ruckus. In that moment, as soon as she saw the naked Kaorun, she raised a hysteric “MEOOW!” voice, as she guessed the circumstances. “W- Wh- What’s this? Brother became a criminal!? Even though he has Luna-oneechan, so cruel! Right now, even I can give Brother a lecture!” “…….Well, the lecture aside, I’m hungry, so why don’t we have breakfast?” There I tried to deceive them by changing the topic, but needless to say, it didn’t work. Dragged by Machina and Nazuna, I was taken to the living room right away…

Chapter 02: The Maid’s Prank

In my opinion a holiday exists for the sake of curing the stress and fatigue that accumulates in the daily life. Therefore you could nap leisurely. Or immerse yourself in your hobby. At any rate, you should do anything fun, but… Right now that seemed impossible for me.
The morning of a long-awaited holiday. I was made to sit formally on the floor of the living room amidst a heavy atmosphere.
Luna, Machina, Nazuna and Kaorun, who had changed into her maid clothes, had gathered in the living room that resembled a court. Moreover, Elni was missing, as she was still sleeping, so I had no attorney.
In this situation, Luna, the judge, lightly knocked with her toy hammer as a replacement for the usual wooden hammer and calmly opened her mouth.
“The court is opened. First off, any words from the accused Shinobu-san?”
“—I didn’t do anything. I’m just beautiful. That’s all.”
I had completely woken up.
I perfectly recalled my memories of last night, still of the opinion that I was innocent. So I puffed my chest with pride, whereas Luna dropped the hammer with a smile.
“I believe Shinobu-san. Not guilty. Court dismissed.”
Instantly, Nazuna and Machina both whooped it up, hastily calling up objection.
“L- Luna-oneechan! It’s still to early to make a verdict!”
“Nazuna is right, Sister! He might actually be guilty! Shinobu looked at Kaoru with lewd eyes!”
“Not really? I looked normally. Unintentionally, of course.”
“…S- So impudent. This attitude will only worsen the court’s impression on you, you know?”
Machina replied to me, who stayed obstinate to the end, with a weary expression.
However, Luna declared with her still unchanged smile from earlier.
“It cannot be helped if it was not on purpose. Even if Kaoru-san’s clothes and underwear were scattered in his room, even if Kaoru-san was naked in his bed and even if they were clinging to each other like lovers… Uhh, I believe in Shinobu-san. Please let me believe in him. I want to believe in him.”
Midway Luna got moved to tears, whereupon Kaorun, who stayed silent so far, interjected composed.
“It appears that Luna-sama does not want to acknowledge it. Shinobu-sama’s youthful mistake, that is.”
“…Hey, don’t say anything weird. Don’t cling to me, don’t rub your cheek against mine and stop with the kiss. What’s up with you so early in the morning!”
Taking my distance from the erotically approaching Kaorun, I continued persuading.
“It’s just your usual joking anyway, right? Right now I’m willing to forgive you on a ‘I’m sorry’. So why don’t you give in?”
“J- Joking!? Uhh! You are so cruel, Shinobu-sama! Even though you were so passionate and gentle yesterday! Trying to brush it away now is too much!”
Maybe acting, Kaorun broke down crying on her words.
“Last night you relentlessly fondled my bottom, at times smacked it gently, moreover you licked me all over and lastly, from behind, you… well, it is too embarrassing, so I cannot say anything further. Anyway, pretending that this passionate night never happened is too cruel!”
“No, wait! What the heck!? I don’t know anything about that! There’s no way I would forget about such a wonderful experience! So don’t lie!”
I hastily denied it in a commotion, but
“B- Brother, you pervert! So adult! You really are a natural gigolo, like everyone says!”
Nazuna turned bright red and raised a voice,
“…W- Wonderful experience? Shinobu, you loved bottoms that much? I thought for sure you were into breasts…”
whereas Machina reddened her face in a weird misunderstand and Luna finally burst into tears.
“Shinobu-san! It is not fair that it is only Kaoru-san! I am living together with you! Why did you not come to me when you were sexual frustrated! Is my bottom not satisfactory!?”
“—The French cuisine just isn’t suited for me. For a Japanese it has to be Japanese food. In other words, I like a Japanese’s bottom.”
…Hey, Kaorun. Stop mimicking me at a time like this. Just stop it.
I tried to defend myself right away, but Luna knocked the toy hammer on the table and shouted in tears.
“Guilty! Shinobu-san is found guilty! Please prepare yourself! You will not get any lunch today!”
…Such a weak verdict.
Somehow, Luna was cute beyond help. As I forgot my situation and formed a smile, Machina interjected with tears dwelling up in her eyes.
“Geez! You’re too lenient on Shinobu, Sister! Only giving him no lunch is so half-hearted!”
Momentarily stopping her words, Machina then continued with a rough voice.
“He doesn’t get any breakfast either!”
“Y- You’re rather lenient on Brother as well, Machina-chan! We have to be more strict! Dinner is suspended too!”
Could it be, the girls were even more preoccupied than me? Even afterwards,
“I will not speak to Shinobu-san for a week!”
“Eh? Luna-oneechan, can you really get through with that?”
“…I think that’s going to be hard, Sister.”
“R- Right. Why would I have to impose a punishment on me as well?”
they were going on about the same old thing.
However, if my mother had been here, I would have been sentenced to death without doubt.
While such thoughts crossed my mind, I silently watched over Luna, Machina and Nazuna, who made a ruckus with “Cleaning the bath for one week!”, “And doing the dishes for one week!”, “Also, playing with me for a week!”, when suddenly the door of the living room yanked open.


Along with a dignified voice, Elni showed up with a nightcap on her head.
While everyone widened their eyes all alike, Elni leisurely came over and rested her hand on my shoulder to reassure me.
“You’re safe now that I’m here. I’ll properly advocate for you. Let me join the court game. This is war.”
“…We’re not doing this for fun, you know?”
As she was still half-asleep, Elni didn’t comprehend the current situation. When I retorted wearily, Elni tilted her small head and faced Kaorun.
“Oh, here you are, Kaorun. You said we would sleep together until noon today, but when I woke up, you were gone, so I looked for you.”
“…Wh- What could you be talking about, Elni-sama? I have no idea what you mean. Actually, who are you?”
Kaorun showed an obvious agitation. Elni tilted her head once more. With that I got the gist of things and asked Elni with a smile.
“Hey Elni, could it be that you let Kaorun into the house?”
“Yeah. I went downstairs to get some time when I woke up at dawn and saw Kaorun in front of the window of the living room. I called out to her and it seemed she came over to play, but it was still early, so we settled to sleep together in my bed.”
“…I see. So after successfully infiltrating our house, the perverted Maid waited for you to fall asleep and then snuck into my bed, playing this outrageous prank on me.”
When I reasoned so with complete confidence, everyone started to stare at the perverted Maid and Kaorun awkwardly averted her eyes.
“Uhm, well, actually it was meant as a little joke. But the panicking Shinobu-sama was just so cute that I unconsciously…”
Kaorun, showing signs of guilt, dropped her gaze, whereupon Luna softly opened her mouth.
“Just to be sure, Kaoru-san, you did not do anything to the sleeping Shinobu-san, correct?”
“Of course not. On this occasion I can tell you the truth. At first I considered seducing Shinobu-sama as the opportunity seemed good. However you all entered the room, thus foiling my plan. I did not do anything.”
“I see. Good. That reassures me. So, how was Shinobu-san’s sleeping face?”
“Just like a puppy’s. It was so unbelievable adorable that I ended up kissing him, even knowing I should not, and unable to control myself, next him, I…cough.”
Kaorun stopped her words with a cough, as she noticed her verbal slip midway, then puckered her lips a bit.
“Oh my god, how mean of you to deceive a frail woman! I never thought you would be a person to ask leading questions, Luna-sama! I am disappointed!”
Standing up resentful, Kaorun faced sideways sore.
“I am taking my leave! I was a bit hurt! Farewell!”
Along with her words, Kaorun headed for the door of the living room with swift steps in a huff. Her behaviour seemed all so natural, but I suddenly noticed and raised a voice.
“H- Hey, she’s trying to escape!”
“Huh!? She just seemed like a victim, so I was about to let her go! Hold it there, Kaoru!”
“You are not allowed to do anything weird to Shinobu-san while he sleeps! I can relate to your feelings, but even I am holding myself back!”
“S- So the pervert was the Maid and not Brother! Sorry, Brother! I apologies for doubting you!”
“No, Nazuna, that’s alright now. Right now we’re going to catch Kaorun!”
Following after Machina and Luna, who had chased after the escaping Kaorun first, Nazuna and I also sprinted out of the living room together, whereupon
“…Oh, the court game is already over?”
I could hear Elni’s sad voice from behind, but for now I ignored it. She must have wanted to escape outside. Calling Kaorun, who ran towards the front door, to halt, we chased after her.
There, at that moment, the front door opened with the just right timing and my mother, who came back from jogging, showed up— Instantly, I shouted.
“Mom! Please! Stop that perverted Maid!”
On my words, my mother quickly spread both her arms and blocked Kaorun’s path.
“Stop! You won’t get away! What a bad girl! Also, ehm… what did she do?”
Shifted her gaze towards us, my mother asked puzzled, whereupon Luna frowned and answered.
“Kaoru-san did something perverted to Shinobu-san while he was asleep! And even pulled a perverted prank on him when he woke up! She also told a perverted lie about having her bottom touched! I am so envious— no, I made the same mistake again! Anyway, she did something bad!”
“I, I don’t really get it, but at least I understand that Luna is angry on a rare occasion. And it’s Kaoru-chan’s fault.”
“…Tomoe-sama, I certainly believe that I am at fault this time. However, I am going to bestow you with a picture of Shinobu-sama’s sleeping face, so please overlook it.”
“Thanks. I’ll take it for the timing being. Now then, let’s hear the whole story in the living room.”
Kaorun’s bribe attempt failed sadly. While taking the picture, my mother grabbed Kaorun at the neck and dragged her, who showed a bitter expression, to the living room. Once more the living room turned into a court and this time Kaorun’s trial started…

The result of the trial, needless to say, was that Kaorun was found guilty.
Luna, once again the judge, knocked her toy hammer and faced Kaorun.
“—Now then, the sentence for Kaoru-san. She will have to clean our bath today and have lunch together with us.”
“Eh? Luna-sama? It might be strange for me to say it, but is that not a rather lenient sentence? I doubt everyone agrees with it.”
A bit surprised, Kaorun looked at everyone, but no one objected. Everyone made a “Sounds good” kind of face.
Upon that, Karoun awkwardly squeezed herself, as she felt guilty, and timidly raised her hand.
“Excuse me, Luna-sama, to atone for my sin, will you at least allow me to work in this house as a maid for the whole day today?”
“…You have reflected on your actions, right Kaoru-san? So you do not have to do that.”
“No! Please let me work! Otherwise my heart will not be able to take it!”
Kaorun pleaded like that, so everyone showed a wry smile and accepted her offer. Then Kaorun took over all house chores from Luna and started to clean diligently.
Amidst that, I stayed in the living room and absent-minded watched Kaorun, whereupon she called out to me a bit troubled.
“Shinobu-sama, please move away a bit. I cannot clean if you keep standing there.”
“Hey, wait, my existence is far more important than any cleaning, isn’t it?”
“Haah, you may have a point there, but for now please obediently listen what I told you. I will play with you afterwards.”
Having my head gently patted, I was completely treated like a kid…
But well, I felt bad about bothering her any more. I gave up on playing with Kaorun and went out with Luna. I bought the long-awaited new release of a novel at the nearby bookstore and Luna smiling left the store with a free part-time job information magazine in her hands.
Then we took a stroll through the park while chit-chatting, slowly getting back to the house under the soft evening sun.
I had become quite relaxed and the instant I opened the door of my room,
I inadvertently doubted my own eyes.
The top a gym uniform. The bottom a red bloomer.
Dressed in that wonderful outfit, Kaoru was in my room for some reason.
She was just hiding something under my bed and as soon as she noticed me, she hastily corrected her posture, showing a smile to distract.
“Welcome back, Master. Will you take a bath? Will you have dinner? Or, will you take m.y.s.e.l.f?”
“…You showed up again.”
“Your composure is unlimited!?”
Kaorun received a light shock, but I paid it no mind and approached her. Cowering down, I reached my hand under my bed, whereupon I pulled out an erotic book about maids.
“…The older girl is a maid? A gentle introduction to sex? What the heck?”
“Well, I wanted you to understand the merits of maids, Shinobu-sama, so I brought it with me at night. If you like, I can go buy some erotic books about little sisters or mothers as well?”
“Fufu, what do you think would happen if my mother or Nazuna were to see that?”
“…I believe a forbidden love would blossom.”
“Okay, get out, this instant. Before I crush your vertex.”
I warned her with a low voice, but Kaorun showed an erotic expression and replied.
“My apologies, Shinobu-sama. You seem angry, so I apologizes. There was also the incident this morning, so to make up for teasing you, I will allow you do something perverted with me.”
While saying so, Kaorun got on all fours on the bed and pointed out her plump bottom into my direction.
Round hips clad in red bloomers.
Without doubt, that beautiful bottom must be full of flexibility. While I ended up getting some bad fantasies, Kaorun turned around her head and showed me a bewitching smile.
“Shinobu-sama, you are allowed to touch it. I do not mind either if you slap it. Please do whatever you want with my bottom.”
Just like to seduce me, Kaorun slowly rocked her waist, seductive jacking her bottom. Upon that, as to show of it’s flexibility, the gorgeous bottom bended, trembled and shook, making the bloomer gradually encroach into the beautiful bottom.
“Fufu, Shinobu-sama, just do not stand there staring, but please come over. You are allowed to take them off, you know? I would not mind showing you everything, Shinobu-sama.”
If I were to slide the bloomers down and even take off her underwear, like she tempted me to, I would be able to gaze upon her white bottom. Moreover, with this position, Kaorun’s precious place would come into plain way as well.
For a moment, I forgot myself and reached out my hand, but suddenly I felt something amiss and stopped my movements.
“…Somehow, you’re a bit weird today.”
Previously, Kaorun had told me “Please get used to females with my body”. Because it would hinder the yin-yang technique that Hijiri wanted to use, if I was weak to females. Therefore Kaorun sometimes did some seducing things to me.
But, unlike Hijiri, she never did any aggressive seduction like this now. I could always recognized that she was kind of joking.
…But why did that suddenly change?
Doubtful, I asked softly.
“Don’t tell me, something happened?”
“…Nothing has happened.”
Slowly changing her posture, Kaorun clouded her expression a bit. But it was only for a moment. Then she said “More importantly” to distract, clung to me this time and continued.
“You can do all you want with me, you know? Please do not say anything strange and take this opportunity to enjoy yourself to the fullest.”
Along with a bewitching smile, her beautiful breasts pressed onto my chest and Kaorun moved her body back and forth. Normally I would get agitated by the sensation of her soft breasts, but I just couldn’t get Kaorun’s earlier expression out of my hand, so I rested my palm on Kaorun’s head and softly told her.
“I already told you before, but you can rely on me. If it’s really nothing then okay, but if something happened, you can rely on me anytime… Kaoru.”
“K- Kaoru!?”
When I petted her head, Kaorun turned bright red for some reason.
“Wh- Why are you suddenly properly calling me by my name? That is not fair!”
“Ah, it just slipped out. You didn’t like it?”
“No, no! That is not really it, but keep your surprise attacks to a limit! I was trying to seduce you, but you completely ruined that now! Please also stop petting my head, as it is embarrassing!”
Red up to her ears, Kaorun quickly got away from me.
…Maybe Kaorun was the type that was fine with doing the seduction by herself, but got bashful if something was done to her?
The moment I thought of that, Kaorun appeared even cuter than before, which made me smile unintentionally, whereupon she puffed her cheeks a bit, as she was angry.
“Wh- Why are you looking so happy! Just to tell you in advance, I will not get excited anymore. I will remember this!”
Leaving such a parting remark behind, Kaorun left my room with still red cheeks. In regards to that, I watched after her back and once more remembered Kaorun’s gloomy expression from earlier.
…Seriously, what was up with Kaorun?
I was a bit worried, but not so much as to force an answer out of her at this point. I should wait until she was ready to tell me.
Therefore, I sat down on the bed with lingering feelings and started to read the novel that I bought at the bookstore… spending my holiday like that.
But, apparently Kaorun’s seduction was continuing.
After dinner, I was scowling at the talisman, when Elni came into my room and told me this.
“Shinobu, the bath is heated up, so get in— is what Kaorun asked me to tell you. Just among us, it seems Kaorun is waiting for you in the bath. Kaorun tried to bribe me off with snacks, but it won’t go so easily.”
Pulling out snacks from her pocket, Elni made a bitter expression and continued with an “I mean,”.
“On a closer look, this heart-shaped chocolate has a crack. It’s kind of sad…”
“No, no, I don’t think Kaorun did that on purpose. Don’t look so sad. And if you want chocolate, I’ll buy you one at the convenience store next time. So, Mad Dog, send my mother to the bath for now.”
“Roger that!”
A complete turn-around from the bitter expression. Elni saluted sternly with a smile, then hurriedly left the room. There I waited for an appropriate time and headed for the anteroom, where I eavesdropped sneakily.
Just like planned, it had turned into the awkward situation of Kaorun and my mother being together in the bath. I could faintly hear their conversation.
“I knew it, your skin is so pretty, Kaoru-chan. And your bottom is so well-formed as well.”
“No, Tomoe-sama, you also— wait, Kyaah! Wh- Why are you suddenly fondling my breasts! Please stop it! This is sexual harassment!”
“Ufufu, you’re our maid for today, Kaoru-chan. And maids have to be treated perverted. That’s a rule.”
“Wh- What kind of perverted game development is this… Hyahn… You cannot… Yahn… Seriously… Uhhn.. please stop…”
“Mhm~ I wouldn’t mind stopping if you tell me your breasts size, Kaoru-chan.”
“—My bust is 95.”
“Hee… let’s see, mhm, mhm. I see, indeed. 85, 57, 84 from the top with a D-cup, I guess? Quite the ideal proportions.”
“H- How can you tell all this just by touching!? Not just Shinobu-sama, but you as well, Tomoe-sama. Just who are you people!? Or rather, how did it even come to this…?”
After lamenting words, Kaorun raised a bewitching voice, as my mother resumed the sexual harassment once more. On the other hand, my cheeks gradually turned hotter upon hearing that bewitching voice and while I felt sorry for Kaorun, I quietly left the place…
By the way, afterwards Kaorun lightly beat my chest with the words “Shinobu-sama you meanie!”, as her plan was foiled, and then went back to the Gogyou Mansion with teary eyes.

* * *

After the end of a fun holiday, it now was after school on Monday. Done with my personal interview for future plans, I left the consolation room and suddenly stopped my feet, looking through the window in the hallway on the grounds outside.
My vision fell on endeavouring sport club students at their club activities. And I also saw some classmates practicing for the upcoming sports festival.
Recently, our classes met up after school, albeit voluntarily, and practiced together passionate.
Of course the passion of each class varied for the sports festival. Some were laid back, some fired up. Our class was a prime example of the latter.
That probably was due to the fact that our class got along well. To be honest, I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the sports festival as Nazuna. But Machina seemed to look forward to it, so not to spoil her fun, I decided to help out as best as possible.
There, the door of the consolation room suddenly opened and a female with a bit of a baby-face appeared.
It was my homeroom teacher Hiiragi Akane, who moments ago had discussed my future plans with me. When she noticed me, she opened her mouth reserved.
“Nanjou-kun, Minami-san isn’t here yet, even though it’s time for her appointment. Sorry, but could you go call her for me?”
“…If you took a sexy pose, I wouldn’t mind.”
On my joke, Hiiragi-sensei threw me a kiss along with a wink.
“Uwah, so sexy.”
Careful to not to say it monotone, I accepted Hiiragi-sensei’s request and started to walk down the hallway with swift steps to search for my classmate.
Upon that, I ran into Hijiri, who wore her kendo uniform, right at the corner of the hallway, as she was on the way to her club activities. Instantly, Hijiri flushed her cheeks right away and with a panic “U- Uwaaah!” scream, she turned her back to me, running away.
…Ever since we took that bath together, Hijiri had been like that.
Upon seeing me, she would turn bright red and run away.
But well, during class she would sometimes sneak a peek at me, so it wasn’t really like she came to hate me.
Still, it was harsh being avoided by Hijiri. Wanting to talk to her properly once, I chased after Hijiri right away, but she turned red up to her ears and tried to escape from me.
…That reaction was rather hurtful. I continued to run without giving up while showing a wry smile and when I finally cornered Hijiri at the end of the hallway, I made dubious motions with my hands and cracked a joke to lighten the atmosphere.
“Hehehe, you sure took up my time. I won’t let you escape any further.”
“Ah, yeah, sorry.”
…Uhm, having my foolery replied with such a normal reaction was quite saddening for me. Lightly shrugging my shoulders, I cleared my throat with a cough and got to the main topic.
“—So? Why are you avoiding me? Are you by chance angry?”
“N- No. That’s not it. Uhm… Isn’t it you, who’s angry?”
“Mh? Why would you think I’m angry?”
“I mean, in the bath… I saw and… touched yours, right? I felt bad and wanted to apologize, but when I see your face, I just keep thinking of weird things…”
While reddening her cheeks, Hijiri faintly wetted her eyes and weakly grabbed my sleeve.
“I’m sorry, Shinobu-kun. I apologize for running away…. So please, don’t hate me.”
“No, no. I won’t hate you for something like this and you don’t need to apologize. Weird thoughts apply for you and me. Your body was so pretty that I always think of your— cough.”
Midway noticing my verbal slip, I hastily covered it up with a cough.
But, it wasn’t all too effective. Hijiri turned even redder and cast her eyes down, which made even me embarrassed. I better changed the topic quickly.
Deciding so while scratching my head, I opened my mouth with “Reminds me” after I calmed down.
“have you decided on your future plans yet, Hijiri? For the time being I plan to go to university, but what about you? I guess you’ll join your family business?”
“No, same as you. I plan to go to university.”
“…Is that so?”
Hijiri wanted to changed the exorcist organisation, which treated hybrid devils like Kaorun as tools, by earning achievements as an exorcist. Practically she was working hard for a promise she made with Kaorun in her childhood.
I was aware of that, so I had thought that Hijiri would start working as an exorcist fulltime right after graduation.
So I asked back with surprise, whereupon Hijiri showed a small, wry smile and continued “That said,”.
“I only decided to go to university recently. I actually had planned to take over my family business after graduation. But when I talked with Luna-san over the phone the other day, I became a bit reflective.”
“Yeah. I think you already know, but Luna-san wants to go to university, right? After hearing her out, I also pondered about a lot of things. And I came up with an important aim.”
Changing her tone into a serious one, Hijiri shifted her gaze towards the window of the hallway.
“I need my father’s strength to reach that aim. I don’t know yet if it will go well, so it’s a secret to Kaoru-san until then.”
“A secret to Kaorun? That’s rare. Is it somehow related to her?”
On my question, Hijiri smiled softly and firmly nodded with a “Yeah”.
“I hope Kaoru-san will be happy about it…”
With a faintly excited voice, she sparkled her eyes like a kid.
To be honest, I was curious about Hijiri’s aim. But as it was a secret to Kaorun, I got the feeling it would be bad to hear about it before her. Either way, I had forgot the time chatting.
I ended our chat there regretful, parted with Hijiri and searched for Minami again.
Then I found Minami chatting with the class representative Katagiri-san in front of the classroom.
Instantly, as they noticed me, Katagiri-san smiled suspicious while looking at me and left. Meanwhile Minami showed a friendly smile and waved her hand a bit.
Big eyes that sucked you in and a smooth nose bridge. And two plenty voluminous breasts. Fascinated by these, I slowly approached Minami.
She— Minami Ouka was my childhood friend.
Well that said, I didn’t realize that at first. She had changed, in a good way.
In the past, she had been a timid cry-baby that couldn’t do anything.
But now she didn’t show any signs of that. She had cut her previously waist-long hair, so until a small incident at the sea school, I didn’t know that Minami was my childhood friend Sakura-chan.
That fact made my chest hurt in regret even now.
However, I hid that and called out to Minami in a casual tone.
“Minami, got a minute?”
“Mh? What? Could it be, you came to see me?”
Minami let her big eyes sparkle, which reminded my of a pet dog that wagged it’s tail upon seeing it’s master. I repressed a smile and replied to Minami with a nod.
“Well, in a way, yes.”
“Really? I’m so happy. I’ll give you a hug.”
With her big breasts bouncing up and down, Minami reached out both her hands. But, before she could hug me, I pinned her down with one hand on her head, keeping her movements in check.
Instantly, Minami puffed up her cheeks sulking.
“…Geez, you’re so cold, Shinobu-chan.”
“Sorry, I don’t go for cheap bait.”
“Ch- Cheap!? I’m not a cheap girl!”
No, that wasn’t what I meant, but as I made her angry, Minami coloured her cheeks red.
“If that’s what you think, why don’t you try to seduce me? I’m actually not that easily swayed by!”
With her cheeks still red, Minami blurted out something rather strange.
To be honest, I wasn’t all too enthusiastic to play along, but Minami urged me with “Come on!” in a strong tone, so with no other choice, I spread both my arms and declared gently.
“Come here.”
“Yay, love you, Shinobu-chan!”
…You were swayed by in a second flat.
Regardless of Minami being cheap or not, confronted with such an adorable smile, I was about to be swayed by instead, so I quickly pulled back my body, avoiding Minami’s hug.
—As a matter of fact, even now Minami seemed to be in love with me.
Of course I was happy about these feelings. However, I couldn’t respond to them.
I had properly told Minami about that, but she apparently had no intentions to give up. She often approached me like this and her way of calling me turned from “Nanjou-kun” back to the “Shinobu-chan” from the past.
Well, that aside, I told Minami the original matter.
“Minami, stop screwing around and go to the consolation room already. You’re up next for the interview. Hiiragi-sensei is waiting for you.”
“…There’s a lot I want to say, but I’ll refrain from doing so today. I’ll go there immediately. But before that, I have a favour to ask of you, Shinobu-chan.”
Beginning to talk, Minami changed her tone into a serious one.
“It’s about the sport festival games. The costume borrowing relay is short on one member. Would you pitch in, Shinobu-chan?”
“Let’s see, if you strike a sexy pose for me, I wouldn’t mind consider— wait, hold it! Don’t take off your clothes! I’ll pitch in, so stop it!”
Quickly stopping Minami, I made a sigh and pondered.
The only games I was going to participate in so far were the three-legged race and the two class games, tug of war and relay. As I didn’t cooperate much with the others, taking on one more might be compensating.
Incidentally, the costume borrowing game was, like the ridiculous long name implied, a race where the all the participant borrowed things while wearing costumes. It was game for fun in which all classes partook.
Last year, a shrine maiden, a bunny girl or a nurse in a mini-skirt paraded around the grounds, which was quite a feast for the eyes of the boys.
But instead of costumes, it was more of a cosplay.
However, I then remembered that the boys wore relatively normal costumes like a butler uniform, a kimono or the Shinsengumi uniform.
For some reason, Minami laughed suspiciously, just like Katagiri-san had done before.
“…Hey, are you hiding something?”
When I asked doubtful, Minami, for no apparent reason, raised up her plenty voluminous breasts with her hands, letting them bounce sexily, and said affected.
“Aww, as expected, you noticed. I couldn’t keep my feelings for you from overflowing from my chest, even if I wanted to…!”
“Overflowing from your chest? Are you lactating or what?”
“Ehm, I didn’t mean it like that, but… since you brought it up, want to find out?”
Sweetly smiling, Minami let her breasts bounce even more.
“Come on, I don’t mind if it’s you. Touch them. I’m sure you’ll like it. You can suck them like a baby.”
Every time Minami moved both her hands, her big breasts bended and bounced widely, struggling lewd. While I was captured by these bewitching movements, I wasn’t swayed by this temptation and warned her with a low voice.
“Minami, tell me the truth. What are you scheming? I’ll get angry if you bring a weird costume.”
“Well then, forgive me with this.”
Along with a wink, Minami briefly raised up the edge of her skirt.
My vision fell on her brilliant and beautiful legs, soft and white thighs, as well as a nowhere near enough visible mystery hidden in the back of her skirt.
…As my reason was already cracked from the bouncing breasts, this peak unintentionally made me get the run-around.
“Fufu, I’ll enter you as a participant for the game then, Shinobu-chan.”
Turning around along with a smile, Minami ran away in an escape.
…It might be that I made a deal with the devil.
I couldn’t help but get a bad feeling, whereupon suddenly the door of the classroom opened and Machina showed up while looking around. Probably as she was waiting for me, she made a small smile upon recognizing me.
“Shinobu, your interview is already over?”
“Yeah, without any troubles. And the good news is that Hiiragi-sensei gave me a blown kiss on the way out. That was kind of cute, so why don’t you try it as well, Machina? Of course I don’t mind a kiss on the cheek either.”
Hoping for her usual combination of getting tricked and then retorting, I brought up the matter half-teasingly.
But, Machina graceful rested her hand on my shoulder and against my expectation, she didn’t give me a blown kiss,
“Mm… *kiss*…”
But softly pressed her glamorous light-red lips against my cheek.
“….Huh? Eh? What are you doing?”
“Y- You told me to! Besides, my sister is doing it sometimes as well, so what’s the problem! A- Anyway, c’mon, it’s about time we go for practice!”
While I was dumbfounded, Machina quickly changed the topic to brush it off and took my hand.
…By the way, the practice Machina spoke of was most likely the one for the three-legged race.
It was arranged that I would participate in the three-legged race for the sports festival and my partner for it was Machina.
Maybe spurred on by the other classmates, she was overflowing with motivation and dragged away by her, I headed for the grounds….

After changing into my gym uniform in the changing room, I started to practice for the three-legged race with Machina, but… right now I was hanging over Machina with my head plunged into her breasts. With our bodies completely glued together, I directly felt Machina’s body temperature.
“Mm, Yahn…”
Raising a strangely bewitching voice, Machina said with rough breathing.
“Shinobu… Don’t, move yet… it, h- hurts a bit… Mha…!”
In that moment, I immediately stopped moving along with an apology. It must have been my fault for acting hastily. When I tried to get up, it seemed that I was pulling on her hair.
…However, we couldn’t be any more out of sync.
Tying our feet together with a headband, we started our three-legged practice, but our timing just didn’t match and in the end was just a repetition of tripping. When we were about to fall, I lost my balance from Machina pulling me as she tried to absorb the fall, making me dive into her breasts.
Excited by the sensation of her warm and round breasts, I stood up together with Machina. Then I set myself aside and gave her a piece of advice.
“Listen, Machina. The first step is important for a three-legged race. Left will be first. We’ll start with the left. Those who control the left, control the world. Stand with your elbows close to your body, aim slightly inside, and punch with a drilling motion.”
“Hit! Hit—wait, this isn’t boxing!”
After launching a sharp left jab, Machina gave the usual retort and said displeased.
“…In my opinion, your sometimes weird movements are at fault, Shinobu. Why are you trying to take your distance from me? Keep closer to me.”
No, if I were to do that, your voluminous breasts would press on me. Not only were they softly changing shape on my body, but they also widely bounced on every movement. I would be embarrassed if she heard my raising heartbeat.
As I was hesitant like a girl, tears dwelled up for some reason in Machina’s eyes.
“Wh- Why are you against it! C’mon, twine your arm around my waist and not my shoulder! Hold on tight!”
“R- Roger.”
Ordered with a teary voice, I moved on reflex. I twined my arm around her waist with attitude and grabbed it with light force— or so it should have been.
In my haste, I got a tight hold of Machina’s bottom with one hand.
Her plum bottom was overflowing with elasticity and the feel was outstanding. I inadvertently was about to forget myself on that sensation, when Machina flushed her cheeks and weakly protested.
“…Why are you grabbing my bottom? It feels so good, I can’t concentrate now…”
“It, It feels good? I see. Which does feel better for you, the breasts or the bottom?”
“Eh? I would say my breasts— wait, no! What are you making me say!? Shinobu you pervert! Idiot! Just to tell you, it was really embarrassing!”
“S- Sorry! That was my bad! Something must have been wrong with me!”
Unfortunately, I had carelessly spoken out my monologue.
Turning bright red, Machina drew closer, whereupon I backed off backwards while apologizing, but in my agitation, my foot was caught in something and I collapsed backwards. Trying to pull me to her at close range, Machina lost her balance as well. This time she hung over me.
…Amidst a rather awkward silence, Machina frowned and looked down at me. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but she slowly brought her finely chiselled features closer.
On that occasion, in a position where they were about to touch my chest, her voluminous breasts swayed, exposing a deep cleavage. My gaze was unintentionally drawn there, but while I felt my cheeks tensing up, I looked back into her amber eyes.
“Uhm, be gentle— if I said that, I guess you would get angry?”
On my joking question, Machina freely rested her voluminous breasts on my body… and lightly bit on my neck as a reply.
The sensation of soft lips. The two breasts full of elasticity. The bite didn’t hurt in particular and Machina’s body emitted a sweet fragrance, making me quite excited, but I screamed as a joke.
“Uwaaaah! A BADMakicat appeared! The evolved form of BADNazucat!”
“SO BAD— wait, who are you calling BADMakicat! Like this you’re always teasing and playing with me, having your fun! Reflect a bit on your actions!”
Either due to her build-up grudge or simply due to playing around, Machina somewhat happily bit on me once more. Morever, it didn’t end with that. She repeated her play-biting and kisses.
“*Bite*… *kiss*… Fufu, Shinobu, how does it feel to be played with? Have you properly reflected on your actions?”
“No, not the slightest tiny bit.”
“Geez, that’s not good. If you’re like that, I won’t stop.”
Not noticing my tough act, Machina relaxed her cheeks and resumed her play-biting and of all things,
“Mm… *lick*… *lick*…”
The pink tip of her tongue started to lick my neck.
The smooth tongue numerous times run over my neck like licking a soft ice-cream and every time Machina moved, her soft breasts pressed onto my body. As might be expected, I couldn’t endure this sweet attack and tried to escape of course.
But at that time, it turned into a situation where the tip of Machina’s breasts rubbed on my body.”
“Yahn… Hahn… Hey… Shinbou, don’t… move… Uhn… I‘m, not done… so stay still…”
In the end, my movements were completely sealed by a bewitching voice and being at her mercy, my reasoning started to reach it’s limit… then she was finally satisfied. Machina released me and untied the headband around our feet.
“Shinobu, let’s take a small break.”
“…Sounds good, but I won’t tease you anymore.”
“Ehh!? Wh- Why? I don’t… want that…”
Even though she told me that I should reflect on my actions, Machina got teary eyes now for some reason.
…What a difficult age. But well, I never thought Machina would go so far, even at an isolated place like this. BADMakicat was fearful.
As such thoughts crossed my mind, I suddenly saw the girls from our class coming over from the grounds. Everyone was smiling nicely… and making some kind of ruckus.
A bit wary, I watched their movements, whereupon Katagiri-san and Minami stepped forward as representatives. Then Katagiri-san called out to me with a rather lively voice.
“Nanjou-kun, I just handed in the participation chart of our class for the sports festival at the student council room and it was accepted.”
“…That’s a quite stiff diction and also a quite quick job.”
But what were it’s true meaning? Increasing my wariness, I looked back into Katagiri-san’s eyes, when Minami smiled roguish and continued after her.
“It means that your participation in the costume borrowing relay is set in stone.”
“Well, I don’t really mind, but what are you going to make me wear?”
When I asked just in case, the girls showed a brilliant smile and happily said together.

“—Maid clothes!”

…If I hadn’t heard wrong just now, there was only one thing for me to do.
“*snore, snore*”
“Hey, Nanjou-kun, stop pretending to sleep while standing.”
With her usual composure, Katagiri-san didn’t allow me to escape from reality.
I regrettable rested my hand on Machina’s shoulder and made a single request.
“Machina, before I cross-dress in maid clothes, I would rather dance the snow lake in tights. I don’t want to hurt them, so tell them ‘No way’ from me.”
“No way.”
“…Good, but I wanted you to tell that to the girls, not me.”
This girl did the odious things with an adorable smile.
With a sigh and a cough, I shifted my gaze back and told the girls in a strong tone.
“I’ll make it clear on this occasion. I vowed in my heart to never cross-dress again. Sorry, but you have to give up.”
The instant I declared so clearly,
“Eh, Nanjou-kun, you were so pretty at the culture festival. It’s such a waste”, “I want to see you cross-dressing once more, Nanjou-kun!”, “…I wouldn’t mind dying if I could see Nanjou-kun in a cross-dress.”, “H- Huh? I get the feeling that a boy mixed in…”
as such, everyone raised voices of discontent.
To tell the embarrassing truth, on the previous culture festival the girls of my class with Minami as the leader forced me into a cross-dress, which made me feel rather miserable. In a way, it was a trauma.
Therefore, I covered both my ears to feign ignorance and faced sideways.
Upon that, Katagiri-san lightly glared at me with challenging eyes.
“Learn to read the situation, Nanjou-kun. That’s what people call being dense.”
“…But you’re supposed to read books?”
When I replied so composed, Minami dropped her shoulders with a sigh.
“Shinobu-chan has a tough resolve.”
“As tough as steel.”
“Mhm~ But, Shinobu-chan, what would you do if… you were asked by cute girls with ‘Please’ while jostled around?”
“Then I would consider doing it.”
That said, it was impossible that I would get into such a situation. Thinking so, I made light of it, whereupon Katagiri-san shifted her gaze to the girls and jerked out her chin.
A single order with a snap.
In that moment, the girls pushed Machina, who was next to me, aside in no time and, including Minami, they ruthlessly clung to me, each of them starting to leak a sweet voice saying “Please <3”. Front, back, left, right, from all four sides in a 360° radius, warm and soft bodies, enchanting and sweet fragrances and sexy begging voices drew near. ….Just how many breasts and thighs were pressing onto my body? Quite mentally stained, I allowed myself to show a composed smile. “Fufu, stop it, Ladies. You’ll mess up my hairstyle. Hey, don’t touch my ear. Mh? Who touched my ass just now? Mhh? Where do you think you’re touch--- wait, hold it! Not my clothes! Ah, no! Stop! Someone call the cops, please!” This wasn’t the time to laugh. At this rate, I would be stripped down in a flash. Pushed down by the girls, I desperately resisted. “Stop.” Katagiri-san once more snapped her fingers and everyone ceased their movements. Following, she looked at me with slightly sadistic sparkling eyes and said somewhat happily. “Nanjou-kun, I feel a bit sorry for you, so I’ll give you a choice of costumes. 1, maid clothes. 2, the girl’s school uniform. 3, a Chinese dress. Which will it be?” “…Maid clothes are impossible. Spare me the school uniform as well. And I won’t wear a Chinese dress, even if it kills me. In other words, I don’t want any of them.” When I persisted on my rejection, Katagiri-san shrugged her shoulders wearily. “Girls, looks like Nanjou-kun hadn’t enough yet. I’ll join in as well, so let’s ample teach his body what will happen if he disobeys.” On Katagiri-san’s suggestion, the girls all smiled for some reason and once more jostled me. There I looked at Machina for help, but apparently she couldn’t get past the girls and said “I can’t reach Shinobu!” half crying. Basically, help wasn’t coming. …At this rate, I might be made to put on my birthday suit in front of all the girls. Girls were surprisingly scary. Most likely I could get away if I resisted seriously, but I was rarely asked for favours from my classmates like this. Well, it felt more like they were playing around with me rather than relying on me. But the longer they asked, the less I could betray their expectations… In the end, I reluctantly agreed to cross-dress. But, I still had a lot of regret. Did my bad luck know no limit? Giving the happily chatting girls a sidelong glance, I hugged onto my knees forsaken, when suddenly my shoulder was clapped gently. …How long had he been watching? When I turned around, there stood a boy with cool eyes and luxurious well-arranged features. He was out class’ pervert and my best friend, Asada Kouta. Asada kept his hand rested on my shoulder and softly said comforting. “Nanjou, I’m sure it’s harsh, but give up already. The girls have been planning to make you cross-dress for weeks now. Even the costumes are ready. Whatever you do now will be pointless. So why not enjoy some cross-dressing on this occasion?” Advising me so with a smile, Asada made a thump-up with “Besides,”. “Pictures of you cross-dressing sell dear. Let me make a fortune again.” “Wh- What was that!? I see, you were the one, who spread these pictures of my cross-dressing!” “Yes! That’s right! It was me! Got a problem? If you have, do whatever you want! I’ll even strip naked! I’m serious!” …Uwah, so disgusting. My anger was completely blown away. Well, that must have been the Pervert’s aim. After lowering his head with “Sorry, the girls threatened me, so I couldn’t do anything”, Asada brightly got back on topic. “Nanjou, I’m also doing the costume race, so let’s both give our best.” “Yeah, you’re right. Though I might stay home with a cold on said day.” “How pathetic can you get, Nanjou. I for one, rarely ever catch a cold, you know? After all, the virus gives up after taking one look at me, saying--- Not worth my time.” “…Did a girl tell you the same thing?” “How do you know…” While we enjoyed our chat like that, Katagiri-san faced Asada and said remembering. “Ah, right, Asada-kun. Sorry to interrupt your flirting with Nanjou-kun, but you’ll also cross-dress in the costume race.” “…Eh? Ehh!? A curry from the blue?” “That sounds like a quite new style of weather forecast.” Retorting half-wearily, I sarcastically rested my hand on Asada’s shoulder. “Asada, why not enjoy some cross-dressing on this occasion as well?” “Kuh! It’s frustrating, but you’re right. Aww, okay! For everyone’s sake, I’ll roll up my sleeves. Might as well take it all off. But my socks alone I won’t take off <3” …If I only could be as defiant as him, but it certainly was impossible. I was myself. By no means, I would become a perverted clown. Therefore I secretly made a sigh and returned to the changing room to get my cell phone. Then I decided to get comforted by Luna over the phone… * * * Working on hard in classes and practice for the sports festival at daytime, making an effort on the talisman training at night and training my body at any free time--- after such busy days, I welcomed the holiday. I lay face-up on my bed and absent-minded looked at the ceiling. Last night I endlessly looked through job magazines and the internet with Luna. We had looked for a job for her until late at night, so I lacked sleep today. That said, I was too cautious about the job hunting, like a father worrying for his daughter, so we didn’t settle on a job in the end. …Now that it had come to this, I would try to get Asada to recommend me a part-time job. He had a lot of connections. Without doubt he knew a good job. Remembering about the pervert with a yawn, I considered taking a nap, when my door was lightly knocked and Luna showed up. When she saw me laying on the bed, she asked with a small smile. “Are you taking a nap?” “Yeah, as you can see. You were up late as well yesterday. So why don’t you take a nap for a change too?” I recommended softly, whereupon Luna blushed for some reason and came over. “Uhm, Shinobu-san, could I be a little bit selfish?” “…You want to be even more self-indulgence with that body?” “Y- Yes! My love is selfish!” …Somehow, I got the feeling that I had a bad influence on Luna. I reflected on my actions for just a few seconds. When I shifted my gaze back, Luna timidly opened her mouth. “So, Shinobu-san, could I take a nap together with you?” “Yeah, sure. Come here.” ---Wait, what was I saying in my though act. I noticed my verbal slip now, but it was too late. Luna showed an energetic smile and got onto my bed reserved. That wasn’t good. I casually straightened up my upper body. “Mh? Are you going somewhere, Shinobu-san?” “…I’m going to pick some flowers. Please wait here like a good girl, Luna.” “Yes, I understand.” Nodding with a smile, Luna then clapped her hands with an “Oh right”, as she suddenly remembered something. “Elni-chan often uses my breasts as a pillow, when we sleep together. Would you like to try it as well, Shinobu-san?” “Yay--- No, I mean, I’ll pass since your breasts are so big that I fear I’ll drown in them.” Or rather, if I were to sleep on a breast pillow, my reasoning would be perfectly blown away. For some reason Luna flushed her cheeks. “S- Shinobu-san! I will not pinch you in that strongly! I will be gentle!” She protested with words that gave me weird fantasies, but I replied by shaking my hand and quickly left the room while worrying. How could I get out of this situation? Right now, only my mother was in the house and if I were to take a nap together with Luna, I was worried that I would do something funny to her. I wished we favourable would get a guest now… While such naïve thoughts crossed my mind, the intercom at the front door sounded a DING DONG. Ohh, thank you, unknown visitor. Truly a godsend. I headed to the front door right away and opened the door with a smile… At that time, “---Hands up!” I suddenly had a gun pointed at me. For a moment, my spine froze and I kicked it away on a reflex, then ready for another attack at once, but… my vision fell on a familiar face, so I hastily stopped my movements. In front of the door stood Kaorun in unusual rough casual clothes, Hijiri and Minami wearing a big bag, both likewise in casual clothes. Hijiri together with Kaorun aside, this combination was rare. When I was a bit surprised, the one who had pointed the gun at me, namely Kaorun blinked her eyes in puzzlement. “Uhm, normally one would freeze up when pointed at with a gun, you know? You looked strangely proficient there, Shinobu-sama.” “Actually my dad is Steven Seag*l. I naturally got used to it by getting involved with my dad.” “…Shinobu-sama, excuse me for interrupting your obvious vainglory, but I have another gun, you know?” Smiling suspicious, she reached her hand behind her back and once more pointed a gun at me. “Hands up! Beg for you life! And strip!” “…Why don’t you strip instead?” When I replied so, Minami responded for some reason. She flushed her cheeks and put her hands on her own clothes. “Geez, Shinobu-chan, you’re such a perv.” “No, no, without doubt, you’re the erotic one here.” Inserting a relatively serious retort, I ignored Minami, who puffed up her cheeks, and Kaorun, who still held the gun. Shifting my gaze from them, I asked Hijiri for their advent. “So? What brings you three here? If you’re here for Machina and Nazuna, they’re taking Elni on a walk--- I mean, the three of them are taking a happy stroll together.” “…I see. That’s too bad, but we’re here for you today, Shinobu-kun.” When Hijiri answered with a smile, Minami also nodded in agreement. “Actually we wanted to play around with--- cough. We wanted to play together with you.” Minami made a weird phrasing. I was a bit worried, but for now I invited Hijiri and Minami into the house. And then I called out to Kaorun, who even now was holding the gun, with a wry smile. “Hey, how long do you want to keep that up? Looks stupid.” “…Just now, you made me angry, Shinobu-sama.” Kaorun angrily puckered her lips and without time for me to stop her, she pulled the trigger. Instantly, I broke out in a sweat, but from the gun came a blue flame. Apparently it was a gun-styled lighter. While I made a sigh of relief, Kaorun smiled roguish and lightly tickled me under the chin. “Maybe your heart was also set on fire, Shinobu-sama? What do you say about me using this opportunity to do something perverted for you as an apology?” “Hey, stop saying weird stuff. Hurry up and get inside, the cage--- No, into the living room.” …I just hoped that this perverted maid wouldn’t do anything weird. Albeit a bit worried, I went to the living room together with Hijiri, Minami and Kaorun. Watching Hijiri and Minami happily chatting together with a side-glance, I formed a smile. This is a bit of an old story, but during seaside school a little incident happened, where Minami got to know about Hijiri being an exorcists, so she got scared of her for a short period. …But everything looked alright now. I calmed my heart, whereas Kaorun curiously looked around and tilted her head. “Shinobu-sama, could it be that Luna-sama went out with the other girls as well? I do not see her anywhere…” “Ahh, Luna is in my room. I guess she’s taking a nap right now?” When I replied so, Kaorun frowned for no apparent reason. “…Considering it is Luna-sama, she without doubt is doing something hopeless on your bed while sniffing your scent. I will go and give her a piece of mind.” “You say all that, but you actually just want to see her, right?” “N- N- No! That is not the case! Please do not get any weird misunderstandings!” I must have hit bulls-eye without doubt. Kaorun turned bright red and hastily left the living room. Most likely she went to see Luna. …Mh, I might as well tell Luna that Hijiri and Minami are here. Therefore, I dismissed Hijiri and Minami, then went after Kaorun to my own room. There Kaorun stood in front of my room and opened her mouth with a rather meek expression. “---Kaorun, commence intervention. I’m Gund*m.” “No, no, say what you will, but you’re a pervert.” “…Shinobu-sama, you forgot to add ‘Maid’.” “But you aren’t wearing your maid clothes.” “Please imagine it.” Asking for the impossible. I shrugged my shoulders and replied that it was impossible, but Kaorun didn’t seem all too bothered and opened the door of my room, entering it with quiet, sneaking steps. I also followed her and when I let my gaze wander, I saw Luna’s blouse and skirt neatly folded on the floor near the bed. Her white brassiere was partly visible between them as well, so I hastily averted my gaze. Incidentally, the Luna in question must have changed while waiting for me. Wearing my t-shirt, she slept on my bed while emitting peaceful sleeping sounds. …I would be willing to lend her all the t-shirts she wanted, but what was up with this outfit? As she had taken off her skirt, her long and beautiful legs were generously exposed with her white thighs especially erotic. Her sleeping face itself was innocent, but her body gave off an overflowing allure. …It would have been deadly if I had slept together with her. As I sensed an impeding crises, Kaorun approached Luna and called out to her quietly. “Luna-sama, your friendly neighbourhood angelic Maid is here. Will you play with me?” “..Uhhn… Shinobu-san…” Having some kind of dream, Luna ignored Kaorun and leaked a sweet moan. On the other hand, Kaorun lightly puffed up her cheeks and raised her voice. “Muh! I took all the trouble to come here to play! Yet you give me the cold shoulder with a passionate gaze.” “Okay, I don’t think a sleeping person is possible of that.” I pointed that out, but Kaorun still wasn’t bothered about it and with her cheeks still puffed up, she lay down sideways like Luna, plunging her hands into both Luna’s sides from behind. …What was she doing? I watched the situation with my head tilted, whereas Kaorun rested her chin on Luna’s shoulder and with a bewitching smile, she got a tight hold of Luna’s big breasts. In that instant, “Mmm” Upon Kaorun’s touch, the plenty voluminous breasts slightly changed shape and a hot moan leaked out from Luna’s faintly opened lips. Moreover, when Kaorun increased the strength in her fingers, these fingers slowly sunk into Luna’s soft flesh. Amidst that, Kaorun started to fondle the breasts in a big circular movement and matching with these movements, the breasts changed shape unrestricted. “Yah… Ah, Ahhn… Mm…” Luna, dead asleep, still didn’t wake up. Restlessly having her breasts fondled at Kaorun’s will, after a while the pinnacles of both her breasts started to become pointy. “Fufu, it looks like Luna-sama is not wearing a brassiere. Good grief, these breasts not only ensnare males, but also the same sex.” Giggling, Kaorun used her fingers to gently rub the breasts’ tip, whereupon Luna raised the volume of her voice and writhed seductively. “Mhaa… Ahh… Haaaahn…” Bending her white neck backwards, Luna scowled oppressive, whereas Kaorun poked, once more kneaded and pinched the breasts’ peaks between her thumb and index finger, all while smiling. “Ahh, Yaah, Haahn, Uhn.” Hearing Luna’s response, Kaorun faintly blushed and increased the strength in the fingers she used to pinch the peaks. Then she meddled with the breasts’ peaks to the left and right and the instant she lightly twisted them upwards, “AAAA…AHN!” Luna raised a bewitching voice and stiffened up her body, then greatly bended her spine and faintly convulsed. There Kaorun nodded satisfied. “It seems Luna-sama is sensitive at her breasts. The touch was also impressive. I will keep touching her until she wakes up.” Hey, hey, that certainly wasn’t good. Actually, I inadvertently had ended up watching, totally forgetting to stop her. So I thought it was about time to caution her. “Ahh… Shinobu-san… I am so happy…” But before I could, Luna made her move. She straightened up her upper body, hanging over Kaorun. As she was still half-asleep, she then kiss her neck, ears and cheeks. While Kaorun was perplexed, Luna softly pressed her own light pink-coloured lips on Kaorun’s well-formed lips. “Mmh!? Mm! Mm… Aahn… Hey, Luna-sama! Please stop! You are mistaking me! This is me!” “…Shinobu-san, it is your fault for doing something perverted. After doing all that, even I… cannot hold back anymore…” “Not listening!?” Even though I was standing behind her, Luna perfectly faced her beautiful bottom in my direction, showing off her white panties while rocking her plump bottom during another storm of kisses on Kaorun. “N- No! You cannot! Shinobu-sama, do not just stand there and help me please! I beg of you!” “---Farewell. Regret it in the other world.” “So heartless!?” No, you reap what you sow. I thought it was better that she reflected a bit on her actions. Therefore, I left Kaorun alone. When I made a turnaround and left the room, I could hear Kaorun’s sweet and bewitching voice from behind this time, as the natural erotic big sister did something to her. …Sorry, Kaorun. Until the time comes, I wouldn’t forget about you. At least I would remember until dinner. I once more turned around and made a firm salute. After that I returned to the living room, where Hijiri and Minami were waiting. Upon noticing me, Minami smiled lightly and Hijiri asked softly. “Shinobu-kun, what are Kaoru-san and Luna-san up to?” “They’re sleeping together. In more than one way. It’s for your own safety if you don’t interfere.” “I, I don’t really get it, but I’ll do as you say, as I’m a bit scared…” Hijiri nodded with a vague smile and I sat down on the sofa, opening my mouth with a bright tone. “Now then, since you came all the way here, what should we play?” When I brought that up, Minami raised her hand, as there was something she wanted to do, and pulled out something from the bag that she brought with her. What was it? I curiously shifted my gaze to it and the thing that showed up from the bag was a cute maid uniform with frills. …Just what kind of game did they want to play? Confident that it didn’t bode anything good, I dared to play stupid. “Oh, Minami, you wanna play maid? Reminds me, as a kid you and Nazuna made me tag along with playing house a lot. Okay, I’ll be the master, so one of you become the maid.” “Ah, I want to! As Shinobu-chan’s exclusive maid, I want to work at the Nanjou Household forever!” Minami replied with a bright smile to my quick distraction. Whereas Hijiri showed a wry smile and rebuked Minami reserved. “Uhm, Minami-san? This maid uniform is for Shinobu-kun to cross-dress, you know? I don’t think the size will fit you…” “I, I see. Now that you mention it, that’s right. Playing house seemed just so nostalgic that I ended up going along with it.” Smiling bashful, Minami held out the maid uniform to me with a jerk. “Well then, Shinobu-chan, put this on right now.” “Huh? What’s going on in your head?” “…N- Nothing perverted at all.” No, no, please understand my sarcasm. Minami faintly blushed. Averting my eyes from her, I sought help from Hijiri. “Hijirin, I don’t want to cross-dress even at home. Stop this huge-breasted erotic girl.” “Ehm, my nickname is a bit cute, but you can’t be rude to Minami-san.” I had thought that Hijiri would help me, but instead I was gently admonished. “Actually we wanted to have you wear the uniform at school to check on the size. But then you would become everyone’s toy again, right? So Minami-san came here to prevent that.” “…Oh, is that so.” In other words, I didn’t notice Minami’s consideration and even called her a “huge-breasted erotic girl”. I did something unforgivable. I deeply lowered my head. “Minami, sorry for saying weird stuff. And, thanks. I hate cross-dressing, but if that’s the case, I’ll comply.” “Okay, I’m glad you understand, Shinobu-chan. Also, thank you, Gogyou-san. She may say what she want, but Orangelo-san is actually quite forgiving to Shinobu-chan, so without you, Gogyou-san, it wouldn’t have gone so well. I’m glad I asked you to come along…” Minami smiled softly. Charmed by that expression, I made my resolve right away. ---Or so I planned, but Minami reached into her bag again and the moment I saw what she pulled out then, I was at a loss for words and my earlier words lost all meaning. Both my eyes fell on… a black brassiere. “Shinobu-chan, to be frank, the only flaw with the previous cross-dressing was the size of the breasts. This time we’ll add some pads to increase the size, making it a fantastic body.” Ohh, I might use this occasion to increase my skill of unhooking a bra. Then I would be ready once the time comes. ---There was no way I could be that positive. I operated my brain at full power for a moment to come up with an escape, then I took out my cell phone. Following, I made an air call at once. “---It’s me. What? Elni was caught dine-n-dash!? Okay! I’m coming right away!” There I tried to flee at once with my cell phone in one hand, but “…Shinobu-kun, I don’t think even Elni would go so far as to dine-n-dash. That’s rude towards her.” The escape sadly failed. Hijiri grabbed my arm and continued with a soft “Besides” warning. “Even if you run away here, you’ll eventually face the pinch of getting toyed with at school by wearing a bra. Don’t waste Minami-san’s feelings.” “Right! We’re merely doing this out of good-will! Just to tell you, Gogyou-san and I definitely aren’t thinking anything like how happy we are to have you all for ourselves!” “…Eh? You’re happy to have Shinobu-kun all to yourself with me? Don’t tell me, that was your actual aim, Minami-san?” “Ah.. Ehm, well…” Hastily averting her eyes, Minami was hard pressed for a reply, but sadly enough she became serious right away. “Gogyou-san, I--- already left the past behind me!” “Then, Minami, make the cross-dressing a thing of the past as well.” “That’s impossible, Shinobu-chan.” Rejected with a smile. Quickly approaching me, Minami put her hands on my clothes in no time. “H- Hey, stop! What are you doing! I’ll call for help!” “Fufu, I don’t think anyone will come even if you call. Now get changed. Gogyou-san, help me.” “Y- Yeah. Shinobu-kun, please bear with it. I’ll make sure to be gentle.” “Yep, yep, it’ll be over before you count all the tiles on the ceiling, Shinobu-chan.” Minami and Hijiri formed a team and tried to strip off my clothes, the first erotically, the latter gently. “Stop! Please, let me go! I’ll change on my own…!” “But, you don’t know how to put on a bra, right? So obediently give that sexy body to me. If you resist any further, I’ll do something perverted to you.” “I know it’s embarrassing, but please bear with it, Shinobu-kun. Don’t worry, if it hurts, we’ll stop right away.” “---Liar! Even if you stop, Hijiri, the erotic huge-breasted girl wouldn’t! Anyone is fine, just save me!” Screaming at the top of my voice, I made a ruckus with the two girls, when suddenly the door of the living room was yanked open and my mother came inside with a rough voice. “So noisy! What are you doing here! I’m working, so keep it quie…” My mother had a scolding tone, but once she saw us, she stopped her words and was speechless. Well, understandable. From her point of view, it only looked like her own son being assaulted by two pretty girls. My mother widened her eyes and froze up completely. But, only for a few seconds. Wordlessly pulling out her cell phone, she took a picture with the words “I should send it to my husband”. “Take your time…” Saying so and leaving a vague smile behind, my mother left. We couldn’t utter a single word. Amidst a painfully silence, it was Hijiri, who broke the silence first. “U- Uwaaah! Shinobu-kun’s mother got the wrong idea about me! She surely thinks of me as a perverted girl!” “Ehh!? That pretty lady wasn’t Shinobu-chan’s older sister, but his mother? Wh- What now? She surely thinks of me as a perverted girl as well!” Colouring their cheeks bright red, Hijiri and Minami got teary eyes. I gently declared to the two of them. “Don’t worry, you two. It’s alright. You she didn’t get the wrong idea or anything. You two are quite erotic. Even if you try to hide it, in time anyone will find out.” I wanted to get my revenge at all costs, but I should have refrained after all. Hijiri and Minami glared at me fiercely with her teary eyes and showed me hell afterwards… * * * The sun was strangely bright. Maybe due to the skirt I felt rather chilly. Aww, at night there wouldn’t have been so many pedestrians… ---Afterwards, Hijiri and Minami had perfectly given me make-up and forced a dress rehearsal of the maid uniform onto me. While they were at it, they also made me wear the girl’s school uniform, which Minami brought with her. As a result, the usual though guy had perfectly turned into a high school girl. Furthermore Hijiri and Minami took me outside, saying something about giving me courage or erasing the shame. Of course I was against it. I would definitely looked at strangely. I would be mistaken for a pervert. Was what I thought, but everyone that passed by so far, be it male or female, flushed it’s cheek charmed as soon as looking my way. …Surely it must be because Hijiri and Minami were so pretty. As such I attempted an escape from reality, whereas Minami faced me and said with a lively voice. “Going out like this, feels like a date, doesn’t it? Gogyou-san and me, two beautiful girls in each of your arms. Makes you also happy, doesn’t it, Shinobu-chan?” “Yeah, so happy that I’m crying…” When I replied with partly sarcasm, Hijiri suddenly made a move with a smile. For no apparent reason, she pulled out a dog-ear hair band from Minami’s bag and placed it onto my head without hesitation. Then she faintly blushed. “…The heck are you doing?” “You’re so cute, Shinbou-kun. Woof, woof.” Not answering my question, Hijiri started to pet my head in a dreamy state of mind. Wow, this girl really pulled of some cruel stuff with an innocent smile. Sadly enough, it made me unable to reprimand her. I made a small sigh and pulled out a handkerchief, wiping off the displeasing sweat from my forehead while timidly calling out to Minami and Hijiri. “Hey, can we go home now? It’s enough, isn’t it? I’m actually quite nervous here. Though I doubt you get it…” “Ehm, Shinobu-chan, I’m unexpectedly understanding, you know?” “Woof, woof.” “…Hey, one of you forgot how to speak. Wouldn’t it be better to quickly care for her at home?” Hijiri let her eyes be smitten with ecstasy and was still in a dreamy state of mind even now. While I knew it was rude, I pointed my finger at her and once more suggested to go home. However, Minami didn’t seem to care and clung to my arm with a smile. “Shinobu-chan, Gogyou-san will be fine. This is a rare chance, so let’s enjoy the date.” “Woof, woof--- no, wait! Minami-san! Linking arms, that’s, not fair. You’re clinging to him a bit too much…” “Eh, but it’s more fun that way? Besides, this much still falls under physical contact between friends. Shinobu-chan isn’t angry either, right?” “…Physical contact. I see. So it’s okay to do that even as friends…” Influenced by Minami, Hijiri flushed her cheeks. Then she reservedly took my other arm and pressed her voluminous and elastic swellings against it. …I would surely be happy if I weren’t cross-dressing. But I wanted to return home already. In a way, I was home-sick. Remembering the smiling face of Luna, who was either waiting for my return or still sleeping, I once more tried to escape reality. Amidst that, we approached a nearby convenience store and Hijiri and Minami went inside to buy some drinks. On the other hand, I demanded to wait outside. After these two completely disappeared from my vision, I used the change to escape--- or at least tried to, but suddenly a young girl raised her voice. “Mommy, that girl is a doggy.” “Yes, that’s right. A doggy.” “Woof, woof. Woof, woof.” For whatever reason, the girl greatly waved her hand towards me with an innocent smile. I felt bad for ignoring her. So I put my escape on hold for now. I waved my hand back at her and like that I watched mother and daughter leave, whereupon… worst of all, a familiar face approached from the front. Emitting a warm and snug aura from her body, it was the girl with well-ordered features like a doll, Sakurai Mizuki-chan. She was Nazuna’s best friend and her nickname was Miichan. And the girl standing besides Miichan was Segawa Tamaki. A senior at Miichan’s school and her friend. She also had a grave father complex. Moreover, she was a strange girl that urged me with “Let’s be sexfriends”. The moment their eyes met with mine, they both tilted their heads. Following, she circled me while looking at my face, then Miichan clapped her hands with a smile. “Could it be, you’re Shinobu-oniisan?” “No, I’m not. I’m Nanjou Tomoe. Shinobu’s mother. I look quite young, so today I tried to wear a school uniform to look if I pass off. Thanks for always taking care of Shinobu.” “Uhm, Shinobu-oniisan? Why are you trying to hide it? Certainly you resemble Tomoe-san and are quite pretty, but your aura and voice are different.” “J- Just your imagination. Shinobu hasn’t such fantastic breasts, does he? So please don’t get the wrong idea.” If Miichan, who adored me, were to get the wrong idea of me liking to cross-dress and even come to discriminate me, then I would have no choice but to cry in Luna’s arms. I desperately tried to disguise my voice. But Miichan smiled troubled and Tamaki, who had stayed silent so far, puffed up her for a 9th grader well-developed chest up confidently and pointed at me sharply. “Even if you cross-dress this perfect, though it nearly makes me drool, I can tell, . Without doubt, you’re Shinobu-san. ---I can tell by your scent!” “…Huh? Scent? Are you stupid?” “I, I’m not stupid! I just have a good noise! And this lady-killer scent is without doubt yours, Shinobu-san! Besides, your breasts are just fakes!” Before she finished her sentence, Tamaki grabbed my breasts in no time. “See, fake after all. But, you dressed like this, ehehe…” Tamaki smiled happily even on the fake breasts. I presented the sharp-noised Tamaki the dog-ear hairband that was on my head. “Oh, cool. With this thing, I’m sure the girls will flock over you.” “…I’m not all that popular with girls. Only boys approach me…” After replying so with a rather bitter expression, Tamaki passed the dog-ears onto Miichan and showed a sparkling smile with “Could it be”. “Because I said I wanted to go on a date with you, you purposefully cross-dressed for a date with me, Shinobu-san?” “Nope.” I shook my head with a serious expression. “I’m only dressed like this because I earned the anger of the sullen pervert and the erotic girl. They said they came over to play, but put me in hell instead, all for the sake of making me cross-dress.” I gave up on deceiving them and explained, whereupon Miichan somehow got the gist of things and showed a wry smile. “Shinobu-oniisan, you were tricked.” “No, I let them trick me. Betrayal is like an accessory to women. If you concern yourself with every trivial matter, you can’t love a woman.” “So cool! One day I want to score with such a cool phrase as well!” As she didn’t notice my great boasting, Tamaki sent me something like a respectful glaze. It was a bit cute. For now I gently petted her head, whereupon Minami with a convenience bag in her hand and Hijiri came out of the store. Once they saw us, they looked each other in the face and Minami tilted her head puzzled. “Ehm, are these girls, your friends, Shinobu-chan?” “Yeah, the cute girl here is Miichan, Nazuna’s friend. And this pretty girl here is tamaKing, Miichan’s senior and friend.” “…Uhm, I’m not ‘tamaKing’, but Tamaki… Well, if you insist, I don’t mind, Shinobu-san.” No, do mind it. Retort properly. While I was bewildered by Tamaki’s unexpected reaction, Hijiri placed her index finger against her cheek and mumbled remembering. “Reminds me, this girl, Miichan was on a date with Shinobu-kun before…” …Yeah, that certainly happened. Previously, Tamaki sought a relationship with Miichan. To make Tamaki give up, I played Miichan’s boyfriend on her request. At that time, Hijiri unluckily showed up and believed that I was going out with Miichan… well, stuff happened, and now that misunderstanding was resolved. But, upon hearing the word “date” just now, Minami’s expression stiffened up a bit. “…So what’s your relationship with these girls, Shinobu-chan?” Before I could answer “Friends” to her question, Miichan responded. “I am a candidate for Shinobu-oniisan’s lover.” “I think I’m Shinobu-san’s sexfriend, but I don’t mind being a candidate for his lover either! Same question from me, what are you to Shinobu-san, ladies?” There Tamaki filled her eyes slightly with hostility, whereas Minami puffed up her big chest and Hijiri blushed while they each replied. “I’m a childhood friend, classmate and more than a friend, but less than a lover to Shinobu-chan! And also a candidate for his lover like you two!” “I, I’m also a candi--- I’m Shinobu-kun’s fiancée!” Minami said with a loud voice, whereas Hijiri changed her sentence midway. Hearing their answers, Miichan and Tamaki widened her eyes together. …But seeing Hijiri and Minami’s reaction, it seemed that they knew about Hijiri being my fiancée and Minami being my childhood friend respectively. It could be that they talked to each other about it. I got the feeling that after the seaside school Hijiri and Minami got a bit closer. As such I was averted my gaze from the current situation while apparently between these four girls invisible sparks took flight and this time Tamaki filled her eyes with real hostility. “Just to tell you, Shinobu-san will only go out with a capable girl. That’s why I worked hard on learning how to cook. I surely will make a great wife!” “Fufuhn, I have been cooking since I was a kid, so I excel at it. And I’m currently learning how to please a man. I’ll make a good spouse!” When Minami showed an erotic smile in response, Hijiri also mumbled “I, I’m also learning…” with a small voice, but no one heard her. Miichan took Tamaki and Minami’s arms as to judge. “---Spouse sounds kind of perverted.” With that weird comment, she raised Minami’s hand, declaring her as the winner. Instantly, Tamaki puffed up her cheeks and shouted undauntedly. “I’m also learning! The other day, I managed to tie a cheery twig with my tongue! I must be good at kissing!” “Too naïve! I can tie a cheery twig twice! Looks like I’m better at kissing!” While Minami once more competed with Tamaki, Hijiri said “…I can’t tie it at all…” in a depressed state, but she was ignored after all. On the other hand, Miichan approached me with a smile, took my hand for no apparent reason and placed a kiss on top of it. “How is it, Shinobu-oniisan? Am I a good kisser?” “…You surprisingly are.” To be honest, it was more adorable than erotic. And it rather felt like my heart was soothed instead of skipping a beat, but oh well. I took Miichan’s arm and made her the winner. Upon that, Tamaki turned her cheeks bright red and raised her voice. “The other day, a friend taught me how to service a guy with my breasts! I can do even something like that! I’m sure Shinobu-san would be pleased!” “M- My breasts are also bigger than yours! Without doubt, I can pleasure Shinobu-chan better with my breasts! Isn’t that so, Shinobu-chan!” There Tamaki and Minami shifted their gazes towards me. “---Whose breasts do you prefer!?” Saying so together, they asked something unbelievable. In regards, I decided to cast it aside and answered half-hearted. “I prefer sensitive breasts.” “---Then check by touching them!” “Do you guys know no shame?” With red cheeks, Tamaki and Minami once again released a voice in harmony. When I fiercely retorted to them, Hijiri pulled reserved on my sleeve. “Sh- Shinobu-kun, it was way back, but do you remember how we all played the King’s game in the karaoke box? Back then, you and Kaoru-san touched my breasts and, well, it felt really good, so I believe my breasts are quite sensitive…” While turning bright red up to her ears, Hijiri tried her best to appeal. In that moment, the earlier discord vanished. Tamaki and Minami teamed up and started to attack Hijiri. “She’s a sullen pervert! Actually she wants to get intimate, but she keeps playing cool with her pretty face. That’s not fair!” “That’s right, Gogyou-san! Hogging all the sweet stuff for yourself is against the rules! Constrain yourself a bit!” “Wh- Why are you only getting angry at me? You two also made all kinds of approaches! I don’t want to fall behind either!” With that, the three pretty girls made a ruckus with loud voices regardless of being in front of the convenience store. There I took my distance from them together with Miichan, who was relatively composed. “…Somehow, it really got out of hand.” “Well, in time they’ll calm down. That aside, Miichan, what are you up to today? A date with Tamaki?” “No, not really. I believe you already know it, Shinobu-oniisan, but Nazuna-chan was chosen to be the karate club captain. So I thought I should give her something in celebration and asked Senpai to help me choose a present.” “Hee, Nazuna is gonna be happy…” Suddenly imagining Nazuna’s smile, I became all soft and comfortable, “I, I even took a bath together with Shinobu-kun before! He told me, well, that I’m pretty!” “Aww! You’re playing unfair after all! I also want to take a bath together with him! Geez, you’re pretty, but also so perverted!” “Right! Gogyou-san, you pervert! What do you mean you took a bath together! Did you see all kind of places of Shinobu-chan!? You saw, didn’t you!” but Hijiri, Tamami and Hijiri perfectly broke my peaceful atmosphere. I certainly started to get weary, whereupon Minami and Tamaki drew closer to Hijiri and then dropped the volume of their voices. “…Hey, Gogyou-san, how was Shinobu-chan naked?” “I, I’m kinda getting excited. I don’t have any interests in boys, but I want to know about Shinobu-san. If you can say it here, could I ask you to write me a detailed mail about it?” “That’s, well, Auh…” Turning bright red, Hijiri chewed on her words. I truly considered her behaviour as cute, but it wouldn‘t be wise to leave it alone like this. Miichan, who listened to their conversation, also turned as red as Hijiri. I leaked a small sigh and approached the girls… Afterwards, I somehow managed to stop them, then it was time for us to go our separate ways and Tamaki and Miichan lightly waved their hands towards me. “I’m going this way, so good-bye, Shinobu-san. Call me when you cross-dress again.” “Good-bye, Shinobu-oniisan.” While smiling, they suddenly shifted their gaze towards Hijiri and Minami and somewhat frowned. “I won’t lose, even if you’re older.” “Just like she said. I believe younger girls have their own charm. Probably…” Leaving these words behinds, Tamaki and Miichan left on cordial terms. On the other hand, Hijiri and Minami looked at me, saying with a bit pouting tone. “…You sure are popular with younger girls as well, Shinobu-kun.” “I didn’t know at all. You’re such a lady-killer, Shinobu-chan.” “Fufu, I’m so sinful.” I tried to bluff it out with a light joke, but it made the two of them pinch my cheeks. Well, like that we continued to walk around the city a bit longer, but apparently Minami had an appointment later on. Midway she regretfully waved a “See you” with her hand. Therefore Hijiri and returned to the house with just the two of us and the moment I opened the front door, “W- Welcome home…” Luna, as she had woken up, welcomed us with a nervous expression and wearing maid clothes. For some reason she blushed and continued timidly. “Master, will you use my breasts? My bottom? Or my mouth?” “Breasts, please.” I carelessly chose my foremost desire on reflex, whereupon Luna turned even redder and replied. “…Are you sure about just the breasts?” W- Was there still something else? Inadvertently I became excited while Hijiri turned bright red with “T- Too bold!”. Luna turned around, looking behind her. “Ehm, Kaoru-san, was this alright?” “…I had meant it as a little joke and would have never imagined that you would really do it. And notably not with such destructive power. I must be careful what I say to you, Luna-sama.” Following Luna’s gaze, there stood Kaorun and judging from the context of their conversation, Kaorun had given Luna some strange ideas. By the way, the Kaorun in question smiled roguish and approached me, asking purposefully. “Well, Hijiri-chan aside, who is this pretty lady here?” “…Hey, don’t ask such an obvious question at this point. It’s me. The unparalleled Rock’n Roller, Shinobu-san.” “Eh… No way!? You are Shinobu-sama!? I cannot believe it! Actually, you are Madonna, are you not? It is really questionable! The Shinobu-sama I know would say something cool in this situation! Therefore, if you would be so kind.” Obviously surprised, Kaorun held up an imaginary microphone for whatever reason. On the other hand, I combed back my wig hair and tried to reply like a frantic woman. “---There are only two kind of great women. A woman, who knows everything, or a woman, who knows nothing. As to what kind I am… Fufu, want to find out?” “…What are you blabbering?” “I’m gonna smack you!” Kaorun looked at me with quite cold eyes, so I retorted with a rough voice, even though I knew it was a joke. But, Kaorun wasn’t bothered by it and shifted her gaze from me to Luna. “But I must say, I am impressed that you could tell that it is Shinobu-sama right away, Luna-sama. To be honest, I was not sure at the beginning. How could you tell so quickly, Luna-sama?” “Because of his scent.” “…Wow.” Luna showed a bright smile, so I also gave back a smile. I got the feeling that there was another girl, who said the same thing before, but whatever. After lightly patting Luna’s head, I wanted to get changed quickly and moved to the living room. There, back from their stroll, were Machina, Elni and Nazuna and as soon as they saw me, they tilted their head. Machina opened her mouth doubtful. “…Have we met somewhere before?” “No, I already forgot about the past.” “Mhh? This voice, these rocking eyes… Brother? That means, you turned into a girl, Brother!?” “No, Nazucat, you’re wrong. He didn’t become a girl, but a woman.” “He’s even more sexy than me!” On Elni’s words, Nazuna widened her eyes. I didn’t really want them to get the wrong idea as well… Leaking a small sigh, I decided to explain it to them. “The reason I’m dressed up like this is because of Hijiri, Minami… and my friends at school. I was forced to cross-dress at the sports festival, so they checked up on the size.” “…Eh? Brother, you’re going to cross-dress at the sports festival? Why?” “Ask Machina for the details.” There I ended the conversation, took my change of clothes and the moment I got back to my room--- I inadvertently was at a loss for words. I had casually looked around and off all things, black panties lay on my bed. …I- If I remembered correctly, Luna wore white ones today. I had confirmed that when she kissed Kaorun half-asleep. In that case, these black panties belonged to Kaorun? While my heartbeat naturally accelerated, the door suddenly yanked open and Kaorun came into the room, where she immediately headed for the bed. She snatched away the panties with somewhat red cheeks… I opened my mouth timidly. “Uh- Uhm, just to be sure, just what did Luna do to you?” “…Something that I cannot speak out. However, I came to quite like Queen Luna.” “That’s nothing new--- Mhh? Wait a sec, Queen?” I got the feeling that an unbelievable word had left Kaorun’s mouth, but… I was scared, so I didn’t pursue the matter further. There Kaorun, with her cheeks still red, beckoned lightly from atop the bed. What? The moment I approached with my head tilted, Kaorun grabbed my arm strongly and pulled me forcefully onto the bed. Moreover, she pushed me down in no time and without time for me to resist, she took a mounted position for some reason. …Mh? What? What was going on? Kaorun firmly pinched my body between her knees, keeping it fixated. Like this, I couldn’t straighten up my upper body. Needless to say, I couldn’t escape either. While I was perfectly bewildered, Kaorun declared with a bewitching smile. “Shinobu-sama, I will throughout answer your previous question now.” “…My question? What do you mean?” “Have you forgotten already? You asked me about what Luna-sama did to me. As I cannot speak it out what Luna-sama did, I will tell you with my body.” Saying so with a long breath, Kaorun reached out her hands for the female school uniform that I wore, slowly unbuttoning the top. …Could it be, right now, I was being assaulted? “Uhm, Kaoru-san? I might dress like this, but I’m not a girl.” “Ufufu, you look rather flustered. I will tell you on this occasion, I prefer by far a male like you, Shinobu-sama, over a female.” Trailing over my chest with her tender fingertips, Kaorun tried to strip off my clothes again. In regards, I shouted in a loud voice. “S- Someone! Here’s a perverted maid! No, rather a sluttish maid! Help me!” “…Shinobu-sama, if you make a ruckus like that, I will have to seal your mouth with my lips? My lips as a zipper for your mouth. As an extra, I will also put my tongue in.” “Stop! Forgive me! Just what did I do! So embarrassing, stop it!” “Th- That is kind of cute. My heart skipped a beat. And while you claim it is embarrassing, it became already all naughty here.” “No, no! Nothing happened yet!” “…Yet? Fufu, then you are going to get naughty from now on? I am looking forward to that. I will service you plentiful.” Sh- She might be a real threat. If I wasn’t careful, I would get swayed by. An unprecedented crisis. I desperately mustered all my reasoning, when then the door opened in a godsend and Hijiri peeked inside doubtful. “Somehow, I heard you scream, Shinobu-kun, what’s u…” Midway in her sentence, she noticed my distress. Hijiri widened her eyes and raised an usual voice. “Wh- Wha- Wha- What are you doing, Kaoru-san!” “…Can you not tell by looking? I am seducing Shinobu-sama. Please do not mind.” “No! I do mind! And I don’t think that counts as seduction! You’re just assaulting him! Please stop it! That’s already a perfect crime!” Making a remarkable flustered commotion, Hijiri tried to pull Kaorun away from me. On the other hand, Kaorun puffed up her cheeks for some reason and clung to me, not letting go. Upon that, a short quarrel arose, then Hijiri let go off Kaorun, not knowing what to do. “Lately, you’re a bit weird, Kaoru-san? The other day you played a prank by sneaking into Shinobu-kun’s bed and even now you’re troubling him. The usual Kaoru-san wouldn’t do that. How did you become so weird?” “…The weird one is you, Hijiri-chan.” Suddenly Kaorun leaked an obstinate voice… the atmosphere got a bit heavy. “Talking to the Master in secret, forbidding even the Mistress and the young master to speak… The matter of going to university or that a new maid is coming to the house, you never said anything about that to me.” Tightly biting her lips, Kaorun increased the strength in her arms that embraced me a bit. “The usual Hijiri-chan would tell me right away. Yet, why did you not tell me anything about it?” “That’s…” Weakly lowering the ends of her eyebrows, Hijiri was at a loss for words. “So it really is something you cannot talk about with me.” Kaorun trembled her voice, but showed a gentle smile for a moment. “…It is okay…”, she leaked weak words. Most likely this too weak voice didn’t reach Hijiri. Hijiri searched for words to say to her and amidst that, Kaorun suddenly got away from me and kind of forced herself to… crack an usual joke. “I am angry! I am going to vent my anger on the Master and young master now! Farewell!” “Ah, wait, Kaoru-san!” Kaorun sprinted out of the room with attitude, whereupon Hijiri chased after her right away and soon after I also followed. But, while Kaorun and Hijiri ran out of the front door, I was suddenly grabbed by the nape of my neck, which compulsory stopped my movements. Who was it at a time like this? When I turned around with a click of my tongue, my vision fell on my mother, frowning for some reason. “…Hey, what are you doing? I’m in a hurry right now. So let me go already.” “I don’t really mind, but why don’t you look into a mirror first? Where do you plan to go half-naked with your brassiere showing? You want to get arrested?” She pointed out with a sigh and I looked down, whereupon I saw my messed up outfit from Kaorun’s earlier attempt to strip me. A cross-dresser and exhibitionist. Not funny. Unable to endure it, I shouted. “That’s why I hate cross-dressing!” It made me unable to do anything at this crucial time. At my wit’s end, I fixed my attire and quickly got outside, looking for Hijiri and Kaorun. However, in the end I couldn’t find them and even when I tried to call them on the cell phone, neither of them picked up and I returned home with my shoulders dropped. …No other choice, but to try calling them again later. Finishing dinner a bit worried, I took an early bath and returned to my room with my cell phone in one hand, whereupon I suddenly spotted a familiar big travel bag. “*snore, snore*” And I saw Kaorun, carefree sleeping on my bed. “…The heck are you doing?” Approaching wearily, I slapped her cheeks, whereupon Kaorun slowly opened her eyes, as she was just pretending to sleep, and answered my question with a smile. “This may come sudden, but I am going to stay here. After threat--- No, after convincing the Master, I got a small vacation, so I will be staying at the Nanjou household for a little while. While you were in the bath, Shinobu-sama, I properly got the permission from Tomoe-sama, so there is no problem in particular…” “…Well, I don’t mind you staying over, but did you properly tell Hijiri about it? Don’t tell me that you came over because you had a fight with her?” “We did not… have a fight. I am sure, this is for Hijiri-chan’s sake..” After saying so quietly and isolated, Kaorun returned her expression to a smile and erotically changed the topic. “During my stay, I will plentiful service you as your maid, Shinobu-sama.” “…Seems like you would only do weird stuff, so please stop it.” “*Bite*….*lick*…*suck*…” “Hey, listen to me! Don’t playbite, lick and suck my ear right after I told you not to. Stop it! Don’t do anything weird while you stay here!” “I will try my utmost.” “No, same goes for you, don’t try, but do it, Miss perverted maid.” After retorting with attitude, I made a small sigh…

Chapter 03: Clumsy Expression of Affection

…During my doze, my body was lightly shaken and my vague consciousness awakened.
“Please wake up already. Come on, it is a pleasant morning.”
Certainly, the soft morning light I felt on my cheek was pleasant.
However, yesterday a lot happened like me being made to cross-dress or Kaorun coming over, which I had to explain to the other girls, so I was tired. Besides, I wanted to laze around on a Sunday morning at least.
Therefore, I pulled the blanket over my head with my eyes still closed.
Upon that, I could hear a slightly troubled voice right away.
“Geez, that will not do. If you are like that, I will shake you some more, you know? Are you okay with that?”
When I replied with silence to that soft call, “…Then I will start now, okay?” after that reminder, my body was softly shaken, like she had said.
The one, who waked me up so gently, was without doubt Luna.
So soothing in the morning already. But, it was time for me to get up.
I felt regretful, when suddenly a sad mumbling sounded isolated in my ears.
“…At this rate, I cannot give you a morning kiss.”
Instantly, I pulled the blanket from my face with attitude.
“G- Good grief, you’re such a spoiled blonde big sister. Just to tell you, I’m not getting up, because I was tempted by your words just now— wait, WAAAH!”
Inadvertently releasing a surprised voice from my own mouth, I jumped up backwards.
Before my eyes wasn’t Luna… but Kaorun in maid clothes.
She must have imitated Luna’s voice. It was quite accurate, so I didn’t notice at all. I was perfectly surprised, whereas Kaorun frowned slightly displeased.
“Muh, here I specially came to wake you up gently, yet you give me this treatment?”
“No, no, right back at you, what are you imitating Luna for so early in the morning?”
Kaorun replied to the flustered me, as I didn’t hide my confusion, with her usual inexpressiveness.
“I merely did my best to give you a refreshing morning, Shinobu-sama. I do not think there is anything wrong with it?”
“…Well, it’s not wrong how you woke me up, but your character is wrong.”
“What are you talking about? I am actually the soothing type, just like Luna-sama. Though I do admit that I kind of have the tendencies of a breaking ball…”
“Yeah, just that it broke so much that you’re not longer the soothing type, but the lascivious type. The term sluttish maid suits you perfect.”
“H- How rude. If that is what you think, I will really use a perverted way to wake you up next time, you know? I do not think you would get all that angry, so I will make you feel good plentiful.”
“…My bad. That’s embarrassing, so please spare me.”
I might dig my own grave with my inapt joke. I properly apologized to Kaorun, suppressed a yawn and asked her.
“That aside, what’s up? You need something?”
“Yes. Actually, well…”
Midway in her sentence Kaorun blushed for some reason and continued while stroking her stomach.
“…I am expecting <3” “Ah, expecting me for breakfast? Okay, I’m coming right away.” When I completely brushed it off, Kaorun puffed up her cheeks a bit. However, soon enough she regained her spirits, as she flushed her cheeks once more and this time pulled on my sleeve reserved. “Also, Shinobu-sama, today I am… not wearing any today.” “Ohh, right, you’re not wearing any socks. Your angles are pretty.” “…Thank you very much for your half-hearted praise. That said, I believe there is something wrong with you as a boy your age, seeing as you have such high skills in brushing off these things.” Nah, I just naturally had learned it from Hijiri’s continuous seductions. While I replied so in my heart, I changed the topic along with a smile. “Thanks for waking me up. Sorry, but go on ahead. I’ll change now.” “Let me help you with that as well.” “Not needed. You’re excused, Miss Maid.” “Oh no, please do not be so reserved. Dressing her Master is just another duty of a maid. I have nothing but perverted thoughts on it. So rest assured and entrust your body to me.” “…Hey, you just spilled your true intention. Besides, I’m afraid I’m not your Master. Stop joking around and get out already.” “You are so cold…” Mumbling somewhat sadly, Kaorun obediently left the room. By the way, I kept it a secret that I quite enjoyed our conversation just now… After changing, I showed up in the dining kitchen, where Machina, Elni and Nazuna were. Kaorun and my mother were also there. Everyone sat at the table together and each of them, Machina looking a bit sleepy, Elni and Nazuna smiling and my mother with the newspaper in one hand, gave me a morning greeting. But, on a rare occasion, Luna wasn’t here this morning. While returning the greeting, I asked them, since I found it to be strange. “Hey, where’s Luna? Is she still sleeping?” When I asked so, Kaorun answered while smiling a bit. “Luna-sama should wake up soon. Truth be told, I snuck into her room this morning and put off the time of her alarm clock. Then I played a prank--- no, I mean, I then made breakfast instead of Luna-sama. Please praise me.” “…Somehow, I get the feeling there where some weird words I shouldn’t ignore, but oh well. I want Luna to laze around on a Sunday at least as well…” While saying so, I also sat down at the table and looked at the breakfast that Kaorun made. Snow-white rice that steamed faintly and clam miso soup. A fresh coloured salad and minced Vienna sausages. The scent of the fish main dish really stirred up my appetite. Amidst that, hasty footsteps sounded from the hallway and Luna came leaping into the dining kitchen with attitude. Instantly, everyone, except Kaorun, widened their eyes together upon seeing Luna. For some reason, Luna was wearing a white/black cow-pattern swimsuit. Moreover, she wore a cow-ear hairband on her head and a yellow cowbell around her neck, which brought about an indescribable sex appeal. Furthermore, the size of the swimsuit only seemed to not fit around her breasts, so her plenty voluminous breasts filled out the triangle-shaped bikini-top to the limit with her soft underboobs spilling out. Regardless of this state, Luna wasn’t aware of her own attire, as she lowered her head in a flustered state. “I am sorry! I overslept! I will prepare breakfast right away….wait, huh? It, is already done…” “Y- Yeah. Kaorun made it.” “Ah, is that so. Thank you, Kaoru-san.” Luna smile softly, while we others stared at Kaorun, whereupon she averted her eyes with “Ehm, well…” and clapped her hands to distract. “O- Oh right, Shinobu-sama! This is a good chance, so how about you get some experience on milking by using Luna-sama’s breasts?” “Okay, I’m itching to--- not! You’re the one who made her wear that anyway! You said something about a prank earlier! Geez, the heck are you doing!” Temporarily stopping my words, I then shouted with a loud voice. “Thank you, Kaorun--- wait, no! Someone hurry and get a video camera--- wait, no! What am I supposed to say…” Actually I had meant to reprimand her properly. However I was quite happy at heart, so only my true intentions spilled out of my mouth, whereas Luna tilted her head lightly. “Uhm, Shinobu-san, Kaoru-san, what are you talking about?” “R- Right. You still seem half-asleep, so go take a look in the mirror for a bit. It’ll wake you up without doubt.” “Okay…” As she really was absent-minded after just getting up, Luna gave a dispirited reply and left the dining kitchen. Then she surely looked in a mirror like I had told her. Right way I could hear an embarrassing scream saying “Wh- What is with this outfit!?”. Instantly, Machina lightly glared at Kaorun a bit angry. “Hey, Kaoru, why did you do that to my sister?” “That is, well, Luna-sama was sleeping in her underwear and she seemed to be surprisingly hard to wake up, so I believed that it would make Shinobu-sama happy…and gave in to the temptation.” Kaorun sorrily squeezed herself, to which Elni interjected with a follow up. “Machina, Luna wouldn’t get angry over something like that, so what’s the harm. Besides, there are people who play pranks on someone they like, because they want attention. I’m sure it was Kaorun’s way of fawning on her.” “…Reminds me, Kaoru often plays pranks on Hijiri and Shinobu. In other words, Kaoru likes my sister?” 08_159
Machina blinked her eyes in surprise, whereupon Kaorun turned bright red in a twinkle and stood up, clearly turning away the topic.
“I, I will go apologize to Luna-sama, so excuse me. Also, Elni-sama, I am sorry for interrupting your intense staring at my fish, but please do not eat it on your own accord.”
“Yeah, I’ll leave half.”
“No, no. Like I said, I do not want you to eat it at all…”
“Just kidding. But I’m hungry, so come back soon. Also, Kaorun, you can play pranks on me as well, you know? I like you.”
“…Somehow, I get the feeling that I cannot match you, Elni-sama.”
Leaking these words isolated, Kaorun left the dining kitchen behind her with her cheeks still red.
After watching her leave, Machina then pulled on Elni’s sleeve timidly.
“Hey Elni, Shinobu also teases me a lot, but does it have the same meaning as with Kaoru?”
“Mh? Isn’t Shinobu just teasing you, because you’re cute?”
…Apparently my feelings were exposed to everyone, but Machina. On Elni’s words, both Nazuna and my mother nodded greatly in agreement.
On the other hand, Machina smiled while facing sideways and said by turning bright red.
“…Shinobu, you can tease me some more from now on.”
“I, I see. Okay, then I’ll snatch your side-dish right away.”
“Really? What do you want? Pick whatever you like. Just take it.”
Well, I had said it to hide my embarrassment, so if she gave me such a bright smile, I was a bit troubled on how to react…
To be honest, I was quite perplexed and after some worrying in my heart, I decided to take a single piece of lettuce.

After not even a few minutes, Luna and Kaorun returned and we each enjoyed our meal.
Incidentally, to my regret Luna had changed into casual clothes and ate the food made by Kaorun with relish.
While watching her, I showed a faint wry smile and called out to Luna.
“But I gotta say, you sure don’t get angry at all, even after Kaorun did all that to you.”
“Yes. This is not much. Besides, you seemed happy, Shinobu-san…”
…B- Busted, huh. I might have a greater weakness for girls than I thought. Getting embarrassed, I scratched my cheek, whereupon Luna smiled lightly and softly whispered into my ear.
“Shinobu-san, they will not give any milk, but would you like to try milking my breasts, like Kaoru-san suggested?”
As one would expect, I snorted and was completely agitated.
“Wh- What are you saying out of the blue! There’s a limit to being erotic! Besides, you shouldn’t even be saying that!”
I gave her a warning in a flustered commotion, but Luna just smiled while blushing faintly.
Ehm, this reaction, could it be I was teased by Luna?
At the time I realized that, I felt my cheeks getting hot and a touching joy spread in my chest.
…Luna had changed a bit after all.
She appeared more flexible now, compared to the beginning of our reunion, and even started to tell jokes recently. I was sure that was because she opened up her heart.
But it was kind of embarrassing, so I averted my eyes from Luna.
There my vision fell on Machina drowsily rubbing her eyes.
“What’s up, Machina? Did you stay up late yesterday?”
When I asked casually, Kaorun interjected remembering.
“That reminds me, there was a slightly perverted show on TV at midnight.”
“Yes, I stayed up late in anticipation for that— wait, no! I was reading the novel that Shinobu lent me before! It was interesting, so I just lost track of the time…”
“Oh, that’s it? I’m glad. So it was worth recommending.”
I was happy that Machina liked it as well. They say autumn is the season of reading, so I should recommend Machina another novel.
There Kaorun pulled on my sleeve jerkily.
“Shinobu-sama, if possible, would you lend me a novel as well?”
“Mh? I don’t mind, but… I don’t have any erotic novels.”
“…You see, I do not want a perverted book. Or rather, just what do you think of me, Shinobu-sama?”
“Yeah, what indeed. Pick one from the following three choices: 1, a perverted maid. 2, a sluttish maid. 3, a surprisingly bashful person. Okay, which will it be?”
When I gave three choices as a joke, Kaorun replied with a determined expression.
“The correct answer is number four— ‘My angel’.”
“Hey, don’t add more choices on your own. Well, I can lend you as many novels as you want, but what kind of books do you read?”
“Technical or instruction books, light novels, as long as it is a book, I read it.”
…Mhm~, did I phrase my question wrong?
I had intended to ask her for her favourite genre in a novel, but… oh well. Judging by her mode of speaking, she seemed to be versed reader. If she read anything like she had said, I should lend her the same book that I recommended to Machina.
While such thoughts crossed my mind, I felt a bit surprised and opened my mouth.
“But you sure love reading, huh.”
“Yes. It is entertaining to increase one’s knowledge. Besides, right now…”
Suddenly dropping her gaze, Kaorun spoke quietly.
“…I want to distract myself, if only briefly…”
These words that sounded like a monologue wouldn’t have been heard if one wasn’t attentive.
But me included, everyone heard them without doubt.
Yesterday night, Kaorun told us about her reason for coming over. That was why everyone stopped their hands on the meal for a moment and Elni wordless put a Vienna sausage from her side-dishes on Kaorun’s plate.
Upon that, Kaorun changed her expression and smiled softly.
“Thank you very much, Elni-sama.”
“Nah, no need to thank me. Let me hug you instead.”
“…Eh? Uhm, that would be a bit troubling— wait, Elni-sama!? Please listen to me! You cannot!”
The instant Elni clung to her with a smile, Kaorun flushed her cheeks in an agitated state. Seeing that, Nazuna imitated Elni and softly put a Vienna sausage on Kaorun’s plate.
“Ehm, Nazuna-sama, you are a good girl, so please do not do the same things as Elni-sama.”
“Y- You cannot be a bad girl! Wh- Why are the two of you clinging to me!? It is embarrassing, so please stop it!”
While Elni and Nazuna smiled, Kaorun instantly turned bright red, as she wasn’t used to this kind of physical contact.
Moreover, Luna, who loved physical contact, followed after Elni and Nazuna and together with even my mother they started to cling to Kaorun… More lively than usual, the morning went by slowly and enjoyable.

After breakfast, I chose a novel for Kaorun in my room and holding it in one hand, I headed to the living room, where Nazuna was studying with a serious face. Next to her was Kaorun, who seemed to look over Nazuna’s studying.
Watching over them, I called out to Nazuna a bit surprised.
“How rare for you to be studying so early in the morning…”
“Well, I got loaded with homework.”
Saying so, Nazuna lightly dropped her shoulders, but soon enough continued with a “But” and a smile.
“Thanks to Miss Maid, I’m about to finish. She’s really good at teaching.”
“Hee, is that so…”
I made an agreeable response and shifted my gaze, whereupon Kaorun puffed up her well-shaped chest proudly.
“As you can see, I am a perfect maid with a keen mind, pretty looks and no flaws whatsoever. I will solve any problem.”
“…Hoo, so confident. Then, try solving this.”
Taking Nazuna’s math textbook, I gave a random question to test her.
“asinA=bsinB+csinC— When this equation applies, what kind of shape does this ABC triangle take?”
“The Bermuda Triangle of love. That is how the love gears A, B and C started to circulate. Yes, just like a cup of coffee…”
“Quite the poetic answer. By the way, do you know the famous words from Professor Clark?”
“Of course. Boys be lecherous, right?”
“Hey, Professor Clark didn’t say something so indecent. It’s, Boys be ambitious. Actually, you’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you?”
“No, that is not the case. Now, please keep questioning me.”
For some reason Kaorun was motivated, so I decided to play along a bit longer.
“The word impossible is not French— who said these words?”
“Ohh, he got a delicious name. Well, the correct answer would have been Napoleon…”
Showing a wry smile, I raised the level of the problems and continued.
“What happens to litmus paper when you soak it in acidic fluids?”
“I- If you do that, Master, it will become wet…”
“…W- Well, it certainly will get wet, but it also turns red. Also, don’t make a strangely erotic voice. And lastly, what’s the antonym for Gentleman?”
“Yeah, I wrote that during a test in the past as well, but the correct answer seems to be Lady.”
Showing a vague smile, I shifted my gaze and rested my hand on Nazuna’s shoulder with a pop.
“Hey Nazuna, should I help you with your homework instead of Kaorun?”
“Mhm~ Thanks for the offer, but the Maid is helping me today, so I’ll pass. Right now she’s only fooling around, but she’s actually quite smart. I mean, she explains better than a teacher at school.”
Nazuna praised her to the skies with sparkling eyes, whereupon Kaorun quickly averted her eyes from us, as she got embarrassed.
“I- It is nothing special. I gained most of my knowledge through self-study…”
“Self-study? Then you studied a lot, Miss Maid?”
“Yes, that is correct. I like studying after all.”
As Kaorun replied with a small nod, Nazuna widened her eyes and responded.
“You’re amazing, Miss Maid. While I like music and arts, I’m not really a fan of studying. You don’t even know if it’ll be useful.”
“Indeed. Even if you increase your knowledge, it might not be all that helpful for your every day life. But I believe that getting to know about various things will open up your horizons.”
With an usual serious expression, Kaorun continued with a “Therefore,”.
“It is a very fortune thing to be able to study. That said, for some people school can become a place of dislike and harshness, but I heard that you learn a lot of things and meet all kind of people at school.”
Slowly changing her tone in which a bit of envious resonated, Kaorun said softly.
“It might sound selfish, but if you have the chance and place to be able to study, I would like you to treasure it.”
…Just at whom were these words directed?
Kaorun’s eyes were coloured quite gently, yet somewhat sadly, so I couldn’t stop myself from petting her head softly.
Kaorun was a bit surprised and flushed her cheeks.
“Uhm, Shinobu-sama? Why so suddenly?”
“Well, you were helping Nazuna with her studies. I just wanted to show you that I’m grateful.”
“…Well, thank you very much. Should I pet your head as well as in thanks, Shinobu-sama?”
“Not now. But if you insist on it, then pet Nazuna in my stead.”
When I brought up the matter, Nazuna started to smile and gave Kaorun a hopeful glance.
On the other hand, Kaorun timidly opened her mouth in a perplexed state.
“…Are you really fine with someone like me petting you?”
“Of course. Or rather, I’ll hug you again if you don’t pet me. Got that?”
Nazuna smiled prankish, whereupon Kaorun showed a wry smile and replied.
“That would be troubling, so I have no other choice…”
While saying so, Kaorun gently and carefully, like handling a fragile object, petted her head, whereupon Nazuna narrowed her eyes pleased and clung to Kaorun with a smile, as she couldn’t hold back.
Instantly, Kaorun flushed her cheeks once more.
“N- Nazuna-sama? I did pet you, so you would not hug me, right? That is not fair.”
“Playing unfair is a virtue. Rules exist to be broken.”
“No, no! Please keep the breaking limited to your coin bank! Besides, where did you learn these words? Good grief, whose influence is that?”
“…It’s not me.”
While retorting instantly, I smiled faintly.
This should distract Kaorun a bit. Actually, being hugged by Nazuna, Kaorun looked somewhat happy, albeit embarrassed…

* * *

In the afternoon I immersed myself into training my body and after finishing dinner and my bath, I reviewed and made preparation for classes, then enjoyed a novel as a break and in no time it had become midnight.
…About time I got to sleep.
Going to the bathroom while leaking a yawn, I was then back on my way to my room, when I suddenly noticed that the lights in the living room were still on, so I casually opened the door.
There Kaorun sat crouched on the sofa and absent-minded watch TV.
However, even though her eyes faced the television, it was more in a zoned out state and she seemed kind of down.
…She might be thinking about Hijiri.
Unable to keep watching in silence, I softly called out to Kaorun.
“Yo, what’s up? Can’t fall asleep?”
“…Yes. Once I thought about my beloved Shinobu-sama, I just could not sleep anymore.”
As soon as she looked at my face, Kaorun regained her usual inexpressiveness. Sadly enough, even her usual joke wasn’t all too funny. However, I concealed that and dared to suggest “Well then,” with a bright tone.
“How about you have a date with your beloved Shinobu-san now? I don’t have any money, so we can only go to a park, but for that I’ll present you plenty of romance.”
“Fufu, a midnight stroll, it is? That sounds fun, but you have school tomorrow and are busy with practicing for the sports festival, right?”
“Aw, well, I can’t sleep either because my body is on fire. So if you want, come along.”
“…Such a gentle lie.”
Leaking a faint mumbling, Kaorun smiled and stood up.
“Well then, let us go to the beach together. I want to play tag flirtingly on the shore. When you catch me, I will give you a kiss.”
“No, no, if we go all the way to the beach, the sun will be out. Sorry, but you’ll have to make do with the park.”
Rebuking softly, I left the house together with Kaorun. And on the quiet street at night, I walked side by side with her.
The gentle wind stroking my cheeks was pleasant, the bugs could be heard clearly and the vivid full moon gently shone upon us. Until we reached the park I didn’t really talk with Kaorun, but it wasn’t awkward, rather quiet atmosphere felt peaceful.
Amidst that, both Kaorun and me sat down on the bench in the park and doing nothing, we watched the moon floating in the night sky.
“…It is, kind of elegant.”
“Yeah, you’re right.”
“Fufu, the moon is pretty as well.”
“You’re even prettier.”
“Shinobu-sama, even if you have to lie, you ought to say ‘You’re even prettier’… H- Huh? I get the feeling you said something unexpected…”
In the nonchalant atmosphere, Kaorun blushed perplexed and after a small pause… she once more opened her mouth quietly.
“Shinobu-sama, are you not cold?”
“I’m fine.”
“You are not thirsty?”
“I am… not a bother?”
“I never considered you one.”
While watching the moon, I reached out my hand and petted Kaorun’s head, continuing with a strong tone.
“With you around it’s lively and fun. You can stay with us as long as you want.”
“…Thank… you…”
Faintly cracking her voice, Kaorun softly leaned her cheek onto my shoulder. And while I continued to pet her head during a long silence, she then said hesitant.
“Even on a peaceful night like this, the exorcists have to work. While most people sleep, they confront devils, sometimes get injured gravely or at times even lose their lives…”
“It’s a dangerous job.”
“Yes. Therefore, I believe that it is really desirable if Hijiri-chan is to quit her job as an exorcist.”
“…Does Hijiri want to quit?”
Not answering my question, Kaorun averted her eyes from me and began to talk with “…Lately, I have been thinking”.
“Until now, Hijiri-chan could not invite friends over due to her family’s occupation. And she cannot keep one of her beloved dogs, since the Mistress has an allergy. But for all that, if Hijiri-chan were to quit her exorcist job, go to university and live alone in an apartment apart from the Gogyou Household, she would be able to call over her friends and keep a dog.”
Opposite to her lively voice, she kept a sad expression and continued calmly.
“Knowing Hijiri-chan, I believe that she will surely take me along to that apartment. And then the Gogyou Household would need to employ a new maid to replace me. Most likely the Master will not be against it, since from the beginning, he had planned to have the young master take over the house.”
“…Is that so?”
“Yes. I believe you already know it, Shinobu-sama, but as a child, there were cruel rumours about Hijiri-chan at school when her family’s circumstances got exposed. At that time Hijiri-chan was in low spirits, but the young master is different.”
As she remembered about Hijiri’s little brother, Kaorun said somewhat proudly.
“The young master attended the same school as Hijiri-chan and even though he was just a first grader, even though his friends left, even though he was being left out at school and even though he must have actually been sad, he behaved normal in front of Hijiri-chan.”
“What a tough guy…”
“The young master merely wanted to protect his beloved sister. So the Master made the young master his successor. Therefore Hijiri-chan should have already been released from the dangerous job…”
A bit at a loss for words, she lightly clenched her fist.
“…Right now, I perfectly understand the reason why the young master hated me in the past. My existence made Hijiri-chan aim to be an exorcist. She promised me to change the exorcist organisation. She told me she would make them accept me as her family.”
Kaorun lovely picked her words carefully, but regret was mixed into her voice.
“That promise is more important than anything else to me. But, I get the feeling that it restrains Hijiri-chan. It is not certain yet if Hijiri-chan will quit her job as an exorcist. However, I am thinking about it a lot recently.”
Biting on her well-formed lips, Kaorun let her voice tremble…and showed an awkward smile.
“If I just were to separate myself from Hijiri-chan, even were to get her to hate me, then she no longer would have a reason to be so obsessed with the exorcists. And thus, she would not have to face any danger in such a peaceful night and could live as a normal—”
“Are you fine with that?”
I couldn’t help, but cut into Kaorun’s words.
Hiding one’s own feelings, turning one’s back to one’s dream, separating oneself from a precious person and only hurting oneself, such a lifestyle…
“Are you really fine with that?”
“…I am.”
Putting on a crying-like smile, Kaorun nodded faintly.
“If I were to insist on it, Hijiri-chan would give me everything. Not swayed by the defamation she receives from the exorcist organisation due to treating me as a human, Hijiri-chan might fulfil her promise, even if it distorts her own life. However, I am scared of that.”
This small voice mysteriously loud echoed through the park at night.
“Even if Hijiri-chan should keep her promise, I have nothing to give her in return. I love Hijiri-chan. I love her very much, so more than anyone, I want her to be happy. Thinking so is only natural as an older sister, is it not?”
With a forced smiling face, Kaorun smiled again.
“When Hijiri-chan is considering about attending university, then it is a good opportunity. I believe that if I take my distance and get hated, Hijiri-chan will abstain from pursuing the path of the an exorcists. To be honest, if Hijiri-chan were to go to university and live in an apartment, I would like to accompany her, but I already received so many things from her. I cannot wish for any more.”
Still clenching her fist and even trembling her lips, she still didn’t break her smile.
“I am not a tool like in the past. As long as Hijiri-chan is happy, I do not mind if she hates me. They will hire a new maid and on the right time, I will return to the exorcist organisation.”
—That won’t do.
Kaorun’s expression enlightened by the moonlight was just too sad that I inadvertently was about to spill out these words.
Kaorun didn’t know how to act spoiled—
She told me herself that ever since she could remember, she was used as a tool in the exorcist organisation and didn’t know how to act spoiled.
So what she did to Luna this morning must have been her own awkward way of acting spoiled, just like Elni had said. And the previous prank and seducing me might also have been done from the desire to act spoiled, a cry for attention.
Because it must have been hard for her, even if she wanted to separate herself from Hijiri.
But Kaorun was trying to endure it and take action as Hijiri’s older sister.
That was the reason for her change and I didn’t know if her decision was right or wrong. Since I didn’t know… I couldn’t say anything.
But I couldn’t stand that and unable to stop my feelings, I tightly embraced Kaorun.
Kaorun didn’t resist in particular. She just twined her arms around my back.
“Shinobu-sama, you are trembling.”
“…’Cause I’m cold. Warm me up.”
“Again such a gentle lie. If you do that… I will be unable… to hold back…”
Finally Kaorun started to cry with hics and tears wetted my chest.
“…I apologize for always fawning on you and Luna-sama. But please let me stay at your house for a little while longer. I will properly sort out my feelings…”
If she sorted out her feelings, then she would separate herself from Hijiri?
Turning one’s back to one’s dream and continuing to walk alone, what was in store for one then?
Was it okay just to wish for someone’s happiness?
I couldn’t accept that. But I didn’t know what I should do, so I still couldn’t say anything to the crying Kaorun…

* * *

It had been a week, since Kaorun started living at our house.
During that week, she had been sleeping in the guest room and while she sometimes showed a sad expression, she usually got along well with the other girls.
And while living together with Kaorun, I got to see all kind of sides of her.
For example, how she surprisingly did all house chores perfectly. How she funnily turned bright red, when she received physical contact from Nazuna or Elni, as she was indeed shy. How she was a more intense reader than I had imagined and finished all the novels that my mother and I lent her in no time.
Also… how she liked my bed?
—The afternoon of a holiday. After finishing lunch and watching TV in the living room, I was going to return to my room, whereupon I noticed that my door was slightly open.
…Was someone inside?
When I wondering opened the door quietly, Kaorun laid on my bed sideways and was hugging on my pillow with an exceedingly blissful face.
“Ahh… Shinobu-sama’s scent…”
On a rare occasion, Kaoru, who was sensitive to presences, didn’t notice me yet. She started to rub her cheeks against my pillow in a spellbound state.
“Mm… *kiss*… Hah…”
Lightly kissing the pillow, she made an erotic sigh. Moreover she flushed her cheeks and rubbed her thighs together.
“Uhn… Even though I know… I should not be doing this…”
Kaorun slowly… let her fingers move down her abdomen.
There Kaorun looked my way and perfectly met my eyes.
Instantly, Kaorun turned bright red up to her ears and raised a hysteric voice.
“M- Meeooow!”
“Ohh, I heard another meow from Kaorun. Fufu, you sure love that word.”
It was quite cute. While I naturally smiled, Kaorun shook both her hands flustered.
“N- No! I have not done anything yet– wait, no! This, well, right, it is marking! You know, cats often do it to their favourite things or owner! So I just tried to raise a cat’s purring! That really is all to it!”
“…Well, our cats does it often too, but didn’t you come here to air the sheets?”
“*snore, snore*”
“Hey, stop your obvious sleep-feigning. C’mon, get up.”
“…No. It is impossible. I am so embarrassed I could cry. Today I will stay in bed in defiance for the whole day.”
I- If she did that, Kaorun might really end up marking my sheets with her scent. What if I couldn’t sleep from all the excitement then?
When I made a slightly weak sigh, Kaorung leaked a giggle.
“Shinobu-sama, you do not need to make such a troubled expression. I was joking about staying in bed all day.”
“…Not really a funny joke.”
“Fufu, my apologies. I will give you some little sister play as an apology, so please forgive me.”
“Huh? Why little sister play?”
“Well, over the past few days I understood that you are even more soft on Nazuna-sama than I had believed, so I wanted to get treated gently by you as well…”
Midway in her sentence, Kaorun cleared her throat with a cough. Changing her tone, she spread both her hands with a smile.
“Dear Brother, let us sleep together. Meow.”
“…I’m going out for a bit.”
“Does your composure know no limit after all!?”
Kaorun made a heart-broken expression, but it was embarrassing, so I quickly left the room.
…Somehow, I got the feeling that Kaorun strangely spend her time with me, ever since the stroll at night the other day. Well, not that I minded, but I hoped she would spare me the little sister play. If I took a nonchalant attitude like this, even Kaorun should give up.
Was what I thought, but she apparently still continued the play.
After getting down to the living room, I enjoyed a game with my real little sister Nazuna upon her invitation while my mother watched over us.
“Ah, here you are, Dear Brother.”
Kaorun approached me with a smile and sat down besides me. Purring a “Meow” a bit spoiled, she clung to me tightly. Agitated by that soft body sensation, I suddenly felt something amiss and faced Kaorun.
“…Is it my imagination or are you a bit hot?”
“Yes, when I think of you, Dear Brother, my body naturally sets on fire.”
Replying quite erotically, Kaorun begged with “More importantly” and a smile.
“Dear Brother, please play with me too. Okay?”
“…Yeah, okay. I lost to your enthusiasm, Lil Sis.”
Kaorun seemed to have fun, So I would play along with her little sister play for a bit.
When I replied with a nod, my mother, who had kept quiet so far, faced Nazuna and giggled teasingly.
“Trouble, Nazuna. At this rate, Kaoru-chan might steal your little sister position from you.”
On my mother’s words, Nazuna confronted Kaorun with tears dwelling up in her eyes.
“Miss Maid! You can’t do that! I’m the little sister here!”
“Ehm, please rest assured, Nazuna-sama. I am merely playing the little sister. And on a step-sister setting. I do not rival you, the real little sister…”
Kaorun replied so softly, but my mother smiled roguish and interjected with “Is that really true?”.
“Isn’t Nazuna at a disadvantage between a real and a stepsister?”
“Th- That’s not true! Brother is really kind to me! When I cold a caught, he also got a fever for me!”
…Nah, I just simply got infected by your cold.
I retorted so in my heart to Nazuna, who raised a voice in opposition to Kaorun.
Amidst that, my mother smiled again teasingly.
“But, Kaoru-chan is older and sexier, you know?”
“A- And I’m younger!”
“Kaoru-chan is tall.”
“I’m short!”
“Kaoru-chan is smart.”
“I’m stu… I won’t fall for that!”
Slightly puffing up her cheeks and shifting her gaze, Nazua fiercely pointed at Kaorun as to declare war.
“Miss Maid! We’re going to fight over the position of the little sister! I definitely won’t lose!”
“O- Okay…”
Suddenly challenged, Kaorun must have been perplexed. She gave a dispirited reply, then clapped her hands with a “Well then,” as she regained her spirit.
“Nazuna-sama, how about we include Luna-sama and the others on this occasion? And the victor, who claimed the title of the little sister, gets to order the loser anything— What do you say?”
“Yeah! That’s fine! Though I get the feeling that my rivals suddenly increased. But it sounds fun, so bring it on!”
Nazuna readily accepted Kaorun’s conditions.
But somehow… I got the feeling that it wouldn’t end well if dragged into this turmoil.
My mother must have had the same impression. We both looked at each other and quickly retreated from the living room. My mother went to her own room and I left the house, heading for the library…

* * *

After reading an old novel at the library, I returned to the house under the evening sun, whereupon Machina and Elni came to greet me at the front door.
But, the instant I saw these two, I inadvertently opened my eyes wide.
Because their attire was obviously strange.
Machina’s must have symbolized a succubus. A lewd, high leg leotard in black with jet black wings on the back. Her chest was largely exposed and half of her voluminous breasts were shown.
On the other hand, Elni had the image of a princess from a fairy-tale. She wore a pure white dress that exposed her shoulders. Her graceful fingers and arms were covered by white gloves and this mysterious and beautiful appearance made you think it was a picture taken from a wall.
…But, this was my house, not a cosplay fair, right?
While I was certainly perplexed, Machina approached me with her round breasts bouncing largely and smiled charming.
“Fufu, you’re finally home. My cute slave.”
Machina stroked me under the chin with her slender fingers and continued with a long breathing.
“Hey Shinobu, I’m in a really good mood right now. So I specially will allow you to lick my leg. You can lick my thighs, my tiptoes, angles or any place you like all you want.”
“…Did you eat anything funny?”
Machina’s behaviour and words excited me, but my confusion was greater.
When I tilted my head, Machina turned bright red instantly and shouted.
“E- Even I didn’t want to do something so embarrassing! But I lost to Kaoru in the game, so I had no choice! C’mon! You’re next, Elni!”
When Machina urged her with teary eyes, Elni averted her eyes from me and said with a small voice.
“…Have you seen my glass shoe? I lost it at the party last night. Please tell me if you find it…”
“Hey Elni! That aren’t the arranged lines! I also did it, so stopd fooling around and obey Kaoru’s order!”
Hearing Machina’s warning, Elni turned bright red on a rare occasion and drew closer. Then, standing on her tiptoes and closing both her eyes, she presented her cheery-like lips.
“O- Only a kiss can awaken me, my Prince— wait, Uwaaah! So embarrassing! Why do I have to do this!”
“—You’re the reason for all of it!”
Machina instantly replied to Elni, who shouting bright red up to her ears, with a rough voice.
“Even after losing to Kaoru numerous times, you kept playing tough with ‘Double or quits’, so we were made to dress like this and even had to say these lines! Mad Dog my ass! Why don’t you change it to Loser Dog now!”
“Y- You don’t need to go that far! I thought I would win! Besides, I certainly lost, but the play-style is important, not the outcome!”
“The play-style? You even lost at that! I only joined in because you said you would cheat! Yet Kaoru saw through it so easily and beat us overwhelming! Besides, why do you even have these costumes! Stupid Elni! Idiot! Fool!”
“Muh! I can still forgive the stupid and idiot, but fool is taking it too far! Also, I told you long ago that I got these costumes from a friend! They aren’t my taste!”
Machina and Elni made a ruckus while each turning bright red.
While listening to their conversation, I could get the gist of things.
Most likely, after I left the house, everyone started to fight about the position of the little sister and it ended with Kaorun standing victorious. Because of that Machina and Elni, the loser, had to obey the victor’s orders by cosplaying and saying strange lines.
Well, a kind of punishment game, so to speak.
There I suddenly felt a gaze and faced the faintly opened living room door.
“Mh? Who’s there?”
“Myself is a cat. I do possess a name.”
“…Which is?”
“The name is Nazucat.”
Replying to my question with a weird verbal expression, Nazuna showed up from the living room.
She probably must be doing the punishment as well. Nazuna wore cat-ears and a tail with a tube top and lowrise hot pants. Her small navel was in plain view.
…She was the cat Nazucat.
I showed a faint wry smile and called out to Nazuna.
“Could it be, Kaorun ordered you to say something to me?”
“No. Not to you, Brother, but Miss Maid requested that I call her ‘Kaoru-san’. So when I fulfilled her request, she happily petted my head. So I decided to always call her Kaoru-san from now on.”
“Hee, I’m sure Kaorun will like that. So, where’s the Kaorun in question?”
When I asked her a bit curious, Elni put her quarrel with Machina on hold and answered my question.
“Kaorun was singing ‘Creating a harem, that was my dream in the past~♪‘ while holding us round our shoulders, but she seemed kind of tired, so she went back to her room.“
While explaining so, Elni rested her hand on my shoulder.
“By the way, Shinobu, how do you feel right now?”
“I feel bad for you, but to be honest, it’s awesome.”
“I see. But the problems starts now. The ultimate weapon is waiting in the house. Go into the living room.”
Elni said profound and pushed my back. Pushed forward, I went into the living room together with the others, whereupon there was Luna.
But, once more I opened my eyes wide.
Luna wore a black bondage suit high on exposure.
S&M. A Dominatrix. Quite maniac.
Her chest was boldly exposed, showing the shape of her voluminous breasts well. I could also see her tight waist and beautiful legs.
Without exception, Luna was also acting the punishment. When she recognized me, she showed me a soft smile.
“Welcome home, Shinobu-san. Will you take a bath? Will you have dinner? Or.do.you….”
Midway in her sentence, her smiling expression changed completely. Luna raised her chin a bit and tinted her eyes in a sadistic colour, then declaring with a bewitching smile.
“—want a spanking?”
D- Dominatrix alright. A shiver ran down my spine. I never experienced anything like this before. While I was scared, my heart just wouldn’t stop beating in excitement. So mysterious.
While I was somewhat excited and perplexed, everyone else was lightly trembling and each leaked a lamenting voice.
“L- Luna-oneechan turned into a Dominatrix!”
“Ssh! Nazucat, you have to call Queen Luna by her title.”
“El- Elni is right, Nazuna. I’ll call my sister Queen from now on too.”
On Nazuna, Elni and Machina’s words, Luna instantly turned bright red. She surely just tried her hardest to act like that. She protested with teary eyes.
“I am not a Dominatrix! Kaoru-san just requested it from me! Shinobu-san, tell them something… wait, Shinobu-san? Why are you rubbing your hands together in the corner of the room?”
“No, no. For an underling like myself it is unthinkable to address my Queen Luna, yes.”
“Wh- Why did you become so submissive!?”
Well, the panicking Luna was cute, so I just ended up teasing her on reflex. However, the others, either truthfully or jokingly, were still trembling and
“W- Well, calm down, Sister— I mean, please settle down, my Queen.”
“Yeah, Brother is just fooling around, Luna-onee…. Queen Luna.”
“…Scary. I won’t play weird pranks on Queen Luna anymore.”
said stuff like that. Luna shouted sadly with still teary eyes.
“You are all so mean! If you say all that, I really will become a Queen!”
Looking down along with her words… Luna raised her head after a small pause, whereupon her expression had perfectly become that of a bewitching Queen. She ordered with a low voice.
“—Everyone, sit down formally right away. You will be punished.”
Instantly, the girls with pale faces and I on a reflex sat down formally to Luna’s feet. Except me, everyone was looking down and trembling again, whereas Luna looked to be in shock.
“… Am I, really that scary…?”
She mumbled. Cute indeed. When I made a stifled laugh, Luna puckered her lips a bit.
“Muh, Shinobu-san, what is so funny?”
“No, well, I was thinking how I gladly would like to receive your punishment, Queen Luna. You know, just try it if you can.”
“—I understand.”
“Yeah, I knew it, you can’t… wait, you understand?”
…Huh? That was a different remark than I had expected.
I, I might have made her angry by teasing her too much. Luna moved in front of me, put her hands on her waist and stared at me by bending over.
On that occasion, her plenty voluminous breasts bounced and with a sadistic glitter in her eyes, Luna declared while sweetly smiling.
“As you wish, I will give you punishment now, Shinobu-san. Please lay down face-up.”
“Uhm, I’m sorry. The joke went too far. I’m scared, so please forgive me.”
“No. I will not forgive you. Please lay down already.”
“…Y- Yes, as you command…”
I had no other choice. You reap what you sow. When I laid down like I was told to, Luna looked down at me and licked over her lips with the pink tip of her tongue and a “Fufu”.
“I will tease you plentiful, Shinobu-san. First I will step on your cute face.”
As she had said, Luna slowly lowered the back of her foot towards my face, but… suddenly her expression returned to the usual soft one and she smiled prankish.
“—Just kidding. There is no way I would ever do something like that. How was it? Were you surprised? It was all a lie.”
“…I- Is that so.”
I made a big sigh of relief.
“Wow, I was really surprised. You were the perfect Queen. Flawless and without doubt. You could become a Queen any time. Ahaha.”
There I carelessly spilled my true thoughts, whereupon Luna raised her voice while moved to tears.
“Uh! You are so mean, Shinobu-san! Queen this, Queen that, it is too much! I am angry now! I will really step on you! Please prepare yourself!”
…Ehm, it might be Luna’s idea of anger, but gently rubbing my cheeks like this didn’t hurt at all. And from this position, I could see the movement of Luna’s breasts well.
The two breasts with an overwhelming volume bounced up and down, which unconsciously made me follow these movements with my eyes. Then the door of the living room opened suddenly.
Instantly, my mother showed up and shouted bright red upon seeing us.
“L- Luna-chan…No, Queen Luna finally awakened her super sadistic side! Stop it! Don’t drag Shinobu on the path of abnormal!”
“T- Tomoe-san! I am not a Queen! To begin with, what do you mean by super sadistic side— wait, why are you all averting your eyes from me!?”
…Because no one could deny the fact that Luna had a sadistic side?
I retorted with that in my heart…

Afterwards everyone apologized to Luna, then I returned to my room, but
“U- Uhn~ Shinobu-sama… You cannot…”
once again, Kaorun was sleeping in my bed.
As she was having a bad dream, she leaked weird sleeping talk while frowning.
“Please stop with… the S&M play already… It grosses me out…”
“Hey, why are you only having weird dreams about tentacles or S&M play?”
When I approached the bed and lightly slapped her cheek, Kaorun opened her eyes and curiously looked around the room, making a small sigh.
“…Just a dream. In my dream, you were whipped by Luna-sama and Machina while showing an ecstatic expression and claiming ‘I’m a dirty pig. More. This pig wants more’—”
“No one asked for a detailed summary of your dream.”
Cutting into Kaorun’s words, I wearily continued with “Anyway”.
“You sure do love my bed, huh. Were you sniffing my scent again? You damn perverted maid with a scent fetish.”
“…I only like your scent, Shinobu-sama.”
W- Was she still half-asleep? She said quite the man-killer remark.
Actually, Kaorun’s head was strangely red. Her eyes were dizzy and her breathing seemed rough…Mh? Wait.
“Sorry, but let me see your forehead.”
When I softly touched Kaorun’s forehead, it was hotter than I expected. Without doubt, she had a cold. Reminded me, when she hugged me at noon, I thought she was a bit feverish. Her fever might have gotten worse while she played with the others. I should have noticed it at noon.
“…Why didn’t you say anything when you had a fever?”
“Because it is a girl’s day. You also sometimes have a boy’s day, right Shinobu-sama? It is the same, so please do not worry about it.”
Speaking in riddles like that, she actually wanted to hide it forever? Kaorun returned to her usual inexpressiveness and quickly tried to straighten up her upper body.
But, I grabbed her by the shoulders and stopped her.
“If you’re sick, rest. Don’t overexert yourself.”
“…I am fine. I do not have a cold. I have to work in the house, since you let me stay here. I will go prepare dinner, so excus… Auh.”
Kaorun tried to escape, but increasing the strength on my grip on her shoulders, I made her lay down on the bed. Kaorun tried to resist, but it was too weak and while I held her down, I rebuked softly.
“Seeing you like this makes it hard for me too. Please, just rest.”
“No buts, sleep. And give up. I’ll watch over you, so you won’t be able to get away from here.”
When I cracked a joke like that, Kaorun slowly relaxed her body, as she had given up, and tried to respond to my joke.
“Shinobu-sama, please do not get excited… by seeing my sleeping face.”
“That’s an impossible request. I’ll take all the pictures I want.”
“Fufu. Well then, please make me look cute.”
“Leave it to me. You have a photogenic body, so no problem. You’re pretty after all.”
“…You are sly, Shinobu-sama.”
“Eh? How so?”
Averting her eyes from the perplexed me, Kaorun faintly blushed.
“Even though I know it is a joke… I am so happy… It is frustrating…”
Leaking unclear words with a small mumbling voice, she covered her mouth with the blanket.
…Could she be bashful?
The moment I realized that, I inadvertently showed a smile. Then I gently stroke her head to stay by her side until she fell asleep…

After that, I told everyone about Kaorun’s cold and decided to sleep on the sofa in the living room, surrendering my bed to Kaorun. And before going to bed, I absent-minded watched some TV together with my mother… whereupon she said isolated.
“…Somehow, you and Kaoru-chan are quite alike.”
“Me and her? How so?”
“How you are usually aloof, surprisingly shy and sweet and forgiving to the little sister. Also…how you lack self-confidence, I guess.”
Catching me off guard, my mother continued with “Let me ask you on this occasion” and a serious expression.
“You have no intention to take over your grandfather’s dojo, right?”
“…You noticed?”
“I’m your mother after all. I plan to understand that you have another goal, but I don’t know yet what you’re aiming for. Because you don’t talk about it to anyone.”
Staring into my eyes, my mother rebuked softly.
“You’re afraid of being rejected, since you lack self-confidence, right? Well, in the past you were often called a ‘failure’ or ‘weak’, so it might be inevitable, but isn’t it about time to tell Nazuna about the dojo?”
Temporarily stopping her words, my mother then said while still looking into my eyes.
“You and everyone else at the dojo believes that my husband forbid Nazuna to attend the dojo, but actually Nazuna herself said she wanted to quit.”
“Everyone had high expectations of her, so it’s just an excuse that my husband stopped her. It seems she thought that she stole your place, that you were suffering from the comparison with her and the bullying. Actually Nazuna would have become the successor of the dojo at that rate…”
“In other words, Nazuna surrendered the dojo to me?”
“Indeed. She herself quit, so that you could take over the dojo. Because you didn’t properly talk about it with her, it turned out like this. Even if you’re scared from your lack of self-confidence, at times it’s important to convey your own feelings.”
Softly shifting her gaze, my mother told me gently.
“I could say the same to Kaoru-chan. I don’t know what happened, but she came here without telling Hijiri-chan anything, right? I believe it’s wrong to hide one’s own feeling from a precious person, when making an important decision.”
“…Even if it’s done for Hijiri’s sake?”
“Properly think about how you would feel in Hijiri-chan’s shoes.”
Softly resting her hand on my shoulder, my mother then left the room. I, left behind, looked up to the ceiling of the living room and ruminated my mother’s words.
“…Me in Hijiri’s shoes, huh.”
For example, if Luna, Machina, Elni, Nazuna, my mother or my dad left without a word, I would likely be unable to bear it. Even if the days after that were peaceful, the sadness would not be cured.
Still, I couldn’t deny the solution Kaorun came up with. If I were in Kaorun’s shoes, I might make the same decision as her.
That was why I couldn’t say anything back then.
But I got the feeling that I would come to know what to do, when I also confirmed Hijiri’s feelings, not just Kaorun’s.
With that hunch, I fell asleep at some point— The next morning. I went to check upon Kaorun. She leaked a mumbling,
as she was thinking of her even in her sleep, and was damping her long eyelashes…

Chapter 04: Merged Dreams

—I could see a small girl standing in front of the gate of a big mansion.
She must be the daughter of Sougo-sama, who brought me here from the exorcist organisation. That she was waiting all the way out here in front of the house for his return, might mean that she had to speak with Sougo-sama. That was what I thought and wanted to keep my greeting for later, but
“Welcome home, Dad.”
The girl said shortly to Sougo-sama, then drew closer to me right away and let her childish voice sound energetically.
“Hello. My name is Gogyou Hijiri. Dad told me about it. You’re going to live with us from today on, right? Will you tell me your name?”
Perplexed by the girl’s action, I told her my name, whereupon the girl smiled happily and softly took my hand.
“I’ll show you around the house. Let’s go—Kaoru-san.”
Even if she was small, the girl was an exorcist. I was a hybrid devil and the girl should know that I was nothing but a tool for the exorcists, yet
“So, you know, Kaoru-san…”
while walking down the hallways, she flushed her cheeks faintly
“Actually, I always wanted an older sister.”
and forgetting the still unfamiliar respectful speech,
“So, Kaoru-san, if possible, would you become my older sister?”
she said the words that shook my heart.
The girl’s smiling face was really gentle, her squeezed hand was just so warm and that she treated me like a human, such a trivial matter… made me unbelievable happy.
But I was just a tool. It would surely cause the girl troubles, so I ensnared her with a joke and tried hard to keep my distance.
Nevertheless the girl sought my attention. She invited me to play together. She always tried to stay by my side… Before I noticed it, I had really grown to like the girl, Hijiri-chan.
Therefore, when her friends came to know about her family and she was depressed, I wanted to cheer her up and invited her to play together for the first time.
Still, in the end, I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t really know how to play together, so it was no good at all. Despite that, Hijiri-chan smiled a “Thanks” at me.
That was the reason I often failed to keep my distance.
The always monochromic world, which I saw ever since my mother abandoned me, changed into a colourful one by staying together with Hijiri-chan. I felt nothing for the spring’s cheery blossoms, the summer’s fireworks, the fall’s evening sun and the winter’s first snow…but now I honestly considered them pretty.
To get liked by Hijiri-chan even a bit, I searched for good points within me. But I couldn’t find anything and thought that if I were to show a weakness, she were to know about my actual weak self, I would get abandoned again… In the end, I only thought about myself.
Actually, I should have noticed at that time.
“—Sorry. I’m sorry, Kaoru-san. I will get to the top and make them acknowledge you as my family…”
When Hijiri-chan promised me so while crying, when she changed her lifestyle, I, unable to give her anything in return, shouldn’t have taken her hand. If I had noticed that sooner…

* * *

After school on the day before the sports festival. Machina seemed to make a detour with the girls from class on their invitation, so I walked back home alone.
Ever since, I wanted to talk with Hijri, but she had always been absent from school. When I once visited the Gogyou Mansion, her little brother that looked a lot like her told me “My sister won’t be home for a while”.
Of course I could call her on her cell phone.
But I felt that it wasn’t a matter to be spoken of over the phone. According to her little brother, Hijiri would attend the sports festival, so I decided to wait until then, but
“…Please take care of Kaoru-san, huh.”
While walking down the residential area, I suddenly remembered the worried expression that Hijiri’s little brother showed when we parted. He must have been thinking of Kaorun as well.
I was a bit happy about that, so I decided to return with a gift for Kaorun, heading towards in front of the station.
But, midway an unreported rain shower came and I started running with a click of my tongue. Then I wanted to take shelter from the rain in front of a second hand bookstore that I spotted, but… there was already someone standing there.
Rained on, the girl, Hijiri had her glamorous, black hair wet and when she noticed me, she smiled softly.
“Taking shelter too, Shinobu-kun?”
“Yeah, I am… I see you’re back. Where have you been up till now?”
“At the exorcist organisation.”
…That meant, she might have been taking jobs.
When such thoughts crossed my mind, Hijiri asked a bit worried.
“So, ehm, how’s Kaoru-san? Is she getting along with the other girls?”
“Yeah, without problems. Well, once she caught a cold though…”
“She kept… quiet about it, right?”
When I replied with a nod to the question, Hijiri sadly lowered her eyebrows.
“Kaoru-san is changing little by little, but that part of her hasn’t changed from the past. She’s puts on airs so that no one notices and even when she’s in pain, she behaves normally. She doesn’t show her weaknesses.”
“…Isn’t that because she’s scared?”
Quietly, I said.
“After all, there are people that leave you, when you show a weakness.”
It was the same for me as a kid. When I started to attend my grandfather’s dojo, they had great expectations of me as the son of my father, but when they realized that I didn’t have a shred of talent and was weak… everyone separated from me.
Of course there where people, who stayed. But when you thought about them leaving as well, you couldn’t help but be scared.
That was why Kaorun must have been trying to act though, even if as a bluff.
Softly relaxing my clenched fist, I changed the topic with a serious voice.
“Hey, I want to ask, what made you want to go to university? Do you plan to quit as an exorcist already?”
“I’m not.”
Without any hesitation, Hijiri declared.
“Then why university?”
“…Sorry. I can’t tell you the reason yet. I want Kaoru-san to hear it as the first. Actually I should have told her about the reason when she found about me aiming for an university, but she ran away and I didn’t get to tell her in the end.”
Lightly dropping her shoulders, Hijiri continued with a strong tone.
“And I didn’t know if it will go well, so I couldn’t bring it up, as I didn’t want to disappoint her. But I got permission from my father, so I’ll properly tell Kaoru-san now.”
“…I see.”
The desire to tell Kaorun first. No idea if it would go well. Permission from Sougo-san. And Hijiri had no plans of quitting the exorcists.
Judging from these things, I believed that Hijiri was acting for Kaorun’s sake.
However, the Kaorun in question…
Suddenly I remembered my mother’s previous words and asked in a casual tone.
“Hijiri, theoretically speaking, if Kaorun were to separate herself from you and go to the exorcist organisation—”
“I won’t let her.”
“Eh? No, I mean theoretically—”
“I definitely won’t let her go.”
Still smiling, Hijiri cut into my words with a tone that left no room for argumentation.
Getting such a reaction from her, I inadvertently made a wry smile.
“You sure love Kaorun.”
“Yeah, of course.”
Hijiri nodded firmly in an instant.
“Because Kaoru-san was there for me, I could like myself.”
“Mh? You once hated yourself?”
“As a kid… I once thought so.”
Leaking unexpected words, Hijiri shifted her gaze to the rainy sky.
“I told you once about it, but in elementary school, a friend found out about my family. But it was only obvious. After all I showed off my exorcist powers in front of my friend…”
“…Why would you do that?”
“It might have been some kind of desire to boast. And I wanted to be praised. I loved my friend, so I wanted her to love me back. And above all, I wanted to help her.”
Amidst the soft raining sounds, Hijiri continued calmly.
“A devil possessed my friend’s cat. You saw it at the seaside school, Shinobu-kun. It was the same type as that devil that possessed the dog. That said, it was a lot weaker, so even I as a kid could drive it away. The younger me considered herself some kind of hero from an anime and thought her friend would be happy as well…”
Midway in her sentence, Hijiri smiled troubled.
“My friend called me a monster. At first I didn’t thought she meant me, didn’t want to think so, so I reached out my hand… then she raised a small scream.”
Instead of the desired smile, Hijiri most likely was shown the crying face of her friend, stiff from fear.
“Then everyone left me and I believed that I did something wrong. And while I was alone, I was about to come to hate my family and even my friends, which really frightened me and I cried non-stop. Then Kaoru-san invited me to play together.”
Still looking up to the rainy sky, Hijiri suddenly smiled gently.
“Back then, Kaoru-san cried for the first time.”
“…Kaorun did?”
“Yeah. She never accepted any invitations to play together from me, so she suck at all games and must have thought that she was unable to cheer me up. Even though that wasn’t true… She cried while apologizing for inability…”
As the remembered about that time, Hijiri chose her words preciously.
“So far she had been inexpressiveness without smiles and didn’t show any expression, yet Kaoru-san thought of me… and cried. In that moment, I could believe that I hadn’t done anything wrong.”
Kaorun’s tears must have been like a salvation for Hijiri.
“My father and mother didn’t say anything, but when people found out that I used my power in front of my friend, most of them ridiculed me in the shadows. They also criticized me for not treating Kaoru-san as a tool. That’s why I thought that I was completely in the wrong.”
Unnoticed the rain stopped,
“But, I wasn’t in the wrong after all. I do admit that I didn’t perform it well, but I helped my friend. And Kaoru-san isn’t a tool. She’s my older sister. A precious… family member.”
the sunlight shone in between the gaps of the rainy sky and dignified illuminated Hijiri.
“Even if others hate me for it, I’ll no longer regret my actions. When everyone left me, Kaoru-san stayed by my side. She played with me. She kept liking me. Because of that, I could stay true to myself.”
Shifting her gaze along with her words, Hijiri showed a pretty smile.
…Hearing her story just now, made me once again understand how Hijiri felt about Kaorun.
Still, I had one more thing that I wanted to ask Hijiri.
“Hijiri, have you ever longed for a normal life?”
“Mh? Of course I have, but there’s something I want even more. I don’t think my happiness lies in a normal life… So I won’t falter.”
I strangely leaked words of thanks from my mouth and Hijiri titled her head, but— I had my answer already.
I wanted to have Kaorun talk with Hijiri before she made her resolve.
While thinking of Kaorun, I softly opened my mouth.
“I’m thinking of inviting Kaorun to the sports festival tomorrow. I’ll ask her to cheer for us. Could you then tell her your reason for attending university after school or so? I’ll seize her, so that you can have a proper talk.”
“…I see. That would help. Thanks, Shinobu-kun.”
On my suggestion, Hijiri showed me a smile.
…I hoped that everything would go well tomorrow.
Facing the sun that showed through the gaps of the rain clouds, I thought so.

* * *

The day of the sports festival, which the guys in class and Machina had looked forward to. After asking Kaorun to come to cheer on us, I left the house together with Machina and Nazuna like always.
For the costume borrowing relay, I would cross-dress, but I wouldn’t run around it all day like I did at the culture festival.
It was just for the race, so I would bear with it.
Was what I thought, but when I arrived at school, the girls of my class took my arm and forcefully dragged me to the changing room as soon as they saw me. With the perfect make-up like at the culture festival, the nihilistic cool guy… beautifully transformed into a soothing maid and left the changing room.
Then I trotted down the hallway alone, whereupon I encountered a tall beautiful person with wastefully finely chiselled features and wearing an out-of-place Chinese dress. That person faced me and gave me a wink.
Making a strangely unusual voice, the person took a quite adorable pose.
“…Somehow, I think I got that reference, but who are you?”
“I’m Asada. Did you forget me already?”
“Yeah, I wished it would have stayed that way, but I remembered now. Still, I gotta say, you became quite pretty.”
Reminded me, Asada was going to cross-dress for the race as well. The girls must have put him into the cross-dress even before me.
But, to be honest, I didn’t recognize him at first. As he already was the type that looked good as long as he stayed quiet, the cross-dressing really made him look like a normal beauty.
While I was a bit surprised, Asada proudly puffed up his fake chest.
“I am just as pretty as you, Nanjou♪ Earlier I got hit on by male students. I am so popular that it‘s troubling. I‘ll get to the boys one after another.“
“You have your beloved sister, don’t you? If you’re going to cheat, make it a doctor or lawyer.”
When I gave him some suited advice, Asada opened his mouth with “Speaking of my sister,”.
“Nanjou, the blonde girl that stays at your place, Luna-san was it? My sister found a good part-time job for her.”
“Oh, great. What kind of job?”
“A waitress in a family restaurant. The female shop owner is a pervert, the manager is a pervert as well, most of the staff are perverts as well, but they are all nice people. I believe it’s a good workplace.”
“…Even though it’s a workplace full of perverts?”
“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. No problems. My sister works there as well, so if anything comes up, she’ll properly help her.”
“But your sister is a bit aloof and even has a frizz on her head. Isn’t she the one that needs help?”
“Exactly. You know it. Therefore— Please help me! If you leave my sister alone, who knows what kind of mistakes she’ll make! Tell Luna-san to look after her in my stead!”
…Huh? Did I ask the wrong person? Now it might have been better if I asked my mother to look for a job. I made a big sigh in my heart…

After the opening speech and warm-ups finished, the sports festival finally started. While loud cheering raised all over the place and the sweat of the students glittered over the grounds, I cried a bit at our class cheering spot.
…For a while now, I was receiving sexual harassment from the girls in my class.
While cheering on the classmates, they repeatedly touched my body and when they came back from a game, for some reason they clung to me with “I won, Maid!” or cried in my arms with “I lost, Maid!”. Some of them even touched my bottom. For some reason,
“Unlike his appearance, Nanjou-kun isn’t scary at all”, “He’s actually kind of cute”, “…I touched Nanjou-kun’s hand.”, “H- Huh? I get the feeling a boy mixed in again, but that was Katou-kun, right! It was you, Katou-kun!”
they made a happy ruckus like that.
However, I endured it all and it was finally time for my turn— the three-legged race.
As I was going to participate with Machina in it, I pushed aside Minami, who was stuffing snacks into my mouth for a while now, whereupon she tilted her head puzzled.
“Mhh? Shinobu-chan, you didn’t like the snacks? Want something else?”
“Ehm, that’s not it…”
“Ah, I know. You’re thirsty, right? Want something to drink?”
“—Whiskey. On the rocks, please. Drink together with me.”
When I cracked a joke without a moment’s delay, Minami flushed her cheeks for some reason.
“Geez, Shinobu-chan. What are you going to do after getting me drunk?”
“Nah, I won’t do anything. Actually, aren’t you the one who’s going to do something by pretending to be drunk?”
“Th- That’s all I ever considered— wait, no! I only considered it a bit!”
“…Okay, keep your real intention a bit more hidden. Also, it’s my turn next, so I’m going now.”
Machina was waiting with a weary expression. There I quickly got away from Minami and headed to the grounds with Machina, tying our legs together with a headband. Then we stood at the starting line and waited for the signal while giving our rivals a side-glance.
“—P- Please give it your all! Shinobu-san! Machina!”
I could hear a cheering a bit louder than the others from the visitor stands.
When I faced the familiar voice, I saw Luna, Kaorun and my mother.
They must have come together to cheer. Strangely enough Elni wasn’t with them, but for some reason Luna was cosplaying as a cheerleader girl and was greatly waving the pompoms in her hands, albeit embarrassed.
On that occasion, as to emphasized their existence, Luna’s voluminous breasts shook proudly, bumped into each other and bounced off in the opposite direction, only to fiercely shake up and down then.
When I was about to be charmed by these movements, Machina increased the strength in her hand around my shoulder a bit and changed her expression in a rather serious one.
“We’re going to show my sister and the others what we’re capable of, Shinobu.”
“—Call me the Knight of sonic speed.”
“Y- You’re unusually motivated.”
While Machina widened her eyes a bit, the slow voice of our homeroom teacher Hiiragi sounded over the grounds through the microphone from the staff tent.
“Okay, everyone, are you ready? We’ll start the three-legged race. I’m taking over the commentary from the girl of the broadcast club. The other commentary is—”
“Hello, Goddess here.”
“…Eh? Who are you?”
“The Goddess! I’m actually quite capable at commenting! Shinobu! Machina! Good luck!”
Hearing a familiar voice now through the microphone, Machina and I looked at each other, then timidly turned around.
There was Elni, like expected. With the microphone in one hand, she passionate started the commentary while giving the perplexed Hiiragi-sensei a side-glance.
“The long-awaited three-legged race will start now! Their spirit passes through their arms around their shoulders! For the glory— On your marks, start!”
To be honest, I was quite concerned about Elni.
But Machina and I focussed our feelings and after the pistol start signal, we instantly crossed the white line. Following, we were at the top in no time, as to show off the result of our special training.
But, Machina’s voluminous breasts with plentiful elasticity hit on my body for a while now and her sweet fragrance melted my brain. Moreover Machina’s rough breathing was quite erotic.
…I, I had to reach the goal before my concentration gave in.
If we tripped now, everything would be for naught. I suppressed my carnal desire and while my reasoning crumbled amidst the cheering, I crossed the goal tape with Machina, still in the lead. Upon that,
“GOOOOOAAAAAL! With a huge lead on the runner-up, the Shinobu & Machina pair are on the goal line first! The Shinobu & Machina pair wins! Congratulations, Shinobu! Machina!”
At the same time of the cheering, Elni’s commentary echoed loud over the grounds.
Amidst that, Elni suddenly said remembering.
“Ah, right, Shinobu, Machina. We all, Luna, Tomoe-san, Koarun and I are at the visitor stands, so drop by when you have time. Let’s eat lunch together.”
“…What’s she using the school’s microphone for.”
“S- Somehow, this is more embarrassing for us. Actually, I saw Elni shaking the principal’s hand, but I’m surprised she doesn’t get scolded, seeing as she’s not a student.”
“Too right!”
As always, she could get along with anyone right away.
While watching over Elni, Machina and I returned to our class’ cheering spot together. Machina still had to participate in the relay and cavalry battle, so she stayed there, but I was free until the end of the lunch break. There I was going to head to Luna and the others.
On my way to the visitor stands, I ran into my mother and Kaorun walking side-by-side.
My mother aside, Kaorun wore a gym uniform, whenever she changed into it, and a single-lens reflex camera hung around her neck. She took a picture of me with that camera.
“…Shinobu-sama in maid clothes. Seems like it will sell dear to Luna-sama and the others.”
“Hey, stop the fishy business. My office says NG to cross-dressing pictures. Don’t you dare to circulate them. Actually, what’s up with your outfit?”
“Does it infatuate you?”
Along with her words, she crossed her arms behind her back and took an erotic pose.
“…Kaorun, let me tell you one thing.”
“What is it?”
“It’s cute.”
“Th- That is a well-known fact.”
While replying with her chest puffed up, Kaorun still turned a bit red. Seeing that, my mother smiled faintly and shifted her gaze to me, still smiling.
“Seems Kaoru-chan went all out, so that you would praise her. She also took pictures of everyone as a keepsake.”
“I am amazing, right? Cuteness is not my only trait. Please pet my head afterwards.”
“…Mince your words, really.”
When I retorted lightly, my mother called out to Kaorun.
“Kaoru-chan, do you want a picture together with Shinobu on this occasion? I’ll take it for you.”
“…I once again fell for you, Tomoe-sama.”
Blushing and commenting so, Kaorun quickly handed my mother her own camera. Following, she stood next to me, then put one arm around my shoulder and made a small V-sign. There my mother took a couple of picture, then showed a wry smile and called out to Kaorun.
“Hey Kaoru-chan, can’t you smile better?”
“No, that’s not a smile at all. Even the remark is monotone.”
When I pointed that out, Kaorun somewhat lowered her eyebrows.
“I am not adept at smiling. However, I will try my best for this keepsake picture. Shinobu-sama, please say something cool and make me smile.”
“—You don’t need a picture of me, do you? If you look under handsome in the lexicon, you’ll see one.”
“Uhm, I was not asking for such a conceited remark, but more for a short one that makes a woman cry in joy. Please.”
“Makes a woman cry in joy?”
After pondering with my head tilted, I smiled and declared.
“—Leave the chores to me!”
“Yeah, Shinobu-sama, I was waiting for these words— or not! Now I unintentionally made a tricked and retorting combination like Machina! I was hoping for some words like a proposal! As long as it makes my heart skip a beat, say anything. Just quickly please!”
…Even though I tried to be funny to get you to laugh.
Now was the time to praise me for my effort, no? Why was she angry? It was kind of heartrending. Actually, I was a bit doubtful about the plan of smiling through a cool remark from me. Now it was time to show what I was capable of.
Softly stroking under Kaorun’s chin, I repeated the remark that I read in a book before.
“—Shall I compare you to a summer’s day? You are more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, and summer’s lease has all too short a date—”
H- Huh? It might be weird for me to say it, but why was she blushing? This was a Shakespeare rip-off.
I was perplexed by the unexpected reaction, whereupon Kaorun brought her well-formed lips closer with her cheeks still flushed and lightly kissed my cheek.
Instantly, the shutter sound of the camera sounded and my mother said isolated.
“…I captured a crucial moment. Later I’ll get a copy and sent it to my husband.”
There Kaorun got away from me in a hurry. Then she got the camera back from my mother and said while having her back to me.
“Well then, I will return to taking peeping shots of high school girls. Farewell.”
Could it be, she wore the gym uniform, so that she wouldn’t be suspicious and could enjoy taking peeping shots as an insider? While I somewhat got astonished like that,
“Kaorun was bright red up to her ears…”
I immersed in the afterglow of her soft lips.
Upon that, my mother walked away with her cell phone in one hand and saying “I’ll make a short call”, as she had something to do about her work, so I decided to head to Luna and co. alone.
…As expected of a high school sports festival, there were relatively few visitors.
Amidst them, a stunning blonde beauty in a cheerleader outfit and a silver-haired girl with adorable features stood out, so I could find Luna and Elni right away.
The two were sitting on a blue sheet lain out on the ground and for some reason Elni was begging Luna with a spoiled voice.
“Hey, Hey, Luna. I overexerted myself on the commentary earlier, so I’m hungry. We have a lot for lunch, right? Can’t I get a single sandwich? Please, Luna.”
“…But just one.”
Elni joyfully held out both her hands to Luna, who replied with a wry smile. In view of that, I hurried over to them and pulled on Elni’s sleeve spoiled.
“Hey, Hey, Elni. I overexerted myself on the three-legged race earlier, so I’m tired. And I’m sick of cross-dressing. Can you participate in the games after lunch break in my stead? Please, Elni.”
“…Grow up, Shinobu.”
A bit of seriousness resonated in my words, but I had considered it a mere imitation.
But, Elni answered me with a serious face.
“Somehow, I don’t want to be told that by you.”
After shrugging my shoulders, I sat down on the blue sheet.
Then I observed the sports festival together with Luna and Elni. After lunch, I got to lay on Luna’s lap and Elni rested her chin on my stomach like a cat, faintly smiling.
Amidst that, I wanted to look satisfied up to the sky, but… I could only see Luna’s big breast.
Truly a superb view.
“Fufu, I’m full, so I guess I should go home.”
“Eh? Shinobu-san? What about the sports festival?”
“Sports festival? Just leave that to the others. Hiding in a card box and taking peeping shots of us, Kaorun thinks so as well, right?”
“…Yes. You are right, Shinobu-sama. The bouncing breasts of high school girls. Shaking bottoms. And me, taking peeping shots. That is enough for me.”
Without any previous notice and even no presence, she popped up out of nowhere, but it seems she didn’t expect me to notice her. While somewhat widening her eyes, she cracked one of her usual jokes and took a picture of us with her proud single-lens reflex camera. After that, she nodded satisfied and went away.
There Machina showed up, as if passing Kaorun, and she called out to me slightly wearily.
“Hey, Shinobu, it’s your turn soon. You have been here ever since you finished lunch. Come back already.”
“…Don’t want. If I go back, I’ll get sexual harassed again. I’ll make this place my second home.”
Moving Elni’s head that rested on my stomach, I face-down buried my face in Luna’s lap.
This might sound pathetic, but it felt so pleasant here that I didn’t want to leave. When I drowned in the sensation of her warm thighs, Luna gently petted my head, as she had not intention to reprimand me.
But, in no time Machina grabbed me by the collar and dragged me after her. While humming DonaDona to myself, I returned to my classmates…

When I returned to our class’ cheering spot with Machina, Hijiri was someway surrounded by the girls.
For some reason she wore a butler uniform, which encouraged her usual dignity. And some junior girls raised shrill voices of “Gogyou-senpai, please take a picture together with me”, enjoying a photo shot with Hijiri in turns.
…But, why was Hijiri dressed like that?
Feeling doubtful, I shifted my gaze to Machina.
“Hey Machina, what’s up with Hijiri?”
“Just a small happening. Katou, who was supposed to be in the costume relay, tripped and got a sprain, so Hijiri pitched in. Apparently a girl from the drama club brought the costume.”
When I made an agreeable response, Hijiri seemed to have noticed me. Getting away from the girls and rushing over to me, she called out with a smile.
“Shinobu-kun, turns out I’m also participating in the costume relay. Let’s work hard together.”
“Yeah, I heard from Machina. But I gotta say, that costume suits you well, it’s cute.”
“C- Cute?”
Instantly Hijiri flushed her cheeks, looked down and mumbled happily.
“…Thanks. You’re the only one, who said that…”
“Really? Strange, seeing as it’s so cute. Right, Machina?”
When I casually brought up the matter to her, Machina showed a questionable expression for some reason.
“She certainly is cute, but until just now she was cool. Guess you made her cute, Shinobu?”
“Fufu, I guess any leopardess turns into a kitten in front of me. Machina, how about you stop being a Queen and become a kitten as well?”
“Meow! I love Broth— wait, no! I’m not a Queen like my sister! Nor am I a kitten like Nazuna! Besides, what’s up with that lady-killer remark!? Keep your playboy attitude in check!”
…It was just a little joke, yet Machina pinched my cheek.
While I gave a wry smile, Hijiri reserved pulled on the sleeve of my maid clothes.
“Shinobu-kun, I saw Kaoru-san at the visitor stands earlier. Thanks for inviting her. I’ll try talking to her at a good time.”
“…I see. Good luck. If you can’t make time for it, try after school. I’ll tell Luna and the others later to not let Kaorun get away.”
When I replied so, Machina tilted her head puzzled.
“What are you talking about? Tell me.”
I softly replied to Machina, who had a somewhat spoiled way of speaking.
“Hijiri has something important to tell to Kaorun. Will you help us to keep Kaorun from escaping?”
“…They’re going to make up? Sure.”
Machina accepted my request with a smile.
Then we sat down at our class’ cheering spot and waited for our own turn…

* * *

The costume borrowing relay finally started. Besides me, various other students in cosplays gathered on the grounds and I saw boys and girls clad in kimonos, sailor uniforms or maid clothes.
This fun game was popular with the students, so before it even started, cheers and shouts of joy came from the cheering spots. And these voices got even louder once the game started.
By the way, I was the third runner and Hijiri was the fourth runner, the anchor. A bit nervous, I followed the second runner’s— the Chinese dress wearing Asada’s movements with my eyes.
“No! I’m not a sex fiend! I’m a Gentleman with the name Pervert!”
The pervert was being seized by on older girl from the visitor stands. Moreover Asada was handcuffed by the girl, but somehow seemed to persuade her. Still handcuffed, he rushed over to me as the last.
On the way, he was judged for the borrowing task by the teacher in charge of the game and as he got the OK, Asada separated from the girl and hastily ran towards me.
There I looked at Asada’s handcuffs and called out wearily.
“Quite the fancy bracelet you have there.”
“Aww! It’s hard to run like this, but I had no choice! The task said “older”, so I called out to her! But it turns out she was a policewoman! I was nearly arrested, damnit! Damn policewoman! Next time I see her, I’ll lick her all over!”
“No, no, forget that and hand me the baton already. Then you can watch my gallant figure from under the earth.”
“…From under the earth? Doesn’t that mean death?”
“I’m telling you to die in a roundabout way.”
Asada would forgive it, so I cracked a hard joke and snatched away the baton.
Following, I heard Asada’s “Nanjou, I’m done for. I’m tired. When I die, delete the data on my computer without checking it” words befitting for a pervert from behind while I ran. Chasing after the other runners, I picked up a memo slip, which were set up midway on the course.
Now then, what was the borrowing task? With Asada’s earlier incident, I became a bit worried and opened the slip, whereupon there was written a harassing task with pudgy letters, “Someone perverted <3”. …I thought so from the beginning, but this was no longer a game about borrowing things, but borrowing people. Well, that way it was more fun, but… what should I do about this? The ones I thought of were Kaorun, Luna, Minami and Hijiri. First, Hijiri was out, since she was also in the game. Kaorun was out as well, as I didn’t know if she would get near Hijiri at the moment. So either Luna or Minami, but… Mhm, from my position the visitor stands were closer than our class’ cheering spot. ---Okay, the natural erotic big sister was it. Carrying the baton and memo slip in one hand, I moved to the visitor stands at once. Upon that, Luna was in a confused state, as many students asked her “Please come with me”. Nearby by, Kaorun was nonchalant sipping some tea and Elni was eating some snacks with a smile… while my mother filmed me with a video camera. Amidst that, I softly pushed aside the students and approached Luna. Then I took her hand and pulled her closer. Instantly, a girl, who had reached out for Luna, frowned dissatisfied. “Hey, you’re rude. You’re being too pushy.” “Sorry. Sometimes a man has to be pushy. If you’re only gentle, you aren’t a man.” “…Eh? You’re a boy?” “Can’t you see? How rude. Now my cool remark is totally ruined.” The girl widened her eyes and looked at me in maid clothes, but… oh well. I just shrugged my shoulders and shifted my gaze to Luna. “Luna, come with me.” “Y- Yes. Somehow, I am a bit excited right now…” For some reason Luna blushed. I took her along to the teacher in charge of the game and handed over the memo slip in my hand. Following, I waited for the task to be judged, but the teacher in charge, Hiiragi-sensei alternating looked at Luna and the memo slip and doubtfully tilted her head, as she didn’t agree with it. There Luna softly whispered into my ear. “Shinobu-san, what is the task about?” “…Eh? Ah, r- right. Ehm… A pretty girl?” If she were to find out that the task was “someone perverted”, it might get out of hand. I replied to Luna’s question with a small voice, deceiving her. Amidst that, Hiiragi-sensei asked timidly. “Uhm, Nanjou-kun, is she really per---” “H- Heeeey! D- Doubting is rude! No matter how you look at it, she fit’s the task! Please get some glasses!” When I hastily cut into Hiiragi-sensei’s words, Luna must have believed that the task was “A pretty girl”. She happily flushed her cheeks with “Shinobu-san praised me”. …M- My chest was about to be crushed from the guilt. I naturally broke out in a cold sweat, whereas Hiiragi-sensei opened her mouth even more doubtful. “On a related note let me ask, what part of her is per---” “Please stop inquiring anymore! I’ll proof it to you now!” Along with my words, I softly whispered into Luna’s ear this time. “Hey Luna, despite her baby-face, this teacher is actually quite strict. Try to seduce her to bring her down.” “S- Seduce? Ehm, she is a woman and it is embarrassing…” “Well, yeah. Okay. My bad. Then let’s give up.” Somehow I felt bad for Luna. I should tell her the truth and apologize. Or so I thought, but Luna tightly clenched her fist. “---At this rate you would end up last, so I’ll give my best.” Before she finished her sentence, Luna got closer to Hiiragi-sensei in no time. Then she pressed her plenty voluminous breasts against Hiiragi-sensei while smiling bewitching, and declared charming. “Fufu, you are so cute. If you give the OK, I will give you plenty of service.” Instantly, Hiiragi-sensei turned bright red, dropped the memo slip and lowered her head. “S- So perverted! Just like you said, Nanjou-kun! Sorry for doubting you!” “…Perverted?” Tilting her head a bit, Luna picked up the memo slip off the ground… and confirmed the contents. She faced me with teary eyes. “Uhh… Shinobu-san, what is this?” “That, well, I kind of thought that the natural erotic big sister would pull it off… I guess you’re angry?” “Rather than angry, I am sad!” Glaring at me with still teary eyes, Luna weakly pulled on my cheek. “You are so mean, Shinobu-san! You thought that I am perverted! Stupid Shinobu-san! I hate you!” “H- H- Ha- Ha- Hate!? Eh? No way!? Hate!? Really!?” “Ah, no, I do not really hate you. So if you make a crying face like that, it troubles me, b- but right now, I hate you a bit! I will not forgive you, unless you go shopping with me next time!” “Okay! I’ll go with you as often as you want! So forgive me!” I never thought that getting told by Luna that she hates me would be such a shock for me. …I was somewhat close to tears, so I was surprised myself. But it seemed she would forgive me, so I was glad. When I made a sigh of relief, Luna opened her mouth reserved. “Uhm, Shinobu-san, I am no longer angry, so I believe you better go back already. The game is still ongoing, right?” “Oh, right. I totally forgot…” Before I noticed it, I had become dead last due to the ruckus with Luna. There I hastily separated myself from Luna and headed for the butler uniform clad Hijiri, our anchor. “Sorry, Hijiri! I made a blunder!” “Well, I saw all of it, but I believe the problem lies with the task. You were just a bit unlucky. Don’t worry about it.” A gentle follow-up. Hijiri took the baton from me and started running, whereupon she quickly passed the other runners. However, when she opened the task memo slip, Hijiri stopped moving. She seemed to worry about something, but as soon as she shifted her gaze to the visitor stands, she straight headed for… Kaorun without hesitation. Instantly, Kaorun started running in an attempt to flee without time for the nearby Elni or my mother to stop her. On the other hand, Hijiri didn’t gave up and chased after her. Unable to leave them alone, I followed after the two into the school building with a bit of delay. But, midway I lost sight of them. While leaking a sigh, I went around in search of them, casually heading to the rooftop, whereupon I saw Kaorun standing still near the fence, as she shook off Hijiri. When she noticed me, she widened her eyes and said isolated. “…I wonder why I am so weak…” Tightly clenching her teeth, Kaorun trembled her shoulders. “When I see Hijiri-chan’s face, my resolve falters. Even though I should not stay by her side…” “That’s not true.” Back then I couldn’t say anything. But now I could say it with determination. Without hesitation, I stepped up to Kaorun. “…The other day, you told me that you can’t give Hijiri anything in return, right?” She surely said these words, because she lacked confidence in herself, just like me. “But, I think you’re wrong. You can give Hijiri various things. You kept doing so far. So it’s not true that you can’t give her anything in return.” Taking one more step closer, I continued with “Besides”. “Hijiri isn’t staying with you, because she wants something in return. Same for you, right? Hijiri is capable of thinking of her own happiness and acting towards it with her own strength. No matter what happens in the future, if it’s a path you have chosen yourself, you won’t regret it.” Saying my words with a strong belief, I looked into Kaorun’s eyes. “---As long as you don’t leave her, she won’t regret it.” Closing the distance even further, I held out my hand to Kaorun. “Let’s go together. Talk to Hijiri. I don’t want you to leave either.” There the door of the rooftop suddenly opened. I shifted my gaze away from Kaorun, whereupon Hijiri, out of breath from the searching up till now and holding the borrowing race memo slip in one hand, recognized us and then made a sigh of relief. Then she slowly walked over to Kaorun and called out softly. “Somehow, it feels like it has been forever since we met face-to-face, Kaoru-san.” Kaorun didn’t respond. As she was still hesitant, she averted her eyes from Hijiri and just looked down. However, Hijiri didn’t seem offended and dropped her gaze down on the memo slip in her hands, then she calmly started talking. “…You know, I want to attend university together with you, Kaoru-san.” On these words, Kaorun raised her head a bit in surprise, whereupon Hijiri continued with a smile. “You’re way smarter than me and love books and studying… By living together for so long, I can tell. Actually you admired school, right?” “That…” Stopping in mid-sentence, Kaorun closed her mouth. She must have unable to deny that wish, yet also couldn’t voice it out. Hijiri softly declared to her. “You don’t need to hold back anymore. I properly got permission. You can go to university as well.” “…What, are you saying?” Making a confused expression, Kaorun timidly opened her mouth. “I am a tool, you know? Even if you permit it, the exorcist organisation will---” “I promised you to change it, right? This is the first step towards it.” Softly cutting into Kaorun’s words, Hijiri made a wry smile and continued with “That said”. “I’m still powerless and there was never such a precedent before, so it was hard to get my opinion across, but my father helped this time. He convinced everyone.” “The Master did? Why would he do something so reckless? His position as an exorcist…” “---What’s wrong with sending my daughter to school. That’s what my father said. My father kept his distance from you due to the guilt about your father, but he lived together with you for so long. You should already know what he thinks of you, right?” On this gentle question, Kaorun averted her eyes and Hijiri continued further. “It was also my father’s idea to hire a new maid. My father thought you could concentrate on the entrance exam like that and have free time when you make it into university…” “To that length, the Master…” Blurring her flickering eyes, Kaorun was at a loss for words, whereas Hijiri told her clearly. “Going to university is my own selfishness. I want to attend university together with you, Kaoru-san. That’s the only reason. But I’ll keep my promise. It still might take some time, but will you wait?” “…Are you sure?” Tears were about to flow out of her eyes. To stop them, Kaorun tightly clenched her fists. “You do not need to tie yourself to that promise. You have no reason to face any more dangers. Forget about me, live a normal life, become---” “How can I forget you!” This voiced echoed loudly over the rooftop. “I don’t need a normal life! I don’t want it to be normal when you’re not there! There lies no happiness in it for me!” Hijiri might have been holding back the whole time as well. Her shout sounded just like a crying voice. “Why are you saying things like that! Why are you running away! Why don’t you depend on me more! When you left the house, I didn’t know what to do if you didn’t come back. I was so full of worry! I was scared! Don’t leave me ever again…” Letting tears flow of her eyes, Hijiri hugged onto Kaorun clinging. “The first time you cried and smile, I made my decision. With you by my side, I can become strong. I can keep liking myself. I want to live together with you. So, I don’t want you to disappear. Stay by my side.” When Hijiri pleaded so with a tearful voice, tears finally spilled out of Kaorun’s eyes and dropped down. Then she entwined her arms around Hijiri’s back and calmly opened her mouth with “…Do you remember?”. “The cheery-blossom we went to watch for the first time were really pretty.” “…But you said ‘Young Master, corpses are buried beneath the cherry tree’ and scared Shuu-kun.” “Indeed. Even at our first snowball fight, I was mean to the young Master.” “Yeah. You throw so many snowballs at him that he started to cry. You were in such a panic then. But I think it was his own fault for peeking under your skirt.” “Fufu, you are right. However, I like the young Master as well. He gave me a birthday together with you.” “At that time, you said ‘Young Master, it is a S&M play.’ and threatening approached Shuu-kun with a candle, but we knew you were just hiding your embarrassment. Even when we went to the amusement park together, you ran away when it got exposed, because you thought it would put my father in a bad position, right? I noticed a long time ago, yet I couldn’t do anything for you… Sorry.” “No. It was really fun being with you two.” While crying, they talked about old memories together and Kaorun raised her voice with a “Therefore,”. “Please let me stay at your side from now on as well. I might have nothing to give in return, but I… love you, Hijiri-chan. I always want to be with you.” “….You said it, for the first time… Thanks. I’ll definitely make them acknowledge…. you as my family…” “Yes… Please do…” The two of them didn’t say anything more and quietly continued to cry while embracing each other. And I certainly felt that their dreams had merged into one. ---I want to see the moment when their promise is fulfilled. When I had these thoughts, a sudden gust of wind blew. It swept away the memo slip in Hijiri’s hand and blew it towards me. I casually caught the memo slip. The task to borrowing something. There was--- the word “Older Sister” written….. * * * Sitting on a bench in the park, I watched the moon floating in the night sky together with Nazuna. I suddenly brought her all the way here, yet she asked in a good mood. “So, Brother, what’s up?” “Yeah. I’ll get right to the point, why won’t you return to gramps’ dojo?” “Eh? That, ehm, dad forbid me to…” On my question, Nazuna answered while greatly averting her eyes. Nazuna was bad at lying after all. I showed a wry smile and softly rested my hand on my sister’s head. “Hey Nazuna, no secrets. I’ll tell you my secret, so you tell me yours.” Temporarily stopping my words, I then changed my tone into a serious one. “It’s about gramps’ dojo. I believe I need to tell you properly. I no longer have any intentions to take over the dojo…” “…Eh?” My words might have been just too surprising for Nazuna. She flickered her eyes in confusion and tightly grabbed the sleeve of my clothes. “Why? You always worked so hard to take it over, right?” “…Yeah, in the past I did. That’s why, to be honest, I was always… envious of you. Everyone said how you resembled dad and I felt pathetic as your brother, seeing as you were stronger than me.” “You’re not pathetic. Compared to me, you didn’t give in to the cruel treatment of everyone at the dojo. You went back to the dojo. You’re really strong.” “…I’m afraid, I’m weak.” As a kid, I came to know about reality and escaped from my grandfather’s dojo. I also hurt my precious childhood friend. And even now, I was causing my little sister pain. “I have no confidence in myself, so I can’t convey my true feelings, which made you get the wrong idea. I heard everything from mom. You quit the dojo on your own, right? In the end, I took your beloved dojo away from you.” “…Don’t say took away. I don’t think like that.” “Because you’re kind.” Therefore I wanted to tell her properly. “Nazuna, the reason I went back to gramps’ dojo was because I got a person that I wanted to protect.” “….Could that be Luna-oneechan?” “Yeah, right. Seven years ago, you had a traffic accident because of me. At that time I wanted to save you, so I summoned a single devil…” Slowly, I talked about the past. About how the devil I summoned seven years ago, Luna, saved Nazuna, then went away with just a smile, without taking my soul. How I wanted to see her again, summoned her, but got the spell wrong and saw her memories. How about I wanted to protect her…. as she was giving me a smile, even though she was more hurt than anyone. I told Nazuna everything. Everything I wanted had slipped through my hands, so this time for sure I didn’t want to let go off it, my most precious someone. That yearning impulse. The miraculous meeting. That miracle brought more encounters, increasing my precious people. My dream became broader. Therefore, I thought stronger than before. That I wanted to get even stronger. “…Luna is a devil. To become strong enough to protect her, I continued to attend the dojo. But it’s still not enough. I need to go somewhere else.” “Somewhere else?” On Nazuna’s question, I looked up to the moon and answered. “I mean exorcists. There’s the thing with Luna, but sadly I got another dream… even though I’m so weak. So, I’m desperately struggling.” Bringing the story to an end like that, I asked while scratching my cheek. “…Nazuna, do you think it’s strange for me to say that, seeing as I’m weak?” “No.” Shaking her head, Nazuna sparkled her eyes and responded reassuring. “You’re the Brother I’m so proud of.” “…….Thanks. I’m proud of you as well.” I believed that Nazuna’s words would become a support in my heart. But well, somehow dust must have gotten into my eyes. Once more looking up to the night sky, I blurrily saw the moon…


The morning of a certain holiday.
“—Please accompany me. Let us take a drive together. I will buy you some snacks. Please hurry up already.”
Like that Kaorun half-forcefully made me ride the car and after a couple of hours of driving, we reached a single house with “Takase” on the name plate.
…This was where Kaorun’s mother lived.
However I was perplexed, as I didn’t know the reason as to why Kaorun came here. Kaorun looked at the names on the name plate— “Shigeru”, “Ayaka” and “Nagisa”, then she pulled on my hand and moved to the back of the house. From there she secretly started to look into the garden.
In the garden were Kaorun’s mother, Ayaka-san and also her daughter Nagisa-chan and husband Shigeru-san.
Ayaka-san was sitting on the lawn and her eyes followed Nagisa-chan and Shigeru-san happily playing catch.
…Ehm, I got the vague memory that Ayaka-san said before that Nagisa-chan was in 8th grade, but she was still playing catch with her father, huh.
Well, Nazuna also often played with our father, but as rude as it might be, Nagisa-chan seemed a bit different from an average girl.
Nagisa-chan surely must love her father quite a lot. While playing catch, she smiled and talked about school, her club and friends.
On the other hand, Shigeru-san listened and sometimes cracked a funny joke, which made Nagisa-chan and Ayaka-san laugh.
Kaorun continued to watch this happy family situation lovely, then she once again pulled on my arm and left the place without having called out to Ayaka-san and the others.
“…Even though I forcefully dragged you here, you are not going to ask anything, are you?”
“If you don’t want to talk about it, it’s fine. But I’ll listen to you anytime if you want to talk about it.”
When I replied softly, Kaorun opened her mouth again to say something, but at that time.
“—Ah, you came by again.”
Suddenly a lively voice raised and when Kaorun and I shifted our gaze towards it together, there was Nagisa-chan. While I was a bit surprised, Nagisa-chan ran over to Kaorun with a smile.
“I saw you from the garden just now, but you have been here before, right?”
…Yeah, when Kaorun and I came to see Ayaka-san before, we had run into Nagisa-chan in front of the house. Nagisa-chan must have remembered that. When Kaorun replied with a nod, Nagisa-chan showed the same friendly smile like before and lowered her head a bit for a self-introduction.
“Hello, my name is Takase Nagisa. Will you tell me your name?”
“…I am called Kaoru.”
When Kaorun spoke her own name somewhat perplexed, Nagisa-chan asked further while still smiling.
“You’re a relative of mom, right?”
“…What makes you think that?”
“I mean, you resemble mom a lot. Besides, even though we haven’t talked to each other at all, but after meeting, I somehow came to like you, and well, it might be rude, but…”
After a temporarily hesitation, Nagisa-chan continued her words.
“I thought that’s how it would be to have an older sister.”
While saying so, she faintly flushed her cheeks
“So, Kaoru-san… it might be a bit sudden and surely troubling for you, but I always wanted an older sister.”
and forgot her respective speech pattern, which she was not used to.
“So if you’re mom’s relative, can I call you Big Sis?”
Timidly, Nagisa-chan grabbed the sleeve of Kaorun’s clothes.
In that moment, Kaorun became close to tears, tightly embraced Nagisa-chan and said firmly, even with her voice trembling.
“…I am sorry. I still have to express my gratitude. Until then, I will not return here again.”

—Thank you for giving birth to me.

Kaorun might have wanted to tell that to Ayaka-san.
When she previously came here, Kaorun said something about that Ayaka-san would only get hurt from finding out that her daughter was a devil.
But even if she was a devil, Kaorun would surely tell her when she became proud of herself.
I believed that Kaorun came here today to tell Ayaka-san words of gratitude, if only at heart.
Still embracing Nagisa-chan, Kaorun squeezed out the words while crying.
“I do not know how long it will take, but I will come over to play again. Wait until then, Nagisa-chan.”
“…Yeah… Okay… Big Sis…”
Either influenced by Kaorun or realizing her relationship with Kaorun by herself, Nagisa-chan spilled big tears from her eyes and didn’t get away from Kaorun for a long time…

* * *

In the car on the way home. Halting at a red light, I rested my chin on my hand and looked outside from the co-driver seat, whereupon Kaorun suddenly said isolated.
“…Uhm, Shinobu-san.”
“Mh? What?”
“No, I just wanted to try calling you that.”
“I see. Then let me tell you on this occasion, you don’t need to add -sama to my name.”
If addressing others with “sama” was a remnant from her days as a tool, it should get be rid off.
Thinking so, I shifted my gaze to Kaorun— At that moment.
Kaorun kissed me.
It was a short kiss, where our lips only touched each other for an instant, but oddly I could clearly feel the softness and warmth of her lips… I was perfectly agitated.
“…Eh? Huh? What the? Just what?”
I was gravely perplexed, yet Kaorun didn’t say anything and took off when the traffic light turned green, albeit bright red up to her ears.
Then she kept her mouth shut for a long time and continued to drive with her cheeks unchanged red, but then she suddenly said with a small voice.
“…Thank you very much for inviting me to the park and embracing me the other day. I was, really happy…”
“I, I see. I’m honoured for that.”
“…Did the kiss feel good?”
“Yes, awesome.”
When I inadvertently leaked my true feelings, Kaorun smiled happily and changed the topic.
“Shinobu-san, should you aim to become an exorcists and stronger from now on, I will help you out as well.”
“Yes. Incidentally, you can quickly get stronger by using the yin-yang technique, you know? Would you like to try it with my body?”
“…Wait a sec. What outrageous things are you saying.”
“I am not asking you to take responsibility. Rest assured. I just…”
Temporarily stopping her words,
“—might get addicted to it.”
Kaorun then smiled roguish.

* * *

After the drive with Kaorun, I stepped into the Dojo of the Gogyou Mansion and started the exorcist training, which had become a routine lately, while Hijiri watched over me.
Today Sougo-san wasn’t here, so I was all alone with Hijiri, but… she seemed really weird today.
She was obviously restless, sometimes got absent-minded and turned bright red upon looking me into the face, as she just couldn’t calm down.
While continuing my training, I became somewhat concerned, so I shifted my gaze to her and called out.
“Hey, what’s up? Something worrying on your mind? You’re a bit weird.”
“Ehm, that, ah…”
At a loss for words, Hijiri instantly turned bright red for some reason. However, after a big and deep breath, she started talking timidly.
“…Actually, I have something important to tell you.”
Her usual dignified expression vanished and while flickering her eyes, Hijiri chose her words with utmost care.
“I like my current relationship with you, Shinobu-kun. It’s fun and from the fear of breaking it, I couldn’t tell you properly. But, when I’m with you, when I talk with you, when I look at your face… I gradually become unable to hold back my feelings.”
Saying her words with passion and staring at me, Hijiri said with still red cheeks.
“I mean, you‘re the one I—“

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