The Strongest Team is wiped out, because of silly Love Shenanigans!?




The red dragon raised a loud roar.
The roar of a dragon had the effect to paralyze anyone who heard it.
After its roar, it would then unleash a breath of fire.
That combination had claimed the lives of countless adventures for hundreds of years.
But forget about getting scared stiff, the boy standing in front of the dragon even shouted back at it.
To the point that the dragon, who was already drawing its breath of fire, became petrified instead.
It was “War Cry”, the skill of the warrior.
The effect was the same as with the dragon roar.
Having said this, it normally did not affect a high level monster like a dragon…
“Hell yeah!”
But the boy with the stupid outcry was so skilled, he could even paralyse a dragon.
Only his shoulders, hands and feet were covered by armour and he was wearing a longsword.
The boy made a living out of hunting monsters, a so-called “adventurer”.
The location was a rocky mountain in the middle of nowhere.
A grim landscape with nothing bit large boulders or stones laying around.
This rocky mountain was the nest of a ferocious monster: the Red Dragon.
And the boy had taken on the quest to subjugate it.
“I expected nothing less from you, Nagi-dono! Now it is time for me, Mifuyu Shintou, to shine!”
A swordsman with long black hair tied in the back rushed past the boy named Nagi.
He was a pretty guy with finely chiselled features.
Instead of an armour, he was wearing a slack attire called “Kimono”.
The weapon in his hand was a single-edged thin longsword: the Katana.
“Shintou Swordsmanship: First Blade, ‘Sword Flash’.”
Mifuyu, a specialized warrior called Samurai, cleanly cut off the thick foreleg of the Red Dragon with a flash of his sword like a hot knife through butter.
“Oh, not bad, Mifuyu!”
“…A failure.”
Nagi patted him on the shoulder with a smile, but Mifuyu groaned disappointed.
“What kind of pathetic swordplay was that! I do not deserve to call myself the successor to the Shintou School of Swordsmanship like this! I shall repent with my dea—”
Mifuyu pulled out a shortsword called the Wakizashi and tried to cut his stomach open without hesitation.
“Wait, wait! That’s no reason to kill yourself!”
Nagi quickly grabbed his arm and stopped him at the last moment.
“No, I fail as a warrior! Please, let me end my miserable life!”
“As if! If you want to take a life, take the enemy’s!”
The beautiful swordsman was quite skilled, but had a troublesome personality that made him want to die at every little thing.
It seemed to be a custom of his homeland to cut one’s stomach open for that. He definitely was not quite right in the head.
“Oh come on, Mifuyu! I need you!”
“Eh? Y- You need me…? You… want me by your side, Nagi-dono?”
“Of course!”
The Samurai had skills with a lot of attack power.
Without him, it would be difficult to inflict damage on the red dragon with its hard scales.
“I, I see. You need me…”
Nagi had no clue why Mifuyu was turning bright red in the face, though.
“Sheesh, what are you guys doing?”
A voice suddenly emerged together with smoke around Nagi and Mifuyu.
The smoke-bomb concealed the two from the eyes of the red dragon.
“I will confiscate this shortsword for now! If you want to die, do it after the battle is over!”
A tall girl appeared before Nagi.
She had refined facial features and voluminous breasts.
Her beautiful long golden hair was strikingly wavy, her frilled clothes pompous.
Although her skirt was a bit short, she looked like a princess in every other regard.
Her name was Leia.
Due to her flashy clothes it was hard to believe, but her occupation was that of a Thief.
“Oh, Leia, good timing. You should be able to see it with your eyes.”
With these words, Nagi pointed at the red dragon beyond the smoke.
“Look around his neck. It’s the rumoured sword of the adventurer, who supposedly stabbed the dragon with it ages ago. We have to snatch it away first!”
When they had accepted the quest to subjugate the red dragon, they had also taken on some side quests.
One of these side quests was the retrieval of the sword stuck in the neck of the red dragon.
A long time ago, an adventure fought against the red dragon with that sword, but lost. The sword was quite valuable, though.
It possessed an enormous magical power and the red dragon was absorbing it.
The dragon should be weakened quite a bit, if it was drawn out.
“You mean to say… that I have to do it?”
“Yeah, sneak up to it from behind and steal it without it noticing.”
“How rude! I would never resort to underhanded tricks like stealing!”
“You’re a Thief, aren’t you!?”
Leia was not really self-conscious about her occupation. Or more precisely, she had too much pride.
Her thieving skills were unparalleled, but she almost never put them to use.
“Even if it is a request from you, Nagi-san, there are things I can do and things I cannot do.”
“Then what exactly can you do…”
“D- Do not make a maiden say that out aloud!”
“We’re still talking about combat, right!?”
Nagi was not quite sure, but he got the feeling that the topic had shifted to something else.
“Jesus, this girl… or rather, both of them are giving me headaches…”
He grunted, rubbing his temples.
It seemed that he would have to give up on removing the sword first of all.
“Here, Master. Some medicine against the headache.”
“…Yeah, thanks… Wait, what’re you doing here!?”
Reaching out to the offered medicine phial, Nagi suddenly froze.
Right behind stood a girl in maid clothes, her long black hair plaited into three braids.
An overstuffed huge rucksack was strapped on her back.
Because she was so small, it rather looked like she was strapped on the rucksack.
Her name was Aluthi alias “Luthi”.
A bona fide maid.
Her occupation “Adventurer Maid” was quite unusual in this world.
Her backpacked was always loaded with stuff like food, drinks, cooking utensils, a tent or bedclothes.
“I am your maid, so I naturally follow you.”
“…We’re up against a dragon, you know?”
This maid had no fighting strength whatsoever.
And she knew well enough how dangerous the battlefield was.
Despite all that, she nonchalantly stayed with Nagi and the others while they were fighting.
“A mere dragon is nothing compared to the punishment you gave me on that night, Master.”
“Say what!?”
Nagi had not the slightest recollection of ever giving her any punishment.
“Oh god, just what’s wrong with this team… It won’t be long until we’re wiped out…”
“By the way, Master, the smoke is beginning to clear. I think Mr. Dragon will be eager to continue.”
“Oh, right!”
He had completely forgotten about the red dragon.
The smoke-bomb from Leia was a special magic item that not only clouded their sight, but also immobilized monsters.
But its effect would not last long against a monstrosity like the dragon.
The red dragon raised a roar and opened his mouth wide.
You could see fire shining behind his big sharp fangs.
The power of a dragon’s breath put any fire magic to shame.
It could easily melt mithril, the hardest metal known, or vaporize a handful of people in an instant without leaving any traces of them behind.
“Oh shit!”
Nagi immediately tried to protect his team members. In the same moment,
“Come forth, Ice Blow!”
a cold breeze approached along with a whispered voice.
That light wind headed for the breath of the dragon that could even set ablaze the ground.
Unleashed from the mouth of the dragon, the flame collided with the forthcoming cold breeze and dissolved all at once.
“Ice Blow” was a high level ice magic. It was said that it could even freeze simmering magma.
“Oh, wow…!”
Nagi turned around stunned.
There stood a girl with a staff in hand.
The long light blue hair stood in contrast to the arcane reddish eyes.
She wore a short one-piece dress in blue colours with a cloak over it.
Her name was Fionne, the mage of their team.
“Finish it off, Nagi-kun.”
“…Oh, yeah, I will, Fio.”
Nagi returned to his senses by Fionne alias Fio’s composed statement.
He had been smitten with her beautiful magic.
“Guys, I’m going in! Watch me!”
He shouted to his companions behind him and rushed ahead at full speed.
Holding up his sword, he jumped so high it seemed like he was flying.
Nagi leaped over the head of the giant dragon and descended while swinging his sword down.
Taking advantage of gravity, he slammed his sword into the head of the red dragon.
Another skill of the warrior: Raging Bite.
Although a basic skill, it was quite destructive.
Nagi was blown off by the rebound of his attack on the dragon’s head and groaned, when his arms went numb.
The attack was powerful enough to crack skulls open, but had an impactful recoil in return.
“Uwah… My hands are tingling like crazy… Wait, I think snapped a bone?”
Dragons had a passive skill called “Resistance against Physical Attacks” that protected them against direct hits.
On top of that, their scales were hard as iron, too. These ridiculous body traits made it more likely for the attacker to injure himself instead.
The strong point of all dragons, not just red dragons, was not their breath or ridiculous raw strength, but rather their almost unfailing resilience.
Fio walked over to Nagi.
“Are you hurt?”
“Ah, well, it’s not that bad.”
He said casually with a wave of his hand.
“No, you have to heal it. Don’t be so reckless, Nagi-kun… Sheesh.”
Fio uttered with a troubled face and took out a potion from her waist bag.
There were generally two kind of healing potions.
One recovered your stamina or internal injuries by drinking it, the other one healed eternal injuries by applying it directly on the skin.
Fio greased the latter one on Nagi’s hands.
His hands started to glow a bit and the tingle went away.
“How is it? Is the pain gone?”
Fio gentle stroked his hand.
“Yeah, I, I’m fine…”
“What’s the matter? Does it still hurt else— Ah.”
Fio’s somewhat cold hand was still touching Nagi’s.
Her face went bright red.
“S- Sorry…. I…”
“No, don’t apologize…”
“Hey, you two! This is not the time to be flirting!”
Nagi immediately noticed the problem, too, when Leia shouted at them sharply.
The red dragon had stopped moving, probably due to his attack, but numerous Lesser Dragons were coming at them through the giant legs of the red dragon.
These dragons were living in this nest and obeyed the red dragon.
“Tch! I knew it, they’re coming this way.”
“Muh… It was just getting good.”
The lesser dragons were heading straight for Fio as though they were lured in.
Although being called lesser, they were still a few heads taller than Nagi.
And a swarm of around twenty of them was attacking them all at once. A normal adventurer would definitely be overrun without a chance to retaliate.
“Leave it to me, Fio!”
Nagi shouted, readied his sword and rushed at the swarm of lesser dragons.
“First! Second! Third!”
He swiftly killed three of them and proceeded to engage the other approaching dragons.
Needless to say, not a single one escaped him.
The female mage was standing behind him. He would not let a single monster get near her!
Nagi defeated the twenty lesser dragons literally in a blink of an eye.
“All done.”
He took a swing with his sword in order to get rid of the blood on it.
“Fufu… Amazing as ever… So cool…”
“Mh? Did you say something, Fio?”
Fio vehemently shook her head, when Nagi turned to her.
Sometimes it was hard to catch what she was saying.
“M- More importantly, I’m sorry. All of this, because of me again.”
“Don’t sweat it. These little guys don’t even count as enemies. Instead…”
Nagi confronted the red dragon again.
His opponent had already killed countless adventurers, earning it the rank of “Calamity”.
Could he actually beat it? At any rate, this was a golden chance.

Once I defeat the red dragon, I will confess to Fio for sure!

Nagi tightly squeezed the hilt of his sword.
Going all-out, he would to cut off its thick neck with his strongest attack.
With a war cry that grossed out his companions, Nagi took off.
Cutting apart the unleashed fire breath of the red dragon with the air pressure from a slash with his sword, he closed the distance to it all at once.
Once again, he jumped up high and launched his ultimate attack at its neck.
Or not. With a kick to the dragon’s neck, Nagi descended quickly and slashed its foreleg.
“Wh- What was that!? What are you doing, Nagi-dono!?”
“A needlessly flashy move… Why did he not go after its neck…?”
While his companions were dumbfounded, Nagi landed back on the ground.

Duh, if I had defeated the red dragon now, I would have to confess to Fio!
To be honest, I’m more scared of that than of the dragon!
My heart isn’t ready yet…

“N- Nagi-kun? What’s the matter? Did you hurt yourself again?”
Fio rushed over to him.

Oh my gosh, Fio isn’t just cute, she’s really kind, too!
Even if a wuss like me were to confess to a good girl like her…

The red dragon raised another roar.
Surprised by that, Fio stumbled.
Nagi caught her delicate body in the spur of the moment.
“Sorry, Nagi-kun… I was careless and forgot to ward myself…”
“N- Nah, it’s okay…”
Normally, Fio was unconsciously protecting herself against the roar of a dragon by erecting a barrier.
She must have failed in doing so, because she was worried about Nagi. Her kindness simply backfired on her.
The red dragon roared even louder. The air blurred and the ground was shaking.
“Fio, it’s coming! Get away!”
“…U, Ugh…”
This time, Fio was not disturbed by the roar at all.
Or rather…
Her body was emitting an enormous amount of magical power.
That magical power gradually changed into cold air…
“Huh!? Wha… Oh shit!”
Nagi turned around immediately.
“I would, if I could, Master!”
“A warrior knows no retreat! Or more like, I have nowhere to run.”
“I do not stoop so low as to turn my back on the enemy! But please do something!”
His team members were definitely in no state to run away.
Large clusters of ice formed around them and blocked their way out.
“….’Gao’, my ass. You’re just a stupid beast that can’t understand human language despite such a big brain. And here it was just getting good. Stop getting in my way…”
A couple of steps away from Nagi, Fio faced the red dragon.
Her specialty was ice magic. She was currently unleashing it unconsciously.
“Hmm, Haah… Ahhh…”
Fio started to moan provocatively while still emitting magical power.
Her long blue hair fluttered about due to the static magic charge and she had a blank look in the eyes.
Fio looked terrifyingly beautiful.
And for some reason, she was just as sexy.
Her voluminous breasts bounced from the surge of magical power and her skirt also fluttered up, revealing her white thighs even more than usually…
The more power she released, the more sexier she looked.
“…Oh damn. I should be worrying about myself, too.”
Nagi had ended up being smitten with her appearance, but this situation was definitely too dangerous.
Fio was emitting a cold chill on par with the strongest ice magic…
The ground froze over and even the nearby boulders were covered by ice. The whole world was turning white.
Her magic had gone haywire.
That was nothing unusual. Or more precisely, it happened all the time.
The priest, who had once been in their team, had claimed that this condition was caused by Fio lapsing into the bad status “Berserk”.
Moreover, it was incurable, even with Healing Magic.
“Groo…. aa….”
The body of the red dragon was freezing, too. Most likely, even its organs were freezing, not just the body on the outside.
Nagi’s team was full of problematic people.
But the most problematic of them was without doubt Fio.
After all, her frenzy could freeze the giant body of a dragon.
The red dragon turned into a large sculpture of ice, but the cold started to affect the surroundings as well.

Our team is gone for good now…

“As if I would let that happen!
Nagi took his sword with one hand and drew a cross with the point of the sword.
A warm light immediately enveloped Nagi, Fio and the other team members.
It was a defence magic that negate heat or cold: “Light Wall”, and a skill only available to holy knights.
“And now… O, Wind of Healing!”
Next he cast an area-of-effect healing magic.
“No one’s gonna die! I won’t let that happeeeeeeen!”
Nagi kept evoking defence and healing magic at the same time.
“Nagi-kun… so cool…”
When her magical power was depleted, Fio collapsed while muttering something as he rushed over to catch her.