Volume 02

Prologue and Chapter 01 were proofread by Heucuva.
Chapter 01: “Slave” has a wonderful ring to it
Chapter 02: Who’s bad! The birth of BADNazucat!
Chapter 03: Yeah, let’s go to Elni’s house.
Chapter 04: Reason to reach out…


All these close by let out an “Ohh” in admiration.
At the teacher’s desk stood a transfer student. Her elegant appearance surely captured the hearts of all the boys in the class.
Apparently, she was a foreigner, and had long red hair, amber eyes with a strong gaze, and finely chiselled features over her bridge. Also, she had a well-proportioned and extraordinary figure that was noticeable even through her clothes. Finally, black knee-socks covered a pair of beautiful legs extending from her short skirt.
She was a beauty that made everyone turn to her.
Her sweet smile was so erotic, that I was captured by her for a moment.
But, this favourable impression was shattered by her next words.

“—You. Become my slave.”

Needless to say, that first impression of her was the worst.

Chapter 01: “Slave” has a wonderful ring to it

I woke up with the bright sunlight shining through the curtains. I reached out my hand and looked at the alarm clock. I was right on time.
I was still sleepy, since I stayed up late last night. I turned off my alarm clock, which had started ringing with a stupid mechanical sound. Saying “good night” I put my head back on my pillow. When I was enjoying my slumber, I suddenly heard a cautious knock.
“Shinobu-san, it is morning.”
A gentle voice echoed from beyond the door. This beautiful voice surely reached my ears, but since I was still sleepy, I pretended not to have heard it.
After an “I’m coming in?” the door opened with a creak and someone came into my room.

“Shinobu-san, it is morning. Please wake up.”
A soft voice that soothed your heart. When I opened my eyes, an unrivalled beauty stood there. Shining blonde hair. Gentle eyes. Glamorous pink lips. And melon-big breasts that wouldn’t let me have my peace.
The name of the blonde beauty, who looked at me while peeking her head into the room, was Luna. This might sound unbelievable, but she was a devil.
Back in my childhood I had said “I’ll protect you, a devil”, which she put her faith in, and we reunited after seven years. After that a lot of stuff happened and now Luna is freeloading at my house.
When Luna first got here she had a hard time with machines, but now she completely got used to it and does all the cooking and laundry.
Luna, who gave off a snuggling aura, which was a mixture of warmth and kindness, of a neat big sister from her whole body, came to wake me up gently, in place of my little sister Nazuna. But,
“I’m sleepy. One more hour.”
I covered my head with my blanket and enjoy going back to sleep.
“Uh- Uhm, if you sleep another hour, you’ll be late for school, you know?”
“Mhm~ you’re right. I don’t want to be late, so I might just as well skip school.”
“Ehh? You’re not getting up? Skipping school is no good, you know?”
“Then I have a cold. Just pretend that I caught a cold. Aww, my head hurts. My whole body feels dead. I even have a heartache. Everyone except me looks like a fool. All adults appear rotten. I believe I’m the only one who can understand that girl.”
“Instead of a cold, it seems to be a disease…”
After muttering something pretty reasonable, Luna gentle shook my body with a “please wake up.”. But her shaking, unlike Nazuna, did not include stealing my blanket, so it actually felt quite comforting.
“Breakfast will get cold, you know?”
“I’ll just heat it up later.”
I answered the gentle voice, entrusted my body to the comforting shaking and closed my eyes once again.
For a while Luna continued her shaking attack while saying “today’s breakfast is fish”, “Nazuna-chan and Tomoe-san are waiting” and “please get up” with a gentle voice.
Just when I thought she had given up, I heard a cute “there” exclamation and felt a light pressure on my stomach. Two big and soft things were pressing on my stomach.
The feeling of an unbelievably soft flexibility and a comforting warmth.
I slowly peeked out from my blanket.
“Are you awake?”
A gentle smiling face was right in front of me.
Emerald eyes that were sucking me in. Light red flushed cheeks. And well-formed soft lips.
Her smiling appearance, bathed in the morning sun made her look like a painting. An untainted beauty. A dazzling look. A gentle smiled aimed at me.
I still wondered if all this was just a dream. Luna, who said she would stay with me, was just so pretty that it made me think she was just a delusion of mine.
But the Luna that was on top of me was undoubtedly real. Her body warmth that I felt through the blanket and her sweet fragrance. Also the soft sensation of her big breasts.
For some reason, Luna was waking me up lately with a body press. Her big breasts bounced on top of my stomach, and blew away my sleepiness.
I sat up and scratched my head.
“Morning, Luna.”
I gently patted Luna’s head. Upon that Luna answered with a bright smile.
“Yes, good morning, Shinobu-san.”
Her smile was so good that it could be counted as foul play. I was embarrassed, so I averted my gaze from her. Then I stood up from the bed and grabbed my uniform. And when I was about to change I noticed that Luna was still in my room.
When I turned around, Luna was still smiling and looking at me. For now I took off my top.
“What, you want to see me changing?”
I asked, and Luna got all flustered and rushed out of the room with an “s- sorry!”
Luna was as cute as ever…
It wasn’t all that bad to start a day with Luna’s smile.
While relaxing my cheeks, I quickly changed, left my room and went down the stairs into the bathroom to wash my face. There I was surprised by the handsome guy looking back from the mirror and then the nice aroma of fish and miso soup lured me to the dining kitchen.
* * *
After breakfast I got ready to leave and headed with Luna for the front door, when
“Brother, wait.”
I heard a voice from behind, so I turned around. There I saw my sister Nazuna rushing over in a hurry.
“I’ll wait, so don’t be in such a rush.”
I said with a wry smile, but Nazuna still approached without slowing down, then clung to me with a smile and “meow!”.
The warm body temperature and a soft sensation unique to girls. Also, Nazuna gave off a fragrance like the sun.
When I looked down, a small body and an adorable facial expression filled my vision. Big eyes and soft, pale light red cheeks. Apparently the long hair she had tied up in the back was supposed to symbolize a cat’s tail.
For the record, if I played around by pulling on that long hair, rather than getting angry, she happily clung to me with a “what’s up, Brother?”.
Seeing her happily smile in my arms, made her look like a kitten and was soothing for the heart.
After patting Nazuna’s head lightly, I took my bag from Luna and left the house. Then Nazuna and I waved back at Luna, who send us off in front of the house, and headed to school.
Walking besides me, Nazuna was happily talking about her friends at school while giving me quick glances. Maybe she was around the age where she wanted to be spoiled, as Nazuna said “meow!” again and clung to my arm.
“You’ve been doing that a lot recently.”
I said somewhat wearily to Nazuna, who happily pressed her cheek against me arm.
“But lately, you haven’t been dotting on me much.”
“Is that so?”
Nazuna answered while hugging on my arm more tightly. I said while patting her head lightly,
“Nazucat is acting so spoiled again today.”
No, that wasn’t really something you reply to with a smile.
Actually, you’re acting too spoiled. These days Nazuna was always going to school with me arm in arm. It might be about time I said something about it.
“Nazuna. If I remember correctly, your goal for this year was ‘to become a devilish girl’, right? If you keep acting spoiled like that, you’ll never reach that goal, you know?”
“That’s not true. I have been studying. Watch me, Brother.”
When I wondered what exactly I was to watch, Nazuna suddenly stared at me and said.
“Shinobu-san, I don’t want to go home tonight.”
….Ah, not good. I tried to hold back, but that phrase was so out of place for her that I couldn’t help but snorted with laughter.
“Geez, why are you laughing, Brother? That wasn’t supposed to be funny!”
“Sorry, sorry. But that was just too much for you.”
I said to the troubled Nazuna while suppressing my laughter.
“It’s not. I’ll become sexy like Mom or Luna-san.”
“….I see. Well, mankind was able to travel to the moon, so it isn’t all that unlikely. Give it your all, Nazucat.”
I comfortingly said to Nazuna, who made a confident expression. Upon that Nazuna frowned,.
“Brother, could it be you’re making fun of me?”
“Hey, hey. There’s no way I would ever do that.”
I once again patted Nazuna’s head to fool her.
“You’re right. You wouldn’t do that.”
Nazuna smiled.
Yep, your brother was rather worried about your future.
“Well, for now give up on becoming a devilish girl. It is better that you stay short. It makes you look like a cat.”
Nazuna replied all energetic, probably happy because she was called a cat.
“By the way, I heard that a cat’s highest speed is over 40 km/h.”
“Is that so?”
“Since you also hold the title of a cat, try running at that speed.”
“Eh? Roger? Ah, hey, Nazuna!”
Just when I realized that Nazuna had let go off my arm, it was already too late to stop her. She accelerated at once. Probably seeking attention, she waved back at me with a “try to catch me!” while running.
“Hey, look out in front. It’s dangerous!”
I warned her frantically, but Nazuna continued to run without looking forward. At this rate she was going to bump into someone at the corner, and before I could warn her about it, a girl, who appeared at the corner, crossed right into Nazuna’s path.
“Wa, wawah!”

I was sure Nazuna would totally bump into her, but the movements of the girl were beyond my expectations. Their legs entangled and Nazuna was about to fall over. The girl saw that, and swiftly reached out with both her hands and caught the falling Nazuna.
Her actions were so adept and pretty that. I was charmed by her movements.
Impressed, I rushed over to Nazuna. When I looked at the girl, her straight, long black hair first caught my eye. Followed by her well-formed eyebrows, keen eyes, her ample chest, her firm waist, and her supple, long legs. A beauty with sharp facial features and a bamboo-blade pouch over her shoulder that made her appear so manly.
She was my classmate, Gogyou Hijiri-san.
Her beauty and cool appearance made her popular with not just the boys, but she was actually an exorcist. She was from a family that exorcises and seals devils and the likes. Her power was exceedingly strong.
So at first Gogyou-san tried to exorcist Luna, who was a devil. But after getting to know Luna and her kindness, she offered her help.
Thanks to her, Luna’s existence was kept a secret to the exorcists. That’s what the self-proclaimed Goddess Elni told me.
But Gogyou-san never said a word to me and only helped out from the shadows.
It was understandable why she was popular. Even now, she didn’t scold Nazuna, who came rushing out, and just gently patted her head with an “it’s dangerous, so look out in front when you’re running, okay?”.
Nothing less from the cool beauty, Gogyou-san. After I rushed over, Gogyou-san noticed me and smiled,
“Good morning, Nanjou-kun.”
“Ah, morning. Sorry for all the troubles my sister caused.”
“Eh? This girl is your sister?”
“She’s cute just like me, right?”
Astonished, Gogyou-san looked back and forth between Nazuna and me, and then said.
“….S- sure.”
Gogyou-san averted her gaze and nodded awkwardly.
…That reaction hurt me deeply.
Well, I was a bit aware of my roguish face, so Gogyou-san’s reaction might not have been all that uncalled for.
While I felt a small pain in my chest, Nazuna pulled on my sleeve.
“Hey, Brother. Do you know this pretty girl?”
“Mh? Yeah, she’s a classmate. Her name is Gogyou Hijiri-san. Her catchphrase is: ‘Don’t screw with me. I’ll cut you!’ ”
“Th- That’s not true!”
Gogyou-san denied it hastily, but Nazuna liked it and said “so cool!”.
“So Nazuna, you heard her name, but you aren’t going to reply in turn? If you don’t introduce yourself properly, I’ll lie to her and say you’re a pervert obsessed with cats.”
“Eh? I do love cats. Meow.”
Nazuna tilted her head and meowed.
….I was at a loss on how to react to that.
“Fufu. So you’re Nanjou-kun’s little sister?”
Gogyou-san gently asked Nazuna as if our comments didn’t bother her.
Nazuna nodded and answered energetically.
“Yes, I’m Nanjou Nazuna. Also Nazucat. I love cats. But I love my brother even more.”
It was a weird self-introduction, but Gogyou-san didn’t let any wariness show and said with a smile.
“I see, you really love your brother, Nazuna-chan.”
“Don’t take him away. I’ll bite you if you do. And jump at you.”
Nazuna warned the smiling Gogyou-san.
Seeing that, Gogyou-san gave a delighted “so cute” and extended her hand. Then she started to gently pat Nazuna’s head. Nazuna must liked being patted, as she had a happy expression and clung to Gogyou-san while meowing.

“I envy you, Nanjou-kun. You have such a cute sister.”
Gogyou-san went on while still patting a clinging Nazuna.
“I have a little brother, but he’s quite antisocial and doesn’t play with me like this.”
“I’m sure it’s because you found his hidden porn books and left them on his desk later on.”
“I…I didn’t do that!”
After denying it strongly, Gogyou-san mumbled an “I didn’t do that, but…” and then asked while turning red.
“He’s a boy after all. So I guess he will have those kind of perverted books?”
“Actually he’s only got sister-type ones.”
“Ehh? Sister-type? Those kind of perverted books exist too?”
Apparently, Gogyou-san didn’t know that and turned bright red. Yeah, she was surprisingly innocent. I had believed she would be more resistant against such stuff, since she was popular, but it seemed like I was wrong.
Actually, Gogyou-san had a brother.
While I wondered if her brother looked like her, I shifted my gaze towards Nazuna, who was pulling on Gogyou-san’s arm.
It appeared that Nazuna had taken quite the liking to Gogyou-san, as she was smiling happily.
Gogyou-san also seemed to like Nazuna. She was looking at Nazuna just like at her beloved dog plush-toy, while saying “so cute.”.
And even when we parted with Nazuna, Gogyou-san asked me, “Nazuna-chan seems to love cats, but what about dogs?”, so I answered her with, “She loves basically all animals, but she told me that dogs came after cats in her love-ranking.”.
Hearing that Gogyou-san happily smiled with an “I’m glad.”.

* * *

I chatted about some trivia with Gogyou-san on the way to school and when we arrived at the classroom together,
“Oh, Nanjou. Morning.”
A boy with a handsome face called out to me.
The name of the boy with the wasteful handsome face was Asada Kouta. He was an idiotic and lewd sis-con who had not a single praiseworthy trait and the girls in class said about him: “He would be so cool if he would just say quiet.”.
The pervert Asada noticed Gogyou-san besides me and said with a refreshing smile that was totally unfit for a pervert.
“Morning to you too, Gogyou-san. I dreamt of you last night.”
“What, you had a wet dream, Asada?”
When I warned him wearily with “stop with the sexual harassment so early in the morning,” Gogyou-san turned bright red, hid behind my back and said.
“Asada-kun, you perv.”
“Ehh? N- No. I only said that because I thought it sounded cool. I didn’t mean it in a perverted way. Really.”
“Really? Is that really the case? Can you swear with your sister on the line that you didn’t have any perverted intentions there?”
When I stared at him intensely, Asada’s look wavered. Then he changed the topic,
“M- More importantly, did you two hear about the transfer student?”
What a terrible way to distract us, but I was intrigued by the word “transfer student”.
“Eh? Transfer? Asada… Don’t tell me you’re transferring away?”
“Yeah, my father’s job— wait, it’s not me! Don’t say something so depressing! No one is transferring away, rather it’s the other way around. We’re getting a transfer student!”
“Huh? Why? Who allowed that? I don’t remember ever giving the okay to that.”
“Please be understanding, Master. This isn’t much, but—wait, since when did you have such an authority? And why am I taking out my wallet?”
“Guys, it seems Asada will treat us to some juice.”
I snatched away Asada’s wallet and held it up high. When I shook it, I could hear the clinking sound of pitifully small coins.
“No! Stop it, I don’t get that much allowance! Just try to buy juice with my money! I won’t tell you about the transfer student then!”
“Hey, Inoue. What do you know about the transfer student?”
I ignored Asada and asked my classmate Inoue.
“Don’t ignore me! Listen to me! Also Inoue, if you dare to tell him about the transfer student, I’ll kill you!”
Just how much did he want to tell me about the transfer student?
I returned Asada’s wallet and decided to listen to him together with Gogyou-san.
By the way, I will keep it a secret that Asada’s angry expression was a bit scary.
“So Asada, what’s the transfer student like? A pervert? Or maybe a sicko?”
“Why are there only these two options!? It would be troubling if it were like that!”
Surely, Asada was more than enough for our pervert-quota.
When I nodded, Asada cleared his throat with a COUGH and said with the preface of “Be in awe!”.
“Truth be told, the transfer student is supposed to be some real beauty.”
“Gogyou-san is also a beauty, you know?”
I pointed at Gogyou-san, who stood besides me. Right after which, Gogyou-san shouted “ehh?” in surprise and turned red.
“W- Well, yeah, she sure is, but that’s not the point, Nanjou. A beautiful transfer student, you get it? My chest bursts with excitement—”
“And your groin bursts with desire.”
“Yep, yep, my groin—-Hey, that’s only obvious! She’s a beauty!”
“Ah, sorry.”
Asada was too scared, so I apologized on reflex.
But still, that guy sure got excited quickly. I could understand the fuss about a beautiful transfer student, but Asada was a pervert, so a little warning was in place.
“Asada, I understand your enthusiasm for the beautiful transfer student, but don’t go asking her sexually harassing questions right off the bat.”
“Nanjou, sorry, but I can’t promise that. I can’t betray myself.”
What he said was the utmost worst, but for some strange reason it sounded really cool.
Asada put his hands on my shoulders and continued with a “therefore” and a serious expression.
“If by chance I’m swallowed by my perverted instinct, I want you to stop me.”
“….And if I said no?”
“Then I’ll most likely be arrested.”
“I see. Seems you’ll make an acquaintance with the police rather early. Tell me later if they really serve katsudon in the investigation room.”
“Wh- What an indifferent reaction! Nanjou! You don’t care if I get arrested? And what you mean with rather early!? By the way, if you order the katsudon yourself, you can eat it!”
Why did he know that you can eat katsudon if you order it yourself?
It was just too scary, so I was left with no choice but to nod.
“…W- Well, I’ll stop you if it comes to that.”
I said while backing off a bit. Then Asada gave me a wink and said some gross thing, “That’s why I love you.”. Just when I wondered what I was to do about this pervert, Gogyou-san, who had been watching us two, giggled and said.
“You two are such close friends.”
“Not at all.”
“Ehh? You’re supposed to nod there!”
When I denied it outright, Asada raised a sad voice.
Then we three continued to chat for a while until the bell rang. The classroom door opened with a clatter and our baby-faced homeroom teacher Hiiragi (25) appeared.
If that had been all, it wouldn’t have been any different from usual, but behind Hiiragi-sensei followed a girl that caught my eye.
Most likely a foreigner. Red hair. A somewhat sharp gaze. Beautiful legs extending from her short skirt, covered by black knee-socks. She emitted an indescribable sex appeal.
A beauty that made everyone turn to her.
She was the transfer student that Asada spoke about, but this went beyond my expectations. For a moment I was captured, but Asada besides me looked at her with a stupid expression, so my reasoning returned all too quickly.
As usual Asada served as a cautionary tale straight from the textbook… But it seems that I wasn’t the only one, who had his heart captured by the transfer student.
Like always all students were returning to their seats, but even when Hiiragi-sensei stood at the teacher’s desk with the transfer student, the commotion wouldn’t die down.
I could hear stuff like, “A beauty”, “She got great style” and “I want to be stepped on by these legs”.
Well, there was one abnormal one mixed in, but let’s just ignore that.
Hiiragi-sensei exhorted the class with “everyone, be quiet” in her usual kind and slow-paced voice, then waited for it to quiet down. Then she wrote “Machina Liebelei Orangelo” on the blackboard and introduced the transfer student.
The transfer student bowed to Hiiragi-sensei, then took a step forwards.
All gazes were focused at the transfer student at the front. But she didn’t seem to be nervous and was confidently, yet contemptuously looking back at the other students. That attitude made her look like some kind of queen.
Mh, surely the transfer student was a beauty, but a different type from Gogyou-san. If you compared her to flowers, she would be a rose. She emitted an aura that made it difficult to approach her.
The transfer student calmly let her gaze wander over all students, then,
“I’m Machina Liebelei Orangelo. Nice to meet you.”
She showed an alluring smile.
Right after, the boys in the class started to give enchanted sighs.
For some reason, even Hiiragi-sensei had an enchanted expression, then she said with a smile.
“Guys, Orangelo-san came to Japan because of her father’s work. So she’s still not used to Japan yet. She doesn’t seem to have any problems with Japanese, but there might be some things in our culture that trouble her. So please kindly help her out if that happens.”
The boys reacted with enthusiastic agreement to Hiiragi-sensei’s words. Hiiragi-sensei noted that with a nod, then faced the transfer student.
“Okay, it’s time for the long-awaited questioning time of the transfer student. Does anyone have a question for her? I certainly do. How do I can become as beautiful as you, Orangelo-san?”
The usual questioning time of the transfer student.
Baby-face Hiiragi-sensei asked the transfer student full of interest.
But the answer was an “I don’t really do anything special”, so she dropped her shoulders and mumbled “if only I were a bit taller and prouder…”.
I highly doubted it would change anything if she were a bit taller and prouder.
Actually, why was she the first to ask a question? I made a wry smile, but no one else in class followed after her. Overwhelmed by her elegant appearance, no one dared to open their mouth.
But suddenly a “yes!” broke the heavy silence and a male student stood up. It was our audaciousness special corps leader, Asada Kouta.
“Seat number 1, Asada Kouta! I have a question for the transfer student!”
Asada said while looking straight at the transfer student.
“Please tell me your three sizes!”
There was the anticipated question. The girls gave Asada cold and piercing looks. And for some reason the boys looked up to Asada in awe. But the problem was the transfer student. She wasn’t disturbed at all by the sexual harassment from Asada.
“If you want me to tell you, then beg for it properly.”
She said with a faint smile.
“I’m not all that opposed to telling you if you get on your knees.”
She appeared so much like a queen that it sent a shiver down your spine.
The transfer student had said it with an amused expression and but Asada reacted surprisingly quickly. “Don’t underestimate me! I don’t have a single shred of pride!” He jumped in front of the transfer student with a diving roll.
He kneeled on the floor like he was used to it.
It was my first time seeing someone without any pride. Even the transfer student was surprised for a moment, but shortly after she laughed a “fufu” and said while looking down on Asada.
“Not telling you.”
What a betrayal! I pitied Asada a bit. But Asada himself didn’t pay any mind to the back-stabbing and was writhing on the floor with a “what a thrill!” and a not-so-dissatisfied expression.
The transfer student just passed by Asada and looked around the classroom. Then she suddenly met my eyes, give off an alluring smile and walked straight to my desk. Then she looked directly into the eyes and said.
“— You, become my slave.”
The moment she told me that, my heart skipped a beat.
For some reason her amber eyes had the power to entrance whoever she looked at and made it impossible to decline— But, so what? I was the great Shinobu. There is no way I, the great Shinobu, would become a slave!
The boys were making a ruckus with “So lucky!”, so for now I clapped on Katou’s shoulder, who sat beside me, and said,.
“Good for you, Katou. She wants you to be her slave.”
“Ehh? M- Me? You sure you want me?”
“Of course not! Don’t be stupid! I mean him. Him!”
She rejected and silenced the surprised Katou, then shouted with her finger pointing at me. Upon that I looked away and answered.
“I’m currently not there.”
“You’re right in front of me!”
“I said I’m not here, so I’m not. If you have business with me, please tell your preference in men after the BEEP.”
“Huh? What are you going on about?”
I didn’t answer the perplexed transfer student and just put up my hand and said “BEEP!”. Hearing that the transfer student got even more perplexed. Then,
“Ehm, I… I prefer a man that dotes on me— wait, what are you making me say!”
The transfer student got red and angry. She might be the easy-to-trick type.
Hearing the transfer student’s words, the boys went “OHH”, but I ignored that and whispered to Katou beside me.
“That’s your chance, Katou. Show her your manliness. Tell her ‘Jump into my arms, my kitten!’.”
“Ehh? Me again? If you say so…”
Katou stood up with a somewhat unhappy expression, face the transfer student, spread his arms and shouted.
“My chest will always be open for you! Now jump into my arms, my kitten!!”
“….You should go see a doctor. This will be my seat now, so get lost.”
Receiving the transfer student’s cold words, Katou froze on the spot with his arms still spread open. But then he snapped and glared at the transfer student with a “This is my seat! I won’t give up my place besides Nanjou-kun!”.
The transfer student took his glare head on, then slowly placed her hand on Katou’s chin.
“Get lost.”
Just that.
For some reason, Katou became enchanted and nodded with a “yes”. Then he took his bag and went away. The transfer student didn’t even give Katou a glimpse and naturally said down in Katou’s (former) seat. She really did behave like a queen. But Hiiragi-sensei had no intention to reprimand her because of that and said to me with a merry smile.
“Nanjou-kun, Orangelo-san hasn’t received any textbooks yet, so don’t be a meany and share yours with her.”
I just gave simple nod, at which time Hiiragi-sensei ended this morning’s homeroom and left the classroom. And in her place, our history teacher Kuroki came in and started the first period.
When Kuroki started his lesson at the front, the transfer student immediately started talking to me.
“Hey, Nanjou.”
“Mh? What’s up, transfer student? Actually, how do you know my name? Let me guess, you’re a stalker.”
“No. The teacher called you that earlier.”
“Ah, right. Still, don’t call me by my name so casually.”
“Then how should I call you?”
“Call me Master.”
“Okay. Master it is. If you become my slave, I wouldn’t mind calling you that— wait, that would make me the slave! I’m the master here!”
When the transfer student shouted that, Kuroki at the front warned her with a “we’re in class, so keep it quiet.”. The transfer student was surely glaring at me, so I gave her a wink in return. Upon that her cheeks twitched angrily. Then she took a deep breath and steadied her emotions.
Mhm, surely now she understood that I wouldn’t become her slave.
I nodded and faced Kuroki at the blackboard.
“Hey, Nanjou.”
She called out to me again.
“I still don’t have any textbooks.”
“I know.”
“So hurry and show me yours.”
The transfer student moved over, but I hid my books with my arm and said.
“If you want me to show you the books, ask for it properly.”
“Wh- What was that? Show them to me already!”
“That’s not how you ask for a favour.”
“Then what do you want me to do?”
I wrinkled my nose at the unhappy transfer student and answered.
“When you get on your knees and say ‘Please!’, I’m not so opposed to telling you.”
“What, so you’ll show them to me when I just kneel down? Mh, the floor doesn’t look all the hard— wait, there’s no way I would do that! Why are you acting so arrogant!?”
No, I didn’t want to be told that by you. You said the very same stuff to Asada, is what I said back in my heart. The transfer student, who had momentarily stood up, crossed her arms with “hmph” and sat back down. Then she looked sideways while pouting.
“Forget it! I- It’s not like I want to see your textbooks or anything!”
When the transfer student said that, I moved at the speed of light. I presented my book to the transfer student and said with a smile.
“Wh- Why! Why are you showing it to me the moment I say that I don’t want to see them? You’re stultifying yourself!”
I wasn’t really stultifying myself.
I was merely moved by her tsundere act.
She herself didn’t seem to be aware of it, but it was a bit cute.
The transfer student somewhat forcibly grabbed the book from my hand and surprisingly followed the class seriously, maybe due to the fact that Japanese classes were new to her.
But when the bell heralded the end of the fourth period, the transfer student stood up, crossed her arms and said while looking down on me.
“My room is around twelve square metres big.”
“Fufu, mine is around sixteen— wait, that’s not it! No one asked the size of your room! Idiot!”
Her arrogant tone changed completely. The transfer student angrily kicked my shin. It hurt quite a bit.
“Geez, what a violent girl…”
While complaining, I asked “what you want?”, whereupon the transfer student said, while still looking down on me.
“Nanjou, bring me to the cafeteria.”
“Nope. Ask someone else.”
I rejected her outright with a smile, whereon the transfer student got confused as she didn’t expect me to reject her. Then,
“Why! Just show me the way!”
She kicked my shin again while shouting angrily. My shin really started to hurt, so I rose from my chair and turned my back to the transfer student, ready to flee. But,
“Ah, wait, where are you going!”
I couldn’t get away. The transfer student grabbed me by my shoulders and I turned around with a sigh. I answered with a shrug,
“I’m not going to involve myself with a violent person like you anymore. Go eat some plain udon at the cafeteria all by yourself.”
I said all lowbrow, after which the transfer student frowned and opened her mouth to say something…but in the end she closed it again. Then she face sideways and said with a quiet voice.
“…Fine. I’ll go alone. It’s not like I’m lonely… or anything.”
Contrary to her words, she looked really lonely.
When I looked closer, her eyes were wet and tears started to well up.
“W- Well, you don’t necessarily  have to go alone. You can asked someone else from class besides me. I’m sure they would be happy to.”
I suggested that as I couldn’t bear it any longer. The transfer student dropped her head sadly.
“That’s not going to work. Everyone is looking at me from afar and whispering, but no one won’t come to speak with me… Even if I asked them, they would decline.”
The transfer student said unhappily. Her expression was a bit woeful.
Could it be she was insecure on her first day of transferring schools?
She acted all arrogant the whole time, so I wasn’t considering that…. but that’s how it was. A new school and on top a foreign one. Everyone would be insecure because of that.
Still, there was one thing she seemed to have misunderstood.
“Listen, the reason no one comes talking to is that you’re a beauty. I believe it’s hard to approach you, since you’re too pretty. So be at ease and ask them.”
Upon my words, the transfer student babbled a “wh- wha-wha-wha…” and turned bright red. But soon enough she glared at me and said,
“… But you declined it.”
Technically she was glaring at me, but her eyes were filled with tears.
… She was insecure after all.
“My bad. I’m at fault there. I’ll show you the way.”
I lightly bowed my head to the transfer student as I reflected on my actions. After that she frowned and kicked my shin, while mumbling “idiot!”. Then she said “Get going already” and turned away.
I shrugged and nodded. Then I took my lunch box out from my bag, left the class room together with the transfer student and walked down the hallway.
When the students in the hallway spotted the transfer student, they all got an ecstatic expression and looked jealously at me. And when we passed by, I could hear stuff like “what a beauty”, “she got great style” or “I want her to scold me” from behind.
Maybe she thought that it wasn’t about her, as she walked with a carefree expression.
By the way, I could also hear voices saying stuff like “aww, the transfer student will be tainted by Nanjou”, “he’s going to train another one” or “he’s going to brainwash her”.
Yeah, I really didn’t understand what the other took me for.
I sighed in my heart and entered the cafeteria with the transfer student.
The cafeteria was crowded with students, but the atmosphere was laid-back and laughter could be heard everywhere.
The transfer student curiously glanced around the cafeteria, then shifted her attention to the menu.
“Hey, Nanjou. Which one is good?”
She asked me while reading the menu. I honestly replied, “No clue.”.
“I mainly eat my lunch box, so I rarely go to the cafeteria.”
I said, while showing her my lunch box. Upon hearing that the transfer student gave a small sigh.
“You’re so useless.”
“Hey, hey. Don’t say that. Even he can be used as a backstop when it counts.”
I said while gently clapping some random male student’s shoulder. The transfer student also nodded and said.
“Yeah, true. When it counts, he— wait, who is that! I was talking about you! And what’s that about a backstop? You mean he’s going to serve as a shield? That’s just too sad!”
Even when the transfer student said that, the apparently junior male student said “…. In any event I’m just useless” and left with a pitiful smile that tickled your motherly instinct.
“Hey, you just hurt this boy!”
“Well, don’t sweat it. More importantly, what are you going to eat? If nothing piques your interest, why don’t you take the daily special, which is a sure hit?”
When I suggest that, the transfer student stopped her leg, which she was going to kick me with, and nodded hesitantly.
 ”… Okay, I’ll do that, so go buy it for me.”
When I nodded honestly,
“Why are you accepting so obediently?!”
The transfer student got angry for some reason.
“….Ehm, you don’t like that?”
I asked surprised, after which she said while turning red.
“Y- You only spout nonsense, so I was prepared not to get dragged in this time… .All in vain now!”
Not like telling me that unhappily was going to change anything.
Anyway, there was only one thing on my mind right now.
“You’re surprisingly cute.”
“S- Shut up!”
She turned bright red and while kicking my shin, she angrily shouted, “When you’re just a lowly slave!”. I didn’t remember ever becoming her slave though. Well, it was her first day here today, so I’ll overlook it.
I handed my lunch box to the transfer student with a wry smile. I asked her to “go save us some seats”, then went to the cafeteria lady and ordered the daily special. After waiting for a while, I got my order from the cafeteria lady, put it on a tray and headed over to the transfer student.
Amidst the crowd, she sat at a table with an insecure expression, but when she saw me, she showed a bit more relieved expression.
That behaviour was just too cute, but if I had told her that she would surely get angry again, so I stayed quiet.
I said “thanks for the wait” and sat down across from her. I loosened the wrapping around my lunch box and lifted the lid. Then I noticed that the transfer student was staring at my lunch box full of curiosity.
“What? You want this?”
“I- I didn’t really say I want it!”
I had asked casually, when the transfer student answered all flustered.
“I see.”
I nodded and stuck my chopsticks into my lunch box. After which she looked somewhat enviously at it.
I wouldn’t have minded sharing it, but it was made by Luna and just so delicious that I finished it all by myself in the end…

* * *

After finishing lunch, the transfer student looked at the clock of the cafeteria. She mumbled “we still have some time until afternoon classes” and shifted her gaze towards me.
“Nanjou, now show me around school.”
“Mh? What, you want to see the karate club? Or the judo club? Or could it even be the kendo club?”
“Why is it only martial art clubs? Show me around the whole of the school!”
The transfer student said in a commanding tone. She really was arrogant. While sighing, I nodded a “sure, sure” and stood up.
“So, where do you want to go?”
I asked casually, but she looked at me unhappily for some reason and said.
“I noticed, you’re always calling me with ‘you’ or ‘transfer student’, but not once have you called me by my name. Just call me by my name already.”
“… What was your name again?”
“How did you forget it already!?”
“Wait, don’t kick me. I was just kidding. I remember it all right… Mash-san.”
“Who’s Mash!? You forgot it after all!”
“Wait, wait. I’ll remember it, so give me a moment.”
I avoided the incoming kicks from Mash-san (alias) towards my shin, put my finger on my sleeve and pondered.
“Mhm, I remember it was a feminine name.”
“Obviously, since I am a girl! If you don’t get a grip, I’ll send you flying!”
“Eh? You were a girl!?”
“Can’t you see that!?”
The transfer student stuck out her big chest. I looked at these breasts in doubt and said.
“… They might be fake. I heard medicine is working wonders these days.”
“Then make sure by touching them!”
I had no clue what was going on in her head, but she shouted angrily, tightly grabbed my hand and pressed it on her own breast. Instantly a soft sensation was transmitted to my palm. When I looked down, I saw my hand pressing down the breasts of the transfer student, changing its form.
A soft sensation and fair flexibility in my palm. For a moment it made me want to fondle her breasts, but,
“S- Say, isn’t this going too far?”
I hastily warned the transfer student. She probably had forgotten herself in the excitement. My voice brought her back and she realized what she was doing. She turned bright red and then she fiercely stared at me with teary eyes.
“Y- You pervert! Pervert, pervert, pervert! Where are you touching?!”
“No, you made me touch it, you know?”
I shook my hand while pledging my innocence. The transfer student raised her leg and aimed a sharp kick at my face. On reflex, I bent my upper body slightly back to avoid that kick. The transfer student’s short skirt fluttered wildly, making her black panties visible.
“Oh, black.”
In my surprise I unintentionally voiced out the colour of her panties… which wasn’t good.
When I face the dreadful transfer student, she was red up to her eyes, either due to shame or anger. Still with teary eyes, she glared at me and shouted.
“Perv! Idiot! Pervert!”
While shouting that, she gave me a wonderful double slap on the cheek.
I put up with that, but after the slap, she merciless kicked my shin and with an “hmph”, she turned around and walked away.
“Ah, hey. Where are you going? What about the tour?”
I hastily cried after her, but she didn’t turn around.
I scratched my head and walked beside her. I apologized with an “my bad”, but the transfer student didn’t respond and simply kicked my shin again. Then she walked away alone.
Looks like I made her truly angry.
I tried to apologize, but whenever I tried to talk to her after that, she didn’t respond. She continued to face sideways and ignore me. So without properly apologizing, fifth period started, followed by sixth period and before I noticed, all the classes were already over.
“Okay, I’ll try my best tomorrow.”
Making an irresponsible statement, I grabbed my bag and left the classroom. I heard someone shout “hey, Nanjou” behind my back, but I was the ace of the going-home club. I wasn’t on cleaning duty today either, so I didn’t turn around and just quickly walked down the hallway, heading for the shoe locker.
Today, a novel I had been looking forward to was going on sale. Enthusiastic, I set out for the station.

* * *

I put the novel I purchased in my bag and left the book store through the automatic door.
Just when I was going to hurry home to read the novel,
“— Mh?”
I suddenly felt a gaze on my back.
… This wasn’t just an ordinary gaze. It was filled with something close to hostility.
Still, I was learning the old martial arts, the Nanjou School of the mental moon-state water, at my gramps’ doujo. My gramps, the head instructor, was either strict or just stupid; in any case he would launch an “ambush” on me, be it at home, on the streets, or even at school. Therefore my body learnt to sense such a presence.
But whose gaze was it? If it were my gramps, he would try to hide his presence as best as possible. He wouldn’t direct such obvious hostility at me.
I didn’t know who it was, so I couldn’t afford to act carelessly. I slowly turned my head around.
“… Strange.”
When I turned around, there was no one there. At the same, the presence I felt was gone.
… Did I imagine it?
“I certainly felt something…”
I mumbled while turning my head back. For a while, I walked down the lively street while paying attention to the people, when suddenly,
I saw a sign saying “Bargain Sale.”.
“Guess I’ll take a look.”
It piqued my interest, so I entered the western clothes shop that was running a sale. When I was randomly looking at some clothes,
I unintentionally let out a voice.
I found a mature-looking tunic blouse. It had a deep V-neck and a full-moon embroidery at the chest.
This surely would suit Luna. Thinking that, I took the blouse to confirm the price.
“Quite cheap.”
Let’s make it a present for Luna. I took the blouse and headed for the cash register, when— I spotted a familiar face.
Big red eyes, radiant silver hair tied up in twin tails and wearing the usual oversized yellow hoodie… What was she doing here?
I often saw her loitering in front of a restaurant with a sad expression due to hunger, but it was my first time seeing her in such a place. I approached her, since it made me curious.
By appearance, Elni was a pretty girl, but she was a weirdo, who claimed to be a “Goddess.”.
Previously I had treated the starving Elni to some food, whereupon she happily said “as thanks I’ll give you a guardian spirit!” and gave me a silver-blue ring. This ring, which I was currently wearing, apparently had the power to link relations, which made it possible for Luna and me to reunite.
That’s why I was grateful to Elni and ready to treat her again when she was starving, but…
What was up with her today?
Elni was looking at various clothes. Then she found a camisole with an adorable design and her eyes began to sparkle.
But when she looked at the price of the camisole, Elni made a sad expression. She took out a small wallet from the pocket of her hoodie and worriedly peeked inside. Then she looked heart-broken and sighed. After that, she watched the nearby dressed up girls with an envious look.
Elni was a girl after all too. A bit surprised, I draw closer to her.
“Yo. It’s rare seeing you in such a place.”
I called out to her.
When Elni noticed me, her face brightened up and she said “Shinobu!”. But when she saw the blouse in my hand, she made a somewhat awkward expression, turned her back to me and was going to leave.
“Eh? Ah, hey, wait. Why are you leaving?”
I was a bit hurt and hastily grabbed Elni’s shoulders. That’s when Elni pressed her hands on her ears and shouted,
“I don’t know anything! I haven’t met you here! So rest assured, I know nothing about your cross-dressing fetish!”
Suddenly all gazes were focused on me.
Elni was shaking while muttering “To think Shinobu had such a fancy…”. What was I going to do?
People around us gave me a distant look and mumbled “a pervert”, so I thought it would be alright if I were to lightly place a chop on Elni’s head. But then Elni frowned and shouted, probably agitated by the word pervert.
“Who said pervert! Shinobu isn’t a pervert! What’s the problem with cross-dressing!? Shinobu is Shinobu! I won’t allow you to make fun of him!”
A rare sight of the angry Elni, who stood in front of me as to shield me. Upon Elni’s outburst, the people gave a sorry expression and gave me an affectionate look.
The situation hadn’t gotten any better, rather I believed it had gotten worse. Either way, I understand that Elni was the type to accept me, even if I were to have a cross-dressing fetish.
I pulled down my arm, which was ready for a chop attack, and said with a sigh,
“Let me tell you, this blouse is a present for Luna. There’s no way I would wear it.”
“Ehh? I- Is that so? Ehm, well… Sorry.”
Elni turned red when she realized her mistake and lowered her head. And when she raised her head she mumbled “a present, huh” and looked enviously at the blouse.
She was making an expression that was saying “I’m so envious”.
I gave a wry smile and looked at the camisole, which had caught Elni’s eye before.
“Hey, you have been checking out these clothes so intensely, but you aren’t going to try them on?”
“… I would love to, but I can’t afford them.”
When I asked, Elni replied despondently.
“I see. Still, trying it on doesn’t cost anything. Why don’t you try it on? I’ll laugh at you when it doesn’t suit you.”
“Th- That’s rude! Just wait! Anything looks good on a Goddess! Right now I’m wearing a hoodie, but in my mind it’s a fine dress!”
While saying something rather cool, Elni took the camisole and headed for the changing room. I also followed behind her.
In front of the changing room Elni turned around and warned me with a “don’t go peeping on me just because I’m so charming!”, whereupon I replied “I can’t promise that.”.
What that, Elni gave off a happy smile and went into the changing room.
Elni seemed pleased for some reason, but such innocence was usually not good.
If I were to deny the peeping, she would get depressed thinking she lacks charm and if I were to say I’ll peep, she would reprimand me as a pervert.
Girls sure were difficult. While I stood in front of the changing room with my arms crossed, I was pondering that… When suddenly the curtain of the changing room opened and Elni, wearing the white camisole, appeared.
“How is it?!”
Elni, standing in front of me with a smile, was undoubtedly cute. Her pretty collarbone line on the pure white skin was quite charming. How should I describe it? She was so adorable that it made you want to hug her and pat her head.
“It suits you. Really cute.”
I forgot about teasing her and inadvertently told her the truth.
Elni wasn’t expecting a praise, gave off an “eh?” in surprise and turned bright red.
“W- Well, I’m a Goddess, so it’s only obvious! Feel free to praise me some more!”
Elni threw out her chest, but her cheeks were red and a smile was forming at the corner of her mouth.
That appearance was so charming that I couldn’t get enough of it. I squinted happily and watched Elni, who spun around and took poses like a model.
But the delighted Elni soon dropped her shoulders.
“… I want it, but can’t afford it.”
She mumbled quietly as if talking to herself.
I scratched my head, approached Elni and confirmed the price on the camisole’s price tag.
It certainly was expensive, but not out of my budget.
“It suits you, so shall I buy it for you?”
Hearing my words Elni was surprised and looked back and forth at me and the camisole she was wearing.
“Really? Are you sure?”
She asked with sparkles in her eyes.
No way I could take it back now with these eyes. When I nodded, Elni gave off a bright smile.
“Thanks, Shinobu!”
She suddenly hugged onto me. Then she gave me a light kiss on the cheek and, while smiling, went back into the changing room in a good mood.
As for me, I was in Heaven due to the soft sensation of Elni’s lips. I had definitely calmed down by the time Elni came out of the changing room, but her smile was still cute beyond my expectations, so I couldn’t look her in the eyes. Elni apparently wasn’t embarrassed about the kiss as she headed straight for the cash register.
What’s more, when I slowly followed, Elni came back with a smile.
“Shinobu, Shinobu. Hurry up.”
She jerked on my sleeve and pointed to the cash register.
“You’re stretching my clothes, so stop it.”
“Then I’ll do this.”
When I admonished her, she clung to my arm.
Now that was stretching my weakness for women, so stop it.
I retorted in my mind. Though, the small, yet squishy and soft sensation made me excited while I was taken to the cash register by Elni and paid the bill.
The full-moon embroidered blouse and the white camisole together were quite expensive and hurt my wallet. But seeing Elni happily hugging on the paper bag with the camisole, made me accept these expenses.
Elni continued to thank me with a smile and remained in a good mood.
It was a bit distressing how a single piece of clothing made her so happy. So I walked while avoiding Elni’s gaze.
Then I parted with Elni at the crossroad and hurried home under the setting sky.
In the bag in my right hand was the present for Luna, the full-moon embroidered blouse.
I wondered if Luna would be as happy as Elni.
With these thoughts, I reach the house and opened the front door with an “I’m home.”
Immediately, Luna stuck out her head from the living room. After that Nazuna, still in her school uniform, since she probably only just got home too, showed her face too. They saw me and came over with a smile.
“Welcome back, Shinobu-san.”
“Welcome home, Brother.”
They greeted me. I replied with a “yo” and handed Luna the paper bag.
“Eh? What’s this?”
Puzzled, Luna tilted her head. I looked away and replied.
“Well, uhm, I found this nice piece of clothing, so I bought it. If you like it, wear it.”
I couldn’t come up with any cool-sounding lines, since I was embarrassed.
While regretting my lack of words, I snuck a peek at Luna. Luna took out the full-moon embroidered blouse and stared at it. Then her eyes suddenly got teary.
Eh? H- Huh? She disliked it so much it made her cry?
“S- Sorry. You don’t like it?”`
I hastily apologized, but Luna shook her head with a “no” and said.
“I’m…just too happy…”
Luna said, with her voice catching, “Shinobu-san, thank you so much” and tightly hugged the blouse while showing me a smile with her still teary eyes.
I didn’t expect her to be that happy, so I got a bit embarrassed. When I scratched my cheek,
“Good for you, Luna-san.”
Nazuna, who had watched everything, smiled, then she held out her hand to me and said.
“So Brother, where’s mine?”
“There’s none.”
I spread both my hands and resolutely told Nazuna, whose eyes were sparkling with hopes for a gift. The novel, the blouse and camisole. I had spent quite the sum today. I wanted to avoid any further expenses.
“Sorry, Nazuna.”
I lightly stroked Nazuna’s head in an apology.
“… I don’t get anything.”
Nazuna dropped her shoulders. Then,
“Hmph, fine. I’ll play games. Games are fun. And I won’t let you play them.”
She turned on her heels and went away pouting.
“…Luna. Please give Nazuna an extra portion for dinner today.”
“Yes, I understand.”
Still moved, Luna nodded with her teary eyes.

* * *

After dinner, I returned to my room. When I opened the novel I bought today, there was a knock on my door. I asked, “Who’s there?”, but without an answer the doorknob turned with a clatter, and my mother entered the room with flushed cheeks as she just came out of the bath.
Like always, she had a pretty face and didn’t look her age at all. While I was thinking that she would get hit on by young boys on the street, since she looked so young, my mother approached and called out to me with “Shinobu”.
I answered with “good enough”, but she ignored me and looked down at the novel.
“Oh, the now volume is out. I’ll read it first, so hand it over.”
She casually said something unreasonable, then snatched the novel from my hands. When I reached out to take it back—- a punch came flying at my hands.
“I’ll give it back tomorrow. Anyway, the bath is free, so go in. You’re the last one and we can’t run the washing machine when you haven’t taken one. That’s troubling Luna.”
Hitting someone while talking as nothing had happened was one of my mother great traits.
I gave up on the novel and made my way to the bath with a sigh. As I took my clothes off in the anteroom, I noticed that the lights in the bath were on. My mother must have forgotten to turn it off. Thinking what a troublesome mother I had, I opened the door to the bath.
What instantly came into my vision were two big and well-formed swellings that also had an enormous volume. They were big breasts. Like watermelons, they were floating in the bathtub.
The blonde beauty, who was lying in the bathtub with a blissful expression, had settled back at the edge and was stretching her arms with a “mhm~”, and the breasts, probably due to buoyancy, lifted up… Hey, wait.
Why was Luna in the bath!?
I looked at Luna perplexed.
“… ?”
Then suddenly our eyes met.
— Instantly Luna widened her eyes in surprise with an “eh?”.
Then I covered myself with my arms and shouted,
“I’m sorry!”
When I screamed, Luna, the actual victim, covered her face with her hands and apologized for some reason.
Mhm, my playing the victim act was successful, but soon enough I recovered my reasoning and shouted, “Sorry, I’ll close it right away.”. Then I entered the bath and closed the door.
“Fuh, all good n— wait, not good at all! Am I stupid!?”
I was too agitated. Why did I just go into the bath like it was nothing? Surely, seeing Luna in the bath was quite charming. And I really wanted to see more of it, but if I did, Luna was going to hate me. I hastily turned around and reached for the door.
“S- Sorry, I’ll get out right away.”
I said hastily.
“Shinobu-san, please wait a moment.”
I heard Luna’s abashed voice from behind. Then I heard her rising out of the bathtub, walking over the tiles and grabbing my arm.
“Uhm, Shinobu-san, I’ll get out, so you take a bath. Or you will catch a cold.”
“No, I’m fine. Rather you’ll get a cold, so take your time.”
I replied quickly, when Luna hesitated for a moment and then,
“…. Then should we go in together?”
She shyly asked.
That was quite the appealing suggestion, but if I did that, all my reasoning would go out of the window.
I sneaked a peek behind me, Luna, with her hair tied up and fully exposing her beautiful neck, was unnaturally erotic. While she was covering her breasts with one arm, a fantastic valley still was visible. I could even tell the full size of her breasts.
What’s more, besides the breasts, everything was fully visible. Her slender waist, her small navel and even further down….
“Shinobu-san, ehm, please don’t stare so much.”
My reasoning returned with those words.
Damn. It was supposed to be a sneaking look, but I was totally busted!
Luna let go of my arm and shyly hide her body with both of her arms.
That appearance was so erotic that my reasoning cracked again.
… At this rate my reasoning would say good-bye forever.
When I realized that, I swiftly grabbed the doorknob
“S- Sorry. I’ll go in later.”
And turned the knob in a hurry.
“… Like I thought, you don’t like going in together with me?”
A sad voice echoed throughout the bath.
Stop it, Luna. When you say that my resolve to leave the bath crumbles.
“It’s not like I don’t like it…”
I answered with my hand still on the doorknob, when Luna asked apprehensively,
“…Shinobu-san, just now you saw my boobies… .well… do you think they looked strange?”
These words were agitating me to no end, so I took a big breath in my mind and calmly replied with a “why would you ask that?”. Then Luna said with little self-esteem,
“It was on the TV before. It said Japanese men preferred small breasts. So when they’re too big…. you will be hated…. they said….”
Luna uttered sadly.
I had no clue if that TV show was correct or not, but let me officially tell you that a woman’s charm wasn’t decided by the size of her breasts.
Luna looked depressed.
“Do you prefer small ones too, Shinobu-san?”
She mumbled. More important than the size of breasts were feelings, no?
I let go off the doorknob and gently said,.
“The size doesn’t matter when you’re in love. There’s more to it than what the TV says. Besides, while I only got a quick look at them, your breasts were beautiful. You can be proud of them. They’re charming enough. I… I like them.”
Hallways, around the “charming enough” part, my voice turned really quiet, but she didn’t really have to hear it anyway. I scratched my head and turned around without looking at Luna, and headed for the bathtub. Then I went into the bathtub with my back to her.
Since it was Luna, she would get depressed with “I knew that my breasts were strange” if I refused to go into the bath with her, so I had no other choice.
Though if you asked if I had any lewd thoughts, I couldn’t really say I hadn’t any.
Still, I had resolved to keep my reasoning.
However, Luna didn’t seem to notice my dilemma. Following, she entered the bathtub cautiously, and said “Shinobu-san” with a sweet voice and hugged onto my back.
Instantly, the indescribable softness from two fruits pressed against my back. Skin to skin. The softness and warmth felt great.
“Thank you, Shinobu-san. You took away one of my worries.”
Luna whispered gently into my ear. At the same time she wrapped her arms around my chest and tightly hugged me. Obviously the soft and elastic big breasts were pressing tightly on my back.
U- Universe. Truly watermelons. Import goods were different after all. Luna’s unparalleled breasts pressed on my back and I noticed a different softness from the centre of the breasts, when,
“O- Ohh?”
I got a nosebleed.
I hastily pressed my hand on my nose, which made my palm blood red. Luna must have seen that from behind.
“A- Are you okay?”
Luna asked in panic and got off my back for a moment.
But in the next moment, I felt two soft sensations on my right shoulder. Big and quite heavy, they were undoubtedly Luna’s breasts. Luna rested both her breasts on my right shoulder and leaned forward while looking at me.
“I- I’m fine.”
I turned my eyes from the worried Luna, when pretty breasts entered my vision. From between the two ripe fruits flowed out water and a pink— when I saw all that, for some reason my nose got strangely hot and before I noticed it, I got another nosebleed.
“Bomb A Head!”
“Ahh, Shinobu-san!”
Once again I heard Luna’s panicked voice, but my consciousness did a break out there.
Amidst my fading consciousness, I extended my hand and felt a great softness, but I couldn’t confirm what it was and fainted.

* * *

My memory was cruelly vague.
For some reason I woke up in the bath’s anteroom, while being dressed by the bright red Luna. Then I staggered out of the anteroom while borrowing Luna’s shoulder. Luna was wearing the full-moon embroidered blouse that I gave her today as a present. The cleavage showing out of the V-neck was erotic.
While I did remember that I took a bath together with Luna, I had no memories of why I collapsed. For some reason my body was swaying like from anaemia.
While thinking how strange that was, Luna guided me to the living room, where my mother sat on the sofa and was reading my novel. She looked up at us, who just got out of the bath, and said with a smirk,
“Oh, could it be you took a bath together?”
My mother was smiling with a “you’re so close”.
“Hey, Mom. Why did you tell me to take a bath when Luna was still in there?”
When I glared at her, my mother still smiled and said,
“A reward. Luna-chan is helping around the house so much, so it’s a little reward for her.”
“Huh? What the…?”
I tilted my head, unable to understand her words. But Luna seemed to have understood, as she turned red and lowered her head.
“Tomoe-san, thank you.”
The two of them seemed to understand, but I had no clue. I sat down on the near sofa with a puzzled expression and looked at the TV. It showed a cat, wearing a red headband, agilely running through the desert.
“Ah, Nazuna is playing a game.”
I muttered and looked at Nazuna, who was holding the controller. Nazuna looked back and forth between Luna and me, paused her game and asked,
“Huh? Brother, you went into the bath with Luna-san?”
“Yeah, I think so. I don’t really remember it though.”
I answered while settling back into the sofa. For some reason, Nazuna looked enviously at Luna, then shifted her gaze back to me and said,
“Brother, take a bath with me too.”
“Eh, no way. I’m not a child.”
It was too embarrassing, so I rejected outright, whereupon Nazuna pouted unhappily.
“But you took one with Luna-san.”
“And it’s okay.”
When I said it proudly, Nazuna pouted even more.
“Hmph, fine. I’ll play my game. Mr. Cat is waiting for me.”
“Yeah, do your best.”
I gave her a casual cheer, but Nazuna said “brother, you idiot” and looked away.
What was she angry about? I asked my mother, who watched Nazuna with a wry smile, “What’s going on?” with my eyes.
“Brother, you idiot.”
She returned those sickening words.
Probably because they were mother and daughter, but her mimicry of Nazuna was pretty good, which made me angry.
“Luna, hit that idiot over there for me.”
“Ehh? Tomoe-san is not an idiot. And I can’t hit her.”
Luna turned me down, so I dropped my shoulders and looked at the TV. After,
“Shinobu-san, you always drink milk after your bath, right? Shall I get it for you?”
Just when I was thirsty, Luna asked that, so I replied “please” with a smile. When Luna nodded with a smile in return,
“Ah, Luna-chan. Get me an apple juice.”
My mother threw in a stupid remark.
But Luna nodded a “yes” while still smiling and headed for the dining kitchen.
It happened when Luna came back with a cup of milk and apple juice in her hands. My eyes caught the black adapter cord of the console at Luna’s feet.
When I opened my mouth to warn her, it was already too late. Luna’s feet tangled with the adapter cord, she tripped and the two cups were flying through the air.
Instantly, I jumped up and caught the cup of milk. Besides me, my mother, like me, jumped up and caught the cup of apple juice. But,
A sad scream echoed through the living room. When I looked over, there was Nazuna tightly grabbing onto the controller and shaking.
“M- My game, Mr. Cat disappeared! I hadn’t saved yet!”
I said to Nazuna, who had tears starting to well up.
“Don’t worry! The milk is safe!”
Following up, my mother also held out her apple juice and said,.
“The apple juice is safe too!”
Then we clinked our cups with a “cheers”.
“Get real!”
Unusually, Nazuna raised her voice, so my mother and I lowered our heads with a “sorry”.
Then Nazuna frowned and glared at Luna. But Luna was really bad with machines. She didn’t seem to realize what she had done, so her eyes shook apprehensively.
Quite out of the ordinary, Nazuna was really angry.
“Luna-san, you idiot! I just cleared it! So cruel!”
She shouted out her disaffection. Luna cowered out of guilt and apologized to Nazuna with an “I’m sorry”. But Nazuna just looked away.
“I don’t know you anymore. You look so lame in those weird clothes.”
W- Weird clothes, that was rude. I bought that, you know? I was about to balk with “it’s fashionable”, but stopped. Because I noticed that Nazuna was just sulking and didn’t mean it.
Well, Luna should have noticed it too.
“It is not weird.”
Yep, yep, it wasn’t weird. Luna didn’t bal— Huh?
“Nazuna-chan, please take a closer look. It is a fantastic blouse!”
I didn’t expect this. As out of the ordinary as with Nazuna, now Luna frowned angrily.
“Not fantastic at all! It’s weird! I’m not envious or anything!”
Probably due to Luna’s angry outburst, Nazuna couldn’t back down and said loudly,
“Besides, you aren’t suitable for my brother anyway!”
Luna was probably shocked, as her eyes got teary. Seeing that, Nazuna made a regretful expression that said “aw, now I have done it…”, but in the next moment she had an indifferent expression again and continued,
“…B- Before they were saying it on TV. That women like you ruin men. You’re too kind, so my brother will turn into a spoiled NEET. He needs someone stricter! Just like mom!”
I didn’t want anyone like my mother!
Actually, just how much of a useless guy was I? Nazuna saw me like that? I was a bit shocked, but Luna said “do not make fun of Shinobu-san” in a sharp tone.
“Shinobu-san is just a bit sloppy and somewhat wild, but he’s kind and strong. So he won’t become a NEET!”
“You won’t know that! What if he becomes a NEET because of you?!”
“Then I’ll take responsibility for it and feed Shinobu-san!”
 Luna declared openly while throwing out her big chest. Then Nazuna suddenly clung to me and shouted while frowning unhappily.
“When he’s in trouble, I will just have to feed him!”
Upon seeing that, Luna grabbed my arm, probably in opposition to Nazuna, and shouted,.
“I’ll feed him!”
“No! I will!”
Both were pulling on my arms and glaring at each other. They were exerting quite some force, so my arms hurt quite a bit. I was troubled on what to do, when,
“Hey, you two.”
My mother couldn’t watch any longer and interfered, so with a wry smile she said so to Luna and Nazuna. But,
“What is it, Tomoe-san?”
“What, mom?”
Both of them showered her with fierce looks, so my mother looked away and said,.
“… It’s nothing.”
So weak! So weak, mom! Why didn’t you stop these two with your usual frightening look? I faced my mother. But she sent back an “impossible” with her eyes and turned her head a bit to the side.
How pathetic.— is what I thought, but when I looked at Luna and Nazuna, I painfully understood my mother’s reaction.
Scary. They often say that a usually meek person gets scary when angry, and it was true. Like my mother, I looked away from the two who were glaring at each other.
Ignoring my mother and me, Luna and Nazuna continued their dispute, which ended in,
“I don’t know a Luna-san anymore!”
“Even I don’t know Nazuna-chan anymore!”
They both gave the cold shoulder and left the living room still angry.
Jesus Christ. Luna and Nazuna had a fight.
With this unexpected event, for a while, my mother and me stood in the living room dumbfounded and perplexed.

Chapter 02: Who’s bad! The birth of BADNazucat!

Morning. I woke up by Nazuna and Luna’s quarrelling voices.
I listened to their quarrel still half-asleep. Apparently Luna was angry at Nazuna for sneaking into my bed.
“That’s not fair, Nazuna-chan. Please let me in too.”
“No! I was here first! There’s no more space for you!”
“Wh- Why are you so mean? There’s still a bit of place there…”
Luna said saddened. But Nazuna stayed unyielding with “The early bird catches the worm!”.
“….Nazuna, there’s still place, so let Luna in too.”
I got up and said while bearing down a yawn.
“You’re so nice, Shinobu-san.”
For some reason Luna started to look at me with a bright expression.
In accordance, Nazuna pouted unsatisfied and suddenly hugged onto me.
“Even if Brother gives his okay, you can’t come in.”
“B- But Shinobu-san said it was okay.”
In rebellion to Nazuna, Luna clung to my arm.
Upon seeing that, Nazuna strongly grabbed my arm. Luna didn’t give in and also put strength into her grip on my arm. Just like yesterday, the two of them started to quarrel again.
“Brother likes me more than you!”, “No, he likes me more.”, “That’s not true!”, “…But he took a bath with me!”, “And I slept with him!”. They were making a big fuss while each pulling on my arms.
….Please, leave me out of this. Don’t fight so early in the morning.
I let out a small sigh and strongly pulled my arms away from them.
Doing so made both Luna and Nazuna lose their balance, but I paid it no mind and stood up. Then I lightly chopped their heads.
“For now, sit down, both of you.”
I strictly pointed on the bed. Upon that, both Luna and Nazuna, who were holding their heads with both hands, sat down in perfect synchronisation.
While thinking how good they actually get along, I crossed my arms and said.
“You’re too loud in the morning. It’s a bother for the neighbours. And also a great bother for my beauty sleep.”
I tried to sound angrily, when Luna and Nazuna again showed perfect synchronisation in their panicked expressions and bowing heads.
“I’m sorry, Shinobu-san.”
“Sorry, Brother.”
“Good, as long as you understand. Okay, now apologize to each other and make up.”
I said as kind as possible, when Luna and Nazuna stared at each other, then averted their heads with “I don’t care” and “Hmpf!”.
H- Huh? They apologized to me, but they won’t to each other?
For a while I tried to persuade them, but got glared at, so I gave up.
Looks like their fight was far from over yet.
I let out a big sigh.
…By the way, I’ll keep it a secret that their glares were quite scary.

* * *

When we left for school, Luna was sending us off like always in front of the house, but Nazuna gave her the cold shoulder and pretended not to see her. In response to that, Luna first said “Be careful” to me with a bright smile, then gave Nazuna a cold glare then looked away and said.
“…You be careful too, Nazuna-chan. I- It’s not like I’m sending you off because I want you to come home back all safe!”
“H- Hmp! And it’s not like I’m happy that you send me off. Not the slightest bit. Don’t misunderstand, okay!”
…What’s with these tsundere?
Weren’t these two actually real good friends!?
Actually, you guys didn’t really hate each other, so hurry up and make up already. What were they so stubborn for…?
On my way to school I gave Nazuna a quick glance, when I saw that her earlier anger was all gone. With her shoulders dropped, it was more than obvious that she was depressed.
“…Hey, Nazuna. Why don’t you apologize to Luna?”
I believed she would agree, since it certainly seems like she regretted it. I continued.
“I believe even Luna will apologize once you do. Luna might say all that, but you got an extra bacon for breakfast today. Luna also wants to make up with you.”
“…But I don’t want to make up.”
The always so obedient Nazuna turned away her head for a change and answered quietly while looking at the ground.
“Hey, hey. Don’t say stuff you don’t even think, Nazuna. You’re a good girl, so go make up with her.”
“I don’t need to be a good girl.”
“Then you’re a bad girl?”
Upon my words, Nazuna frowned, strongly clenched her fists and shouted with tears welling up in her eyes.
“Fine! If you say I’m a bad girl, then I’ll be one! WHO’S BAD!”
O- Ohh. I didn’t really get it, but Nazuna went astray. So this was the rumoured rebellious age?
“I’m angry, Brother. I definitely won’t apologize!”
“…What are you so riled up for? Weirdo.”
When I said so with a sigh, Nazuna glared at me and bit on my hand with a “Ham!”.
“O- Ohh? Nazuna-san? That’s my hand, you know?”
“I know! But I’m a bad girl, so I’ll bite!”
I clarified hastily, but Nazuna only let go off my hand to “declare her bad girl status” and then bit on my hand once again.
“No, it hurts, Nazuna. So please stop…”
“I won’t! I won’t stop until you apologize!”
Geez, why did I have to apologize? As I wondered about this unreasonableness, Nazuna bit me even stronger, probably because I wasn’t apologizing. Her teeth dug deep into my skin and it hurt like hell.
“Ow! You’re a beast! A beast called Nazuna!”
Jesus Christ. Nazuna had become BADNazucat!
“I apologize! So please forgive me, BADNazucat!”
When I apologized, BADNazucat finally let go of my hand.
When I looked at my hand, I could see a perfect bite mark.
“Argh, so cruel. You idiot.”
When I looked resentful at BADNazucat, she spread both her arms and probably because she didn’t like my remark, shouted intimidating.
“Uwa. She wants to bite me again! Time to split!”
Today Nazuna was too wild. Like a sharp knife. Too dangerous.
I started my escape, when Nazuna chased after me while saying “Meow, meow”.
While I fled from the chasing BADNazucat, I spotted a familiar face ahead.
A black-haired beauty with a stern look, Gogyou-san. When I recognized her, I sprinted towards her for help.
“Gogyou-san! Help me! A beast is trying to eat me!”
“N- Nanjou-kun? What’s up? Where’s that beast?”
Gogyou-san looked at me surprised with her head tilted. I turned around and pointed at the beast behind me.
The beast—-BADNazucat stood there with both her arms spread and meowing threatening.
What a stupid—I mean, scary fellow.
I swiftly hid behind Gogyou-san’s back.
“…S- So cute.”
I heard a charmed voice that was totally out of place.
“Nanjou-kun, can I pat her?”
Gogyou-san had turned around and asked me that. I hastily shook my head.
“No, it’s too dangerous, Gogyou-san. She might look like Nazuna to you, but actually it’s a beast called BADNazucat that’s possessed by an evil spirit. If you let your guard down, your hand also will—-huh, you’re patting her like it’s nothing.”
By Gogyou-san’s hand BADNazucat had turned into CuteNazucat.
Nazuna let Gogyou-san pat her head and had narrowed her eyes happily.
I couldn’t believe this. Hey, BADNazucat, was that really all your BAD amounted to?
Is what I thought, but when I saw Nazuna link arms with Gogyou-san and start walking while meowing happily, I forgot about that soon enough.
And when Nazuna parted with us in the direction of her school, she was smiling. Thanks to Gogyou-san her mood had brightened up a bit. Yeah, a smile suited Nazuna the best after all. I hoped she would make up with Luna as soon as possible.

* * *

Hoping that Nazuna and Luna would make up as soon as possible— is what crossed my mind when I arrived at school, but the same could be said about me. I had to make up with someone too. Because of the fight between Nazuna and Luna, I had forgotten it, but yesterday I made the transfer student angry. The red-haired beautiful transfer student arrived at school surrounded by male students. When she made eye-contact with me, she faced away with a “Hmpf!”.
Looks like I was hated quite a lot.
Surely I deserved it, but it still kinda hurt to be hated by someone. And even more so when it was a beautiful girl. I sighed and pondered on how I could make up with her.
In class the transfer student made a bored expression, probably because she didn’t have any textbooks and thus couldn’t follow class properly. But unlike yesterday, today she didn’t tell me to show her my books. She didn’t even deign to look at me.
That certainly made my heart bleed a bit. So during lunch break I tried to chat her up with stuff like “Yo, how are you?”, “Did you watch the show on TV yesterday” or “Virgos are supposed to have good luck today”, but I was outright ignored.
There was no other choice but to honestly apologize.
The moment the fourth period ended, I faced the transfer student once again and said.
“Transfer student, I’m sorry about yesterday.”
The transfer student raised her head a bit, then stood up with her unchanged frowned expression and left closemouthed.
“No, wait. Please wait. I apologize. Really.”
I hastily grabbed the transfer student’s arm and apologized.
“I’m really sorry. I feel bad about it. I’m completely at fault. Forgive me. Forgive me now. Hurry up and forgive me!”
“You don’t feel bad about it at all!”
When she finally responded to me, it were merely words of anger.
The transfer student had turned around and was fiercely glaring at me.
“You still look cute when angry.”
For now, I tried to praise her. But immediately after she gave me a kneekick. Her hard knee pierced into my stomach and I lost my breath for a moment.
“That hurt…”
“Huh? Doesn’t look like you’re in pain at all!”
She said unreasonable and reached back for another kick.
“Hey, wait. Don’t be hasty. It really hurt. Stop with the violence. I’ll give you a part of my lunchbox, so forgive me.”
I blabbered out in a haste… but part of my lunchbox? Was I trying to bait her?
Just when I thought I had gambled away my last chance, the transfer student said “Lunchbox?” with an intrigued expression.
I was back in the game. I immediately pulled out the lunchbox from my bag, unwrapped it and opened the lid.
A colorful lunchbox rich on variety presented itself. Octopus sausages, fried stuff and omelets. Of course there were also vegetables like carrots and spinach.
I hated carrots, so I preferred them not to be in there, but it didn’t change the fact that it looked were appetizing. The transfer student asked with her gaze fixed on the lunchbox.
“…You’ll really share it with me?”
“Y- Yeah. Sure, if we forgive me for yesterday then.”
The transfer student pondered for a bit, then said with another displeased expression.
“Well then, if you can say my full name, I’ll forgive you.”
She was still angry about it.
I firmly looked her into the eyes and answered.
“Machina Liebelei Orangelo.”
“…Geez, so you remembered it after all. So you were just teasing me yesterday?”
“Sorry, Orangelo-san. I was messing around a bit too much.”
When I apologized honestly, the transfer student sullen mumbled an “Idiot” and cranky kicked my leg.
I found that behavior rather cute, but I’ll keep that to myself.
The transfer student gave a small sigh, then said to me.
“I don’t really like my last name. So call me Machina. Then you’re forgiven.”
I obediently called her.
“Why are you calling me without any suffix!? Add a “sama”!”
“Oh, excuse my rudeness, Machina-sama. In the future I will pay more attention to my choice of words.”
For some reason she seemed angry, so I replied all polite.
“U- Uwa, so disgusting. Forget the “sama”. Also, don’t talk so polite. Somehow it gives me the creeps when you talk like that.”
With both her arms wrapped around her body and an expression as if she just saw a monster, the transfer student said that.
For the record, I was deeply hurt by it.
In my mind I complained about the deprecation of my special polite speech, then I said.
“Okay, then I’ll call you Machina from now on.”
“Hey, you skipped on the suffix again. Stop that.”
“Then I’m back to Machina-sama.”
“Uhh, it’s really disgusting.”
“Stop saying it’s disgusting. If you don’t like it, the only other choice is ‘Machina’.”
“You sure don’t know how to compromise.”
The transfer student pondered, then sighed and said.
“Just Machina is fine then.”
While the transfer student—no, Machina muttered that, she took my lunchbox and sat down. Then she took her chopsticks and shoved a fried side dish into her mouth.
Ehm, I preferred she wouldn’t use my chopsticks.
Machina was happily stuffing herself with my lunch without any reservation. That was MY lunch, you know. I certainly said I would share it with you, but not the whole thing. While I watched my side dishes disappear one after another, uneasiness welled up inside me.
But seeing Machina stuffing her cheeks, made me lose all will to remind her.
I only had a ferocious image of her, but her cute smile was quite charming. While I was drawn in by her expression, I asked.
“Good, isn’t it?”
Luna’s cooking was even more delicious than any food in a restaurant. Even though it wasn’t mine, I had asked all proudly, when Machina unexpectedly with a honest “Yes”.
“It’s delicious. It’s worlds apart from the lunch set I ate at the cafeteria yesterday.”
The lady from the cafeteria surely would be angry to hear that, as her words had no shred of insincerity. Machina picked a dish one after another with her chopstick without rest.
“…Could it be that you were really hungry? You’re really digging in there.”
“Sh- Shut up. I can’t help it, since it’s been a while since I ate something this good.”
I said a bit playful and while Machina turned red, she didn’t stop from eating.
Seems like it really had been a while since she last ate something delicious.
“Mhm? You don’t cook yourself? Doesn’t your mother make you one?”
I asked inadvertently, when Machina’s hand stopped immediately.
For a moment then, really just for a moment, she made a really sad expression, but immediately reverted back to her usual queen-like mien and said.
“I don’t cook at all and my mother… is no longer with me.”
…Could it be that her mother had already passed away?
That tearful expression that she showed for only a moment just now.
Inadvertently words of condolence made their way up my throat, but I swallowed them back down.
Not like anything would change if I were to offer her words of condolence.
But I couldn’t just sit there and watch anymore either.
I extended my head towards Machina’s head.
“You can eat the whole lunchbox. So…take your time and enjoy it.”
Then I gently patted her head.
Probably out of surprise, Machina didn’t answer anything and just narrowed her eyes pleased. But then she suddenly came to a realization, turned red and slapped my cheek.
“Oww! What are you doing!”
“Th- That’s what I should be saying! Don’t touch me so casually!”
Machina shouted displeased, turned away and while still red, she mumbled “…You’re just like my older sister….” so quietly that I couldn’t hear it.
“Mh? You said something?”
“N- No, nothing. You, ehm, idiot!”
Why was she calling me an idiot?
What an obnoxious girl. I sighed, when Machina asked all shyly, which didn’t suit her at all.
“…Hey, can I really eat all this?”
“Yeah. I’m not hungry. So don’t hold back.”
I wouldn’t die from skipping a meal or two. So I answered all nonchalant.
But my stomach made terror against my cool statement. Ignoring the fact that I was trying to look, it made a situation-defying growling sound.
“…You’re stomach is growling.”
“J- Just your imagination. You should get your ears checked.”
When I answered all red, Machina laughed happily.
“Wh- What’s so funny?”
I asked with my cheeks still red, when Machina replied with snickering.
“Fufu. You really are an idiot. You’re cheeky, don’t listen to me, behave all arrogant and don’t act like I want it at all, but…”
Machine continued with a smile on her face.
“Well, I’ll forgive you this time. Let’s get along from now on, Nanjou-kun.”
I was startled by this charming expression, but I couldn’t fail to notice some kind of strange indication in her voice. For some reason I felt uneasy and I mentally tilted my head.
While I pondered about that— my stomach once again disregarded the situation and let out a growl.
Immediately after, Machina snickered and with a “You’re so hopeless” she grabbed a side dish with the chopsticks.
“Here, eat.”
She held up the chopsticks to my mouth.
No way, was this the glorious, but embarrassing “Ahh~” act?
While I was getting excited, I honored her actions and opened my mouth wide to wait for her to proceed. But Machina looked at me with an evil smile, said “Not giving you” and put the side dish in her own mouth.
“…Hey. Is it fun to play with a boy’s naivety?”
“It sure is. You were pretty cute with your mouth all open.”
“C- Cute…? First time I have been called that…”
When I blushed on purpose, Machina got weary and said.
“You got the eyes of a demon.”
“That’s not true. Take a closer look at these eyes full of radiance.”
I opened my eyes widely.
“H-Heh. Quite the rocking pair you have there.”
I started it as a joke, but I got praised.
Only once in the past had my eyes been called a rocking pair. It was by Luna’s stepfather Bram…I was a bit happy about it.
I looked away to hide my bliss, when Machina once again picked a side dish with the chopsticks and brought it to my mouth with a “Here”.
“…No pulling back this time, okay?”
“If you want it, beg for it.”
—It, It’s not like I want it or anything!”
I tried a tsundere approach.
“You aren’t being honest.”
“You’re not really the honest type yourself, are you?”
“Shut up.”
While Machina said that, she shoved the side dish into my mouth. I had never seen such a rough “Ahh~” before.
Actually, that was my lunchbox anyway.
There was a lot I wanted to say back, but whatever. I managed to achieve my goal, to make up with Machina, so I’ll let it go.
Over the course of the rest of the lunch, I chitchatted with Machina. Then I packed away the empty lunchbox, stood up and headed for the toilet.
When I returned to the classroom and headed for my own seat, I saw that Machina was surrounded by the male students.
I didn’t know any of them, so they must have been from a different class.
She sure was popular.
When I watched Machina, who was dealing bored with the boys like a queen, I was suddenly called out “Nanjou-kun”.
“When I turned around, there stood the blac-haired beauty Gogyou-san. Today again she was so pretty, is what crossed my mind.”
I played out a monologue, whereupon Gogyou-san gave me a “Th- Thanks” and turned red. Then she returned to her usual stern expression and talked to me with a complicated look.
“Nanjou-kun, It’s about that transfer student, Orangelo-san… Isn’t she giving off bad vibes?”
“Bad vibes? Well she acts like a proud queen, but it’s fun to tease her, you know? Should I go tell her that you called her a pervert?”
“Th- That’s not what I meant! No….I can’t phrase it well, but it’s bad. By her smell I can tell that she isn’t a devil, but I’m still getting bad vibes. It makes me restless….”
Gogyou-san tilted her head as she didn’t really understand it herself.
“…That reminds me, when Luna came to pick me up before, you also said something about a “smell”. Is it the same? Does that mean it’s possible that Machina is possessed by a devil?”
I got a bit worried, but Gogyou-san shook her head with a “No, it’s different”.
“I don’t get that kind of smell from the transfer student. So it’s not a devil.”
I thought this was going to be about her exorcism work, but I was wrong. Gogyou-san denied it outright. Apparently what she felt was more of an intuition. Gogyou-san tilted her head with her still complicated look.
Mm, her frowning expression coupled with worry sure was sexy. For a moment this inapt thought crossed my mind, but I shook my head as to reorder my thoughts. Then I crossed my arms and pondered.
What could her make feel so restless?
“Mhm~ I didn’t really feel anything from her, so could you elaborate on the bad vibes a bit more?”
When I asked that, Gogyou-san apologetic shook her head and answered.
“Sorry. I can’t explain it well. It’s just that I’m getting bad vibes from her…”
When Gogyou-san mumbled that, my classmate Minami came over with her short skirt swaying, probably because she overheard us. Then she agreed with Gogyou-san “I feel the same” and continued.
“How she took the seat besides Nanjou-kun by force makes me so envio— I mean, gives me bad vibes.”
“Mh? Envious?”
I tilted my head, when Minami got red for some reason and hastily shook her hand.
“N- No, I mean—- her attitude is questionable! It throws the class’ order into chaos.”
Minami suddenly got all serious, even though she wasn’t the class rep.
“Her self-importance or how she’s going to twist every boy around her finger makes me only worry for the future….”
“Anyway!” Minami sharply pointed at me and said.
“Orangelo-san is like a witch. Therefore Nanjou-kun, you can’t be deceived by her!”
“Don’t worry, Minami. I’m more of the type that deceives others.”
I couldn’t really think of Machina as a witch, so I gave a random reply.
“…You’re so cool, Nanjou-kun.”
For some reason Minami was making a dreamy expression, then gave me a “Just be careful” reminder. I nodded and then asked Minami discreet.
“So, Minami, since when had you been listening on to Gogyou-san and me?”
“Eh? Around the time when she brought up the bad vibes of the transfer student, why…?”
“I see.”
Minami answered with a perplexed expression, whereupon Gogyou-san and me breathed a sigh of relief.
It surely was best to keep Gogyou-san’s exorcismT work a secret. I gave Gogyou-san a glance saying “Next time we need to be more careful when we talk about it”. Upon that Gogyou-san send me back an “Okay” by nodding.
Upon seeing that, Minami pouted for some reason and said.
“You two sure have getting close lately.”
“That’s not true.
For starts I denied it, but Gogyou-san let out a depressed voice.
“Nanjou-kun, you saved me when I got hit on, you gave me that dog plush-toy and we thought of a name for it together, yet you…”
For some reason Gogyou-san looked really dejected.
“No, just a joke. I was just kidding.”
I hastily followed suit and Gogyou-san breathed a sigh of relief.
But why did she get so depressed?
I tilted my head as I didn’t get it, when the bell rang and our homeroom teacher Hiiragi-sensei entered the classroom, so I returned to my own seat.
Then fifth period started and just like yesterday Machina came closer and said “Show me your textbook”.
When I obiedently showed her my textbook, surprisingly Machina didn’t snatch it away like yesterday. She closely stuck her shoulder against mine and looked at the textbook.
M- Mhm. I did hear that foreigners aren’t as opposed to physical contact as Japanese, but she wasn’t showing any signs of opposition towards our contact. Her soft red hair was lightly falling on my collar, a sweet fragrance was filling my nose and I could feel her body temperature on my shoulder. It made my heart beat faster.
Then Machina suddenly stared at me furtive and said.
“Hey, Nanjou.”
“Mh? I’m single and looking for a girlfriend.”
“I didn’t ask that!”
I had intended to answer the anticipated question beforehand, but it seems I was mistaken. After Machina angrily told me off, she took a deep breath as to cool her anger, then she looked at me again and erotically whispered into my ears.
“Hey, I already said it yesterday, become my slave.”
Not letting myself fooled by her sweet whispering, I rejected her outright, whereupon Machina frowned.
“Why? I’m being so generous as to let you become mine, you know?”
“…Does that come with any privileges?”
I asked that, when Machina slowly extended her hand towards my head and while patting it, she said.
“If you become my slave, I’ll gently step on you.”
“You think my proud and great self would be happy to be stepped on?”
“…Want to try it?”
Her erotic expression made a shudder run down my spine, but nevertheless I wouldn’t be tempted.
Nope means nope. I averted my eyes from Machina’s amber-colored eyes, reminded her of “We’re still in class, so be quiet” and escaped her sweet temptation. Machina looked displeased, but obediently listened to class as she had given up.
But as the class went on, Machina started to doze off.
Well, I couldn’t blame her. Fifth period was Hiiragi-sensei’s classic literature class.
One was already sleepy from the lunch break that just ended and Hiiragi-sensei’s slow and gently voice was only sounded like a lullaby.
In time, Machina closed her eyes, snuggled against my shoulder and went off into dreamland while breathing slowly.
When I looked down to her, her eyes were closed and her pink, well-formed lips were exposed defenseless. Her slightly opened lips were seemingly tempting me to do something, which got me excited.
But more than that, her sleeping face was so innocent that it made me feel all fuzzy.
It was really adorable.
A bit astonished, I spent the fifth period gazing at Machina’s sleeping face.

* * *

Fifth period ended without any problems, followed by the sixth period and the day ended like always with the closing homeroom—Now it was the long awaited after school. I remained seated and let someone else take the glory of becoming the ace of the going-home club. I crossed my arms and pondered.
About Luna and Nazuna.
If I were to go home just like this, these two would without doubt continue to fight. I tried to think of a tactic, when Machina talked to me from the side.
“Hey, Nanjou.”
“—Where’s the sama?”
“Ah, sorry. Nanjou-sama—-Hey, why do I have to add sama!”
“…You’re rather easy to trick.”
“No! It’s just because you’re so arrogant and say it like it’s only obvious to call you that!”
Machina protested while kicking my shin.
What a violent girl. I frowned and watched the other students, when suddenly Gogyou-san, holding her bamboo blade pouch, poked her face into the classroom from the hallway.
She looked around the classroom in search for someone and when she spotted me, she raised her hand with a “Nanjou-kun”.
“Good, you’re still here.
Gogyou-san was smiling and giving off an atmosphere different from her usual self. Her expression was somehow relaxed and friendly.
“Nanjou-kun, come here.”
What did she want? I stood up and walked over the smiling and waving Gogyou-san, when suddenly I was grabbed at my sleeve. I turned around and saw Machina making a displeased expression.
“Where are you going? Weren’t we still talking?”
“Ah~ Yeah, right. We’ll continue later, so be a good girl.”
I patted Machina’s head as you do to appease children, then I headed once again for Gogyou-san. From behind I could hear an angry voice shouting “Hey, Nanjou!”, but for now I ignored her. I reached Gogyou-san, who stood in front of the classroom door, when
suddenly a silhouette jumped out from behind Gogyou-san.
This small figure had both arm raised and came flying towards me with an adorable smile.
I would have dodged it if it were a stranger, but upon seeing her, I gave a wry smile and spread my arms as to catch her.
“Yay, Brother”
The one who clung onto me with a bright smile was Nazuna.
This morning she had turned into the evil BADNazucat, but right now she was the usual Nazuna.
I tightly hugged Nazuna, who gave off the scent of the warm sun. Whereupon I could hear sentences like “N- Nanjou, the devil Nanjou is giving off such a gentle smile. We’re doomed!”, “So he can make an expression like that too…It’s a bit cute” and “A loli. A beautiful loli has descended upon us!” from behind me, but I paid it no mind. I ignored them and played with Nazuna.
“Fufu. Good for you, Nazuna-chan.”
When I turned to the voice, Gogyou-san was looking at Nazuna with a gentle gaze.
“Thanks for helping me find my brother, Gogyou-san.”
Nazuna nuzzled her cheek against my arm and laughed a “Ehehe”.
“….Did you bring her all the way here, Gogyou-san?”
“Don’t worry about it. I met her by chance in the hallway and was just so delighted…”
I asked to confirm, when Gogyou-san coughed once as to embezzle it.
“Eh- Ehm, I just guided her so that she would see you as soon as possible. It’s not like I wanted to talk to her or anything.”
She wasn’t a good liar.
Shaking one’s hand desperately was practically saying it’s a lie, but that behavior was just so enjoyable.
“Thank you.”
“S- Sure.”
Gogyou-san turned red on my gratitude. Her expression was kinda cute. I looked at Gogyou-san with a smile, when
“What? That girl is Nanjou’s sister?”
suddenly I heard a voice from behind me. When I turned around, there stood Machina as she probably had followed me. Then she looked at Nazuna as to examine her. Most people would get scared by her powerful glare, but
it was totally irrelevant to Nazuna.
Nazuna, who never ever had been shy, greeted her energetically with a smile.
Machina made a slightly surprised expression, as she didn’t expect this reaction. But infected by Nazuna’s innocent smile, Machina also started to smile, slowly extended her hand and patted Nazuna’s head.
Seeing that expression on her surprised me.
It was a smile different from all smiles so far, a really gentle smile.
Her smile right now was way more charming that her queen-like smiles from before.
“You sure a cute when you smile so honest.”
I spoke out what was on my mind, whereupon Machina got slightly red and turned away with a “H- Hmpf!” as to cover it up. Then she left as nothing had happened.
“She got embarrassed.”
When I playfully said that to Nazuna and Gogyou-san, Machina turned around on the spot and kicked me in the same motion.
When her foot left the ground for the kick, her short skirt fluttered and white panties shortly revealed themselves.
“…White today, huh.”
The moment I said it, Machina’s cheeks became even redder.
“Y- You saw them!”
“I sure did. I’m a gentleman, so I won’t hide the fact that I saw them! Sorry for that!”
Washington was being honest when he cut the cherry tree of his father and was forgiven. So following his example, I also apologized proud and honest. But
“You pervert! Deviant! Skirt chaser!”
Machina shouted all these rude things and kicked me again, but because she was worried about her skirt, her kick lacked strength. On top of that, this time I had braced my abdominal muscles, which allowed me to negate most attacks.
“Not gonna work.”
I laughed boldly and believed that “Skirt Chaser” was really too rude, when
“Geez, that’s no good, Brother.”
Nazuna grabbed my sleeve and scolded me.
“A real gentleman would avert his eyes when a girl’s panties are about to get visible. Just now you were nothing but a pervert. You fail as a gentleman.”
Failure as a gentleman.
I, totally, stopped, being, a gentleman.
I received an unbelievable shock and broke down on my knees right there.
“I, I don’t really get it, but be sure to reflect on it!”
Machina made a perplexed expression when she looked at me, then she mumbled a “To think the brazen Nanjou could receive such a shock…” and left the classroom.
Witnessing that, I hugged my knees.
You see, I wasn’t a gentleman anymore…
I drooped with a painful expression, when my shoulder was gently clapped. I turned around, where Gogyou-san said with a wry smile.
“Eh- Ehm, you’re a boy, so I believe it cannot be helped. So, don’t take it to heart too much, okay?”
Gogyou-san was so nice. While grabbing her offered hand, I stood up. For some reason, the warmth and softness of Gogyou-san’s hand moved me nearly to tears.
I was really happy to receive this kindness when I felt depressed. Still holding Gogyou-san’s hand I was about to say my thanks, when
“I’m sorry, Brother.”
Nazuna apologized with a sorry expression.
“W- Well, it was my fault, so don’t worry about it…”
I received quite the damage, but thanks to Goyou-san I made a full recovery. I gently placed my hand on Nazuna’s head.
“So, why are you here? Don’t you have club activities?”
I asked while patting her head.
“Club activities got suspended today. So I came here to play with you.”
Nazuna huddled against me like a cat.
Thinking back on it now, ever since Luna came to our house, I hadn’t much time to pay attention to Nazuna.
Nazuna might have felt lonely all this time.
And this loneliness became so critical that she ended up fighting with Luna—- Once I came to this conclusion, I removed my hand from Nazuna’s head and said.
“Okay, then let’s have a blast today, Nazucat. Wanna go to the South shopping district?”
I also sincerely wanted to go out play with Nazuna. And it surely would prove to be a good change of mood for her. Once she wasn’t lonely anymore, she could be honest with Luna again. I proposed my idea with that in mind, when Nazuna replied with a “Yeah!” and a stormy nod. Then she super happily linked our arms, when
“S- Say, could I come too?”
Gogyou-san, who had watched over us, raised her hand a bit and asked shyly. I was happy that she wanted to tag along, but there was something I was concerned about.
“Gogyou-san, what about your club?”
I pointed at the bamboo blade pouch in her hand, when she hid it behind her back and answered.
“Th- The club is on break today.”
She was hectic looking left and right, which made it pretty obvious that she was lying. But seemingly Nazuna didn’t notice that.
“Same as me then.”
Nazuna smiled happily, took my arm with her right hand and Gogyou-san’s arm with her left hand, then she started walking.
Gogyou-san seemed to have dropped her guard as she dreamily uttered a “So cute”.
On our way through the hallway we were spotted by a junior girl wearing a kendo uniform.
“Ah, Gogyou-senpai. There you are. I’m here to pick you up.”
“…Huh? Wasn’t the club on break today?”
Nazuna, who had believed the lie, looked at Gogyou-san with her head tilted. Receiving that innocent look, Gogyou-san broke out a heavy sweat on her forehead.
“Th- That’s strange. I think it was supposed to be on break..”
Gogyou-san was in a bind. Seeing her troubled like this was somewhat new and interesting, so I merely watched.
“What are you saying, Gogyou-senpai? The practice match is just around the corner. Let’s hurry.”
The junior girl got closer, grabbed Gogyou-san’s hand and pulled her away without getting any resistance.
Gogyou-san looked back at us with a sad expression fitting the song Donna Donna, but there was nothing we could do.
We just waved our hands with a “See you” and Gogyou-san waved back with an incredible saddened expression.
After seeing Gogyou-san off, Nazuna and me left school with our arms linked. We headed for the South Shopping District. On the way Nazuna told me about her school day today, so I listened to it while we walked.
“Ah, it’s Shinobu.”
I heard a cheerful voice from behind me and was suddenly someone hugged my back.
Two little, but incredible soft swellings pressed warmly against me. The sweet fragrance of soap filled my nose. The sudden and blissful happening made me excited.
“Guess who.”
Two hands were covering my eyes and I could hear a sweat whisper at my ears.
“I, I wonder?”
I had already guessed that it was Elni, but I wanted to enjoy the soft sensation on my back a little longer, so I pretended not to know.
“…Fufu, your back is wide open.”
A complete turn-around from her earlier sweet whispering voice. A deep voice was rining in my ears and when I thought that she finally let go of my eyes, she suddenly started to tickle my sides.
“Ahahaha—Hey, stop it.”
The tickling attack was pretty effective, so I turned around baffled.
“….Eh? Who are you?”
For a moment, I didn’t recognize the girl standing in front of me.
A beautiful girl with shining silver hair freely falling off wearing a white camisole. I only recognized her as Elni by her ruby-red eyes and her French doll-like facial features….but she was giving off an aura different from usual.
“How’s it? You’re surprised, right! See, I can pull it off if I want to!”
Charmed by Elni, I nodded uncontrolled. Upon that Elni nodded satisfied and return her hairstyle to her usual twintails.
Apparently she had only changed her hairstyle to surprise me.
I certainly was surprised. When
“Brother, Brother, who’s this cute girl?”
Nazuna asked while she pulled on my sleeve.
“Ah, she’s Elni. Don’t ask me why, but she claims to be a Goddess.”
“A Goddess?”
Nazuna tilted her head, whereupon Elni said proudly.
“I—will be the Goddess of the new world!”
…That sounded rather risky?
When I wondered which anime she got that from, Nazuna faced Elni and like at a shrine visit, she clapped her hands together twice and made a wish “I hope I’ll become a devilish girl”.
Elni nodded satisfied and asked while looking at Nazuna.
“Shinobu, who’s she?”
“Ah, she’s Nanjou Nazuna. My sister. Her special move is cat claws.”
When Elni lowered her hand onto Nazuna’s head as to pat her, Nazuna shouted a “Meow, meow!” and launched her cat claws into space.
Since she belonged to the karate club, her movements were quite sharp. Seeing that, Elni’s eyes started to sparkle and she shouted.
“Wow! So cool! You’re amazing, Nazucat!”
Upon that, Nazuna, who was easily getting into stuff, replied a “Goddeeeeess!” and clung onto Elni.
Like this, the two of them became hugging buddies.
Well, I had already imagined before that these two would hit it off well, but not that they would exchange a hug minutes after they met for the first time.
I narrowed my eyes, looked at these two and said.
“Elni, Nazuna and me are going to play at the South Shopping District now. You wanna come too?”
I was somewhat happy that she wore the camisole that I bought for her yesterday, so I suggest that. Hearing that, both Elni and Nazuna got a sparkling in their eyes.
“Okay. No need to say anything. Your eyes say it all. Then let’s go together.”
“Yeah! You’re coming, right El-chan?”
“—We’re leaving in forty seconds!”
Elni replied immediately, then linked arms with Nazuna and started walking.
I followed behind Elni and Nazuna and we headed for the South Shopping District. Walking beside the two and listening to their conversation, we entered the Shopping District, when Elni suddenly proudly declared.
“Truth be told, I have good news for you two.”
“Good news?”
I asked, when Elni beckoned us with her hand.
“Mr. Store Clerk, lend me your face.”
“Why, yes, dear governor.”
Who was she calling a store clerk, but I came closer while rubbing my hands. Elni brought her face to my eyes.
“Elni Fire~”
When I wondered what she was up to, she suddenly puffed into my ear.
Her soft breath tickled my earlap, which made a shiver run down my spine. Likewise a sweet fragrance blew over from Elni.
“Wh- What are you doing….”
I covered my ears in a haste and got away from Elni.
“Okay, just like Hijiri, your weak spot is your ear, Shinobu.”
“Hey, stop taking weird notes. And don’t group me together with Gogyou-san. I was merely surprised. Actually, what are you doing out of the blue!”
Heck, that pleasant breath made me excited.
I felt my cheeks turn slightly red and glared a bit at Elni. Upon that Elni said “Don’t fret it” with a smile. Seeing that angelic smile made me lose all will to complain. So I sighed and asked Elni once again.
“So, what good news?”
“Yeah, this.”
Elni pulled out three orange paper pieces out of her skirt pocket and showed them to us.
I looked at the paper pieces offered at us and noticed that it were raffle tickets for this South Shopping District.
“I perfectly happen to have three, so let’s go do it.”
“Ohh, that’s quite mindful of you. How did you get these?”
“I volunteered for the city cleaning, so I got them from an old lady.”
“Hee, good girl.”
I patted Elni’s head and looked at the tickets. The tickets stated where they were holding the raffle, so I started heading for that location.
 After a while, a big white tent came into vision.
The raffle tent was set up boldly in the middle of the Shopping District. Underneath the tent stood scantily-clad women ringing a golden hand bell.
“Congratulations! What do we have here, a sympathy prize! A pack of tissues for our old lady!”
A quite energetic woman was in charge.
Giving the old lady, who had won the tissues, a wry look with a wry smile, we checked the prizes of the raffle.
First prize: A luxury hot spring trip. Second prize: A 37-inch LCD TV. Third prize: A hot kiss from the event women <3
….I guess the shopping distract actually wasn’t faring well. The third prize was just too sad. Wearily I turned to Elni to seek her agreement, but she clapped me on the shoulder and said.
“Shinobu, give it your all and take the third prize.”
When Elni made this unusual remark in front of the event women, one of them snickered and looked at me. That sexy woman threw me a kiss and said with a coquettish look.
“Good luck, boy.”
Yeah, I wasn’t all that opposed to learn about a kiss for future references,  so I handed the woman the ticket and winded the raffle box with a ratter.
Upon that, a shining red ball fell out of it. But
“Too bad. That’s the fifth prize, boy.”
The sexy gwoman said with a sigh and handed me something with a “Here, your prize”. I took the prize from the woman somewhat disappointed. Then I saw that it was a dog plush-toy.
“The fifth prize is a cell phone strap. It’s so popular that production can’t keep up, so even if you pre-order it, it’s really hard to get.”
The sexy woman said so consoling, then she pulled out a small long box that looked like a business card box out of her pocket, opened it, took out a business card and placed it into my hand.
“I work there at night. If you have time, come over. I’ll give you some service.”
She smiled alluring.
I looked down at the business card to see that it was from some rather risky shop. Giving that to a minor, how naughty.
Really, how regrettable. I put away the card into my wallet and just put the prize strap away into my smart phone pocket.
Seeing that, Elni once again clapped my shoulder.
“Too bad, Shinobu. Should I give you a kiss on the cheek instead?”
“Ah, then me too!”
Both Elni and Nazuna got closer, but I stayed cool and answered.
“I’m not interested in your underdeveloped bodies.”
Instantly I was hit by them. They launched their fist into both my left and right side. It hurt like hell.
“Shinobu, you idiot.”
“Stupid Brother”.
My self-esteem sloped.
Elni and Nazuna left me behind and approached the raffle box.
Seeing that, the event woman took the microphone and opened her mouth.
“Okay, now it’s the girls turn! Can you do it, Miss?”
Nazuna answered a “I can!” to the energetic event woman, then winded the box strongly with a “There!”.
Upon that, a green ball fell out with a clatter.
Seeing that, the event woman took her hand bell, rang it loudly and shouted.
“Congratulations! It’s the sixth prize! A snack set! Actually, I wanted this!!! But just take it, you theft~!”
Nazuna took the prize and turned around with a smile.
“Brother, El-chan, I did it!”
She happily hugged onto me. But
“You’re too lenient, Nazucat, to be satisfied with taking the sixth prize! Watch me! I, a Goddess, will show you what real luck is!”
Elni proclaimed blaring, got all fired up and took a step forward.
“Watch me, commoners! The special power of a Goddess that can shake the heaven and earth! Shiver on this miracle! Shiver and fall asleep! Dawn will always come!”
After she finished her long prologue, Elni grabbed the crank with her right hand and forcefully winded it. But when Elni shouted “Now! and stopped, what came out of the box was a plain white ball.
“Too bad! Aww, how cruel. Why is life such a fickle thing? Miss, you get a sympathy prize!”
When Elni received the tissue pack from the event woman, she dropped her shoulders sadly.
“…Sorry. It was no good.”
Elni dropped with tears welling up in her eyes.
For naming herself a Goddess, she had no luck at all.
I felt sorry for her, so I patted her head consoling. Upon that, Nazuna also  clapped Elni’s shoulder gently in consideration and said “I’ll share my snacks with you, El-chan”.
Elni must have been moved by our kindness. She wiped away her tears with the prize tissues….

* * *

We wandered around the shopping district, where Elni and Nazuna hit it off quite well. They had quite the common interest in shops. Smiling and frolic, those two had much fun.
They got along so well that I felt out of the loop, so I went my own way to buy a present for Luna. I bought a white-black skewbald apron. When
“..Huh, what’s that, Brother?”
“You bought something?”
Nazuna and Elni stared at the bag in my hand full of curiosity.
If I were to answer them honestly, they would also demand a present, so I looked away and tried to deceive them.
“You know, this is a never-fading dream for a boy of any age. Well, I doubt you understand it since you’re too young.”
I played cool while brushing through my hair.
“…It’s a perverted book.”
“…It’s a perverted book for sure.”
Both Elni and Nazuna nodded and looked at me with mellow eyes.
“No, wait, you’re wrong. Don’t be mistaken. It’s not a perverted book.”
“Don’t worry about it, Brother.”
“Yeah. I mean, you’re a boy after all, Shinobu. I’m quite understanding.”
Nazuna and Elni clapped my shoulder lightly and started walking.
I followed after them while embracing my feeling of defeat. When we were through the shopping district, the sun had already started to set, so we decided to call it a day.
At the crossroad where we parted, Nazuna waved Elni goodbye quite sadly.
“El-chan, let’s play again.”
“Yeah, let’s. It’s a promise.”
Elni hugged tightly onto Nazuna, then tried to hug onto me, but it was embarrassing, so I dodged. Then I put my hand on Elni’s head and said.
“See you. It’s getting dark, so be careful on your return, Elni.”
“Yeah,  I’ll return into your arms.”
“Too bad, but my arms are already fully booked. You need to make an appointment beforehand.”
“An anointment?”
“Whatever. See you.”
I tousled Elni’s head, then turned around with Nazuna and walked away.
“Bye, bye~”
From behind I could hear Elni’s bright voice. I turned around a couple of times, just to see Elni still standing there and waving her hand.
…Could it be she was lonely?
She didn’t look lonely at all, so I didn’t pay it any mind, but seeing her like this made me somehow concerned for her.
Elni. In a way a devilish girl.
I considered treating her again next time, when Nazuna besides me talked to me.
“El-chan sure is funny.”
I nodded and was happy that Nazuna’s mood lifted by playing with Elni. Going by this mood, she would surely apologize to Luna when we get home.
I was optimistic like that, but the closer we draw to our house, the quieter Nazuna got. By the time we reached our house, she had turned completely silent.
Not good. While scratching my head, I opened the front-door with a “We’re home” and entered the house together with Nazuna. Then Luna came to greet us with a smile like always. But
“Welcome…. home.”
The brightly smiling Luna awkwardly averted her gazes when she met yes with Nazuna. Nazuna also averted her gaze and turned awkward.
“…Hey you two, could you make up already?”
 I said so, when Luna’s and Nazuna’s shoulders trembled lightly.
“Luna, Nazuna, you aren’t actually angry anymore, right?”
I asked gently, whereupon Luna hesitated a bit, but then nodded slightly.
“….Yes. I heard from Tomoe-san that I ruined the game Nazuna-chan was playing. Nazuna-chan has a right to be angry. Yet I got so serious and said some mean stuff. I’m sorry, Nazuna-chan.”
Luna lowered her head, whereupon Nazuna fidgeted.
Judging by her expression, she was more than ready to apologize herself too.
But Nazuna looked down, clenched on her sleeves and didn’t say anything, probably because she hadn’t sorted out her feelings yet.
“Nazuna, you’re not going to apologize?”
A bit pushing, I continued.
“You’re at fault too, so stop sulking and apologize.”
“….I’m not at fault.”
Nazuna objected with a small voice.
“It’s Luna-san’s fault.”
She was still looking down, so I couldn’t see her expression, but her hands grabbing her sleeves were slightly trembling.
“Ehm, Nazuna-chan, I’m really sorry.”
I turned to the voice, when I saw Luna lower her head to Nazuna with a teary face. But Nazuna wasn’t reacting to that.
“…You’re really beyond help.”
I said with a sigh, then pulled out the white-black skewbald apron from the bag in my right hand.
“Luna, Nazuna is just sulking, so don’t worry about it. Here, a present for you. Cheer up.”
I handed the depressed Luna the apron.
At that moment
“…Brother, you didn’t buy me anything.”
Nazuna mumbled quietly. She said it really quietly, but for some reason the sadness in her voice was transmitted all so clearly.
I turned around and Nazuna was raising her head slowly.
Nazuna was tightly biting her lips as she was trying to hold back something.
“Like I thought, you’re only kind to Luna-san. You stopped caring about me and always take Luna-san’s side.”
Big pearls of tears were flowing from her eyes—Nazuna was crying.
I was at a loss for word out of surprise. I opened my mouth in an attempt to say something, but Nazuna turned on her heel and put her hand on the front-door doorknob.
“H- Hey, Nazuna. Where are you going?”
In a haste, I grabbed Nazuna’s hand. But Nazuna shook it off and shouted.
“I hate you, Brother! I hate you too, Luna-san! Leave me alone!”
She pulled open the door and ran outside.
“Wait, Nazuna!”
I immediately chased after her. But Nazuna had shut the door again with such force, that I was delayed. By the time I had opened the door again, Nazuna was already out on the street.
Even if I were to chase after her, Nazuna was quite quick on her feet. In mere moments, I could only see her small back before I lost sight of her.
At a crossroad illuminated by the street lanterns, I let out a big sigh.
I heard Luna behind me.
I turned around and saw her rushing over to me. Out of breath she asked.
“Ehm, where’s Nazuna-chan?”
I shook my head, when Luna looked down with a “I see”.
Then Luna and me walked the night streets, searching for Nazuna. But we couldn’t find Nazuna and my worry only grew.
How long had it been since I saw Nazuna crying?
My thoughts were focused on finding her as soon as possible— when suddenly my cell phone rang in my pocket. I took it out and peeked at the display. It said “Elni”.
I pressed the call button and put the cell phone at my ear.
“…Fufufuh. I have your cute sister. If you want her back, then praise your adorable and sanguine Goddess called Elni.”
“Elni, is Nazuna with you?”
Ignoring her play, I asked seriously, when Elni correct her tone and answered.
“Yeah. I coincidentally found her crying on the road. So I invited her to my house.”
Elni continued with a worried voice.
“Did you guys fight? Nazucat said she doesn’t want to go home.”
“…I see.”
“I don’t know what’s going on, but I can escort her back, if she wants to go home. What do you say?”
“No, it’s already late. Just call me when Nazuna feels like coming home. Then I’ll come pick her up.”
“Okay. Then I’ll send you my address….But ss that fine, Shinobu?”
Elni asked worried.
“Do you think Nazucat would follow obediently when you immediately came to get her?”
Being told that, I realized it would be difficult to get Nazuna obediently to come home.
“Sorry. Stuff happened, you know. Maybe she just needs some time to cool her head.”
“Mmh? I don’t get it… but just leave it to me. As long as she’s by my side, I’ll take responsibility and protect her.”
“Thanks. I’m glad you’re there.”
I said my honest thanks to Elni’s encouragement.
“N- Not, Not at all! I, I’m a Goddess, so it’s only natural. Don’t worry about it. B- But it’s rare for you to apologize so honestly. Okay, I’ll take care of Nazucat. You can rest assured.”
After hearing Elni’s happy and embarrassed voice, I said my thanks once again and hung up. Then I told Luna, who had stood there with a worried expression during the call, everything. Then I sighed.
Luna also hanged her head and shoulders, then we both tramped homewards, when
I could see a silhouette in front.
Usually I would pay it no mind, but something was off. From the small silhouette, I could tell it was a female, but she staggered and seemed to collapse any moment now.
For a moment, I thought it was a drunkard. But when I recognized her, I opened my eyes widely.
I called out to her, when Gogyou-san turned to me in the darkness.
Gogyou-san recognized me and said, when she suddenly staggered and was about to collapse.
Luna and me rushed over and supported her at the shoulders. But Gogyou-san just entrusted her body to us and closed her eyes.
“Hey, what’s up? Are you okay?”
I asked her while holding her on her shoulders. Gogyou-san opened her eyes weakly and opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out. Maybe she lost conscious, as her body just eased up. The bamboo blade pouch fell out of her hand loudly on the ground.
“Shinobu-san, look at this.”
I listened to Luna and looked at Gogyou-san.
Then I noticed that Gogyou-san’s clothes were torn here and there. On the skin exposed by that, I could see traces of blood. Her clothes were dyed red too. When I looked at the bamboo blade pouch, the drawstring was opened and revealed a Japanese sword inside.
Guess she just finished an exorcism job.
She probably was tired and relaxed when she saw us.
Anyway, I couldn’t leave her alone.
Elni was looking after Nazuna, so it should be fine.
Gogyou-san took more priority right now.
I learned the basics of first-aid from my gramps.
I put my hand on Gogyou-san’s neck and first confirmed her pulse and breathing. Next I attended her wounds.
“…Looks like it’s not bleeding anymore.”
Guess it wasn’t necessary to call an ambulance.
Relieved I picked up Gogyou-san and headed home to give her first-aid.
For some reason, Luna halfway changed her worried expression for Gogyou-san to one of envious. But I paid it no mind and headed home. I had Luna open the front-door and carried Gogyou-san into the living room. Then
“Oh my, Shinobu, Luna-chan. Welcome home. Luna-chan, when’s dinner—”
My mother sitting in the living room noticed us and spoke to us, but when she saw the weakened Gogyou-san, she stopped talking and froze up. Then she pointed at me with her shaking finger and said surprised.
“Wh- What are you doing….? Don’t tell me, you had Luna-chan help in kidnapping this random girl, so that you could train her into your slave…”
“Not at all! She’s a friend! A friend!”
“Y- You forcibly kidnapped your favoured friend to brainwash and train her into your slave…!”
“I said, not at all! I wouldn’t do something like that! This is first-aid!”
“That’s right, Tomoe-san! Shinobu-san wouldn’t do that! And even if he should get that frustrated, I’m here then, so it’s okay!”
Luna explained desperately. Then my mother nodded a “Yeah” with a smile.
Mh, I had only noticed it know, but my mother had figured it all and was just teasing me. Even now she was looking at me with a smirk, so there was no doubt.
I wanted to tell her off, but Gogyou-san’s treatment came first.
I carried Gogyou-san into the guest room and laid her down on the bed. Until just now my mother was screwing around, but now she entered the guest room with a serious expression together with Luna.
Then I left the room to let Luna and my mother treat Gogyou-san’s wounds and change her clothes. I waited outside the room, when my mother suddenly came out.
“Hey, Shinobu. Where’s Nazuna anyway? Didn’t you guys leave together?”
I sighed and answered my mother’s question.
“Nazuna ran away. I chased after her, but couldn’t find her—”
In the middle of my sentences, I received a liver blow from her left fist, followed by a blow to my temple from her right fist. The finishing blow was an uppercut to my chin from her left palm.
The perfect combo followed a short pause, where I staggered, then she put me into a iron claw and said with a low voice.
“What you mean? Explain yourself.”
I was scared to death by her angry glare that I told her the reason why Nazuna had run away….

In the end, Nazuna didn’t return home that night.

Chapter 03: Yeah, let’s go to Elni’s house.

I repetitively kicked and stroke while sharply breathing out. After a releasing a combo attack of my fist and feet while the air made a sound of being pierced, I changed into a loose stance. Putting all my strength into each attack, I stroke my palms against the empty air.
Even repeating my training calmly…. didn’t let me concentrate. My movements were stiff, blunt and not beautiful.
I let out a big sigh, undid my stance and stopped my movements.
Like I thought, morning practice wasn’t suited for me. I could bring out my potential better in the afternoon rather than in the morning.
Well, that wasn’t the only reason I couldn’t concentrate…
Complaining like that to myself, I raised my gaze from the ground to the sky. The soft morning sun shone into my eyes. It wasn’t even six o’clock yet. Silence all around me, except for the bike sounds of the newspaper delivery boys.
I would have known immediately if Nazuna came back home when it was this quiet…. Is what crossed my mind and made me sigh again.
Last night I had trouble falling asleep and then woke up early in the morning.
I couldn’t stop worrying about Nazuna, so I had come out to here to the front garden, but there was no way Nazuna would return at a time like this.
While scratching my head, I took the newspaper out of the mail box and went back inside. Normally it was Nazuna’s task to fetch the newspaper, but Luna would probably take it over for a while.
I glanced at the newspaper and remembered about yesterday.
When I explained everything about Nazuna to my mother yesterday, she made a really worried expression for a moment, but then she just said “Let’s wait up and see for now” and went back into the living room.
She might look nonchalant, but my mother was surprisingly kind. I’m sure she had reached some kind of answer…. But I couldn’t seem to approve.
I’ll check upon Nazuna after school.
I returned to the living room from the garden and sat down on the sofa with this thought. I looked at the clock. It was still a long time until breakfast.
I had nothing else to do, so I opened the newspaper and went through the third page, when suddenly someone entered the living room.
While thinking it was pretty early for her, I turned around. It wasn’t Luna how I saw there.
It was Gogyou-san.
She had been asleep since yesterday, so I was worried, but it seems she woke up now. While relieved, I averted my gaze from Gogyou-san.
I knew that Luna and my mother changed her clothes, but not that it was into just a single shirt. The unbuttoned chest area revealed a cleavage. Further down she wasn’t wearing pants or a skirt, so her erotic tights caught my eyes.
“A- Are you better now?”
I looked down on the newspaper fretful and asked….But I got no answer no matter how long I waited.
I found it strange, so I once again looked at Gogyou-san. She had sleepy and spaced out eyes. And probably still sleepy, she said while blinking.
“I want… some water…”
Her voice had the spoiled tone of a child.
She wasn’t her usual cool self.
She was mostly half asleep, but heck, she was so cute. Her eyes lacked the usual sharpness, her drowsily expression was adorable and her slightly opened mouth was also like a child’s.
“Is tea okay?”
I asked gently, when Gogyou-san nodded. I went into the dining kitchen, took the tea out of the refrigerator and poured it into a cup. I returned to the living room, where Gogyou-san sat drowsily on the sofa. I sat down besides her and passed her the cup of tea in my hand. Gogyou-san took the cup and slowly drank the tea.
She returned the cup to me with a smile, then closed her eyes and leaned against me…. She fell asleep peacefully.
“Eh? Huh? H- Hey?”
Gogyou-san had her cheek against my shoulder and exposed her adorable sleeping face. A warm body temperature and a soft, big swelling pressing against my upper arm.
Shifting my gaze down, I saw a beautiful cleavage. Her big breast pressing against my upper arm had softly changed form.
…This was bad.
I felt danger on various fronts, so I grabbed Gogyou-san’s shoulder and said with a slightly raised voice.
“H- Hey, don’t daze off. Wake up, Gogyou-san.”
Her body swayed lightly and she opened her eyes with a “Hmm?”. After she stared at me, she looked around perplexed. Upon that her drowsily eyes regained their usual sharpness.
When Gogyou-san looked at me again, her face was bright red and she got away from me.
“Eh? Wha? Ehh? Wh- What’s going on? I’m, ehm…”
Gogyou-san looked down on her own clothes extremely flustered, looked at me and then restlessly observed the surroundings. Her behaviour was just so cute that I uncontrolled
“…Gogyou-san, you were so vehement last night.”
said smitten with my cheeks red.
Immediately Gogyou-san turned bright red up to her eyes, like I had predicted.
“Ehh? D- Don’t tell me, I… and you…? N- No way, it was my first time and I don’t remember it at all…!”
“No, I don’t know what you’re thinking of, but I meant your sleeping posture.”
I said nonchalant to the panicking Gogyou-san.
Needless to say, Gogyou-san turned even redder and covered her face with both her hands.
She was incredible cute.
But teasing her anymore would be too sad. I coughed once, then explained her about what happened yesterday. Then I said additional.
“—Luna changed your clothes, so don’t worry about it. Also, I’m sorry, but I checked the address book of your cell phone.”
I immediately added “But I only looked up the number of your parents”.
“My mother called your parents and let them know that you’re staying over here. So you don’t need to worry about that either.”
When I finished my explanation, Gogyou-san suddenly stood up and bowed deeply.
“I’m sorry that I caused you trouble.”
“Nah, you also helped me a lot before, so it’s not a big deal. You don’t need to lower your head. I can see your cleavage, you know?”
Washington was also honest and he was forgiven.
Following the mindset I already had with Machina, I said so. Upon that Gogyou-san looked down on her own chest, hastily covered her breasts with her hands and straightened up while apologizing with a “Sorry”. I had expected that she would be angry, no that she would apologize.
Well, I understood well that the Washington mindset choose it’s owner.
I stood up from the sofa and said to the slightly flustered Gogyou-san.
“So what now? Will you go home? If you still don’t feel well, you can rest some more here…”
I thought it was only natural to consider her health, so I asked, but Gogyou-san was a bit surprised and after she muttered a “You’re really kind after all, Nanjou-kun”, she lowered her head only a bit this time.
“Thank you. But I’m all fine already. I’ll go home.”
“I see. I’ll send you off.”
“Yeah. That would be nice, but well….”
Gogyou-san said with her cheeks lightly red again.
“Nanjou-kun, I would like you to return my clothes.”
If someone else heard this sentence, I would certainly be mistaken for a pervert…

* * *

KNOCK KNOCK. I knocked onto Luna’s door.
Gogyou-san wanted me to return her clothes, but Luna washed her blood tainted clothes and they weren’t dry yet.
That was why I stood in front of Luna’s room to get some spare clothes.
“…Guess she’s still sleeping.”
There was no reply to my knocking.
I felt bad about waking her up so early, but after a “I’m coming in”, I entered Luna’s room. Then I approached Luna, who was sleeping on her bed.
No, that wasn’t the time to gulp now. It wasn’t the time to, but Luna’s sleeping appearance was just way too erotic.
Was Luna the type, who sleep naked? Her charming neck and collarbone line caught my eye and on top of her shoulders I spotted the pink strap of her brassiere. Furthermore, Luna was laying sideways, so I got a good look into her cleavage.
….Don’t tell me, she was just sleeping in her underwear?
I took a deep breath to keep my reasoning and called out to Luna.
“Luna, sorry, but wake up. Luna.”
I said it into her ears.
I received back an extremely sexy voice mixed with a sigh.
“Ah, no, Luna-san. I do not want you to go ‘yahn’, but to wake up…”
 For some reason I changed into polite talking. I shook Luna’s shoulders.
“Mmh. Not. Nooo….”
An unbelievable sexy voice answered.
“U- Uhm, Luna-san? No ‘nots’, please wake up.”
“Yahn. Noth shere.”
Along with these voices, Luna turned around in her sleep.
…Mhm. Seemed Luna was ‘noth’ addressable. Nothing to do then. Actually, my reasoning was close to say good-bye. Why was she so erotic. Erotic Luna!
But with the thought that she’s surprisingly weak in the morning, I left her room.
“Somehow that was really nerve-wrecking…”
Mumbling that, I gave up on getting spare clothes from Luna and headed for the changing room. There I dried Gogyou-san’s clothes with the drying machine.

* * *

I sent off Gogyou-san until close to her house. After that I went home leisurely, got ready like always and headed off to school.
But somehow the usual walk to school felt boring and my steps were heavy.
It became so different just because Nazuna wasn’t beside me?
Surprised about that, I suddenly had float Nazuna’s crying face in my head.
I immediately grew the desire to comfort Nazuna…but like my mother had suggested, it might be best to just observe for a while now.
Luna properly apologized to Nazuna. The rest was only a matter of Nazuna’s feelings. Once she calmed down and returned to her usual honest self, Nazuna would surely apologize to Luna on her own.
I walked while having these thoughts, when
an edged voice stopped me.
When I turned around, there stood Gogyou-san, who I parted with just earlier. She was approaching me with a slightly flustered expression.
“Ehm, thanks for this morning.”
“Sure. How are you?”
“…Yeah, I’m all good now.”
Even though she answered that, her expression was somewhat gloomy.
“Did something happen?”
I asked, when Gogyou-san’s shoulder lightly trembled.
I didn’t ask anything this morning, but when she made a face like that, it bothered me.
“If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine…  But I’m always willing to lend you an ear. I’ll be glad to help you out.”
I was indebted to Gogyou-san for the case with Luna.
When I said that to repay the favour, even though it was embarrassing, Gogyou-san made a somewhat surprised expression then giggled.
“Wh- What’s so funny?”
“Nanjou-kun, you’re bright red.”
“Sh- Shut up. I just have a heavier blood circulation than others. Leave me alone.”
Like I thought, I shouldn’t say stuff I’m not used to. I was eager to get away from Gogyou-san, when I was suddenly firmly grabbed at my sleeve.
“Sorry, Nanjou-kun. I didn’t really want to tease you. You know, I was happy….”
Gogyou-san hesitated for a bit, then continued with a “So”
“This might sound like nagging, but will you listen to it?”
Gogyou-san made an insecure expression as she thought I might turn her down.
“Yeah, nagging or whatever, tell me.”
I nodded firmly, when Gogyou-san said “Thanks” with a smile.
That she got so happy by just listening to her nagging made me somewhat embarrassed.
I averted my gaze from her smile and gave audience to her.
According to Gogyou-san, cases of strange patients kept increasing for some time at the hospital of our city— the Midoriyama Hospital.
A patient, who was fine until the day before, would suddenly get worse and unable to leave the bed after 2-3 days. Furthermore, the reason for it was unknown. The doctors believed it to be some kind of virus, but when the exorcists got wind of that, they had decided that an inspection was needed.
And the result from the inspection that various exorcists made at the hospital, revealed that like expected a devil had hidden there and was sucking out the life-force from the patients.
Immediately the exorcists had tried to exorcise it. But the inspecting exorcists were beaten by the devil and had no choice but to retreat.
Normally a devil that sucked human’s life force was a low level devil, but this one seemed to be different.
Half human, half devil. A hybrid between human and devil. The type of devil the exorcists hated the most.
The troubling part of such a devil was that the human half reduced the exorcise spell to half it’s effectiveness. That’s why a hybrid devil could cross the barrier to the human world without great damage, when he suppressed his power.
Apparently it sucked the life force of the patients in the hospital to heal the wounds it suffered by passing the barrier. The healed hybrid devil then showed great power even in the human world.
When Luna’s stepfather Bram came to the human world before, he lost half of his power and even left his left arm in the demon realm to cross the barrier.
But regardless his loss of power, he was still a formidable opponent.
With that in mind, I could easily imagine that the hybrid devil had incredible power.
Actually, none of them died, but various exorcists got injured.
“That’s when they asked me. They said I, the daughter of Gogyou, would surely be able to exorcise that devil. They praised me, so not to bring my father any shame, I tried my best, but….”
Gogyou-san clenched her fist firmly and continued.
“But it was no good. They had such expectations of me, but I couldn’t answer them….”
She lost to the said devil and ran away.
Even all beaten up, she had chased after the devil. That was when she met me and lost consciousness. It was more than obvious how another fight against the devil in her condition would have turned out. Gogyou-san might have been desperate in trying to answer the expectation placed on her, but
“Don’t overstrain yourself. It’s okay to run away from time to time.”
There was no need for her to fight until she was all beaten up.
“It’s not like I don’t understand how it feels to want to meet expectations… But you have to take more care of your own body.”
If she had fought with the devil in that condition yesterday, it surely wouldn’t have ended with mere injuries.
“Even if you happen to meet these expectations, it’s not worth it when you gravely hurt yourself, right? If someone should complain about your loss, I’ll be on your side. So don’t overstrain yourself.”
I got too passionate and before I noticed it, it turned into a lecture.
I might have said something unnecessary.
I doubtful looked at Gogyou-san, wondering if I screwed up, when I suddenly opened my eyes widely. Gogyou-san’s eyes were wet and she looked about to cry.
I had never seen her like that.
Damn. I might have hurt her.
“S- Sorry. It wasn’t my place to say that. Ehm, I had no intention to hurt you…”
I hastily apologized, when Gogyou-san shook her head and said.
“That’s not it… I’m just too happy… Thanks…. Nanjou-kun.”
Stuck for words, Gogyou-san repeated a thanks.
Not only didn’t I know how to treat the teary Gogyou-san, but I was also confused by my abjection.
 I worried about what to do, when I remember about the dog cell phone strap that I won at the lottery yesterday.
Mh, Mhm. Gogyou-san loves dogs, so let’s give it to her. She might like it and smile again.
“F- For now, you get a reward, since you worked so hard. Here, you love dogs, right?”
Still restless, I pulled out the dog strap from my pocket and presented it Gogyou-san.
“….You’re so kind, Nanjou-kun.”
For some reason, Gogyou-san teared up even more.
Ehh? It had the opposite effect?
“This is quite popular, so even if you order it, it’s hard to get….. And you give it to, because I love dogs…”
That reminded me, the woman at the lottery said the same.
“Nah, it’s nothing special. Don’t worry about it. C’mon, put it on your cell phone.”
When I suggested such, Gogyou-san nodded honestly, pulled out her cell phone and put the strap on it. And when she looked at the swaying strap on the cell phone, she finally smiled. Good. I made a big sigh of relief.
For a while Gogyou-san gazed at the strap with a smile, then she made an expression as she noticed something. She looked at me and with flustered cheeks she said shyly.
“H- Hey, Nanjou-kun, if you don’t mind… would you like to exchange phone numbers?”
“Eh? Really?”
I asked in surprise, when Gogyou-san nodded still red.
When she made such a face, even I got embarrassed for some reason.
While scratching my cheeks, I exchanged numbers with Gogyou-san.
I suddenly felt a gaze on me.
I got a feeling that someone was watching me.
I turned around slowly, but there wasn’t anyone behind me.
It wasn‘t close by, but the moment I turned around, the presence vanished.
….I remembered that I felt a similar gaze before.
Wondering what it was, I tilted my head. Upon that I made eye-contact with Gogyou-san. It seemed she also felt the same thing as me.
“Could it be you felt a gaze too, Gogyou-san?”
“No, rather than a gaze, it felt like a bad presence….But you did too, Nanjou-kun?”
I nodded and spoke as I remembered.
“Reminds me, I felt a similar presence before…”
“Yeah. Two days ago, I think? I walked down the street, when I felt a presence like just now. Oh no, what if it’s a stalker?”
It wasn’t really a pleasant story.
I mumbled quietly.
“It’s okay.”
Gogyou-san said firmly.
“If anything should happen to you, I’ll come to your aid, Nanjou-kun.”
After her edged eyes seized me straight on, she gently narrowed them.
I said it half jokingly, so it was embarrassing when she took me so serious.
I once again scratched my cheek, when Gogyou-san muttered a “Oh right” as she remembered something. She suddenly opened the collar of her uniform a bit and stuck her hand inside. Her hand extended towards her chest and was going to pull out something.
Mh, Gogyou-san was an exorcist, so it was easy to imagine that she would carry around some hidden tools with her. To her it must have been an every-day thing. But every time she moved her hand around her chest, her big breasts swayed. And here I stood, staring at it.
Gogyou-san didn’t seem to notice my predicament. She pulled out something from her clothes and presented it to me.
What was that? I looked at Gogyou-san’s hand with a tilted head. She held a single piece of paper.
“What’s that?”
“A type of talisman.”
I asked and Gogyou-san continued with a serious expression.
“Nanjou-kun, you have the devil Luna besides you, right? To be honest, that isn’t all that good.”
“Eh Really?”
Gogyou-san nodded and continued.
“Devils end up effecting humans for the better or worse.”
From Gogyou-san’s point of view Luna was a somewhat strange devil and it was possible that her effect on me changed my body into a condition that allured devils.
Technically I received a ring from Luna’s stepfather Bram that prevented to become effected by devils, but apparently it was something to let a human, who was possessed by a devil, keep his personality. So it might not be enough for me. Gogyou-san finished her explanation.
“Just keep the talisman in your room and it should naturally cleanse your body. It’ll also be helpful when devils attack you. Well, think if it as a protection charm.”
I could feel Gogyou-san’s warmth on the talisman. But
“Is it okay? Aren’t these talismans pretty expensive?”
“Don’t worry about it. It’s only around 400-500.”
…Hold it.
Around 400-500? Hopefully not millions?
Gogyou-san said “It’s a thanks for this” and held up the strap from earlier…. But wasn’t the difference in value too high?
Still taken aback, I put the talisman from my palm into carefully into a clear file in my bag. Then I looked back at Gogyou-san. Upon that Gogyou-san said with a serious expression.
“Okay, Nanjou-kun. Actually, there’s another thing.”
“O- Okay. Out with it.”
I was still disconcerted over the talisman, which showed in the voice I unconsciously leaked.
Upon hearing that, Gogyou-san loosened her expression a bit, but soon enough made her usual edged expression. After she hesitated for a bit, she opened her mouth.
“….It’s about the transfer student, Orangelo-san.”
“The transfer student? Ahh, Machina. Reminds me, you said you felt a bad presence from her. Is it about that?”
Before Gogyou-san could answer.
“—You need anything from me?”
Suddenly the voice of an interfering third person.
I didn’t know for how long she had stood there when I turned around. Long, red hair and amber eyes. Smart and finely chiselled features. And the way how she looked at us with her arms crossed was like a Queen’s, no doubt.
“So, I’ll ask again, do you need anything from me?”
The red-haired Queen—- Machina approached as leisurely while looking glaring at Gogyou-san with narrowed eyes.
Her stunning look made Gogyou-san fell silent and stare back in return.
After a short, awkward silence, for some reason Gogyou-san bit her lips somewhat frustrated,
“Let’s go, Nanjou-kun.”
grabbed my hand and started walking.
I was surprised at suddenly being pulled away, but nodded vaguely and followed Gogyou-san. But
“I’m coming with you.”
Machina lined up besides us and held onto my arm for some reason. Then she pulled on my arm to get me away from Gogyou-san. Seeing that, Gogyou-san frowned with a “Hmp”, held firmly onto my other arm and pulled me stronger to her in opposition.
Thereupon Machina also frowned and once again pulled on my arm with more strength.
Needless to say, their voluptuous breasts were pressing on my arms, pinching them between a soft and elastic sensation. For a moment, my mind went blank.
Furthermore, a sweet fragrance was coming from both of them and since they were exerting quite the strength, the sensation of their breasts was directly transmitted onto my arms.
Their size and softness were fighting a desperate battle, but for size, Machina was slightly superior. But since Gogyou-san’s breasts had an indescribable softness, so it was hard to decide a winner— But it wasn’t the time to go off into my own little world.
Gogyou-san and Machina were pulling onto my arms in opposition with red faces, which attracted the gazes of all those around us.
To others it must have looked like a bloody battle. The strength with which they pulled on my arms increased steadily and my arms started to hurt.
That was when I shouted.
“Stop it, you two! Don’t fight over me! It’s all my fault for being so beautiful!”
The moment I shouted that, Machina made a perplexed expression and let go off me quickly.
For a moment, because the power balance was broken, I was strongly pulled to the right by Gogyou-san.
She probably hadn’t expected Machina to let go so suddenly. Gogyou-san lost her balance and was about to fall. Hastily I put my hand around Gogyou-san’s hip and supported her. But I also lost my balance—-and plunged my head into her breasts.
On both my cheeks I felt a soft, warm and gentle sensation.
…Ahh, now I had done it. Not just in the game centre before, but once again I had plunged my head into her breasts.
Before, when I dived into her breasts by accident, I received a splendid twin fist shot.
I didn’t want to suffer that again.
I hastily tried to get away from Gogyou-san. But for some reason my head was firmly embraced. Then
“Don’t let go so suddenly. That’s dangerous.”
Gogyou-san raised an angry voice. It was rare for her to raise her voice, but even more surprising was this dream-like situation. The smell of shampoo and the soft sensation from an embrace.
“Nanjou-kun, are you okay?”
“In a way I’m not, but I’m fine.”
I answered the worried voice and regrettably detached myself from Gogyou-san. Then I regained my composure while shifting my gaze to Machina. She looked at me with narrowed eyes and said.
“Pervert. You have a grin on your face.”
“Y- You’re imagining things. The corners of my mouth are just a bit higher than usual, so it might look like that to you.”
After a profound smile, Machina once again grabbed my arm and pressed her big breasts against it.
“…Th- That’s not working on me.”
“Says the pervert.”
Machina smiled erotically.
I was charmed by that expression inadvertent, when Gogyou-san draw closer frowning. She grabbed Machina’s arm and forcefully pulled us two apart. Then she said angrily.
“D- Don’t get close to Nanjou-kun.”
….What a surprise that Gogyou-san said that.
While I was surprised by the unusual statement, Machina glared at Gogyou-san.
“Oh be quiet. He’s mine, so take a hike.”
“I won’t hand over Nanjou-kun to you.”
Saying that, Gogyou-san reached out for her bamboo blade pouch that hung on her shoulder. Machina just laughed dauntless and took a stance with her right hand raised.
Hey, hey, were they going to fight here?
That wasn’t exactly good.
“Hey, calm down, you two. Be more aware of your surroundings.”
When I panicky urged them, Machina sighed and put down her hand. Then she said while looking at Gogyou-san.
“It seems you’re under some kind of misunderstanding, but I have no intention to start anything at school, you know?”
“…You think I would trust you on that?”
“That’s up to you. Just…”
Machina narrowed her eyes piercingly.
“When you run your mouth to Nanjou-kun, I might change my mind.”
“…Is that a warning?”
Then Machina smiled, suddenly hit my shoulder and said.
“I’m only after Nanjou-kun. I don’t care about anything else.”
Machina faced me with a grand smile.
A shiver ran down my spine.
When she looked at me with her amber eyes that were sucking me in, it felt like my brain was melting. A sweet something gentle entered my brain and took away my ability to think. For a moment I entrusted my body to that sweet feeling and was about to lose consciousness—but I finally pulled myself together and concentrating on taking a deep breath. That was probably effective, as my blanked out mind became clear again.
…Amnesia? Believing it was due to my lack of sleep, I twisted my head, when
“That’s a surprise. To think you could shake it off…”
Machina was looking at me attentively.
Hastily Gogyou-san jumped between us.
“Rest assured. It failed.”
Machina gave Gogyou-san, who was holding her bamboo blade pouch in her hand, a side glance, then sighed and went on.
“For always acting like a fool, he got a strong will.”
Machina mumbled a profound “Too bad”, turned her back to us and walked away.
“Ah, wait!”
Gogyou-san called after her, but Machina only answered back a “See you at school” while waving her hand and walked off alone.
The left behind Gogyou-san made a frustrated expression, but I only titled my head, since I had no clue what was going on.

* * *

When first period started, I showed Machina my textbook like yesterday and wondered if Nazuna was properly going to school.
For a while I watched the back of the math teacher, who was writing some formulas on the blackboard, when Machina suddenly called out to me in a quiet voice.
“Hey, Nanjou.”
“Hey, that’s not it. Call me Master, like you were told to.”
“Ah, sorry, Master—-wait, I don’t remember being told that! And why did I say that in a slightly gently tone? That surprised me!”
Yeah, actually I was surprised too. To be honest, being called “Master” meekly was exciting.
I considered making her say a different line, when Machina didn’t learn her lesson and called out to me again in a small voice.
“Hey, slave.”
“You’re the slave. Don’t get cocky.”
“Ah, yes. I am sorry, Master—-wait, why! Why aren’t you falling for it? It’s unfair that it’s only me! How can you lie like it’s nothing? Idiot! Pervert! Lecher!”
Machina shouted with a bright red face, ignored the glare from the teacher and kicked my shin while firing baseless insults at me.
But I, satisfied by hearing “Master” again, generously accepted those.
She sure was fun to tease.
With a smile I shifted my gaze back to the blackboard and listened to class, when Machina suddenly put her arm around my shoulder.
Two soft, big and beloved things were pressing me and when I turned around, Machina’s finely chiselled features jumped into my vision. Machina brought her well-shaped, pink lips near my ear and whispered.
“Hey, Nanjou. I’ll say it once more, become my slave.”
Her voice had a demanding tone, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable and a strange sensation that numbed my spine attacked me. Still, I passed on being a slave.
“Machina, I’ll also ask once more: What privileges do I get from that?”
When I asked quietly, Machina blew into my ear and answered erotically.
“I wouldn’t mind letting you lick my legs.”
“No, I would rather have your breasts.”
“N- Not the breasts!”
I thought she would fall for it like usual, but it seemed the breasts were no good.
I made a big sigh and said.
“End of negotiation then.”
I averted my gaze from the flustered Machina and faced the blackboard.
“Hey wait.”
I heard a hectic voice.
I looked back again and after a short pause, Machina said while red.
“Licking is out of the questions, but….you can t- touch them for a bit.”
“That’s no good either. A man wants to fondle.”
“F- Fondle, no way!”
“—Then this talk is over.”
When I dispatched her calmly, Machina made a surprised expression. But it seems the breasts were no good after all, so she shut her mouth.
Mh, her breasts were certainly charming, but I refused to be her slave after all.
I wouldn’t be tempted. I faced in front and focused on class.
Machina also seemed to have given up, since she didn’t say anything for a while. But not even five minutes had passed, when she stuck her own shoulder against mine.
What was it now? Alerted I looked at her.
“Hey, Nanjou. Become my slave.”
Machina said somewhat sweet.
Mhm~ Just what was she thinking? Why did she want me as her slave so bad? Did she want to force me into submission and control me at school?
Clueless to her goals, I titled my head, when I suddenly made eye-contact with Gogyou-san.
Sitting on the other site of Machine, separated by the passage, Gogyou-san glared at her with a frowning expression. Then she looked meaningful at me and made some kind of signs with gestures. I deciphered her signs and recited it with lip-sync without making a sound.
“Ahhn, Nanjou-kun, my body is so hot I can’t endure it. Hold me.”
….Gogyou-san, so lewd. Doing that during class, how perverted, really.
When I was lost in my own convenient delusion, Gogyou-san got bright red up to her ears and gestured a “No, no!” with her hands. Then she said with lip-sync herself.
“Nanjou-kun, be careful of the transfer student.”
“I don’t really get it, but okay.”
I ended my conversation with Gogyou-san in lip-sync and looked back at Machina.
For some reason Machina asked me with a displeased expression.
“I have a question….”
“The type of girl I want as my girlfriend is a self-sacrificing maid. Too bad, but that doesn’t apply to you.”
“Th- That’s not true! Girls can change for their love—wait, what’s up with that? No one asked about your type of girl!”
BAM. After kicking my shin, Machina glanced over shortly to Gogyou-san and said.
“…Don’t tell me, you’re going out with that girl?”
“No, I’m not.”
Why would she ask that?
When I answered truthfully with my head tilted, Machina made a relieved expression.
“I see, that’s good.”
It was a profound statement.
“….Oh I know, you have fallen for me.”
“I, I’ll send you flying!”
I meant it as a joke, but my shin got kicked again.

* * *

I endured the long classes and the moment the last homeroom ended, I took my bag and stood up. I had decided to drop by Elni’s place after school and check upon Nazuna.
I swiftly left the classroom and walked down the corridor, when
“Wait, Nanjou.”
I was called from behind.
I turned around and there stood the red-haired empress Machina. But
“…I must be imagining things. There isn’t anyone around.”
I pretended not to see her and walked away.
I pulled out my cell phone from my pocket and opened the mail that Elni send me yesterday. I checked Elni’s address that was written there, when
“I said wait!”
Along with an angry voice, I was suddenly grabbed at my collar.
With no other choice I turned around. There was Machina glaring at me with red cheeks, due to her anger, and shouting.
“Why are you ignoring me! At least reply to me!”
“…What? I’m busy, you need anything?”
“Why else would I stop you! Yet you ignore me. So rude! Not to forget that you ignored me before and went home!”
Now that I thought about it, I remember being called out by someone on the day Machina transferred here. But that this someone was Machina came as a surprise to me.  I didn’t think she would call out to me, since I had made her angry back then.
“Well, sorry about that.”
“Hmp. Don’t think I’ll be so forgiving next time.”
“Yeah, okay. See you tomorrow then.”
“Yes, see you—-wait, why are you trying to leave! I just told you I want something from you!”
Machina placed a kick into my stomach. The sharp kick piercing into my side really did hurt… well, I did was at fault this time.
“Sorry, just a joke. So, what do you want?”
I asked serious, when Machina arrogantly crossed her arms. Both her arms raised her breasts, which emphasised her big breasts even more.
Maybe Machina noticed my look to her breasts or not, but while bending her breasts she said.
“Nanjou, guide me around town.”
I replied to these words with a smile.
“…Eh? No way? Wh- Why? Why are you turning me down? Guide me around!”
She didn’t expect me to turn her down, so Machina spoke agitated and grabbed my arm. I felt a bit sorry for her, but I removed myself from her grab.
Right now I had to hurry to Elni’s place.
“Sorry. I have something to do today, so I can’t. Ask someone else. I believe any guy in class would be happy to guide you around.”
“I hate boys, who don’t have a will of their own and simply do whatever you tell them.”
Now that was unexpected. While I was a bit surprised, Machina added “I hate boys, who don’t listen to me at all, too though” and glared at me. Yeah, what a selfish girl.
“Then ask a girl. You got a bit closer to them, right?”
“…There’s no one I’m close to.”
Machina answered in a quiet voice.
That reminded me, the boys naturally gathered around her, but none of the girls in class came talking to her.
“You don’t have any friends.”
When I said that inadvertent in pity, Machina was at a loss for words and tears welled up in her eyes for a moment, but acting tough, she turned to the side.
“I- It’s not like I need friends to begin with or anything!”
Could it be I just confronted Machina with a taboo head on? Machina was trying to act though, but she was strongly grabbing onto the fringe of her clothes and looking really sad.
“….If you want I can show you around town once I finished my stuff. How’s that?”
I felt really guilty, so I kindly suggested that. Then Machina answered while still facing sideways.
“You better be grateful. I’ll come along when it doesn’t take too long.”
She sure couldn’t be honest.
With a wry smile I left school together with Machina and headed for Elni’s place.
It seemed that Elni’s house was near the parched river bed. While walking besides Machina, I walked towards the address that Elni wrote in her mail….We then reached the bottom of the bridge over the river bed. Below the bridge a big, yellow tent was set up and had written “Elni’s house” on it with bold black letters…..For real?
Beside the tent stood a red mail box. Was this, well, a gag? For a while I stood totally dumbfounded in front of the tent.
“What’s this? Such a poor house.”
Machina’s cold statement brought me back to my senses.
I was sure that Elni had her reasons for living here.
Regaining my spirit, I approached the tent….but I didn’t sense any presence in there. I once called out Elni’s name, then proclaimed “I’m coming in” and looked into the tent.
The inside of the tent was more spacious than I thought. It was around four and a half tatami mats big. There wasn’t much space, but there was a bookshelf, a sofa and even a fishing rod, a first-aid kit and a bear plush toy.
And like I had expected, the two mattresses in the middle of the tent were empty.
It seemed that Elni and Nazuna went out.
Where did they go? I pondered with my arms crossed, when Machina called out to me with a “Hey”.
“You aren’t going to claim at your age that this is your ‘secret base’ and you came here to play, are you?”
“No, this isn’t my secret base. Mine is on the mountain.”
When I replied that to the bewildered Machina, she looked at me like I was an idiot.
“What? You’re still playing at a secret base at your age?”
“Anything more is classified.”
I answered with a cool smile, but Machina was still looking at me with a weary expression.
Well, normally I would toy with her, but I didn’t pay it any mind.
In the past I build a secret base half for fun, but now it was an important training spot. Not showing it to anyone and training my body there, I treasured it a lot.
While gazing at the yellow tent, I pulled out my cell phone from my pocket and called Elni. But it didn’t connect and I only get the answering machine.
I had no choice but to hang up. Then I faced Machina.
“Sorry, but we’re going to the station. Follow me!”
“Eh, so arrogant.”
I took the weary Machina and headed for the station in the shopping district. Then we walked around the station searching for Elni and Nazuna, when I heard a guitar. After that a bright singing voice reached my ears.
I had heard that singing voice before.
I perked my ears and walked towards the voice. There I saw a crowd.
I approached the crowd and peeking through the gaps I took a look at the people performing…. It were Elni and Nazuna.
Elni was playing a bright red acoustic guitar with her silver twin tails swinging around.
Nazuna was moving her body in rhythm to Elni and singing brightly.
Everyone in the watching crowd was smiling and some were starting so say “So cute”.
Strangely enough, the two of them looked sparkling and were just like idols.
Actually, Elni could play a guitar, huh.
While I was surprised by her skill, the song ended.
I wanted to hear more, but Nazuna bowed down once and signalized the end of the performance.
I was really disappointed, when suddenly a loud applause emerged.
When I looked around, the people, who had listened to the song, cheered and giving a grand applause.
I took out my wallet and while Elni and Nazuna were talking to the spectators, I threw a 500 yen coin in Elni’s guitar case that was on the ground.
Upon that the other spectators followed my suit and threw money into Elni’s guitar case. Amidst the clinking of small coins, there were a flew flapping of banknotes. Elni had bewildered expression and pinched her own cheek in disbelief over the amount of money collecting in the guitar case. Then
“Hamburger! Spaghetti! Fried Potato!”
While shouting the names of food, she hugged onto Nazuna.
Nazuna returned her hug and laughed happily.
Looks like these two were doing fine.
Nazuna was looking happy as well, so just like my mother had said, it was better to just watch the situation for now. She really might have just needed time to sort out her feelings.
Somewhat sad, I pulled out my cell phone and started to write a new mail.
“Elni, I leave Nazuna to you. Protect her from all kinds of enemies, Mad Dog—”
A sent this instruction mail, then looked besides me….Machina pulled out her wallet from her pocket and threw a coin into Elni’s guitar case.
“….You’re surprisingly kind.”
When I said so slightly surprised, Machina turned red, probably out of shame, and faced sideways.
“I just made a little mistake.”
“No, how can you make such a mistake?”
Inadvertently I made a wry smile, when Machina kicked my shin this time, definitely out of shame.
What an interesting girl. I then once again looked at Nazuna, before shifting my gaze back to Machina.
…Okay, my business was done, so I better show Machina around now like I promised.
“Okay, let’s go. We’re already at the shopping district, so I’ll show you around here today.”
I said so while turning on my heels, when Machina lined up besides me and asked surprised.
“Hey, you aren’t going to talk with them? That cute—COUGH”
Concealing her slip-up with a cough, Machina continued.
“That girl besides the one with the hoodie, is your little sister, right? Didn’t you come all the way here to meet her?”
“Well, yeah….it’s a bit complicated.”
Then I told Machina about Luna and Nazuna. That Nazuna left the house after a fight with Luna. That she was currently staying with Elni. And that I came to check up on her, since I was worried.
By the way, I introduced Luna as an exchange student that was doing a home stay at our house.
The home stay was a big lie, but it worked on the surface.
When Luna came to school before, my classmates asked me a lot of questions, but when I later said she was an exchange student, they all accepted it.
Actually I wanted to introduce her as part of my family, but that seemed to be easily misunderstood, so I refrained from it.
—Luna was a devil. She came from the demon realm to the human world, where she didn’t know anyone. She must have been lonely without doubt. And because of the barrier of the human world, old man Bram couldn’t come over here all that often.
That was why we had to become Luna’s family.
So far Luna had been betrayed and hurt by a lot of people.
And every time she was crying, so I decided to make her happy. I swore not to let her feel sad again….
This morning, Luna couldn’t hide her shock when she realized that Nazuna didn’t come home.
Spaced out, she had poured soy sauce over her eggs until it spilt from the plate. Then she put the eggs into her mouth and was surprised with a “Hyaa”.
I’ll have to tend her too, when I get home.
I thought that, when
“Hey, Nanjou, did you… do it with that exchange student yet?”
Machina suddenly asked an unbelievable question, so I snorted inadvertent.
“D- Don’t be stupid. I haven’t done anything.”
“Why are you doubting me? I’m a gentleman, you know?”
“But your sister called you a failure as a gentleman.”
Right. I already had completely stopped being a gentleman.
Machina didn’t pay any mind to my shock and continued while looking at me doubtful.
“Besides, the boys in class call you the ‘Demon Lord that trained the blonde exchange student into a slave called maid’, you know?”
“…For real? What the? They didn’t come to terms with it?”
Surprised by my classmates’ words, Machina looked at me with narrowed eyes.
“Hey, what’s with that look? Do you believe this baseless rumour? Look into my eyes! Are these pure eyes the eyes of someone that trains people?”
“…Not only are don’t look they pure at all, but they more look like the eyes of a rotten fish. But oh well.”
After I was stared at by these amber eyes, I asked, when Machina said something incredible rude and nodded. Actually, before I was told I had rocking eyes. Calling them eyes of a rotten fish now was too cruel. While becoming depressed inside, I was indecisive on where to guide Machina.
“So, where are you taking me?”
Machina lined up besides me and asked.
“Mhm~ Is there any place you want to go to?”
I answered the question with a question, when Machina gave me the short answer “Somewhere fun”.
Mhm, somewhere fun. If possible I wanted a place that didn’t require money.
I took out my wallet and checked the contents. There I spotted the business card of the sexy lottery miss that I got yesterday.
I turned around the car mindless, where the address of a cabaret club was written.
“Okay, let’s go to a cabaret. Let’s drink through the night. What do you drink?”
“Maybe I should get a cocktail—wait, why a cabaret! That’s not a place where you take a girl to! To begin with, you’re still a minor! And what’s with that business card!”
“…You have an unexpected talent for playing along and then setting it straight.”
I felt happy that she reacted like I hoped, so I praised her. But Machina wasn’t playing along, but just getting tricked into it, so once again she angrily kicked my shin.
If she didn’t give it a rest soon, my shin would start to get bruises.
I stopped teasing Machina and just guided her around normally.
A bookstore, a supermarket, a karaoke box, a movie theatre, a store for western clothes and a well-known family restaurant.
We walked with no real goal, when Machina suddenly stopped. I followed Machina’s look and saw a game center.
“What’s that?”
“A game center. There are various games in there. Asada comes here often to play strip mahjong.”
“Who’s Asada?”
“You know that one pervert in our class? That’s him.”
“Yeah, that guy with only the good face.”
Strangely enough, she understood just by saying pervert.
I felt a bit sorry for Asada and said while pointing to the game center.
“Since we’re here, want to go inside? It’s a bit loud inside though, can you manage that?”
“Hee. So you can be considerate after all.”
Machina said the rude “What a surprise” in awe while entering the game center.
Inside Machina watched around unusually agitated, then she curiously took looks at various games.
“You behave like someone from the country-side. Don’t they have this stuff overseas?”
I said teasingly, but Machina didn’t get angry like usually.
She probably didn’t hear me, as looked around all excited.
“Nanjou, I want to play this.”
She stopped in front of the crane game and pointed at it.
The inside of the transparent glass case was filled with all kinds of adorable animal plush toys.
She probably wanted one. That was unexpected.
“Nanjou, put in some money.”
Suddenly Machina said so mandatory.
Why did I have to pay? I was sceptic, but Machina looked so happy that I just sighed and pulled out my wallet. I put the coin into the crane game. Then the game started and Machina operated it to get a tiger plush toy—but couldn’t get it. Not at all. Hopeless.
“…You totally suck.”
“Sh- Shut up! It’s my first time, so I can’t help it!”
Saying that, Machina made a regretful expression while looking at the plush toy in the glass case.
“Why can’t I get it…”
I turned to the voice. Machina was glaring at the crane game that wasn’t going like she wanted it to, but there were small tears welling up in her eyes.
I felt a bit sorry for her, so after I made a wry smile, I opened my mouth to give her some advice.
“You know, from what I heard, instead of clumsily going for what you want, it’s better to start with some easier catches.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah. So why don’t you go after the cow one there?”
When I said so, Machina nodded surprisingly honestly and moved the crane. She got the cow plush toy quite easily.
“….I got it.”
After leaking a surprised voice, Machina turned around and asked with sparkles in her eyes.
“Hey, Nanjou, which one should I get next?”
Unconsciously I was charmed by Machina’s happy face for a moment and gave a dreamily reply. Upon that Machina made a sulking expression and said.
“What? Don’t be a meanie and tell me.”
“O- Okay.”
Still taken aback, I nodded and put my hand on my chin with a “Let’s see”. I looked into the glass case.
“….Next is, doesn’t that sheep over there look good?”
“Sheep it is.”
Machina nodded honestly again and operated the crane. The crane followed Machina’s instruction and caught the sheep plush toy perfectly.
“…I got it again. You’re amazing, Nanjou.”
“Y- Yeah? You’re pretty good yourself.”
While answering, I averted my gaze from the happily smiling Machina.
When she behaved so honestly like that, I went somehow insane.
But well, seeing that side of hers wasn’t too bad.
Such thoughts crossed my mind while I turned my gaze back to Machina, who operated the crane game with a serious expression.
…And at the end of a fierce battle, Machina succeeded in getting the tiger plush toy she wanted. On the way to get the tiger, she also got others like a cow or a dog, so I actually ended up spending quite some money.
But when Machina caught the tiger, she made a truly happy expression.
So it was okay.
We got a paper bag from the store clerk, so the plush toys went in there and Machina and me left the game center.
Machina walked while happily hugging onto the paper bag with the plush toys, when she suddenly stopped and glanced at me.
“Mh? What’s up?”
When I called out to her, Machina turned slightly red and said while facing to the side.
“…Th- Thanks.”
I widened my eyes in surprise on these words of gratitude, when Machina took out a wolf plush toy out of the paper bag at her chest with still flustered cheeks from embarrassment. Then she presented it to me.
“I got the plush toys with your help, so, well… as… as thanks….”
“M- Mhm, thanks….”
While saying my thanks, I took the plush toy, when Machina smiled.
“That plush toy looks like you.”
I was about to lose myself in her smile, so I hastily turned away from Machina.
I had never expected her to thank me so honestly. I put the wolf plush toy into my bag and was a bit confused—when I suddenly heard a sobbing voice.
Concerned I turned to the voice, when I saw a girl crying with a quiet voice. She was around five years old. Big tears flowed out of her big eyes. But the girl didn’t cry louder, nor did she cry for help. After wiping away her tears, she looked around worried and uneasy and was about to move on alone.
I was concerned, so I wanted to call out to her, but Machina approached the girl faster than me and called out to her with a “Hey, wait a moment”.
The girl turned around, looked at Machina and made a somewhat frightened expression. Certainly, Machina’s overwhelming look could be scary.
But Machina paid it no mind and squatted down to the girl’s eye level.
“Why are you crying? What’s the matter?”
She said it in a blunt tone without a shred of kindness, but the girl answered quietly after staring at Machina.
“…You know, I lost my big sister.”
Along with her answer, the girl started to cry loud, which she had hold back so far. Machina extremely panicked on that.
“Hey, don’t cry. E- Ehm, here.”
Still panicked, Machina pulled out a plush toy from the paper bag at her chest and held it up in front of the girl’s face. The plush toy peeked the girl’s interest. She stopped crying and gazed at the plush toy.
“Choose whatever you want from these. I’ll give it to you. So stop crying.”
The girl nodded obediently on Machina’s words, peeked into the paper bag, took out the tiger plush toy and said.
“I want the tiger.”
Upon that Machina showed a shocked expression, but
“O- Okay.”
with a compelled expression, she gave the tiger plush toy to the girl. But I was sure she wanted it for herself. She made a complex expression when the girl hugged onto the plush toy. That scene was somewhat heart-warming, so a smile formed naturally on my face.
Then I approached Machina and the girl, squatted down and said.
“So, you got separated from your big sister?”
I tried to ask as kindly as possible, when the girl nodded while still hugging onto the tiger plush toy.
“Okay. Then putting this girl’s life at stake, I’ll try to find your sister.”
I said so while pointing at Machina, when she immediately got angry with a “Put your own life at stake!”.
But the girl asked worried while looking at me with her big eyes.
“…Can you find her?”
“No problem. Leave it to me. I’ll find your sister even if it costs the life of this girl.”
“I just told you to risk your own life!”
Machina got angry again. Sorry, but I ignored her and looked at the girl.
“Okay, let’s look for her together.”
I held out my hand and the girl grabbed on it. Then after she looked shyly at Machina,
“Miss, are you going to look for my sister too?”
she asked.
Upon that Machina patted the girl’s head and answered.
“You would be helpless, so I’ll come along. But I’m busy, so let’s hurry.”
Machina answered blunt, but the girl was no longer scared. She grabbed Machina’s hand and started walking.
Then I asked the girl how her sister looked like. After that I named myself and asked for her name. The girl answered “Haru-chan” with a smile.
Together with Haru-chan, we then started to look for her sister. At a nearby park we found a girl looking for someone while shouting “Haruna-chan~ Haruna-chan~” in a loud voice.
That girl clad in a school uniform was apparently Haru-chan’s big sister. When we brought over Haru-chan, her sister thanked us endlessly and tightly embraced Haru-chan. The embraced Haru-chan happily accepted the hug from her sister.
“Yeah, it’s good when two sisters get along.”
I mumbled when seeing the heart-warming scene of the sisters, and remembered about Luna and Nazuna.
“Luna and Nazuna are as close as sisters, so I hope they make up soon….”
I mumbled to myself, when
“…like sisters?”
suddenly a voice filled with anger came out of Machina’s mouth.
“What are you saying? Your little sister and… that exchange student are strangers, right? Strangers will always be strangers. Calling them like sisters is stupid.”
Machina said while glaring at me… What was up?
She also looked close to tears, so I couldn’t say anything back.
While I was confused, Machina averted her gaze from me unsatisfied, then faced her back to me and walked away. I hastily followed after her, but at a loss for words, I walked at a set distance behind Machina. Then Machina suddenly stopped and said.
“…Nanjou, I’m thirsty.”
“Yeah, me too. You go buy some juice at that vending machine there.”
“Oh, how convenient that there’s one so close by. What flavour do you want? —-wait, that’s not how it goes! You go buy it! You!”
When she turned around, Machina still angrily said “At least read the atmosphere! Idiot!”, but her teary expression from earlier was gone.
Good. I made a sigh of relief in my chest while laughing a “Sorry, sorry”. I bought juice from the nearby vending machine and returned to Machina. Machina was sitting on a bench and waiting for me with her arms crossed like a queen. I approached her and handed her the juice with a smile.
“Here’s your sweet bean soup juice.”
“Yes, thank you—-wait, I don’t want that!”
“No, just a joke. I have apple and orange juice. Which do you want?”
“Give me the orange one.”
Regardless of her request, I silently handed her the apple juice.
“…Hey, I said the orange one.”
“Actually, I wanted the orange one.”
“Then buy two orange ones! Idiot!”
She said angrily, then snatched the orange juice from my hand.
She was really interesting when teased. While squinting, I pulled open the latch of the canned juice and poured the juice into my mouth.
“….Hey, how do I drink this?”
“Are you actually a rich lady?”
With a wry smile, I took the juice from Machina and when I opened the latch, Machina made a surprised expression like she just had seen a well-made  magic trick.
Really, maybe she was a rich lady?
It was my first time seeing someone, who didn’t know how to open a canned juice—Not. Luna didn’t know how to either.
Machina looked curiously at the canned juice and mimicked me by pouring the juice into her mouth. Then she smiled.
While looking at her, I remembered the girl from earlier, Haru-chan.
I noticed that Haru-chan had taken quite the liking to Machina.
“Mh? What?”
Apparently she noticed my look. Machina faced my way.
While avoiding the overwhelming look from her amber eyes, I opened my mouth.
“No, I was just a bit surprised.”
“Yeah. You’re quite kind to kids.”
When I said that, Machina turned a bit red and looked away.
“Right back at you. Even though you have this grim look, you can handle kids surprisingly well.”
“Because I have a little sister. I don’t know why, but in the past she introduced her friends to me and we played together. Guess it comes from that.”
“Hee. That certainly is surprising. Even though you look like a guy that would trash a child for no reason.”
What a cruel statement.
I was pretty bothered by my grim look. So I would like not to be reminded of it.
I was a bit hurt, but it was about Machina now.
To be honest, the image I had of her changed.
“When that girl was crying, you went to her straight. I think that’s pretty amazing. There a lot of people who would just think it’s a bother or someone else will deal with it.”
In fact, there were numerous adults, who just went by when they saw Haru-chan cry. And that Machina of all these people, went to call out to Haru-chan without hesitation was a real surprise.
I had indented to honestly praise her, but Machina said while still facing sideways.
“…It’s only normal to help a crying, little girl.”
Machina continued in a serious tone.
“Not helping then would be more strange, wouldn’t it? There might people who consider it a pain or annoyance…. But I don’t want to become like that.”
I inadvertent widened my eyes.
I always thought she was a selfish girl, but she had such a gentle side to her too.
Before I noticed it, a word of apology had left my mouth.
“I only thought you were a selfish girl. A rich lady that lived doing whatever she wanted….”
But I might have been wrong.
“Well, I don’t know the truth, but I misunderstood you. So… I’m sorry.”
When I lowered my head, made a face like she saw a ghost, but then said “It’s fine” mixed together with a sigh.
“I’m used to being misunderstood.”
Machina continued by mumbling a “It’s just”.
“I’m not a rich lady. That at least know.”
“Yes. Sure, my father is well off, but I’m…. a failure.”
—-A failure.
On these words I felt a slight pain in my chest.
For one reason because Machina was smiling sadly, but that wasn’t all.
A failure. This word that I had started to forget echoed in my head.
“You have been called that by someone?”
I asked in a somewhat stiff tone, when Machina widened her eyes as I had the bullseye. Then
“Wh- Why would you think so?”
Her eyes alarmingly stared at me.
I answered with a smile.
“Because I have been called one too.”
For a second, Machina’s eyes fidgeted.
I went on with a wry smile.
“For generations my family has done old martial arts. But compared to my grandfather or father, I have absolutely no talent for it. Some relatives often told me I’m a ‘failure’.”
When I had to inherit the dojo, because my father didn’t want to, those around me had high expectations of me. But when they got to know that I hadn’t the slightest talent for martial arts, even those who treated me kindly before, turned her back to me.
“My grandfather and father didn’t call me a failure. Though they told me that I’m not suited for martial arts. And they advised me to give up on it.”
Looking thoughtful up the sky, I continued.
“Well, in fact it wasn’t just my relatives, but even people from the dojo called me a ‘failure’ and bullied me. In the end, I temporarily stopped going to the dojo.”
I still could bear with being called a failure by someone close to my age. But I would never forget the words of the adults that called me a failure and looked at me with pity.
That was why I always had a kind of inferior complex.
“But after two years, I returned to the dojo. My family tried to stop me and for a while I was bullied again, but…”
I didn’t throw in the towel again. No matter how often I lost, I trained and trained and trained. Therefore
“I became so strong to submit those who called me a failure. Well, due to some circumstances, I went astray though.”
When I ended my story with a smile, Machina tightly clenched her fists and said.
She looked at me incomprehensible.
“How could you do that? You were taken for a fool when you returned, weren’t you? Yet how could you continue?”
The answer was simple.
“Because I had someone I wanted to protect.”
I didn’t care about my inferior complex. I also closed my ears to the voices around me. I just thought of protecting. Thought of becoming stronger.
Because of old man Bram’s meddling with my memories, most of them were gone, but somewhere in the corner of my heart, I always held on the strong feeling of wanting to protect.
Because I had that, I could continue to run.
I could stand up again, whatever painful stuff happened.
—-Because I wanted to protect Luna, I became strong.
All in all, I would have rotten if it weren’t for Luna.
Because I met Luna as a kid, I was now here like this.
So I could say with confidence.
“The feeling of wanting to protect a precious person is… so mysterious. It makes you bear with anything.”
I said with a smile, when Machina’s eyes flickered.
Out of surprise, confusion and envious? After that Machine drooped.
And without saying anything, she continued to stare at the ground.
…After a long silence, I slowly opened my mouth.
“Hey, can I asked something?”
It was something that had always bothered me.
“Why do you want me to make your slave?”
She seemed to be quite obsessed with making me her slave, but I didn’t know why.
So far I only thought of it as her self-indulgence. But there might actually be some reasons behind it. I asked with that in mind.
“…I have to act before it’s too late.”
I could not comprehend the words that mumbling left Machina’s mouth.
And while she said that, Machina was close to tears again.
I had no words to reply and just looked at her.
Then Machina stood up from the bench at looked at me glaringly.
“Nanjou, this is the last time. Become my slave. Obey me.”
 Along with her words, Machina approached me and captured me with her amber eyes.
Her amber eyes took a hold of me like they had the power of attraction and strangely enough I couldn’t avert my gaze. She continued to look at me and in time my consciousness started to become dizzy. Then a sweet something entered my head and an ecstasy that melted my brain befell me.
That feeling might be similar t o a concussion. If I were to submit to it, it would become so easy.
But I shook off the sweet temptation and rebelled against it.
I took a deep breath and spit it out, which cleared my consciousness. Then I reached out my hand
“When you keep saying that, we can never become friends, you know?”
and lightly chopped Machina’s head.
“H- Hey. Why?”
Machina was somewhat confused, but I let another chop fell onto her head and said.
“I pass on being your slave, but I can become your friend. What do you say?”
When I asked, Machina was surprised and while turning red… she looked away.
“…And here I warned you. idiot.”
She mumbled quietly, then turned around and walked away.
It seemed like I was dumped.
But I had no intention of giving up.
I kept watching Machina’s back, when she suddenly turned around. At that time, she made a teary expression. And with that expression—
“Nanjou, don’t forget what I said earlier.”
“…What you said earlier?”
I tilted my head.
“You became strong to protect someone precious, right?”
Machina said reminding.
“So, whatever happens, protect her.”
Saying just that, Machina once again turned around and walked away.
I called “See you tomorrow” after her, but there was no reply.
I scratched my head and made a small sigh.
“…Guess I’ll go home too.”
With that dizziness from earlier, I would better go to bed early today.
I was also worried about Luna, who was depressed over Nazuna leaving the house.
Wanting to cheer her up, I hurried home.

* * *

I walked the dawn-lit street and arrived back home. Right in front of our gate, I met my mother wearing a travel bag over her shoulder for some reason.
“Oh my, welcome home, Shinobu.”
My mother noticed me and called out. I raised my hand and replied.
“Yo, I made it home safely again today. As a reward, hand over that bag.”
While saying that, I extended my hand towards the bag. My mother answered with a wry smile.
“You don’t need to send me off. It’s not that heavy, so I can carry it myself.”
Mh, the bag looked heavy, so I wanted to carry it for her, but….
“You’re as powerful as ever, Mom. Like a gorilla.”
“Who are you calling a gorilla! And you’re as dishonest as ever. Why can’t you honestly say ‘I’ll carry your bag for you’?”
“Sorry, I’m the type of guy, who can only be honest in bed.”
“Mhm~ Just like me.”
I said it as a casual joke, but I got an unbelievable reply.
Inadvertent I spit out a “Pft!” and looked at my mother surprised. Then my mother pointed at me and said “This idiot is shocked.” giggling.
…Mh, this was my loss. Actually, I never won against my mother so far.
I sighed inside my chest, and looked at my mother again.
“So, you’re going somewhere?”
“Yes. I’m going out for a bit. I think I’ll be back in a week… Well, there’s still Luna-chan, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”
My mother answered while knocking on the travel bag over her shoulder.
“A week, huh? Where are you going?”
When I asked, my mother put her index finger close to her mouth and answered with a playful smile. Then she laughed for some reason, put her arm around my shoulder and whispered into my ear.
“…Shinobu, tonight you’ll be all alone with Luna-chan.”
For a moment, my heart skipped a beat, then as she might have noticed it or not, my mother continued teasingly.
“You can’t force yourself on her, you hear? Because Luna-chan would hate you for it. So be careful.”
“Sh- Shut up, idiot. There’s no way I would feel like doing that when Nazuna is away from home.”
I answered agitated, when my mother strangely laughed a “Fufu”.
“You’re as sweet as ever to Nazuna, Dear Brother.”
My mother extended her hand towards my head and started to gentle pat it.
“It’s okay. Nazuna isn’t so much a kid as you believe her to be. She can sort out her feelings by herself. She’ll be back eventually…So be at ease and wait for her.”
My mother continued with a smile.
“You know it, right? That Nazuna is stronger than she looks. So she can deal with a pervert on her own. Besides, she’s with a friend of yours, right? There’s nothing to worry about.”
She certainly might have a point there.
Just like our father, Nazuna was quite athletic and had more talent for martial arts than me. She wouldn’t even lose to the upperclassmen boys in her karate club. But
“…She might be crying again.”
Nazuna was mentally weak. That was what I was worried about.
When I raised my head, my mother made a serious expression.
“It’s important to make own decisions. Kindness isn’t just sheltering someone. I know you’re worried, but you can’t spoil her now.”
….Right. It was like my mother said. Just spoiling a person might disturb his growth.
I understood that. I did, but….it was difficult. I understood the theory, but my feelings couldn’t keep up with it.
But I somehow had to arrange these two.
With a sigh, I nodded an “Okay”, when my mother smiled satisfied.
“Then hurry up inside. Luna-chan seems down, so go comfort her.”
 “…Comfort, that sounds kinda erotic.”
When I replied as such, my mother giggled. I thought for sure that she would reply “No one asked you to comfort her body!” in anger, but she just gentle poked my cheek with her index finger.
“Girls get weak when you treat them nicely in depressed times… you know?”
She said profound.
“When Luna-chan gives the okay, you can do it, but be a man and take responsibility. Got that?”
“Nah, I don’t. I don’t get it at all. I have no clue at all. I don’t even know who you are.”
“Fufu. You’re such a shy boy.”
After patting my head once again, my mother turn around with a “I’m off”.
I saw my mother off and headed for the front door. With a CLACK I opened the door, when Luna came hastily sprinting out of the living room.
But when she realized it was me, she made a slightly disappointed expression.
I was sure she was waiting for Nazuna. I said with a wry smile.
“I’m home. Sorry that I’m not Nazuna.”
Upon that Luna hastily shook her hands.
“No, no! I’m happy that you’re back, Shinobu-san!”
“Really? It’s suspicious how your voice is so flustered. Actually you thought ‘Why isn’t it Nazuna. You go back to your mountain.’, didn’t you….”
I could tell this joke, since I was 100% sure that Luna wouldn’t never think that.
“I, I did not think that! I’m always looking forward to you coming home, so I always wait in the living room at six, so that I can greet you immediately—-”
Luna desperately explained in a hurry, when she suddenly fell silent and then said “…F- Forget about that.” while turning red.
I had no clue what was going on, but I understood well that Luna was waiting for my return every day.
Unlike in the demon realm, she had no friends here and must be lonely.
“Well, don’t be so down. You’ll make some friends soon.”
“Eh? What do you mean, Shinobu-san?”
“Mh? You waited for me to play with you, since you were lonely without friends, right? I barely have any friends, too. So I don’t think it’s a big deal.”
I encouraging said to the surprised Luna. Then Luna made a complex expression for some reason.
“U- Uhm, well, it’s not like that…”
“Eh? Then what is it like?”
I asked, when Luna turned bright red and started to mumbled “Th- That’s, well, I love…”, but I couldn’t hear it well. Then after Luna glanced around with still red cheeks,
“No, it’s nothing.”
and drooped. Then while still looking down, she mumbled a “I have no courage”. What did she mean?
With my head tilted, I entered the living room together with Luna. I noticed that the game console was on the table. When I looked at the TV, the screen showed a “Game Over” in red letters and a cat wearing a red headband lay in the right bottom corner of the screen, spitting blood.
“…Could it be you were playing, Luna? Actually, you knew how?”
I asked surprised, when Luna answered with a wry smile.
“It seems I deleted Nazuna-chan’s game, so I asked Tomoe-san to teach me how to play it. I thought that when I return the game to what it was, Nazuna-chan would be happy when she comes out…”
Meanwhile Luna started to have a sad expression.
“But it is no good. No matter how often I try, I can’t clear it.”
She dropped her shoulders and looked down.
“I’m at fault after all. I ruined the game that Nazuna-chan worked so hard on to clear. That’s why…it’s only natural that Nazuna-chan is angry.”
Luna said sadly and tears welled up in her eyes.
“Yet I got angry and said something horrible to Nazuna-chan. Nazuna-chan might hate me now. That’s why she isn’t coming h—”
“That’s not it.”
I didn’t let her finish and opened my mouth.
“Fighting, then hating and saying farewell…. That’s not it, isn’t it? Your relationship isn’t that shallow.”
There was no way that Nazuna would hate Luna for something like that. Because I knew that, I could say with confidence.
“You just have to make up after a fight. I’m sure, Nazuna feels the same as you. She also wants to make up. So don’t make such a face.”
I softly placed my hand on Luna’s cheek and smiled at her.
Then Luna’s eyes got wet and she was about to cry.
“Yes. Thank you, Shinobu-san.”
Smiling, she entrusted her cheek into my palm. Then she placed her own hand on top of mine and closed her eyes.
“Your hand is so warm, Shinobu-san.”
Luna spoke in a relieved voice, but as pathetic as it was, I was frigging nervous.
I had placed my hand on her cheek without any thought, but this wasn’t good.
Her cheek was squishy as a marshmallow. And her small hand was soft and warm.
These two sensations sandwiched my left hand, while her blonde hair tickled the back of my hand. A sweet fragrance came from Luna.
Luna, totally defenceless, looked so pleased while she entrusted her cheek to my hand and my heartbeat rose up uncontrollably. Looking at her well-formed pink lips wasn’t an option either.
I completely froze up. Until Luna let go off my hand, I just stood there.
Then Luna probably noticed me freezing up.
“I, I’m sorry for acting so spoiled.”
She lowered her head with an embarrassed expression.
Wow, not good, not good.
Unlike Nazuna, Luna rarely acted spoiled. So I wished you would at least act spoiled at a time like this. Actually, I wanted her to act more spoiled in general.
I reached out my hand to Luna’s head and patted it lightly while saying.
“It’s okay to act spoiled. You’re already part of our family. So don’t show any reservation. You can act even more spoiled with me, you know?”
“…Are you sure?”
“Yeah. No matter how spoiled you act, I won’t be troubled. You can be spoiled by me like Nazuna.”
Luna asked me shyly and I answered outright.
I was bad at honestly expressing my own feelings and it was embarrassing. But there were things you had to put into words. So even if I was bad at it or it was embarrassing, I couldn’t run away from it.
Though I couldn’t say it to Luna’s face and had faced sideways… Well, this was fair enough, wasn’t it? I asked that myself.
Suddenly a pleasure attack on my body. Two soft sensations. Warm arms that embraced my back. A sweet fragrance tickling my nose.
“L- Luna?”
I looked down, where Luna was happily hugging onto me.
“Wha? Eh? Wh- What’s up so suddenly?”
I couldn’t hide my agitation in my voice. But Luna paid it no mind, hugged onto me even more tightly and answered.
“Actually I was always envious how Nazuna-chan hugged onto you like this.”
Because she said that while hugging tightly onto me, Luna’s big breasts that were pressing onto my body were changing shape. BOING BOING. The breasts wouldn’t cease their attack on my body.
Luna didn’t notice how I desperately clung to my reasoning. She slowly raised her head and said while looking at me with a delightful expression.
“From now on I’ll hug you like this.”
“N- No, that’s a bit…”
I temporarily lost my reasoning upon her happy smile, but hastily warned her with a “You can’t”. But
“….I cannot?”
A plea with puppy eyes from below.
“Y- You can, but when you do, I’ll hug you back in retaliation, you know?”
Before I noticed, I had given her an approval.
Luna smiled on my words. Then she let go off me and spread both her arms while still smiling. She was probably telling me “You can hug me”. But that was way too embarrassing, so I averted my gaze and tried to pass by Luna.
But I heard a “Shinobu-san” and this time was hugged from behind.
….Could it be that I had awakened the ultimate weapon?
The two soft and elastic big swellings pressed onto my back and my reasoning was already in danger. But I had to endure this.
Suddenly I felt a sharp bloodlust and turned around in a haste. By doing so I made eye contact with the smiling Luna, who had clung to my back. Looking at Luna so closely, her pretty doubled eyebrows were long and the form and shape of her lips were really pretty—-wait, this wasn’t the time to get charmed by that.
I ran to the window and looked around the garden…. but there was no one.
But I still felt a bad chill on my neck.
Just when the wind ran through the trees, the bad chill was gone.
Seemed it hadn’t a deliberately cause.
I sighed in relief while I pondering.
At first I believed the gaze to be just my imagination, but at this point it couldn’t really be an imagination anymore. I didn’t know of the owner of that gaze was a stalker or something, but it never hurt to be alerted. Thinking that, I closed the curtains on the window.
“…Shinobu-san, is something the matter?”
I turned around to the voice, when Luna had her head tilted strangely.
I thought it might only worry here, so I kept quiet about the stalker stuff and merely told her to properly lock the door. Then I sat down on the couch.
I casually took out my cell phone and saw that I got a mail.
When I opened the mail, it was a reliable reply from Elni saying “Mad Dog understands! I’ll protect Nazucat! Garrr!”.
Relieved, I watched TV in the living room, then ate dinner together with Luna.
“…It is a bit lonely.”
Luna sitting at the table said so lonely.
Certainly, with my mother and Nazuna gone it was a different atmosphere.
“Well, the two of them will be back soon.”
I tried to say it as bright as possible, then took the hamburger steak side-dish with my chopsticks and put it into my mouth. While chewing, the deliciousness of the flesh and the meat juice spread in my mouth. The slowly fading flavour was regrettably rich.
“It’s delicious.”
I nodded a “Yeah” to the happy Luna and broke off mouthful piece from my hamburger steak. Then I grabbed that piece with my chopsticks and held it in front of Luna’s mouth with a “Here”.
“Eh? Sh- Shinobu-san?”
This was payback for the hug from earlier.
I said teasingly, when Luna turned red and closed her eyes. Then she opened her well-formed pink lips with an “Ah~”.
Yeah, that was extremely hot. For some reason I got all excited and put the hamburger steak into her mouth, when Luna smiled satisfied, which only made me more excited.
Wh- Why was I this embarrassed?
I had intended to tease her, yet how did it turn out like this?
I wouldn’t let it end like this. This time I grabbed a carrot with my chopsticks and presented it to Luna again with an “Ah~”.
Luna looked embarrassed, but without resisting, she ate all of my carrots. Then she smiled in a good mood.
Mhm. Luna was pleased and I got rid of my hated carrots.
Two birds with one stone. I nodded firmly in my head.
But then Luna happily grabbed her own carrots with her chopsticks and held them out to me.
“Shinobu-san, say Ah~.”
….I had no choice but to eat them.
Like that we finished dinner and after taking my bath, I returned to my own room and decided to go to sleep early. Maybe due to my lack of sleep, I immediately fell asleep when I lay down on the bed….

Chapter 04: Reason to reach out…

I woke up on the sound of the faint wind.
When I opened my eyes, my room was dark and I could only see my surroundings vaguely. But I heard a quiet something. It was a suspicious WHOOSH sound. Then I felt a bad chill on my neck.
Who was there? I got up alarmed and approached the window—- at that moment.
CLASH! With a loud noise, the glass of my window broke.
But that wasn’t all. The curtain hung up on the frame of the window got ripped off and the sallow full moon light fell into my room. I was blinded and jumped back.
I had heard a sharp puff of air.
I was already in a panic, when yet another sharp puff of air along with someone else was sent after my head in pursuit. It burst over me, who had fallen down, without mercy and for a moment my mind felt dizzy. I was breathing out moaning on the floor and readied myself for the next attack, when someone entered my room from the window with a light step.
In the darkness I raised my head and focused my gaze.
A silhouette bathed in the moonlight. It was unexpected small. It must have been a girl. When I looked at the silhouette, I inadvertent widened my eyes.
Two wings were spreading behind the silhouette. It were pitch black wings that weren’t even shining when lightened by the moonlight.
The word “Devil” crossed my mind and I realized that the attacks from earlier were similar to old man Bram’s attacks. But
But they were faster and heavier than Bram’s.
Upon the next attack, my body was blown away in the air and then hit against the wall.
I received a heavy blow to my back and my breath was taken away, but the attacks didn’t stop there. Something directly hit me in my stomach, then slowly pressing onto my abdominal region with force. With the wall behind me, I couldn’t get away. I couldn’t ready myself for the next attack.
The girl slowly came closer and steady reached out both her hands towards my neck. But her hands were lightly shaking.
“….It’s your fault. Because you led me astray. You took her from me. So I have to act this time…. Or she’ll be taken away again….”
Hesitantly, the girl steadily increased the strength in her grip and strangled my neck. But her voice was still weak now as it would change into sobbing at any time.
And I found that voice familiar.
I said agonizing while my neck was strangled and the girl loosened her grip in confusion.
At that moment— A flash in my room.
Along with the light, the silhouette of the girl was enlightened.
Long, red hair and amber eyes. The one, who was strangling my neck, was indeed Machina.
Machina was a devil? Normally one would feel fear when realizing that, but I didn’t. Nor did I get angry about being strangled.
Instead my chest tightened and hurt.
—She had a teary expression.
Machina still had her teary expression and was glaring at me.
How weird. When I realized that I didn’t want her to make such an expression while strangling me… I forced myself to smile. I wanted to tell a stupid joke like usually, but since I was strangled, no words came out.
After a moment of distress, she became stumped.
“….Why. Why are you smiling!”
 With confusion in her eyes, Machina shouted angrily. Then she gradually loosened her grip on my neck and finally let go of it.
The moment her hands let go of my neck, I coughed on reflex, but I opened my mouth to say something to Machina.
But in the next moment, the light that still enlightened my room grew stronger.
The bright light blended my eyes and I closed my opened mouth. While holding my hands up, I faced the light.
The bright light that enlightened my room— It came from the talisman on the wall.
The talisman from Gogyou-san emitted a light and was flattering like it had an own will.
Was it reaction to Machina…?
When I looked at the talisman while covering my eyes, I heard a sudden and loud BAM sound from the veranda window. Then someone tumbled into the room through the earlier opened window.
That person stood up and draw a sword from the sheath at the hips in a surprising fast speed. The tip of the drawn blade pointed at Machina’s throat.
“Get away from Nanjou-kun.”
Confronting Machina with a sharp voice.
The black-haired girl, who emitted a dignified, yet threatening aura, was
“Gogyou-san? Why are you here…?”
I was surprised at the unexpected appearance of her, when a knock on my door disturbed this whole situation.
“What’s the matter, Shinobu-san? It’s going to bother the neighbors, you know?”
Along with Luna’s worried voice, the door opened.
Naturally our gazes focused on Luna, who came inside.
Luna realized the situation, widened her eyes in surprise and when she looked at Machina,
Luna said surprised.
When Machina received Luna’s gaze, she was close to tears for a moment. But she quickly averted her gaze from Luna and moved towards the window. There she turned around and said still teary.
“Nanjou, it’s your fault. You took my sister from me…That’s why I’ll take your precious person away too….!”
She squeezed the words out, then leaped out of the window, spread her wings and flew away.
“Nanjou-kun, I’ll explain it in detail later!”
While saying that, Gogyou-san put her leg onto the window bench and leaped outside, going after Machina. Hastily I ran over to the window and when I looked outside, Gogyou-san put both her feet against the tree in the garden and turned her body around. Then she kicked away from the tree and landed on the concrete wall. She chased after Machina.
Damn, she was athletic.
Impressed I turned around and faced the door.
“Shinobu-san! I’m going too!”
Standing in front of the door, Luna said so while staring at me.
I could see her strong resolve in her eyes.
It seemed Luna knew Machina and that she was concerned.
“Okay, let’s go.”
I answered with a short nod. I sprinted out of the room and down the stairs to the front door. I hastily unlocked the door, jumped outside and when I looked around, I could see Gogyou-san in the distant.
As not to lose track of her, I chased after Gogyou-san.
But after a while, Gogyou-san suddenly stopped.
She was frowning frustrated.
Seeing that expression, I understood.
She had lost sight of her.
I raised my gaze to the sky in front, but there was no sign of Machina.
I made a small sigh, when Gogyou-san suddenly lowered her head with a “Sorry”.
“If I hadn’t failed back then, you wouldn’t get put in danger…”
Gogyou-san said another “Sorry”, but…. Back then? Did she mean when Nazuna left the house? She mentioned she failed a job, but… her opponent was Machina?
“Then the hybrid devil you spoke of….”
“It’s Orangelo-san. She’s also the one, who sucked the life-force of the patient in the hospital and defeated the exorcists.”
I was surprised by these news, Gogyou-san explained that she didn’t recognize Machina when she transferred in, since she was half-human, half-devil. And that she couldn’t win against her before, since she was too strong.
“…But it was a surprise when she came to school normally, even though I knew of her identity. At first I thought she was looking down on us exorcists and was planning to suck the life-force of the students…but it seems I was wrong.”
Then Gogyou-san looked straight at me and said.
“I don’t know why, but she’s obsessed over you. I believe she wants to take your soul and literally make you her slave. That’s why I kept an eye on your surroundings.”
“I see. Thanks.”
When I thanked her, Gogyou-san lowered her head with a “Sorry” again for some reason.
“….I kinda used you as a bait. And then I even let her get away….”
“No, don’t sweat it. You were just worried about me, right?”
Gogyou-san made a really sorry expression, so I clapped her shoulder, when I heard a “Shinobu-san” from behind.
When I turned around, Luna came running over. Once she looked at Gogyou-san and me, she made a sad expression and opened her mouth.
“Ehm, where’s Machina…?”
“Ahh, sorry, but we lost—“
I stopped in the middle of the sentence. I looked at Luna and asked.
“Reminds me, you seem to know Machina. How?”
“Ah, right. She, Machina is my little sister.”
“Mhm, I see, your sister—wait, sister!?”
I got an unexpected answer, so my thought progress stopped for a moment. But I got my gears back to work and pondered.
When Machina was Luna’s sister, then she came here to take her back just like old man Bram…?
I shook my head on that thought.
If she only came to get Luna back, she wouldn’t be so obsessed with me.
“Why is Machina so obsessed over me? Actually, she doesn’t resemble you at all, Luna.”
I mumbled that with their difference in character in mind, but it seems Luna mistook for appearance. She said while smiling and shaking her hand.
“It’s only normal that we don’t look alike. After all Machina and me aren’t sister related by blood. Machina is the real daughter of my step-father.”
“…Is that so?”
“Yes. She has the same hair and eye color as father, hasn’t she.”
Now that she mentioned it.
Old man Bram had red hair and amber eyes just like Machina.
Reminded me, he said he married a human woman.
Right, that was why Machina was half-human, half-devil.
There I suddenly remembered the word “Failure” that Machina had uttered sadly.
And also Machina’s words from earlier.
—– It’s your fault. You took my sister from me…That’s why I’ll take your precious person away too….!
When I thought about the meaning behind these words, Nazuna’s face appeared in my head.
Was she going after Nazuna?
I didn’t want to believe it, but I couldn’t discard that possibility. Furthermore, I had shown her Elni’s house and told her that Nazuna was there.
When I told Gogyou-san and Luna about that, they both nodded and said.
“That’s possible. For now, let’s confirm if Nazuna-chan is safe.”
“….Yeah. Machina might just be lonely, since I came over here. Then she saw me getting along with Shinobu-san and Nazuna-chan, so she…. couldn’t keep her emotions in check anymore.”
Luna continued with a “That’s why”.
“I’ll meet her and persuade her. Machina is by no means a bad girl. She should understand when we talk.”
“Yeah, you’re right.”
I had come to the same conclusion.
Someone, who couldn’t leave a crying kid alone and couldn’t finish me off…… who always had a teary expression, couldn’t really do harm to Nazuna, could she?
The answer was NO.
I just wanted to talk to Machina and started running towards the parched river bed.

* * *

While suppressing my impatience, I continued to run and reached the river bed—Elni’s house.
And close to her house, I could silhouettes confronting each other.
When focused my eyes, I could see it were Machina, Elni and Nazuna.
In front of the big tent, Elni confronted Machine while covering Nazuna.
I raised my voice and headed down to the river bed.  I approached Machina as a pincer move. Immediately behind me followed Gogyou-san and Luna.
There Machina turned around and looked at me.
Her expression was filled with anger. But for some reason, it also looked sad to me. I took a step forward because I wanted to call out to her.
“Stay away.”
Along with a sharp warning, an abnormal noise sounded around Machina.
WHOOOSH. A sound like air was being concentrated. A transparent ball that made a sharp sound while spinning. That was what appeared around Machina.
 “I won’t show any mercy when you get closer.”
Upon these words, Gogyou-san put her hand on the sword on her waist and took a battle stance. When I shifted my gaze to Elni, she, like she didn’t know any fear, had her arms spread out to shield Nazuna.
Amidst this tension,
A gentle voice echoed and Luna took a step closer to Machina. When Machina saw that, she shouted.
“Why, Sister!”
BAM. Along with a sharp sound, the ground to Luna’s feet broke open.
“Why are you with a guy like that! There’s no reason you have to obey such a guy, Sister! That chocker too was placed on you by that guy, wasn’t it? That’s just weird! You’re a devil. It’s weird for you to become the slave of a human! Staying with that guy…Why aren’t you coming home?”
Her shouting was filled with sadness rather than with anger.
“….A devil?”
Nazuna’s small voice echoed mysteriously loud over the river bed.
“Luna-san… is a devil?”
Nazuna had most likely believed that Luna was a foreigner I brought along. She looked dumbfounded at Luna.
“Nazuna-chan, I—“
Luna opened her mouth in an attempt to answer her, but Machina cut her off.
“Sister is a devil.”
Straight to the point.
“She’s different from you guys. She’s different from weak humans! Don’t lump her together with weak humans! You would never be able to stand on equal grounds with her! You can’t stay with her forever! The difference to humans is too great! There’s…. There’s no way devils can live together with humans!”
That shout sounded like she was trying to convince herself.
To that sadly echoing voice,
“You’re wrong.”
Nazuna answered while lightly shaking her head.
“That’s just wrong. Why can’t she stay with us just because she’s a devil? Why do you say she’s different? …Nothing is different. It doesn’t matter that she’s a devil. Luna-san is….”
Nazuna looked straight at Luna. Luna’s eyes were filled with uneasiness, so Nazuna smiled and said.
“Luna-san is part of my family. A precious family member. …Even when she’s a devil, I want to stay with her forever. I love Luna-san. That’s why—“
“Don’t screw around!”
Machina had turned around and cut off Nazuna with her voice.
“…What’s wrong with your head? Stay with a devil forever? You…. can only said that because you don’t know anything about us!”
Machina continued with a shaking voice.
“In the end you’ll betray her too! Humans are always like that! They’re only kind at the beginning! But in the end they betray you! You too, will just call us “Monsters” and leave when you get to know about us! Even though we didn’t do anything, you label us “monsters”!”
Machina shouted with her fists tightly clenched.
“…You don’t know anything about us… So don’t…. dare to run your mouth!”
Then along with a sharp noise, the ground at Elni’s feet, who stood there sheltering Nazuna, exploded in a cloud of dust. But Nazuna moved unimpressed by that. She ignored Elni, who was trying to stop her, and took a step closer to Machina, confronting her.
“Saying we don’t know anything is not true!”
She shouted in a big voice to negate her.
“I know lots of things about Luna-san. She’s pretty, kind and smart, but she’s bad with machines and sometimes fails at things. She actually hates getting up early, but she gives it her best so that she can wake up my brother. She’s always trying her hardest. And she loves my brother and me very much….”
There Nazuna looked straight at Machina and said.
“Being a devil doesn’t matter. I love Luna-san. She always welcomes me back, pats my head and hugs me tightly. I love this kind Luna-san very much. That’s why I want to always be with her. Even as a devil, Luna-san is Luna-san. You have no clue how I feel. I would never call Luna-san a “monster”!”
Upon these words, Machina’s shoulder trembled lightly. Since she had her back to me, I couldn’t see her expression. But she looked like a little kid there.
I opened my mouth to call out to her—-when.
Gogyou-san made her move. She must have thought of it as a good opportunity as Machina exposed her back to us. She swiftly drew her sword and went towards Machina.
Machina turned around, as she noticed Gogyou-san’s footsteps, and waved her right hand at the same time.
Right after a sharp sound, the transparent ball came flying at Gogyou-san. Gogyou-san jumped back and avoided it. Along with that abnormal sound of concentrated air, various transparent balls appeared around Machina.
It were more than ten and when Machina raised her hand, the transparent balls—-the air bullets flew towards Gogyou-san while making a moaning air-cutting sound.
Gogyou-san jumped to the said to avoid them, but a couple of bullets chased after her face.
Immediately, Gogyou-san pulled out a couple of talismans and held them up like a shield, but they all tore and were blown away.
But in that short time, Gogyou-san managed to twist her body and avoid the bullets. Then she approached Machina from the right. But Machina also had time to form more bullets around her.
Gogyou-san once again defended against the storm of bullets with talismans. But there were too many bullets and the barrier of talismans broke quickly. Gogyou-san’s body was showered in bullets and blown backwards.
When I said that, I moved.
I was worried about Gogyou-san, but that wasn’t all.
Ever since she talked with Luna, she had made a teary expression.
So— I ran towards Machina.
Machina widened her eyes in surprise, since she didn’t expect my action.
“….What’s the plan? You saw my power, right? You can’t do anything. You aren’t an exorcists or anything. Just a normal human. You said you trained, but do you think you can win?”
When I stepped another step forward without answering, Machina made her move. After a little hesitation, she raised her right hand and sent the air bullets flying.
In my forward motion, I dropped to my knees and took a crouching stance. Then I made a fist with my right hand and hit the incoming air bullets with a full body thrust.
BAAAANG! The clashing of our powers caused a shockwave…. But that wasn’t all. I didn’t receive any damage.
“…What the.”
Machina said with a dumbfounded expression as she couldn’t believe what happened before her eyes.
“Now you understand, right?”
I approached her and continued.
“Can you afford to hold back?”
I laughed provokingly, when Machina held her breath. But in the next moment, she glared at me and pulled down her right hand swiftly.
Upon that all the air bullets around Machina came flying at me.
I couldn’t take on all of them. I could smash at best 2-3. I let all bullets that weren’t directed at my face hit my body and ran with my whole body in pain.
But I could bear with it. I put strength into my legs to stop my body from being blown away by the attacks. My body was hit by air bullets on every step I took. My arms that I used to defend screamed in pain. The inside of my mouth was cut and blood was flowing out from the edges of my lips. The places hit by the bullets were hot and started to hurt. But this still wasn’t enough to bring me down. I couldn’t afford to collapse.
I clenched my teeth, clung to my consciousness and advantaged towards Machina.
But why was I getting closer to her? Why wouldn’t I collapse?
Why would I go so far by enduring it with clenching my teeth?
Because Luna was looking worried at Machina? Because I wanted to help Gogyou-san? Because Nazuna was in danger?
—I felt that it was none of that.
I didn’t know the reason why I was approaching Machina myself. I couldn’t come to a clear answer. I had no clue. Still, I had the feeling I would understand when I reach her. I thought I would understand when I properly talked to her.
For some reason I had this certain hunch and advantaged without stopping.
I repelled, parried or smashed the incoming bullets.
I smashed half of them, the other half I missed…..No, I missed them on purpose.
“….Stop it already.”
Shock was written in Machina’s eyes.
“Any more and…. You’ll die.”
To her weak voice, I answered while coughing up blood.
“I won’t die. Who do you think I am?”
The moment I said that, Machina’s right hand trembled. She still shot the bullets with her hand trembling, but they didn’t hit me. They hit the ground to my feet, passed closely by my cheeks or crossed over my head.
….It was like she was afraid to hurt me.
That was why I reached out. I draw close and grabbed Machina’s hand. Her hand was trembling and from close up I could see that Machina was indeed close to tears.
And that moment, I understood.
I understood why I approached her while getting my body all beaten up. So I wanted to pat her little head this time, but
Suddenly a silhouette approached from the side.
When I turned around in surprise, it was Gogyou-san with her sword raised. The brightly shining blade was evidently swung down aiming at Machina.
My body moved on it’s own. I jumped in front of Machina to protect her and exposed my body to the incoming blade.
I saw Gogyou-san’s face painted in horror, but the sword didn’t stop. For a moment, Gogyou-san had tried to pull back, but that failed due to her shock. Then the sound of cutting through air.
Along with Gogyou-san’s moaning, the blade aiming for my shoulder changed course.  But the blade made a sharp noise and cut my chest.
At the same time I broke out a cold sweat, the cut on my chest was hot like a burn and my consciousness faded away.
Immediately a couple of screams emerged and someone rushed over to me, but
“Stay away!”
I shouted with an angry voice.
The wound of my chest wouldn’t stop bleeding, but so what? I wouldn’t die of this, nor would I collapse of it. I still hadn’t told Machina anything.
I faced Gogyou-san, who stood there dumbfounded with her blade soaked in blood. Gogyou-san dropped her sword.
“….Nanjou-kun….Why? That devil was trying to hurt Nazuna, you know?”
Gogyou-san spoke with a raspy voice, whereupon I shook my head and said.
“She can’t do something like that. She might have sucked the life-force of the patients in the hospitals, but she hasn’t killed anything, right? She only hurt the exorcists too. She never crossed the last line. Isn’t that so? She just came here to meet Luna. To meet Luna, who I summoned here.”
“….But, Nanjou-kun, you were nearly kill—“
“She won’t kill.”
I interrupted Gogyou-san and declared.
“If I was a bother, she could have just erased me… She has the actual power to do so… yet she couldn’t do so. Because she’s kind.”
Gogyou-san widened her eyes and I continued with a “Hey,”.
“Do you think someone, who couldn’t leave a crying kid alone, would be able to kill a person? Take a good look at her. For a while now she’s holding back her tears.”
When I turned around, Machina was indeed making a teary expression.
“She’s dishonest and selfish and is always quick to kick me, but….I like her. I also know that she can be kind.”
The scene of Machina reaching out to the crying kid as the first floated in my head.
“That’s why I’ll protect her. Sorry, Gogyou-san, but can you pull back here…?”
I said that while coughing up blood, when Gogyou-san’s eye flickered with perplexity as she was at a loss what to do. At that moment,
—A small voice echoed.
When I turned around, Machina sat there with a perplexed expression.
“Weren’t you going to protect your precious person at all costs? You said you became strong for that. So why are you protecting me now? The one you should be protecting isn’t me, but sister! All this blood… When you die, you can’t protect anyone….!”
While looking at me, Machina shouted anxious.
Certainly my body was wounded all over and continued to bleed and I would faint if I were to relax. But
“I won’t die from this.”
I slowly reached out my hand.
“So what are you saying. Before you said it was just normal to help a crying kid. This is just the same. I can’t leave you, who was always close to tears, alone. That’s why I’ll also protect you.”
I smiled naturally.
Yeah, right. That was what I always wanted to do.
I wanted to pat her head with the teary expression.
That was all…
Machina bit onto her lips as to hold in something. But in time, big tears came out of her eyes and a sobbing from her mouth.
“Why? Why are you so kind to me? When you took away my sister from me. Humans are always like that…”
Machina continued while wiping away the tears that ran down her cheeks.
“Humans took away my mother from me too. And they killed her, saying she was a devil.”
That was what old man Bram said before.
—My wife was killed by humans.
“Humans always take precious people from me. That’s why it’s my turn now! Even I want a precious person! Is that wrong of me? You take away, so I have no choice to do the same, yet….”
Machina said with a voice filled with sobbing while her hands trembled.
“I can never pull it off. I’m only ever robbed off things. I’m sick of that!”
Tears flowed down endlessly. Machina shouted hoarse.
“I wanted us to be together forever. Not just mom, but sister also disappeared…. I was left all alone again. Because I’m a failure, nobody helps me. Because I’m neither devil or human, nobody likes me.”
A failure. Neither human or devil, a hybrid devil.
She was probably despised by devils as a failure and condemned by humans as a monster.
“So I only had sister left, yet you took her away… That’s why….”
Machina hit on my arm with her face messed up by tears.
A small and weak hand. She had always been enduring it with these hands. Continued hated by her surroundings and continued being robbed of things. But, despite that she couldn’t do it herself. She couldn’t take away someone else’s happiness.
I reached out my hand once more.
“Sorry for taking away your sister.”
I gently patted Machina’s head while saying that.
“But don’t say sad stuff like you’re all alone anymore.”
I kindly told the crying Machina.
“From now on I’ll be with you. I’ll protect you. So don’t cry anymore.”
The moment I said that a bawling voice emerged.
Like from a little kid, it echoed loudly.
Hearing that cry, Luna immediately rushed over to Machina and gently embraced her.
…Guess it was solved now.
The moment I relaxed, the tension broke and I fell on my knees. And then I was about to fall over to the ground, but someone held up my body gently.
My vision was blurry, maybe due to the blood loss. Regardless of my bloody clothes, Gogyou-san caught me in her arms. Next to her were Elni and Nazuna looking at me with a teary expression.
“….Don’t worry. I’m….immortal….”
I said that to calm them, though I didn’t know if it worked.
Amidst my blurry vision, I could see Luna and Machina hugging each other, then my consciousness blanked out….


With my dizzy consciousness I felt a warmth like from being embraced.
When my consciousness cleared, I couldn’t only feel a warmth, but also a softness on my body, along with a sweet fragrance. That sensation was just so pleasant that I wanted to feel the warmth some more, so I unconsciously reached out my hand to envelop it.
An adorable scream raised up and a elastic and soft sensation attacked my palm.
I opened my eyes out of curiosity, when the first thing I saw were amber eyes. Flushed cheeks. And soft pink lips—–wait a minute.
Why was Machina sleeping right next to me? And judging by the soft and warm sensation, she was clinging to me….What was going on?
My head filled with question marks, when Machina said shyly while her cheeks got red.
“U- Uhm, how long are you going to touch my butt?”
“Eh? Ah, s- sorry!”
So the sensation on my palm was her butt! Because I didn’t know what it was, I had ended up caressing it! She’ll blow up!
Thinking that, I hastily pulled back my hand, but
“Ah, don’t move yet.”
Against all odds, I could hear a gentle voice from Machina’s mouth.
Wh- What? That was even more terrifying! What happened?
When I slowly straightened up my body while perplexed, a bright white room span before me.
“….Where am I?”
This obviously wasn’t my own room. I looked around anxious, when I noticed that I was in a hospital. And in a single room at that. That’s going to cost a fortune— or rather, why was I in a hospital?
When I looked down on my own body, I saw that a bandaged was wrapped around my chest region.
“Ah, right, I was cut, wasn’t I?”
Inevitably Gogyou-san had cut my chest and I had lost consciousness due to the enormous amount of blood loss.
Hey, Shinobu. You collapsed, how pathetic.
With dropped shoulders I stood up from the bed.
Upon that a pain ran through my chest, but it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t walk. Grimacing due to the pain, I took a step towards the door, when
“H- Hey. I told you not to move yet. Where are you going?”
“Eh? Home, why?”
“Wh- Why are you saying something stupid while looking like it’s only obvious? You have to rest.”
Machina said worried from atop the bed, when I smiled and answered.
“Wolves don’t rest. That’s my answer.”
“S- Stop. Don’t go.”
“Even if you want to stop me, sometimes men just have to go.”
Besides, I wasn’t really fond of hospitals.
Ignoring her try to stop me, I walked on. Also, Machina’s words “Don’t go” from just now sounded somehow erotic. I had this stupid thought, when suddenly my arm was grabbed.
“Hey, don’t stop m—“
I said while turning around, when I inadvertent fell silent.
What my eyes saw was bright white skin. Two beautiful, swaying swellings. Dressed like she was born. Directly put, naked.  It was Machina’s naked body.
“E, Ehh? Y- You, that, ehh?”
When I perplexed made the smart move of staring at her
“D- Don’t stare at me so much…. Idiot.”
Machina got bright red and mumbled with a quietly while covering her breasts with her arms.
“W- Well, but you’re so pretty. I hardly ever get such a chance…”
If Nazuan were here now, she would call me a failure as a gentlemen again, since I had not a shred of tactfulness just now. I just smitten looked at Machina’s naked body, when
“…Geez, you idiot.”
It was too embarrassing for her. Machina turned her back to me and covered her body with the blanket.
Still perplexed, I pondered. Was that a F-cup? They looked sof….no, wait. I was too perplexed. I ought to wonder why Machina was naked. And also why she was sleeping with me. And not to forget why she became so meek.
…Mhm, as a result, I could only imagine indecent stuff.
Could it be, I had to take responsibility? Even though I had no memories of it? Even though I got nothing from it? Th- That was just too unfair!
“….Shinobu, I’m not sure, but are you thinking of something weird? We didn’t really do anything, you know? It’s just that you lost a lot of blood and your body became cold, so I, I warmed you up.”
“Really? You said that, but until recently you were sucking the life-force of the patient in the hospital. I can’t trust you.”
“I, I feel bad about that!”
I said it half jokingly, when Machina explained flustered.
Crossing the barrier to the human world had taken a lot of her power, so she mostly unconsciously had sucked the life-force of the patients. Afterwards she had sent gifts to the patients secretly. And obviously, she hadn’t tried to suck my life-force.
“Mh, I certainly seem to be fine except for the wound on my chest. You better not be lying.”
With a nod and “But”, I continued.
“I still can’t discard the possibility that you trampled over my handsome body out of your own ambition….”
“I- Idiot! I would never do that to an injured person!”
Machina interrupted me while turning even redder, then mumbled something on the lines of “A- And I wouldn’t even want that when we two haven’t confirmed our feelings for each other…” in a quiet voice, which I couldn’t hear well.
But, well, gratitude comes first.
It would have been bad if I had caught a cold because of my low body temperature. I wouldn’t stand for it when I even caught a cold while injured.
I returned to the bed and sat down besides Machina with my back to her. Then I said while turning around.
“Thank you. Your body was pretty warm.”
I called out to her with a smile, but for some reason Machina looked down with a sad expression.
“…I’m sorry. You were hurt so bad because I did all that and you had to cover me….”
“Nah, it isn’t that bad. I’m completely fine, you know?”
“You’re, not fine…”
Even though I answered gentle, tears piled up in Machina’s eyes.
“The doctor said that the wound on your chest will…. leave a scar. Because of my stupid actions, you—-“
“I don’t really mind a scar or two, you know?”
I interrupted her and smiled.
“My body is scarred anyway, so another big one isn’t much of a deal.”
I acted tough,  but I was a bit scared of swimming class….well, it was a trivial problem.
“Anyway, I’m glad you didn’t get hurt.”
I slowly reached out my hand and patted her hand. Upon that Machina had to hold back her tears again, but gently grabbed my hand and put it against her cheek.
“….How mysterious. Your hand is completely different, but it feels like my mother’s or sister’s.”
Saying that, Machina made a happy expression and entrusted her cheek to my hand.
That behavior was unbelievable cute, so my heart skipped a few beats. I felt her cheek turning red, so I hastily averted my gaze from Machina, when—- suddenly a knock on the door echoed.
“Shinobu-san, how are you feeling….”
Luna entered the room with a worried expression, but once she saw Machina and me, she stopped moving at once.
“Mh? What’s up?”
“What, what?”
Along with these words, Elni and Nazuna showed their heads from behind Luna and looked at me.
Elni gave a normal “Yahoo~ Shinobu”, whereas Nazuna froze up immediately like Luna.
I shifted my gaze back to Luna.
“M- Machina, is, n- naked….and close with Shinobu-san….”
Luna received a heavy shock and mumbled.
“S- So you two were in such a relationship! S- Sorry that I interrupted!”
With wet eyes she sprinted out of the room. Soon afterwards a “Fueeeeeeh~!” cry could be heard….She certainly misunderstood.
I sighed, when
“Luna-oneechan, wait!”
Now Nazuna left the room in a hectic state. She must have been going after Luna….
“…Luna-oneechan, huh.”
I smiled inadvertent.
It seemed that these two properly made up.
Luna misunderstood, but that could be cleared up later.
While I thought that, Elni closed the door and came over to the bed.
“Shinobu, here are some fruit as a gift.”
Elni didn’t seem to misunderstand about Machina and just handed me a fruit basket normally. When I peeked into the basket, I saw a big melon and nice apples.
“What’s up with these?”
“They’re from Hijiri. She’s busy and couldn’t come, so she wanted us to at least bring a gift over.”
“Mhm~ I see. That melon sure looks expensive.”
I just gave a nod and looked at the melon, when Elni said in an unusual angry expression.
“Shinobu, Hijiri feels pretty guilty about having cut you! She even bowed her head to the exorcists and gave her best, so that Machina would be left alone. Shouldn’t you be more grateful?”
“…Is that so?”
I asked surprised, when Elni nodded with a serious expression.
By that I understood just how Gogyou-san worked. Then Elni continued frowning.
“Also, don’t do such reckless things. Just to tell you, when you collapsed all bleeding, I cried waterfalls!”
Don’t say that yourself.
I watched Elni weary, when Machina, who was silent so far, opened her mouth.
“Speaking of, when Shinobu collapsed, you cried together with Sister.”
“Yeah, without end.”
Elni admitted honestly.
“But you were making quite the fuss with your ‘Nanjou is going to die~ No~’ crying, Machina.”
“D- Don’t lie! I didn’t say that! P- Probably….”
When I looked at Machina, Elni continued with “And that wasn’t all”.
“Shinobu, you also mumbled ‘Elni, my beloved Elni. I love you!’”
“Now that’s a lie! A big fat lie! Don’t make such weird lies! I’m gonna get angry!”
Why would she get so angry about just a joke?
I tilted my head, while I looked at Machina, who was red of anger. Then Elni suddenly clapped my shoulder lightly and asked with a slightly worried expression.
“Are you alright now?”
“Yeah. Sorry to made you worry.”
“Indeed. But I’ll forgive you with a kiss.”
It must have been one of Elni’s usual jokes. But for some reason Machina hastily got between Elni and me. Then while she hugged on the blanket, she started to glare at Elni warningly…..What was up with her?
I tilted my head once again, when Elni approached Machina, who was glaring at her, and pressed a kiss on her cheek. Needless to say, Machina jumped back hastily.
“Wh- Who’s this weirdo?”
“Elni. Nickname: Mad Dog. She’s strong.”
I answered, when Elni cutely growled a “Gaaar!” to impend her. Then she took out the melon from the gift basket.
“Shinobu, I wanna eat the melon!”
“Hey, that’s Shinobu’s melon! It’s not for you to eat!”
“Ehh~? But it such a big one. Don’t be a meany and share it with me. I wanna eat it.”
Machina shot down Elni’s request with a “No!”.
Upon that, Elni dropped her shoulders.
“Hey, don’t cry just because you can’t eat a melon.”
“Just because? Melons are amazing! They’re expensive and I can rarely eat them. Since I’m not used to expensive food, I even brought a stomach medicine with me as not to upset my stomach….”
Elni’s eyes got wet. What a pitiful girl.
“I’ll give you some, so eat your fill.”
“B- But Machina was being mean.”
“Mh? It’s no problem, is it?”
I asked, when Machina slightly nodded a “…If you say so”.
Immediately after, Elni smiled.
“Then feed me this melon!”
“Do it yourself! You have a knife, don’t you! Don’t make an injured person do that for you!”
Elni became despondent again after Machina got angry at her.
“Calm down. Let’s eat it with everyone. Elni, sorry, but could you bring Luna and Nazuna back? Then we can eat it together, okay?”
When I said that, Elni stood up, saluted a “Mad Dog, roger!” and headed for the door.
“Mad Dog, good luck.”
I sent a salute after Elni, then took a breath and turned around to look at Machina on the bed.
Machina took my gaze and sent a “What?” back with her eyes.
On that I answered with a smile.
“Well, just thinking it turned out good. I mean with Gogyou-san. The exorcists will surely leave you alone now, so you can live here now.”
On my words Machina looked down for some reason and bowed a “I’m sorry”.
“I misunderstood about you, Shinobu. Sister told me a lot about you in the demon realm, but I didn’t believe you to be the kind guy she described. And even when I came here and observed you, you were getting along well with other girls, even though you had sister already. So I hated you…”
Observed, huh. It seemed these looks I felt were from Machina.
Then Machina raised her head, looked at me and continued with a “But”.
“You were strong like my sister had said. You even broke free from my charm. A strong will and….kindness.”
While turning slightly red, Machina slowly reached out her hand.
“I never understood why sister would want to be with you. But, I think I understand now.”
Machina placed her extended hand onto mine.
“Hey, will you really protect me?”
Her eyes, which were worried and somewhat filled with expectation, looked straight at me.
I returned her look, nodded firmly and said.
“Yeah, I’ll protect you too.”
When I nodded, her amber eyes narrowed happily.
Then Machina sneaked a peek at me.
“Hey, Shinobu. When you’ll always protect me—-“
Her well-formed, pink lips moved slowly.
“I wouldn’t mind becoming your slave, you know?”
She said.
While I was taken aback by her wicked smile, I only noticed now that Machina was casually calling me “Shinobu” now.
Anyway, like that the amount of people I wanted to protect increased by one.