Volume 04

Chapter 01: The fiancée is a classmate!?
Chapter 02: Gogyou-san’s perverted request
Chapter 03: Seductive Bridal Showdown!
Chapter 04: Promise with the Family


“—It’s farewell.”
A sad smiling profile. A lightly trembling voice. Two clenched fists.
Gogyou-san made a fickle expression like she were to disappear any moment.
That expression painfully told me that these words of parting were no joke.
The girls in the living room made such a ruckus that they didn’t notice any of that.
“…That came sudden.”
I couldn’t find the right words. Just, my chest was suffocating me.
“Sorry. I should have told you earlier. But I couldn’t bring it up…”
“…Will we really not see again?”
I confirmed with somewhat lingering feelings, but Gogyou-san nodded while still smiling sadly.
“After the culture festival it’ll be farewell.”
“…I see.”
I didn’t say anything more and shut my mouth.
Gogyou-san was so close, yet seemed so distant…

Chapter 01: The fiancée is a classmate!?

Besides me, silver twin tails swinging around.
The name of the girl, who was walking besides me and stuffing her cheeks with a taiyaki I bought her while she hummed, was Elni. Crimson eyes and shining silver hair. Her finely chiselled features like a doll surely fascinated you. It was also pretty charming how she was happily eating her taiyaki.
Though that was only in appearance.
Elni was a somewhat sorry girl that claimed herself to be a Goddess. For me, she was a perfect beauty as long as she stayed silent.
Due to some circumstances this Elni was currently freeloading at my house and recently there had been a lot of occasions where we went out together like this.
That was fun in itself…but there was just one problem.
Right now there were staying Luna, the first freeloader, Machina, Luna’s little stepsister, and Elni at my house, but I hadn’t told my mother, who was on a trip, about Machina and Elni.
If my mother knew that I had allowed two new girls to live here while she was away, she would surely get angry. She would be like Asura…
I had to tell her as soon as possible. Pondering like that, I made a regretful expression and entered the house together with Elni, who finished the rest of her taiyaki.
Upon that, my little sister Nazuna showed up from the living room.
When she saw us, she ran over to us with a smile and with a “Meow!” she hugged onto me just like that.
“Welcome home! Brother, El-chan.”
Nazuna showed a kitten-like expression and I petted her head like always, whereupon she narrowed her eyes pleased and nestled her face against my chest.
“Oh, you seem to be in a very good mood. Something happened?”
I asked softly, when Nazuna answered while hugging onto me more tightly.
“You know, mom just called. She said she’ll be home soon!”
“…For real?”
What a horrible timing. I lost my chance to tell her about Machina and Elni.
“She’s on her way to the house.”
“…That’s rather sudden.”
Nazuna smiled happily, but I scratched my head and faced Elni.
“How should I explain her about Machina and Elni…”
I said so with a sigh, when Elni, who heard everything, said full of confidence.
“No problem, Shinobu. I’m a Goddess. I’m sure you mother too will be overwhelmed by my charm.”
“…I sure hope you won’t be overwhelmed by her fists.”
“I- Is she scary?”
Elni lightly trembled, so Nazuna answered her with a smile.
“It’s okay, Eln-chan. Mom will understand it when we properly talk to her. Right, Brother?”
“Well, you‘re right…”
Despite all that, my mother was actually kind. If we explained the whole story to her, she wouldn’t chase out Machina and Elni. Still, I was concerned about one thing.
“So, Nazuna, how often do you think I’ll be hit until Mom understands?”
Nazuna made an awkward expression and averted her eyes.
Yeah. It wouldn’t end so easily…
I was depressed now. I dropped my shoulders and opened my mouth while heading for the living room.
“Nazuna, did you tell Luna and Machina about Mom?”
“No. Luna-oneechan left for shopping before the call and Machina-chan is still napping in her room…”
“Machina is still sleeping, huh”
I mumbled wearily, when Elni said as a follow up.
“Shinobu, Machina watched anime with me until morning, so she lacks sleep.”
“Reminds me, Machina-chan was also watching TV in the living room when I got up.”
Nazuna said remembering and added “Machina-chan watched TV in tears while El-chan slept soundly on the sofa”.
“Okay, I’ll go wake up Machina. Elni, you peacefully wait in the living room.”
Elni saluted with a reply like from Nazuna.
Right after Nazuna happily smiled with a “You’re mimicking me!” and hugged onto Elni.
…Then the two of them went to the living room while meowing.
I watched after them, then I headed for Machina and Elni’s room. I knocked and then opened the door.
“Machina, are you awake? We have to…”
I stopped my sentence midway unmeant.
She was most likely changing, as my vision was filled with a beautiful girl in light green underwear.
Glamorous long, red hair. Amber-coloured almond eyes. Bright features. This girl was Machina Liebelei Orangelo. Half-demon, half-human, she was Luna’s little stepsister.
Like Elni, she was freeloading at our place…but wasn’t this situation bad?
I could see her voluminous breasts perfectly over the brassiere and her tight waist and sexy thighs exposed themselves before me eyes freely.
Machina didn’t move, as it was an unexpected situation, and looked at me with widened eyes. But over time, she became red and her lips trembled.
To cover up the situation, I said somewhat cutesy.
“What cute underwear. I was fascinated by it inadvertent.”
“…Th- Thanks. I’m happy that you like—-as if! Why are you suddenly coming in! Close the damn door already!”
“Y- Yeah, sorry.”
Like I was told, I shut the door after I went inside.
Upon that, Machina shouted flustered.
“Wh- Why are you coming inside!”
“Eh? But you said I should close the door…”
“What are you acting perplexed for! Shinobu, you pervert! This is sexual harassment!”
Mhm, now that she mentioned it, it certainly was.
“…Machina, sexual harassment and whatnot aside for now, I have something important to discuss.”
“Important? What is—wait, how do you expect us to discuss something seriously in this situation? Besides, why are you only peeping on me at times like this? You never come to peep on me when I wear my favourite underwear!”
“I, I don’t really get it, but that underwear is also wonderful.”
“Really!? You like this stuff?”
“Yeah, I do. But don’t misunderstand, I don’t dislike the sexy type either.”
“Okay. From now on I’ll choose my underwear….not upon your preferences! You pervert! Just get the hell out already!”
I only admitted honestly, but it got her angry.
Well, only obvious.
I apologized to Machina and hastily left the room. Then I timidly called out to her through the door.
“Ehm, Machina. When you have changed, I want you to come to the living room…”
After a short pause, Machina peeked her head through a small gap in the opened door and said with her cheeks red.
“…Shinobu, as punishment for peeping on me, you’ll tag along with my shopping next time.”
“Shopping? If it’s only that, I don’t mind…”
I nodded confused, when Machina smiled lightly.
“Then I’ll forgive you. I’ll get ready immediately, so give me a minute.”
She pulled her face back with a faint smile, then shut the door.
This behaviour Machina made my heartbeat go up involuntarily. When Machina came out of the room, we went together to the living room, where Elni and Nazuna were waiting.
“So, Shinobu, what’s the deal?”
Before I could answer Machina’s question, Nazuna answered with a smile.
“You see, Machina-chan, mom is coming home!”
“Eh? Shinobu’s mother?”
“Yeah, she called earlier. I think she’ll be here soon.”
“I- Is that so? What now? I’m not mentally prepared yet…”
The restless Machina started to fidget, when Elni clapped her on the shoulder assuring.
“No worries, Machina. I’m with you.”
“…Now I’m even more worried.”
“I agree.”
I consented with the sighing Machina, when Elni lightly puffed her cheeks.
“That was rude, you two. Why don’t you trust me a bit? You know the saying, Those who believe— will be see an idiot!”
“You’re the idiot! I’m getting more and more worried!”
“She’s right, Elni. I plan to explain about you guys to mom, but she’s scary when angry, so please behave, okay?”
Machina and I told her warningly, when Elni became dejected and nodded lightly.
“Okay. I’ll be serious. I swear to God.”
“Swear to God…weren’t you a Goddess?”
For a moment Elni made a blank expression.
“Oh right! I’m a Goddess! Do, you believe, in me?”
“No way.”
“Not feasible.”
I and Machina denied it outright, whereupon Elni made a heart-rending expression. I thought that was kind of cute, when I suddenly heard the front door opening.
“Is it mom?”
“I hope it’s Luna… You wait here, Machina, Elni. If it’s mom, then behave like I told you just now.”
I reminded them, whereupon Machina and Elni nodded firmly.
Yeah, with that it would be no problem to present them to my mother. The problem was how to explain it to my mother.
Together with Nazuna, I headed for the entrance hall with heavy steps, when there were two women.
One of them was my mother, Nanjou Tomoe.
With the travel bag shouldered over her shoulder, she was pretty and had a young face that didn’t make you think she was the mother of two children.
And the one was a peerless beauty. The reliable older sister of our household, Luna.
Brilliant blonde hair, capturing emerald green eyes and a fascinating dynamite body. How she stood there with a gentle smile while holding on the shopping bags soothed your heart.
Well, despite all that, Luna was a devil, but she was a precious member of my family.
Luna noticed me and grinned at me.
“I’m home, Shinobu-san.”
“Yo, welcome home. Shall I take your bags?”
I approached Luna, when my mother said displeased.
“Hey, Shinobu, are you ignoring me? Do you only have eyes for Luna-chan?”
“…Eh? Who are you?”
I asked while playing surprised, when my mother swung her fist with a smile.
“I’m gonna smack you.”
“J- Just kidding. Welcome home, Mom….What a surprise that you two would get home together.”
“Yes, I ran into Luna-chan at the shopping district.”
My mother answered and shifted her gaze to Nazuna.
Upon that, Nazuna, who had been impatient meanwhile, hugged onto our mother with a smile.
“Welcome home, Mom!”
“Yes, I’m home. You’re as spoiled as ever, Nazuna.”
My mother patted Nazuna’s head, then looked at me with a suspicious smile.
“Reminds me, Shinobu. I heard from Luna-chan that you brought in more girls.”
…Huh? Did she already know about Machina and Elni?
I felt a cold sweat run down my cheeks.
“Hey, one is Luna-chan’s sister, right? Introduce us already.”
Surprisingly enough my mother urged me in a good mood. And Luna, beside me, looked at me and made a V-sign with her hand.
….Ah, I see. Luna explained it well to my mother.
Well done. I reached out my hand towards Luna and gently patted her head.
Upon that, Luna showed a bright smile and hugged me tightly.
For a moment my heart skipped a few beats when Luna’s voluminous two breasts, felt even through her clothes, pressed onto my body and bended softly.
…I got the feeling that Luna strangely often hugged onto me lately. To begin with Luna liked to have body-contact, but she wasn’t this assertive before.
Seeing that, my mother said jeering.
“You sure are close to Luna-chan, Shinobu. …Don’t tell me something happened?”
I felt bad for my mother, who asked full of curiosity, but there wasn’t anything.
I opened my mouth to deny, when Luna answered faster.
“Yes. Shinobu-san did it to me…”
“Yeah, Shinobu-san lost himself and…. Mh? Wait a moment.”
Separating myself from Luna, I pondered.
Just now Luna had indeed confirmed my mother’s question, but I didn’t have any memories of it. Nothing.
But Luna was making a happy face with red cheeks.
“Could it be, you two…. really did it?”
My mother widened her eyes and Luna nodded firmly with her cheeks still red.
“It is true. It was in the morning of a holiday some time ago…”
“M- Morning? Not in the night?”
“Yes, when I came to wake up Shinobu-sun, he was sleeping together with Machina and Elni-chan…”
“Ehh!? Wh- What’s with that situation? These two are the girls Shinobu brought in, right?”
“I was surprised too. They looked so happy with Shinobu-san that I became sad and ran out of the room. Then Shinobu-san chased after me and explained that it was just a misunderstanding.”
“Ah, I see. Just a misunderstanding.”
My mother sighed of relief.
“And then Shinobu-san pushed me onto the sofa just like that—”
“Hey, Shinobu! Misunderstanding my ass! You sure had your way while I was gone!”
Cutting into Luna’s words, she came closer to me.
But the most confused here was me.
I was bewildered, when Luna hastily got between my mother and me and said.
“P- Please stop it, Tomoe-san. Surely Shinobu-san was a bit forceful, but I was really happy about it! I thought that I want Shinobu-san to do it to me repetitive!”
“R- Repetitive? You’re surprisingly bold, Luna-chan…”
My mother let go off my collar. Luna nodded embarrassed.
“That might be. After all, I also… did it to Shinobu-san.”
“You also did it to Shinobu!?”
“…For real?”
I had absolute no recollection of it. Together with my mother, I was surprised, when Luna happily continued.
“Shinobu-san’s cheek felt really good….”
“…Eh? Cheek?”
My mother showed a perplexed expression, but I finally remembered.
On the holiday before, I had slept together with Machina and Elni, who were scared after watching a spiritual show, and when Luna had come to wake me up, she had misunderstood about it.
Well, the misunderstanding was cleared soon enough, but at that time I had kissed Luna’s cheek by accident. Basically, what Luna claimed to be “did to me” was a kiss.
Once I understood that, I could shake off my confusion.
But my mother was still confused. She asked with her head tilted.
“Ehm, what does this mean?”
“….Mh, well, some stuff happened and I kissed Luna’s cheek.”
“Huh? A kiss? And on the cheek? That’s all?”
My mother made a face like she just missed her prey. Luna nodded smiling.
Then Nazuna, who had made a wondering expression so far, turned bright red and shouted.
“Th- They are so adult!”
“…Well, I wonder about that.”
I retorted, when Nazuna fled with her face red up to her ears.
Nazuna was just not accustomed to such stuff.
Then Luna’s cheeks also turned red, as she remembered the kiss, and she made a happy expression…. I heard that a kiss was a form of communication overseas, but when she got so happy about it, even I became bashful.
I slowly averted my eyes from Luna, when my mother shrugged her shoulders lightly.
“…Geez, you made even less progress than I thought. Luna-chan, you also have to be more aggressive or this dull blockhead won’t notice it.”
“But Shinobu-san kissed me…”
Luna said with a faint smile. My mother replied with a wry smile.
“A bit of stimulation might be good.”
“Mh? What do you mean?”
I asked curiously, but no one answered me.
Feeling a touch of loneliness, I returned to the living room with Luna and my mother.
Upon that, Machina and Elni, who were sitting on the sofa, hastily stood up and greeted my mother. Ohh, even Elni could do it when she put her mind to it.
I was somewhat moved, when Elni took one step forward, as to introduce herself.
“Nice to meet you—I’m a Goddess!”
…Hey, wait a moment. She pulled out something ridiculous right off the bat. I hastily made a “X” with my arms to tell Elni that it was NG, but she didn’t notice it and continued with a meek face.
“I’m an inexperienced Goddess, but please do take care of me.”
Could it be, Elni was trying to be serious in her own way?
Elni politely bowed once more, but
“Hey, do it seriously! I can’t tell if you’re trying to be polite or cocky! You promised to behave!”
At the speed of light, Machina retorted and Elni made a flustered face.
There I doubtful looked at my mother, when to my surprise, she was giggling.
“What a funny girl.”
My mother approached Elni and patted her on the head. Then she called out to Machina.
“Ehm, you’re Machina-chan, I guess?”
“Y- Yes. I am Machina Liebelei Orangelo. It is nice to meet you.”
“Same here. I heard about you from Luna-chan, so you don’t need to be so nervous. You’re Luna-chan’s sister and Shinobu’s classmate, right?”
“Th- That’s right. I’m a classmate of Shinobu.”
Machina replied with a slightly shrill voice.
My mother reached out her hand for Machina and gently patted her head like with Elni.
“Then Machina-chan, please look after Shinobu. At home there’s Luna, so it’s fine, but outside you never know what this idiot will do…”
Facing me, my mother said some disappointing stuff.
I was thinking how rude she was, when Machina clapped onto her own big breasts and nodded firmly.
“I understand. Please leave it to me.”
“Fufu, so reliable.”
My mother wanted my consent, but I just nodded vaguely.
Then my mother also made a simple self-introduction and Nazuna came back, so we relaxed on the sofa with the tea Luna made.
Like that, my mother had approved of Machina and Elni.
The reason I wasn’t hit by my mother was most likely because Luna explained it well to her. Once again I patted Luna’s head, then called out to my mother.
“But I must say, you were gone quite long this time. Did something happen?”
“Yes, some stuff…”
My mother just smiled vaguely, so I didn’t dare to ask further and changed the topic.
“No idea what happened, but hand over my souvenir.”
I held out my hand, when my mother awkwardly averted her gaze.
Huh? How rare. Normally she would give me my souvenir while adding how cheeky I was. Seeing our mother like that, Nazuna also made a sad face and mumbled.
“No souvenir…”
“No, I have a souvenir. Kind of…”
“Mh? Then bring it out already.”
I once again held out my hand, when my mother made a complicated expression.
“Shinobu, your souvenir is rather special.”
“Special? What, do I get the panties of a gal or what?”
“No. Please ask Luna-chan if you want panties.”
My mother touched on this matter, whereupon Luna made a surprised face.
“Sh- Shinobu-san, do you want panties?”
Upon Luna’s words, Machina frowned.
“…Shinobu is a pervert.”
“Hey, hey. Don’t misunderstand. It was just a joke. A joke.”
I denied so, but Luna said with her cheeks lightly flushed.
“It is okay, Shinobu-san. I believe it is something that cannot be helped for a healthy boy. If you are fine with mine, I will gladly give you one…”
….Not good. Luna was taking it seriously. Even though it was just a joke.
“Hey, it was a joke, okay? Am not that obsessed over panties.”
I once again denied it, when Elni nodded bigly in affirmation.
“That’s right, Luna. Shinobu just wants to play around by putting panties on his head like a hat.”
“No, I don’t have such a perverted gentlemen fashion sense. Listen, I do not want any panties.”
“I want Luna’s panties!”
“No! Don’t mimic me in a weird way! And don’t take it seriously, Luna!”
I retorted to Elni and reminded Luna, then shifted my gaze back to my mother.
“So, what’s this special souvenir?”
I asked to get the conversation back on track, when my mother answered with a sigh.
“Shinobu, your souvenir is a “fiancée”. In other words, a betrothed.”
“Huh? Fiancée? ….What a lame joke.”
I replied with a wry smile, but my mother slowly shook her head.
“It’s not a joke, Shinobu.”
My mother continued with a sorry expression.

“—Sorry Shinobu, but would you have an arranged marriage?”

The sudden topic of an arranged marriage. Needless to say, I was surprised, but the girls were even more surprised. Specially Luna received a huge shock and tears dwelled up in her eyes.
“…No way. Shinobu-san is going to marry?”
“Uh- Uhm, Luna-chan?”
My mother hastily called out to her, when Luna looked down sadly.
“Right. I am just Shinobu-san slave, so there is nothing I can do…”
“…Yes, we are different from Shinobu. We won’t be accepted after all.”
Following after Luna, Machina also looked down teary. The two emitted an aura like with a death-watch.
In contrast to these two, Nazuna and Elni frowned angrily.
“Mom! It’s too early for Brother to marry!”
“Yep, yep! To begin with, Shinobu isn’t even at an age to marry!”
Upon Elni’s words, Luna and Machina yanked up their heads.
“That is right, Tomoe-san! Shinobu-san cannot marry yet!”
“It’s decided by the law, so there’s nothing we can do. The arranged marriage is called off!”
Pressed by everyone, my flustered mother said soothingly.
“F- For now, calm down, girls. There is a reason for this.”
“Reason? What do you mean?”
I cut in, when my mother answered with “I also didn’t know about it…” as a prologue.
“Shinobu, you had a fiancée all this time.”
“…First time I hear of it.”
“The poor girl.”
My mother said sympathetic, when Luna puffed her cheeks and shouted.
“That is not true! I would gladly take her place!”
“S- Sorry.”
Overwhelmed by Luna, my mother apologized honestly on a rare occasion.
I was moved by Luna’s kindness, when my mother cleared her throat with a cough and explained with a serious expression.
“It was when Shinobu was still small. The old geezer—whoops, my father-in-law apparently got really drunk on some party and was getting heated up with a friend of his and there they set up their grandchildren to marry each other.”
“…Gramps sure lives a selfish life.”
“Indeed. I also only got to know about it when the topic popped up by chance in a call I made from my trip.”
My mother made a big sigh while talking.
“So I want you to attend the arranged marriage meeting. Of course you won’t bed forced into marriage. The old geezer decided it on their own, but it seems they do respect your own opinions. So for now, meet her and when you turn her down later, it shouldn’t prove to be a problem.”
“…Well, if it’s like that, I don’t mind going, but I’ll surely turn her down. I mean, I can’t suddenly marry a girl I don’t know.”
When I answered such, all girls brightened up in uniformity.
Seeing that, my mother faintly smiled.
“Well, it seems the girl is from a fine family. Sure not a match for you.”
“Even so, my charm might make her all obsessed over me.”
“…Stop it already with your training.”
“As if I would do that! Who do you think I am?”
“A womanizer, who not only brought Luna-chan home and made her say that she’s your slave, but also brought two new girls into the house?”
I couldn’t deny that so easily, which saddened me. I averted my eyes from my mother and asked distracting.
“S- So, when is the marriage meeting?”
“On Saturday next week. What? Do you have any plans then already?”
“No, I’m free…”
The marriage meeting itself was a pain in the ass. Gramps really did something unnecessary there. While my mother told me plaintively about my suit and necktie, I just nodded suitable and made a sigh inside my chest…

* * *

The next day. Like always I was sent off by Luna when I headed out for school.
Ever since Machina came to stay with us, the three of us, Machina, Nazuna and me, had gone to school together, but I got the feeling that Nazuna acted even more spoiled lately.
Even today she took Machina and my arm and walked in a happy mood.
Machina showed no signs of disliking it and accepted it with a rather happy expression. Nazuna held tightly onto us and wouldn’t let go.
We three walked in line like that, when we met my classmate, the black-haired beauty Gogyou-san by chance.
Nazuna immediately let go off us and hugged onto Gogyou-san.
“Gogyou-san, good morning!”
“Yeah, good morning, Nazuna-chan. Good morning to you too, Nanjou-kun, Orangelo-san.”
After a moment of surprise, Gogyou-san patted Nazuna’s head and greeted Machina and me. But her expression looked a bit clouded.
I suddenly remembered Gogyou-san’s words of farewell from a few days ago….A small pain ran through my chest. Machina and Nazuna guessed something from Gogyou-san’s expression, as they both called out to her worried.
“What’s the matter, Gogyou-san? You seem somewhat down.”
“Do you fell unwell?”
“It’s nothing. I’m fine.”
Gogyou-san replied with a small smile.
But it lacked her usual dignity. She appeared somewhat frail…Before I noticed it, I had reached out my hand for Gogyou-san.
“N- Nanjou-kun?”
When I gently patted her head, Gogyou-san raised a surprised voice.
Then I came back to my senses.
“S- Sorry.”
She might have disliked it.
I immediately pulled back my hand, when Gogyou-san opened her mouth shyly after a bit of hesitation.
“Uhm, if you don’t mind, I want you to continue for a bit longer…”
On a rare occasion, Gogyou-san said pampered.
Surprised, I nodded lightly, then reached out for her head once again and patted it. Upon that, Gogyou-san smiled faintly.
“…You have big hands, Nanjou-kun.”
“Yeah, big and warm….It feels really good.”
Gogyou-san narrowed her eyes pleased.
Seeing her defenceless like that made my heart race and restless. I slowly averted my eyes, when I noticed Nazuna’s envious gaze.
Geez, Nazuna really was a spoiled girl.
There Machina patted Nazuna’s head, then suddenly stretched on my cheek.
“…Why are you pinching me?”
“Because you’re all love-struck.”
Machina said pouting, when Gogyou-san turned red and got away from me.
“O- Orangelo-san! I wasn’t acting love-struck!”
“Eh? I was saying that to Shinobu…”
Machina replied so, which made Gogyou-san turn even redder. She walked away with her face covered.
What was up with Gogyou-san?
We all chased after her, when Nazuna said remembering.
“Reminds me, your school has it’s culture festival soon, hasn’t it, Brother? Have you already decided what your class will do?”
Nazuna asked while she linked arms with me. I patted her head and answered.
“Yeah, we decided that our class will be doing a café.”
Midway the idea of a haunted house had also emerged, but in the end it was decided on a café by majority vote. Though that was because my classmate Asada (the pervert) pulled some strings in the back.
To fulfil his desire of getting to see the girls of our class in cute waitress dresses, Asada had appealed at the boy’s sneaking desire and made shady deals with some of the girls.
But there was a trap to it.
This year a new condition had been added for when the program of a class was serving drinks or food. Namely one in the class had to cross-dress as a girl.
According to the student council, “It was done to reduce the number of restaurants, since there had been too many last year”, but cross-dressing was too hard in various ways. Most people wouldn’t be able to look anyone into the eyes.
I summarized it, when Nazuna said with a smile.
“It might be that you end up having to cross-dress, Brother.”
“Haha, as if.”
…At that time I didn’t even dream that Nazuna’s words would become reality.

Classes ended, it was after school. Finally the time had come for the boys to decide on the fearful sacrifice.
“Like planned, today we’ll decide on who’ll cross-dress. Any volunteers or recommendations?”
The class-rep Katagiri-san stood at the teacher’s desk and watched around the classroom. All boys in class looked down at once and a strange nervousness hung in the air.
Amongst that, my classmate Minami (rumoured to have F-cups) raised her hand and said.
“If there are no volunteers, I nominate Nanjou-kun!”
…Huh? Me cross-dressing? What was Minami saying out of the blue?
“Hey, hey, Minami. Isn’t Katou more suited for cross-dressing than me?”
I faced Katou, who had neutral features, when he blushed for some reason.
“…If that’s what Nanjou-kun wants, then I don’t mind.”
Damn, that was kind of scary. I averted my eyes from Katou and said.
“W- Won’t Asada be good? I mean, it doesn’t seem like he’ll protest.”
When I brought up the matter, Asada, god knows what he was thinking, suddenly unbuttoned his shirt around the chest and smiled sexily.
“Nanjou, don’t awaken to a new side when you see the sexy cross-dressing Asada.”
Yeah, Asada was utterly disgusting. I wanted to sent him flying right away. Asada stroke a pose like a model and was quite motivated.
But most of the girls in class declared “No to the pervert!” in unison.
The girl’s assessments about Asada was understood in a second.
However Asada was in agony, saying “These cold glares send a shiver down by spine!” not so displeased.
Then following after Minami, our homeroom teacher Hiiragi-sensei and a couple of girls started to say that they wanted to see me cross-dressing.
…Huh, was this a new kind of bullying?
“Hey, guys, calm down. Do you really think I would look good in girl’s clothes?”
I said persuading, when Minami puffed her big chest and smiled confidently.
“No worries. It’ll surely suit you.”
“On what basis?”
I asked with my eyes half closed. Minami suddenly averted her eyes and answered.
“A woman’s intuition, I guess.”
“Says a boy…”
“Wh- Who are you calling a boy! No matter how you look at me, I’m a girl!”
Everyone looked at Minami’s swaying big breasts and nodded huge, but I clapped my hands as I suddenly remembered.
“That’s it. Minami will be a guy, so we can just have her cross-dress as a girl.”
I said it as a joke, when Minami shouted with a face bright red out of anger.
“Now you pissed me off! I’ll make you cross-dress at any costs, Nanjou-kun!”
“So you say, but we have a democracy, you know? So it’ll be either Asada or Katou, who I nominated.”
I showed a composed smile, when Katagiri-san clapped to get the attention.
“Then let us decide by majority vote.”
The result of the majority vote that Katagiri-san took indifferent was—- unanimous for me cross-dressing. I dumbfounded stared at the letters saying “Cross-dressing = Nanjou” on the blackboard.
Upon that, Minami smiled daring and came closer.
“That settles Nanjou-kun for the cross-dressing. How does it feel to get betrayed by democracy?”
“…So according to our democracy, I strongly demand that you lend your ear to the opinion of the minority too!”
“Fufu. Say what you want, but it only sounds like the howling of a loser.”
Minami smiled triumphant.
I was rather frustrated. To vent that frustration, I asked Machina besides me.
“Machina, please do the howl of a loser in my stead.”
“Howl~~—wait, what are you making me do! I’ll tell Sister and the others about your cross-dressing!”
“Anything but that!”
After Machina raised an adorable howl, she shouted seriously, when Minami said in a good mood.
“Nanjou-kun, I’ll do your make-up perfectly on the day of the culture festival, so look forward to it.”
“Spare me…”
To be honest, it was a huge shock for me. Even after the discussion ended, I couldn’t stand up from my chair and was dragged home on my hand by Machina that day…

* * *

As the culture festival drew closer, it became busy after school.
“Everyone, we’re lagging behind. I’ll be gone for a while, but… if you slack off, I’ll kick you.”
Machina, who was responsible for the schedule together with Katagiri-san, said warningly, when all boys in class shouted in unison.
“—Please kick us!”
The voices of the boys in perfect harmony surprised Machina.
“If you do your job seriously, I don’t mind considering it.”
She replied to the boys with a seductively smile that sent you a shiver down your spine. Then she left behind a “I’ll be in the home economics room” and gallantly left the classroom.
Most likely Machina was going to check upon Minami and co.
With Minami at the top, all those good at sewing were making the costumes for the café in the home economics room. Everyone in class was working hard.
…At first I thought the café building to be a pain in the ass, but working together with everyone while fussing around like this might actually be fun.
My thoughts wandered like that, when the door of the classroom was suddenly opened and Minami together with some other girls appeared.
Then Minami spotted me, spread the tape measure in her hand and showed a bright smile.
“Okay, Nanjou-kun, it’s time for measurements.”
…I took back my previous words. This wasn’t fun at all. I didn’t want to cross-dress.
I immediately plotted to escape, but the nearby girls caught me all too soon.
“Girls, use this chance and measure his sizes!”
To seal my movements, Minami strongly clung onto me while her huge breasts, which were competition for being #1 or #2 in our grade, were raving on my back.
Needless to say, I was perfectly petrified.
The girls in the classroom drew closer and reached out her hands for my body without mercy.
….I thought I would be more happy about being surrounded by girls, but in reality it was rather scary. Actually, I was receiving certain sexual harassment.
Before I noticed it, the buttons of my top had been undone and a couple of soft and warm hands were stroking over my chest, arm, thighs and even butt.
I wished the measurement would end quickly, but not a single one was actually measuring me.
The girls played with me like a toy.
“Hey, girls, don’t touch me so much! The office won’t stay silent about it, when you do this to an idol like me…Ah, I’m sorry, don’t get angry. Actually, not there!”
I couldn’t endure the sexual harassment anymore and shouted a SOS in the middle of the classroom.
But all the girls, who were looking at me from a distance, closed her eyes and stayed silent. As for the boys, every single one of them just looked at me enviously.
Especially Asada was biting frustrated on a handkerchief.
“Damn! If I had been chosen for the cross-dressing, then the girls would be all over me now!”
“—Not in a million years.”
The girls replied in unison with a cold voice. Then they took their sweet time to finish measuring me. After that they made a satisfied expression, got away from me and whispered stuff like “A boy’s body is so nice” and “Completely different from ours” to each other.
Watching that, I called out to Minami, who clung to my back.
“…So, how long do you plan to do that?”
“Forever. I won’t let go of you…”
“You’re like a back haunting ghost.”
I separated myself from Minami and looked over my shoulder. Minami was sticking out her tongue while pulling down her eyelids like a kid, then she left the classroom pouting.
“What’s with her…”
I didn’t quite understand her. I tilted my head and returned to my work.

A break from the work. I sat on a bench before the vending machine and was sipping on my canned juice. Suddenly Asada sitting besides me called out to me with a serious expression.
“Hey, Nanjou. Don’t you think that Minami is in love with you?”
I inadvertently spit out my juice. I wiped my mouth and faced Asada.
“What’s that out of the blue? I’m not even on her radar.”
“Really? I was quite confident about it…”
“Don’t be stupid. It’s your misunderstanding. That’s just what makes her popular.”
“Mh, the survey I conducting with the boys in class about the ‘Ranking of the girls that I want as my girlfriend’ placed Minami on third.”
Asada pulled out a memo pad from his chest pocket and continued while skimming through it.
“By the way, second was Orangelo-san and Gogyou-san was first.”
“Hee, they sure are popular.”
“Didn’t you also had all these girls swarming over you earlier?”
“That’s not being popular, but just getting toyed with.”
I shrugged my shoulders and took another sip of my juice, when I saw Gogyou-san coming down the hallway with the other girls of the class.
Gogyou-san was part of the shopping team, so she walked around the nearby supermarkets with the team and checked the prices.
She probably just came back from an assignment. I absent-minded watched over the girls chit-chatting, when I made eye-contact with Gogyou-san.
I waved my hand a little, whereupon Gogyou-san approached with a soft smile.
“Are you two on break?”
When Gogyou-san asked, Asada answered with his cheeks reddening.
“No, it’s not a break, but a stay-over.”
“…Hey, don’t say such disgusting stuff.”
I was grossed out, but Gogyou-san lightly tilted her head as she didn’t understand the meaning.
“Ehm, can I join you?”
“Oh my, Miss Nanjou and me are expensive, you know?”
“Yeah. Miss Asada and me aren’t cheap women.”
It seemed funny, so I played along with Asada. Gogyou-san laughed a little.
“But you two are boys.”
While saying that, Gogyou-san sat down right besides me.
Somehow I couldn’t calm down with Gogyou-san so close with her sweet fragrance.
I scratched my head to cover it up, when Gogyou-san looked at me and grinned.
Seeing that, Asada made a meek face and asked.
“Hey, lately you two are getting along strangely well. Are you dating?”
Upon Asada’s question, Gogyou-san showed a puzzled expression, then suddenly turned bright red and shouted hastily.
“N- No! There’s no way we are!”
“Yeah, Asada, there’s no way.”
I also denied it outright, when Gogyou-san said depressed for some reason.
“…It’s like Nanjou-kun said. He’s very kind and attractive, but he already has Luna-san…”
“Mh? Why would you mention Luna now?”
When I asked confused, Gogyou-san dropped her shoulders and answered.
“I mean, you are dating Luna-san, aren’t you, Nanjou-kun?”
“…Eh? I’m not really like that with Luna.”
“Is that so!?”
“Y- Yeah…”
I affirmed Gogyou-san, who had leaned forward.
Right after, the corner of Gogyou-san’s mouth raised and bloomed a smile on her face.
I was fascinated by that smile, when Asada clapped onto my shoulder.
“Nanjou, just to tell you, you’re about the only guy, who’s on such good terms with Gogyou-san. At this rate a rumor about you two dating might be spread. So be careful.”
“Be careful of what?”
“Gogyou-san has quite passionate fans. So in the worst case, you might get attacked.”
After giving me an advice, Asada looked away embarrassed.
“I- It’s not like I’m worried about you or anything! Don’t get the wrong idea!”
…It was disgusting, so I ignored the tsundere Asada.
Or so I thought, when Asada corrected his tone and showed a serious expression.
“But on a serious note, it’s a fact that Gogyou-san has fans. So really be careful.”
“No problem. All those who came at me, I’ll show them the dreadfulness of the Nanjou School of the mental moon-state water.”
“…Nanjou, you can be arrested for excessive self-defence, you know? So keep it down.”
“Huh? Violence in the act of self-defence is reasonable.”
“Well, if it’s you, her fans might think twice before attacking you…”
Asada stood up with a wry smile.
“M’kay, I have to see the student council, so I’ll be going now.”
“The student council? Did you peep into the girl’s changing room again?”
“Don’t be stupid. I won’t make a blunder of getting caught. I’m just going there today to get the permission for our stall.”
“Hee, you’re surprisingly busy.”
“Yeah, no time for erotic.”
Asada made a thump-up, turned the back to us and went away.
I watched after him, when Gogyou-san faced me and said shyly.
“Nanjou-kun, about that from earlier…”
“Mh? About you placing first in the ‘Ranking of girls that I want to be my girlfriend’?”
“Wh- What’s that about!?”
“Fufu, a secret.”
After dodging her question, I called out to Gogyou-san to get back on topic.
“So, what exactly do you mean?”
“Ah, yeah, that Asada-kun, well, said that you and I look like we’re dating…”
Gogyou-san looked lightly down and opened her mouth again after a short pause.
“If it’s troubling you, I’ll be more careful from now on, so it won’t be misunderstood.”
“Careful? … Like how?”
“Not coming to school together, not talking in the classroom and neither after school…”
Gogyou-san’s expression turned more gloomy while she talked.
Thus I also felt a bit miserable.
After the culture festival it would mean farewell from Gogyou-san.
We finally got this close and it would be too sad to take a distance again before it was time to part.
I slowly reached out my hand for Gogyou-san’s head.
“Just be like you always have. I would get sad if you were to suddenly keep a distance.”
“B- But, Asada-kun said you might get attacked.”
“Don’t worry. It’s trivial matter. Besides…”
It was rather embarrassing, but I said it clearly.
“We’re friends. So no need for an weird reservations.”
I said so while patting her head, when Gogyou-san showed a smile.
“You really are kind, Nanjou-kun…”
“Yeah, half my body is made of kindness.”
“That might be an exaggeration, but because you’re so kind…I like you.”
“…Mh? What was that?”
I unmeant asked back, when Gogyou-san hastily covered her mouth with her hand and turned bright red up to her ears.
“Th- That’s not it!”
Gogyou-san suddenly stood up and denied with her face still bright red.
“By like I mean as a friend! Not in a weird way!”
…Well, if you thought about it calmly, it could only be like that.
For a moment I got excited, but there was no way the popular Gogyou-san would go for someone like me.
I took a big breath deep down and smiled while hiding my agitation.
“I understand. You don’t need to get that flustered.”
I said to calm her down, but for some reason Gogyou-san frowned.
“….You don’t understand at all.”
“Eh? What do you mean?”
Saying pouting, Gogyou-san faced the other way and continued.
“Just go away…”
“…Y- Yes.”
I didn’t know why, but I made Gogyou-san hate me.
…Just what did I do wrong?
I left with my shoulders dropped, when Gogyou-san pulled on the sleeve of my clothes.
“Sorry. Please don’t go after all…”
Not good. She was frigging cute.
For now I obeyed Gogyou-san and sat down on the bench. Then I fidgeted with my canned juice…when I noticed that Gogyou-san was giving me a sneaking look.
“What’s up?”
“Ehm, well…”
I asked curiously, when Gogyou-san said tentative and then continued.
“I always wanted to ask you something…”
After showing a bit of hesitation, Gogyou-san opened her mouth determined.
“…You’re not scared of me, Nanjou-kun?”
“Nah, not at all.”
When I replied instantly, Gogyou-san was surprised and said flustered.
“Nanjou-kun, I’m an exorcist. I fight with devils…that is, I’m close to a monster. I’m different from a normal human. Despite that… you’re not scared?”
“Yeah, I don’t really think you’re scary.”
I asserted without hesitation, whereupon Gogyou-san showed a confused expression.
“Why? It’s not just with me. Luna-san and Orangelo-san are devils, yet you’re not scared at all. You treat me kindly… Really, why is that?”
“It’s simple.”
I slowly reached out my hand for Gogyou-san’s head once more.
“An exorcists or a devil, that doesn’t matter to me. For me, you, Luna and Machina are just cute girls. And there’s no need to be scared of such.”
When I patted her head again, Gogyou-san’s eyes got wet and she looked down. Her shoulders were lightly trembling.
I didn’t say anything and continued to pat her head gently.
“…I don’t really want to part with you, Nanjou-kun.”
Her lonely mumbling corded up my chest.
But the break time ended without me being able to say anything tactful and I went back to the classroom together with Gogyou-san.
At that time, Gogyou-san showed her usual dignified expression, but it looked somewhat forced and her lonely mumbling from earlier still echoed in the back of my chest…

* * *

While working myself to the death with the preparation for the culture festival the weekend finally came. The day of troublesome marriage meeting. My mother drove me to the hotel in question with her car and together we headed for the room. By the way, for some reason Luna and co had tagged along and were waiting in the lobby.
While the bellhop guided us, I recalled Machina and Nazuna’s countless reminders of “Make sure to reject her”, then entered the meeting place.
….Apparently the other party wasn’t present yet. The room was extremely broad and not really suited for a conversation of a couple of people.
“What an awfully big room.”
I approached the window and blankly watched the scenery from there.
I had nothing to do but wait, so I stretched out my hands and tried a loud laughter.
“Haha! Behold, the humans look like trash! Take a look too, Mom!”
Upon being called on, my mother lined up besides me with a wry smile.
“Hey, I want to ask the idiot, who’s mimicking something he isn’t suited for, a question…”
“Watch your words. You’re in front of King Lap*at.”
“Ah, sure, sure. Sorry for that.”
Appropriately replying to my joke, my mother made a slightly serious expression and said.
“Shinobu, what do you think about Luna-chan?”
“Luna? She’s a precious family member.”
“…That’s all?”
I couldn’t grasp the meaning of her words and cocked my head in puzzlement, when my mother made a small sigh.
“…Guess it really does need a small stimulation.”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“Mr. Dull hasn’t to worry about it. Anyway, Shinobu, it’s a marriage meeting, so show proper etiquette.”
“Leave it to me. It’s my speciality.”
I replied with a big nod, but my mother looked at me with a face that said she wasn’t trusting me.
“…How would you answer when asked for your hobbies?”
“My hobby is to make everyone happy! I often do volunteer work on the holidays!”
Just to make sure, it wasn’t me who said that.
In my stead some weird fellow had answered the question.
“And also do create a neverland of love and kindness. Right now the neverland of the Goddess is at the Nanjou house, so drop by to play.”
Naturally my mother and my gaze gathered on the weird fellow—Elni.
“Mh? What’s up, you two? You don’t have to mind me.”
When did she had sneaked in? Elni curiously watched over the room and wanted to sit down on a chair with a smile, but…she was grabbed by my mother like a cat and thrown out just like that.
“Uwa~! I’ll be Shinobu’s fiancée~!”
I heard Elni’s sad voice beyond the door, but that voice faded into the distance as she was taken away by the hotel staff.
“…What a weird girl.”
My mother said plausible words, then opened her mouth again remembering.
“Reminds me, Shinobu, I didn’t tell you the name of your partner yet…”
“It’s fine. I’ll turn her down anyway. So no meaning in knowing it.”
I cut into her words, when my mother shrugged her shoulders.
Then a sudden knock on the door and the door opened slowly. From beyond the door a maid and a girl in a kimono appeared.
….Mh? A maid?
She had entered just so naturally that I had overlooked it, but seeing a maid right here was strange.
The maid was a fascinating beauty, but was expressionless like a doll.
Tender white skin, long slit eyes, a semi-short haircut with somewhat shaggy at the side and a symmetric body-balance like a model…wait, this maid was Kaorun. Kaorun was working at Gogyou-san’s house and her real name was Kaoru. She wore maid clothes, but it was suspicious if she really fulfilled her duties as a maid.
That aside, what was Kaorun doing here?
I was surprised, when she fluttering draw closer, grabbed my hand and said.
“Nanjou-sama, let us get married.”
“Too quick! Actually, you were my fiancée, Kaorun?”
When I asked agitated, Kaorun responded still expressionless.
“Are you happy that it is a beauty as myself?”
“What are you saying. It must be you, who’s happy, since I’m such a handsome guy.”
“…Nanjou-sama, I recommend that you take a proper look in the mirror in the morning.”
So cruel…. Such a cruel treatment on my joke.
I received a light shock, when Kaorun continued smoothly.
“By the way, I am not your fiancée, Nanjou-sama.”
“Eh? Then my partner is…”
While saying that, I shifted my gaze to the kimono wearing girl that entered the room together with Kaorun. The girl was a beauty with glamorous black hair that reached until her waist. Her dignified expression made her more than suitable to be called a cool beauty…wait a moment.
Due to the kimono I was late in realizing it, but it was without doubt Gogyou-san.
…That meant, Gogyou-san was my fiancée?
Inadvertently I stared at Gogyou-san, when she forced her way through between Kaorun and me, shouting flustered.
“Wh- What’s going on here, Kaoru-san! I never heard that my partner would be Nanjou-kun!”
“Yeah, well, that is because I did not tell you.”
Kaorun replied nonchalant and continued unconcerned.
“As you can see, Miss, your fiancé is Nanjou-sama. Miss, I want to return home soon to watch a recorded anime, so please hurry up and get married.”
“You’re crazy…”
I retorted as such, when Kaorun pulled out something from her pocket and with a “Nanjou-sama, here…” she stuffed it into my hands like a bribe.
When I looked at it, I held a cheap car toy in my hand.
“What’s this?”
“Your favourite vroom-vroom. It was an extra to some snacks and I will give it to you as a present, so please marry the Miss.”
“Ehh, should I?—-As if! Just how much of a kid do you think I am! Besides, as if a marriage could be settle with that!”
I gave the toy back, when Kaorun purposefully pretended to cry.
“So mean. Even though I brought it because I thought it would make you happy…”
“…Hey, don’t casually stuff it into my pocket. Hey, don’t tickle my sides. Don’t touch my earlobe. Don’t pat my neck! Just what’s up with you!”
“I am your beloved Maid. When you marry the Miss, I will come along with it as an extra. Makes you happy, right?”
“No, not really.”
I replied coldly. Kaorun drew closer.
“Nanjou-sama, please consider it well. I am an excellent maid. I can easily handle everything from cooking and laundry to handicraft. And of course I will not throw away your forbidden books.”
There she stopped for a moment, then continued in a louder voice.
“But you have to add perverted books about maids for that!”
“That’s uncalled for!”
I shouted back in a loud voice as not to lose out, when Kaorun edged up to me and said whispering.
“You do not have to force yourself, Nanjou-sama. Truth be told, you are excited over my maid clothes right now, right?”
“Save your sleep-talk for when you sleep.”
I laughed scornfully, when I received a chop on my head.
It hurt quite a bit. I glared at Kaorun in opposition,
“Kyaa, Nanjou-sama, you are scaring me~ You want to hit onto my bottom~”
when Kaorun said in a monotone voice and quickly hid behind Gogyou-san’s back.
There my mother called out to me.
“You know them?”
“Yeah, the girl in the kimono is my classmate and the other one is a pervert maid.”
I faced Kaorun, when she said unbothered.
“Nanjou-sama, please do not call me ’Pervert Maid’, but ’My Angel’ like always.”
Kaorun shamelessly deigned to say.
My mother looked at Kaorun and coldly said.
“This girl gets 65 points.”
“A harsh valuation!?”
Kaorun leaked a shocked voice.
But my mother ignored it and now looked at Gogyou-san. She said remembering.
“…Shinobu, could it be that this girl came over once?”
Reminded me, my mother and Gogyou-san had met before.
Before Gogyou-san had collapsed on her way home from an exorcist job, so I had her taken home with me and introduced her. Then I had asked my mother to change Gogyou-san’s clothes and treat her wounds. My mother likely remembered that.
I gave my mother a nod, when Gogyou-san quickly lowered her head.
“I do thank you for your assistance at that time. Ehm, are you Nanjou-kun’s older sister?”
In that moment, my mother showed a bright smile and said while she strongly clapped my shoulder.
“She’s a fine girl, Shinobu. She gets 100 points. Why don’t you marry her?”
My mother said casually, when Kaorun nodded big.
“Then the marriage is settled.”
“No, you’re way to random. Take it seriously, seriously, you hear. Actually, why are you even here, Kaorun? Wouldn’t normally the parents come along?”
I asked curiously, when Kaorun puffed her chest and answered.
“Today, I have come to represent the Master and the Mistress.”
“Yes, I secretly snuck in some work for them and partly forceful came here.”
“…Just what are you doing.”
“Please do not fret over the details. Now let us talk like it is common for marriage interviews.”
On Kaorun’s words, we sat down at the table for now.
However, Kaorun alone didn’t sit down, remained standing besides Gogyou-san and opened her mouth.
“Now then, let us talk about hobbies even though it is classic. Nanjou-sama, excuse the suddenness, but please do tell us your hobbies.”
“Mh? I like reading.”
I answered normally, when Kaorun nodded a “I see” and continued expressionless.
“Nanjou-sama just made a coming out that he likes to read erotic novels…”
“Hey, who said that?”
“You do not need to cover it up. I am quite understanding. Also, I also possess erotic novels.”
….No one asked that.
“However, Nanjou-sama, when you marry the Miss, you no longer have to rely on erotic novels The Miss’ soft and ripe breasts, her pleasantly elastic bottom like a peach and her reasonable firm thighs—- you can suck on all these all you want.”
“…Then can I feast myself on your body too, since you come as an extra with Gogyou-san?”
I asked that to avert the topic, when Kaorun sharpened her gaze.
“What are you saying. Please stop with the sexual harassment.”
“S- Sorry.”
It was a joke, but she got angry.
I was a bit scared, so I apologized honestly, but then Kaorun said displeased.
“Good grief, if we were in America, you would have gotten a trail at once. As an apology, please marry the Miss.”
“Again, don’t bring up marriage so easily. Actually, are you fine with someone like me marrying Gogyou-san?”
“Of course. With you, Nanjou-sama, I can entrust the Miss to you reassured.”
Surprisingly enough, Kaorun gave an instant reply.
Despite her actions, Kaorun might actually trust me.
I was a bit moved, when Kaorun continued in a serious tone.
“Besides I am an exclusive maid to the Miss. I will have to follow to the household the Miss marries into. When I do not do my job properly, I am getting scolded. So in case I should be playing around at the Nanjou household, Nanjou-sama would surely work in my stead.”
“Hey, hey. How does it come to that? My wife aside, am I even going to be dominated by my maid? Actually, you’re only working on your own selfish desire, aren’t you?”
I wanted my earlier emotion back.
I faced Kaorun with a wry smile, but she said teasingly.
“Nanjou-sama, you are treating the Miss as your wife already? Well, I am also happy that you feel that way. Once you married the Miss, let us gently tease her together.”
“Oh, that sounds fun.”
I got a bit into it and replied, when Gogyou-san raised a surprised voice.
Seeing that, I corrected my tone and said.
“But well, even when Kaorun approves, what actually matters is Gogyou-san’s opinion. I’m sure you don’t want someone like me, right Gogyou-san?”
I asked as brightly and jokingly as I could.
Now I thought it was easier for Gogyou-san to turn the matter down, but she reddened her cheeks and looked down.
Seeing that, Kaorun nodded big and said.
“Nanjou-sama, as it seems, the Miss desires to marry you.”
“No, no, she’s obviously against it.”
I replied wearily, when Gogyou-san said solitary while still looking down.
“…I’m not against it.”
“L- Like I said, I’m not against it. Actually, Nanjou-kun, are you against me as your partner?”
Raising her face, Gogyou-san looked at me with wet eyes.
That behaviour was so indescribable cute that my heart wavered.
Still, I couldn’t really give my OK here.
“Ehm, well, you know, I’m not at an age to marry yet…”
I smiled vaguely. There Kaorun raised her hand and proposed.
“Then let us proceed like this: Since marriage is too early, you two will enter a relationship with marriage as the premise.”
Eh? I would date Gogyou-san?
That was a rather attractive offer…but what should I do?
I couldn’t sort out my own feelings and was confused, when my mother interjected.
“Shinobu, it’s a good offer, so why don’t go out with her?”
“Wh- What are you saying, Mom?”
“Mh? You can try to go out and then make your decision based on it.”
“That is right, Nanjou-sama. After you enjoyed the Miss’ body to the fullest, you can simply abandon her by claiming ‘In the end you were only after my money, you dirty pig’.”
“What kind of brute am I? I won’t do that. Besides, what do you mean after the money? Our positions are completely reserve.”
I retorted with such, when Kaorun leaked a surprised voice for some reason.
“Then could it be that you want to completely train the Miss with ‘This is what you want, right, you dirty pig*, so that she cannot live without you anymore?”
“Yeah, that sounds more like—wait, as if I would do that! When we’re dating, I’ll treat her kindly!”
I shouted unmeant. Kaorun gave a suspicious grin. And Gogyou-san acted bashful while looking embarrassed and happy.
H- Huh? That was weird.
I felt a cold sweat rose on my forehead, when Kaorun said concluding.
“That settles it. Nanjou-sama, we are an inexperienced Miss and an excellence Maid, but please do take good care of us.”
Kaorun bowed while she nonchalantly said something shameless. Gogyou-san imitated her.
“Nanjou-kun, I’ll give my best, so I hope we can get along.”
Damn. When I thought that, it was already too late. In no time I ended up in a relationship with Gogyou-san.
After that we friendly chatted for a while, then we parted with Gogyou-san and Kaorun in front of the elevator on the first floor. With heavy steps, I headed to where Luna and the others were.
…What now. I had boasted about turning down the marriage, yet I was in this predicament.
I reached the lobby depressed, when the girls on the sofa noticed me and approached with a smile.
“Shinobu-san, how did the marriage meeting go?”
“What was the girl like?”
Luna and Machina asked softly. Then Nazuna and Elni opened their mouths too.
“Shinobu, how did you turn her down?”
“Obviously in a cool fashion, right, Brother?”
I wiped the cold sweat from my cheek and answered as bright as possible.
“Y- Yeah, she was head over heels for me, but I told her ‘You’re not in love with me, but with love itself’.”
“That’s so cool, Brother!”
“Cool indeed!”
Nazuna and Elni had sparkling eyes while Luna and Machina faintly smiled.
But like throwing cold water on this situation, my mother said calmly.
“Well, actually it turned into them dating with the premise of marriage…”
In that moment, Luna, Machina, Nazuna and Elni’s expressions froze up all at once.
…Somehow I got the feeling that the temperature here just dropped by 2,3 degree.
Receiving everyone’s cold gaze, I said with stiff cheeks.
“Oh man! She came onto me strong and I couldn‘t refuse! I’m such a sinful man. Ahahaha!”
“Oh my, is that so. Ufufu—wait, what do you mean, Shinobu! You said you would turn her down!”
“Right! You are a liar, Shinobu-san!”
I tried to cover it up with a laughter, but Machina got angry and Luna hassled me with teary eyes.
“No, well, the other party was Gogyou-san, so it turned into that before I knew what was going on. You know, it’s like one of these things. Like when a door-to-door seller makes you buy an expensive pillow.”
I made excuses, when Elni frowned and suddenly slapped my cheeks.
“Wh- What are you doing, Elni.”
“Shut up! The Goddess’ anger is at max! Stupid Shinobu!”
For some reason Elni was angry.
I hastily got away from Elni and looked at Nazuna for help, but
Nazuna turned into BADNazucat, puffed her cheeks and then powerful bit onto my hand. Furthermore, Elni also bit onto my hand like Nazuna and Luna and Machina approached me with tears in their eyes.
“Owa! Why even you—!”
I was forsaken by everyone. Both my hands were bitten by Nazuna and Elni while both my cheeks were pinched by Luna and Machina. Unmeant I leaked a scream.
But even when my mother stopped them, they still made a displeased expression.
…It felt really uncomfortable.
On our way home, in the car ruled by a heavy silence, I prayed that we would get home soon.
Then Luna besides me suddenly said solitary.
“…Shinobu-san, I, will not lose to Gogyou-san.”
Eh? What did she mean? Lose at what?
I pondered about it, when my mother giggled as she looked at us through the back-mirror.
“Just like I thought.”
“Mh? What?”
“Love is better with obstacles.”
“Huh? Did aliens send you a transmission or what?”
Not understanding what she mean, I replied so, when for some reason Luna, sitting besides me, pulled on my cheek.
…Why was she pinching me? I also wondered about it before. It was a rather huge shock that Luna did that to me.
I sighed and entrusted my back to the car seat….

Chapter 02: Gogyou-san’s perverted request

I returned the novel I finished reading into the bookshelf, left the room and headed for the dining kitchen.
Earlier I had made everyone angry because of the marriage meeting and it had taken a lot of effort to fix their mood. To relieve myself from that tiredness, I had enjoyed some reading….I took the tea out of the fridge and nonchalant looked at the clock on the wall. It had became pretty late.
“Already this late…”
Everyone else was probably already sleeping. A silence spread through the house.
I should go to bed too.
After drinking some tea, I returned to my room and when I opened the door—there was a maid for some reason. Or rather, it was Kaorun.
Kaorun noticed me and elegantly curtseyed befitting for a maid.
“Welcome home, Master.”
Right away, I slammed the door shut.
“…Not good. I’m hallucinating.”
Was it from my tiredness?
I lightly rubbed my eyes, then opened the door once again, but
“Kyaa! Master, you are a pervert!”
My vision fell on the blushing Kaorun in the middle of changing, with her necktie loosened and her shirt unbuttoned at the chest.
I promptly slammed the door shut yet again and took a deep breath. I timidly opened the door once more.
“…Master, please turn the lights off.”
Kaorun really was in my room.
Apparently this wasn’t a dream or hallucination. Shyly covering her mouth with the bedcover, Kaorun sat on my bed, looking at me with upturned eyes. She was certainly real. When I looked closer, the window of my room was open. Kaorun probably entered from there.
“What kind of nonsense are you pulling off here?”
“I do not want to be told that by you, who repeatedly opened and closed the door…”
She replied expressionless and lay down on the bed just like that.
“Now, since I have work tomorrow, please wake me up at ten o’clock.”
“Sure, ten o’clock it is. You sure start working lat—-Like hell! What are you here for?”
I pulled out the pillow from under her head, when Kaorun straightened up her body and said nonchalant.
“Well, I had the feeling that you were treating me rather rudely recently, so I have come to plead a protest.”
Kaorun looked at me and slightly puckered her lips.
“Nanjou-sama, why do you act so indifferent towards me? At this rate, the Kaorun route will never appear.”
Kaorun faced me with wet eyes.
Well, it was her usual joke. I shrugged my shoulders and answered.
“You’re an hidden conquest character, right? You even said yourself that it’s no use to raise your affection points.”
“Do not worry. You can achieve that with money.”
“…Right now I only have 100 yen on me.”
“I’m being taken rather cheap for!?”
For now I put a 100-yen coin into Kaorun’s hand, when she said with a sigh.
“I wish you had given it me more romantic. Even with just 100 yen, if you had said ‘Become my exclusive maid’, you might have moved my heart.”
“Nah, I’ll pass.”
“You already seem content!?”
I already had Luna, so there was no need for a Maid.
I nodded once and raised my voice to the shocked Kaorun.
“So, what are you really here for?”
“If you want me to tell you, please order me with ‘Tell me’.”
There I strongly hit on the bed and shouted.
“The evidence is obvious! Spill it! Spill out the story, Kaorun!”
“No, Mr. Detective. I really was not told anything!”
“Nah, you don’t need to play along. Just tell me already.”
“Hey, don’t pretend to sleep. Give it a rest already or I’ll spank your ass!”
When I said that, Kaorun quickly opened her eyes and said, struck with an idea.
“Please wait a moment, Nanjou-sama. You have it the wrong way. Should it not rather be me whipping you?”
“…Be gentle <3” “Well, to get back on the topic.” She instantly pulled out, once I played along. “Ah, just once thing before I do so. Nanjou-sama, just now you were really disgusting.” Not only did she pull out, but she even told me something unnecessarily. I should really spank her ass. I considered it, when Kaorun corrected her posture and said. “Nanjou-sama, I came here today with an invitation to a date.” “…Huh? A date?” When I asked back, Kaorun nodded firmly. “You are in a relationship with the Miss now. So why do you not take the chance and take out the Miss for some fun? …Depending on the situation, even a stay-over would be possible.” “Nah. Things won’t go so smoothly.” “What are you saying? In preparation for the date, the Miss bought some lucky underwear today.” “Eh? For real?” “Yes. I chose a sexy underwear that suited the Miss very well. So you just have to be yourself, Nanjou-sama, and strongly push the Miss down during the date while wicked laughing a ‘With this you’ll be mine, gehehe’.” “If I do that, I’ll immediately spend some time together with the police. Good grief, what do you mean I have to be myself? You sure say some ridiculous stuff, Maid.” I said resentful, but Kaorun answered that still expressionless. “Depending on your actions, Nanjou-sama, I might become a maid of this household.” “Don’t need you.” “G- Giving an instant answer, so rude! Nanjou-sama, you were just mocking maids!” “Nah, that’s not really it. We just already have someone like a maid…” When I tried to calm down Kaorun, there suddenly was a knock on my door. “Who goes there? Coming by at such a late hour is preposterous…” “You’re one to say!” I retorted while facing the door. Upon that, I heard a beautiful voice like a ringing bell beyond the door. “Shinobu-san, are you still awake?” That voice was Luna’s. But right now I was all alone with a maid in my room late at night. …This situation wasn’t all too favourable. I faced Kaorun and said in a quiet voice. “Kaorun, sorry, but hide in the bed. If you’re seen here by one of the girls, they’ll misunderstand.” I asked her with my hands together, when Kaorun smiled suspiciously. Ah, I got a really bad feeling. Right when I thought that, Kaorun lay face-down and raised an aroused voice towards the door. “Ahn~ Not there, Nanjou-sama~ Pervert~” “Ehh? Shinobu-san, is there someone with you? And what are you doing?” “N- Nothing! I’m not doing anything!” “Even while saying that, I can’t hold back my lust anymore and push down the maid from behind. I grabbed her round, elastic butt and fondle it. The maid raised a small scream of ‘Ahh, Nanjou-sama, it hurts’, but I paid it no mind. I repeated said ‘Maid, maid…” in a delirium---” “Stop it! Do you want me to send you to the other world?” Cutting into her words, I spanked Kaorun’s bottom too hard. Immediately, Kaorun’s body trembled with a shiver. Her expressionless look broke down and her cheeks reddened. She leaked a sexy “Nnah” voice. H- Huh? I didn’t expect this reaction. Her current behaviour didn’t look like an act, so I was completely shaken. Then Kaorun looked at me protesting and shouted in a big voice towards the door. “Nanjou-sama, you pervert! Lecher! I am no longer fit to be a bride!” “Sh- Shinobu-san, if you have unsatisfied needs, then please tell me! At any time, I will… Huh?” Leaking an agitated voice, Luna appeared by yanking open the door. 002
But in the middle of her sentence, she noticed Kaorun. Luna stopped her words and tilted her head.
“Ehm, if I remember correctly, you are the Maid working at Gogyou-san’s hous—”
“Nanjou-sama, could she be the maid like person you described earlier?”
Not letting Luna finish her sentence, Kaorun asked by pulling on my sleeve.
For now I gave a nod back, whereupon Kaorun glared at Luna for some reason.
“Because you are here, I am being deemed unworthy!”
“Suddenly she got angry!?”
Kaorun thrower my pillow at the shocked Luna and moved towards the window. Then she stepped on the windowsill, turned around and leaving the words “You cow woman!” behind, she left through the window.
Ohh, leaving through the window meant that Kaorun also was quite athletic.
Such thoughts crossed my mind, when Luna came over dejected.
“…Shinobu-san, do I look like a cow?”
I gave a quick glance to Luna’s breasts.
Considering these huge ripe fruits there, I believed that Kaorun’s words couldn’t be denied.
But I didn’t dare to point that out. I reached out my hand for Luna’s head.
“You don’t look like a cow. Don’t worry about Kaorun’s words.”
I petted Luna’s head and asked softly.
“So, what’s up so late? You need something?”
“Y- Yes, there is something I want to give you, Shinobu-san…”
“Give me?”
I asked back, when Luna turned red for some reason. Then after a short pause, she presented me a paper bag that she had hidden behind her back.
What was it?
I took the paper bag and looked inside—Inside were a pair of pink panties.
…Wait a moment. What was this?
I was too surprised to say anything. Luna, still bright red, said.
“Uhm, since you said you wanted panties before, I will give these to you. Please use them as you see fit.”
That said, how was I going to use them? Actually, I said I wanted panties? I had no such memory…Ah, no, I had.
I suddenly remembered.
When my mother had returned from her trip, I remember that I brought up the panties of a gal. But I even explained it back then that it was just a joke. I wasn’t that obsessed over the panties of a gal.
“Luna, I appreciate the sentiment, but I can’t accept it.”
“…Could it be that you want the ones I currently wear?”
“As if! Who do you think I am?”
“Don’t worry, I understand! I saw it on TV before! Boys get excited over panties, right? If that is what you want, I will give it my best! I will not lose to Gogyou-san!”
“No, no, this isn’t about winning or losing. It’s a misunderstanding! Don’t put your hands under your skirt! Don’t take off your top! I don’t really want a bra! Hey! I don’t want socks either, so stop it! Do you want to turn me into a pervert?”
Blind to anything else, Luna tried to strip down with the utmost effort.
I stopped that desperately and once again explained it clearly that it was a misunderstanding.
The result of my explanation was that Luna returned to her room understanding.
I watched after Luna with a sigh of relief, when I suddenly noticed something.
—That I was still holding onto the paper bag I got from Luna.
“No way…”
So I explained that it was a misunderstanding while I held onto a paper bag with panties in it?
Not only lacked my explanation any persuasiveness, but I also missed the timing to give back the panties.
“…What do I do with this?”
I mumbled, when a monotone voice replied immediately.
“Nanjou-sama, what are you hesitant about? At this point you should pull out the panties and wear them on your head, like a true pervert.”
“Ohh, that might raise my defence parameters!”
“Or alternatively you could put them over your pillow and then proceed to rub your cheek against it.”
“Mh, then I could fall asleep with the sensation of my beloved. But won’t it wear out the panties?”
I made an agreeable response. There was Kaorun at the window, listening in on the conversation.
I approached Kaorun and presented her the paper bag.
“It’s a good occasion, so I’ll give you this.”
“…It is my first time receiving such a present from a man.”
Kaorun came into the room and took the bag from me expressionless.
“Speaking of, it reached my ears that when a man gives a woman clothes as a present, it includes his desire of wanting her to wear it.”
There Kaorun looked into the paper bag in her hand.
“…Nanjou-sama, what are you expecting from me?”
“Don’t read anything weird into it. I just didn’t know what to do with it. Pay it no mind and take it.”
When I said that, Kaorun held the paper bag in her arms with a disagreeing expression.
Huh? She obediently accepted it?
“Ehm, so why are you back? Didn’t you go home?”
“Yes, I was on my way home, but I forgot to convey you the essential information…”
“Essential information?”
“The meeting place and time for the date.”
“Eh? That wasn’t a joke?”
“It was not. Tomorrow at ten o’clock in the morning, you will meet up at the fountain in front of the station. The Miss is really looking forward to it, so please see to it that you do not arrive late.”
Kaorun reported precisely, then made a beautiful curtsy.
“Now then, Nanjou-sama, I wish you sweet maid dreams.”
Leaving these words behind, Kaorun normally left through the door this time.
“No, leave through the window!”
What if the girls saw her?
I advised her hastily as the sound of Kaorun’s footstep gradually faded away.
…Well, it was already late, so she wouldn’t run into anyone.
I only thought so for a moment. Soon enough I could hear Nazuna’s surprised voice saying “Wah! It’s a maid!” from the hallway. Shortly after Nazuna appeared in my room with a smile.
“Brother, a maid gave me snacks.”
“Hee, is that so?”
“Yeah! And then the maid said ‘Your brother possesses an incorrigible maid fetish. Please be proud of him’. What did she mean?”
“Who knows? I don’t get it either. But when you meet that maid again, spank her butt for me. She’ll surely be happy.”
Nazuna saluted full of energy, but she probably had slept until just now, as her hair had a frizz.
I petted her hand and fixed the frizz, when Nazuna narrowed her eyes pleased.
“Thanks, Brother. As a thanks, I’ll share some of the snacks with you.”
In that moment, the closet door suddenly opened and unexpectedly Elni peeked out from it.
“Uwah! Where are you coming from!”
“Anywhere door~”
Elni replied with a strange phrase to me and came out of the closet. Then she came over trotting and reached out her hand towards Nazuna.
“Nazucat, give me snacks too.”
“Wait, what were you doing in my closet?”
“…Truth is, I snuck into it when you were taking a bath. I waited there to scare you, but… I fell asleep until just now.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“Don’t say something that rude with a straight face! And here I went out of my way and brought you something nice!”
Elni puffed her cheeks and pulled out two scraps of paper from her pocket.
“Mh? El-chan, what’s that?”
“These are movie tickets. I got them from a friend, but since you didn’t give me any snacks, Nazuna, I’ll give them to Shinobu. Use them for your date.”
Elni puffed her chest towards Nazuna and handed me the movie tickets.
But I frowned on the word “date”.
“…Were you eavesdropping?”
“N- No. My ears are divine ears. Even when I sleep, I can hear the voices of my surroundings!”
“Hoo, that’s an excellent pair of ears.”
While saying that I lightly pulled on her divine ears, when Elni raised a “No~” scream. Then she grabbed Nazuna’s hand and sprinted out of the room with her.
Mhm, I couldn’t approve of eavesdropping, but I was honestly thankful for the movie tickets.
“Thanks, Elni.”
When I called out to her, Elni turned around and showed me a smile. Then she headed for Luna’s room. Mh? Did she need something from Luna?
I was a bit curious, but it was already late. I decided to go to bed in preparation for tomorrow’s date.

* * *

The next morning. I took my time fixing my appearance, then showed up in the living room.
There I found all three freeloaders, Luna, Machina and Elni.
They all weren’t wearing their usual casual clothes, but were somewhat dressed up.
“Mh, are you guys going somewhere?”
I called out to them, when Luna nodded smiling.
“We are going out to together to have fun today. Are you going somewhere too, Shinobu-san?”
“Yeah, for a bit. So don’t count me in for lunch.”
“I understand. Please make a call when you think it will get late.”
Then Machina and Elni also each said.
“Shinobu, got your wallet? Packed a handkerchief?”
“Your vanity mindset? Don’t forget your shyness either.”
“No problem. The heart of this man, Nanjou Shinobu, is always filled with dreams and romance. That’s all it needs.”
I played cool, when Elni nodded admiring.
“Shinobu, your heart is filled with the same things as Luna’s breasts.”
“Yeah, it is.”
When I replied as such, Luna covered her breasts with both her arms embarrassed.
There I claimed a “I’m off” and left the living room, but
“…H- Huh?”
Luna wasn’t following me. Usually she would come to see me off…
What was up?
I turned around while feeling a touch of loneliness, when Luna, Machina and Elni peeked out from the living room door.
When they made eye-contact with me, they hastily pulled back their heads.
Perplexed, I left the house and hurried to the meeting place of the date.
I still had plenty of time. However it would be bad to make her wait.
With that in mind, I arrived at the meeting place—the fountain in front of the station thirty minutes early, but Gogyou-san was already there.
Inadvertently I dropped my gaze once more on my wristwatch, but it really was still before the meeting time. She sure came early.
First of all I wanted to call out to her, but before I could do so, three other guys approached Gogyou-san and chatted her up.
What? Could they be hitting on her?
Gogyou-san made a troubled expression, so I hurried over to her.
“Okay, okay~ Let me through, I’m handsome~”
Saying that, I forced my way through the guys and smiled at Gogyou-san to relief her.
“Thank you for the wait. One English gentleman, as you have ordered. Will you dine in?”
When I fired such a joke, Gogyou-san giggled.
But in contrast to that, the guys frowned.
“Huh? Are you her boyfriend?”
“Well, I am… I guess?”
I gave a vague answer, when the guys faced Gogyou-san wearily for some reason.
“Hey, you better break up with a guy that comes in so late.”
“Hey, I wasn’t really late.”
“Stop lying. We have been watching her for quite a while and she has been waiting here forever.”
“Eh? Really? But there are still thirty minutes until the meeting time.”
I said surprised, when the guys’ gazed focused on Gogyou-san.
There Gogyou-san hastily shook both her hands.
“N- No! I just got here too early since my watch broke!”
“Ahh, that’s how it is.”
I nodded and asked nonchalant.
“By the way, what time is it now?”
“Ehm, 9:27.”
Gogyou-san looked down on her own wristwatch and honestly reported the current time. However, she suddenly added flustered.
“U- Uhm, sure, my wristwatch isn’t broken, b- but the watch at my home is!”
Gogyou-san desperately tried to cover up.
But one of the guys shrugged his shoulders and said.
“…Even then, that’s overdoing it.”
Another guy nodded in agreement, when Gogyou-san turned bright red and shouted.
“I, I was looking forward to it, so what? I wanted to see Nanjou-kun as soon as possible!”
After saying that, Gogyou-san looked down, still red. The guys spit out the words.
“Geh. Just become happy!”
Leaving that phrase behind, the guys walked away. I watched after them, then shifted my gaze back to Gogyou-san.
“First of all, let’s get going.”
“Y- Yeah.”
Gogyou-san nodded and lined up besides me. The fragrance of her perfume hung lightly in the air.
For some reason, only that already made lose my composure.
I opened my mouth to talk about something, but the words didn’t find her way out.
…This wasn’t going well. I had to say something before it got awkward.
Afflicted with impatience, I just blabbered out what ran through my head.
“You smell nice.”
Oh damn. Didn’t I make an incredible verbal blunder?
Even Gogyou-san had widened her eyes in shock.
How could I salvage this situation?
I worked my brain to the fullest, when Gogyou-san turned somewhat red and smiled.
“Thank you. I’m happy that you said that.”
Gogyou-san softly got closer to me.
The result, the distance between us cut down and I got even more nervous.
But I wouldn’t do the same mistake twice. This time I opened my mouth composed.
“Gogyou-san, is there anywhere you would like to go?”
“Uhm, sorry. I haven’t really thought about it, since Kaoru-san set up this date so suddenly…”
Gogyou-san made a sorry expression.
While I got agitated by the word “date”, I pulled out the two movie tickets that I got from Elni yesterday.
“Then how about we go watch a movie? I just happen to have two tickets.”
When I waved with the movie tickets in my hand, Gogyou-san nodded with a smile.
…Elni saved my ass. Without these tickets, I might have failed right off the bat. I was grateful to Elni, who wasn’t here. I must have been seeing things, as I got the feeling that I caught a glimpse of Elni in the shadow of a building.
I rubbed my eyes and once more looked in that direction, but there was no one.
Must have been my mistake?
I put my mind off it and chit-chatting with Gogyou-san on the way to the cinema— This time I saw swaying blonde, long hair in the crowd.
That hair looked similar to Luna’s…
I was a bit concerned about it, but I was on a date with Gogyou-san. Shaking off these thoughts, I came to a stand.
“Nanjou-kun? What’s up?”
“No, it’s nothing.”
There was no way Luna would be here.
With such a conclusion, I entered the cinema with Gogyou-san and we took our seats.
There Gogyou-san, sitting besides me, called out to me.
“Do you often come to the cinema?”
“…Let’s see, I guess only sometimes when Nazuna or Asada invite me. And you?”
“When there’s a movie I’m interested in, I go together with Kaoru-san. Kaoru-san might not look like it, but she quite likes movies…”
“Hee, is that so.”
I made an agreeable response, when Gogyou-san asked with her cheeks flushed.
“C- Can I, well… invite you too from now on, instead of just Kaoru-san?”
“S- Sure. I don’t mind.”
As we talked like that, the movie started, so I shifted my gaze to the screen. The movie was an adoption of a best-selling novel and quite interesting.
Specially the last scene was touching, so I involuntarily ended up with tears in my eyes….

After the movie, we entered a nearby family restaurant and decided to have lunch.
I glared at the carrots that came together with my hamburger steak set and called out to Gogyou-san, who was eating spaghetti across from me.
“I’ll bestow these carrots on the always pretty Gogyou-san.”
“Eh? Uh- Uhm, thanks. But you can’t be picky about food.”
“Don’t say that. Here, Ah~”
I cautioned her kindly, then held out my carrots to her as a joke.
Upon that, Gogyou-san lightly blushed and opened her mouth a little.
Was she really going to eat it?
…W- Well, after coming this far, I could hardly laugh it off as a joke.
I slowly carried the carrots in front of Gogyou-san’s mouth, when she shyly looked down. Then she moved her glamorous lips and took the carrots into her mouth.
There I suddenly made eye-contact with Gogyou-san, but we each hastily averted our gaze.
Wh- Why was I this nervous?
When I scratched my cheek, the waitress suddenly approached and said “Sorry to disturb you during your flirting”. She put a huge glass of juice onto the table.
That glass had two straws in it…wait, what was this?
“We didn’t order this?”
“This is free of charge on my part.”
There the waitress winked once expressionless.
Why was her face void of all hospitality? Such a waste for such a beaut—not really. It was just Kaorun.
“…What are you doing, Kaorun.”
“Kaorun? You got the wrong person. I am not an angel-like maid with the name Kaorun. I am the part-time fighter – Kaorun Zeta. It is a pleasure to meet you.”
…What was she here for? Actually, what was I going to do with this?
I was troubled about what to do with the juice, when Gogyou-san said shyly.
“N- Nanjou-kun, it’s already been served, so let’s drink it.”
“Now this is going a bit too…”
It didn’t seem like I would be able to endure this shame. I gave a vague answer, but
“Please, Nanjou-kun. Let’s drink it together.”
Gogyou-san asked me with wet eyes, so I couldn’t turn her down.
A girl’s cuteness sure was unfair…
Gogyou-san and I timidly approached the straws with our mouths.
Right away, Gogyou-san’s long eyelashes, her long bridge of the nose and well-formed lips filled my vision. …This was indeed embarrassing.
I felt the gazes of the surrounding people on me and didn’t taste the flavour of the juice at all.
It turned into a somewhat bashful atmosphere and I opened my mouth to distract.
“B- But I must say, the movie earlier was really interesting.”
“Ah, yeah. You’re right, it was interesting.”
Gogyou-san joined in on the topic, so I continued.
“Th- That last scene was really touching…”
“Fufu, you were crying a bit, Nanjou-kun.”
“Yeah, even the demon’s eyes have tears.”
“Ehm, I don’t think that’s something you should say about yourself…”
Gogyou-san retorted softly.
So I teasingly told her.
“But you were crying even more.”
“I, I tried to hold it back, you know? But I couldn’t…”
Gogyou-san lowered her face embarrassed. It was quite cute.
I wanted to tease her some more, but I restrained myself.
“It was a good movie, so it’s only obvious that you would cry. Besides there were other crying out loud.”
“Speaking of, there was someone crying right behind us.”
“…That voice sounded just like Machina’s, so I was a bit concerned.”
“Orangelo-san might have come to see the movie too.”
In that moment, CLANK, the sound of a cup being dropped echoed from a nearby table.
I faced the sound, where a group of three girls were hiding their faces with the menu in their hands. …Such suspicious fellows. I better stayed away from such shady guys.
I shifted my gaze back to Gogyou-san and for a while we were in a heated discussion about the movie.
When I thought it was about time to leave the restaurant, Gogyou-san suddenly made a serious expression.
“Nanjou-kun, I have a request.”
She started to talk.
“Ehm, it’s a hard to say though…”
Gogyou-san mumbled bashful.
“What’s up? Is it a perverted request or what?”
I tried to tease her, when Gogyou-san widened her eyes and raised her voice.
“H- How did you know!?”
“……Ehm, just to be sure, it’s a joke, right?”
“N- No. It’s not a joke!”
Raising her waist and leaning forward, Gogyou-san said with a loud voice.

“—Nanjou-kun, I want you to do perverted things to me!”

Suddenly the surroundings became quiet.
…It was a congealing silence.
In the middle of that, noisy voices like “Hey, what does that mean!”, “That is too bold!” or “Erotic!” could be heared from the nearby table.
Somehow these voices sounded familiar…
I faced that direction, when it were the same three suspicious girl as earlier.
The group again hid their faces with the menu, hastily grabbed the bill and went to the register with their faces still hidden.
I was a bit curious, but it wasn’t the time for that.
I looked back at Gogyou-san and asked timidly.
“…Could it be you’re sexually frustrated?”
“Th- That’s not it! I phrased it bad just now! I’ll explain it properly now, so please don’t misunderstand!”
Gogyou-san took a deep breath, then corrected her tone and started talking.
“Nanjou-kun, do you remember what I said when I stayed over at your house previously?”
She was most likely referring to her words of “Farewell”.
“I do. It’s farewell after the culture festival, right?”
“Ehm, at that time I didn’t know what you were my fiancé, so I thought I would marry someone and really part with you. But the circumstances changed.”
“You mean?”
“Yeah, that I won’t marry any time soon with you still as my fiancé. So I can stay with everyone like before.”
“I see.”
A somewhat lively voices escaped from my mouth.
But Gogyou-san stiffened her expression a bit and continued with a “But”.
“I might have to quit my job as an exorcist.”
“Your job? Why?”
“…It seems my father wants me to quit. So when I screw up on the next test, I’ll have to quit my job. And then I should have been married off to someone chosen by my parents. But it turned out you were my fiancé…So I thought,”
Looking me straight into the eyes, Gogyou-san said.
“That I could pass the test with your help.”
“Ehm, how does the perverted stuff come into play?”
I tilted my head, when Gogyou-san explained properly.
“From the onmyou techniques we exorcists use, one is called the bedchamber skill. It’s a skill that uses the idea of giving birth to all creation by combining the yin and yang of a woman and a man. By using that skill, we can enhance our power…”
Gogyou-san continued with her cheeks lightly turning red.
“To use that skill, one has to put the man’s yang energy into the woman’s body to mix it with her yin energy. So—”
“So to increase your power it’s necessary to do perverted stuff?”
I asked Gogyou-san by cutting into her words, when she lightly nodded.
“…In fact, there are people working as exorcists, who used that skill to supplement their power, though few in numbers. I have never used that skill myself, but I know how it is performed…”
Suddenly Gogyou-san made a serious expression.
“Actually I had already given up on it. I know that my father is worried about me continuing this dangerous job. But I want to continue to work as an exorcist.”
I felt Gogyou-san’s strong resolve from her expression.
“You’re the only one I can ask this of, Nanjou-kun. Therefore, I want you to do it to me.”
Gogyou-san faced me with dignified eyes.
“…You don’t want to with me as your partner?”
To be honest, my heart was in quite the turmoil.
But I strongly clenched my fist under the table to restrain myself.
Then Gogyou-san watched my behaviour and quietly mumbled with a regretful expression.
“…I knew it. I’m just not cute enough for it.”
“Uhm, that’s not it—”
I hastily tried to make a follow up, but
“But I’ll try hard so that you get aroused over me.”
Gogyou-san cut into my words and strongly declared.
“So, I want you to tell me how to please a man, Nanjou-kun.”
“….I, I refrain from answering personal matters.”
For now I bought some time by answering like a politician.
…With this and that we left the restaurant and continued our date with window shopping.
There I was suddenly approached by Gogyou-san and after a moment of hesitation,
“Nanjou-kun, let’s link arms.”
She said and took my arm.
…O, Ohh?
The soft and warm sensation on my upper arm was without doubt from Gogyou-san’s voluminous breasts. With every step she took, her two breasts bounced and stimulated my arm.
Could it be that Gogyou-san wanted to put her earlier declaration into action at once?
I continued the window shopping while hiding my agitation, when Gogyou-san said solitarily.
“It’s kinda, amazing…”
“R- Really?”
I replied with a shrill voice, whereupon Gogyou-san nodded with a smile.
“Yeah, your body is so warm. It feels good…”
Answering as such, Gogyou-san walked arm in arm with me. But en route she raised a small “Ah”.
“What’s the matter?”
“N- Nothing!”
Gogyou-san said flustered, averted her eyes from me and mumbled.
“…I need to excite Nanjou-kun, not myself…”
It was a rather quiet voice, but since she was so close, I could hear it.
…Damn. Somehow Gogyou-san appeared quite cute.
I felt my heartbeat raise, when Gogyou-san shifted her gaze back to me and shyly opened her mouth.
“Uhm, Nanjou-kun, what kind of approach does make you happy?”
I was already more than happy enough about the current situation, but feigning ignorance, I answered.
“Sorry, but ask my office for such details.”
“N- Nanjou-kun, please don’t dodge the question. I don’t really know what things would please a boy…”
She said it somewhat fawning on and pressed her elastic breasts onto me.
One way or another I wanted to escape, so I pointed to a karaoke box I spotted.
“G- Gogyou-san, why don’t we take this chance and sing?”
I proposed as such, when Gogyou-san shook her hand hurried.
“I’m happy for the invitation, but I have never been to such a place…so I don’t know anything about it.”
“Hee, that’s unexpected.”
I acknowledged and added a “If you don’t mind, I’ll teach you”. Gogyou-san’s eyes began to sparkle. So I went into the karaoke box with Gogyou-san to the register and then to our room.
“Okay then, how about a song for starters?”
“F- From me?”
“Yep, ladies first.”
“Ehm, I’m not really happy about that…”
Even while she said that, Gogyou-san seemingly excited chose a song.
Then I showed her how to use the remote control, whereupon Gogyou-san entered her song perplexed and then started to sing a recently million seller song with a nervous expression.
She was ordinarily good. You wouldn’t think it was her first time at karaoke.
Charmed by her singing voice, I gave Gogyou-san a warm applause after the finished her song. She reddened her cheeks with a “…Thanks” and handed me the microphone.
“Now you sing, Nanjou-kun.”
“I’ll pass.”
“Ehh? It, It’s not fair making only me sing. I want to hear your singing too.”
“Nah, it’s kinda embarrassing…”
“I, I was embarrassed too. C’mon, sing, Nanjou-kun.”
Gogyou-san pushed the microphone onto me, so I had not choice, but to start to sing.
Midway during the song, the door opened and a staff appeared with a tablet of juices. I took down the microphone, but
“Nanjou-sama, please do not mind me and continue. You were quite good.”
“R- Really? Thank you, Kaorun—wait, Kaorun!?”
On a closer look, the staff was Kaorun.
I noticed it belated, since she was wearing the staff uniform from the karaoke box, instead of her usual maid clothes.
“What are you doing?”
“Working part-time. Also, Nanjou-sama, I am not the beautiful maid Kaorun. I am Kaorun’s cousin, V Kaorun.”
“Your real identity is more than obvious…”
I wearily retorted to V Kaorun, who made a peace sign. She puffed her chest and said.
“That is just how a hero is.”
“Weren’t you a maid?”
“…Oh right. Before my identity goes to pieces, I should return to being Kaorun.”
V Kaorun left the juice behind and left the room. Then she came back in her maid clothes soon enough. She naturally sat down besides me and used the remote control in an proficient manner. After singing a recent hit perfectly, she said somewhat boasting.
“How was it, Nanjou-sama? As an excellent maid, I am always prepared to sing for my Master. Do you not desire a maid that sings you a lullaby while you rest on her lap?”
“…Gogyou-san, what’s Kaorun trying to say? Please translate for me.”
I turned to Gogyou-san, whereupon she answered with a smile.
“I believe Kaoru-san also wants to have fun with you.”
“Th- That is not true. I merely came here since I was free. I will take my leave now.”
Kaorun stood up quickly and left the room. But she peeked back in through the door and called out to Gogyou-san.
“It is your chance, Miss. You two are all alone in a private room.”
Kaorun gave a thump up, closed the door and left with loud footsteps.
“…That maid says weird stuff as ever.”
I tried to get Gogyou-san to agree. However she just stared into space absent-minded with her cheeks red, as she hadn’t listen to me.
“Y- Yes!”
“…What’s up? Thinking about something?”
“N- Not really, it’s nothing!”
Gogyou-san continued to mumble a “…A chance, huh”, but I couldn’t hear it well. …No idea what was going on, but since we were already here, we should sing some more.
With that in mind, I chose a song, when I suddenly heard the sound of an incoming mail.
Gogyou-san hastily pulled out her cell phone from the pocket of her skirt
“…I, I can’t do that!”
and raised a voice while turning redder over time.
“Was that from Kaorun?”
I asked curiously, when Gogyou-san shook her head and answered.
“N- N- No! From Kaorun Wing!”
“…Kaorun sure has a lot of relatives with names resembling hers.”
I tried to get a sneak at her cell phone, when Gogyou-san hastily got away from me.
“P- Please don’t look.”
The flustered Gogyou-san was cute, so I jokingly reached out my hand for her cell phone.
“What’s the problem. I’m curious, so show me.”
“I said no! I can’t show such a perverted thing to you!”
“Hoo, perverted, huh. I absolutely have to see it…”
In the moment I said that—the door was yanked open.
“Hey, Shinobu! What are you doing!”
“I am so envious—I mean, Shinobu-san you pervert!”
“Shinobu! Think of where you are! This is a place to sing!”
Machina, Luna and Elni barged into the room.
All three of them were angry, but when they saw that I was just extending my hand towards cell phone, they distractingly coughed and tried to leave the room as nothing had happened.
“Hey, wait. What are you guys doing here?”
I grabbed Luna’s hand and stopped her.
Seeing that, Machina and Elni got a cold sweat on their foreheads and said.
“Wh- What a coincidence, Shinobu. To think that we would run into you here.”
“Yeah, we just happened to come into this karaoke box and you’re here, Shinobu. This must be fate. We should sing all together now.”
“Th- That sounds good.”
Luna nodded to Elni and sat down besides me immediately. Machina followed suit. And Elni naturally said down in my lap.
“…No, this is obviously not your seat.”
I retorted as such, when Elni turned around and gave me her special angelic smile.
“Don’t fret it, Shinobu.”
Being charmed by that smile, I couldn’t say anything.
But Gogyou-san lightly puffed her cheeks and said.
“Uhm, I’m on a date with Nanjou-kun right now, you know…”
“You don’t mind the details either, Hijiri.”
Elni showed once again her angelic smile, but
“Th- That’s no possible. I extremely mind it.”
it didn’t work on Gogyou-san.
“I feel bad for all of you, but I would be happy if you wouldn’t interfere…”
Gogyou-san weakly protested, but Machina said frowning.
“What you mean interfere? Were you going to do something lewd to Shinobu?”
“Only for a bit!”
“Fufu, yeah, you wouldn’t think about stuff like that. So we can stay with you…wait, Gogyou-san, did you just nonchalantly affirm my words?”
“I, I did not! You just misheard me, Orangelo-san!”
Gogyou-san said so and hastily handed the doubtful looking Machina the microphone.
“I would like to take this chance to hear your singing, Orangelo-san. Y- You see, I’m looking forward to it, since you have such a beautiful voice!”
“Y- Yeah? If you insist…”
Flattered by Gogyou-san, Machina took the microphone with a faint smile.
Like this, Machina was completely fooled, but it was different for Luna. She frowned lightly and watched Gogyou-san with an expression like she wanted to say something.
By the way, Elni was in a happy mood on my lap.
…Like that, it turned into us enjoying karaoke with Luna and co.
While we were having our fun, Gogyou-san’s cell phone rang again.
Once again Gogyou-san hastily opened her cell phone and looked at the screen, then she stood up.
“I, I’m going to make a quick call.”
“Yeah, okay.”
Watching after the somewhat clumsily acting Gogyou-san, I watched over Machina and Elni happily singing a duet together, when this time my cell phone rang.
“Sorry, I’ll go out for a bit.”
I said so to Luna and left the room. I opened my cell phone and peeked at the display, where was written “Kaorun”.
…A call from Kaorun, how rare.
“What’s up, Kaorun? Need something?”
“Am I not allowed to call you unless I have business with you?”
I could hear Kaorun’s strangely meek voice, which excited me a bit, but
“I merely wanted to hear your voice, Nanjou-sama.”
I noticed Kaorun right next to me making a call expressionless, so I hang up without saying anything.
“What are you doing?”
“—There, a blow.”
The moment I asked, I suddenly received a body blow from Kaorun.
“…Uhm, that actual hurts, you know?”
Why did she suddenly hit me?
Right when I thought that, my solar plexus got hit this time and I groaned lightly.
“Ehm, did I do something to make you angry?”
“No, I am not particular angry. The plan was to kidnap you after knocking you out, but you are more resilient than imagined. A normal person would faint in agony now.”
Kaorun shrugged her shoulders with a slightly surprised expression.
“No other choice. As a change of plan, you will come with me voluntarily.”
Saying that, Kaorun took my hand and pulled me along.
“H- Hey, where are we going?”
“Some nice place.”
“…Huh? What the?”
I titled my head, when Kaorun turned around and smiled sexily.
“You will go to heaven now, Nanjou-sama.”
“…No thanks. I don’t want to die yet.”
“Nanjou-sama, pardon me for interfering when you are all pale, but I did not mean it in that way. What you will be offered is the paradise that will be visible at the limit of pleasure. It’s called Paradise Lost.”
“That means getting exiled from the paradise.”
“Please do not worry about it. But in case you should betray the Miss and elope with me, the maid, it might turn out like that.”
“Mhm, sounds like it’ll be fun with you by my side.”
“P- Please do not be stupid. I already told you before, but I am different from a normal human. I am not worthy of such words.”
Letting go of my hand, Kaorun said somewhat lonely.
“…What the. I don’t really get it, but so what if you’re different? You are you, right? Don’t say weird stuff.”
For some reason I raised my voice.
And then I suddenly noticed that I had grabbed Kaorun’s hand, so I hastily let go.
Upon that, Kaorun looked at my hand with a slightly regretful expression, then she asked shyly.
“…There is one thing I would like to ask you, Nanjou-sama…What do you think about devils?”
“Mh? …Well, not bad at least. After all Luna and Machina are devils.”
“You are not scared?”
“Not at all.”
I revealed clearly.
“I see…Fufu. You sure are a strange man, Nanjou-sama.”
On a rare occasion, Kaorun smiled happily.
…When she smiled, she was frigging cute.
Such a thought crossed my mind, when
“What are you two doing?”
Luna approached with her head tilted, as she came to check upon me.
Immediately Kaorun backed off one step from me.
“…It seems we wasted a bit too much time.”
Kaorun said with a shrug, then said blaming to me.
“It is because you not only did not let yourself be beaten, but also said some weird stuff, Nanjou-sama. Thanks to that the plan to slip away with the Miss is ruined! What will you do about it!”
“I’m not at fault. It was all done by my secretary.”
Since she unreasonably got angry, I once again tried to fool my way out with politician’s speech.
But Kaorun replied coldly.
“Nanjou-sama, please keep the jokes inside your head.”
Wh- What a cruel thing she said.
Not minding that I received a shock, Kaorun turned her back to me just like that.
“Then I will proceed to rework the plan. Nanjou-sama, please return to the room. Miss Cow-woman may go back too.”
“I, I’m not going! I will stay with Shinobu-san! And I am not a cow-woman!”
Luna said strongly, but Kaorun left without showing any signs of paying attention to it.
“….For now, let’s go back.”
“Ah, yes.”
When I called out to her, Luna clingingly took my arm.
“Eh? What’s up with you so suddenly?”
“M- Meow!”
“…Mimicking Nazuna? It’s not even close.”
I pointed out, but Luna didn’t answer and just clung to my arm spoiled.
“Uhm, it’s hard to walk…”
Or rather, the sensation on my arm was dangerous. The softness of her breasts, which vaunted with the size of melons, and their pleasant elasticity were foul play.
Unable to endure the embarrassment, I tried to shake off Luna’s arm, but
“Shinobu-san, you dislike it?”
Luna scowled sadly, so I stopped unmeant.
“It’s not exactly that I dislike it, but it’s rather embarrassing…”
I scratched my cheek, when Luna made a slightly pouting expression.
“But, Shinobu-san, you were walking arm in arm together with Gogyou-san…”
Well, I certainly did that before going into the karaoke box, but that wasn’t of my will…..Mh? Wait a moment.
“Luna, how do you know about that?”
I asked curiously, when Luna hastily pressed her hand onto her mouth.
When I stared at Luna, she lowered her head with an awkward expression.
“I am sorry, Shinobu-san. Yesterday I heard from Elni that you will go on a date with Gogyou-san, so we all followed you today.”
…I see. So their coming to the karaoke box wasn’t a coincidence at all.
But I didn’t know why they would do that.
“…Did you guys wanted to play too?”
“N- No! We came because we were worried about you!”
“Worried about me? Why?”
I tilted my head, when Luna puffed her cheeks lightly.
“I mean, you said you would turn down the marriage, but ended up going out with Gogyou-san. Even on today’s date, you were looking like you were having real fun…”
“R- Really?”
Now that she mentioned it, it certainly was fun being with Gogyou-san. But to be honest, I was hesitant about telling Luna that, so I blurred out vaguely.
But Luna frowned and continued, as she read something in my expression.
“Besides, Gogyou-san wanted you to do something per… perverted to her and you were all smitten.”
“Y- You heard that too…?”
I winced unmeant.
Looking straight at me, Luna asked somewhat worried.
“…Shinobu-san, what do you think about Gogyou-san?”
“Mh? That she’s an attractive girl.”
“B- Basically that means you like her!?”
“Wait, wait, I certainly like here, but in a different meaning.”
Since Luna suddenly got teary eyes, I hastily denied.
“I think well of Gogyou-san, but to be honest, my feelings of friendship to her are stronger.”
I confessed what was inside my heart, when Luna brightened her expression.
“Then, you do not plan, that is… to do perverted things with Gogyou-san and become her real lover?”
“Yeah, I have no such plans right now.”
Obviously, the perverted stuff had made my heart waver.
But I was sure that Gogyou-san didn’t desire to do it as lovers.
She merely asked me for it, so that she could pass the test.
…Because I couldn’t ignore the side-effects of it, I had no intention to listen to her request. But being seduced by a beauty like Gogyou-san, there was a high enough possibility for me to be swayed.
…I better stayed sharp from now on.
With that in mind, I returned to the room with Luna.

Back in the room, I listened to Luna’s singing, when Gogyou-san and Kaorun returned. Gogyou-san sat down with a somewhat disappointed expression while Kaorun declared an “Excuse me” and sat down on my lap.
Yeah, feeling Kaorun’s soft butt on my thighs was wonderful and her mature fragrance tickled my nasal cavity, which excited me—like hell it was the time for that.
“Hey, where do you think you’re sitting down?”
I retorted, when Gogyou-san and Luna said hastily.
“Wh- Why are you sitting down there, Kaoru-san!”
“Right! That is not fair!”
When Gogyou-san and Luna raised their voices, Machina and Elni nodded in agreement.
“Such an obtrusive maid! Hurry up and get away from Shinobu!”
“That’s right, Kaorun. That’s my seat.”
No, it wasn’t really Elni’s seat either, but what to do…
I peeked at Kaorun, when she said expressionless like always.
“If you desire to remove me from this position, you have to listen to a request of mine!”
“You’re so impudent. What’s the request?”
Machina asked, when Kaorun pulled out something from the pocket of her skirt.
…Where had she kept it? Kaorun held onto 6 wooden chopsticks. Each of them had engraved the number one to five while the last one had written “King” on it. Then Kaorun held out the sticks in front of everyone and said.
“—Everyone, let us play the king’s game.”
Upon her words, I shook my head immediately.
“No, no. That game is rejected!”
“Then I demand the reuptake of negotiations.”
“That’s rejected too.”
I strongly rejected it, when for some reason Kaorun reddened her cheeks on top of my lap.
“…Is it possible that you want me to stay like this?”
In that moment, all the girls sharpened their looks.
“Speaking of, you look a bit happy, Nanjou-kun.”
“Yes, his eyes are indecent.”
“I’m sure Shinobu enjoys the feel of Kaorun’s bottom.”
“…Shinobu-san, you like Kaoru-san’s bottom that much?”
“N- No! It’s a misunderstanding! I’m not really enjoying myself here!”
I received blaming looks from Gogyou-san, Machina and even Luna and Elni, so I denied hastily.
Upon that, Kaorun got off my lap and asked to confirm.
“Then I take that you will accept the king’s game, Nanjou-sama?”
…I had no choice, but to nod.
Actually, was everyone fine with it? If Kaorun should end up being the king, who knows what she would order.
I thought so, but Machina and Elni talked to me happily in a quiet voice.
“Shinobu, when I’m the king, secretly tell me your number.”
“Let’s cooperate and enjoy the game.”
The two of them were already eager to cheat.
I didn’t react to Machina and Elni’s suggestion and looked at Gogyou-san for help. However, she just gave a wry-smile and seemed to approve of the king’s game.
And Luna showed a smile with “Playing a game together with everyone is a nice idea”.
—Like that, the king’s game started with no use to argue about it.
Kaorun shuffled the sticks with her hands, then hid the tips and let everyone draw.
…Mh, I was number four. Who was the king?
I raised my head curiously, when Kaorun raised her hand with a faint smile.
“It appears that I am the king.”
Hey, hey, Kaorun right off the bat?
“…Hey, don’t go order anything ridiculous, just because you’re the king.”
“Nanjou-sama, even I am familiar with the term moderation. Please rest assured.”
She said softly, then cleared her throat with a cough.
“Now then— Number two and three, please kiss.”
“Ohh! Who’s number two and three? That’s going to be fu—like hell it’ll! Moderation my ass! What are you ordering there!”
“Silence! I am the king! The plebeians, who have a problem with that, have to kiss me without questioning!”
Wh- What an tyrant…
The powerful King Kaorun slapped around my cheeks with her stick and without being able to oppose her, I shut my mouth.
During that, Elni looked at everyone and then said.
“I’m number two, but who’s three?”
Upon Elni’s words, Luna and Gogyou-san made a sigh of relief.
But Machina stiffened her cheeks and her hand holding the stick was lightly trembling.
“Hey! Why am I number three! I don’t want to kiss Elni!”
“Don’t worry, Machina. I’ll be gentle.”
Elni softly placed her hand on Machina’s chin.
But Machina got teary eyes and tried to escape, as she really didn’t want to kiss her.
“Stop! I want my first kiss to be with my love! Besides, you’re a Goddess, Elni! Isn’t it strange for a Goddess to obey a king?”
“Machina, even while a Goddess dominates, she cannot rule. Sorry.”
“Well, that’s the power of a king—wait, Noooo!”
Machina resisted, but was embraced by Elni and kissed on both her cheeks.
“…H- Huh? On the cheek?”
Machina blinked her eyes in surprise, as she had thought her lips were going to be taken.
But Elni didn’t let it end there. She wasn’t satisfied with just the cheeks, so she started to place her lips even on Machina’s ears and neck.
“H- Hey, what are you doing! Don’t lick me there…Yah…Hyan…”
Elni happily repeated the kisses, whereupon Machina leaked a bewitching voice every time. Luna and Gogyou-san watcher over this with red cheeks, when Elni got away from Machina satisfied and said.
“The king’s game sure is fun!”
“…Well, I’m sure it is for you.”
Saying that, I faced Machina. She corrected her disordered clothes and glared at Kaorun with teary eyes.
“I suffered this because of you! I won’t forgive this, so be prepared!”
“..Curses, like chickens, come home to roost.”
“Sh- Shut up! Just you wait!”
Machina declared to the unshaken Kaorun and the king’s game entered the second round. The result of the second draw was that Machina got the king’s stick.
“Yay! I did it, Shinobu! I’m the king!”
“Yeah, good for you. But don’t give a too sever order.”
I said pleading to the frolicing Machina.
But Machina suspiciously smiled at Kaorun, as she didn’t hear me.
“Hey, what number are you?”
There was no way Kaorun would answer that. I inadvertenly got wearily, but
“I draw number five.”
Kaorun answered surprisingly obedient.
But since Luna hastily looked at the stick in her hand again, I immediately knew it was a lie. Hower Machina didn’t seem to notice that and smiled victorious.
“Such a stupid maid for answering that honestly! I’ll pay you back the pain I suffered! Number five has to strip down to the underwear in front of everyone!”
Machina pointed sharply at Kaorun and gave the order.
Upon that Kaorun purposefully mimicked a crying.
“Oh, what an embarrassing order you have given there. Please stop it…”
When Kaorun said that, Luna firmly nodded in agreement, but Machina really didn’t notice it.
“What are you saying? The king’s order is absolute! Now, give yourself up and strip!”
There Kaorun showed her own stick to Machina.
In that moment, Machina’s eyes widened.
“…H- Huh? Number three? You weren’t number five?”
“Too bad.”
Kaorun shrugged her shoulders on her successful act.
Machina’s cheek stiffened, but she coughed once to cover it up.
“W- Well, fine. It’s not fair that I only get to be embarrassed. So number five, name yourself and strip. Who’s number five?”
“…I am.”
“Oh my, you were number five, Sister. Then hurry up and stri— wait, Sister!? Why are you number five!”
When Luna raised her hand slowly, Machina’s face turned pale in shock.
“…I, I take back my earlier order after all.”
“What are you saying? The king’s order is absolute, remember.”
“That’s right, Machina. It’s as Kaorun said. A game is fun because you play it seriously.”
Kaorun and Elni said each and looked at Luna.
Luna immediately held down her clothes with both her hands, but she was attacked by Kaorun and Elni.
“P- Please stop it! It is embarrassing! Yaaahn!”
Despite her resistance, her clothes were stripped off in no time.
Seeing that, Gogyou-san lightly trembled with a “If I had been number five…” while Machina mumbled a “…Forgive me, Sister…”. Even though she had become the king, she was uncomfortable.
Luna in her underwear turned red and cowered down.
But she couldn’t hide her navel and big breasts that exceeded her brassiere. Her sexy thighs were in plain view too.
Moreover, her cheeks were red in shame and she was looking down, which honestly made her extremely erotic.
“…Ahh, what if Luna awakens to the pleasure of exhibitionism now?”
“Sh- Shinobu-san! Such a thing does not pleasure me! Besides, I do not want to be seen like this, except by the person I love…”
“S- Sorry. I won’t look anymore.”
Luna had become teary, so I stopped teasing her and averted my eyes.
But Luna said heart-rending.
“Uhm, if you coldly look away, it also hurt—wait, Shinobu-san. That does not mean you can stare at me. It is embarrassing…”
“Don’t act so cold. Let me take a memorial picture.”
Luna, turned redder the more I looked, was cute, so I started to tease her again.
I thought I would obviously be rejected, but Luna looked at me with wet eyes and said.
“…Do not show it to anyone else, okay?”
Eh? I can take one? For real?
Inadvertently I pulled out my cell phone, when Gogyou-san suddenly pulled on my ear.
It hurt quite a bit…
“Ehm, well, what’s up?”
“N- Nanjou-kun, let’s continue with the game already!”
“Yeah, sure, but… why are you pulling on my ear?”
Gogyou-san turned away pouting and Luna put on her clothes disappointed for some reason. I tilted my head on their behaviour while I collected the sticks from everyone.
The drawing of the third round ended with Elni picking the king’s stick.
“Fufu, the king is in the Goddess’ hand! I’ll get revenge for Machina and Luna!”
“…Luna aside, aren’t you the reason for Machina‘s revenge?”
Elni covered it up by mimicking Nazuna.
Holding out her king’s stick, Elni issued her order loudly.
“Number one has to spank number four’s butt and then gently pat it!”
“Y- You, what kind of order is that!”
I, who had drawn number one, shouted hastily.
“Right! There is a limit to unreasonable orders!”
For some reason Kaorun, who had given the first unreasonable order, raised her voice in agreement with me.
In that moment, Luna and Machina moved. They swiftly moved to both sides of Kaorun and took away her stick. Then they said loudly.
“Everyone, Kaoru-san is number four!”
“Who’s number one? Hurry up and give this cheeky maid her punishment!”
The game’s victims Luna and Machina looked at everyone with sparkling eyes, so I, the one who had drawn the number one, slowly raised my arm.
Upon that Machina smiled happily and said.
“Well done, Shinobu! C’mon, spank the bottom!”
“Sure! You greedy pig!”
Because she told me to spank the bottom, I obeyed her—and spanked Machina’s bottom. Immediately Machina wet her eyes and raised a lovely voice.
“Yahn! I could get used to this—like hell! What are you doing! Don’t screw around and properly spank the maid’s bottom!”
“…Sorry, but I’m a gentleman, so I can’t do such a savage thing.”
“You say after you spanked my bottom! If you don’t do it already, I’ll spank your ass in instead, Shinobu!”
“No, no, that won’t do. But still, having me spank a girl’s bottom… you know?”
I faced everyone for agreement.
But only Gogyou-san nodded affirming.
Luna seemed to be at a loss, but didn’t say anything in the end while Machina and Elni point towards Kaorun’s bottom with a “GO!”.
Kaorun made a small sigh and pointed out our bottom towards me. When I was delighted by the well-formed hip-line before my eyes, Kaorun looked over her shoulder and said with a somewhat nervous expression.
“…Nanjou-sama, please be gentle.”
“Y- Yeah.”
Even if it was for a game, I felt uneasy about spanking a girl’s bottom.
I lightly, like really lightly, spanked Kaorun’s bottom.
But a shiver made Kaorun’s body tremble a little.
“Yah….Nanjou-sama, that was too gentle…That is, no good… Uhn…”
“Eh? Th- Then how about this?”
I put a bit more strength into my hit.
“Hya… Nhaa…Ahh…”
A sweet voice leaked out from Kaorun’s mouth.
…This was not good. I forgot myself unmeant.
The feeling of her plump bottom on my palm made me get addicted and afterwards I gently patted it, like it had been Elni’s order. Kaorun had wet eyes.
“Afuh, Hahn….Please forgive me… The bottom is my weak spot… Auh…”
Damnit. Kaorun was extremely erotic.
I, I better should leave it at that? Besides the glares of Luna and Gogyou-san at me had been cold for a while now…
I softly removed my hand from Kaorun’s bottom.
But Machina said dissatisfied.
“You’re already stopping, Shinobu? Spank her some harder.”
“Then I would really feel sorry for her. I’m not going to any more.”
I said clearly, when Kaorun blushed.
“Nanjou-sama, what kindness…”
…Yeah, I better kept to myself that reluctant to it.
Luna and Gogyou-san were looking at me like they wanted to say something, but I decided not to pay any attention to it and thus the drawing for the fourth round started.
The result, Elni yet again was the king.
“Fuahaha! Goddess’ turn forever! Number five has to fondle number one’s chest!”
“Again, why are you only giving such orders!”
I whacked my number five stick onto the table.
But Elni puffed her chest and answered.
“Because I thought it would please you! But to think you drew number five, that’s really something, Shinobu! Okay, now fondle number one’s chest all you want! Who’s number one?”
Elni looked at everyone.
“N- Number one is, me…”
Gogyou-san raised her hand with a red face.
Immediately Machina stood up and shouted.
“Hey, Elni! What are you ordering! With me or my sister it would have been fine, but now Shinobu has to fondle Gogyou-san’s breasts! What if they get even closer because of that!”
“I, I just wanted Shinobu to be happy. To think it would turn out like this…”
Machina raised her voice to the confused Elni and continued.
“Think a bit before you give an order! Elni, you idiot! Stupid Goddess!”
“It- It’s rude to call a Goddess stupid! You’re the idiot, Machina! You and your prolific pelvis! And F-Cup!”
“The size of my bottom and breasts don’t matter here! Actually, why are you telling everyone! Don’t do that in front of Shinobu!”
As such, Machina and Elni made a ruckus while Luna secretly called out to Gogyou-san.
“…Gogyou-san, will you trade sticks with me?”
“Eh? I, I don’t want that—I mean, we have to abide the rules!”
Saying that, Gogyou-san presented her voluminous breasts to me.
“Nanjou-kun, you can touch them, all you want…”
Gogyou-san looked at me bashful.
However, this clearly crossed the line of playing around.
I wanted to refuse it weeping, but as to prevent it, Kaorun closed my mouth. Then she pressed her beautiful, soft breasts onto my back and smiled suspiciously.
“Nanjou-sama, I do hope you are not something on the lines of refusing it? The king’s order is absolute, you know.”
While saying that, Kaorun grabbed both of my hands.
“H- Hey, what are you going to do?”
“Fufu, you seem to be a bit hesitant, so I will provide some assistance.”
Along with her words, Kaorun pressed both my hands on Gogyou-san’s breasts.
Gogyou-san breathed out a voice and tried to move, when her voluminous breasts bounced in my palms.
“Hey, Kaorun?”
“Nanjou-sama, I will repeat myself, but the king’s order is absolute. The Miss has accepted it.”
Saying it somewhat happily, Kaorun put her own two hands on top of mine. Then she started to fondle Gogyou-san’s breasts with my palms. Raising up the voluminous breasts with both hands and letting them shake right and left.
“Mh, Uhh…Hah…Uhn…”
Gently fondling the breasts in circling movement.
Fondling them with a bit stronger grip.
But the elasticity of the bursting breasts, pressed back into my palm, so Kaorun increased the strength even further.
“Ufufu, you are so cute, Miss. Please raise an even better voice.”
Kaorun no longer did it for the game, but was completely moving for her own desire.
Using my thumbs, Kaorun started to relentlessly tease the central part of Gogyou-san’s breasts.
“Nha! St- Stop, not ther…Ah, Ahh!”
Upon Kaorun’s attack, Gogyou-san could no longer hold back her voice. Her body started to tremble bit by bit and her breathing got heavier. A sweet and lovely voice sounded.
…This wasn’t good.
I immediately tried to stop my hands, but Kaorun wouldn’t stop. She firmly clung to me and rested her chin on my shoulder. Her soft and beautiful breast rubbed on my back.
“Fufufu. Nanjou-sama, we are at a good spot right now, so please do not interfere.”
“No, no, we can’t really continue this!”
“Please refrain from such indifferent words, Nanjou-sama…Mm, *kiss*”
Kaorun kissed my neck without warning and licked upwards just like that.
“H- Hey, stop it…”
I lost my strength to the soft and warm sensation of her tongue, when
“—How long are you going to be smitten!”
I was sent flying by Machina’s kick.
It hurt like hell.
“What are you doing out of the blue!”
“Sh- Shut up, you pervert! Lecher! Embezzler! Do Gogyou-san’s breasts feel that good!?”
“No, Kaorun is forcing me…”
I started to prevaricate, when Luna puckered her lips a bit.
“But you are looking quite happy, Shinobu-san?”
“I am sure that he has been captured by the Miss’ breasts.”
Kaorun interjected, when Gogyou-san, who had sunk down on the sofa, got up with dash.
“I, Is that true!?”
“Yes, without doubt. I might have been the operator, but Nanjou-sama was spellbound over your breasts.”
When Kaorun nodded, Gogyou-san’s face brightened up.
“I see. Nanjou-kun liked my breasts. I’m happy…”
Strange. Gogyou-san, smiling with red cheeks, was quite attractive—Ouch! It really hurt! Someone pinched my cheek at full power!?
I grimaced, when I saw Luna and Machina pinched my cheeks.
“…Ehm, you two?”
“Shinobu-san, you pervert.”
Luna and Machina said while looking sideways displeased. Then Elni clapped onto my shoulder.
“Shinobu, now you have learned a technique to fondle boobs.”
“…Yeah, I’m so happy.”
I slovenly replied to Elni, who made a thump-up.
…Like that, it got to the fifth round.
Finally I became the king.
…It sure took a time. But now my wish would be finally granted.
I smiled faintly unmeant, when Luna pulled on my sleeve with a smile.
“Shinobu-san, I am number two. I will do anything, so please just order me.”
“Ah, not fair, Luna-san! Nanjou-kun, I’m number three, so just tell me if there’s anything you want! I’ll do whatever it is!”
Gogyou-san said in opposition to Luna while Machina blushed and also said.
“I, I’m number one. Just say what you want. When it’s your request, that is, I won’t mind granting it.”
“Then I’ll also grant Shinobu’s wish. Shinobu, I’m number four. There’s nothing impossible for a Goddess. Okay, just tell me your wish.”
Elni puffed her chest, when Kaorun mimicked her and also puffed her chest.
“Nanjou-sama, I believe you already know it, but I have the number five. There is nothing impossible for a maid. Please, Nanjou-sama, name your wish.”
“…Kaorun, aren’t you words a rip-off to mine?”
“Elni-sama, it is not a plagiarism. It is respect.”
“Then okay!”
Elni nodded big and Kaorun gave an expressionless applause with “You are wonderful, Goddess”.
Meanwhile the other girls were looking at me with a mix of uneasiness and hope. But I had already decided on my wish. I shouted in a loud voice.
“I have only one wish! The end of the king’s game!”
Then everyone was released from the pressure of getting weird orders.
A nice idea, if I might say so myself.
“See, we’re in a karaoke box, so we should sing. How about we try the grading mode?”
I proposed such,
“Wh- What! And here I went out of my way to say that I would grant your wish!”
“…Shinobu-san, do you have no interest in me?”
“I knew it, I’m just not attractive…”
For some reason, Machina was displeased and Luna and Gogyou-san dropped their shoulders in depression.
….Eh? How did it turn out like this?
I looked at the remaining two girls, when Elni docile chose a song with the remote control while Kaorun shrugged her shoulders.
“You are a good-for-nothing, Nanjou-sama.”
“Calling this gentleman a good-for-nothing is rude.”
I revolted, when Kaorun said with a serious expression.
“Nanjou-sama is a perverted gentleman.”
There I replied to Kaorun with likewise serious eyes.
“Kaorun is a perverted maid.”
“You two are comrades.”
“Don’t lump us together! Actually, why are you looking somewhat happy, Kaorun!”
“Nanjou-sama, please do not hide your embarrassment and let us sing a duet together as perverted comrades.”
“I said I’m not a pervert! Elni, you tell her too!”
I sought help from Elni, when she raised her head from the remote control and said with a smile.
“Shinobu, instead of perverted gentleman, perverted warrior sounds cooler.”
…Elni was totally useless.
Anyway, thus the curtain fell on the king’s game and then we enjoyed the karaoke together.
However, today it was supposed to be a date with Gogyou-san and ultimately in ended up in playing with everyone…. When we parted, Gogyou-san made a lonely expression, so I planned to make up for it next time. Of course by anything not perverted.

* * *

After school on the first day after the holiday.
Today again I worked together with the guys from class on preparing for the culture festival, when I felt some gaze on me. I stopped my work and raised my head. Minami together with our homeroom teacher Hiiragi-sensei and some girls surrounded me and approached me with a strangely nice smile for some reason.
“…You need something?”
Along with a deja-vu, I got a bad feeling and asked. Then Minami pulled out a costume from behind her back.
“You’re exclusive costume is done, Nanjou-kun. Okay, strip down and try it on.”
“…Wait a moment. My office might say it’s a NG. Let me call—”
Before I could finish my sentence, the girls jumped at me all at once.
As a result my movements were sealed and was hopelessly treated like a dressing doll. Moreover the girls said something about making my make-up and forced me onto a chair. In more precaution to my escaping, Minami hold me down with both her hands on my shoulder while two other girls pinned down my legs.
I couldn’t move at all, so I gave up with a sigh.
Then, with Hiirag-sensei at the centre, the girls started to apply cosmetics onto my face with brushes and so. Furthermore I was made to wear a wig from the drama club, so I transformed splendid. Nanjou Shinobu-chan was ready.
“…This is a bit over my expectations.”
“I agree, Hiiragi-sensei. To think we had such a rough diamond in our class…”
Looking at my finished make-up, everyone leaked a surprised voice and the others from class came over half-amused.
They would just laugh at me anyway. I turned around with that in mind.
“KYAAAAAA <3” The girls came talking to me in an excited state. “So pretty! You’re so pretty, Nanjou-kun! Just like a model!” “Hey, can I take a picture!? Can I?” Without waiting for my reply, the girls started to take pictures with their cell phones and even asked me to strike poses. There I gave in to my despair and stroke a pose with a smile, when all girls were pleased, but tears were about to pour out of my eyes. 003
Now the boys came closer.
“Ohh, you sure are pretty, Nanjou.”
“Wonderful. Wanna hook up with me—I mean, will you marry me?”
“Sorry Katou. I’m the type of guy that doesn’t marry even when in love.”
I replied nonchalant, when the nearby Gogyou-san approached with a sad expression for some reason.
“N- Nanjou-kun, you really won’t marry even when in love? That’s, troubling…”
“Mh? Why is that troubling for you?”
Minami besides her wondered, when Gogyou-san blushed and answered.
“That is, well, because I’m… Nanjou-kun’s fiancée.”
Midway Gogyou-san’s voice lowered, but it still strangely echoed through the classroom.
Then the classroom quietened down and turned into an awkward silence.
While all the glares on me got sharper, Machina approached Gogyou-san and called out to her.
“Geez, your jokes are so hard to understand. See, everyone is misunderstanding.”
Upon Machina’s words, the guys in class sighed of relief.
“Ah, what a shock. So it was just a joke…”
“Fufu, I got a bit jealous there… of Gogyou-san.”
“…Huh? Wasn’t there a boy just now that thought the same as me?”
With such talks, everyone returned to their work.
After confirming that they had, I whispered into Gogyou-san’s ear.
“You know, Gogyou-san…”
The moment I called out to her, Gogyou-san raised a strangely erotic voice and ran away.
“Hey, wait. Listen to me. You see—”
I approached her once more and whispered near her ear.
Gogyou-san leaked an even more erotic voice and covered her ears with both her hands.
“…My ears are ticklish, so stop it.”
Gogyou-san blushed bashful.
I was excited by that, when Machina took Gogyou-san and my hand. Then she dragged out us out of the classroom and said warningly towards Gogyou-san.
“Gogyou, stop saying such stuff in front of everyone.”
“Wh- Why? I am Nanjou-kun’s fianc—”
Machina quickly covered Gogyou-san’s mouth and continued frowning.
“Listen here, Gogyou, you’re popular with both the boys and girls, so when you say stuff like that, Shinobu might suffer horrible things.”
There Gogyou-san was taken aback.
“…Sorry. Seems like I was a bit reckless. I’ll be more careful from now on.”
She dropped her shoulders dejected.
Judging by that behaviour, it was unlikely she would make another of these dangerous comments.
Relieved I called out to the brightly smiling Machina.
“Thanks, Machina. Now I won’t be resented by everyone.”
“I, I didn’t do anything special. Tomoe-san asked me to look after you, so I had no other choice…”
Machina showed a bashful expression, when Gogyou-san lightly puffed her cheeks for some reason.
“Uhm, I think it’s better if you don’t say such stuff either, Orangelo-san. Last time when Luna-san came over to school, you didn’t deny about living together with Nanjou-kun, everyone might have misunderstood that you two are dating.”
“I, I’m not popular as you are, so it’s fine. It’s no problem even when they misunderstand.”
Machina replied with her voluminous chest puffed up to the weakly protesting Gogyou-san.
Apparently Machina wasn’t aware of her own popularity.
“…You’re surprisingly dull. A great difference to me, who’s so sensitive.”
“Wh- What are you saying! Sensibility is—wait, no! What do you mean dull! I don’t want to be told that by you particularly! You’re the dull one here!”
“Don’t say the same stuff as my mom. Actually, aren’t you super dull, since you don’t even notice the affection of the guys?”
When I said so, Gogyou-san nodded affirming.
“You’re more popular than me, Orangelo-san. S- So if you get along with Nanjou-kun too well, that is, Nanjou-kun might suffer horrible things.”
“R- Really? What to do. I don’t want that…”
Machina leaked a shaken voice, but soon enough shook her head and said distracting.
“It, It’s okay. Shinobu is strong and if something happens, I’ll protect him.”
“Then I’ll also protect him if something happens, and get closer to him from now on!”
“Hey, don’t copy me! I’ll protect Shinobu, so you bugger off, Gogyou!”
While talking, Gogyou-san and Machina each took an arm of mine and pulled against each other.
There the door of the classroom opened and the guys in class peeked out.
Upon that Machina and Gogyou-san hastily let go off me and coughed distracting. I used that chance to escape into the classroom and relieved took a breather…but only for a moment.
Minami, who was working in the classroom, spotted me and came over with a smile. She softly pulled a sash over my head.
I looked down and saw that “Class 2-4’s cross-dressing Staff” was written on the sash.
“..What’s this?”
“A sash for advertisement. Nanjou-kun, to promote our stall, you’ll walk around the school like that.”
Minami selfishly said with a thump-up and returned to her work.
There I called out to Asada, who was staring at Minami’s bouncing big breasts.
“Pervert, come with me.”
“Noo! Please don’t rely on, only because you’re too embarrassed to walk around alone! I’m busy! Go look for some other pervert!”
The pervert said coldly, when Machina and Gogyou-san came closer.
“Then I’ll go with you, Shinobu.”
“M- Me too!”
Both of them pulled on my arms, heading for the door of the classroom.
However the girls in class raised their voices at that time.
“Wait, Orangelo-san. Sorry, but we need you to confirm something.”
“Ah, I also have a question regarding the menu…”
One stopped Machina and more similar voices emerged one after another.
“…You sure are playing an important role here.”
“I, I don’t think that’s really so…”
Machina said bashful and after a moment of hesitation, she let go off my arm.
“…I’ll go back to work, but don’t do anything weird to Shinobu, Gogyou.”
“I wouldn’t do that at school!”
Gogyou-san replied with unsettling words to Machina’s warning…

Then, being dragged by Gogyou-san, I walked around school to promote our class. After we finished one round, we headed to the rooftop for a break.
On the rooftop blew a pleasant wind. I leaned against the fence and took a breath. Gogyou-san looked at the scenery beyond the fence.
For a while we did nothing but stand there, then I said remembering.
“…But you sure are popular with everyone, Gogyou-san. I’m a bit surprised.”
Just walking down the corridor she was called out, greeted and hugged onto. She was super popular. Regardless of age, it seemed that everyone was adoring her.
But Gogyou-san smiled lonely and said.
“I’m happy for everyone’s feeling, but I think that’s only because they don’t know about my family circumstances. If they knew that I work as an exorcist, they would surely be scared…”
“That’s not true. Certainly you might be strong, but that isn’t something to necessarily be scared of. Everyone knows that you’re kind.”
“Thanks, Nanjou-kun.”
I strongly denied, when Gogyou-san faintly smiled happily.
However, soon enough she looked down and continued with a “But”.
“You can only say that because you’re strong yourself. It’s different for anyone else. Even back then, everyone called me a monster…”
In the middle of her sentence, Gogyou-san bit onto her lips and stopped her words. And then
“Sorry, forget about it.”
she forced herself to smile.
I could no longer watch it, so I reached out my hand towards Gogyou-san and softly patted her head.
Upon that Gogyou-san’s shoulders trembled lightly and she bit down onto her lips once again as to hold in something.
But when I continued to gently pat her without saying anything, little tears started to dwell up in Gogyou-san’s eyes.
Looking at me, she said in a quiet voice.
“…Will you listen to my story?”
“Yeah, just out with it.”
I nodded, when Gogyou-san wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes and slowly started to talk.
“…It was when I was in elementary school. My friends got to know about my family matters. My father’s influence kept it from spreading, but it was impossible to cover up completely. So a weird rumour spread at school. And then…”
Gogyou-san’s voice was slightly trembling.
“My friends and the teachers came to fear me. They all left me. No one approached me anymore…I was all alone.”
Gogyou-san showed a sad expression while saying so.
However, as she remembered something, her expression suddenly softened.
“But, I had Kaoru-san by my side, so I wasn’t lonely.”
“Yeah. Before she never responded to my invitations, but when I was all alone, she suddenly told me ‘Let’s play’. But Kaoru-san didn’t know anything about playing. She was bad at games and ball games…”
Unnoticed, Gogyou-san’s expression had changed into a smile.
“It was at that time, that Kaoru-san got scolded for skipping on her work. I’m sure she had practiced the games, so she could play with me. In no time, she got better than me in any game and… she always played with me.”
Gogyou-san continued with a soft expression.
“Kaoru-san always told weird jokes, but she stayed at my side when I was sad. Back then she also called me ‘Hijiri-chan’. However, that wasn’t permitted, so I…”
Stopping her words, she strongly clenched her fists and looked at me.
“—I made a promise with Kaoru-san. I once had given up on it, but I want to fulfil it. For that reason, I have to pass the coming test.”
Gogyou-san looked at me straight with her dignified eyes, then said pleading.
“Nanjou-kun, the test will be held on the last day of the culture festival. So just for that day is fine, please lend me your strength.”
I didn’t really understand the circumstances, but having her ask like that, boiled up the desire to help her in me.
However, by lending strength, she probably meant the earlier mentioned perverted stuff.
…I was still opposed to doing such a thing with Gogyou-san just for the test.
I was at a loss for an answer, when Gogyou-san suddenly looked away from me.
Did she gave up?
I hoped so, but Gogyou-san said with a serious expression.
“Nanjou-kun, I’ll learn it!”
“L- Learn?”
I asked back, when Gogyou-san said declaring.
“I’ll seduce you, so that you’ll want to do perverted things with me! I won’t give up on either the test or on you! I won’t lose to Luna-san and the others!”
…Why would she mention the other girls now?
Leaving the words “I’ll work hard!” behind, Gogyou-san left… somehow it turned into something really unbelievable.
Inadvertently I forgot about the fact that I was cross-dressing and dumbfounded remained in place. Until Machina later came for me worried, I stood there all the time just like that…

Chapter 03: Seductive Bridal Showdown!

—I’ll seduce Nanjou-kun. It’s been a few days since Gogyou-san said so, but she hadn’t made any kind of approach.
I was sure she had reconsidered.
I spent my days optimistic like that, when the morning of the first day of the culture festival came.
I woke up earlier than my alarm clock and decided to go back to sleep to escape reality. …I didn’t want to cross-dress after all. If possible, I would like to just keep sleeping here at home.
I lazed around on my pillow, when there was a knock on my door. I heard a cheerful voice.
“Shinobu~ Are you awake already? A new morning has come~”
That voice belonged to Elni. Without doubt, she came to wake me up.
There I slipped my blanket over my head and pretended to not having heard her.
Then I heard the door opening…and my body was shaken wildly through the blanket.
I peeked out from under the blanket, where I saw Elni saying with a smile.
“It’s morning, Shinobu. C’mon, hurry up and get up.”
“Fufu. What are you saying, Elni? Today’s a Saturday. There’s no school.”
“Mh? Rather, what are you saying, Shinobu? Today’s the culture festival.”
Immediately I once again hid under the blanket.
“…I’m currently not at home. If you need something, wait for the ‘Beep!’ sound and then leave at once.”
After that I leaked a “Beep!” sound, when Elni said like leaving a message.
“Hello, here’s the Goddess. Everyone is coming to your school today, so please give it your all with the cross-dressing.”
“…How do you know about me cross-dressing? Actually, everyone is coming?”
I timidly peeked out my head from under the blanket. Elni said with a grin.
“Machina told us, so everyone knows about it. We’re all looking forward to it!”
Oh damn. Even Luna and the others will see me cross-dressing…
“…I don’t want to go to the culture festival. I can’t serve costumer while cross-dressing. Help me, Elniemon.”
I was clutching at a straw.
But Elniemon replied with a serious expression.
“Shinobuta-kun, you can’t avert your eyes from reality. Fight, Shinobuta-kun! Cut short, Buta-kun!”
“Who are you calling Butter! And what’s with that weird tone! It doesn’t resemble it at all, Elniemon!”
I retorted at full power, when Elniemon said displeased.
“I’m Goddemon.”
“You’re confusing something there!?”
I said surprised with a tone like Kaorun, but Goddemon, fromer Elniemon, paid it no mind and pulled out a confection from the pocket of her hoodie and presented them to me.
“Shinobuta-kun, if you properly go to school, I’ll give you Machina’s snack as a reward. By the way, everyone is really looking forward to it, so I believe you’ll be dragged to school anyway.”
…I no longer had a way out.
After leaking a dry laughter, I shouted in my despair.
“Aww, okay! I’ll go! I’ll go to school! And I’ll let everything come to an end! Though it’ll be mostly my self, who comes to an end!”
I snatched away the Dorayaki from Goddemon, dressed up and went to the living room. There my mother sat on the sofa and checked upon the video camera.
“…What did you take that thing out for?”
I asked timidly, when my mother showed a bright smile and answered.
“Fufu. I want to perfectly record your cross-dressing.”
“Oh, I see. Make sure it turns out cute, damnit.”
I gave my mother a slovenly wink, readied myself and went to the front door together with Luna and Machina…but for some reason Gogyou-san and Kaorun stood in front of our house.
“Huh? What’s up, you two?”
The moment I called out to them, Kaorun and Gogyou-san suddenly grabbed my arms and just like that they pushed me into the car that was waiting in front of our house.
Meanwhile Elni, who knows when she entered, secretly bowled inside the car on the floor mat of the backseat.
Didn’t Gogyou-san and Kaorun notice her?
While I pondered like that, I gave Luna and Machina, who stood dazed in front of the house, a backward glance, when Kaorun drove off expressionless.
“Sh- Shinobu-san has been kidnapped!”
“Hey, where are you taking Shinobu!”
Immediately Luna and Machina cat-called, but their figures soon enough came out of view.
“…Uhm, what’s this so suddenly?”
When I asked, Kaorun answered plainly while driving.
“Excuse my rudeness, but after hearing from the Miss, I allowed myself to kidnap you, Nanjou-sama. I will now lead you and the Miss to a place, where the cow woman and her friends will not reach us.”
“Mh? What did you hear?”
Mimicking me, Elni asked, when Kaorun said somewhat happily.
“Nanjou-sama, you do not need to play dumb. The Miss will now proceed to seduce you, so please accept it and become unable to live without the Miss anymore. And while you are it, marry—”
“I won’t let that happen!”
Elni cut into Kaorun’s words and stood up with attitude.
“Uwa, why is Elni here!?”
Gogyou-san, on the passenger seat, was surprised while Kaorun turned around even though she was driving.
Upon making eye-contact with Kaorun, Elni puffed her cheeks and shouted.
“I have seen through your scheme! As long as my black eyes are open, I won’t let that happen!”
“…Elni-sama, your eyes are red, so please turn a blind eye to it.”
“Oh right! My eyes are red!”
After a shock, Elni said pleading to Kaorun.
“…Then can you at least let me join in?”
“No, that would prove to be troubling, but… I propose a compromise. What do you say about you and me seducing Nanjou-sama together?”
Immediately Gogoyu-san shouted hastily.
“That totally crosses me out! That’s not fair!”
“Please rest assured, Miss. It was partially a joke on my part.”
“No, make it a joke entirely! Actually, look in front when you drive.”
She warned Kaorun, who had repeatedly glanced backwards, when Kaorun face in front reluctantly.
Well, the car seemed to be heading towards the school, so I should be fine.
Gogyou-san grabbed a paper bag to her feet and while presenting it to me bright red, she said.
“N- Nanjou-kun, please put that on me…”
I took the paper bag and looked inside. It contained unexpected items.
The cute dog ears aside, the problem was the other item.
…Why a choker?
It wasn’t a necklace-like chocker like Luna’s, but a real choker for dogs. It was even carefully set up with a lace.
Inadvertently I made a catch-and-release with the paper bag.
“H- Huh? You’re not happy about it, Nanjou-kun?”
“As if I would get happy over putting something like that on a girl! What kind of pervert do you take me for! To begin with, what do you even want to do after putting on a chocker?”
I cross-examined, when Gogyou-san mumbled “…Taking a stroll”, but I pretended not to have heard it.
“Nanjou-kun, a stroll…”
Gogyou-san repeated spoiled, but I closed my eyes and averted my face to keep my reasoning.
“H- He turned me down!? Kaoru-san, that’s different what you said! Nanjou-kun isn’t happy at all!”
“Now that is strange. I had believed you could satisfy a man’s control instinct with it…”
After her sentence, Kaorun raised a “Hah!” as she realized something.
“It might be possible that Nanjou-sama does not desire to put the choker on the Miss, but rather onto himself!”
“Like hell! Don’t treat me like a pervert! I’m leaving now!”
I shouted resentful, when the car stopped in front of the school with a perfect timing.
I immediately got off the car and headed for the school with fast steps.
Upon that, Gogyou-san came running over hastily.
“W- Wait, Nanjou-kun! If I made you angry, I apologize, so please forgive me!”
With that she lowered her head, so I stopped and made a small sigh.
“Don’t do anything weird anymore.”
“….Yes. Next time I’ll do something that will certainly please you.”
Gogyou-san didn’t really seem to reflect on her actions.
I was ready to head with Gogyou-san to the classroom, but… Elni tagged along.
First of all, I grabbed Elni at the neck like a cat and took her out of the school grounds. Then I reminded her to stay put until the culture festival started and proceeded to the classroom.

* * *

We arrived at the classroom, which had totally become a café, when the girls suddenly grabbed both my arms and dragged me to the changing room. Putting make-up on, I was made to cross-dress in no time.
For references, I was wearing the same waitress uniform as the girls, but instead of their miniskirt, I had a long skirt, which expose barely anything.
But Minami cheerfully put dog ears, wherever she might have them from, onto me and even pulled the sash with “Class 2-4’s cross-dressing Staff” from before over my head.
…I hated to cross-dress, but there would be customers from outside of school, so I had to do it seriously. I returned to the classroom and took a deep breath renew my spirit, when
I was called out from behind. I turned around and there was Gogyou-san.
Gogyou-san in her adorable waitress uniform was wearing dog ears like me.
Usually Gogyou-san was collected, which made this appearance even rarer.
“..Uhm, does it look weird?”
Faintly flushing her cheeks and rolling her eyes uneasily, Gogyou-san was extremely attractive.
Inadvertently I was smitten, but pretending to be calm, I answered.
“It’s no weird. It looks really good.”
“..Th- Thanks.”
Gogyou-san smiled happily and reached out for her dog ears.
“I made myself match to you.”
“I see. Then shall we bark together?”
I was embarrassed, so I replied on the spot, but Gogyou-san looked down and her ears turned red.
“…Wuff, wuff.”
She quietly barked.
Then she came closer to me and said.
“I- If you want, I’ll dress like this every day. So, well…”
Gogyou-san fidgeting rubbed her knees against each other and opened her mouth, when—the classroom’s door was yanked open and Machina, wearing the waitress outfit like everyone else, appeared.
Reminded me, we had parted in front of the house.
Machina noticed Gogyou-san and me. Frowning, she approached us with her short skirt flattering. She got in-between Gogyou-san and me and said still frowning.
“Gogyou, I heard from Elni. You plan to seduce Shinobu.”
Machina made a sharp look, but Gogyou-san warded it off and nodded.
“I’m Nanjou-kun’s fiancée. And since he’s not dating you or Luna-san…I don’t have to hold back anymore.”
“Wh- Why! Hold yourself back! Shinobu already has my sister and me and even Elni, so that’s enough! I won’t hand him over!”
Machina declared so with teary eyes, then took my arm and walked away.
“Hey, Machina?”
I called out to her while being pulled along. Machina averted her eyes from me.
“You feel troubled too when she says such stuff, right? S- So I’ll help you out.”
I was perplexed, when Machina added hastily.
“Since the time to play with you will decrease when you go out with her. I didn’t mean anything special by it!”
“…You surprisingly get lonely easily, huh.”
When I said so, Machina suddenly stepped onto my foot.
“Oww! Wh- What are you doing!”
“…You’re so dull.”
“I don’t want to be called that by you…”
I replied with such, when this time Minami wearing the waitress uniform called out to me with a “Hey~ Nanjou-kun”.
“How does it look, Nanjou-kun?”
Minami confidently stroke a pose.
Her big breasts bounced right in front of me…
“Ehm, kinda cute.”
I spoke out my mind unmeant, when Minami turned red and ran away just like that.
What was up with her? The moment I wondered that, Machina stepped onto my foot again.
“…Do you have a grudge against me?”
“I, I don’t, but I have! You air-head gigolo!”
“Mh, I’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks, Machina.”
“Yes, you’re welcom—wait, I wasn’t praising you! Besides you…”
Machina started a lecture like that, but a broadcast for the opening of the culture festival was streamed immediately, so I escaped back to everyone.
Ever since the broadcast, customers wouldn’t stop flowing in, so it was really busy at the stall.
—Then I finally got a break.
I was rather tired as I wasn’t used to serve customers.
For now I should rest somewhere.
I walked down the hallway with these thoughts, when I was called out to with “Nanjou-kun!” and “Shinobu” from behind.
I turned around and there were Gogyou-san and Machina.
Both of them approached me and competed over taking my hand.
“Nanjou-kun, let’s go around together.”
“G- Gogyou might do something weird to you, so go together with me!”
Saying that, both of them started walking while pulling on me.
I wanted to take a rest, but apparently it wouldn’t go that easily.
…But I had to say, this was like a costume festival.
People wearing ridiculous self-made animals suits strutted along the hallway and Maids, Shrine Priestesses and policewomen in miniskirts handed out promo flyers. The school grounds really had turned into a festival.
Within all that, Gogyou-san stopped before the haunted house and said.
“Nanjou-kun, let’s go in here.”
“Yeah, I don’t mind, but…”
If I remembered correctly, Machina was weak against ghosts.
I glanced at her, when Machina made a pale expression like I had expected.
“What about you, Machina? Will you wait here?”
“D- Don’t be stupid! I’m coming too!”
With a somewhat forced expression, Machina took the vanguard position and called out to the girl at the reception.
There we got told to remove the charm at the goal and stepped into the haunted house. Inside it was dim and a faint blue light gave it quite ominous atmosphere.
“Hee, it’s well done.”
“Yeah, this might be really scary.”
Gogyou-san, used to it by her job as an exorcists, seemed to be with ghosts and made an agreeable response. On the other hand, Machina, scared after all, turned even more pale.
I watched Machina with a wry smile, when Gogyou-san suddenly grabbed my hand.
The warmth transferred to my palms made me excited and Gogyou-san said spoiled.
“Nanjou-kun, it’s so dark.”
“Y- Yeah, it sure is.”
“No one will find out when we get a bit perverted here.”
“No, I think they will.”
“it’s okay. We’re all alone.”
While saying that, Gogyou-san put her other hand on my shoulder and came closer. Then she gently blew into my ear and opened her well-shaped lips.
Putting my earlobe into her mouth, she started to nibble on it.
The sensation of warm and soft lips. A pleasant stimulation through my earlobe and numbing breathe.
It felt really good…
Inadvertently I lost my strength, when Machina hastily pulled me away from Gogyou-san.
“Hey, what are you doing! Actually, what you mean all alone! I’m still here! Why are you ignoring me!”
Machina’s eyes became teary while Gogyou-san made sorry expression and lowered her head.
“S- Sorry. I didn’t mean to ignore you, Orangelo-san. But according to the plan, I should be all alone with Nanjou-kun…”
Plan? Could it be Kaorun was plotting something again?
When I thought that, a student, who was on stand-by, jumped out, playing a ghost.
Immediately Machina screamed “KYAA!” and clung onto me.
“A- Are you okay?”
Having Machina’s firm, big breasts press on me, it was me, who wasn’t okay, in a certain way. But I hid that and called out gently to Machina.
“You can still turn back. What will you do?”
“I, I’m fine. These are just fakes anyway…”
Even while saying that, Machina didn’t get off me and strongly clung onto my arm.
Seeing that, Gogyou-san took my arm in opposition to Machina. Her voluminous breasts pressed on it— So now both my arms were engulfed in breasts.
With every step the bouncing soft breasts stimulated my arms and I was far away from enjoying the haunted house.
Gogyou-san seemed somewhat happy while Machina screamed every time a student jumped out as a ghost, but I only could react indifferently to the ghosts.
Actually, if we didn’t reach the goal soon, it would turn bad in various ways.
Thinking that, I swiftly headed for the goal, when I saw a big charm plastered obviously on the wall at the back of the classroom.
It must have been the charm the girl that the reception spoke of.
“W- We just have to take that off.”
Machina must have wanted to get out quickly since she was scared. She extended her hand towards the charm.
But at the moment Machina tore down the charm,
Along with an eerie roar, a boy disguised as a ghost peeked out from the wall.
I, caught flat-footed, trembled my shoulders with a shiver while Gogyou-san and Machina raised an adorable “KYAA!” scream and clung onto me.
Then Machina powerless got down on her knees right there.
“Hey, hey, are you okay?”
She must have been quite shocked.
Thinking that, I gave her my hand, when Machina looked at me half-crying and said.
“…Shinobu, I lost all my strength in my legs.”
“I see. Good-bye.”
“Noooo! Don’t abandon me, Shinobu! I’ll listen to your every word!”
I had turned my back to her in a joke, when Machina begged rather serious.
So I turned around and said.
“Machina, a girl shouldn’t say something like that so easily.”
“…I’m sorry, Shinobu. But you’re the only one I—No, wait! You were just going to abandon me, so what are you acting cool for now!”
Machina gave me a blaming look.
Seeing that, Gogyou-san gave her hand to Machina.
“It’s okay, Orangelo-san. I’ll lend you my shoulder.”
Machina looked at Gogyou-san with wet eyes and I completely turned into the bad guy here. I hastily approached Machina and squatted down with my back to her.
“I was just joking earlier. C’mon, I’ll carry you.”
“…Th- Thanks.”
On a rare occasion, Machina honestly said her thanks and climbed onto my back.
“Shinobu, uhm… I’m not heavy?”
“I’m done for. You’re so heavy that I can’t move a single step.”
“How weak are you! Actually, you’re walking normally!”
“Well, you are light.”
I replied so, when Machina didn’t say back anything more and just clung tightly onto my back.
In other words, her soft and big breasts were stimulating my back and I got agitated.
“L- Let’s get out of here quickly.”
While saying that, I corrected my grab on Machina on my back, when suddenly I felt an incredible pleasant sensation on my palm. H- Huh? What could it be?
“Wh- What are you thinking for suddenly touching my butt, Shinobu! Even when we’re all alone in the dark….that’s just not good! I’m still not mentally prepared…”
Machina raised an angry voice, but her voice got gradually quieter and she clung to me somewhat stronger than before.
However, seeing that, Gogyou-san made a sad expression and shouted.
“Nanjou-kun, Orangelo-san! You’re not all alone! I’m still here too! Please don’t forget about me!”
“Well, you’re right in front of me, so how could I forget you.”
I retorted, then we left the haunted house and headed for the infirmary just like that. There I laid Machina on a bed.
“To think your legs gave in to you over some fake ghost…”
“Sh- Shut up. Real ones come out in such places. You two didn’t seem to notice, but I saw a real one there and was shocked.”
Machina told an obvious lie, when Gogyou-san said with a slightly shocked expression.
“Impressive that you could tell, Orangelo-san. There really was a ghost there.”
Most likely, as an exorcist, Gogyou-san could see real ghosts.
But these words came as a surprise to Machina without a doubt.
“…No way.”
Opening her eyes wide, Machina started to tremble in fear.
Seeing that, Gogyou-san tilted her head wondering with a “Huh?”.
“Orangelo-san, you saw it too, right? It was a type not harmful to humans, so I left it alone, but it’s still behind you, you know?”
In that moment, the curtain suddenly opened and the nurse in a white coat peeked her head inside.
Machina mistook the nurse for a ghost.
After raising a scream, she left the words “…Sister, Elni, I’ll leave the rest to you” behind and fainted.
“…What a rude girl.”
The nurse said in a resentful tone and sighed lightly.
“I just came here to sleep.”
“Hey, do your job seriously.”
I said wearily, when the nurse widened her eyes somewhat.
“…Could it be, you’re a boy?”
“And you’re a girl?”
“Why a question? At any rate I know I’m not at an age anymore to be called a girl!”
It was a small joke, but she got angry.
For now I apologized honestly, when the cell phone in my skirt rung.
I took it out and looked at the display. It was a call from Elni.
“Hey, Tortoise.”
“Hey, Mr. Tortoise.”
“In this world—”
“Nah, you don’t need so sing along. What’s up, Elni?”
“Yeah, I wanted to play with you, so I called.”
Elni continued with a happy voice.
“Right now we’re all in front of the booth of the tea club. Where are you? Still on your shift?”
“Nah, I’m on break. I’ll come over immediately. I can bring Gogyou-san with me, right?”
“Just perfect.”
No clue why, but it was just perfect.
I hated to be seen cross-dressing, but I should enjoy the culture festival together with everyone. I pulled the blanket over Machina and then headed for the school gate with Gogyou-san.
Those guys in a club were running booths from the school gate to the school building.
There were booths for shaved ice, crêpe, fried soba, takoyaki and ikayaki lined up and while making our way through the crowd, we headed for the booth of the tea club.
Then we arrived.
Apparently the tea club was running a kimono rental booth, but besides kimonos, the store also had cosplay costumes like a bunny girl or shrine priestess. It felt really out of place.
“What kind of activities is the tea club usually doing…”
“Wh- Who knows?”
I talked like that with Gogyou-san, when I was suddenly called out from right beside.
“…Are you Shinobu-san?”
I turned to it and there was a peerless blonde beauty. And besides her was a silver-haired beauty. They were without doubt Luna and Elni, but… their clothes came as a total surprise to me.
They most likely rented them from the tea club.
Luna wore a bright red Chinese dress, the tight fitting, no-sleeve dress emphasised her beautiful body line.
Specially the chest part peaked up bigly and with every movement Luna made, the voluminous swellings swayed around, it highlighted the height and size of her bust. Furthermore, her sexy thighs were peeking out from the high-cut slit, so the line from her waist to her angles was seductive.
Besides her, Elni had clad herself in an elegant kimono and emitted a somewhat neat and clean aura. Her white skin peeked out brightly from the kimono and her short and slender body packed up so tightly invoke the desire to protect her.
“It suits you two well.”
When I gave them my honest opinion, Luna and Elni blushed lightly and smiled.
“Thank you very much. You look beautiful too, Shinobu-san.”
“Yeah, I didn’t recognize you for a second.”
“Fufu, call me a Scorpio girl. Laugh all you want.”
I replied desperate, so Elni laughed without holding back.
I was a bit angry, so I pinched both her cheeks to show my chagrin. Then Luna approached Gogyou-san and said with a smile.
“It does suit you very well too, Gogyou-san. It is cute.”
“Th- Thanks. You look pretty too, Luna-san.”
For a while they smiled at each other, but then they suddenly sharpened their looks.
“But I will not lose to you, Gogyou-san.”
“I won’t lose either, Luna-san. The battle is on.”
“Bring it on.”
…What were they talking about? Were they going to hold a cosplay showdown? I pondered like that, when Elni pulled out a digital camera from her kimono sleeve and took pictures of everyone.
“…Where did you get that camera?”
“Tomoe-san gave it to me!”
Elni answered with a bright smile.
“And where is said Tomoe-san?”
I hadn’t seen my mother or Nazuna around yet.
I looked around restlessly, when I spotted a woman wearing maid clothes and facing a video camera towards us. And besides her was a small girl, likewise wearing maid clothes, was eating takoyaki. She waved her hand widely when we made eye-contact.
It were my mother and Nazuna, but…what was this? Nazuna was quite cute, but the maid clothes strangely suited my mother, so I was scared.
“…It’s rather unexpected my mother would choose a maid outfit.”
“I wish you would refrain from saying so, since it only lowers the worth of my existence.”
I mumbled, when Kaorun expressionless made an agreeable response beside me.
….Just when had she popped up?
“You show up as random as ever.”
“I am the always-by-your-side Kaorun.”
Saying so and striking a pose, Kaorun then bought an ice candy at a nearby booth and presented it to Gogyou-san.
“Miss, we are moving on to plan B.”
“O- Okay.”
Gogyou-san took the ice candy from Kaorun and faced me. Then she blushed and started to lick the ice somewhat erotically.
Extending her pink tongue, Gogyou-san licked the ice, sometimes gentle, sometimes fiercely. I found it rude to stare, so I averted my eyes from Gogyou-san, when Elni approached with a chocolate banana in her hand, which she bought at a booth.
“Shinobu, Tomoe-san bought this for me!”
Elni opened her smiling small mouth, put the chocolate banana in with an “Ah~” and then proceeded to move it up and down.
Elni was probably not aware of it, but that felt somewhat erotic.
I hastily averted my gaze from Elni too, but then my gaze fell on Kaorun.
Kaorun was holding a video camera and joyful filming Gogyou-san.
“Miss, please do it more erotically.”
“Uh- Uhm, Nanjou-kun isn’t even looking at me anymore? I don’t think this will excite him after all.”
“Then how about you take off a layer of your clothes, Miss?”
“Then I’ll be in my underwear!”
“You put on your lucky underwear for today, right? It is a chance to show it off to Nanjou-sama.”
“I, I can’t do that in front of everyone!”
Gogyou-san denied forcefully, when the nearby men, who had sparkles in their eyes, dropped their shoulders dejected. Kaorun stopped the video camera and said.
“Then we will move on to plan C, Miss.”
Along with her words, Kaorun turned on her heels and disappeared into the crowd.
After affirming that, Gogyou-san approached me and took my hand.
“Nanjou-kun, there’s a place I want to go to. Come with me.”
I had no real reason to turn her down, so I followed her, when Luna and Elni also tagged along and I heard Nazuna’s voice from behind.
“Brother, let’s play later~”
“Yeah, later.”
I waved shortly over my shoulder, when my mother stopped the video camera and mumbled.
“He got a surprisingly pretty face with make-up…”
“He looks like you, Mom.”
That was what I should be saying.
I mumbled so in my heart while being lead away by Gogyou-san… For some reason we ended up behind the school building, where there was no one else.
There stood an obviously quickly built up flag with “Maid House” writing on it while the ground was covered by blue sheet with Kaorun sitting on it formally.
“Everyone, I welcome you to the Maid House. Please enjoy your stay to the fullest.”
“Kaorun, did you get the proper authorisation from the school? I’m going to get angry when you set this up illegal.”
I asked a little worried, when Kaorun averted her face from us and said.
“I am not Kaorun. I am Kaorun 00.”
“…Could it be you like G*ndam?”
“Yes. There was a time when I believed that if I turn my maid clothes red, I could move thrice as fast, but when I actually tried it, nothing changed. And it even made the Master angry at me.”
In all truth, I thought she was an idiot, but I didn’t dare to put it into words.
“…So, what’s Karoun 00 doing here?”
“Running a booth, as you can see. In case you only came to as a window shopper, I will cut you down without asking questions.”
“You sound like a thief.”
“Please do not group me together with such people. Nanjou-sama, in case you should be willing to participate in the game, I will bestow you with a ticket for the lottery held by the student council. Please muster your courage and participate in the game.”
While saying that, Kaorun pointed towards a white blanket that was laid out on top of the blue sheet. On top of that blanket were red – blue – yellow – green circles painted.
“I will spin the roulette, so, Nanjou-sama, please obey the instructions.”
…No matter how you looked at it, this was a twister game. Why did I have to play an indoor game outside and even on the day of the culture festival?
I was doubtful, when Kaorun added “In case you should refrain from participating, you will surely end up without your clothes, Nanjou-sama” threatening. Then she spun the roulette already and gave me an instruction.
“Nanjou-sama, your right hand on red.”
“Well, fine…”
I considered it a pain in the ass, but I would get a lottery ticket for just participating. It wasn’t such a bad deal. I took off my shoes and obeyed Kaorun’s instruction.
Upon that Kaorun spun the roulette again and looked at Gogyou-san.
“Miss, your left hand on blue.”
“…Eh? Gogyou-san’s playing too?”
“Y- Yeah. I’ll give my best.”
While I was bewildered by Gogyou-san’s behaviour, Kaorun spun the roulette indifferent.
“Nanjou-sama, your left foot on yellow.”
Left with no other choice, I was about to move, when suddenly Luna put her foot on the yellow spot before I could.
“…Miss Cow-woman, please refrain from participating without application.”
“I, I am not a cow-woman! Besides it is not fair with just Shinobu-san and Gogyou-san!”
“Right, right! It’s not fair!”
Elni, who had came along with Luna, said supporting.
However, Kaorun answered that expressionless.
“The world is full of injustice. I cannot approve of this.”
“…You won’t get a present from the Goddess like that, Kaorun.”
Elni quickly pulled out a takoyaki box from her vinyl bag and fluttered it in front of Kaorun’s eyes. Upon that, Kaorun loosened the corners of her mouth lightly.
“Goddess, you are a sneaky one.”
“No, no, right back at you.”
Kaorun smiled suspicious and took the takoyaki from Elni.
Seeing that, Gogyou-san shouted shocked.
“Kaoru-san was easily bribed!?”
“Miss, these takoyaki are rather delicious.”
“And she’s even drooling over the takoyaki!”
“No, it was merely a joke, Miss. I, myself would like to object, but continuing with seductive plan C—”Twister Scramble” in this situation will prove to be impossible. We are left with no other choice, but to play the game like this. Nanjou-sama, next up is your right leg on…”
Well, like that the twister game started with Luna included.
By the way, since I trained my body as not to become dull, my body was flexible.
Same applied to Gogyou-san and we handled the game without any difficulties, but— it was different for Luna.
“Ahh…O- Oww…Shinobu-san, don’t move….”
Leaking a strangely sexy voice, Luna raised a shriek.
“Yahn…I will fall…Hah…Ah…”
And as the game went on, our bodies gradually became tangled up and Luna’s voluminous breasts hit swaying my head.
Furthermore, my arm was pinched in between Gogyou-san’s firm thighs while her skirt got turned up and exposed her panties.
Neither of Gogyou-san or Luna seemed to have noticed that and when Gogyou-san moved once more, these panties directly touched my arm.
Now this was certainly not good. I moved my arm with these thoughts, when
Gogyou-san suddenly raised a bewitching voice and a shiver made her body tremble. Then Gogyou-san turned head and said with blushed cheeks.
“Nanjou-kun, please don’t move so much…”
“…S- Sorry.”
I apologized hastily, when Kaorun said without mercy.
“Nanjou-sama, your right hand on green.”
“Eh? When I move me right hand now, then, well…”
When I hesitated, Luan leaked a cornered voice from above my head.
“Sh- Shinobu-san, please move quickly. I, can’t hold out anymore…”
Luna’s voice was rather bewitching. Moreover her wonderful elastic breasts were pressing onto the back of my head, so I moved my hand like told to.
As a result, it was now rubbing against Gogyou-san.
Gogyou-san’s body trembled in shivers and she fell down just like that.
Seeing that, Elni said sighing.
“That’s kinda perverted, Hijiri.”
“Elni-sama, the Miss is rather sensitive. That is the reason why Nanjou-sama wants to tease her.”
“No, sorry to interrupt your talk, but Luna seems to be at her limit. So hurry and spin the roulette.”
“P- Please h- hurry up…”
When Luna said so, Kaorun and Elni looked at each other.
“Elni-sama, would you not say that she is rather perverted too?”
“Mh, people call her the natural erotic big sister.”
“I have not been called that!”
The moment she shouted that, Luna lost her balance and fell onto me from atop my head. I was pressed down by Luna and…collapsed into Gogyou-san’s body.
I was sandwiched by Luna wearing a Chinese dress and Gogyou-san wearing a maid outfit. I hastily got out from there.
But Gogyou-san and Luna kept laying there with their cheeks flushed.
Moreover, their outfits were in a mess. From Luna’s slit in the Chinese dress and from under Gogyou-san’s flipped skirt, there peeked out their panties.
…Not good. Inevitable my heart beat rose, but I had to calm down first.
I took a deep breath, when Kaorun came over and opened her mouth.
“Nanjou-sama, up next please have a second round with Elni-sama and myself.”
“As if I could! To begin with, why do I have to play a game that I can play at home anytime, at the culture festival!”
I turned my back to her and walked away in an escape, when Kaorun followed me right away, but Gogyou-san, Luna and Elni didn’t come along.
When I turned around curiously, the three of them were cleaning away the “Maid House” faithfully.
“Guess we should help too.”
I called out so to Kaorun, when she made a small sigh.
“…The Miss is so faithfully. She should just leave such things to the maid.”
“Then you have to go all the more!”
“I am Karoun the red comet, so I cannot go.”
“…Your name changed from earlier, you know? Moreover, it’s the nickname of a pilot. Why are you suddenly switching from the titles to a nickname?”
“Because he was a spoiled brat.”
“Your imitation doesn’t sound like him at all.”
Talking like that, Karound and me returned to the others and helped them clean up. Then we returned to the booth near the school gate to regroup with Nazuna and my mother.
Where was Nazuna?
I looked over the surrounding, when I spotted Nazuna, wearing maid clothes, walking around alone. For some reason she now was wearing cat ears on her head that weren’t there before, but I called out to her not bothered by it.
“Yo, Yo, Miss Maid, wanna play with us?”
I invited her like you would pick up a girl, when Nazuna answered meekly.
“Brother, I’m not a maid.”
“Not a maid…What do you mean?”
When I said so, Nazuna pointed wordless to the cat ears on her head.
“…So you want to say that you’re not a maid, but a cat?”
Nazuna replied full of energy and continued after shaking her cat ears.
“I’m a car right now! My profession is a dancer! I’ll show a wonderful fire dance at the after party!”
“Hee. While everyone is doing the folk-dance, you alone are going to do a fire dance, huh.”
“…..Y- Yeah! I’ll do a fire dance!”
“What’s with that pause there? Actually, you just mistook the word, right?”
“N- No! I’m doing a fire dance! I’ll jump through a fire wheel!”
For some reason Nazuna was fussing over a fire dance.
I patted Nazuna’s head with a wry smile.
“So, why is the cat wearing maid clothes when she’s going to dance?”
“I’m working as a maid part-time!”
When Nazuna said so, Elni and Gogyou-san got sparkling eyes.
“Wow! You’re so cool, Nazucat!”
“And really cute. I wish I had a maid like you. Just part-time is fine, would you work at our house…”
Gogyou-san said vaguely, when Kaorun called out to me discouraged.
“Good grief, the Miss already as an excellent maid as myself, so that phrasing is rather mean. Do you not agree, Nanjou-sama?”
“No, not at all.”
I denied flat out, when Kaorun leaked a shocked voice saying “A heart of stone!?”.
As we had regrouped with Nazuna, we picked up Machina up at the infirmary after my mother had joined as later on too, then enjoyed the culture festival together.

* * *

In the evening sun, I dragged my tired body homewards. Next to me, Machina called out to me in a good mood.
“A culture festival sure is fun. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”
“…Yeah, it sure was fun, but I’m a bit tired.”
Later on Kaorun’s plans had still continued and Gogyou-san had come at me with erotic approaches. But Luna and the others hadn’t stayed quiet about Gogyou-san’s attempt to seduce me and had opposed her.
As a result, I, who had to put up with all of that, had become quite tired.
“I’ll go to sleep early today…”
When we arrived in front of the house, I stretched myself a bit and then opened the front door.
Upon that, Kaorun stood in front of my eyes.
“Welcome home, D.e.a.r <3” “…Wrong house.” I tried to close the door, when Machina stopped my hand with a displeased expression. “What are you doing? Get inside already.” While saying that, Machina peeked inside over my shoulder. Noticing Kaorun, she frowned. “…What are you doing here?” “I am here to welcome back my future Master Nanjou-sama--- Is what I would like to say, but today I came with an important matter to discuss.” “Important matter?” When Machina asked back, Kaorun nodded firmly. “Miss Cow-woman, Elni-sama and the Miss are waiting in the living room. Let us discuss the matter there.” Machina and I looked at each other, then entered the house. Urged by Kaorun, we went to the living room. There Luna, Elni and Gogyou-san sat on the sofa and when they noticed me, they each showed a smile. “Welcome home, you two.” “Welcome home!” “Excuse my intruding.” Yo, I’m home. Welcome, Gogyou-san…Mh? I don’t see Nazuna and Mom, where are they?” I looked around the living room and asked, when Kaorun answered my question. “I bestowed those two with a 2day-1night hot spring trip. So the two of them will not be back until tomorrow.” “Eh? Really? I wanted to go too…” “Nanjou-sama, hot springs do not have mixed bathing.” “I wasn’t hoping for that. Anyway, what’s that matter?” I sat down on the sofa and looked at Kaorun, when her expression suddenly turned serious. “Today I would like to speak with you all about the test that the Miss will have to take.” “A test, it is?” When Luna asked back, Gogyou-san nodded and answered. “…Should I fail that test, I’ll have to quit my job as an exorcist. But I can’t pass the test with my own strength at this point, so I wanted to have Nanjou-kun’s help.” Gogyou-san said. Kaorun let her gaze wander over everyone, then she took over and continued. “For that reason, we would like to get all your permission for Nanjou-sama giving the Miss a helping hand.” “A helping hand, what exactly are you going to make Shinobu do?” Machina asked alarmed, when Kaorun answered indifferent. “To be frank, putting his body on top of the Miss.” “Wha…..!” Upon Kaorun’s words, Luna hastily stood up and shouted loudly. “That is not allowed! What if Shinobu-san ends up going out with Gogyou-san because of that?” “Yeah! Besides, why would Shinobu have to do that!” Machina stood up in agreement with Luna, but compared to them, Elni stayed calm. Elni crossed her arms and said to confirm. “By chance, are you going to use an on you technique?” “As expected from Elni-sama. As you have guessed, we want to use a on you technique, where Nanjou-sama gives his energy to the Miss.” “Energy? Will it be the same as with an incubus or succubus?” “These examples are not quite fitting, but in general, yes.” kaorun gave Machina a nod, then she looked over everyone and continued. “Well, we do not believe that you would obediently accept. You would surely obstruct the Miss’ seduction, just like today.” “Obviously. You’re only after Shinobu’s body.” “Yes, I cannot accept this.” Machina and Luna said protesting, when Gogyou-san made a sorry expression and curled herself up. Kaorun lightly shrugged her shoulders. “I knew that you would be saying that. So will you stage a bet with you? In case the Miss and me win, you will refrain from any interfering until tomorrow. On the other hand, should you win…” While saying so, Kaorun pulled out some kind of paper from her pocket. “I will bestow you all with a wonderful hot spring trip. A murder in the bath.” Right away, the girls glared at Kaorun with half-closed eyes. Then Gogyou-san hastily snatched away the tickets from Kaorun and Kaorun cleared her throat with a cough. “It was meant as joke. In case you win, the engagement between Nanjou-sama and the Miss will be void. I would believe that this is not such a bad deal for you.” “It certainly is alluring…But what’s the bet about?” Upon Machina’s words, Kaorun answered with her look lightly sharpened. “A Bridal Showdown.” “Huh? A Bridal Showdown?” When I asked back like a parrot, Kaorun faced Luna and said. “We will have Nanjou-sam decide who from us three, the Miss, Miss Cow-woman and myself, is the most suited for the role of his bride. The time limit is today. The person, who managed to seize Nanjou-sama’s heart, will be victorious.” Kaorun sharply pointed at Luna, but I interjected wearily. “Hey, you say bride, but you as a maid are included too. Or rather, it would be two against one then and unfair to Luna.” I pointed out, when Machina and Elni laughed boldly. “Fufu. Of all things you want to take on Sister--- So foolish!” “Hijiri, Kaorun, you screwed up! The term Hostess was made just for Luna! Even you two together won’t be a match!” When Machina and Elni said confidentially, Kaorun looked at Luna. “Then I take that you will accept the conditions?” “Of course. I definitely will not lose.” Luna strongly clenched her fists and nodded. Like this, the Bridal Showdown started with completely ignoring my opinion. I was tired and wanted to sleep already, but that didn’t seem feasible now… While I washed my body in the bath, I made a small sigh. Afterwards I had accepted Kaorun’s words “We have to make preparations, so please take a bath first” on reflex, but what exactly would they do at a Bridal Showdown? Another cooking contest? I pondered like that, when I suddenly heard a noise from the anteroom. I perked up my eyes since it was strange, when for some reason I heard the rustling of clothes, so I turned around and face the door of the bath. There I could see the silhouette of someone taking of it’s clothes. I confirmed a dynamite body and long hair. Then followed a small knock sound on the door. “Shinobu-san, you are in there, right?” That voice was Luna’s…but wait a moment. I hastily wrapped a towel around my waist, when the door opened with a clatter and Luna appeared, clad in a single white bath towel. Wrapped by the towel, Luna’s melon-like big breasts created a deep cleavage and every time she took a step, the voluminous breasts bounced and her beautiful legs extending from her glamorous thighs were candy for my eyes. I had frozen up completely, when Luna shyly looked down and said quietly. “…Shinobu-san, I came to wash your back.” “Eh? Ah, thanks.” Agitated, I nodded back and faced forward hastily. …Aw, damn. I was so smitten by Luna that I lost my timing to escape. Actually, before Machina and Elni had come to wash my back, but this pattern again? I wished they stopped. I was weak against such stuff. Amidst my raising heart beat, I faintly could hear the sound of something falling down softly. …Eh? Could it be that Luna took off her towel? The moment that thought crossed my mind, Luna suddenly clung to my back while putting her arms around my chest. I felt two breasts, voluminous and soft, on my back. These breasts transmitted a bursting elasticity and a pleasant warmth. “L- Luna?” “Please stay still. I will wash you like this.” Luna said whispering near my ear. Using her two big swellings covered in soap, she rubbed slimy all over my back. “M, Mm… Hah…” While leaking a bewitching voice from her mouth, Luna shook her breasts and washed my body without missing a spot. And on the voluminous breasts there were two pointed parts that tickled my skin. “Hah, Nhaa, Fuh…” In the mirror in front of me, I saw Luna’s cheeks turn red, which was quite erotic. Furthermore, once Luna strongly hugged onto my back along with my body, she rested her chin on my shoulder and while breathing heavily, she mumbled absent-minded. “Mm, feels so good…” “…Eh?” I asked back, when Luna hastily rephrased. “I, I meant, does it feel good, Shinobu-san?” Luna leaked an agitation voice. “…Something wrong?” “N- Nothing! I am not feeling funny because I rubbed on you at all!” Saying that, Luna restarted the washing of my back. But Luna’s breath gradually turned heavier and the voice coming out of her mouth went up an octave. …I already might be done for. Inadvertently I was about to lose myself, but if I were to do something weird, Luna would hate me. I held out with that thought, then Luna go away from me regretful. While she then rinsed off the soap on my back, she whispered into my ear softly. “Next up I will wash the front, Shinobu-san.” Eh? That was dangerous. Shinobu-san’s reasoning wasn’t that resilient. It was quite unlikely that I could endure that, so I stood up with attitude. “H- Huh? Shinobu-san?” “…Luna, Shinobu-san is at his limit. He needs to retreat right away. Luna, prepare a barrage.” “Eh? Uh- Uhm, but Machina and Elni told me to go into the bath with you now…” 007
I see, it were Machina and Elni, who put the idea of washing my back into Luna.
…Could it be these two noticed I was somewhat pleased when they came to wash my back before?
I turned a bit embarrassed, when Luna took my arm.
“P- Please don’t go, Shinobu-san.”
She said with wet eyes.
“I’ll, make you feel good with my breasts, so…”
Most likely that sentence was also urged to say by Elni and Machina.
However it had a devastating effect and should she wash my front too at this rate, I would ended up wasted.
“…Sh- Shinobu-san got dizzy.”
Fooling her like that, I shook off Luna’s hand and jumped out of the bathroom in my escape…

Like always after my bath, I drank milk and sat down on the sofa in the living room, when the nearby by sitting Elni and Machina made a surprised expression and called out to me.
“Shinobu, what happened to Luna?”
“Weren’t you together in the bath with her?”
“I humbly excused myself from there.”
I answered civilized, when Elni and Machina scowled and left with a “Need to rethink the plan”, so I was left alone in the living room.
There I relaxed, when Kaorun showed up in the living room.
As she had changed clothes, Kaorun was wearing maid clothes with a skirt shorter than usual.
I looked at her and she approached me with her short skirt flattering.
“Nanjou-sama, how about a massage after your bath? I am quite skilled at massaging.”
“No need to.”
“Nanjou-sama, when you keep saying so cold things, I will hit— No, I mean, I will gently ‘Meh!’ your body.”
Opposite to her words, it was rather scary.
“Th- Then please…”
I had no other choice but to accept the massage, so I lay face-down on the ground as Kaorun instructed. Kaorun moved away over my back and I felt a warmth on my legs.
Kaorun reached out her hand for my back and started to gentle massage me.
“You are rather stiff with all these muscles.”
“Yees. You are really, Ahn, stiff, Masteer.”
Kaorun raised a strangely erotic voice, but it was obvious that it was only an act.
“How is iit? Mastaah.”
“…I’m a bit grossed out.”
“No way!?”
Kaorun leaked a surprised voice and then started to massage me wordless. Pleasant stimulation to my shoulders, back and waist made me naturally leaked a small sigh from my mouth.
“…Just as a footnote, Nanjou-sama, have you heard that woman, who are skilled at massages, are also skilled in bed?”
“Nah, never. What’s that about? I have no clue.”
I replied in confusion, when Kaorun for no apparent reason clung onto me.
I could feel two soft swellings on my back. Additionally there was the sweet fragrance of a perfume and a warmth that melted my brain.
Kaorun firmly clung to me as to give me satisfaction by all that. She whispered softly into my ear.
“Would you like to see if I really am skilled in bed?”
A shiver ran down my spine.
Furthermore, Kaorun blew into my ear and said.
“This lady will teach you various things.”
“…S- Somehow your character is off, Kaorun.”
“No, I am merely complying with your expectations.”
Kaorun slowly got away from my back and resumed the massage.
“But when you do engage in a marriage with the Miss and I become your maid, I will also grant your wishes.”
“My wishes? Oh, you’ll go buy juice in my stead?”
“Not just the juice, I will even buy a hamburger and fried potato chips. Since it will be cheaper as a set. Well, though I will take the hamburger for myself…”
“You seem useless even as an errand boy.”
“I am a maid after all.”
Saying that, Kaorun suddenly stood up.
“What’s up?”
“Nanjou-sama, let me tell you beforehand, I will not comply with your wish of ‘Now step on me’. Now turn around please.”
“Turn around? Sure, but let me tell you beforehand too. I won’t comply to your wish of ‘I want to step on Nanjou-sama’ either.”
I said warningly and turned around on my back. Kaorun mounted my body with her back facing me. This time she started to massage my thighs, but… I could see it quite perfectly.
From pointing her well-shaped hip-line towards me her short skirt had winded up and exposed her garter belt and even her pink panties.
I quickly averted my eyes, when Kaorun said while kneading my leg.
“Today I am wearing the underwear you gave me earlier, Nanjou-sama.”
“Hee, is that so…”
“…Do not feign ignorance. You can gaze upon me all you want.”
Kaorun smiled erotically and lovely rocked her bottom.
This was too stimulating…
I got away from Kaorun, stood up and headed for the door of the living room.
“Nanjou-sama? Where you are going?”
“To a meeting with the God of the toilet.”
I told a lie and tried to escape, when I heard a teasing voice saying “You are such a shy boy, Nanjou-sama” behind my back, but I paid it no mind. I left the living room with fast steps.
…Somehow I was abnormally tired, so I should retreat to my room for now.
Thinking that, I opened the door to my room, when Gogyou-san stood in the middle of my room.
In a swimsuit for some reason.
The swimsuit she wore was a suggestive red bikini, which covered rather sparsely. Because of that, the cleavage of her voluminous breasts, her sideboobs and underboobs were exposed and her firm waist and elastic thighs were also left defenceless.
When did my room become a country of everlasting summer?
When I stared at Gogyou-san dumbfounded, she blushed and covered her breasts with her arms.
“It, It’s embarrassing… So don’t stare so much…”
“No, no, if you’re embarrassed, then don’t dress like that to begin with.”
“But Kaoru-san said this would please you, Nanjou-kun…”
I couldn’t deny that. I was pinned down by Gogyou-san.
Upon my gaze, Gogyou-san fidgeted, then sat down on the bed, which made her big breasts in the swimsuit bounce around up, down, left and right.
What a sight. I would have liked to demand an encore, but if I were to do that, Gogyou-san would surely be grossed out.
I took a deep breath in my mind to calm down, when Gogyou-san offered me her hand with a reserved look.
“Uhm, Nanjou-kun, please come here. I want to clean your ears.”
Saying that, Gogyou-san leaned forward and took a box of tissue that was left on the bed along with cotton swabs.
What now? Having Gogyou-san clean my ears was rather appealing, but would my reasoning hold out? Wouldn’t it be more wise to pull back here?
I thought that, but Gogyou-san smiled gently and said.
For some reason, this word pulled me towards her and before I noticed it, I was on the bed and dived for Gogyou-san’s thighs.
I lay face-down
“Ehm, Nanjou-kun, I can’t clean your eyes like that. And your breath is hitting my thigh…Hyahn, st- stop…”
Yeah, that was not good. A perfect out.
I immediately retreated from her soft, yet firm thighs and stood up.
“Eh? Why are you apologizing? Don’t go…”
Gogyou-san leaked a worried voice and grabbed my sleeve. Then she said with upturned eyes.
“Nanjou-kun, I’ll be really gentle, so please let me do it.”
“No, it’s rather embarrassing…”
When I scratched my cheek, Gogyou-san one again said with a smile.
“Come, Nanjou-kun.”
—Before I noticed it, I had dived into Gogyou-san’s thighs.
Once again I lay face down.
“Wh- Why are you laying face down again?”
“…For an artistic aspect?”
In truth it was for my desire, but I said so to deceive her and turned over in her thighs. Now I lay face up.
Ohh, I could only see her boobs—No, wait. If I didn’t stop soon enough, Gogyou-san would come to hate me.
I turned sideways right away and entrusted my cheek to her warm thigh.
“Okay, I’ll start now, so don’t move.”
“O- Okay.”
I nodded, then the cotton swab slowly entered my ear.
“Nanjou-kun, I’ll move now. Please say when it hurts.”
Along with her words, the inside of my ear was stirred up. It tickled, but more than so it felt pleasant. I unintentionally leaked a voice, then hastily cleared my throat with a cough to cover it up.
Upon that Gogyou-san giggled and said while patting my head.
“You don’t have to hold in your voice. If it makes you feel good, I’ll be happy too.”
Not good. My cheeks got hot on her gentle whispering and I was overflowing with shame.
If she realized my feelings or not, Gogyou-san said gently.
“Here, does it feel good there?”
“Wh- What stupid…. Uh…”
When the depth of my ear were tampered with, I leaked a voice mix with a sigh from my mouth unmeant.
Feeling bashful, I covered my mouth with my hand, when Gogyou-san mumbled ecstatically.
“So cute…”
M, Mh, my head was patted again. I was completely treated like a kid.
But strangely enough, I didn’t get angry over that with Gogyou-san.
Then my other ear got cleaned, when the warmth of her thighs and the pleasant stimulation of the cotton swap gradually made my eyelids heavier.
After the cleaning of my ears was done, I was dozing off in Gogyou-san’s lap, when there suddenly was a knock on the door.
Mh? What?
I straightened up my body, when the knocks became urgently louder.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.”
I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and opened the door.
“Sixteen fold rapid fire!”
Suddenly my body was knocked by a fist and inadvertently I let out a scream and got down on one knee.
“…I knocked so that you would notice me, but it turned into a real mess.”
I raised my head and there stood Kaorun.
Right away Gogyou-san hastily ran over to me with a “Are you okay?”, but since she did so in her swimsuit, her big breasts bounced around again.
I quickly averted my gaze from Gogyou-san and glared at Kaorun.
“What are you doing! If you have such skills, quit your job as a maid and join the army.”
“You fucking piece of trash!”
“Suddenly a drill sergeant!?”
Kaorun slapped my face left and right.
Somehow, Kaorun looked a bit amused.
Gogyou-san, standing besides me, slackened her cheeks upon seeing that and opened her mouth.
“What’s up, Kaoru-san? You need something?”
“Yes, the preparation for dinner are complete, so I came to call you down.”
“Mh? What about Luna?”
Usually Luna would come to get me…Did something happen?
Considering it strange, I asked, when Kaorun frowned a little.
“That is what bewildered me. I had thought for sure that she would stop me, but she gave up this duty to me with just a ’Please do’.”
“Hee, that’s surprising.”
“This might prove to be a trap.”
“You’re reading too much into it.”
I laughed and left the room together with Kaorun and Gogyou-san.
Gogyou-san didn’t change and was still in her swimsuit, so I avoided to look at her as much as possible. Then we showed up in the dining kitchen, but… apparently Kaorun’s hunch was right. What awaiting me in the dining kitchen was—Luna wearing nothing but an apron.
When Luna noticed me, she bend forward even while being embarrassed.
In that moment, her white skin peeked out from under the apron and her wonderful cleavage presented itself. Furthermore, the sides of her breasts crowded out of the apron and bounced gravely. An indescribable stimulus ran through my whole body.
“H- How is it, Shinobu-san? Does it excite you?”
Unable to answer, I just swallowed my saliva and stared at Luna.
Upon that, Machina and Elni showed their face from behind Luna and each of them said.
“Sister, the last push.”
“Luna, give it your all.”
When Machina and Elni called out to her, Luna turned bright red while she slowly made a full turn on the spot. My vision got filled with her firm and well-formed bottom.
Damn, I was about to get a nose-bleed…
I hastily pressed my hand onto my nose, when Luna blushed and looked at me with wet eyes.
“Shinobu-san, would you like to slap my bottom?”
“Yeah, with a sixteen fold rapid fire—-wait, no, no. Please stop the jokes, Missy.”
I averted my eyes from Luna agitated, when Gogyou-san shouted bright red.
“S- Such a bold outfit is impossible for me!”
No, I believed her own outfit was more than bold enough.
I retorted as such in my mind, when Kaorun left the room frowning.
“Fufu, even that maid became scared of Sister.”
“Yeah, the only one, who can oppose Luna at this point is me, the Goddess, and my rival Machina.”
When did Machina become Elni’s rival? I wondered, when
“Excuse the long wait.”
Kaorun came back.
I stopped my sentence halfway unmeant.
—She wore nothing but an apron.
Moreover, the apron was even smaller than Luna’s while her smooth, white skin and her beautiful collarbone line were dazzling. Her soft thighs and beautiful legs covered in black stockings were exposed freely.
Kaorun blushed seemingly and said warningly.
“Nanjou-sama, the moment you step behind me, I will chop you without any questions, so please keep that in mind.”
“S- Sure…”
While saying that, I retreated backwards and attached my back against the wall.
…What was up with this situation? What happened to our dining kitchen? When I averted my eyes from Luna and Kaorun, Machina and Elni said with frustrated expressions.
“What the, you’re just copying her!”
“And it’s not something you can be forgiven for by claiming it to be homage!”
“No, it is neither copying or homage, nor respect. This is the official nightgown for a maid. As a proof, I am properly wearing my maid hair band, you see?”
Kaorun magnificently told her lies.
“I, I didn’t know that. To think a maid had such a hidden side to it.”
“Maids are so profound…”
“Ehm, Kaorun-san was just lying, you know?”
Gogyou-san retorted with reserved eyes, then Machina and Elni glared together at Kaorun.
However, Kaorun ignored their gazes and called out to me.
“By the way, Nanjou-sama, have you properly washed your hands before dinner?”
“Eh? I washed them earlier. Actually, Gogyou-san and you were present then.”
I answered truthfully, but Kaorun frowned for some reason.
“That is a lie.”
“It’s not. Believe me. I’m a pretty boy, a sad and fickle creature that cannot lie.”
“I do not believe you. I am a maid. A hunter that only believes in his own strength within all these lies and fabrications. I can easily see through such a lie.”
“Ehm, Kaoru-san, Shinobu-san is not lying at all.”
While saying that, Luna came closer with her voluminous breasts bouncing through her apron. She took right hand and brought it close to her face.
“See, his hands are faintly emitting the smell of soap.”
“No, this might be merely the scent of some woman on him. I have no other choice, I will disinfect it myself.”
Along with her words, Kaorun approached me and took my left hand. Then she suddenly put my finger into her mouth.
“Wh- What are you doing, Kaoru-san!”
“Like I previously said, disinfecting. Mm…*suck*…”
Replying to Luna nonchalant, Kaorun slowly crawled her tongue around the fingertip. Then she suddenly rocked it in and out of her mouth. After that she deeply held it in her mouth and entwined her hot toque around the fingertip inside her mouth. Seeing that, Gogyou-san turned bright red and Luna hastily grabbed my right hand. She opened her well-formed pink lips and put my finger into her mouth.
“*suck*…Fuh… Mm…”
“…Please wait a moment, Miss Cow-woman. You are copying me.”
“Yes! I am copying you! I also want to do that to Shinobu-san!”
Showing a refreshing defiance, Luna clung onto my arm. Her big breasts pinched my arm.
But doing so, turned up her apron and the sides of her breasts became visible until the utmost limit. Furthermore, Luna repeatedly kissed the tip of my finger pecking.
Embarrassed, I moved lightly, when Luna asked with upturned eyes.
“Does it feel good?”
“Well, ehm…”
I was at a loss for words, when Kaorun made her move.
Kaorun grabbed my wrist with both her hands and play-bit my fingertip as a stimulation. A shiver ran down my spine, but… I would be in real trouble if this continued.
I swiftly pulled away both my hands from them.
“I, It’s fine now. Never mind cleaning them, they’re full of saliva now.”
“…Now we cannot have that. Nanjou-sama, please go ahead and wipe your hands on my apron.”
Promptly Kaorun raised up, so I reached out my hands for her apron without hesitation. But when I lightly grabbed the apron and pulled it, Kaorun’s apron softly fell to the ground as the knot came off.
Immediately well-formed, beautiful breasts filled my vision. Also a tight waist, a small navel and even the crotch of her soft thighs came into plain view. Suddenly my nose became hot—I gushed out a nosebleed and collapsed onto the ground.
While hearing an unprecedented adorable scream from Kaorun, I los my consciousness.

…My consciousness came back from some talking voices.
“Really… be fine…. Yeah… Okay… -kun be happy?…”
“…Miss…that is the spirit… Please give it your all…”
Mh? These voices were from Gogyou-san and Kaorun? Why were their voices…?
I heard someone’s footstep gradually fading away while I opened my eyelids, when I saw the living room’s ceiling. Apparently I was laying on the sofa.
But how did it come to this?
When I tried to remember, Kaorun’s naked body flashed in the back of my mind.
Her figure was properly preserved in my mind like a piece of art, but what had happened to the showdown?
Wondering, I straightened up my body, when I saw the girls at the table with their heads hanged.
Everyone seemed to be depressed and specially Luna.
Luna had tears dwelled up in her eyes and still looked like she would start crying at any moment.
“…What’s going on?”
I mumbled unmeant, when Kaorun turned around, as she had her back to me.
When she met my eyes, she blushed a little and then slowly came over.
“Nanjou-sama, today’s Bridal Showdown ended with me as the winner. From now on until tomorrow, there will be no interferences. Please enjoy yourself with the Miss.”
“…Eh? When did that happen?”
“What are you saying? You became excited, snatched away my apron and satisfactorily spurted out a nosebleed, did you not? It was obvious on a glance to who had won.”
“Ehm, it might be too late to say it now, but I didn’t took off your apron on purpose. It was an accident.”
On my words, Luna’s body shook lightly in a shiver. But
“Even if it was an accident, it is a fact that you were satisfied by seeing my embarrassing appearance. It might have only been for a moment, but I excelled the Miss Cow-woman at that point. I am certain that the Lord had lent me his strength.”
When Kaorun said so, the other girls dropped her shoulders and once again hanged their heads.
First of all, I thought of saying something to them, but Kaorun took my hand and dragged me to the hallway like that.
“What’s up so suddenly?”
“Nanjou-sama, comforting words only hurt the loser. The test for the Miss will be conducted tomorrow, so please go to bed earlier today in preparation for that.”
…That reminded me, Gogyou-san also had said that the test would be on the last day of the culture festival.
Remembering that, I called out to Kaorun, who was pushing on my back.
“By the way, where is that test being hold?”
“At your school.”
“Eh? At school?”
When I asked back, Kaorun nodded firmly and answered.
“After the end of the culture festival, a barrier will be erected on the rooftop of the school building. Then the Miss will undertake the test under the eyes of some observers chosen by the Master. Nanjou-sama, please assist the Miss.”
On a rare occasion, Kaorun lowered her head with a serious expression.
…What to do about this?
While I wrecked my brains, we arrived in front of my room. I sighed and opened the door.
Upon that, the lights of my room were turned on for some reason and Gogyou-san was on my bed.
She had her upper body erected and covered her mouth with the blanket.
“Ehm, what are you doing?”
“…Waiting for you.”
Gogyou-san blushed and answered, then made a determined expression and came out of the blanket.
—Right away, Gogyou-san’s naked body jumped into my vision.
Gogyou-san covered the important parts with both her hands, but her tender skin graved itself into my eyes whether I liked it or not.
Then Gogyou-san looked at me with wet eyes.
“Uhm, it’s my first time, so please be gentle…”
Saying that, she slowly removed her arms from her body even while she was embarrassed.
Upon that, her voluminous breasts shook fiercely and became fully visible while I even got a plain view on further down. My reasoning crumbled in an instant and when I felt my nose getting hot, it was too late already.
Spurting out the second nosebleed of the day, I tumbled down just like that and fainted…

Chapter 04: Promise with the Family

…I felt some kind of warmth on my body.
Enveloped by a soft and warm sensation, there was even a nice fragrance and I felt really good.
What was it? I could feel the morning sun on my eyelids and opened my eyes.
“Morning, Nanjou-kun.”
“Nanjou-sama, a good morning to you.”
From the right Gogyou-san and from the left Kaorun said their morning greeting.
Apparently, they had sleeping while clinging to my body.
But why? What did I do yesterday? Don’t tell me, I did it!?
I desperately tried to recall my memories of yesterday.
“Yesterday was such a fierce night, Nanjou-sama. To do all these things to the Miss and me, you are such a beast. I am no longer fit to be a bride.”
Kaorun clung to me with her cheeks flushed.
…Eh? For real? Both of them at the same time? Not only Gogyou-san, but I even laid hands on Kaorun? I didn’t remember at all.
I was astonished, when Gogyou-san said with a wry smile.
“Kaoru-san, telling lies is not good. Nanjou-san hasn’t done anything yet.”
“Miss, I believed that if we were to fabricate a fact here, Nanjou-sama would take responsibility.”
“I can’t do something so cowardly. I want to do it with Nanjou-kun on a mutual basis.”
“You are so upright, Miss. You are so dazzling. Nanjou-sama, your fiancée is such a wonderful person. Do you feel happy?”
“*snore, snore*”
“Please do not pretend to be asleep and answered truthfully.”
My cheek was pinched, so I straightened up my upper body.
I felt strangely chilly, when I noticed that my upper body was naked.
“—Hey, what’s this! You did something to me while I was sleeping! You two perverts! Lecher! Beasts! It was my first time!”
“Nanjou-sama, pardon my interfering when you are busy on your disgusting misunderstanding, but we did not anything.”
Kaorun stood up from the bed and explained.
“Last night you were even more good-for-nothing that expected, so my plan ended up in a failure. Therefore, to even gain a little bit of your strength, the Miss let her body overlap with yours.”
“Yeah. Just by doing so, I can get a part of your energy.”
Saying so, Gogyou-san clung to my back. From the soft and warm sensation on my back, I could tell that Gogyou-san was naked, so my heartbeat raised up instantly.
It was rather embarrassing.
I got away from the bed in an attempt to flee while timidly lowering my gaze.
…Oh, I was still properly wearing my trousers.
I made a sigh of relief, when Kaorun talked to Goyou-san in a quiet voice.
“Miss, I heard that men are naughty in the mornings due to a physiology phenomena. How about you take this chance and extract the yang energy from him by servicing him with your mouth?”
“Service with my mouth?”
“Yes. It is also possible for you to pinch it between your breasts.”
Nodding, Kaorun pulled out a forbidden magazine out of her pocket and showed it to Gogyou-san. Kaorun flipped through the pages while Gogyou-san’s face turned redder by the second. When Kaorun closed the magazine, Gogyou-san faced me. Then she turned bright red up to her ears and said.
“Uhm, I might not pull it off well, but I’ll try hard—”
“Sorry, but it’s time for the meeting. I’ll be taking my leave now.”
Not letting Gogyou-san finish her sentence, I swiftly turned my back to her and retreated from the place.
Still naked on top, I headed for the living room.
Luna was in the living room and when she noticed me, she came closer with a smile.
“Shinobu-san, is your body alright? Please eat plenty of spinach for breakfast as to replenish your iron content.”
Luna was back to her usual self as opposed to her gloomy self from yesterday.
But she took one step forward, took my hand and said with a serious expression.
“Please do not give in to the seduction, Shinobu-san.”
“Ah, yes…”
Overwhelmed by Luna, I nodded, when she flushed her cheeks lightly and said.
“…Also, uhm, please wear some clothes, so you will not catch a cold.”
After she mentioned it, I made a small sneeze…

* * *

—The last day of the culture festival ended in no time too.
In the classroom lit by the evening sun, Gogyou-san and me watched over the after party. The guys from class were happily dancing the folk dance on the grounds.
I watched over the guys from class, when Gogyou-san said with a sorry expression.
“Sorry, Nanjou-kun. To drag you into all this…”
Right now, I was holding hands with Gogyou-san.
Kaorun had said that by overlapping our skins like that, Gogyou-san was able to suck energy from me. It seemed to be true.
From my held hand a heat spread over my whole body and a thin sweat broke out on my forehead.
However it wasn’t uncomfortable, but rather a pleasant feeling overcame my body.
There Gogyou-san softly let go off my hand and asked with a quiet voice.
“…I guess, you would have like to join everyone in the after party?”
“No, to be honest, I didn’t want to join. Since it seemed the girls wanted to drag me to it in cross-dress. I’m glad to turn it down.”
When I said so, Gogyou-san finally showed a smile.
“Thanks, Nanjou-kun.”
“Mh? I should be thanking you. Thanks to you, I had a valid reason to decline the after party. I don’t ever want to cross-dress again.”
I replied so, when Gogyou-san looked at me with a gentle smile.
“…Aren’t you just being considerate towards me?”
“D- Don’t be stupid. You got the wrong idea there. I just hate to cross-dress.”
I hastily averted my eyes from Gogyou-san.
Upon that, Gogyou-san said with a quiet voice.
“You’re certainly kind, Nanjou-kun.”
When Gogyou-san giggled, I was ensnared and also reddened my cheeks.
Like that we continued to watch over the after party together for some time.
“…Gogyou-san, can I ask something?”
I broke the ice and watched at Gogyou-san’s profile.
“Why do you want to continue your exorcist job? It’s dangerous, isn’t it? There isn’t any real need to jump into danger yourself, is there?”
When I asked so, Gogyou-san smiled faintly and answered.
“To keep my promise with Kaoru-san.”
While watching over the after party, Gogyou-san slowly opened her mouth.
“…Remember when I told you about it before? About how Kaoru-san stayed with me, when everyone else was scared of me.”
I remembered it well. It was about how Kaorun had invited the lonely Gogyou-san to play together.
When I nodded, Gogyou-san’s expression suddenly turned lonely.
“…Back then we were close like real sisters. But at some point Kaoru-san stopped calling me by my name. Because of my higher status as an exorcist.”
“Higher status as an exorcist?”
I asked back like a parrot, when Gogyou-san answered with a serious expression.
“The exorcist organisation exterminates and seals devils, but also shelters children born from devils. But in reality we’re not sheltering them. We’re using them at our own convenience…as tools.”
Gogyou-san looked down and clenched her fists.
“Kaoru-san is a half-breed between a human and a devil. Part of her blood is devilish. That’s why no one considers Kaoru-san a human. Every other exorcist treats her like a tool.”
A half-breed… I see. Kaorun also was a half-human, half-devil like Machina.
“…I couldn’t forgive that. Kaoru-san is my family. Yet no one would call her that. They wouldn’t acknowledge her. It wasn’t even allowed that Kaoru-san called me by my name. Kaorun-san only got cold glares. Even my father said that it wouldn’t change, so I had given up.”
Gogyou-san raised her head and continued with a “But”.
“I’ll change it. I’ll continue my job, reach the top and make them acknowledge Kaoru-san as my family. I won’t let them hurt her ever again.”
With her usual dignified expression, Gogyou-san said firmly.
“And not just Kaoru-san. I’ll make them acknowledge everyone else that is being treated as a tool now.”
Lit up by the evening sun, Gogyou-san’s profile gave off a strong resolve.
“That’s my promise with Kaoru-san. And I want to fulfil it.”
There Gogyou-san faced me.
“…You won’t come to hate Kaoru-san after hearing that, will you?”
I saw trust in her eyes.
So I answered firmly.
“Of course I won’t hate her. I like her.”
For some reason, Gogyou-san widened her eyes in surprise on my answer.
“Y- You like her type?”
“No, not like that. Don’t read too much into it.”
I had intended for a clear denial, but Gogyou-san mumbled “…Reminds me, you’re really close to Kaoru-san…” unsatisfied.
She seemed to have a particular misunderstanding, but how could I clear it up?
I scratched my head and wrecked my brain, when the classroom door suddenly opened and Kaorun showed up.
“Miss, the preparations are finalized. It is time.”
“Yeah, okay. Can you leave me alone for just a moment?”
Kaorun nodded to Gogyou-san and forwarded her gaze to me.
“Nanjou-sama, this way please.”
“Yeah, okay.”
I got away from Gogyou-san and headed over to Kaorun. Together we left the classroom.
For a while we walked the empty hallway, then I called out to Kaorun in front of the stairs leading to the rooftop.
“Hey, so what’s the test about anyway?”
When I asked so, Kaorun answered while climbing up the stairs.
“The Miss will face off alone against a devil under the eyes of the observer.”
“A devil?”
Following after Kaorun, I asked back, when she nodded over her shoulder.
“Yes, a devil under the management of the exorcist organisation. Or more precise, a half-breed born between a human and a devil. In case the Miss wins against that devil, the Master will acknowledge her and she will be able to continue her job as an exorcist.”
“…What kind of devil will it be?”
“Just a simple maid. She works at the Gogyou Household and has the looks of an angel.”
The moment I understood the meaning of her words, I stopped unmeant.
Upon that Kaorun also stopped and said with her back still to me.
“You should have heard from the Miss earlier, Nanjou-sama. That I have devil blood flowing in my veins.”
“…You were listening in?”
“I knew it was rude of me, but I was interested in your answer, Nanjou-sama.”
“My answer?”
There Kaorun turned around slowly and looked at me with somewhat relaxed corners of her mouth.
“It took me by surprise. To think Nanjou-sama would confess his love for me…”
Sure, I had said that I liked her, but I should have added not too read too much into it. I made a small sigh, then correct my tone and asked.
“So, are you stronger than Gogyou-san?”
“At the current time my strength stands above the Miss’. The devil blood in my seems to be of a high class, so I have a far superior power to all the other half-breeds. That is most likely the reason that the Master chose me as the Miss’ opponent.”
“What do you mean?”
“His parental feelings make the Master disagree about the Miss continuing her job as an exorcist. There will be an observer present, so I will not be allowed to hold back. The Master wishes for the Miss to fail the test.”
“…I see. Such a tough job for you.”
Kaorun faced her back to me and replied a short “Yes”.
From there on, I didn’t say anything and headed wordless to the rooftop…

When we arrived on the rooftop, there was already someone there.
Most likely it was the observer that Kaorun had mentioned. It was a beautiful woman with a tall figure and a strict expression. After a while, Gogyou-san showed up on the rooftop and on the signal of the observer, the test started. Gogyou-san pulled out the Japanese sword from the bamboo blade pouch in her hand, then took a stance.
Whereas Kaorun pulled out a short sword from her pocket and also took a relaxed stance like Gogyou-san.
…She looked really strong.
Watching over them from a distant, even I could feel the tension in the air and a drop of the temperature of 2-3°C.
Kaorun was composed and didn’t show an opening.
But, Gogyou-san closed the gap between them in no time regardless and pressed hard on Kaorun. She slashed down her sword diagonally from the shoulder, but it was dodged too easily.
There Gogyou-san slashed once again in no time, this time in reverse, from the bottom to the top.
It was a fierce and fast attack. However, Kaorun dodged the sword with the bare minimum of movement and launched an attacked with the bottom of her left palm. Gogyou-san took that with the grip of her sword and blown off widely, she lost her balance. There Kaorun came after her with the short sword and Gogyou-san somewhat dodged it by taking a distance.
The difference in their strength was obvious. At this rate Gogyou-san would lose for sure.
All I could do was watch… No, wait. I might be able to shake Kaorun. If Kaorun were to show an opening then, it was plenty possible that the current situation would change.
I waited for the right timing and when Gogyou-san dropped her sword once more onto Kaorun, I shouted out loudly.
“—Kaorun’s boobs were so pretty!”
Instantly, Kaorun turned bright red on a rare occasion and shouted.
“Wh- What are you saying, Nanjou-sama!”
“Yeah! What’s the idea, Nanjou-kun!”
…Huh? It was a perfect chance, but even Gogyou-san had stopped. Or rather, she was looking at me wholeheartedly. Glaring at me. For some reason she was angry.
“I knew it, you like Kaoru-san! I worked so hard, but you only remember Kaoru-san’s breasts!”
“No, well, that’s a misunderstanding. I remember your lap pillow too. It was pretty alluring.”
“Then why didn’t you do anything!?”
“Eh? But the other girls were in the house…”
I babbled an excuse, when Gogyou-san’s eyes sparkled for some reason.
“Then right now is fine? I don’t have to hold back anymore?”
“Huh? What are you…”
Before I could finish my words, Gogyou-san came running straight at me. Then she clung to me— and suddenly kissed me. Our lips overlapped, I could feel Goyou-san’s warmth through her lips. The soft sensation of her lips completely froze me.
It was a long kiss. With her lips still pressed on mine, Gogyou-san clung to me even stronger. Then she slowly got away from me and mumbled with drowsy eyes.
“…Ah, I forgot to take any energy.”
“Wait a moment. Then what was that kiss for?”
“I, It felt so good that I couldn’t help it! Once more!”
“Eh? Hey—MMH!?”
Gogyou-san gently grabbed my cheeks with both her hands and kissed me again.
This time it was fiercer than before. Her lips sucked on mine and her hot tongue entered my mouth. Her tongue entwined mine and I tasted Gogyou-san’s saliva. With her hand around my neck, I was kissed even more fiercely.
T- Too bold. It was my first kiss, so I wished she would be more gentle.
Still, it was hard to resist this intense stimulation, so I inadvertently entwined my tongue too.
In that moment, Gogyou-san’s body trembled in shivers and she got away from me, then she dropped powerless to the ground.
Her cheeks flushed and her lips wet, Gogyou-san looked extremely sexy. But still on both her knees, she didn’t try to get up.
“Wh- What’s the matter?”
I asked worried, when Gogyou-san said with a troubled face.
“M- My legs lost their strength…”
“So pointless! Forget about sucking my energy, it actually weakened you!”
“B- But, I properly sucked your energy!”
“…Then how do you plan to fight like that?”
While saying that, I shifted my gaze to Kaorun and the observer.
But those two were holding on a digital camera and video camera and they hastily hid them in their pockets when they made eye-contact with me.
They totally recorded that kiss just now…
Overflowing with shame, I took a step forward.
“…Gogyou-san, I’ll buy you some time, so use it to recover.”
“Eh? Nanjou-kun?”
I paid no attention to Gogyou-san, who leaked a surprised voice, and stood before Kaorun.
“Well, as you can see, I’m pitching in. I’m sure you don’t mind? I’m just an amateur after all. I’ll be instantly killed by Kaorun anyway.”
I faced the observer, when she nodded small.
“I will allow it. I heard from Hijiri-sama about the onmyou technique, so you are treated as her partner, Nanjou-dono. So there are no problems.”
“—You heard her. Take care of me.”
“…I won’t hold back.”
“Then I guess I will.”
When I cracked a joke, Kaorun took a step forward and opened her mouth.
“No, on that topic of holding back, instead of you, Nanjou-sama, it should be me.”
“Nah, I will do so.”
“No, no, I should.”
There I held out my hand to Kaorun with a smile.
“Then please do so.”
Right away, the observer said with a low voice.
“Stop the comedy act and please start already.”
“S- Sorry.”
After I apologized, I confronted Kaorun.
Upon that, Kaorun put away her short sword into her pocket and made a small sigh.
“I will take you on with my bare hands, since you are doing so too, Nanjou-sama.”
“No need to restrain yourself, you know?”
“No, this is not a restrain. It just means that my bare hands are enough for you.”
Saying that, Kaorun stepped in fiercely and swung her fist.
It was frigging fast and heavy. Warding off the incoming fist, I took some distance, when Kaorun followed in pursuit. She launched a rapid waves of attacks.
Somehow avoiding a hit to the vitals, I continued to ward off the heavy attacks, when my body got messed up in no time. But I didn’t go down and while breathing heavily, I continued to stand in front of Kaorun. She stopped her hands, widened her eyes and opened her mouth.
“…Nanjou-sama, how can you still be standing? Just who are you?”
Not just Kaorun, I saw the observer having a surprised expression too in the corner of my eyes.
There I laughed weakly and answered.
“Who I am? Can’t you tell by looking at me? Just a handsome guy.”
“…Your handsome side is ruined now, since you just let yourself be hit by my and never retaliated once.”
“Since you’re such a beauty, I was inadvertently smitten by you.”
I shrugged and spitted blood out of my mouth, when Kaorun made a troubled face.
But receiving a fierce glare by the observer, she clenched her fist and faced me.
But, at that moment.

“Thou are the fire. Thou are the God of fire. Thou are the Dragon of fire. Head my call—Hi no Kagutsuchi.”

A dignified voice echoed around. I turned to it and there stood Gogyou-san. A pale flame rose from the sword in Gogyou-san’s hand and Gogyou-san’s face brimmed of confidence.
“Sorry to make you wait, Nanjou-kun.”
“Yeah, I was jut about to get serious and defeat Kaorun all alone.”
I staggered away from Kaorun and sat down on the floor.
“Okay, the rest is up to you.”
“Yeah, leave it to me.”
Gogyou-san nodded firmly and faced Kaorun.
Upon that, Kaorun gazed upon the pale, flattering flame of Gogyou-san’s sword and opened her mouth.
“Miss, the Hi no Kagutsuchi is a flame to exorcise devil. It will only half as effective against me.”
“I know. But I think I can make it through now.”
Along with her words, Gogyou-san raised the sword above her head, then swung it down at once.
Right away, the pale flame burned fiercely and attacked Kaorun curled up in a ball.
Kaorun deemed it dangerous, as she widened her eyes and jumped to the side right away.
“Hi no Kagutsuchi—Chase!”
When Gogyou-san raised her voice, the flame changed it’s direction and once again came after Kaorun.
At the same time, Gogyou-san started to run and reduced the distance to Kaorun.
Upon that, Kaorun crossed her arms and plunged into the flame without hesitation. While her maid clothes got scorched, Gogyou-san dodged Kaorun’s attack and at the same time, raised up her sword
And slashed down the blade down with a voice.
It was just like a flash.
Kaorun could only defend on the spur of the moment with her short sword. Gogyou-san’s sword clashed with Kaorun’s and the shrill sound of metal echoed around.
At the same time, Gogyou-san’s sword fissured and Kaorun’s writhed short sword was blown out of her hands. Instantly, Gogyou-san stepped one step inside and swung it at Kaorun’s torso.
The blade chased after Kaorun’s body like it was sucked it, then Gogyou-san turned the sword and right after the back of the sword hit into Kaorun’s body.
—That dull sound signalized the end of the battle.
Kaorun was blown away by Gogyou-san’s attack, crashed into the fence of the rooftop and stopped moving.

“The match is settled!”

The loud voice of the observer.
Everyone relaxed, then the fence Kaorun’s body leaned against gave off a creak.
It was already too late when I realized it to be abnormal. Kaorun’s body declined like it was flying in the air, then fell down along with the fence.
—At that time, I saw flattering long, back hair in the corner of my eye.
The next I saw was Gogyou-san’s back.
Gogyou-san moved before anyone else, jumped from the rooftop without any hesitation and reached out for Kaorun. In a snap Gogyou-san got a firm hold on Kaorun’s hand.
However, both of them fell down like that and completely disappeared from my view.
“…No way.”
My head was blank. My breathing stopped and I felt dizziness.
Staggering, I stepped forwards to the broken down fence, when I noticed it. The small hand grabbing the edge of the rooftop.
I ran over right away, where Gogyou-san hung with one hand grabbing onto the edge of the rooftop and with the other she tightly grabbed Kaorun’s hand.
When Gogyou-san met my eyes, she made a somewhat proud expression and smiled.
…Don’t make me worry so much.
Was what I wanted to complain, but I hadn’t the time for it, as I hastily grabbed onto Gogyou-san’s hand. Then the pale observer came running over and together we pulled up Gogyou-san and Kaorun.
After that, becoming stale from the relief, I lay down face-up on the rooftop and sighed.
“—What were you thinking!”
Suddenly an angry voice sounded.
I straightened up my upper body, when I saw Kaorun approached Gogyou-san and raising her voice.
“Why would you do something so reckless! What if you had fallen down!”
…It was a first, I thought, that Kaorun showed such emotions.
But Gogyou-san smiled at that Kaorund and answered.
“Don’t blame me. My body moved on it’s own…”
“…What are you saying? Protecting someone like me, if anything had—”
“Not someone like.”
Gently cutting into Kaorun’s words, Gogyou-san continued softly.
“You’re my precious family, Kaoru-san. I don’t know how you feel, but I think of you as an older sister. And it’s only obvious to help your older sister, right?”
On these words, Kaorun’s shoulders trembled lightly.
Gogyou-san put her hands on these shoulders and said.
“I haven’t forgotten the promise. I’ll work until I have them acknowledge you as my family. Therefore—”
For a moment she stopped and smiled gently.
“Please stay at my side from now on too.”
Right after, Kaorun’s body trembled widely. Then she bit onto her lips as to endure something and clenched her fists.
But she couldn’t endure it.
Tears flowed out of Kaorun’s eyes.
…I believed she would cover it up. Soon enough Kaorun wiped the drops with her sleeve, but the tears kept flowing out of her eyes…She couldn’t stop them.
When Gogyou-san gentle embraced Kaorun, a quiet weeping voice sounded.
Along with a faint mumbling, the crying voice echoed around.
Kaorun was tightly embraced by Gogyou-san and cried like a kid.
…There I slowly stood up and headed for the exit of the rooftop.
Before leaving the rooftop, I looked at the two of them once more, when Gogyou-san, infected by Kaorun, also shed tears.
—Gogyou-san and Kaorun. They didn’t look alike and their personalities were as different as they come.
However, when I saw the two of them in a tight embrace, I thought.
They are like real sisters.
After I ascertained, I left the rooftop and walked down the hallway. I chipped off the tear in my eye.
“Geez, it even infected me…”
I mumbled with a wry smile. I wanted to go home like that, when I was called out from behind.
“Please wait, Nanjou-dono.”
I turned around and saw the female observer.
“Nanjou-dono, do you not have to say anything to Hijiri-sama and her maid?”
“It’s fine. I don’t want to bother them.”
When I answered like that, the observer suddenly lowered her head deeply.
“Nanjou-dono, please take good care of Hijiri-sama as her partner from now on too.”
“No, I think this was a one-time deal.”
“…I believe you are the only one who thinks that.”
The observer left some profound words and returned to the rooftop.
I absent-minded watched after her, then slowly started to walk.
By the way, a few days later I would come to understand the meaning behind the observer’s words…

* * *

The culture festival had ended and school had started like always, but actually it wasn’t like always. After Gogyou-san’s test, I had reported to everyone that she had passed the test, when Luna ran out of the room with a “Fueeh~” crying while Machina and Elni were sullen all the time. But on the next day, Machina claimed “The demon realm has polygamy” while Elni said “I don’t mind, since I’m the lover”. Their mood had been fixed.
But it was different for Luna.
She made a face like the end of the world had come and shut herself in her room.
…And today again, Luna didn’t come to wake me up.
Being waked up by Nazuna, I showed up in the dining kitchen with faint hopes, but Luna wasn’t there and Machina and Elni were sitting at the table.
“Morning, Shinobu. Today‘s breakfast is a slice of bread!”
Elni continued with a somewhat sad expression.
“Okay, Shinobu, did you drop this charred toast? Or this charred toast with strawberry jam?”
“…I didn’t drop either of them.”
“Since you’re so honest, I’ll give them both to you.”
“Don’t want it! This almost harassing!”
I retorted resentful, when Elni answered with sober smile.
“Shinobu, don’t they always say, hn honest person—will be made a fool of!”
“…Thanks for the valuable lesson in the morning.”
I replied sarcastic, sat down at the table and complained about the charred toast.
“Geez, how can you burn it like this? Just how bad at cooking can you be…”
When I expressed my displeasure like that, Machina’s shoulders trembled lightly and she shouted with teary eyes.
“S- Sorry for being bad at cooking! Even I tried my hardest, you know! But I couldn’t pull it off as well as Sister!”
Machina looked close to tears and mumbled a “…And here I made it for you…”.
I felt guilty and said “Sorry”, then bit on the charred toast and shouted.
“Oh, this gravel taste, I love it! It, It’s surprisingly good!”
The lie was obvious, but Machina’s mood was fixed by it.
I finished my breakfast like that, then I headed for Luna’s room and called out to her through the door.
“Luna, are you awake?”
“…I am asleep.”
“Nah, you’re so awake.”
I wearily opened the door, when the curtains were shut and Luna sat on the bed in her pyjamas clutching her knees while tampering with a portable game.
Her expression was extremely gloomy. I hesitated for a moment to call out to her.
“Uh- Uhm, what are you doing?”
“Playing a game. I finally memorized how to use it. Then it became fun and I have been playing since then. All through last night…”
Opposite to her words, she didn’t sound happy at all.
“Shinobu-san, games sure are fun. I borrowed this from Elni-chan. Within the game I can become close with a lot of boys. There is even someone resembling you. Though he is not you…”
…Not good. Luna was broken.
“Uhm, Luna-san, it’s bad for your body when you shut in yourself all the time.”
“…I do not care. The world can just perish.”
It was my first time seeing such an unmotivated and dark Luna.
“W- Wanna go play somewhere next time?”
“Why not go with Gogyou-san. Please leave me alone.”
When she said so with teary eyes, Luna put the blanket over her head and slipped under it. From under the blanket, I could faintly hear the sound of the game console, but it was the voice of a cool guy.
“Don’t cry. I’m here for you.”
“…Yes. Thank you, Kazuki-san, who resembles Shinobu-san…”
Holy mother. Luna turned crazy. What if she played with 2D guys forever? I was quite opposite to that idea.
“Luna, stop behaving so unhealthy and come out from the blanket.”
“…No. Reality is suffering. I cannot endure a reality where Shinobu-san is going out with Gogyou-san.”
…Mh? What was Luna saying?
“Ehm, I’m not really dating her, you know?”
When I replied so, Luna hastily peeked out her head from under the blanket and said.
“B- But, Shinobu-san, you did something perverted with her, right?”
“I did not.”
“Ehh!? But, but, you said Gogyou-san passed the test…”
“Yeah, without doing anything perverted.”
Technically it was not a lie. Kissing wasn’t considered perverted…in my opinion.
“I’m friends with Gogyou-san. Certainly there is that engagement, but it’s not like she became my lover or anything.”
I said so affirming, when Luna stayed absent-minded for a while, but soon enough she showed a bright smile and got off the bed. Then she clung onto me.
I didn’t really know why, but her mood was fixed.
…Could it be, just like Machina, Luna was lonely about that fact that there would be less time to play if I were to go out with Gogyou-san?
Kind of cute.
Inadvertently I embraced Luna.
Then I got ready for school and Luna sent me off like usual, so I left the house and headed for school together with Machina and Nazuna…

Entering the classroom, I greeted a few classmates and arrived at my seat, when Gogyou-san, who had already been in the classroom, timidly chatted up to me.
“Uhm…Sh- Shinobu-kun.”
“…She’s calling for you, Shinobu-kun.”
I clapped on Machina’s shoulder, whereupon she said with a smile.
“’Sup, I’m Shinobu. Need some—wait, you’re Shinobu! Or rather, Shinobu-kun!?”
Machina frowned and Gogyou-san blushed.
“Yeah, I would like to call Nanjou-kun as Shinobu-kun from now on… Can I?”
“I don’t really mind, but why so suddenly?”
“There’s no real meaning behind it: I just wanted to call you so…”
“Okay, then I also will call you ‘Hijirin’ from now on.”
Hijirin and Kaorun. That was kinda cute.
Such thoughts crossed my mind, when Gogyou-san brought her face closer and said spoiled.
“Please call me Hijiri.”
“…Uhm, Gogyou-san, your face is close. Too close.”
“Shinobu-kun, if you don’t call me Hijiri….I’m going to kiss you.”
I shouted hastily, when Gogyou-san brought her face even closer.
“…You added ‘san’, so you get a punishment kiss.”
“H- Hijiri! Satisfied now?”
When I said flustered, Gogyou-san grinned.
“I’m happy, so you’ll get a kiss.”
“So either way is hopeless!”
“Yeah! What are you going to do in the classroom!”
Machina hastily got between me and Gogyou-san, no, Hijiri and stopped her.
Upon that Hijiri pulled back.
“I, I’, just kidding…”
“Didn’t look like a joke to me.”
Machina looked at Hijiri with half-closed eyes.
“You’re surprisingly bold, Gogyou.”
“Th- That’s not true. I’m try my hardest here. Since Shinobu-kun is dull and I have a lot of rivals.”
Hijiri continued with a “But” and reached out her hand for Machina.
“I won’t lose to you, Orangelo-san, or any other.”
“…Just call me Machina.”
Taking Hijiri’s hand, Machina faced sideways and said.
“Elni is calling me that too. And I’ll just call you Hijiri.”
“Yeah, thanks, Machina-san.”
Machina and Hijiri exchanged a heated handshake. Seemed like the beginning of a friendship.
A heart-warming scene.
I watched over them with narrowed eyes, when Hijiri suddenly faced me and whispered into my ear with red cheeks.
“Shinobu-kun, I want you to be my partner from now on too.”
“…Huh? From now on too?”
“Yeah, this time it was only a kiss, so next time do it all the way…”
With her cheeks still red, Hijiri whispered near my ear.
“…You sure love your perverted stuff, Hijiri.”
I replied in a quiet voice as to gave a slip, when Hijiri denied in a loud voice.
“N- No! It’s for my job!”
“…Mh? What are you two talking about?”
The left out Machina tilted her head, when Hijiri covered it up with a “Nothing!” and then softly whispered into my ear again.
“Shinobu-kun, I have to achieve more results as an exorcist. On this occasion, I came to understand that I can get even stronger with your help.”
“I, Is that so.”
“Yeah, but I can’t force you…”
She stopped her words once, then said embarrassed.
“I’ll seduce you again. I’ll work hard so that you’ll help me out.”
…This had turned into something unbelievable.
I made a big sigh inside my heart….


The troublesome end of term tests ended and summer vacation finally started.
While listening to the cicadas, I skimmed through my summer homework.
“Good morning, Nanjou-sama.”
Kaorun carrying a travel bag entered through my window.
“…That’s trespassing, you know. Go ring the doorbell. The doorbell, you hear.”
Surprised, I warned her, when Kaorun approached me expressionless as ever. Then she wrote a “の” on my chest and said.
“We know each other pretty well. So please do not mind the trivia.”
“Nanjou-sama, if it bothers you that much, please feel free to trespass into the Gogyou Mansion too. I believe no one will mind it. Therefore you please do not mind it either.”
“No, I think normally one would get angry.”
“Fear not. Even if you should steal the Miss’ underwear, I am certain that the Miss will tolerate it.”
“Then if I steal your underwear, you’ll tolerate it?”
It was a pain in the ass, so I gave a suited reply, but
For some reason Kaorun blushed and answered while fidgeting around.
“If that is what you desire…I do not mind.”
S- Surely it was one of her usual jokes.
Completely shaken, I opened my mouth to change the topic.
“A- Anyway, what brings you here so suddenly? And what about that travel bag?”
When I asked, Kaorun suddenly made a serious expression and answered.
“Truth be told, I ran away from the Gogyou Household.”
“Ran away…Did something happen?”
“…The Master coerced me into things I dislike. And since the Miss is away on a training camp with the Kendo club, I no longer have a supporter.”
There Kaorun looked at me with wet eyes.
“The only one I can rely on is you, Nanjou-sama. Please help me, Nanjou-sama.”
I didn’t really understand the circumstances, but I couldn’t leave Kaorun alone. I nodded a “Leave it to me”, when Kaorun relaxed the corners of her mouth. Then she firmly grabbed my hand and said:

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