!!Contains NSFW!!

What started with a game on a whim, escalated real quickly and turned into an horrible addiction.

One figure…

Two figures…

Three figures…

Four figures…

The Guidebook was inevitable, too.

If you start with one, you need to buy the rest, too.

Obviously the novels are needed, too, in both japanese and english for some weaboo reasons.

Of course these cute things, too.

For the sake of completeness (lol, one day)

Mousepads are really important, too.

Did I mention they are important?

Well, you know, three is the charm.

How could I possibly forget about the Soundtrack??


Why not both?

Technically counts as 1. Seven (Eight) figures…

I mean, why not?

Combined, it looks like this

Tapestry alone won’t do. We need some metal posters as well.

And three for good measure.

A nice side perk: Free Goodies.

No dakimura, no life.

Also, 2way > peach

And even cheaply printed bedclothes.

I wish they would release official ones…

Maybe I need to iron it?

The pillow covers are relative nice, though.

In the end, I buy everything related to Nier…

In the meantime, I’m spending money on novels, too.

It starts with a small shelf…

The 2nd is already double as big.

The third on the left becomes half-height for style. (lol)

The manga/Nier collection obviously needs a seperate shelf.

TFW Collectors Edition does not fit into your manga shelf-.-

And as you can see above, I didn’t stop at that.

Temporary display.

Srsly, I need a new shelf.

Another one is in pre-order, waku waku.
But I really need a new show case…
For now, everything looks like this:


Novel, all in Japanese.

Some Drama-CDs, but no good way to display them…

My first waifu ever…

Let’s be honest, you need at least one of it.

Other waifus…

Random Goodies

And we gotta support the english publisher as well.

Lastly, a real weeb obviously sleeps on tatami mats.

And the conquest continues…

Shinon kawaii~

New shelf line-up.

Maybe like this?

New figure, new block.

When your favourite artist releases a nice cover in 160cm, but your pillow is 150cm -.-‘

The Quest never ends.

Shockingly cute~

Curse you!

Can’t miss on this Goddess~

When they change the artist midway-.-‘

Can never go wrong with brown or swimsuits~

Cute elf~

How can you NOT buy this after seeing dat ass?

Front ain’t bad either.

Not reading, but I feel obligated to collect them.

Soon I will have a cover for every day of the year…

Ara, Ara~

Well, if this ain’t cute.

The seam kinda ruins it. Mask itself was cheap, but shipping…

Waifu :3

Shinonon is preordered to make the trio complete :3

PC port ain’t even there yet, but I’m ready whenever!

Might as well engulf in some 3D from time to time…

Shelves before rearrangment.

Shelves now sorted.

Digital is growing strong, too.

Not much change on the english front.

Obviously can’t be missing out on that one.

Kinda been neglecting Nier lately, so…

It’s a bit like pokemon. Gotta catch ’em all~

Finally got around to get them all.

Latest swimsuit addition:

And an SFW version for when my non-existing friends visit:

Small haul.

Too cute to pass on.

Also in NSFW.

All of them united :3

Finally managed to get this one done :3

Some Nier stuff once in a while can’t hurt.

Summer~ Beach~ Swimsuits~

Nier goods are getting out of hand. Needed a 2nd shelf -.-

Bad story, but fantastic art :3

There was a sale going on, so…
No clue where to put these, tho…

Space is getting tight, so some more shelves.

Almost went insane assembling all these tiny little parts…

Family increases.

Steadily adding more~

Two series you cannot miss out!

I just can’t say no to Nier Goodz.

After what felt like a century of pre-order, the sisters are finally reunited!

Who is gonna read all that!?

Special editions are too tempting.

Wiggle, wiggle~

Tried some cheap china ripoff and was disappointed as expected >.>

So I had to reward myself. Nah, not really, this was on pre-order for a year.

Don’t ask for the price…

Looking good~

Special editions, remember?

~~WIP 09/2022~~