Tenshi Drama CD

Mahiru: The Angel next Door spoils me rotten Volume 07 Special Edition bundled with a Drama CD.
Amane: Track 01: Games with Punishment are cute, but also not cute

Chitose: Hey, hey! Tests are over and we have the day off tomorrow, so let’s all have some fun together!
Amane: I don’t mind, but doing what exactly and where?
Chitose: Mh? Considering it’s the four of us, I thought about having a blast at your house. It’s too cold for going outside. Already winter, ya know.
Amane: Oh, four? You mean, she is coming, too?
Chitose: Duh, obviously. Don’t tell me you want to keep her out of it? You wouldn’t do something so horrible, would you?
Amane: N- No, I wouldn’t go that far. But did she say herself that she’s coming?
Chitose: Nah. I’m gonna ask her now.
Amane: Shouldn’t you ask her before me?
Chitose: Why? She’s pretty much included by default if we’re doing it at your house. Besides, she would never say no as long as you’re there.
Amane: She’s staying at my place quite often, after all.
Chitose: That’s not what I meant… Whatever. Anyway, you gave your okay, so all is well. Then I’ll be coming over with Ikkun and some other stuff.
Amane: That other stuff part worries me… Well, if she agrees, you can come over.
Chitose: Yay! No taking it back now!
Amane: What’re you planning…

Chitose: Since we all got together on our day off, let’s play some cards!
Amane: That came out of nowhere. Actually, I wouldn’t say we got together. More like, you forced us to gather here.
Itsuki: My, my! You yourself said we can come over.
Amane: Well, I did, but… whatever. So what card game?
Chitose: Hmm, Sevens? Poker? Tycoon? I don’t really care about the type, but let’s make it a bit more thrilling by adding a punishment.
Amane: I’m fine with Poker, but I got a bad feeling about that punishment… What are you scheming?
Chitose: Scheming? Me? Never! Right?
Itsuki: Right!
Amane: You couldn’t be any more suspicious…
Mahiru: R- Relax. This is not the first time Chitose-san is plotting something weird.
Chitose: You dissed me so casually, Mahirun. Well, hear me out about the punishment before labelling it as weird.
Amane: Mhm, so what punishment?
Chitose: We’ll play a few games and the one with the most points will get to order the one with the lowest points once. How’s that?
Amane: Is it just me or does it sound like that order is going to be something unreasonable?
Itsuki: Just you, just you.
Chitose: You’re fine with that, too, right, Mahirun?
Mahiru: Huh? Y- Yes.
Chitose: You heard her, Amane. You still want to pass? You could get the right to order her around, ya know?
Amane: I get the feeeling I should play just to prevent you guys from doing anything to Shiina.
Chitose: Do you see me as some kind of villain?
Amane: I merely remembered your usual behaviour, including today’s.
Chitose: Grrr. I’ll make you eat your words. Well then, all of us are playing, so let’s start!
Amane: I will not be defeated!

Chitose: Okay! Amane lost!
Amane: Kuh! You guys conspired to make me lose!
Itsuki: I have no clue what you’re talking about! Anyway, a pinpoint bombing is a valid strategy, you know.
Amane: You asshole…! You clearly went after me, so I would get the punishment!
Itsuki: I haven’t got a clue!
Chitose: You shouldn’t falsely accuse people!
Amane: These two…!!
Mahiru: C- Calm down. I do not think they will give you such a hard punishment.
Amane: I wouldn’t be so sure… C’mon, spill out the punishment.
Chitose: Fufufu, you’re right. Have a look at this.
Amane: Oh? What’s this?
Chitose: A long hair wig.
Amane: I can see that. What am I supposed to do with that?
Chitose: Huh? Whatelse but wear it?
Amane: Wear it? Why…. Wait, the bag has more—
Chitose: And here we have clothes and make-up!
Amane: Eh… You’re kidding me.
Itsuki: We wouldn’t prepare so much just for a joke.
Amane: Why did you even prepare this!?
Itsuki: Well, Chi said “Amane would look good with make-up on and be a good match for cross-dressing. Okay, let’s dress him up!”, you see.
Amane: What the fuck is going on in your heads? So that’s why you ganged up on me! I refuse!
Chitose: Who said you could refuse?
Itsuki: Amane, just resign to it. I’ve been through this, too.
Amane: Itsuki, you…
Chitose: Ikkun was a good match, too!
Itsuki: You need to know when to give up.
Amane: I don’t want to give up! Why do you even have these clothes? And why in my size!? That’s just weird!
Chitose: My brother cross-dressed for the culture festival or something in the past. These are the leftovers. I’m surprised my brother had such a good fashion sense.
Mahiru: Indeed. It properly hides your physique, but still looks lovely. These frills obscure the boney parts, so even with your height, you should look the part, Fujimiya-san.
Amane: E- Ehm, Shiina-san? Why are you so excited about this?
Mahiru: I… I am not excited about it per se… I am just curious about how you would look with make-up…
Amane: I’m all on my own now!
Itsuki: You have me as your forerunner!
Amane: Shut up, Devil Incarnate!
Itsuki: So cruel! Chi, show no mercy!
Chitose: Sure thing! Don’t worry, don’t worry! Just close your eyes and it’ll be over in a flash. Nothing to be afraid of! Nothing to be afraid of!
Amane: Ugh… I’ll definitely pay you back for this later!

Itsuki: Hoo. Not bad.
Chitose: Yep, yep. I always knew I had a hidden talent. I obscured your physique, so you really do look the part. Right, Mahirun?
Mahiru: Y- Yes, you are right, but… Ehm, Fujimiya-san looks quite displeased…
Amane: You guys are going to pay for this….
Chitose: Don’t pull a face or the make-up gets ruined. C’mon, smile! Show me a smile! …. You look scary.
Amane: Whose fault do you think that is!?
Itsuki: Wow, his personality is still the same, but he doesn’t look like himself anymore, so my brain can’t process this.
Chitose: Nfufu, behold my incredible talent!
Amane: You practically wasted it by using it on me!
Itsuki: My, my, calm down. Make use of it and smile elegantly.
Amane: Grrrrr
Itsuki: Stop glaring. That’s scary and pressuring.
Amane: If you want, I can pressure you physically, with my fist.
Itsuki: Violence isn’t the answer! Why are you only cruel to me?
Amane: Well, I know your body can endure it.
Itsuki: Shiina-san, help me! I’m gonna get assaulted!
Amane: Don’t say it so misleading!
Mahiru: V- Violence is bad.
Amane: Uh… Et tu, Shiina?
Mahiru: Please do not look at me like an abandoned puppy…
Itsuki: Oh, Shiina-san is taking some unexpected damage!
Chitose: Not bad, Amane!
Amane: What the…
Mahiru: Still, I must say, you sure a skilled, Chitose-san.
Chitose: Really? I think you’re better at making beautiful make-up, though. Amane got an overall pretty face, you just need to soften the look in his eyes.
Mahiru: Well, you are right, but I am sure Fujimiya-san will oppose it.
Chitose: He sure settled down, though, when you held his hand. His face was crying for help, though.
Amane: Ugh… I can’t let Shiina get injured after all.
Itsuki: Even though you rampaged, when I did it.
Amane: Of course. … Geez. Okay, you satisfied now?
Mahiru: You look really great.
Amane: That’s not a compliment.
Mahiru: You really do, though…
Amane: That kind of compliment doesn’t make me happy! … Hah, I want to wash this off and get changed already.
Chitose: Hey! Don’t sit cross-legged with a skirt!
Amane: What does it matter?
Chitose: No means no! I might not be bothered, but Mahirun will!
Mahiru: Th- That… Well…
Amane: Ugh… Fine, fine. I’ll stop. Once you’re satisfied, I’m gonna get changed.
Chitose: Amane turns really obedient, when it comes to Mahirun.
Amane: You said something!?
Chitose: Hii, nothing! Anyway, you look so cute now, behave like it, too.
Amane: Don’t ask for the impossible.
Chitose: Ehh, but Ikkun became quite enthusiastic along the way. He spoke like a young lady, you know.
Itsuki: Ehm, I only did that because you suggested or rather demanded it.
Chitose: But you enjoyed it, didn’t ya!
Amane: I think he just gave way to despair.
Mahiru: Now that I look closer, you really do have long eyelashes, Fujimiya-san.
Amane: Uh, don’t stare at me. I’m gonna die from shame.
Mahiru: Your skin is so soft as well. Compared to when we first met, you became a lot more neater.
Amane: Uh, that’s thank to your balance diet. I… I’m doing more sports than before, too. I get your point, so don’t come closer.
Mahiru: I am kind of envious how you can keep your figure with so little care… Why are you running away?
Amane: Because you’re so close!
Chitose: I knew it. Mahirun is your weakness.
Itsuki: He definitely can’t refuse her anything. I’m sad how different he treats Shiina-san and me.
Amane: You guys are so annoying. Isn’t it fine now? Let me get changed already.
Chitose: Sheesh, I’ll let you off the hook with this.
Amane: Hey, what’re you taking a picture for? What if someone else gets to see it!?
Chitose: No worries. I’m not so careless to show it to others. You look more like a girl than I thought, so it seemed like Mahirun was going for another girl. What a surprise.
Amane: This has potential to haunt me forever. Erase it.
Chitose: Sure. click And done.
Amane: Oh? Rare to see you so understanding.
Chitose: I would never do something you really hate. Well, I erased my data.
Amane: …Shiina, can a check your smartphone for a sec? Just the notifications will do.
Mahiru: Nope.
Amane: Please, I just want to check if more pictures of this exist.
Mahiru: … Would it be bad if there are more?
Amane: Ugh… Yes…
Itsuki: Oh, he’s overwhelmed.
Chitose: Quite obviously.
Mahiru: Do I have to erase it?
Amane: Damn. Whatever. I’m gonna get changed.
Chitose: He chickened out.
Itsuki: He gave up.
Amane: Shut up!

Chitose: Man, that looked so good on you.
Amane: I’m never doing this again.
Chitose. What a shame.
Mahiru: Are you angry?
Amane: I’m not. Just embarrassed. So I’ll never do it again. Glad you had your fun, Shiina…
Mahiru: Uhh… I am sorry. I could not help it.
Amane: Next time dress up Shiina. Or Itsuki.
Chitose: Okaay.
Itsuki: Don’t okay it!
Amane: You said Chitose made you cross-dress, but I never saw it. I think I have a right to see it.
Chitose: You heard the man, Ikkun!
Itsuki: Gimme a break!
All: laughter

Amane: Aww, so tired. I will never play a game with a punishment again.
Mahiru: Ahaha… But you were cute.
Amane: Doesn’t feel like a compliment.
Mahiru: Well… I think you are just not caring about dressing up. You do have good material to work with.
Amane: Why, thanks. If I had a baby-face like my father, it would have been better, but that would make the teasing even worse on the other hand.
Mahiru: Th- That would… not happen.
Amane: Say that to my face.
Mahiru: Would… not happen.
Amane: You sure? Well, you wouldn’t do it if I’m against it, so I’ll trust you for now.
Mahiru: Why only for now…
Amane: Considering your actions today…
Mahiru: Ugh… I would have stopped if you were really against it.
Amane: I know. We were just messing around, so I won’t get angry for real. But I’m not doing again.
Mahiru: Is that so…
Amane: Why do you look so disappointed? Just dress up yourself. You’re cute to begin with, so it’ll be more fruitful than dressing me up.
Mahiru: Uhh… I am concerned how you can give compliments so naturally.
Amane: Was I just reprimanded?
Mahiru: I praised you! Amane-kun, do you think I am cute?
Amane: I always think that. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t think that. Everyone has their own preferences, but generally speaking, you should pass as cute and pretty.
Mahiru: Before you said I was uncute.
Amane: That was referring to your cold attitude.
Mahiru: Then what about now?
Amane: Hah… You are cute.
Mahiru: Thank you very much. I will have you help me get cuter from now on as well.
Amane: Why me? It has always been your own effort, hasn’t it?
Mahiru: It is my effort, but it is thanks to you, too.
Amane: Is… that so?
Mahiru: Yes, it is. While we are on the topic, will you try to get cuter as well?
Amane: No, thank you!
Mahiru: Hihihi