Enchanting sweet chocolate…
— If Shinobu were to buy chocolates in cross-dress —

The department store’s special valentine’s day sales corner. A lots of women gathered here and they happily dedicated themselves to the choosing of chocolates. Somewhat overwhelmed, I watched their behaviour, then I set forth towards the sales corner with heavy steps.
Some passing by girls looked at me and whispered stuff like “That person is so pretty…”, “Such a tall figure, a model?” or “I would like to give that person friendship chocolate.” with a delighted voice. My heart turned a bit gloomy.
Watching my own reflection in the window display, I inadvertently dropped my shoulders.
Straight and long hair down till my waist, it was just a wig. Furthermore, my cold features that made people mistake me for a killer were softened by make-up. And on my body, which had no unnecessary muscles due to my training, looked surprisingly good in the female clothes I borrowed from the guys in the drama club and seemed slender. A perfect cross-dressing. No matter how you looked at me, I only looked like a girl.
But still… what the hell was I doing? While I rummaged through the chocolates, I naturally let out a heavy sigh.
Today was February the 13th. The day before valentine’s day, but for some sad reason, I came to the shop for chocolates in cross-dressing after school. It was all because of my friend, the pervert Asada Kouta. As a matter of fact, I had been called to the rooftop by Asada during lunch break for a single favour.
—Give me some chocolate.
At that time I was worried just how much his perversion had progressed, but there were pressing circumstances to it, as Asada explained with a serious expression.
Apparently Asada had casually boasted “This year I’ll get chocolate from my girlfriend” in front of his mother and big sister and they seemed to be really happy that he made a girlfriend. Both his mother and sister took his lie serious, broke out in tears and in the end even served red rice on that day. Asada lost all opportunity to pull out of it. While explaining the circumstances,
“Please, Nanjou! Go after school in cross-dress today! It doesn’t need to be on the actual valentine’s day! We’ll go with a distant relationship setting. I’ll do whatever you want in return!”
Asada clung to me in tears. So I couldn’t turn him down and asked the girls in class to do my make-up. And now I was here.
By the way, the girls didn’t ask anything and happily put me in the cross-dress, but let’s leave that aside. I should buy the chocolate already and go to Asada’s house.
I wanted to get over with this damn business. I sighed once more and paid the bill, then I stopped and once again looked back at the chocolate sales corner. Since valentine’s day was tomorrow, the place was filled with women and while I watched over them, suddenly the appearances of familiar girls floated in my head.
The new residents of our house since last year, Luna, Machina and Elni. A close classmate, Gogyou Hijiri and her big sister, the perverted maid Kaorun, aka Kaoru. Furthermore, my childhood friend, Minami Ouka.
Technically my mother and little sister Nazuna were giving me chocolates every year, but this year I should get chocolates from non-relatives too…Well, it wasn’t the time to forget my situation and think about stuff like that. I didn’t want to be seen by anyone here. I turned on my heel as to flee the place right away, whereupon— I totally unexpected met the eyes of two friends.
A dazzling beautiful woman. And a silver-haired girl, whose finely chiselled features made her look like a French doll. It were Kaorun and Elni.
Uncertain how long they had been looking at me, they were peeking out from behind an obstacle and when they met my eyes, Kaorun made an awkward bow whereas Elni waved her hand with a smile, but why were they there? I was shaken and opened my mouth.
“Ehm, you guys… since when have you been watching?”
“Mh? Since you chose the chocolates with a gloomy expression?”
S- Seemed they witnessed everything from beginning to end. Elni looked at the chocolate in my hand and continued.
“Anyway, Shinobu, about that chocolate.”
“No, well…”
Just how could I fool them? While I was at a loss for words, Elni said with a serious face.
“Could it be, these are for me?”
On these unexpected words, I inadvertently leaked a stupid “…Huh?” from my mouth, but Elni faintly smiled while saying “Friendship chocolate, right? Fufu, even cross-dressing, you’re so devoted”. However, Kaorun pulled on Elni’s sleeve with a reserved look
“Elni-san, I do not believe that the reason Shinobu-sama cross-dresses is so that he can give out friendship chocolate.”
and shook her head with teary eyes for some reason.
“I am sure Shinobu-sama was thinking ‘Aww, I’ll get chocolates only from my family again this year anyway, so I’ll buy chocolates myself, pretend I got them from a girl and show off’. But going to buy chocolates in this season would make other girls take him for a ‘Pitiful guy☆‘ and to avoid that, he cross-dressed without doubt.“
Still with teary eyes, Kaorun pulled out a handkerchief with “It is too sad for me to look at”.
C- Certainly, the situation could be misunderstood like that.
But she was jumping to conclusions. I wanted to clear up the misunderstanding right away, but telling them about the circumstances would be too cruel for Asada. After clenching my teeth, I clenched my fist and squeezed out the words.
“…Th, That’s right. I’m a pitiful guy like Kaorun said. Men are creatures that like to show off. What’s the big deal? Please, just leave me alone already.”
While telling the lie, it got so pathetic that I got close to tears. In regards, Kaorun finally covered her mouth with her hand to suppress her sobbing, whereas Elni took the chocolates on sale into her hand with a teary expression and held them out to me.
“Shinobu, it’s a day early, but I’ll give these valentine chocolate to you.”
“Yeah, thanks, but give them to me after you paid at the register.”
“Well then, Shinobu, can you lend me some money?”
“Yeah, sure. Ehm, how much— as if! Why would I have to pay myself for the chocolates I’m getting! Getting chocolates from a girl after I bribed her is just too sad!”
“But everyone wanted to make chocolates by themselves, so I used my allowance for the ingredients and barely have any left now. And I still need to buy the wrapping…”
Everyone’s making chocolates by themselves? Whom were they going to give them to? Would I get some too? I got a bit hopeful, whereupon Kaorun rummaged around in her pocket.
“Shinobu-sama, if you cannot wait until tomorrow, I can give you my chocolates with an aphrodisiac, which I made last night for a test.”
She held out an oblong box, which seemed to have suspicious chocolate in them, to me with a jerk.
Kaorun must have wanted to be considerate, but I jokingly lit an imaginary cigarette and replied after blowing out some invisible smoke.
“…Forget about that. I’m not good with sweets.”
“S- So mean! Even though I did my utmost to make them for you, Shinobu-sama!”
“Hey, don’t do your utmost for filling my chocolates with an aphrodisiac. Just what’s going on in your head? Also… Stop casually pushing the chocolates into my pocket.”
Kaorun drew closer while faking tears. I rebuked half wearily, but she kept a nonchalant expression.
“Shinobu-sama, as it might be expected, the aphrodisiac was a joke. I actually only mixed in some alcohol, so I hope you could pass on some to Luna-san as well.”
“Are you nuts? The drunk Luna is a kissing machine. It would be a catastrophe. Geez, you and all your jokes. I’m leaving now. I still have other plans.”
While ending the conversation a bit forcefully, I softly brought my face closer to Elni and Kaorun.
“By the way, I would appreciate it if you could forget everything you saw here today…”
“Don’t worry, Shinobu. You know me, I’m sure I’ll have forgotten it after three steps.”
“…Just this time I’ll trust into your airhead.”
Replying with a slight joke to Elni, I shifted my gaze towards Kaorun.
“I beg you too, Kaorun. Can you keep it a secret?”
“Please leave it to me. Your secret is absolutely safe with me. I am not lying. I might not look like it, but I am Japan’s greatest believer of Yamarāja.”
“…Aren’t you in danger of having your tongue unplugged right away by Yamarāja?”
“Muh, how rude. Please have a little faith in me. Besides, even though you have us with you, you still believe that you will not receive any chocolates, go as far as to cross-dress to buy chocolates and plan to boast that you get them from a girl. There is no way I could tell anyone about something this pitifu— Ah…”
For some reason Kaorun covered her mouth with both her hands midway in her sentence, whereupon there were suddenly two noises behind my back. The noise of something falling onto the ground. Somehow I got an incredible bad feeling.
For now I turned around nervously, whereupon my eyes fell onto two school bags laying on the floor of the department store. And worst of all, next there were two familiar faces in my vision.
The black-haired girl with the dignified features was Hijiri. And the stunningly beautiful red-haired girl was Machina. They might have come shopping together with Elni and Kaorun. And without doubt, they heard our earlier conversation. Hijiri damped her eyes unbearable, whereas Machina cried with a sorrowful face, as she couldn’t hold back.
“*sob*… Sorry, Shinobu. I didn’t know at all that it was so painful for you. If I had been nicer to you before this…”
Stuck for words from her regretful voice, Machina cried again.
Seeing their reactions, I kind of felt like running away and got close to tears myself, whereupon Hijiri quietly acted. Her eyes regained their dignity and she approached me, tightly embracing me for whatever reason.
“It must have been hard for you, Shinobu-kun. But it’s okay now. We’re here for you.”
Still embracing me, Hijiri gently repeated “It’ll be fine”.
…I really looked like a pitiful guy now.
But I still couldn’t clear up the misunderstanding, nor could I think of any words to fool them, so I softly got away from Hijiri and ran away, since I would break out in tears if I were to stay any longer. I left the department store behind me in my escape.

* * *

…I should go to bed for today.
Afterwards, I had went to Asada’s house and given him the chocolates without any incident. Then I returned home, but at dinner everyone’s attitude, except for my little sister Nazuna and my mother, was awkward towards me.
Machina must have told her about the incident at the department store. The reliable blonde older sister of our house, the beautiful Luna had somewhat teary eyes and sympathizing only gave me a larger potion of rice.
Also, the gluttonous Elni shared her side dish with me on a rare occasion and contrary to my mother and Nazuna, who showed doubtful expressions, Machina emulated Elni’s deed with a sorrowful face. Their consideration only hurt in my chest.
…They definitely misunderstood. They might think of me as a pitiful guy. To be honest, I felt like starting a shut-in lifestyle now, but I felt sorry for worrying them any more.
Today there was nothing to do, but to get over my feelings with a good sleep.
Therefore, after I finished my dinner and bath miserably, I shrugged my shoulders and sat down on my bed, whereupon there was suddenly a knock on my door and Machina peeked in her head.
“Mh? What’s up? Need something?”
“Ehm, Shinobu, are you shoulders stiff? If you want, I can give you a massage.”
…My shoulders weren’t stiff in particular, but Machina got onto my bed without waiting for a reply and started to massage my shoulders. Luna would be one thing, but getting a shoulder massage from Machina was weird.
Just what was going on? When I tilted my head, Machina continued the massage for a while, then called out to me with a faintly dropped voice.
“Hey Shinobu, did you, well, never get any chocolate on valentine’s day before?”
“Not quite. I’m getting ones from Nazuna and my mother every year. And I’m sure the reason I only get ones from my family is because the other girls are too embarrassed to give them to me. It’s not their fault, but mine, who lets them get embarrassed.”
“Yeah, exactly. I understand, so don’t worry. You’re charming after all, Shinobu.”
While perfectly shooting down my foolery, Machina gently hugged onto me from behind.
The sensation of her voluminous breasts pressing onto my back was certainly great. Normally I would get a tic excited, but… her consideration still only hurt.
When I inadvertently hung my head, Machina continued with a calm voice.
“You know, Shinobu, actually this is supposed to be a secret, but everyone plans to give you chocolate tomorrow, so don’t feel so down.”
“…Is that so?”
While a lively voice leaked out of my mouth, Machina replied softly with a “Yes”.
“I’ll challenge myself to make chocolates by myself now too.”
“By yourself? I’m happy about that, but can you actually make chocolate?”
“…Of, Of course. It’s a given.”
Mhm, she was clearly unsettled just now. Machina was bad at cooking. As she herself was aware of it too, she leaked a somewhat shrill voice.
“L- Leave it to me. Making chocolates is a piece of cake. You know, first you heat them up. Then…”
“And then?”
“Ehm… you’re done?”
Done already. Then even I could do it. As expected, I made a wry smile.
“Don’t take chocolate making lightly. Your idea of chocolates is too sweet. It gives me a bitter aftertaste, seriously.”
“D- Don’t worry. My sister is teaching me. You just wait in anticipation.”
“I see. Then I’ll look forward to it, but don’t go overboard, okay?”
I was a bit worried, but I replied softly.
“You’re bad with cooking, right? Be careful not to hurt yourself at least. I’m happy enough to receive chocolates from you already, in whatever form.”
“…You’re happy from just getting chocolates from me?”
“Even 10 yen chocolate would make me happy. Because returning the favour threefold would be easy.”
As I was a bit bashful, I replied with a joke, whereupon Machina clung to my back even stronger and brought her face closer. “Mm…*kiss*…” with that my neck was suddenly kissed.
While I was agitated about the sensation of her round lips, Machina got away from me and flushed her cheeks with “W- Well then, I’m going to make chocolates now…”, swiftly leaving my room.
On the other hand, I saw her off, then I slowly laid down on my bed face-up.
…To be frank, today was a horrible day. But to stay positive, it couldn’t get any worse. Tomorrow I would get chocolates from everyone and Machina’s lips were really soft— Not good. I shouldn’t let my thoughts drift off weirdly.
Straightening my cheeks that faintly formed a smile, I closed my eyes while laying on the bed. I was anxiously awaiting tomorrow. My depression had perfectly vanished, so I could sleep really well that night.

* * *

When would they give me the chocolate? If what Machina told me was true, I would get chocolate from Luna and the others this year. But, I hadn’t gotten a single one since morning.
…It would be devastating to not get any. While embracing a faint anxiety, I faced lunch break at school. For some reason I was again called out by Asada by mail, so I doubtfully headed for the rooftop.
Upon that, there was a boy with a refreshing look. It was Asada the Pervert.
When he noticed me, he started to fidget disgustingly and even though that was already too much to look at, of all things he even pulled out chocolates with “Here…” from behind his back. While my brain stopped to function on the unforeseen situation, Asada blushed and started talking.
“You know, you gave me chocolate yesterday. So I’m kind of returning the favour.”
While saying so, Asada bashfully faced sideways with “But don’t get the wrong idea”.
“I, I bought them after a careful selection! They aren’t friendship ones!”
Probably, Asada was screwing around, but it was so disgusting that I couldn’t say anything.
My first chocolate this year. And it was a present from a boy. So damn sad.
The chocolates were forced onto me partly pushy. While I dumbfounded looked at them, Asada showed no signs of noticing my feelings and made an overly happy smiling face. He must have meant no harm. I wanted to snarl a few things, but for now I left it at a sigh and a thanks.
At that time, I suddenly felt a gaze from behind me.
…I got an even worse feeling than yesterday at the department store. Please let it be just my imagination. I turned around with this praying sentiment, but much to my regret, there stood my classmates Minami and Hijiri in front of the door to the rooftop. They both widened their eyes and turned somewhat pale.
They might have seen everything. I hastily hid my chocolate behind my back and somehow clad myself with composure.
“Wh- What’s up, you two? Coming to the rooftop in this cold…”
While feeling the blood drain out of my head, I asked, whereupon Hijiri knitted her eyebrows and dropped her gaze, whereas Minami trembled her voice with a still pale face.
“Uhm, I wanted to give you chocolates, so I looked for you, but somehow it seems we interrupted you. Sorry. I had no idea…”
Sniffling moved to tears, Minami trembled her voice even more.
“To think you and Asada were in that kind of relationship.”
“No, no, wait Minami. Don’t jump to conclusions. There’s a reason—”
“You don’t need to make excuses, Shinobu-chan. Love is different for everyone. If possible, I would like to root for you, but…”
As she couldn’t endure it anymore midway in her sentence, Minami raised a “I can’t after all!” voice.
“Uwah~ Shinobu-chan became so distant~!”
with such a crying voice she ran away.
…This wasn’t good. Minami perfectly misunderstood. But at least I should properly explain it to Hijiri. With no more time to clad myself in composure, I looked imploring at Hijiri.
“I, I’m sure you understand, Hijiri, but everything just now was just Asada’s joke, okay?”
“…Shinobu-kun, I feel sorry for Asada when you shrug it off as a joke.”
Apparently Hijiri got the wrong idea as well and she smiled sadly while dropping her shoulders.
“As Minami-san said already, you don’t need to make excuses. So the chocolates you bought in cross-dress yesterday were for Asada-kun, right? I refuse to believe that you two are dating, but I’ll always be on your side, Shinobu-kun!”
Turning on her heels with tears dwelling up in her eyes, Hijiri rushed away with her back to me. And right afterwards a heart-rending “Fueeh~ Kaoru-sa~n!” crying voice reached my ears.
…It seemed like the whole world turned against me. I was about to curl up myself inadvertently, whereupon Asada, who had silently watched so far, softly rested his palm on my shoulder.
“Sorry, Nanjou. It got out of hand because of me. But you know, at times like this, you only look more suspicious when you deny it desperately. It’s just a misunderstanding anyway, so just take it with dignity. I’m sure one day we’ll all laugh about it.”
“I can’t laugh about it at all. Why do I have to get misunderstood today of all days? Do you know what day is today?”
“For me, it’s a hellish day. Even if others treat me as a homo, I couldn’t care less about valentine’s day! Either way, the only chocolate I got was from you, Nanjou! Homo? So what? I have nothing to lose!”
After openly declaring these pitiful words, Asada said “But, I want chocolate from a girl…”, then suddenly started crying like a waterfall. It was too pitiful to look at and I lost all my will to blame Asada any further. Only sadness remained in my chest.
Inadvertently even I got close to tears and until lunch break was over, Asada and I curled up ourselves in a corner of the rooftop.

…My classmates might be in an uproar. Specially the boys might take their distance from me?
I feared such, but it seemed Hijiri and Minami kept the incident from the lunch break to themselves. Because of valentine’s day the guys in class were a bit depressed, but otherwise it wasn’t any different from usual.
That said, Machina might have heard about it from Hijiri and Minami as an exception. She showed a rather complicated expression and snuck a peek at me numerous times during class from her seat next to mine.
I was quite concerned about it, but just like Asada had said, awkwardly denying it would just worsen the situation. I played cool once more and spending classes lifelessly, it then was after school. While my classmates started ready to go home, Minami hesitantly approached me.
“Uhm, Shinobu-chan, I couldn’t give it to you during lunch break, but here, valentine chocolates.”
“Ohh, thanks.”
I was honestly happy. I accepted the chocolates with a smile, but as the incident from lunch break still affected her, Minami faintly trembled her lips and tightly grabbed both my hands.
“Shinobu-chan, one day I’ll teach you the benefits of being with a girl!”
“N- Now that sounds appealing— wait, Minami?”
I desperately tried to reply composed, but without waiting for my answer, Minami turned on her heels and rushed away with attitude, leaving the classroom like that. The hand I had reached out was quite miserable.
Lightly shrugging my shoulders, I stood up while hanging my head, whereupon Machina suddenly grabbed my arm from besides and even Hijiri, whenever she came over, took my other arm.
I didn’t know why, but in no time both my arms were held captive. Both Machina and Hijiri had a rather serious expression and they started walking by dragging me along without saying a word, so I felt really doubtful and opened my mouth timidly.
“Ehm, girls, what’s up so suddenly?”
“…Just be quiet and come with us.”
“This is for your sake, Shinobu-kun. That’s what Kaoru-san said.”
Machina and Hijiri each gave a short reply and dragged me along.
Judging by Hijiri’s words, even Kaorun seemed to be involved, but… I couldn’t help but worry. Progressing fearfully with their lead, we reached the school gate. There was a single car parked and Kaorun sat in the driver seat.
Seeing her, Hijiri and Machina pushed me kind of forcefully onto the backseat of the car retained both my side, then the car slowly started moving regardless of my bewilderment.
…Just where were they taking me to?
I felt worry once more, whereupon Kaorun quietly started speaking while driving.
“Shinobu-sama, Hijiri-chan filled me in on the situation. You gave your homo-friend— I mean, your dear friend chocolates and he gave you some today as well.”
Indifferently spinning her words, Kaorun continued after a sigh.
“I would have never thought that Shinobu-sama is fond of boys love.”
“No, I don’t really—”
“There is no need for excuses. We will properly train— I mean, get you back on the right path, Shinobu-sama. Hijiri-chan, Machina, prepare Shinobu-sama with ‘that’.”
Urged by Kaorun like that, Hijiri and Machina swiftly not only blindfolded me, but also covered my ears with headphones. Somehow an endless loop of vale*tine kiss played from the headphones, but… seriously, what were they going to do to me?
Due to the blindfold I couldn’t see anything and due to the bright melody sounding at my ears I couldn’t even hear what they were talking about. While my worry grew even greater, the car stopped at one point and someone softly took my hand. After I walked for a while by being pulled by that small, warm hand, only the headphones were finally taken off and I turned my neck then and there.
“…Just where am I?”
“Fufu, you’ll know soon, Shinobu.”
Mh? I recognized that voice just now.
“You’re… Elni, right? Tell me honestly. Where am I? Are the others here too? Seeing as you’re here, doesn’t it mean I was just taken home?”
“Mhm~ I wonder.”
Dodging the question with a mysterious tone, Elni took my hand again and started walking, whereupon the noise of a door opening suddenly reached my ears.
“Okay, all set. Well then, Shinobu, go inside and take off the blindfold. And free the sleeping beast in you. The ultimate weapon we prepared is waiting for you.”
Probably not just Kaorun, but Elni too heard about the circumstances. Well, I didn’t get what she was talking about, but for now I obeyed Elni’s instruction and stepped forward, whereupon I felt a faint heat on my cheeks.
…What was it? When I turned my neck again, I now heard the sound of a door closing, probably Elni’s doing, and I timidly took off the blindfold.
Instantly my vision fell onto a large wooden bath and hot steam. And sitting in the bathtub was… a blonde girl.
I, I had been to this place a few times. It was the bath in Hijiri’s house. And the girl in my vision was Luna. She had her blonde hair tied up high and my eyes were unconsciously about to wander over her naked body, but I hastily turned my back to her.
I couldn’t grasp the situation well. Why was I brought here? Was Luna the ultimate weapon that Elni spoke of? While my thoughts were scattered, Luna called out to me softly.
“Ehm, how about you join me in the bath, Shinobu-san? It is really warm.”
“No, it’s embarrassing, so I pass. More importantly, what are you doing here? This is Hijiri’s house, right? Why are even you here?”
“That is, I heard it from Kaoru-san too…”
A bit hesitant to speak up, Luna asked with worry in her voice.
“Shinobu-san, do you love boys?”
“No, in fact I love girls.”
“…Is that true?”
“I hate lying and carrots.”
As a matter of fact, I never had any special feelings for a boy, not even once. I instantly replied without hesitation, but
“Well then, please let me confirm it.”
Luna was apparently doubtful and the sound of her leaving the bath echoed. Whatever she was doing, I heard a weird and faint squeak sound.
…Was she looking for the soap tube? And just what did she wanted to confirm? While my heartbeat accelerated a bit, Luna spoke to me reserved, as she finished preparing.
“Uhm, Shinobu-san, could you face this way?”
“…Sure, but I hope you’re wearing a bath towel.”
“It, It is not a towel, but it is f, fine!”
Judging from her bashful voice, it didn’t seem to be all that fine. But we would make no progress if I just stood there. I didn’t know how Luna was dressed right now, but it should be fine as long as I pulled myself together. Turning around determined… I certainly was at a loss for words.
She indeed wasn’t naked. But in a way, her appearance was even more lascivious than naked. Liquid chocolate. It thinly covered Luna’s soft white skin, hiding only her precious places for now, but I could clearly distinguish her perfect body lines that were full of up and downs, so my heart skipped a beat.
Her plentiful heavy breasts sharply faced upwards by defying gravity. They bounced seductive every time Luna moved and it was extremely erotic how the chocolate dripped down to the floor from the tip of her breasts.
Moreover the chocolate dropping from her voluminous underboobs loosely flowed down her slender waist and firm white tights into her crotch, making even her long beautiful legs more sensual.
When I dropped my gaze down like that, there was a tube of fluid chocolate on the ground.
…I never expected them to prepare something like this. And somehow I could predict the next development. When I pondered how to escape from here, Luna blushed and looked at me.
“Sh- Shinobu-san, this is my valentine chocolate for you. Please eat it all up.”
“…Sorry, can’t do. I’ll get a nosebleed when I eat all that. Please spare me.”
To begin with, my reasoning would give in first. It was quite the appealing proposal, but I somehow managed to kill down my true feelings, whereupon Luna dropped her shoulders sadly and damped her eyes.
“I knew it, you prefer a boy’s chest.”
“W- Wait a sec! That’s not the reason I—”
“But! Women have their own charming point!”
Cutting into my words, Luna stepped one step forward.
Upon that, her huge breasts bounced up and down and I was about to be captured by these movements, whereupon Luna tightly clenched both her fists while still blushing.
“Certainly your chest— I mean, a man’s chest is nice too! But, well, a woman’s breasts feel good too, you know? Just once is fine, please taste… well, my breasts. I, I am sure it will make you understand the virtue of a woman.”
“Y- Your face is kind of bright red, but did you come up with this sentence yourself?”
“No, Kaoru-san did— no, wait! I came up with it! Really!”
…Luna sucked at lying. While averting my eyes from her enormous breasts, I somehow ordered my confused mind. In view of this situation and Luna’s words, everyone threw the ultimate weapon in form of the natural erotic big sister at me to make me realize the magnificence of women.
To be honest, my reasoning was about to be blown away. Luna fidgeted her knees against each other in shame and looked at me with upturned eyes.
“Shinobu-san, just for a bit will suffice, so will you taste them?”
“Well, taste you say… What am I supposed to do?”
“Ehm, lick them or, well, do whatever you want… with my breasts.”
Probably these words were taught to her by Kaorun too. But in my vision were two large swellings that reminded you of oversized melons. If I really could have my way with them…
Having a fierce inner conflict, my hesitation didn’t disappear completely. But this surely was the quickest way to clear up the misunderstanding. Urged by Luna, I timidly brought my face closer to her voluminous white peaches while holding onto my cracked reasoning.
“W- Well then, I’ll take you up on your offer.”
“Yes… Go ahead.”
As she was indeed embarrassed, Luna flushed her face and smiled somewhat happily, slowly raising up her breasts from beneath. S- Surely she wanted to make it easier for me to eat.
However, the moment I saw the ample soft flesh inflecting and the chocolate flowing from the top of her round breasts into her deep cleavage, accumulating there, a huge fissure opened in my reasoning.
First I should calm down. I took a deep breathe. While pulling myself together as to not forget myself, I slowly extended the tip of my tongue and touched the chocolate.
…It was really sweet. On my tongue I tasted the flavour of chocolate. And the enchanting softness of breasts. With a bit more pressure, the elasticity of the juicy breasts pressed back onto the tip of my tongue and I inadvertently was about to get engrossed into it, but
“Ahn… Uhn…”
when I suddenly raised my gaze, Luna was knitting her eyebrows oppressive as to endure something and had her eyes tightly shut. This wasn’t good…
I had thought that lightly touching them wouldn’t hurt, but I heard that a woman’s breasts were really delicate. Feeling a bit guilty, I decided to taste the chocolate carefully, reserved and slowly.
But, Luna only knitted her eyebrows even more oppressive.
“Hahn… If you do it so gently… Ahn…”
Mh? Being gently wasn’t okay? Then wildly— wait, thinking about stupid stuff would make my reasoning shriek again. Becoming aware of my accelerated pulse, I kept licking the chocolate while avoiding the central part of her breasts.
“Yahn… Somehow, it is like I am being teased…Fuhn…”
M- Maybe it didn’t hurt her at all. While I continued to reach out the tip of my tongue, Luna’s voice started to fill with sensuality and at last she twisted her body left and right a bit, so her big breasts trembled writhing to match these movements.
…It was bad to continue like that. I should close my eyes. When I couldn’t see anything, I might calm down a bit. Or so I thought, but
“Mm… Ahn… There… Mhaa…”
a bewitching soprano voice reached my ears and suddenly both my cheeks were enveloped by some fluffy and soft things. They were big, warm and elastic like pounded Mochi. Even with my eyes closed I could tell. These were without doubt Luna’s breasts.
“Shinobu-san, do my breasts feel good?”
Along with a somewhat enchanting voice, her breasts, pressing onto both my cheeks, bounced bodacious. Most likely Luna pressed them onto me, making them shake lightly.
…It certainly was a pleasure that couldn’t be described with words.
But, my reasoning got in real troubles. It was regrettably, but I should finish up quickly. It would take too much time with just the tip of my tongue. With my eyes still closed, I opened my mouth a bit and gently sucked up the chocolate with my lips, albeit hesitant. In that moment,
“Mhaaaa! Ahhhh….”
A fascinating and bewitching voice echoed and on my lips I didn’t just feel the sensation of the breast, but also a small, but firm and sweet peak. C- Could this be…
Hastily removing my lips, I timidly opened my eyes, whereupon I could confirm the light pink pinnacle of her breast in front of my eyes. Moreover Luna had her back crooked and was breathing kind of heavily while her beautiful breasts with great consistency shook like a pudding in rhythm with her breathing and the peaks of her breasts became somewhat pointed.
“Hah… Hah… Shinobu-san… Amazing…”
Not only her voice, but spellbinding her eyes as well, Luna sweetly stuck her hands onto my rear and back of the head, slowly bringing her breasts closer to me.
It looked like she was urging me to do more and for a moment my mind went completely blank, but mustering what was left of my reasoning, I withstood it with all my might. But to be honest, I was at my limit already. Any more of this and I couldn’t warrant for what I would do.
Having lost my composure, I pondered what to do, whereupon there was suddenly a knock on the bathroom door and Hijiri, Machina, Kaorun and Elni came inside.
Elni wore casual clothes and Kaorun her maid outfit, which wasn’t any different from earlier. But for some reason Hijiri and Machina had put on suggestive bikinis, generously exposing their bodies that were in no way inferior to a gravure idol’s.
Since they were showing a lot of skin, I could clearly grasp the shape of their big breasts and even their cleavages, sideboobs and underboobs were showing themselves. With the slightest movement, it looked like their precious parts would spill out.
Also, my eyes were about to wander over their small navels, brilliant firm thighs and smooth long legs, whereupon Hijiri and Machina both flushed her face, as they felt my gaze, and Kaorun smiled satisfied as soon as she saw my reaction.
“It appears Shinobu-sama has started to understand the virtue of women. Even if only a bit, he is grinning.”
While saying so roguish, Kaorun faintly frowned with “However,”.
“Why are you naked, Luna-san? What happened to the swimsuit?”
“Ehm, Elni told me it would more effective this way.”
“I see. As expected from Elni-san. Still, in a way, you are quite amazing too, Luna-san, for getting naked for that reason…”
Kaorun filled her voice with admiration and weariness, to which Elni reacted by making a V-sign with a smile.
…As for me, I wished they would be a bit more considerate towards my reasoning.
When such thoughts crossed my mind, Kaorun gave Hijiri and Machina a glance.
“Okay, Hijiri-chan, Machina, you cannot acquiesce here. It is all for Shinobu-sama’s sake. For the time being, please point out your ample bottoms in his direction.”
“Eh? Kaoru-san? Why our butts?”
“Why not our breasts like my sister?”
While Hijiri and Machina wondered, Kaorun sharply pointed at Luna’s breasts and replied.
“Shinobu-sama was just satisfied by these wonderful huge breasts. Presenting him only breasts is rather mundane, would you not agree? Besides, breasts alone are not supposed to be a woman’s virtue. Please teach Shinobu-sama the benefits about bottoms too.”
“Well, we can’t win against my sister with breasts anyway.”
On Kaorun’s words, Machina nodded obediently and turned her bottom towards me, but Hijiri seemed to oppose. After showing a short hesitation, she turned bright red up to her ears by saying “…It’s for Shinobu-kun’s sake” and followed Machina’s suit.
There Hijiri and Machina’s hips were lightly pointed at me openly and even though that alone made me restless already, Kaorun quickly reached out her hand and even stripped off their swimsuits of all things without time to stop her.
Instantly, their snow-white pretty bottoms revealed themselves and trembled embarrassed. Hijiri and Machina’s ample buttocks, white like a peeled egg. As they were rich on tension, their bottoms had a beautiful shape without slackness and when I was about to be captivated by their seductive bottom cheeks,
“K- Kaoru-san! What are you doing! Stop it!”
“Right! Give our swimsuits back at once!”
Due to the shame, their voices were shrill and Hijiri and Machina started to protest in uniform, but Kaorun paid it no mind and pulled out two tubes from her pocket.
Was it white chocolate? The tube was filled with fluid chocolate in white. Despite Hijiri and Machina’s opposition, Kaorun started to pour the chocolate over their bottoms wordless.
“Mm… K- Kaoru-san… If you, do it so suddenly… Ahhh….”
“Yahn… It’s so hot… on my butt… Uhn….”
The sticky warmth of the chocolate made Hijiri and Machina raise a sweet voice and reluctantly wreathing their waists, their white-coloured hips trembled sexy.
Amidst that, Luna said “…I want another round” to herself with a spellbound expression, whereas Elni got behind my back and urged me forward with a push on my back and Kaorun showed a smile with “Please satisfy yourself to your heart’s content”. Moreover,
“Sh- Shinobu-kun, you don’t need to hold back, okay? Touch it all you want. But, be as gentle as possible.”
“C’mon, hurry up, Shinobu. If you stare at it like that… It’s just embarrassing.”
Each still flushing their cheeks, Hijiri and Machina invited me.
…I was really about to lose myself. Their charming hips in my vision. When I advanced in the still dangerous situation, the cell phone in my pocket suddenly rang and that out-of-place noise made Kaorun knit her eyebrows faintly.
“Muh, there really are some tactless people. Just who is calling now?”
“…A Pervert with the name Asada.”
Replying so, I pressed the call button and in that very moment Kaorun snatched away my cell phone.
“—Yo, the wild gentleman here, what’s up, Pervert?”
Showing a perfect imitation of me, the pervert Maid answered the call from Asada.
“Mh? Sorry for today? What’re you talking about Asada… About lunch break? A misunderstanding? Well, I’m a bit forgetful lately. Sorry, but tell me again what happened during lunch break.”
Apparently hearing the circumstances from Asada, Kaorun gave agreeable response while still mimicking me and her expression stiffened up gradually.
“… I see, I get it. By the way, if you are apologizing— I ask that you do not do so to just Shinobu-sama, but to Hijiri-chan, Machina, Elni and myself as well.”
“Eh? Huh? Wait a sec! I wasn’t talking to Nanjou!?”
“Well then Asada-sama, sweet maid dreams.”
“No, no! I already had a dream about a maid yesterday! An exciting one, where she wore a mini-skirt! Anyway—”
I kind of could hear Asada’s flustered voice faintly from the phone, but Kaorun cut the call wordlessly and let her gaze wander over us.
“Ehm, it might be a bit late, but it appears it was just a misunderstanding.”
Awkwardly casting down her face, Kaorun explained.
That Asada got chocolates from me to boast with it to his older sister and mother. That I got chocolates in return for that. And that Hijiri and Minami misunderstood it. She explained everything.
Upon that, Luna showed a wry smile while the explanation went on, whereas Elni cast down her face awkwardly too and Machina and Hijiri turned more and more red, raising their voices.
“Th- Then what did we do all this for!”
“Sorry, everyone! It’s my fault for getting the wrong idea!”
Along with their words, Machina and Hijiri covered their faces with both their hands.
…Wait, I could understand their embarrassment, but did they realize their current attire? Kaorun had stripped off their swimsuits, remember? They should hide their breasts instead of their faces.
While I averted my gaze from their voluminous breasts in my renewed agitation, a dicey silence had befallen the broad bath and Elni clapped her palms together, as she came up with a way to change the mood.
“G- Guys! This certainly might have started from a misunderstanding! But, Shinobu looks really happy! Let’s make him even happier together!”
… E- Elni-san? What are you mentioning out of the blue? Please, just stop it. My reasoning was not as tough as you believed it to be.
I inadvertently freaked out so much that I lapsed into respective speech, whereupon Kaorun flushed her cheeks with “If that is the case, then I well lend my assistance” and started to take off her clothes, whereas Hijiri and Machina were eager too while flushing their cheeks. On top of that, Elni softly took my arm
“Uhm, Shinobu-san, if you like, do you want to continue where you left off earlier?”
and looked at me with a passionate look that was filled with hope and worry while filling her voice with shame. It didn’t look like I could escape from it. While I felt a cold sweat breaking out on my forehead, I swallowed down my saliva with a gulp…
Then a bit of time passed, I got a nosebleed from either eating too much chocolate or blowing the fuse on my reasoning and thoughts, and fainted, which brought an end to this year’s valentine’s day. By the way, I’ll keep it a secret that the unforeseen happening made me a bit happy…