Okay, here we go with Volume 10.
Sadly I had to vertically typeset the colour pages of Vol 10, because it would just be too tedious to redraw it all.
I hope you can forgive me.

I’m a bit tired right now, so I have no clue what to say…
Let me just say this: I plan to recheck the previous volumes during my winter vacation. Vol 01 is really subpar compared to the other volumes, since it was translated over a too long time-span.
On that occasion, I might include some volume-wise proofreading, if people are interested.

If you are interested, confident in your English skills and have free time during December/January, then contact me.

Otherwise, enjoy~

22 thoughts on “30/11/2013

  1. Loco15 says:

    Thanks a lot PROzess-sama!

    Don’t read this if you don’t have finished reading volume 9.
    Machina is my favorite character so i’m happy that she got a new vol. But if she goes away i’m gonna cry for real, and throw my computer of the window

  2. Altux says:

    Great, thanks a lot, Tsuki-tsuki is good, the characters are enoyable, still hope shinobu only get’s one in the ned and the others find their own

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