I had faith and procrastinated a bit, but unfortunately, no one sent me raws for Volume 06. :(

As a temporary solution, I took pictures of each page with my cell phone, uploaded them to my computer and edited them in an image editor, so that they were nicely readable, but that whole process took me over an hour for mere 20 pages. You might think that is no big deal, but it is quite the boring task at the same time.
I want to translate and not spent hours photographing some pages of a book.
So let me get this clear: Please get me some digital raws. Pretty please with cherry on top.

I hate abandoning stuff midday, unless it totally sucks and is not worth my time, so I will definitely bring Vol 6 to a closure, since I already started it now.
But if I still do not get any digital raws for the coming volumes, I am afraid that I will have to drop the project.
Do not see this as a threat. I do have all the physical books, so I am not some shady wannabe-translator craving for donations, but 1) I have no scanner, and 2) I am a translator, not a raw provider.
Thus, I am simply stating that it will be impossible for me to continue my effort for this series without digital raws. You can hate me for it or not, but that fact will not change.
What you can do, though, is provide me with scans or find someone, who can. I would really appreciate it.

In the meantime, the release speed for the chapters of Vol 06 will be drastically delayed. Remember, I need to take a picture of each single page and the next chapter is already 70 pages long.
There might be even months without a release, so be prepared.
The prologue is definitely the only release in March and I am not certain if I will get c01 done for April. We will see.

Anyway, Enjoy~

38 thoughts on “13/03/2017

  1. Sacredriver says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work!
    I don’t know where to find digital raws or anyone who does but I can send you a scanner if you would like one?

  2. ghostrike says:

    I can look into finding the raw… I offer no guarantee but if they are available I will find them. Send me your email and give me a few day and I’ll send what I find.

    • PROzess says:

      If they were actually scanned, I could find them myself.
      The problem is: They ain’t.
      They are two ways to aquire raws: Buy the books and scan them or buy the ebook version and rip the pages from your reader.
      Problem for variant #1: I have no scanner.
      Problem for variant #2: There’s no ebook version of Risou.

      The only solution: Someone with a scanner buys the books and scans them for me.
      That’s what I’m asking for.
      If money is an issue, I am sure we can work out something.

      And just in case, my email is: p-scans@gmx.de

        • Ace says:

          I decided to stop being just another leecher and try being a seed. I just purchased the novels to show support and when they arrive, I can provide raws to p-scans@gmx.de

          Shipping says a week out. Probably a few days extra to get my scanner setup tuned and running like a machine. I cleaned old comics for my brother a decade ago. The technology should be a lot better now.

          • PROzess says:

            Much appreciated :3
            Scanning novels is a lot easier than manga, since text pages do not really require all that much quality, i.e. worry about bleedthrough.

            Again, thank you!

  3. Kuro says:

    Wish I could help , have a scanner but not the novels. Will maybe get them in july or august but before that I can’t buy them ( no money ). I hope someone will send them to you before that though :v .

  4. Bazsi says:

    i have a scanner but i don’t know if the quality of the images would satisfy you(it’s a pretty old one) and also i have no idea when i would get the physical copies themselves because i would need to order them from amazon as i am not in japan and have no one who could provide me with them.

  5. Ace says:

    Not sure if my other post went through. maybe a really long delay. I purchased all the novels and can provide raws in 2 weeks. Probably.

  6. Warlothar says:

    I hope you get the scans soon, i can’t help :( . Thx for translating even in that situation, it is really appreciated. It was curious to see Zenjirou and Aura making popular the wedding rings. It doesn’t seem as he will get a concubine soon. Love is in the air XD .

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