Welcome to the new blog!
As you probably know, I had some serious problems with blogger that drove me crazy.
Therefore I decided to switch over to WordPress. It’s working way smoother now <3
Though for some unknown reason, I can’t change the background in this theme. But from all the themes I tried, I liked this the most, so I guess the standard background will have to do.
On the left you see the navigation panel in green. You can hover over the novel names to get the respective volumes to show up.
I would also appreciated if you could give me your feedback on the new layout. I’m willing to adjust it to increase your reading pleasure!

23 thoughts on “30/06/2013

  1. The new blog is pretty good, the navigation panel in green is cool 😀

    Thanks for your hard work PROzess.

  2. Im wondering if you could translated “Hentai ouji to warawanai neko”. Well… If you have a free time that is.
    And Thanks for the translation

    1. I’m not taking on any more novel projects. I have my hands full with my two projects already.

      The anime might have sparked the interest of someone else though.

  3. Hey the new blog looks nice. I’m having some problems though, in Tsuki Tsuki the gray background stops shortly after chapter 2 starts (for vol 1 and 2, haven’t read up to vol 3), and I think it happens with Shinanai too. Basically only the picture with the field is left and the text comes up in gray.
    Maybe the gray background has an input limit?

    Anyways, thank you for your work.

    1. On my firefox, internet explorer and on my phone, it gets shown all the way down the volume.

      What browser do you use?

    1. Yeah, I do see now what you mean.
      For some reason, I have the same problem when I’m on my laptop oO

      I’ll try to fix the problem once I’m back home to my desktop computer on monday.
      I can’t really do much on my laptop.

      1. Yeah, thank you. I can go back to reading on firefox again.

        I’m on a laptop too, not sure what was going on.

        Btw thanks for translating these novels, I tried Shinanai after Tsuki Tsuki and it’s been a great read, loving both so far.

  4. just gonna say thanks for translating Tsuki Tsuki and Shinanai Otoko ni Koi shita Shoujo
    mind if i ask something ??
    Can you make pdf version of your works ??

  5. Proving near impossible for me to use on my 3DS which is what I usually use to read. It would bearly load this post and any features requiring hoving forget about. I guess I’ll have to swich to my laptop.

  6. I was wondering if you would be putting out a pdf and/or an epub version of these? I usually use my nook to read light novels, so, just curious.

    1. I personally won’t bother to make such.
      But some random anon made an epub ver for vol 01, so if you’re lucky someone will make one for 2, too.

  7. Hey very nice theme, although some darker/bold font for the content will be very nice for our eyes ;). In other matters , you want to change the green or the silver background? If it’s the green just look for the ‘body.custom-background’ key in your html file, if it’s the silver that’s more tricky since it’s a 900×4 png file that repeats itself until eternity. You can edit the content-bg.png and also you would need to do the same for content-bg-300×1.png and content-(bottom|top)-bg to match colors… or doing some css magic yourself so you ain’t dependent of drugs images for the background.

    1. Except that I have no clue about html/css scripting anymore.
      At least I managed to make the font black^^

  8. Are you by chance translating Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha in Baka-Tsuki? and if so why havent you put it in your wordpress site?

  9. are you willing to continu to translat tsuki tsuki novel and shinanai otoko ni koi

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