Surprised, huh?
Not as much as me though.
I know I said I would do Shinanai Otoko first, but after I changed to wordpress and worked on the new layout, I kinda felt like working on TsukiTsuki. I was never a fan of schedules anyway.

Yet a surprisingly good chapter. At first I thought it would be a pure lame fanservice chapter (I just can’t get a boner while translating, so fanservice is kinda wasted on me-.-), but like so often before, the end of the chapter hit me hard. I’m expecting a lot from the next chapters!

On other news, most of you probably see this new layout for the first time.
Yeah, I was tired of the blogger errors, so I changed to wordpress and it’s going so much smoother now <3
Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties with the new layout and I’ll try to fix it.
Other comments are welcomed too. I know you’re out there rooting for me, but it’s a lot more motivating if you voice it out in the comments^^

Anything else?
I don’t think so. Probably.

Enjoy reading~

2 thoughts on “08/07/2013

  1. New site is looking pretty sweet, I’m glad that you kept the ‘middle bar’ where the text goes, makes it really easy to read. Thanks for the chapter as always.

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