I just received bad news about my real-life, so I’m distracting myself with translating-.-
I practically did this 64 page chapter in 2 days-.-

But hey, it was a very nice chapter.

On another note, I don’t like translation notes. Japanese don’t have them either, so I don’t understand why we would have to insert notes that explain a situation. If your IQ is too low to comprehend a situation/joke, then use google. That’s what it’s there for.

Otherwise have fun reading~

6 thoughts on “12/07/2013

  1. i hope you the problems in your life get better, and thx for the next chapter, i love this LN alot

  2. Thanks for the chapter, this Light novel is the first I read, and it’s one hell of a fun read.

  3. PROzess my men!! Theere is a friend of mine who hopes to read this awesome LN in pdf because of his circumstances. Therefore do you know how to create the pdf file of this LN ? Thanks a lot if you can.

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