So, novel volume 12 gets released next month, there are two drama CDs already released and the manga is also already up to chapter 25. Yet all these sales didn’t justify an anime.
As sad as it may be, it’s unlikely we will ever see an anime of TsukiTsuki.
But that might not be all that bad, since tbh I didn’t really like the seiyuu of the Drama CD. They kind of destroyed my own image of the characters.

Anyway, new chapter and other updates.
Vol 03 and 04 are scanned somewhat bad. They are perfectly readable for translating, but the image kinda suffered.
However! There was an illustration book released, which included ALL previous images in better quality.
As such, I have updated the colour double spreads from each volume with a bigger quality AND with a translation!
Make sure to check it out~


5 thoughts on “16/07/2013

  1. Thanks for the release!! You can download the novels here if you don’t already have so – ***
    I’m not sure what the images are like but I’ve already downloaded other novels from this site and the quality of the illustrations and scans are excellent in my opinion.

  2. It’s a real shame that this most likely won’t get an anime anymore. Well, it was same with Shinanai Otoko, both would probably be a lot more popular if they had an anime.

    Thanks for translating.

  3. I can’t believe I didnt know about this site and the TsukiTsuki novel translation before! I seriously love the manga, maybe I am just an idiot that likes seeing lots of girls around a guy (Maybe I am just jealous? meh XD)

    Thank you for the translations!

    P.S. About the anime and stuff, I remember the Campione anime, and yeah, I dont know, u cant compare the novels and the anime, just aint the same, ruined a lot of things for me 🙁

  4. thank for update,
    but again same with vol 1-2, i can’t read from chapter 3 from my phone :(, is there any pdf file for this?

  5. Thnx! for the update.. Please keep up the pace! ^^
    I’m really wishing for the 4th volume to come translated..
    Please do your best and really pretty thanks for the translation..

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