Various things to address.
First off, some people really think they are entitled to complain when I just released a whole volume within 20 days-.- Seriously, just fuck off.

Second, over the years I have refined my translation style (my style, not so much my english grammar) and just yesterday I noticed that the html code didn’t interpret my italic styling. I fixed it for vol 03 now, but sometime over next week I’ll go over volumes 1+2 and change a few things there too.

Third, once again I tled this 60 page chapter in 2 days oO. Actually I wanted to do 20 pages yesterday, 20 today and finish the last 20 tmw, but somehow I finished the 40 pages today already…
Good for you I guess.
Quite the awesome chapter, I dare to say.
Though judging from the chapter titles in vol 4, its gonna focus on the ecchi once more, so I might first off finish Shinanai Otoko (how I initially promised :P).

Fourth, my life is a mess atm, which allows me to spend ALL my time on translating, but don’t expect it to go on forever (at least I don’t expect it to…).


8 thoughts on “19/07/2013

  1. Thanks for the translation!!
    I really can wait for the 4th volume! ^^
    Please do your best and really thanks again!

  2. Hahah… Man are you some kind of freakingly translating machine?? You really are the best, PROzess my men!!!

  3. Mate your translation skills are amazing 😀 whoever is complaining is a prick!
    hope your personal life improves soon.
    you are a legend!

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