So, apparently life is making a turn for the better.
Instead of working, I have to study for an exam now. Let’s see how it turns out.

Anyway, here’s yet another awesome chapter of TsukiTsuki. I dare to say, the most humorous one so far.
With that I managed to translate 1 1/2 volumes within a month oO
I’ll have to slow down a bit soon enough, but I plan to catch up with the manga releases 🙂
Sorry that I will neglect Shinanai on the way.

Like always I forgot half of what I wanted to write here….
But speaking about forgetting: I remembered what I wanted to write in the previous post.
In Shinanai Otoko ch07 there is a reference to a japanese TV show called “Deadly Workers”. There are no English information about it available, so I think it’s appropriate that I say a few words about it.

Deadly Workers is a show about men, who work as normal business men during the day, but at night they take commissions from victims, who want revenge on their culprits. These commissions mainly consist of assassination. The money for the job isn’t as important as the justification for it.

It’s exactly what “the man” tries to do with Kirisaki. I’m not a fan of translation notes as they ruin the reading flow and I tend to write my translation so that no notes are required. Most references are easily looked up on google, but for this one I felt the need to say a few words, though I’m still reluctant about making it a real tl/note….

I’m sure I’ll remember later what I all wanted to write here….but for that’s all.

9 thoughts on “30/07/2013

  1. Thanks for the speedy update as usual :D, I’m looking forward for the next chapter!!

  2. I fully agree on the translation notes.
    More than often they tend to be an annoyance instead of being helpful and if you can’t bother doing the google search you can most of the times just pick up the meaning from the context.

    As always, thank you for this chapter.

  3. I am so moved to tears after seeing you progress during last month !! Thanks a lot for all your efforts and I wish you always stay in your best condition men. Note that doesn’t mean you always translating in best condition but rather keeping your health in best condition. Once again thank a lot.

  4. thank you very much for the releases, i’ll just wait faithfully for the next one. by the way deadly worker has similar them to manga dendrobate.

  5. Your translation speed is certainly amazing, shame that you’ll have to slow down. Thanks for the chapter.

  6. As expected, another fast release!
    Thanks I really like your fast translation.
    I really like to read this volume ever since.
    I’m looking forward to the next chapter!
    Please do your best next time too. ^^

  7. Thank you very much for your fast translations! It would be great if you could uphold your speed for some time because volume 5 is not covered yet and it gets more interesting^^. I really cannot wait lol^^

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