Since you all commented so diligent, here is the next chapter already!
And such a good chapter again, this time for fan-service!
I saw people complain how Shinobu has turned into a weak, dull MC like any other, but seriously what’s wrong with you?
Imo, Shinobu hasn’t changed at all, it’s just that the fan-service increases. His reaction are well reasonable. Sure, he isn’t a Hagure Yuusha, but he never was, so whats the problem.

Yet again I forgot anything else I wanted to say… Sigh, I should take notes beforehand…
Anyway, brace for Trans-am Kaorun. Plain epic.
Oh right, I am now caught up with the manga releases \o/ (judging by the chapter names)

Keep the comments coming, then the next chapter won’t be off so long.

Now enjoy~

11 thoughts on “03/08/2013

  1. Damn!!! Now this is one hell of pleasure!! I will surely kill that bastard Shinobu if possible!!! I mean it!!!

  2. Shinobu is still one hell of an awesome MC and if you ask me he isn’t turning dull at all. Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Great chapter.

    There are no breaks on the Kaorun train.

    Elni and Kaorun also make for some pretty funny dual troll moments

  4. Nice there, Kaorun is undoubtedly my favorite character right now and I have been looking forward to the moment when you pass the manga too so the story can move on.

    Thanks as always for the speedy translation ^^

  5. Wow! Really Thanks!!
    I’ve looking forward to this!
    Thanks for the fast translation!
    Please do your best next time too also!^^

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