Here’s a little present for my faithful fans.
Compared to the previous 60+ paged chapters, this one is rather short with only around 30 pages.
But heck, it’s another good chapter. This time action-filled.

I believe I have overtaken the manga now and this is actual “new” content for you guys, so enjoy it to your fullest.

Now even Volume 04 is (nearly) finished. That makes it 2 volumes in a span of 1 month.
The epilogue will follow later with a little surprise 😛
Look forward to it.
Keep the comments going 🙂 Thanks~


Edit: Had to add a captcha, since I noticed 100 comments of spam-.-
Hope that solves it.

20 thoughts on “04/08/2013

  1. Officially caught up with the latest manga release, as the most recent raw is the test finale.

    Looking forward to future books, to see how it progresses.

    1. Oh, yeah, good to know. I only looked at the titles of the scanlated chapters.

      1. Well the latest Alive also had a 1 page short story in there for the series.

        Although the post match match was changed, since I guess they wanted to make it more clear that Kaorun is not human, so they did not catch just pull them up.

        There was a decent panel shown with Kaorun and younger Gogyou too. Otherwise the chapter ends exactly with the most recently released mange chapter.

      2. Yeah, I dared to take peek at it.
        What the fuck was up with that?
        Kaorun grew wings and saved the day.
        The whole dramatic atmosphere went down the drain-.- sigh

      3. It also spoils any surprise for what sort of demon she is also.

        A case where it looks cooler, but spoils the Shinobu acting quick enough to save them, taking away a hero moment from him.

        Anyways, thanks to you, I was able to read the way it REALLY happened before I end up reading the manga chapter.

  2. You’re like some translation machine. Thanks a lot for another chapter. Can’t wait for more.

  3. Thank you for all your hard work, PROzess!
    And you’re not a monster, you’re a god! The god of translating, if you ask me~ :3

  4. Pouting Luna was too cute, can’t wait to see it in the manga. Still can’t help but to feel this needs an anime. Thanks for the quick chapter.

  5. Huhu! Really I’m going to cry due to joy!
    That’s one fast heck of a translation!
    Thanks and really thanks XD!
    I’m really looking forward to next one!
    Please do your best again for the next time!
    Now I’m really excited for the 5th Volume! ^^

  6. Thank you very much for the fast release! You are really awesome! I cannot really express my joy enough , seriously I am grateful 🙂 . Looking forward to Volume 5.

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