Today I have kinda bad news for you.
Initially I wanted to present you now a special chapter about valentine’s day that was published in the illustration book, but in the middle of the translation I noticed that the relationships are far more advanced as they are at the end of volume 04. I don’t want to spoil myself with any later fact that might be mixed in there, so I postponed the translation of it for now.
But fear not! I switched over to the prologue of volume 5, which is a short chapter in itself with 20 pages!
Judging by the cover, this volume is going to be about Kaorun and I’m really looking forward to it.
Like always, I also updated the colour pages of the volume.


Edit: I just got an email and check my schedule. Turns out I will have to focus on studying for a while now. But fear not, I’ll still do translation, albeit a bit slower.

17 thoughts on “05/08/2013

  1. This volume just might be super awesome, thanks for translation as always, looking forward to the new volumes.

  2. Damn, this speed you’re translating… amazing. Anyway, I am looking forward towards more Kaorun 😉

    Thanks for the prologue!

  3. On a roll I see. All I can say is thanks for keeping me busy at work. My boss probably hates you though.

  4. Hello

    I just want to say thanks for translate this novel

    Can I do a question?

    Do you have any intention to do pdf versions of the finished novels?

  5. yay keep them coming please and are you still going to do Shinanai Otoko ni Koishita Shoujo cause i am really liking that series too and thanks for all your translations.

    1. I wanted to catch up with the manga.
      That is now achieved. I’ll go back to my usual rotation after the next chapter.

  6. I don’t mind that you have to focus on your studies, you’ve already gone faster than I could ever ask you to.

  7. Woah! Now that’s what is fast translation is all about!!
    Thanks for the fast translation like always..
    Please do your best for this volume also!
    I’m really looking forward for your future work too! ^^

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