And here’s another maidastic chapter for you!
Lots of references to other stuff in this chapter, but in most cases it becomes pretty obvious where it’s from.
Otherwise, google is your friend.

As a matter of fact, I have relocated half of my time into studying, but as you can see, I still managed to find a good pace for this chapter 🙂
One reason being: I’m really motivated about TsukiTsuki! atm. This hasn’t happened to me since Smash!.
Therefore, I apologize to all Shinanai Otoko fans now.
I set my own priorities and currently I want to translate TsukiTsuki, so Shinanai Otoko will be on hold for now.

Another reason is your kind commenting.
I admit that comments are a mental boost for me. I just work better and faster when I know that people wait and appreciate my work. Specially when people tend to easier express their displeasure rather than appreciation.
Thus, I would like you to continue your support.


23 thoughts on “09/08/2013

  1. Thank you very much!

    It’s a hard choice between Shinanai Otoko and Tsukitsuki.
    I have been enjoying both of them very much lately, and while Shinanai Otoko goes with a more “serious” story I find myself laughing a bit more from Tsukitsuki.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Woot, you’re on a roll. Shinanai Otoko is at a good stopping point right now, so I think more Tsuki Tsuki is more than welcome.

  3. You are translating this faster than I could ever reasonably ask you to, great job.

    1. On a side note i also really enjoy Shinanai Otoko but it is hard to find either type of these light novels a good harem style one or also a serious one

  4. Thanks a lot! It’s nice to read something light-hearted after a week of streesful studying.

  5. can’t wait to see what they fight this time my guess will be an exorcist

  6. I love this series. The novel is way better in term of content. The manga has better art though. Can’t wait for more. I wonder if there are any colored illustrations in the novel like other light novel series. If there are, do you mnd putting it up for us to see like the noncolored illustration. Thank you.

  7. My bad, the illustration is on a separate page. Found it. Sometimes I just become silly hah hah hah

  8. Did the original illustrations have word? I like how you also translated words in the colored illustrations. The folks at baka-tsuki are a mixed-bag. Some will translate the line in the colored page, some don’t even if the whole volume is finished. And to think you are the only one doing the translation and editing by yourself. Your works are of better quality. Thank you for the translation. After reading the manga, I wondered how I can read more. You make my days.

  9. Dude are you even human!? you are amazing! I worship you all mighty god of translation!

  10. Hey PROzess, I’ve been wondering if you would want someone to make full PDF files for your TsukiTsuki translations.
    Also, if you were going to post any of these translations on Baka-Tsuki.

    1. I answered that a couple of times in previous post.
      Go look for it.
      I’m sick of repeating myself.

      1. Since there wasn’t much information on it, you wouldn’t mind if I were to make PDF files for your translations?

  11. Oh my, Kaorun is on an offensive. Thanks again for another chapter in such a short time. I’m always happy to see new release, it’s keeping my spirit up recently.

  12. Thanks for the volumes. Kaorun is about the perfect combination of sexy and trolling for a series like this.

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