So, yeah, this chapter took longer to get out.
Or not, actually. I just caught a cold (I always catch one during summer and only during summer-.-) and worked on some manga scripts (yeah, I’m still doing that too, sigh), so technically I just finished this chapter in my regular working pace of 3-4 days.
Anyways, I’m already starting to forget what I wanted to write here….
Ehm, yeah, I always think, hey that was such a good chapter. But! Then the next chapter comes and tops it!
Just like this one. Heck! Sho good!
As a kind of sidenote for the chapter: if you think it lacks reality that someone gets drunk on a single can of alcohol, I testify you that I have seen asians myself that got smashed on a single bottle of beer.

I think I wanted to address also another matter, but damn, I forgot….
Anyway, the side-stories I talked about previously, the one about valentine day, seems to be at least be located after volume 6 story-wise. Minami is involved in the side-story and apparently vol 6 will cover her. So I will postpone that for after vol 6.

Otherwise, keep the comments coming. The next two chapters are “shorter” (read: 40 instead of 60 pages), so I hopefully can get them out quickly. After all, I’m interesting in Minami 😛


16 thoughts on “16/08/2013

  1. You are going translating faster than I could ever ask you too, great job.

  2. Wee, another dose of there’s-at-least-one-thing-to-look-forward-in-my-life-now. Thanks.

  3. We haven’t seen much of Minami yet so I can imagine that things can get quite interesting adding her.

    I am most grateful for this chapter and hope you are not experiencing the same things I always do while having a summer cold. My nose is always overflowing with it’s treasures (-_-)

  4. *sarcasm oh it took so long to release
    man how do you even do this? you deserve a medal!
    oh yeah bring on Minami

  5. Another very nice chapter. I am disappointed that this series has not gotten any anime adaption, even though shinobu is quite dense, at least he does tease the girls pretty badly, instead of running and hiding in his room.

    More of the common harem series need to have more of his style instead of the others.

    1. I’m afraid adaptation would suck pretty badly. Of course it is a quite perverted series but anime would probably be a borderline hentai with horrible character design. After last couple of failed novel adaptations I’m starting to think they are better left alone.

    2. I said so in some previous post: TsukiTsuki has 12 volumes, 2 Drama CDs, 1 Artbook and a manga adaption that covers 4 volumes.
      Yet the publisher recently announced 5 other of it’s novels to get an adatoption, one of it even only had 2 volumes out so far.
      So it’s very, very, very unlikely that TsukiTsuki get an adaption.

  6. Thanks for the chapter, really nice chapter as always. Though at this point I’m kinda hoping for chapters focusing on the other characters too. Minami isn’t that big of a character yet so we’ll see how the next volume plays out..

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for the really quick releases. It’s unfortunate what happened earlier with the pdf problems, and I hope it doesn’t happen again. Also, I also just caught a cold. Naturally, it only decided to give me a cold over the summer, and not during school. Anyhow, thank you very much. (Also, I like the sassy FAQ)

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