I’m not your friendly neighborhood translator.
Follow my rules or look for a different translator.
I have been translating for 4 years now with over 1600 scripts for manga and 6 volumes of novel.
I came across a lot of idiots in that time and I have enough of it.
Don’t like it? Fuck off. Find someone that does it to your liking, because I certainly won’t.

Anyway, this chapter is full of feels.
And Shinobu should just marry Luna -.-

On another note, no more update in the next two weeks, as I need to get my head clear for the upcoming exam.

I also updated some all images, as the copy/paste from blogger screwed up the size. All images are now in the original size. Just right click on them and view image, to get the full size.


17 thoughts on “22/08/2013

  1. Thank you very much 🙂

    And yes, they should just get it over with and have their marriage already…

  2. Thank you very much for translating this chapter and I wish you success in your exam :)^^

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! Good luck with your exams!

    As a side question, is the epilogue the only thing remaining for this volume?

  4. Thanks for the chapter, looking forward to Minami-volume for some character building.

  5. Thank you. Um can some1 tell me how many Vol’s are out at the moment (can’t find it). Please 🙂

  6. It appears that Luna will be the first wife, Hijiri will be the human wife, and the others will be mistresses.

    Thanks for the release and it is always interesting on how much elni actually knows and switches between goofing off and acting as a wise god.

  7. Great job on the translation, also take as much time as you want since you are already going way faster than any other novel translation I’ve ever followed.

  8. PROzess i am just wondering what your native language is and also do you have any tips when it comes to learning to read a foreign language?

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