Well, yeah, turns out my exam is only on the 26th of September, so no need to get desperate over studying now.

Dunno what to say… My MU acc is suspended, so I’m in a bit of a bad mood.

Either way, next chapter is 98 pages (or 93?, either way, loooong), so that will certainly take some time.

Lastly, Luna HNNNNNG


15 thoughts on “28/08/2013

  1. Ok, I gotta ask at this point, why/how are you such a fast translator!? it’s ridiculous. I don’t know any other translator nearly as fast.
    anyway thanks for another chapter

  2. Good job as always PROzess. Also have you done reading the SS Valentine day? If you did, how about showing us the destructive power of chocolate in the SS?*grinning* ><

  3. What a nice chapter, it’s always good his interactions with Luna 🙂

    Thank you very much PROzess.

  4. thanks for the chapter.

    Did anyone else notice that the novel Kaorun is reading is the first book of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance?

    1. yup, yup, “I will turn you into cinder” this is the mostly disgusting dialogue from claire..

    2. I’ve waited until the whole book was translated, but came back to this post only for that.

  5. thanks for updated! :3 it nice story!
    btw dear translator, i want to ask currently,how many vol tsuki tsuki! LN was out? is it still ongoing?

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