First of all, let me thank you guys for putting up with my lately antics and keeping up with the comments. I’m a little stressed out due to my coming exam and I know I can be an ass.

Anyway, here’s the next chapter with 93!!!!! pages and 4!!! pictures.
Heck what a frigging long chapter. And actually, nothing happens-.-
Just plain fore-shadowing…

Next week I’m going to resume my studying schedule and I gotta do a few manga tls as well. So next release pace is unknown.


15 thoughts on “03/09/2013

  1. Thanks for the translation.

    Hope we see some interesting things in this volume, but looks to be a little bit slower compared to the others.

  2. Amazingly greatly awesome.

    And leaving one comments seems like a pretty small deal compared to all the hours you put into translating this, it’s just common sense to at least show some gratitude :/

    Thanks as always!

  3. Thanks for the chapter. I don’t mind, I know the feeling of having exams and being stress out. Good luck with that exam!

  4. Woot! Thanks for the super long chapter… I wonder what will happen “tomorrow”?

    And good luck on your exams!

  5. I, too, wish you good luck on your upcoming exam and thank you very much for the translation!

  6. Thanks for the chapter, why are all the girls in the series so cute and perfect? Even the damn side characters. Shame that Minami is the childhood friend and destined to lose. Looking forward to next chapters and novels.

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