12 thoughts on “07/09/2013

  1. Oh boy, chance to write the most stupid thing you can post as the first comment…

    Nah, keep ’em coming ^^

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Curious to see how the next chapter or two resolve Minami’s character arc, and her finding out that Hijiri is an exorcist.

    Only complaint I really have on the series is that the art does not quite do enough to distinguish the characters in the art. Too many of the buxom characters look similar, especially in the black and white pictures.

    1. Yeah, in the black&white version I can’t differentiate between Machina or Hijiri, expect for their hair ornaments.

  3. But they all looked cute so who care? Heck, even Tomoe looks like she is in her 20s. Minami seems to be the last known heroine. The next volume cover might return back to the original cast or Nazuna. The girl shown on the coveris usually the main heroine for that volume. So far, these girls are shown: Luna, Machina, Elni, Hijiri, Kaoru, and Minami.

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