Tomorrow I’m going back to my studying schedule, so I wanted to finish off at least vol 6.
Here’s the epic ending full of FEELS.

Also, due to some failure in my formating, some stuff didn’t get shown properly in chapter 03. It’s a kind of important foreshadowing for c4, so I ask you to reread it. I apologize for the inconvienence. Stupid html code-.-

Likewise, c4 presents a new foreshadowing about which girl will win 🙂
Everyone who spots it, place a “+” at the end of your comment^^

Trivia: 4 volumes in 2 month and at the halfpoint now \o/


21 thoughts on “08/09/2013

  1. thank you, just wanna ask is there no epilogue or you will post again sometimes latter

  2. Thanks for the chapter. There is no doubt on who will win anyways, I thought the first chapter in this book more or less made this clear. +

  3. I have been reading the Tsuki Tsuki! adaptation manga and I must say, good work on the translations! It has been an enjoyable read for all this time.

    I am always looking forward of your future translations 😛

  4. Wow that was an intense chapter. Loved it!
    thanks for the update 🙂
    oh and +

  5. What do you mean who will win? I thought the novel is still ongoing. Kampfer only tell you who wins in the last volume and Tsuki Tsuki is not over yet. Oh well, I will root for Luna and Hijiri nonetheless.

  6. really liking this series reading on my 3ds right now because my laptop broke +
    i saw it i have been thinking it but that might have just been a ref herring and it could still end differently i just hope that if that was a red herring and it does end differently it is not a harem ending at least right now

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