19 thoughts on “10/09/2013

  1. Thanks again, I knew that this would happen in the novels, but I sure got surprised at the pairing. Damn.
    Author probably stopped introducing new “love interests” this novel though, which is quite a shame.

  2. Wow, thanks again!
    I quite get you PROzess, i should study too but you keep releasing
    and it takes priority 😉

  3. Damn, you’re making me get into the habit of checking this site every other day…

    Thanks for new chapters!

  4. Thanks for translating. I like the manga but it lacks so much details such as Bram’s backround story. The manga failed to include many great moments and I think it was a shame. Without understanding the novel, I don’t think I will like the story as much as I do now.

  5. Thanks for the translation.

    I doubt that Mii-chan will be much of a love interest, more likely to get more of a focus on Nazuna, and a plot device to drive the other relationships more.

    The ages involved are personally a little too different for it to be anything other than that.

  6. thanks for the new update i rarely ever studied and i passed with As and Bs also isn’t this series still ongoing

  7. Dayum son… PROzess, your skills are mad legit. Thanks man for your hard work.

    This site is definitely on my bookmark list now.

  8. Each time i sit down to study, i make the mistake of checking this site first. thanks for the chapters anyway.

  9. It is quite predictable since I have seen so many scenarios like this. But still, I was hoping Shinobu to get a chance with every girl in the series, so, Mii-chan GET!

  10. I hope spoilers are okay in the comments, because I’ve only read the manga so far and have some questions for people caught up on the light novel.

    1st and most importantly, has anyone other than Minami been rejected?

    Who are the other love interests at this point? In the manga it’s only Luna, Hijiri, Machina, Elni and Nazuna. Kaorun is mostly just bonus for comedy in the manga right now. (does her position change to actual rival?)

    Does the harem end still seem possible or is this the typical reject the rest and choose one harem plot?

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