Sigh, you really don’t leave me much of a choice, when you keep commenting like there’s no tmw….
I’m really grateful for it, but you know….
Might as well tell my professor “THey wouldn’t stop commenting!” after I failed my exam.

Jokes aside, a nice chapter. As you might have noticed by now, this volume doesn’t focus on a set heroine, but is rather a compilation of short stories with all of the heroines.
It’s still enjoyable as fuck.
Also, lots of Kaorun this chapter!!


27 thoughts on “17/09/2013

  1. thanks for the chapt…
    & plz tell your professor to read this blog, then u don’t have to worry about the exam..

  2. Wow man, you’re fast. This is really a great way to start the day.
    But don’t fail the exam, we don’t wanto to see you get depressed over it 😉

  3. Thanks for the translation.

    I like the side story style of this volume, lets us see more personal interaction with each person.

    Pretty obvious that Shinobu can’t take any Luna except a dere Luna.

  4. Your work is like drugs, high when I read them and get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t dose enough. Jokes aside, thanks man for the translations.

  5. All hail PROzess-sama!

    Just an awesome way to finish off my day. As always, thanks very much for your speedy translation. ‘Till the next chapter. ^^

  6. Jeez I’m on camp right now but my addiction is too strong! Thankyou so much, this chapter was fantastic!

  7. Thank you for being such a dedicated translator. Your work with the Tsuki Tsuki novels is one of the highlights of my leisure hours. I’m also glad to know you’re doing the Shinmai novels.

    Now if only you would take over the Madan no Ou to Vanadis novels. Their translator is kinda… I’m not happy with ’em. Book 6’s quality… and the slow speed of translations… But I shouldn’t whine. I’ll just say you’re translations are of a quality on the same level as Js06 and Dreyakis on BakaTsuki. Pleasure to read your work.

  8. Thank you PROzess!! Just persuade your teacher to read Tsuki Tsuki and and they will understand.

  9. Thank you very much for the chapter. And please study for your exams so you don’t need to take extra classes.

  10. more please i also wonder if shinobu will ever realize/learn that hijiri actually really likes him and doesn’t just want to kiss him and stuff for the yin-yang technique

    1. Considering the type of story Tsuki Tsuki! is, it is somewhat unlikely that he’ll figure it out until the end of the series, and possibly not even then.

      Put it this way, he doesn’t believe that Luna is in love with him, and she’s does things that basically puts her one or two steps away from being his wife.

  11. Damn, when the site went down today, I got so scared that I wouldn’t be able to read more Tsuki Tsuki!

    Thanks again for another fine chapter, and go study already!

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