27 thoughts on “22/09/2013

  1. Thanks man, you are awesome, well, I read all translated volumes. Until now my favorites, Gogyo and Luna, this last one is the best of the best XD.

    I wonder if Minami will appear again, was a little sad the thing that happen to her 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the translation! Picked this up a few days ago and liked this series so much!

  3. Your speed is godlike, PROzess. Many thanks for your continued dedication.

  4. Thanks, also it seems you are translating Basara and his harem, great!

  5. PROzess is truly best! Thank you PROzess for great translations of great Light Novel TsukiTsuki!

  6. Thank you very much for the chapter. Hope your studies are going well 🙂

  7. Oh another release… i’m getting used to that peace ;D
    Anyway thanks for the chapter!

  8. I am loving the current chapters you just translated! I love how Luna can be dominant or gentle on a whim.

  9. @PROzess
    I’ve got a problem visiting this site. I was stuck in update tsuki vol.7chap2 (17-09-13)even there is a tsuki vol.7chap3 (22-09-13) and there is some weird erectile sh*t text (“http://puu.sh/4AGWe.jpg”) . Is the site is hack again or I’ve been ip block? Im needing help here! T_T
    I got open this updated site in VPN right now!

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