So, guys, it’s been a while.
It was finally time for my exam and my mother also had her birthday, so things were a bit busy~
But fear not, I’m here with more~

Actually, I wanted to restart on Shinanai Otoko, but the 100 pages scared me into working on TsukiTsuki 😛

Nice chapter, funny, and goddamn feels at the end.
As a matter of fact, Vol 07 does NOT have an epilogue.
Therefore, I present you the prologue of vol 08 right away.

I still have two more weeks until classes start, so expect a few chapters 🙂


P.S.: That’s Shinobu cross-dressing on the Cover of Vol 08 while stepping onto Asada.

26 thoughts on “30/09/2013

  1. Hahahhah!!! How hilarious on the 1st part of chap 4 yet so touching on the last part…… Anyway, Luna has showed us once again just how much of a natural erotic sister she is! I mean! A Baby with Shinobu!!?? What impact!!!

  2. Thanks for more fun chapters!

    Just a quick thing, can you fix the link to Volume 7 from the Tsuki Tsuki! page (not the menu, the page when you click on Tsuki Tsuki from the left menu).

  3. I hope eveything went well on the exam after spoiling us with so much Shinobu 🙂

    Thanks for the chapters.

  4. Oh man, what a way to start my morning! I am always checking here every now and then for the updates! Thank you very much, as always!


    But dayum, seriously thanks man as always for these mad fast updates.

  6. Thanks for all the translations, it’s greatly appreciated. Hope you keep it up. 🙂
    Also, how many volumes of Tsuki Tsuki are out as of right now?

  7. Thanks for the translation. Really cute with Luna, and I think Machina is about the only Tsundere that does not get on my nerves, simply because the dere is so strong and so quickly follows up the Tsun.

  8. Thank u 4 translating Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha As well as Tsuki Tsuki.

  9. Thanks for all the hard work. I really appreciate you sharing such fun stories with us.

    And I’ll say it here because I know you’ll see it, even though it’s the BakaTsuki one. I think the Artist for Shinmai Maou is possibly an enormous pervert, since every single picture he does that has a female in it shows a completely visible panty line. It’s like having Aito Yuuki-sensei doing the art, except the emotions behind it are not pure. 😛

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