See the time between posts increasing? That’s going to be the norm soon, as my classes start next week and will take away a lot of my free time T_T

Anyway, after this chapter, no one can claim anymore that Shinobu is a generic, wussy harem MC. Never.

Tbh, I didn’t like vol 7 all that much. All the previous volumes astonished me as it just got better and better, but vol 7 was kind of a letdown-.-
Luckily, vol 8 seems to get back on track with some promising developments~

Also, you might come across a rumor spread by an over-enthusiastic fan that says that the volume 13 of TsukiTsuki that gets released next month seems like the last volume, but just ignore that. So far there are no indication that it is the last volume, even when I search some Japanese sites. Vol 13 is released like any other, just the content “might” be hinting towards a “near” ending. So it’s premature to say 13 will be the end, if not completely wrong.

On another note, if you didn’t know already, I finished the first chapter of Shinmai Maou a while ago. You can find it on Baka-Tsuki. Chapter 2 is also already in the works.

Shinanai Otoko will still be on hiatus for a little longer.


33 thoughts on “08/10/2013

  1. Thanks for the chapter. Looking forward to next one.

    On another note, are you going to take another look at the side story you planned on translating before, but refrained because of spoiler reasons.

  2. Yay, Shinobu is finally learning exorcist stuff. Now all he needs to to learn demon magic and he’ll be OP…..er

  3. Thnx for the new chapter 🙂

    Also, just wondering, was there meant to be an Epilogue for vol.7?

  4. Hi there, I am making an attempt to make a PDF of the works, starting with volume one. I am however correcting several grammar, punctuation, typo, and other minor errors. Most of it is just stuff like using “it’s” instead of “its” or vice-versa and misc typos, but I came across the fact that you use two different spellings for Gogyou and Goyou. Before I save to PDF, I would like to clarify which you prefer to use for the spelling for consistency purposes. Thank you

  5. Just curious, but what’s on your current read list? Also, what is your preferred genre? Do you read VNs as well?

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