Yeah, it’s been a while, but classes started this week and tbh, I kind of lost my motivation.
That the chapter was 80 pages long didn’t help either.
Anyway, it’s finally done.

This was an especially awesome chapter. Though you wouldn’t expect it to be from the start. 🙂

As always, keep the encouraging comments up, specially in this dark era of attending class 😛


34 thoughts on “18/10/2013

  1. Wow, more LN translations. After discovering someone picked up Kaze no Stigma again and with flood of new chapters of other novels, I have something to read all the time. Feels so good.

  2. It has been a while… Glad to see you back PROzess… And sorry what happened…

  3. Thankyou Prozess, I’ve recently started A levels my self so I think I can understand what you mean. Good luck!

  4. Many thanks! 🙂
    Indeed, I believe that chapter had something special.

  5. Thanks again for the new chapter!

    How’s school – are the classes boring this semester?

  6. Thank you very much for the chapter. Also, if you ever need something, please say it so your humble fans can see if it’s possible to help you…

  7. You are awesome, praise Prozess, lol I almost spelt your name Protoss.

  8. Thanks for the Chapter.
    For some reason I got the feeling that this series became more lewd this volume. Also they really need to cut the focus on Kaorun and Hijiri, not that I don’t like them but the other girls are getting left totally out of the picture. Well there was a good Machina moment though. Bad Makicat too cute. Nice to see some of the side characters too. Also possible new heroine/side heroine?

  9. Thanks for the chapter, I really like this novel and I’m glad that you translate it for us!

  10. YYYEAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! About time! I am always checking for updates every morning! Thank you for your hard work, as always!

  11. Thanks again for working so diligently on your hobbies and letting us read them. Being able to read entertaining works is one of my favorite past times, and good literature on a budget is a rarity.

    ((As a QC note: The term in English for giving the gesture for having the thumb sticking up as a “It’s good” sign is a “thumbs-up” and not a “thump-up.”))

  12. Thanks so much for another translated chapter! I also started class recently and I don’t think my quarter would be meaningful without these releases.. Thanks again!

  13. Thanks for the chapter, funny how all the girls are now getting very aggressive with Shinobu now.

    With the darkness of oncoming winter, along with classes, sounds like you could use a personal Kaorun model maid.

  14. I know the feeling, well I’m not translating anything, but classes started for me too, so we have to endure this painful period.
    And thanks for the awesome translation.

  15. Such a nice chapter, Tsuki Tsuki! is becoming better and better at each chapter.

    Thanks again PROzess.

  16. thanks a lot prozess-sama.
    for friendless like me its a bless to get an amazing translation like this.
    really.. thanks !!

  17. Thanks man for the good stuff.
    Though I still find it bs that this site makes me do math to post a comment.

  18. Keep it going PROzess! I Believe in you! All of us believe in you! You’re the best translator I’ve seen! So show to all other translators how TRUE translator translate stuff! 😀

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