Okay, here we go with yet another really good chapter!
So much Kaorun this volume. I just love it.

On a side note, I previously translate the event “costume borrowing race”, but it’s a relay instead. Sorry about that.


25 thoughts on “30/10/2013

  1. Thank you very much for the chapter and don’t worry about some minor mistake. It happens.

  2. You can never get enough of Kaorun, that’ s one for sure.

    Thanks for taking time for this while being busy with studies 🙂


    The chapter are getting more serious each time. I love this book

  4. Thanks for the chapter! I guess the epilogue is next? Seems like the story for this volume is over.

  5. I love Kaorun and all, but she’s been appearing a lot recently. She’s great, but I dunno man, I just want either Hijiri or Luna to be the one who Shinobu ends up with in the end, and i’m not too sure if that’ll happen if Kaoru keeps taking the main stage. Anyways, as usual, thanks so much for the translations. Hope your classes are going well!

    1. Yeah, I think that it’s too much of Kaorun already. I like her but she’s been the main focus in the novel for the last 4 volumes. I want more Luna 🙂

    2. i thought its because how hard her life before.
      yeah i admit luna was the same but her position as main heroine just cant be shaken anymore so imho its okay for giving kaorun some attention no? 🙂
      and about hijiri,, nah nevermind

  6. Thanks a lot prozess-sama !!
    u are awesome as usual !
    oh and good luck with ur school~

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