Like any other decent Fan-translator, I bring you presents on my birthday, instead of receiving any.
The road of a genius is a lone one.

Anyway, actually this stuff had been done already a week ago, but I stumbled onto a sentence that made absolutely no sense. So I consulted various people like native speakers and even my translation teacher, but nobody could make sense of it. In the end, I settle on a printing error in the book and just added something appropriate.
Trust me, I never did this before and I don’t even feel comfortable doing so, but I just have no other choice.
While this is not a translation for professional business, I still strive to give it perfection. Either way it’s no profound sentence that decides the future plot, so rest assured.

On the good news, while I consulted all these people, I already finished around 40 pages for the next chapter.
It should be ready on the weekend.


23 thoughts on “07/11/2013

  1. Finally it’s Hijiri’s time to shine again!! Thanks a lot as always PROzess!

  2. Thanks a lot mah lord !!
    and happy birthday as well.
    wish u’ll always get the best for everything~

  3. Belated happy birthday! And thanks for the chapters!

    And out of curiosity, what was the sentence (and what did you finally put in)?

    Can’t wait for the full out “war” to ensue, now that Hijiri has “officially” announced her participation – ironically, only Luna, Machina and Elni have yet to actually “officially” confess…


  5. Thank you 4 tour hard work.
    Also happy birthday 🙂
    I will thank you in advance 4 the next super speed translated chapter

  6. Thanks for the translation! Also, Happy Birthday! Have a good one, dude.

  7. The prologue is pretty much what I hate about harem stories. All the girls are best girls and in the end everyone will be hurt.

    Shinobu turning down Minami was hard to read already, but that ended with a somewhat positive note, in the end she probably will lose and be hurt again.

    Anyway, I hope we’ll have a happy ending somehow. With lots of hnnnngh.

    Thank you very much for your hard work, PROzess.

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