Well, I already said that I would finish on the weekend and I kept my promise!
Glorious 70 pages for you, which take a more serious approach this time.
Looks like it will be a good volume.


20 thoughts on “10/11/2013

    1. For the end of that chapter, should it be Luna and Hijiri advancing on Tomoe, rather than Luna and Machina?

  1. Have I ever explained to you how awesome you are?

    Well, either way. Thanks once again for even giving a crappy, cold week a purpose.


  2. Yo baka-tsuki, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Prozess is one of the best translators of all time… one of the best translators of all time!

  3. Thanks a lot. Only for the fact that you give weekly translations, you’re my hero

    again sorry for the improper english

  4. Thanks for the translating tsuki tsuki
    this is only other light novel that makes me laugh since bakatest
    I’m really grateful for the translation
    it makes me able to stay away from boredom 😀

    sorry for weird english
    not a native speaker of it

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