Okay, since you’re still commenting so diligently, I outdid myself and translated 30 out of 58 pages yesterday, so that I can release today~
Well, the greater reason is that the chapter is just too awesome though, but I will keep quiet about that.

So yeah, it’s a really epic chapter!!
Pretty interesting story flow.


31 thoughts on “17/11/2013

  1. The reality is harsh yet one need to accept it to find the truth happiness….. Man even though i said some cool line i still dont want this to happen to Hijiri…

  2. How can we not leave comments when you keep releasing chapters faster than humanly possible.


  3. Woot! Another great chapter, thanks!

    Looks like things are finally starting to get serious!

    The next chapter might turn into a relationship bloodbath at this rate…

  4. A nice chapter once again. I want a harem end, it has to be one.

    Thanks again PROzess!

  5. Thanks a lot for the quick translations. If Hijiri cry i’ll will cry too, but she’s obviously going to cry so i better prepare myself

  6. Thanks for the chapter, now we will know the winning girl, more or less confirmed, the only question is will just 1 win in the end or will the others give him no choice but for multiple winners?

  7. hey men, can u plz dont spoil it in comment box T_T . i just wanna say thanks and now i’m anxious -_- .
    anyway thanks a lot prozess-sama~
    awesome as usual huh

  8. Can you give permission to translate this novel from english to spanish ?

  9. I hope in the end for a harem ending, its highly possible for Shinobu. I’m just wondering when there going to be more on Machinima, she needs like a volume been a while and she needs to KISS Shinobu on the LIPS.

    KEEP UP THE GODLY JOB PRoZess, when I got he money and time I’m going to build a shrine dedicated to you PRoZess SAMA 😀

  10. Amazing work as always, PROzess-sama. XD

    Poor Hijiri-chan’s gonna get her heart broken. ;__;

  11. Where was I a week ago, danggg man..
    ..well whatever, better late than never to give my thanks.

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