I bring you another really touching chapter!
So far I really like the current volume!
One short chapter left, then vol 9 is done.
Which brings me to the next problem: The public raws for vol 10 are terrible in regards to the images.
I can read the text just fine, but the images are way too small, specially the double images.
I would like to rescan it, but I myself don’t have a scanner.
So if someone knows how to order raws and has a scanner, I’m willing to cover the costs, just contact me via IRC.
ONLY the images would need to be scanned, NOT the whole volume. That’s about 20 pages or so.

Otherwise I will just switch over to Shinanai Otoko for a bit while I convince someone to scan vol 10 for me.

On other news, besides TsukiTsuki I’m barely getting anything else done these days. Uni keeps me busy along with homework and projects. Moreover during the times I’m usually the most active for translations, so I’m getting quite slow these days. But oh well, that’s life.

Enjoy the next chapter and keep up the comments, it’s like fuel for me! Thank you~

38 thoughts on “25/11/2013

  1. Oh gods… The feels in this chapter! *Sniff*

    Thanks for the chapter – I hope that isn’t how they’re gonna leave things!

  2. While I look forward to read more of Tsukitsuki I also miss those days with Shinanai Otoko.

    Great work! Thank you very much!

  3. God damn that is sad. Got the waterworks pouring down and everything. Poor Hijiri D:

  4. Generally, I dislike the harem genre because the protagonist is so damn stupid. TsukiTsuk, though, is pretty good. The protagonist has some stupid moments, but for the most part he is really consistent in how he treats everyone, and is bright enough as a harem character to recognize the different relationship mechanics.

    Each volume that has been translated has been an enjoyable read with volume 9 being one of my favorites so far. I am really interested in how this will all be resolved, if it even will be this volume.

    Thanks for all your work!

  5. Thanks for the translation!

    … Okay, is it alright for me to cry now?

  6. Thank you very much for the translations.

    I’ll bet this issue will get resolved later on, but I do think Hijiri made the right decision here. Being in the friendzone and seeing the one you love with the girl he’s in love with all the time can’t be a good thing. Better make a clean break and see how things work out over time I guess.

    Not so fond of the fact that the author is pilling up all kinds of girls that are in love with Shinobu only to let them go like this.

  7. Thanks for the translation! That was a great chapter. Did not see the status quo ending that way. I do agree it was the right thing for Hijiri to do.

  8. @Hisoka
    I get the feeling it won’t end like that. Some tom foolery will happen that will cause them to act the way they normally do, albeit with the acknowledgement that Luna is wife #1. If the author does go the whole “this character is no longer available as a possible love interest,” then I may actually like the series even more, especially since it doesn’t feel like this LN is ending anytime soon and that route. Is hardly ever taken. Otherwise, harem end or nothing.

  9. i look again the the cover of volume 8 at first i think it’s machina ,but my firend told me it’s shinobu !!!!.

  10. I somehow manage to not cry after seeing the worst spoiler in my whole life and reading this chapter. This chapter is absolutely awesome and full of exellent, but obviously very heart-breaking, heart-shaking moments. Or maybe i’m just exagerating and they’re just some sad moments, but is very dramatic for my view point.
    Sometimes i wonder just how frozen is my heart, because this makes me fell like crying but i dont cry.

    But my point is: great novel,great chapter, great translator and great thanks to you PROzess!!

  11. Aw man I saw this coming, but still just hurt, just hurt I hope kind of like Rito in To Love Ru, Shinobu falls in love with Hijiri and also Machina with Luna at #1 wife. HAREM FTW
    Keep going Prozess I know you can do it. I will start the holy church of Prozess in worship of your god-lyness.

    1. Wonder how many volumes is of Tsuki Tsuki is planned. Judging by the story so far it could end pretty soon

      Thanks for the chapter. Hope smeon with a scanner will contact you.

  12. Thanks for the translation, series is still ongoing so who knows how it will truly end.

    Of course, really wish for an anime, but the series is too far along and likely just won’t happen.

  13. God thanks you for your patronage.
    also….. God wishes for a Harem end…. T_T ah let it be so.

  14. in truth, we all already soo~ grateful for all your hardwork prozess-sama.
    so imho dont concern about the image size. unless its part of your work style 😉

  15. If you keep posting such touching chapters at this rate I might die of dehydration 🙂

  16. I has a question…
    Why even do this series even its never going to be an anime?
    What a waste of time… seriously. Just go back to manga translating, dimwit. Sheesh

    1. 1 – You suck.
      2 – Your english sucks.
      3 – Why translating this, you ask? It doesnt matter if it’ll never have an anime, the novel is good. Simply that.
      4 – If you’re not happy, just go translate manga yourself.
      5 – Did I mention already that you suck?

    2. 1-If you don’t like the novel, don’t read it.
      2-If you only care about anime, then just shut up and watch your anime.
      3-Don’t call PROzess-sama a dimwit, you dimwit.
      4-I’m not one to talk because my english is not perfect either,but ceirtanly your english sucks.
      5-Sorry to mimic you Ophis, but i also got pissed because of this idiot.

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