~Merry Christmas~

This chapter couldn’t be any more out of season, but the next chapter of Vol 10 wouldn’t have made it in time for christmas, so I decided to work on this one instead. Still a nice chapter anyway.

This chapter was included in the Illustration book, which takes places after Vol 9, so I’m ordering it in-between of Vol 9 and 10.


21 thoughts on “24/12/2013

  1. hmm, licking, sucking luna’s boobs! Is’nt that a bit x rated? But whatever, enjoyed the chapt very much. Merry christmas.

  2. thank you very much and merry Christmas do you have epub for the tsuki tsuki can you email me an tell me if you have it thank you

  3. hahaha that crossdress scene !! >..<
    anyway thanks alot prozess-sama~
    ur the best as always

  4. Thanks for the special volume, PROzess!

    And wow, what a great chapter… And Luna… Wow… 🙂

  5. Thanks for the Special chapter and Merry Christmas PROzess-sama !
    This was my best (and sadly only T_T) present for chirstmas.
    This was a great chapter, very funny, and luna…i wish so much that i could be shinobu. Sorry bad english

    Where does shinobu get all that God-like willpower? one of the mysteries of the universe.

  6. Splendid work as always, PROzess-sama! Best wishes on this Christmas Day and a Happy New Year to you. You certainly deserve it.

    That aside, a tip of my hat to Shinobu for enduring this long, indeed, even if it is but putting off the inevitable. XD

  7. It may be late but I hope you had merry xmas. Hehe 🙂 Also thank you for translating this novel. I wish you the best this holiday season and the upcoming year. XD

  8. Posting because 2014.

    May you still be our translation overlord this year, as all the years before.

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