First post in the new year \o/
I hope everyone get into the new year fine.
I could complain about all the annoying shit in my life right now, but nah, I don’t want to spoil your reading pleasure.
It’s a great chapter of 84 pages with 5 illustrations with a bit of everything, ecchi/Elni/more ecchi.

This chapter took a bit longer, since I finished off the 3rd chapter for Shinmai Maou first. Go read it at BT.


20 thoughts on “07/01/2014

  1. Thanks 🙂
    I’m reading Shinmai too, and it’s great! very ecchi….very good!

  2. Thank you and happy New Year 2 all 🙂

    p.s. thank you 4 translating Shinmai Maou as well.

  3. Alright my fav LN 😀 oh gawd had to go to hospital for blood tranfusion after I read that shimaou update…looks like I gotta go there again..SPLURTS*
    Btw I help edit shimaou, keep up the good wrk.

  4. Thanks for the chapter and a new girl is introduced and thankfully she is not interested in Shinobu but instead is more interested in his loyal friend, the pervert Asada.

  5. i’m interested in the new maid… wanna see how shinobu’ll handle her…& thank u very much for the update..

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