Oh god damnit, this chapter…
Get the tissues ready folks…
It’s a damn short chapter, 30 pages, but it’s hella awesome.
I more or less did this chapter in one day (well 1 1/2, 23/31 pages today alone), since I was finishing off another Shinmai chapter, which you can read on BT btw.

It’s the time again, where I should start studying for my exams, but you know me, good intentions are fine and all, but the execution is always a problem…. sigh…
Let’s see how it will work out. Just don’t be surprised if there isn’t another chapter this month.


16 thoughts on “12/01/2014

  1. *Sniff*

    Thanks for the chapter, PROzess… Now I really need the next chapter for closure!!!


  2. Thanks you very much.

    I know that I already asked it but no one answer me so here I ask again:
    Which grade are Shinobu and Nazuna in ?

    1. According to Volume 8, Nazuna is in 8th grade (2nd year, lower/junior secondary or middle school), and from Volume 6 (and other volumes), it is inferred that Shinobu is in the 11th grade (2nd year, high school/upper secondary).

  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    … And hoping next chapter Shinobu will go to the exorcist organization and talk so the Queen stays in the human realm…

  4. Thank you for the updates,
    man…… you’re saying 31 pages is short, then my 2 pages a day is still noob level i guess 😀

  5. thanks alot prozess-sama !!!
    and oh focus on ur exam first. its important haha
    good luck with it 🙂

  6. It always amazes me how you can translate so many different projects, for so long and for so much.

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