Well, actually I should be studying for my exams…
And I really should have done so. This chapter is a huge disappointment. I don’t want to spoil anything, but this is the first chapter from the whole series that I didn’t like. You’ll see when you read it.

Anyway, my motivation was killed by that chapters, you guys don’t comment as much as before anymore and I seriously have to study now-.-
Thus, the next update will be most likely in the middle of February. And it probably will be from Shinanai Otoko. It’s about time I give that a bit of love too.


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  1. Oh and the fewer comments is probably because Baka-Updates took down all the website links to groups like you. I know its only a simple Google search away, but it really does impact things. (Groups with generic names are/were probably kicking themselves over it)

    1. You got to access the site to read the chapter, so the link removal from mangaupdates doesn’t matter.

  2. Aww that comment, Prozess rly trolled me, chp imo wasn’t bad. Machina finally on the same lv as Hijiri and Luna in terms of displays of affection for Shinobu(in fact I spent lik a few minutes thrusting my fist sin the air when Machina did u know waht to Shinobu in bed….my family were looking at me weirdly..). Looks like next volume Eli, can’t wait keep up the amazingly awesome job. Srry for the long post…

  3. Now you really got me in the mood for shinanai Otoko, especially after reading this.

    And I apologise for not commenting on your last post, I really have no excuse but that it slipped my mind, which is a poor excuse.

    Thanks you very much for your continuing effort in translating and sharing with us, lousy leechers. 🙂

  4. Thanks you PROzess !!
    Well, that chapter wasn’t that bad but I saw the twist quite early so -_-
    But a chapter is always a wonderful present you give to us so thanks again =)
    Good luck on your exams.

  5. Were you trolling us or you really didnt like the chapter? At least in my opinion it was really nice this chapter.

    Thank you very much PROzess. Keep rocking!!

  6. Noooo!!! Give Tsuki Tsuki! some more love!

    I think it was a good chapter – not the best chapter, but still good.

  7. I mean…the chapter itself was pretty good, I think you overexaggerated it a bit. 😛
    Good luck on your exams!

  8. Good chapter, gave out some more info, a bit less ecchi and more plot.

    At least we might get an Elni volume next.

    Also it appears that Shinobu is getting a harem end, if he wants it or not.

  9. I feel bad for not commenting 🙁 I fell behind so I was catching up and fell behind on the update page.
    not that bad as a chapter.

  10. Thanks for your hard work

    Just for curious. Have you any intention to translate another “Korie Riko” novel when you finish to translate “Tsuki Tsuki”?


    Juuou Mujin no Fafnir
    Leading Blood
    Lilith ni Omakase!

    Or maybe If you arrive the volume 12 and new volumes are not avaiable you will priorizing “Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha”?

  11. Thanks for the chapter! I really appreciate your hard work. This chapter really wasn’t that bad, Machina is starting to shine a bit more now.

  12. thank you for your work..
    I am liking it more and more….
    you are ummm…… PROzess nothing can describe you more.

  13. thanks for the chapter as always, btw there is a typo in the chapter 3 :

    [I]Shinobu-oniisama[/I] again, restarting the [I]act[/] while still holding my arm.

    Machina picked [I]that[/I] up and the moment she declared

    but looking at my [I]family[/I] kept warming my chest endless, so that ignored these glances.

    1. Duh, that’s the format for Baka-Tsuki. I still had it in mind, since I translated so much Shinmai lately.
      Fixed now.

  14. Haha its rare for you to grumbling over comments so its kinda refreshing hahaha
    Thanks a lot prozess-sama !!
    And as always good luck with ur exam~

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