Exams? Me? Pfft. Gonna fail anyway.

Anyway, here a triple release for you guys.
I know you guys, who read this, are faithful readers, but let me rant anyway.
Translating, either manga or novel, takes a lot of time. On an average, I need around 70 workhours for one volume. I usually spend 3-4 hours a day translating, so that makes roughly one volume per month. I would say that’s a really good pace, but no, some impatient guys just don’t give a fuck about the work translators or scanlators in general put into their releases. I’m not asking for much, just be patient and a thank you.
Yet after an incredible tiring week of translating, the first comment I read on some random forum is something like “Damn, need more. Why are translation so slow”. Dude, what!? Oh come one… It just kills my motivation.
Speaking of motivation, I shifted over to Shinanai Otoko, but honestly the series just doesn’t excite me as much as Tsuki Tsuki does. The first chapter of volume 02 had 1 or 2 funny moments, but overall was a lame flashback with reintroducing the characters and story so far. Such a letdown. Thus I’m back to Tsuki Tsuki.
Still, I’m technically in my exam period (I write them next week), so please! be patient. Thank you.

As always, comments are greatly appreciated.


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  1. It sucks that Shinanai Otoko would turn out to be such a letdown, I had honestly been looking forward too next chapter but if that’s how it is then it can’t be helped..

    As always, thank you for tsukitsuki and best wishes on your exams ( whether you need it or not)!

  2. Thank you very much for the chapters! I really dislike people who can’t even appreciate when something is given to them freely and are not satisfied. They should be glad that someone cares enough to put work into this series. Anyways Good luck on your exams.

  3. Thanks you Prozess =)
    And good luck on your exams, just one more week to go !

  4. Thanks a lot for the chapters PROzess! Good luck with your exams.

  5. Thank you very much! I don’t know how people can complain when they´re not providing any support at all. Besides I believe you’re one of the fastest LN translators, asking anymore would be inhumane.

    Anyway, Thank you very much!

  6. Bah. Not everyone is as insane in terms of speed as some people in BT. Don’t worry about it.

  7. I really like Tsuki Tsuki! but this whole “I cant stay with you because maybe you’ll suffer” thing really annoys me. The only heroine so far that did not try to pull this crap up is Luna. D:

    Thanks for all your hard work PROzess. I know how hard it is to translate and apreciate all of what you did so far. In truth, I think that you’re one of the most fast and accurate translator out there.

    1. Me too, I liked Tsuki*2, but I’m getting tired of the same pattern all the time. About time I dropped this.

      Thanks for the releases, PRO.

  8. Take your time, bro. The fact we’re able to read these novels in english is a luxury we wouldn’t normally have. You shouldn’t let the spoiled folk that act like dingy teenagers to dismay you. The minority that complain are the loudest because they have something to say other than “Thanks for the work.” Most are grateful even if silent, my friend. Even if you were up to date with the latest release they’d still rage because there’s nothing new to read. They would just direct their rage at the author or the publisher. It is an unfortunate circumstance but still doesn’t represent us that are grateful. In short, thank you for sharing with us and know that even if we don’t always post, most of us are still always grateful for whatever your time allows.

  9. In Shinanai, What do you mean by a “scantling”? I’ve searched the term and the only thing I found was thatthat was the name for the measurements in a design or blueprint (the number attched to little arrows that tell you the measures of an object).

  10. Like most people have commented, we definitely appreciate the fact that you’re translating the LNs for us.

    We’re getting this for free, so even if we want to complain, we should know better.

    With that out of the way, thanks for the new chapters! Haven’t read them yet, since work and all that, but appreciate that you’re taking time from your schedule to get this stuff to us!

  11. FUCK those ungrateful ppl just know you got tons more ppl that just appreciate you taking your time and effort to bring these quality translations to us. Keep up the good wrk and yeh I feel yeh…gunna fail my exams too…

  12. Thank you very VERY much for the translations! It might be hard to simply ignore one or two bad comments, but please keep in mind that for each one of these negative comments you get a dozen good comments!

    And don’t simply give up! Take your time to study so you have more time later to do what you enjoy.

  13. Honestly people bitching about your pace are idiots. There are literally two people who work faster than you and that’s about it. And I’m pretty sure they’re inhuman (js06 and zzhk. )

    Tsuki Tsuki is probably one of the longest series I’ve seen you tackle and the fact you actually have stuck with it for 10 volumes (and counting) amazes me. Keep up the great work and thank you very much.

  14. That was your first comment? Damn, talk about harsh. I for one would like to thank you for all of what you’ve done, since this is probably my favorite LN at the moment.

  15. Thanks, the fact that your still translating at this pace with your exams on. Like we couldn’t ask for more cause this is a crazy speed already so don’t listen to those idiots. Good luck with exams.

  16. ohh thanks a lot prozess-sama !
    dont pay any attention to those dipsh*t. its worthless
    as usual, good luck with ur exams ~

  17. I am always grateful for the work of people like you, who give their own time to translate, whether it is anime, manga, toku, or light novels! You do this on your own time, so nobody has a right to complain, especially if they themselves are not even trying to learn HOW to translate! Ignore the haters…..they just make good kindling for those of us who DO appreciate the time and effort you put into this! and by kindling, I mean they make good fire material…..

  18. Arigatou, PROzess-sama! And thanks very much for updating Shinmai. One of my new favorite series; can’t wait for the next chapter!

  19. Thanks for your hard work. Don’t care for such people, we all here know that you’ve got your life and other things you must take care of. I personally find your translations really fast and with good quality, Good Luck.

  20. Good luck on your exams, I guess. 😛
    Thanks for the translation as usual!
    As for the ignorant assholes, just take your time with the translations, it’s not like any of us readers are going anywhere.

  21. Also one volume per month is quite fast @_@. It’s way more content than monthly manga so screw those guys who cant wait.

  22. Thanks man. Your translations are always greatly appreciated. Take your time, you know, in your studies too.

    Good luck!

  23. “70 workhours for one volume.”………… looks again………. 70? uh umm ……only 70!!!!! that is …… (note :Spencer is highly shocked)
    ‘keeps reading….. AND PEOPLE COMPLAIN !!!! @$#@!%^%#@**&%@!%%&**$@!!@#%^$@!^
    If someone is not good with this near godly speed they should try 2 do 1 CHAPTER IN 70 HOURS!!!!
    ahhh that feels better.
    PROzess-sama with the classes you are taking and the level of your translation (not just your speed but everything as well) it just shows that you have a bright and successful future ahead of you.
    Thank you for your hard work as always and anyone who dose complain just just jealous of you or what you can do.

  24. i still like shinmai i feel it is just a slow start up and i also like tsuki tsuki

  25. Many thanks for tsuki tsuki, I really enjoyed them and am appreciative of the effort of translating them.

  26. Thanks so much for the translation. Also, loving the shinmai translation. It’s an awesome series so far!
    also. Noooo Elini don’t go!

  27. go die the ungrateful bastard. i love tsuki tsuki so much and if someone is tired of it then just shut up and go to hell

    anyway thx for the translation

  28. I was reading chapters as you released them about half a year ago, you were near the end of TsukiTsuki volume two. I unsubscribed from the rss for some reason, but just today I came back thinking, “maybe there’ll be another volume to read…”. Then I saw “volume ten complete!” and thought “What am I going to do with so many volumes!!! You’re too fast!!!”

    Now I have to read them all O.o

    Good job, I hope you continue to enjoy translating!

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