Today I bring you a little teaser.
It’s a novel about a guy playing a MMORPG and the meme “There are no girls on the internet”.
It looks quite interesting, so please give me your thoughts about it, even though the prologue is a bit short. Important fact: The artist for this is Hisasi!
To be clear, I won’t work on another series until I’m caught up/done with TsukiTsuki. For now I’m just scouting out new series (since I’m bored) and if I feel like it, I’ll give a short teaser, so you can get an idea of the novel and comment about it.
What I pick up later is solely based on my interests, but your comments might influence my decision.

Meanwhile, I finished the prologue of Shinmai Vol 2. It’s on the forum of BT.


P.S: Baka-Tsuki will pick up the title, so I’ll remove it from my list.

29 thoughts on “12/02/2014

  1. It’s Very Interesting, I hope u will translate more after tsuki tsuki or after shinmai.
    and thank you for your tsuki tsuki and shinmai translation

  2. Meme? You mean thats not a fact?!

    But that teaser is weak. It sounds like a MMO story from the late 90s when Ultima Online launched and people would naively believe people when they claimed to be female. (Fun times, bugs, crashes and all, but DAMN people were more naive than a 4 year old kids.)

  3. Looks like an interesting read, I for one would definitely give it a chance. Also thank you for Tsuki tsuki & shinmai translations, loving both LN’s.

  4. Loving Tsuki Tsuki and Shinmai, thanks for the translations and I can’t wait for more. Took a look at the pics for latter Shinmai volumes and the MC does get remarkably badass. Once again thank you for the translations.

  5. Ohh!! This novel’s main heroine (The girl on the cover, I think) in my guess is a yandere!!! (According to a pic in vol 1). Man this is going to be funny!!

  6. Just wondering,
    why not u put shinmai in this site as well?
    is there some rule or the like?

  7. thank you for your work on Tsuki Tsuki and Shinmai very much. umm this looks interesting. along as it don’t get to heavy or to BL .

  8. This reads like it is fun, also the illustrations are super interesting, especially character design.

  9. Thank you very much for the teaser and the Shinmai chapter. Hope your studies are going well.

  10. The prologue was quite interesting and shows promise, but I feel it’s a bit short and early to give any “real” thoughts. The most promising part would probably be that Hisasi is the artist as you mentioned.

    It’s awesome to know that you are not planning to jump or quit in the middle of Tsukitsuki and actually finish it, that’s pure dedication right there and the gratitude we feel for you is hard to capture in words. For the most part it’s an ungrateful task and I know that there is more complains than anything else really, but thank you for the years behind us!

    Oh, and Shinmai Vol 2 is a very appreciated.

  11. Thanks for the translations PROzess-sama, looks interesting, but i hope it doesn’t become VL

  12. The main girl looks very either yandere or possessive at the least looking at illustrations at novels 1 and 2.

    Very very nice illustrations and funny premise considering how things were in games before voice chat.

    The in game female elf who was flirty with everyone? Likely a guy.

  13. i wonder who will be next doujinshi artist would be illustrator on next light novel….(i wish she/he came from vanilla(romance type) series)

  14. Loved the prologue, hopefully there’s no magic involved but I think this could be a very awesome series lol thanks for the prologue

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