Heyho, here we go with another chapter.
It’s yet another long chapter and was surprisingly good. I quite liked it.
But do you remember I said the volume is 100 pages longer than usual? Well, it’s actually 150 pages longer… And these 150 pages compose the next chapter…
Yes a chapter with the length of 154 pages… Oh boy… That really kills my motivation…
Anyway, I’ll see what I’ll do tmw. Maybe I’ll finish one chapter of Shinmai before I tackle this big chapter…


29 thoughts on “26/02/2014

  1. I’m loving both of these series, so whatever you choose to do next is great. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks again for the translation, its truly appreciated & whether shinmai or tsuki both are great so no complaints here (: .

  3. *Sniff* So many feels…

    Thanks for the chapter! Looking forward to the mega-chapter coming up!

  4. Awesome chapter, I really like Elni

    Thanks for the translation, it’s great that you make those for the poor people unable to read japanese *bow*

  5. thank you Prozess-sama for your hard work.
    just a question, how long is an normal chapter?

  6. This chapter reinforced every reason why Elni’s been my favorite character since near the beginning. Just. So. Cute.

    Can’t thank you enough for your hard work, PROzess-sama. Next chapter sounds tough, so take as much time as you need.

  7. If I send you some hos, will you get some more motivation?

    That aside, fast speed as always man. Thanks a lot. For everything.

  8. Eventhough it’s not really the right place:
    Thanks for the new Shinmai Maou-Chapther at Baka-Tsuki

    1. I’ll second, er. . . third that one. It’s always so nice to read something where the MC’s actually honest with himself; and being a total badass on top of that doesn’t hurt. XD

      Thanks as always, PROzess-sama! Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

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