Okay, this took longer, but like I said before, the chapter was fucking 154 pages with only two illustration.
Heck, that was one heck of a chapter… Awesome plot on the one hand, fucking hard work on the other-.-

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, I had translated a Shinmai chapter before starting on this.
Likewise, I’m going to work on another Shinmai chapter before finishing off Volume 11.
Either way, after 154 pages, I need a break now. I’m gonna watch some anime over the weekend and do some random stuff. So don’t expect anything new until the weekend of next week.

Now without further ado,

P.S.: Seems TsukiTsuki Vol 13 has a new releases date. Found some news on 2chan and checked with a bookstore, which listed 25/4/2014 for a the release date. This doesn’t have to mean anything, as the release date has already been changed twice (to my information, maybe more often), but maybe there’s hope.

34 thoughts on “14/03/2014

  1. Yahooo, update!
    Thanks a lot Prozess
    Btw have you read Psycho Love Story (it’s beeing translated at Baka-Tsuki) and looking at the projects you are working on it might be your cup of tee

  2. its just a request but please continue to complete tsukitsuki first . i probably wont be able to take it . but i.iits fine if you dont .

    by the way when elni will return i am sure tomoe would wonder how their memories were erased though she gives the feeling she already knows about devils well her own past is in dark. if she ignores what happened or choose to ask will set the plot for the next volume i am really interested in it and was waiting for it

    anyway thanks for your hard work again.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    *Wah*! Whyyyyyyyyyy????? *Sniff* *Sniff* Such a sad chapter…

  4. Thanks PROzess-sama, great chapter
    I won’t be able to sleep with that ending..TT_TT…”Sniff”

    I don’t think I’ll be able to survive till next week….

  5. Oh god…….teh feelllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssss………. Tsuki Tsuki the whole series just so fun of feels….This chapter especially.

    1. Wow…. you’re one hell of a guy. Never seen anybody/anygroup translates things faster than this. Should’ve noticed your blog much earlier. Thanks man. Danke.

  6. Thanks for the translation.

    At least now we get to see how elni planned to disappear without having them cry at her back.

    It makes me wonder what her actual history is, she obviously is some sort of ancient goddess, probably tired of living forever when everyone ages around her.

  7. thanks for translating all these volumes. I was just wondering how many volumes are there of tsuki tsuki so far?

  8. i love your translations.

    but i just wanted to rell you that theres a typo here in chapter 3

    “Goof for you, Machina…” should probably be “Good for you, Machina…”

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