Well, I might have said that I would work on a Shinmai chapter first, but after I marathoned the MASHIRO-TAAAAN anime, I was in the mood for some more FEELS.
So, here’s the next installment of FEELS.
A really good chapter, a really good volume <3
I don’t want to spoil anything, so just go read it.
Next volume looks very promising too <3

Meanwhile, I made some corrections to the first paragraphs of chapter 01, since the foreshadowing there was a bit vague and lead me to a small mistranslation. Maybe quickly reread the first paragraph and you’ll know what I mean, when you finish chapter 04.

On a different note: I’m pretty sure you’re all aware of it already, but Shinmai Maou gets an anime. Yeah, sucks, I know. But hey, it’s exactly the generic boobsXfights that everyone loves so much, so there’s no helping it.
On a personal note, I might look forward to the anime, but I’ll most likely announce my retirement from the series. From my given reputation, I don’t want to bother with anything that got an anime, it attracts too many *****.
To begin with, I only translated the Shinmai novel to have someone else get interested in it. I wanted to pull back once a new tl0r showed up. Now with an anime that seems very likely. I’ll continue to push out a few more chapters until the anime starts, but after that it’s probably over for me. I ask for your understanding, but honestly I don’t give a ****. My time, my decisions.

Anyway, that was a wall of text-.-

23 thoughts on “22/03/2014

  1. Don’t worry about it. Unwanted attention from a bunch of jackasses can really affect morale, and just outright sucks. Better to not deal with it. Plus, you said you’ll probably start on a new novel after you’re caught up with Tsuki Tsuki, so I suppose there’ll be more time for that. Thanks for the new chapter, though! (although I haven’t read it yet)

  2. “sniff” ok that chapter made me cry a lot. “sniff”…
    ok.ok …(reading the above)… uh ‘Shinmai Maou gets an anime’ uh when? oh ok.
    it sucks that u are letting it go as a project but as u say it IS your decision and i respect that. Maybe look at Code Zero’s blog for an idea about a new project.

  3. Oh gods, I should have read your post before reading that chapter…

    SO MUCH FEELS… *WAAAAAAAH* Damn it, too much for a Saturday morning…

    Thanks for the translation… *Sniff* *Sob* *Sniff*

    And yeah… Let’s hope Tsuki Tsuki! won’t get an anime until the LNs are all done… 🙂

  4. thanks for the chapter, sad to hear about shimmai but o well am still grateful for what u do

  5. well thanks for the translations i cant express my happiness also no one gives a damn about that either so dont worry well just pick a good series to translate next . well thanks again

  6. You have already given more than we deserve in the first place so your decision regarding Shinmai is fully understandable, and yes, it really was a good chapter.

    Thank you, our merciful god for sharing such wonderful tales with us.

  7. Dammit i sure checked this blog everytime i got time.. Just why i never get the chance to got the first post -_-
    anyway thanks for the new chapter~

  8. Mr. PROzess:

    I thank you for another lovely volume of Tsuki Tsuki.


    Anyways, I can’t thank you enough since I desperately looked for how the story develops and thanks to you, now I’m almost up to date.

    Thanks mister, and I’ll be patiently waiting for the next installement.

    A fan from Chile.

  9. Thanks for the chapter, I understand dropping shinmai, if you want to avoid too much shit posters and other drama.

    At least in Tsuki-Tsuki we now know elni’s story, so of the main 5 heroines we all know their stories.

    I guess it is time to close up the romance and make progress on it between Luna and Shinobu.

  10. I’m sure there is people who want tranlate that LN, but I’m prefer tsuki tsuki very much hehehe

  11. Cries* teh feelllssssssssssssss, drowning in a sea of feelssss n tears need help. CRIES*

  12. Why can’t I hold all these feels?
    Also, thanks for the awesome translation, as usual! 🙂

  13. Do whatever you feel like man, just like you said it’s your time so if people don’t like what you choose to do, they can suck a dirty great big one.

    That said, I’m a big fan of Shinmai so I’m hoping for the long shot of a bad ass translator like yourself coming out of the blue and smashing through the series, but whatevs y’all.

    On a side note, aren’t you like hella busy or something? I’m fairly certain I’ve seen your name all over the place for a bunch of translations, not too sure, but mad props nonetheless.


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