Yeah, I know, it’s been a while. A long while.
Well, that’s real life for you, coupled with a few good anime.

I don’t even want to mention much this time. Chapter is full of Kaorun and thus epic!
Hopefully I’ll be back with more soon.
Until then.


33 thoughts on “16/04/2014

  1. Yeh I’m swamped with anime too atm, and irl stuff thx for the chp Prozess, are you going to put up Vol 12 illustrations anytime soon?

  2. Thanks a lot for the new chapter. Do we get any illustrations of hisame in this novel at all?

  3. Thanks PRO-san for the new chapter!!

    Yay! More kaorun for our lives makes it more tasty.

    Greets from Chile! And thanks for giving your precious time to translate the novels. Seriously <3

  4. thanx for the chapt, man..
    but the cause of the Hijriβ€˜s brother’s M characterstics is ofcourse his mother, not only karou..poor shu-kun.

  5. hi, im newbie in here. could any one tells me how to read the translation? i love all prozess -san translation. always good story and easy to read it since im not english speaker. thank you.

  6. Prozess, if you’d like, I can edit your translations for you. I’ve already done Vol. 1 if you’re interested.

    1. Yes, he is a damn good translator, but that doesn’t mean the translations should go without editing. Well, I have them if anyone wants them.

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