Well, this chapter too took me longer than I liked it.
Guess that happens when you try to make your hobby your profession.
I’m busy translating three projects for uni and thus have no motivation left to translate stuff for myself. But I wouldn’t be the hated translator I am, if I couldn’t push out a chapter nevertheless!

Anyway, I’m still too lazy to edit the colour pages for vol 12… For now get them in the raws if you’re curious. I’ll get them done by the end of vol 12 at the latest though.

Otherwise I have nothing to report.
Thanks for the plenty comments as always!


33 thoughts on “07/05/2014

  1. been waiting for an update for a long time now. Thanks for your hard work PROzess. Hope uni doesnt treat you badly

  2. When your hobby becomes your job, it sucks the fun right out of it. Thanks for the translation though.

  3. Best birthday present you could give me, Kuma-rin~
    Thanks be to ye. Imma can enjoy some Kaorun on my BD!

  4. Thanks for the chapter! I agree – hobby –> job makes things really difficult sometimes.

  5. So, the confession will come in next chapter. YAY!!!

    Thanks PROzess. You’re awesome!

  6. What the heck are you translating for the uni? Are they using you for their evil plans? xD
    Thanks for the update

  7. ThanKs for the translation as always & a little question…..
    When you are done with tsuki tsuki, what will you do? are you going to picking up a new project, or resume an old ongoing project as main project??
    Also thank you again for all your hard work……

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for translating all these. I’m greatly enjoying this story and your translation is quite good for the most part (I’m used to some truly horrid translations on baka).

    Try not to overstress yourself, keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks for the translations
    I have a question, Any plans to Improve the layout of your site?
    I love Tsuki Tsuki but its just so hard to read with your layout.

  10. well no need you just have to zoom the page usine ctrl + “+”
    i also i woul like to have some translation about shinanai otoko ni koi and thanks for the hard work

  11. Could someone email me a summary of what happens in volume 9? I read it a while back but completely forgot what happened, and I want to know before I continue. I checked The Google, but I couldn’t find anything. Thanks. [email protected]

  12. that volume cover for volume 12 is just great:)

    as always thanks for your translations..

  13. Just like what the others said, thank you for translating Tsuki Tsuki for the longest time you have done. You are one of those dedicated people that I’ve seen so far when it comes to this kind of things.

    I’ve read your FAQ section and somehow would like to disagree that Tsuki Tsuki will not have an animated adaptation. Unless the author specifically indicated that he does not want his work to be turned into an anime, then the possibility will still be there.

    Hence, this will also make [Tsuki Tsuki] not only more popular, but also make a lot of money to the benefit of the author. Anyways, there’s already a Drama CD already made, although I’m not sure if these are just the early volumes of the LN being adapted on that format.

    Once again, I would to thank you for the translating the LN for Tsuki Tsuki and also for your time.


  14. prozess where are you . please grace us with your presence . we are really worried

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