There hasn’t been a post in a month and it doesn’t seem like I’ll get the chance to make one any time soon, so I figured I would let you guys know what’s going on.

First off, I just finished ch03 of Shinmai Maou on Baka-Tsuki.

Next, I’m yet again utterly disgusted by the impatient fags. Sigh. Must be nice to live the carefree life of an idiot.

As for TsukiTsuki, I slowly started the translation for the next chapter, but various factors keep me from making decent progress. These factors are:
-Hot weather. Man, seriously, I hate the heat. At least my parents got a pool in the garden
-University. As I hinted in previous posts, I’m translating stuff for an official project and that takes time. I like translating, but after spending a certain time on it, I’m just burned out for the day. So I’m spending my free time with other stuff.
-Minecraft. Oh boy, I fucking got addicted on this again. By some sheer coincidence I started to watch a Let’s play about Minecraft and it was so damn good that I wanted to start playing myself again. Things started and I couldn’t stop anymore. You know what I mean.

On other news, TsukiTsuki Volume 13 is delayed yet again. Some book retailers might have it in their line up, but the product isn’t purchasable. I’ll keep you updated if I get to know anything new.

I already found a new series to replace TsukiTsuki once I’m caught up with it and already translated half of the prologue (though that happened a month ago), but for reason you can see above, I’m not making any progress there either.

Lastly, I already announced that I would drop Shinmai Maou due to it’s getting an anime adaption. I had said I would continue until the start of the anime, but now I’m considering to stop earlier, since it’s fanbase is just sh*t. I knew this was going to happen, but it still sucks. Imo, the novel has a fantastic mix of great battle scenes and fap service scenes. My beloved simwsuits even make an appearance in volume 03, which is also the sole reason why I haven’t thrown in the towel yet.

Anyway, I appreciate the support you guys give me here and the readers I complain about above merely refer to individuals on certain forums.
Until then~

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  1. keep up the good work, we are not as impatient as those fansubs.. bt plz do tell us progress of your work..

  2. Thanks for the update. I will wait patiently for your next update to Tsuki Tsuki. Take your time

  3. Thanks for the update.

    Sucks that you’re getting burnt out on translating – you gotta take some time off.

    And Minecraft… Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for update.
    As for the fags who don’t realise how hard and time consuming it is to translate a novel, f*** them.

  5. finally you are back . i hope vol 13 gets released for sure this time . i will look forward to the good news

  6. Thanks, it’s good to know how things are going. Take it easy, just hoping you will be able to do your translations after you are done with everything.
    I’ll be waiting

  7. It’s too bad about Shinmai Maou, I’m sorry you’re dropping it but am looking forward to you other translations. I can sympathize about time it takes to translate as I translated part of a Spanish Manga on my own and didn’t notice how long it was taking until lost most of the day for just a chapter! Guess languages other than English really aren’t my forte.
    Can understand comment about the heat, the ac on my car doesn’t blow cold and might cost more to fix than car worth.

    Good luck with the university and if you need help with something ASK! When I was in college I wasted a lot of time trying to do everything myself and could have saved a lot of time and energy if I asked the people I got help from sooner rather than later as even just slight help made things much easier.
    As for Minecraft the trick I’ve found works for me best (based on other games, never played Minecraft yet :P) is to pick a specific time I’m going to start, and a specific time to stop, set a timer, save and quit when timer goes off no matter what. Then not going back until either next set period or finished everything that needs to be finished. Aggravating as hell I know, but it helps me actually get a few things done.
    Hope things get easier and remember to take a little time to get some fresh air and smell the roses. I’ve been so busy helping my sister foster 20 animals that I almost missed a fair that came by πŸ˜€ Lucky for me a few are going back to the shelter today to get shown and hopefully adopted by good families.

  8. A need a confirmation. Tsuki-tsuki is listed as ‘completed project’ in Baka-Tsuki. So…. vol. 12 is the last volume? Or does it imply something else?

  9. You’ve always been awesome releasing chapters in a steady pace, you disappearing a month or two is nothing.
    But I must admit that the new series has made me curious, can’t wait to see what you have chosen.

    Thanks for the update πŸ™‚

  10. As for the B-T impatient buttheads, ignore them. I’ve been a reader there since the Haruhi days, and not once have I complained about TL’ers. I find it extremely rude to push for somebody to do something that they’re doing for fun. It’s not a job where someone sits behind a desk and gets paid. I also know most of the more recent TL’ers are either learning the language or students that are doing it for fun.

    I wish readers would give more Thanks and moral/emotional support to the TL’ers because they deserve it. I’ve thanked every TL’er that has done work on the projects I read, and won’t stop doing so any time soon.

    So here’s to PROzess! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND EFFORTS WITH US! I APPRECIATE ALL OF IT! (Yes, even the non-novel projects you’ve contributed to.)

  11. You should take as long as u want to translate it’s ur time after all and u decide how to use it. I will simply patiently wait like i always have since i started reading light novels, frankly i was worried u were sick or something

  12. too bad about the shinmai maou..its good, about the fanservice and battle scene..hehehe…anyway what is this replacement, give us a hint..a hint..

  13. Will you be finishing shinanai or will you be starting the new one? and ty for all the translations.

  14. Hello I’m dying here in Mexico with the heat too, it’s been around 40Β° Celsius at noon and 35Β° at night or morning lol.
    Thanks for all the hard work, you’re amazing!!
    Such a shame about shinmai, it’s a great story and as you said it has great service XD.

  15. Oh man. Someone always fucks it up. Thanks for the Shimai you did already; this last chapter was pretty amazing. People who follow translations should be used to waiting but it is sad knowing a project is getting the axe.

  16. Thank you very much for the effort of translating stuff so people can read it. Take your time, rest when needed and don’t mind the people who keeps rushing you.

  17. yep take your time and good luck with aall your project especially those official “university” ones:)

    I started reading shiamai thanks to the manga adaptation, but in my opinion theyt are adapting it to a anime to soon…theres not much material…on other hand tsuki-tsuki will probably be canceled…even if volume 13 will be released it seams that it will be the last one

  18. Thank you for your translations! Sorry, I should have mentioned it in my previous post. I appreciate you taking the time to translate and post your translations. As for the ones saying ‘hurry up’ they can go do it themselves if they think its so easy. Should keep’em too busy to complain for a few days :D. Looking forward to your next translation, even if it doesn’t come out until October or later.

    PS Any idea why Baka-Tsuki pages keeps popping up error messages? Tried different pages on different computers but always same error message.

  19. Thanks for your translations

    My personal “trick”/way to deal with having to work in this heat is a bucket full of cold water under the desk and putting my feet in.
    Makes sitting at the desk/computer much more bearable.

  20. No, Minecrat nooooooooo *giggles*
    A game that has no ending mixed up with translation stuff is the worst chemistry you could ever find xD
    Pace yourself, but we hope you’ll continue translating, even if a little amount every day.

  21. Dayum, I’m gone for a few weeks (or months) and this series is almost done? So much reading to do… and yeah, thanks for your hard work.

  22. Thank you for all your hard work on ShinMaou, it was an amazing series and I am sad to see it go.

    I’m not trying to rush you or anything so don’t misunderstand; it’s just that I noticed that you haven’t mentioned anything about Shinanai. Are you still going to continue the series if you have time? I don’t wanna be rude, but because you didn’t say anything about it, I am curious.

    I really thank you for all your hard work you do for the community and am grateful for all that you have done, especially with ShinMaou.

    You rock and I can’t wait for more of your translation works. You do an amazing job at no charge (and your work is better than a lot of the “official” translations). Again, I say, thank you very much for all your hard work.

    1. So maybe, in a future PROzess will work as a translator for some “official” company?

  23. Thanks for the info. ItΒ΄s a free work, so translate only when you want and can.

    Waiting patiently next update.

  24. Just like the first comment, we mostly wanna know about the situation.

    Cause, if usually the translator posts about 2 in a month suddenly fell silent we definitely got worried and all like, what happened? Did finally he got arrested or what IM SORRY I WAS JUST KIDDING PLS DONT HURT ME!

    anyway, its good to see u still healthy and well. We’ll be patient and wish u luck in university~

  25. Firstly, thanks for all of the hard work you have already done. Secondly, it’s too bad about Shinmai Maou, I really liked it and was looking forward to reading more.
    If you change your mind and decide to continue translating please let us know. I’m sure people who truly appreciate your work will look forward to it and thank you for it.

  26. Yeah terrible weather this days living in a part of the world where the weather doesn’t change and I agree minecraft is fungood luck with the translation

  27. I am a long time reader of Tsuki Tsuki and started on Shinmai Maou recently. And I wanted to say thanks for the translations you’ve done on them. It is also understandable that you would want to work on the more unknown series that are out there and not mainstream ones that have anime’s about them. I wish you the best of luck on your classes and your future projects that you do for fun.

  28. Thanks for the info.. and of course for all your hard work translating this projects.

  29. Thank you very much for your translation, a shame for ShinMaou its a great story, let me ask is vlume 12 of tsuki tsuki the last one or is there a 13. My concern is because there is no volume 13 in the over view of the serie in B-T for almost a year so IΒ΄m a bit worried

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