Okay, I made you wait long enough and seeing as it is the first of July, here we go.

Before anything else. NO, the volume is NOT over. Just the main story comes to an end, thus the Epilogue. All that’s left is a special chapter about Nazuna that stands in no relation with the main plot. I’ll leave that pleasure for later.

Now for the main plot. HNNG.
For now Tsuki Tsuki is on Hiatus. Yes, you read correct, Hiatus. Volume 13 was supposed to be released around November last year, but the release date was pushed back, then pushed back again, then vanished altogether, then came back as an release announcement for April, but that didn’t work out again.
As of now, I have no information when Tsuki Tsuki Volume 13 (which I’m 95% sure will be the last volume) will be released. Just be patient.

Like I promised, I also uploaded the colour pages for Volume 12.

On other news, my busy term comes to an end and I will probably! have more time soon. But before full-time starting on a new series, I would like to reedit the volumes of TsukiTsuki, especially the earlier ones. For that I am recruiting a proofreader or two.
-Fluent in English, duh.
-Experienced working in Scanlation
-Full-time commitment. I don’t want one of these “I’ve some free time over summer break” guys. Apply with the mindset of proofreading all 12 Volumes.
-IRC. Just sending me a proofread script won’t work. I want to see you on IRC and have a live discussion (not for the whole script, but for crucial parts anyway)
If you think you fit all these criteria , find me on IRC!
Likewise I’m looking for someone to create PDF files once the proofreading is done. But that for later.
Also, please no spoilerz in tha comments

Now enjoy~

24 thoughts on “01/07/2014

  1. hahaha…… now I am the first one to comment yep…
    oh and thanks for the chapter you are great
    by the way I volunteer myself for pdf creation of volumes…

  2. Thanks for the update

    After the “Tsuki Tsuki” reedition, have you the intention to accept suggestions for new projects (I have a few ideas)?

    Good luck everyone

    i bones vacances

  3. Oh wow GJ Prozess, wish I could do the editing thing but I got 10 other projects to edit. You are infamous in the Campione IRC channel for BT lol.

  4. I made some epubs and Pdf’s off all the volumes i can remake them after the proofreading. i dont know if the epubs are great on other devices other than my phone since i never shared them. i could email them to you.

    and thanks for this volume great Translation as always!

    1. can you send me the link please…
      want to read ’em in PDF format…
      if you will, please mail me at [email protected]
      a lot of thanks that can’t expressed in words bro…

    2. Epub books that are done in one big xtml file are kiling my Kobo reader @ the end of the book, and i have lag of 10-20s depending on the book size. Once i cut book.xtml in to individual chapters.xtml it works just fine, and Calibre has really functional Book edit that helped me a lot.
      Don’t know about other readers, but i think if you make Epubs with content split into chapters they should work with most e-readers.

  5. Maybe you should also say the proofreader is to look for more than typos and missing commas? They don’t always get that. And asking for the whole twelve volumes to boot…

    At any rate, best of luck with your search!

  6. thank you very much for tsuki tsuki, i am now looking forward for the new project.

  7. Thanks for polishing off the Tsuki-Tsuki main story releases.

    I wonder if the author is having a case of writers block because of how slow the last chapter seemed to develope.

    At least the story should wrap up next volume, if it ever gets released.

    12 volumes though for a confession is slow, but it seems to be normal speed for LN protagonists.

  8. Please do tell us which works did you work in on your 5 years scanlation.. I only found one, “blush dc” & that’s pretty interesting..

  9. Oh wow!

    Totally missed this one! Thanks for finishing off the volume!

    Absolutely suckiness on the Volume 13 thing – get it out faster, people! 🙂

    And I can help with the re-edits, but unfortunately, I have a F/T job, so I can’t help all day.

    Interestingly enough, I did start editing some of Volume 1 already – I was fixing up some of the phrasing to be a bit easier to read. And I have Office 2013, so I can generate the PDFs if necessary.

  10. Thanks for more chapters! And I’m glad to hear we’ll have improved versions of the earlier volumes, I noticed there were a few “strange lines” on them, but they never bothered me, they were completely readable.

    And what about Shinanai Otoko? Now that Tsuki-Tsuki is “finished” do you intend on resuming the trasnlation, or are you still disappointed with the novel?

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